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Norfolk State Bans Political and Religious Speech

Speech Code Alert: Norfolk State University has just won a dubious honor–its restrictions on free speech have won it “Speech Code of the Month” from FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education). You have to read it to believe it:

Norfolk State, a public university in Virginia, maintains an Acceptable Use of Technological Resources policy (PDF) that unlawfully restricts protected expression in a number of different ways. The policy defines “technological resources” quite broadly to include “information systems; computer hardware and software; network and telecommunications systems and services; and Internet access.”

The policy contains an extensive list of “prohibited activities” for users of the university’s technological resources, including using those resources “to further personal views” or “religious or political causes.” It also prohibits downloading or transmitting “inappropriate messages or images,” without defining “inappropriate.” As an initial matter, this policy prohibits—on the basis of content and viewpoint—a tremendous amount of constitutionally protected expression.

Norfolk State–the latest institution where the academic elite are trying to police students’ thoughts and limit their speech according to the dictates of political correctness. Far be it from any student to dare use the Internet to promote a religious cause or a political point of view. Imagine if the student said something the university administration didn’t agree with?

These people are shameless.

Read the full story here.

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