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Gee, Why Is That?? Survey: Americans Grumpy About Economy

Via Boise State Public Radio: American workers aren’t happy. Despite President Obama’s assurances (“By almost every measure we are better off now than we were when I took office”) a Rutgers University survey details the public’s economic pessimism:

Heading into the Labor Day weekend the American labor force is not all that happy. There are various signs that the U.S. economy is on the mend but a new survey from Rutgers University found two of three Americans have felt no improvement over the last year and only about one in four expect things to get better in the year to come [my emphasis].

Notwithstanding NPR’s not-so-veiled administration cheerleading (“Private employers have added nearly 10 million jobs in recent years, unemployment has fallen to just above 6 percent,” etc.; Americans have “even less faith in giving congressional Republicans control of the economy”), several average citizens offer why they are, and remain, wary:

ROBERT STOVEKEN: In the last six years I’ve switched jobs three times and I’m not making more money than it did three years ago and not as much as I did six years ago.

HORSLEY: Once more Stoveken worries the economy won’t be much better by the time his high school aged daughter enters the job market a few years from now.

STOVEKEN: She’s going to go to college and get a degree in something that she’s probably not going to be able to get a job in, you know. I want her to follow her dreams but I don’t think the dreams are going to be a good paying job.

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