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Santorum will speak at Hillsdale in Michigan

The Hillsdale Collegian is reporting that Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum will visit the college on Monday night. The other Republican candidates–Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich–have also been invited:

Students from the Hillsdale College Republicans, the Classical Liberal Organization, and SIFE are collaborating to put on the event, Gaiser said.

“My hope is this will shine a bright light on what candidates believe about the Constitution, and influence the presidential race to focus on the document we expect our next president to protect and defend,” Gaiser said.

Before last semester’s Herman Cain event, Hillsdale had never hosted a presidential candidate, College Historian Arlan Gilbert said.

Although both Ronald Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt visited Hillsdale, neither of them was a candidate for the White House at the time, Gilbert said.

Sources close to candidate Ron Paul’s campaign indicated that the Texas congressman is not likely to attend Monday’s event, due to scheduling logistics. Almost 200 students and alumni have signed an on-line petition asking him to come to Hillsdale.

The campaigns of Gingrich and Romney would not comment on their plans.

Gaiser said the event will play an important role in the Michigan primary, which in turn could significantly affect the presidential race.

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