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Porn company offers students free memberships so they can ‘focus harder in class’

And its porn stars will apparently watch them graduate

Watching other people have sex is usually considered a distraction from what you’re supposed to be doing, but for one porn company, it’s a surefire way to achieve academic success.

Brazzers is offering up to 5,000 students 18 years and older a free membership to its website for four months, calling it the “perfect study partner to help them succeed”:

“We know that university life is by no means easy and we’re empathetic.” BRAZZERS [sic] Marketing Director, Gary Ticher, goes on to explain, “being away from home and overloaded with studying and peer pressure can be tough, so we wanted to do our part to help university students relax their minds and ease their loads. We’ve decided to offer the best porn on the market as a study accessory to help university students relax, sleep better and focus harder in class.”

It made a “safe-for-work” video that stars some of its female and male performers, clad in lingerie and evening wear, approaching stressed-out students in class with suggestive touches and massages. The performers are there, presumably years later, to cheer on the graduating students they helped study by having sex for money.

All of them are white.

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Students must apply for their four months of free porn by Sept. 5, by sending a photo of themselves holding their valid student ID with birth date visible.

The “premium porn brand” is a few years younger than the incoming freshmen it’s targeting, having launched in 2004.

For students who want 25 years of Brazzers’ free help in focusing on their work, the company is running an essay and video contest where students must explain “How Brazzers Will Help Me Graduate.”

The company runs occasional promotions. For Cinco de Mayo last year, a business journalist shared a Brazzers release he received that offered website users free Spanish porn for the day and prizes for captioning and submitting “their favorite quote learned after watching a Spanish scene.”

University of Oklahoma researchers found that the divorce rate doubled for married couples when one or both partners start watching porn, with an even stronger effect on women.

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IMAGE: Brazzers/YouTube

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