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VIDEO: Masturbate during this workshop, ‘Sex Ed Warrior Queen’ tells students

Warning: graphic content

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – When Megan Andelloux comes to campus, no object is off-limits for being sexualized – including a genitalia-themed puppet.

ohmeganThe clinical sexologist and former Planned Parenthood educator, known professionally as “Oh Megan” and a self-described “Sex Ed Warrior Queen,” encouraged Vanderbilt University students to masturbate in their seats even as she spoke during an interactive sex workshop Tuesday on campus.

“Want to Be Brilliant in Bed?” was sponsored by the Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center, though Director Rory Dicker emphasized that Andelloux’s views didn’t represent the university’s. It handed out free condoms before the workshop, however.

Andelloux gave Vanderbilt students a female anatomy lesson with “Veronica,” her vagina puppet. She passed around a bottle of lube and encouraged students to taste it, and even instructed them to put their phones on vibrate and stick them between their legs during the presentation.

After opening her presentation with a very sexual video collage, Andelloux offered free condoms and sex toys to those who engaged with her during the workshop.

“Society generally has negative associations with sex. We focus on the disasters,” she told students.

“That’s why I always thought masturbation was so awesome: You’re not going to get an STI [sexually transmitted infection] or get in trouble unless you’re doing it in public,” Andelloux said.

Andelloux makes similar presentations about sexuality on campuses nationwide and is accredited by the American College of Sexologists and American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

She led a workshop at the University of Tennessee last year that described an orgasm as a “political act,” as The College Fix reported.

In her Vanderbilt workshop, Andelloux described how she “lives and breathes sexuality.” The presentation covered “lube and masturbation,” “orgasms and ejaculations,” “sexual journey’s [sic],” “consent,” and her self-described personal favorite, “anal play.”


Andelloux did not shy away from graphic details or descriptions of “sexual adventures” throughout her workshop.

She gave a detailed description of berating her “partner” for masturbating in the shower. While a student in the crowd held the “Veronica” puppet, Andelloux showed students how to stimulate and pleasure different parts of the puppet.

Andelloux also expertly demonstrated how to put on a condom using only her mouth, according to a female student who stayed for the entire two-hour workshop and asked not to be named.

That same student said Andelloux, an adjunct instructor at Brown University, shared a story about a Brown female student who came to Andelloux because she had trouble reaching orgasm despite her vast sexual history with men.

According to the student who asked not to be named, Andelloux said she told the young woman at Brown to make a list of men and sexual activities she wanted to try and then reach out to one of them.

The young woman told the man she wanted to go on a “sexual adventure,” and they spent the next month trying activities on her list, after which the young woman reported back on her experiences to Andelloux. One of those was “sticking a pinky in the asshole.”

Andelloux said she’s a fan of such activities because “assholes make everybody equivalent.”


As she told the Vanderbilt Hustler before the workshop, Andelloux wants students to “go on sexual adventures” because they grow up hearing “negative” messages about sex. “Experiment. Try things out before you say, ‘no, that’s not for me.’”

Andelloux gave her raunchy presentation before a nearly full auditorium in the Student Life Center, which has capacity for more than 200 people. Though delayed by more than half an hour, Andelloux held students rapt for more than two hours after she arrived.

Andelloux isn’t just a sex educator or Planned Parenthood alumna. As The Fix has previously reported, she’s also a fan of the macabre.

Her Tumblr page includes photos of a skull, vertebrae and jars that have dead babies inside.

The caption on the post reads: “I love all things medical. Look at all the time that went into making these things so beautiful and well kept. It’s hard to choose the prettiest one.”

College Fix reporter JR Ridley is a student at Vanderbilt University.

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