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Why is it Legal for Kids to Buy Abortion Pill When They’re Too Young to Buy Cold Medicine?

Students for Life, a national pro-life student group, has launched a campaign to encourage tighter age restrictions on the emergency contraceptive known as Plan-B, or “the morning-after pill.”

The Daily Caller reports:

According to Students for Life, the decision to effectively cut parents, guardians and physicians out of the equation is just not right. The pro-life group laments there are more regulations on the sale of Sudafed than Plan B.

“In efforts to supposedly ‘help women’ and give them ‘access,’ the abortion industry and their leaders at Planned Parenthood have completely disregarded a woman’s health in the process,” Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, said in a statement. “Young girls are able to purchase an abortion-inducing drug without their parents’ permission but aren’t able to buy cold medicine. The logic makes zero sense.”

In order to highlight the legal discrepancy, Students for Life took “undercover” video of what happens at drug stores when 15-year old girls try to purchase Sudafed — which can be used to make crystal meth — and Plan B at the same time.

“Students for Life visited 30 stores in six states in their investigation and found evidence in every store that indicates Plan B is more accessible than common cold medicine and can be purchased by anyone,” Hawkins told The Daily Caller…

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