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New Index Measures Colleges’ Return on Investment

What if you had a way of knowing how much a degree from a particular school would be worth in the marketplace before you chose to enroll? That’s the idea behind a new index called the “Grateful Grads Index” that seeks to measure colleges’ return on investment (ROI) using alumni donations as the main data point.

Matt Schifrin of Forbes explains:

For the purposes of our Grateful Grad’s Index I used the government’s extensive online database of information about institutions offering post secondary school education. I went back ten years, looking only at private-not-for-profit colleges that offered four-year degrees and had more than 1,000 full time students. Thus, you won’t see some great schools on our list like University of California at Berkeley or University of North Carolina or University of Michigan. These public colleges file different financial forms so it’s a bit more difficult to extract the appropriate data.

Full story here.

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