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Deft or desperate? College students turn to GoFundMe to foot tuition bills

As college tuition continues to climb, students are turning to strangers online to help pay the bill.

Figures from GoFundMe, a popular crowdfunding website, show that thousands of college students nationwide are using the platform to raise money for their education:

Over the past several years, students, teachers, and parents are increasingly turning to GoFundMe to raise money for education expenses, including tuition. In fact, in the last three years, over 130,000 GoFundMes have raised $60 million from over 850,000 donations for college tuition and related campaigns.

The statistics are included as part of a step-by-step guide, published by the website, to help students learn about “how to create a successful GoFundMe to raise money for college.” The website said it provided the data to show “how easy” it is to create a campaign to decrease college costs.

Students from California and Texas have used the website the most, with more than 25,000 campaigns raising a total of $12.9 million.

Included as part of the guide are five tips for students who launch a fundraising campaign. The tips include: “Share your accomplishments and hard work,” “Add expenses as wish list items,” “Spread the word to your family and friends,” “Post frequent updates and photos” and “Show your appreciation.”

The report also includes tips for donors and links to campaigns in each state.

Read the report.

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