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Feminists Angered Over ‘Bridesmaids’ Poster at University of Central Arkansas

Some of the many welcome posters that hang at the University of Central Arkansas read: “Welcome to UCA. Meet all the other 2,201 freshmen, 3 of whom will be your future bridesmaids.”

The notion was meant to imply that lifelong friends will be made over the next four years, but – of course – some feminists read it entirely differently. They think it means the only reason women come to college is to find a husband.

The NBC affiliate KARK reports that “one student placed a note under one of the posters stating, “The women of Lewis aren’t here for a Mrs. Degree, try a different department.” Comments on Twitter include “this flier does not represent @UCAbears’s progressive spirit” and “Because marriage is ALL.WE.THINK.ABOUT at college! @ucabears #womenlead Oh, where’s the one about groomsmen?”

Watch the news report on the controversy: 

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