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George Washington U. Student Association to undergo ‘diversity training’ after dispute

The executive cabinet of the George Washington University Student Association will have to go through “diversity training” due to a squabble over funding for a guest lecturer.

Specifically, the SA finance committee “denied multiple requests to sponsor a South Asian Heritage Celebration keynote speaker.”

In addition to the forced training, various student groups have demanded an apology from the committee for alleged “insensitive comments” during the funding debate.

The Hatchet reports:

More than 100 members of multicultural student organizations and groups like the Progressive Student Union and Allied in Pride packed the Marvin Center amphitheater last Monday night to condemn the denied funding and comments. About two dozen students expressed their frustration and voiced grievances during public comment at the meeting, including multiple senators.

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In the Feb. 17 finance committee where organizers of the South Asian Heritage Celebration requested the funding, Sen. Paden Gallagher, the chair of the finance committee, “went on a rant” about funding the speaker, according the meeting minutes that were obtained by The Hatchet. The minutes did not include direct quotes, but summarized the conversations at the meeting.

Other members of the finance committee said in the Feb. 3 and Feb. 17 meetings that South Asian Heritage Celebration organizers seemed unprepared during their presentations and that the speaker, “The Daily Show” correspondent Hasan Minhaj, was not a big enough name to warrant a large allocation.

The article goes on to quote reactions from several students regarding the supposedly callous remarks, but as The Hatchet notes, no direct quotes were made available — only a summary of the “conversations.”

Coerced diversity training? Embargoed quotes? How delightfully authoritarian.

Read the full article.

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