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Ohio State Nixes Faculty’s Obama Campaign Plans

Peter Wood of the National Association of Scholars reported last week that professors at Ohio State University had been caught coordinating with Obama campaign operatives in the swing state, allowing the classroom to turn into a partisan campaign stop and recruitment center for the DNC.

After these plans were exposed, Ohio State officials cracked down on these electioneering professors, and released the following letter to university faculty:

Yesterday President Gee received an email regarding an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The article indicated that an Ohio State faculty member had contacted other university faculty asking that they open their classrooms to organizers from a specific political party.

University legal counsel has determined that we must make absolutely certain that Ohio State does not engage in partisan political activities. This includes inviting political organizers into our classrooms. Simply put, partisan political discussions may not be sponsored by university employees on the Ohio State campus.

Looks like the Obama campaign will have to find some other way to reach students this year. And looks like the Obama-loving faculty members at OSU will have to find a more discreet way to indoctrinate their students in the future.

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