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Students under investigation for chanting ‘Build That Wall!’ (VIDEO)

Some students at Saint John’s University in Minnesota are under investigation for chanting “build that wall” on a campus bus.

A 6-second video of the chant posted on Facebook by a fellow passenger does not give much context, but it’s gone viral and prompted protests, outrage — and an official probe into the matter.

Rev. Doug Mullin, vice president for student development at Saint John’s University, said in a campus email republished by Inside Higher Ed that the chant was “insensitive” and the “incident is currently under investigation.”

“… Chanting highly charged political opinions on a bus fails our community in honoring this value [to honor the dignity of all persons],” Mullin said.

Meanwhile, in response to the video, protesting students are demanding “a more diverse faculty and staff, as well as holding students accountable for hate speech,” a local ABC News affiliate reports.

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