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Christian Group Banned From California State University System Over Leader Rules

California State University, the largest university system in the country, has officially booted InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for not allowing non-Christians to serve as leaders.

The group was warned by the retiring chancellor in 2012 that, under a new policy, it had to “accept all students as potential leaders” to remain a recognized student group, InterVarsity said in a “Campus Access Concerns” update:

Our chapter leaders are required to affirm InterVarsity’s Doctrinal Basis. This new CSU policy does not allow us to require that our leaders be Christian. It is essentially asking InterVarsity chapters to change the core of their identity, and to change the way they operate in order to be an officially recognized student group.

The statement notes that fraternities and sororities are exempt from the new policy and that it wants a “similar provision for creedal communities.”

It got a one-year exemption from the new chancellor a year ago, but its 23 campus chapters won’t get a further exemption.

Read the full statement here. Find previous College Fix coverage here. Watch this video by InterVarsity’s Greg Jao on what this will mean practically (i.e., money) for CSU chapters.

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