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DO NOT miss this epic foray into microaggression madness

Day in and day out we at The College Fix report on campus madness, and it does get to the point sometimes when I want to bang my head on a wall or scream from the mountaintops over the leftist absurdities chronicled here on a daily basis.

I say to myself: Colleges will wise up, right? The ballooning higher education bubble and growing understanding of liberals’ tripe is going to force university leaders to rein it all in and correct course. Instead, it just keeps getting worse.

That’s why I got a good chuckle when I read The Weekly Standard’s Matt Labash’s take on microaggression madness, in which he pointed out we’re part of a “cottage industry … that monitors the never-ending overreach of the microaggression machine,” and added “especially vigilant are the gluttons for punishment at the College Fix, who actually run dispatches from student journalists throughout the country, fated to live at microaggression Ground Zero. Rake through their archives, and you find an embarrassment of microaggression riches.”

He nailed it. Peruse our archives and spend some time down the rabbit hole we live in. But as they say, sunlight is the best disinfectant, so we trudge on.

Meanwhile, take 10 minutes and read Labash’s feature on microaggressions. It’s keen, clever, sardonic, touching – all the things Labash is known for as one of the best observational journalists out there. Who else, may I ask, could think of comparing a microaggression to a silent-but-deadly fart? And yet, it’s actually a pretty darn insightful observation!

That and other gems – references to the “outrage industrial complex” and “Oppression Olympics,” as well as the troubling similarities he points out between microaggressions and the definition of “Paranoid Personality Disorder” in the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – make it a great read.

Here’s the first few paragraphs to whet your whistle:

Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you offended? I know I haven’t said anything yet, but it’s never too early to be aggrieved. Studies I’ve invented, since we’re all entitled to our own facts these days, show that 4 out of 10 Americans are offended by something at all times. Ten out of 10, if they’re taking a course containing the word “intersectional” at Swarthmore.

Many of us who came of age on a college campus in the early nineties mistakenly believed that full-throttle political correctness was too insidious, not to mention too exhausting, to follow us into the new century. Person, were we wrong. See what had to be done there? Under the new rules, I had to insert “person,” a non-binary, gender-neutral noun, so as not to offend people with the expression “man,” the preferred signifier of oppression of a white heteronormative cis-male member of the Kyriarchy. (I only understood about half that sentence myself, but I’m assured that everything in it is bad.)

Read the full article.

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