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Conservative Student’s College Survival Guide

The College Conservative has published a list of 10 tips for conservative colleges students to keep in mind as they head back to campus:

They include:

1. Head’s up, everyone that surrounds you on campus, including professors and students will more than likely be liberal. It’s the constant struggle that all Conservative college students face. At times you may feel like you’re one in a million because your political views are so different than the people around you. Don’t be discouraged, there are Conservatives on your campus–I promise. You just have to find them.

2. The classes will be biased–mostly against you. Don’t be afraid to speak up even if your opinion is different than your professors. However, do not be rude. They are still your professor and they are in charge of the classroom. If a professor ever truly picks on you in a distasteful way about your beliefs being different than his or hers, contact an administrator. Some good administrators to start out having conversations with are you college’s Vice President of Student Affairs, the Dean of Students, or the department head of that specific academic area. Having differing opinions is okay in a college setting; being mistreated because of them is not okay and should not be tolerated.

3. You will be shocked at how easily students absorb Liberal teachings. Some conservative students even get swept away by these teachers and change their morals and ideals. Don’t fall into this trap. Keep thinking and reasoning for yourself…

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