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Antiwar protester pleads guilty to violent act
The glass Snapple bottle that Michael Dranove threw at a D.C. military recruitment center was supposed to be a water balloon. But another protester mixed up the request and brought him the bottle instead to Funk the War protest on March 19.

Dranove, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, hesitated for a moment, but then threw the bottle filled with yellow paint.

That bottle will cost Dranove six months of probation and 20 hours of community service, beginning in September.

“It was worth it to throw the paint if that’s the sentence they’re going to give me,” Dranove said. “I’d like to say that no matter what the sentence was, I’d do it again, but that’s not the case.”


Dranove said he threw the bottle to give people confidence that the protesters mean what they say: They are going to end repression and injustice; they are going stop military recruiters and “do all these radical things.”

Pacifism is a major downfall of the anti-war movement, he said. It’s a “dumb way” to make the movement lose.

“These actions are a way to give us confidence,” Dranove said. “We’re ready. If we have the numbers, we’re ready to take the actions.”

Read the full story at the American University Eagle.

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