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Florida court: Legislators can set tuition rates

A Florida appellate court has ruled the state’s Board of Governors has the ability to set tuition rates for state universities.

Filed in 2007 by former Gov. Bob Graham and former FSU president Sandy D’Alemberte, the suit argued the State University System Board of Governors should set tuition in the state.

Florida public tuition has been a big issue in the past year, after budget cuts. The Board of Governors considered  block tuition (flat rates for tuition, regardless of credit hours) earlier this year; the University of Florida has considered shifting their academic calendar to transform summer-session into a real academic term, and essentially have three semesters a year.

Currently, the state legislature can set tuition increases and universities can add an additional increase so long as the total tuition increase year-over-year does not exceed 15 percent.

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