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Professor’s Tweets Seek NRA CEO’s ‘Head on a Stick’

Profanity-laced tweets by a history professor in Rhode Island called for the death of NRA’s chief executive, Wayne LaPierre, saying he wanted the official’s “head on a stick.”

The professor, Erik Loomis of the University of Rhode Island, went on to say “it looks like the National Rifle Association has murdered some more children,” “f**k the NRA,” “Dear Republicans, do you know the definition of family values?” and “it’s not having our kids F**KING SHOT AT SCHOOL! F**k the NRA.”

The tweets were reported by Campus Reform, which also noted Loomis described the NRA as a terrorist organization. Campus Reform states it was unable to reach Loomis, campus officials, or the NRA for comment at the time of publication.

The tweets come in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting tragedy, in which 26 people were shot and killed – including 20 young children – by gunman Adam Lanza, 20, in Newtown, Conn.

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