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Former Purdue Student Defends Daniels In Wake Of Scandal

Former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, currently president of Purdue University, has been verbally flogged by some over the news that, during his time in office, he worked to scale back leftist propaganda in the classroom.

Those efforts, which came to light last week via a series of 3-year-old emails by Daniels that were published by The Associated Press, have led some to question his support of academic freedom as a university president.

But one Boilermaker has come to Daniels’ aid.

“In reality, the emails reveal exactly why he is qualified to be president of Purdue University. Governor Daniels worked to eliminate leftist propaganda. He has dedicated himself to ensuring students receive a fair and balanced education.”

So says alum Hillary Cherry, a recent Purdue graduate.

“Since becoming the president of Purdue University in January, Daniels has greatly improved the university,” wrote Cherry for Young America’s Foundation. “Daniels is also more accessible to students, faculty, and the community than our previous president. He openly meets with fellow institutions and companies to promote better relations and partnerships.”

Cherry went on to note:

When I was a senior at Purdue this past year, I frequently ran into the governor on campus while working out, walking to class, and even at the local hang outs. President Daniels led freshman tours on campus. He created a welcoming presence that made my fellow students and me feel more connected to our university. …

After three months of his presidency, Daniels implemented a two-year tuition freeze. He found new approaches to bring money to the university through grants, gifts and donations.

Daniels wrote, “There is need for a cleanup of what is credit-worthy in teaching of our professions,” and I could not agree more. Next time the Associated Press reveals emails through the Freedom of Information Act, they should look into the next president of the University of California – Janet Napolitano. As governor of Arizona, Napolitano did nothing to bring intellectual balance to Arizona’s public schools. Governor Mitch Daniels is a proven leader and having him as the President of Purdue University could not make me more proud to be a Boilermaker. Boiler up!

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