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Ole Miss Students Protest Obama Victory

“Fifty years after a deadly riot at the University of Mississippi, the Ole Miss campus finds itself in the middle of a new racial controversy, this one related to President Barack Obama’s re-election,” a CBS news affilate reports.

An estimated 400 students rallied against the news, and even tossed around racial slurs, the CBS website reported.

Many were chanting and holding up political signs.

Campus police ordered the crowd to disperse and students went back to their dorms. But about 100 students gathered again at a residence hall.

Some students shouted racial slurs.

“While we are grateful that there were no injuries and there was no property damage, we are very disappointed in those students who took a very immature and uncivil approach to expressing their views about the election,” said University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones. “The gathering seems to have been fueled by social media, and the conversation should have stayed there.”


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