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Touring UK universities: Muslim cleric who says it’s OK to hit women

Egyptian cleric Fadel Soliman spoke at five British universities last year … using them, the Daily Mail says, “to refer Muslim students to an online lecture series in which he speaks in favour of hitting women.”

Wives who “displease” their husbands, Soliman advises, should be hit with “a small stick.”

“When a husband is unhappy with the behaviour of his wife, ‘after passing through two stages of non-physical interaction, the next stage must involve something physical, in order to escalate the intensity of the warning’.”

From the article:

Mr Soliman is thought to have spoken at Nottingham, Leicester, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield universities. He urged young Muslims to watch his disturbing 30-part video series endorsing violent and extreme practices.

He says: ‘The hitting must be done with a small stick’ and ‘should not be painful’, adding: ‘The true implication of the spanking is to sound an alarm that the husband has passed to a new stage of serious displeasure.’

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In another video he says it is forbidden for men and women to ‘engage in frivolous talk’, that ‘men and women should lower their gaze and avoid unnecessary eye contact, especially with lust’. He says Muslims should avoid interacting with members of the opposite sex, even at work, and women should not wear perfume as it ‘arouses men’. In other videos, he outlines the Islamic case for sex slavery and polygamy.

At an event at the University of Sheffield on December 3, Mr Soliman urged 120 Muslim students: ‘Put these videos on your Facebook pages, share it with people.’ He was also allowed to speak at the University of Manchester last month, despite concerns being raised by university staff. At the event, the cleric said: ‘They told me not to say anything controversial.’

Soliman is not alone. The group Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) has appeared in at least ten campus events across the UK.

Among other things, that organization has defended a radical preacher who said ‘every Muslim should be a terrorist,’ and its outreach director has suggested “the killing of British troops is justified,” and “question[ed] whether the Mumbai attacks were ‘terrorism’,” and said “nobody agrees” that democracy should be implemented if it means the end of Sharia law.

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