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Why You Shouldn’t Cuss Out Your Professor

You could be locked up in a psych ward for a month like this guy:

A student is suing Columbia University after he was hospitalized against his will for 30 days—apparently for cussing out his Spanish professor, the Columbia Spectator reports. In his lawsuit, Oren Ungerleider admits to calling his professor a bitch in front of the class over a low grade. But he got the surprise of his life at 12:30am when the school’s associate dean sent officials into his locked dorm room. The Columbia-Juilliard student refused to cooperate, and soon NYPD officers carted him off to St. Luke’s hospital, according to the claim.

The lawsuit says Ungerleider refused to answer psychiatrists’ questions and tried to leave, but doctors forcibly injected him with Haldol. He requested his release several times, but a doctor said he had “grandiose and paranoid delusions” and a confused thought process… His $10 million lawsuit also names Continuum Health Partners as a defendant.

Not sure what to think about this case. But I know this: If they locked up every Ivy Leaguer with “grandiose delusions,” they’d have to shut those schools down for lack of students.

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