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Rudy Giuliani: The ‘real left-wing loonies’ on campus are professors, not students

Rudy Giuliani recently called students protesting the election’s results “a bunch of spoiled crybabies,” but added most students are all right and it’s the professors who are the “real left-wing loonies.”

The former mayor of New York and senior adviser to the Trump campaign made the comments on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”

“The reality is they are a bunch of spoiled crybabies,” he said of campus protesters. “And someone said, I think I heard somebody said, we’re bringing up a generation of crybabies. Most kids aren’t crying. Most of the kids are going to class.”

“I speak at a lot of college campuses,” he added, “and what I find is, this might be a somewhat heartening fact, we are growing up a slightly higher percentage of conservative students now than we used to. Because they’re rebelling against the professors. And if you’re looking at the real left-wing loonies on the campus, it’s the professors, not the students.”

Trump’s message resonated with a lot of millennials, Giuliani added.

Politico reports:

Giuliani said Trump’s message “got through to a lot of them, a lot more than you think” on college campuses, especially with students concerned about finding a job once they graduate. The former mayor’s response to the protesters prompted “Fox & Friends” anchor Brian Kilmeade to ask, “Mr. Mayor, I know how you feel, but if you’re Donald Trump and you want to be president of the entire country, can you afford just to say ‘crybabies’ or should you find a way to listen?”

“You should find a way to listen and talk about it and say to them, ‘look, you are overdoing it. Take a while and evaluate my presidency a year from now.’ My advice to Donald would be to say that,” Giuliani said. “And say, ‘look, calm down, things are not as bad as you think. Give me a year and I think you are going to find you are living in a much better country than you are living in right now. If not, I don’t know, you can go cry then.’”

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