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Conservative students’ sign repeatedly vandalized by ‘revolutionary anti-capitalists’

Radical organization defaces conservative group’s property multiple times

An extreme-left group at a Texas university has been vandalizing the property of a conservative student group.

The University of Texas at Austin chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas has vowed to file a “campus climate incident report” against the Revolutionary Student Front “after numerous incidents of vandalism on their sign,” according to The Daily Texan.

The Revolutionary Student Front is “a revolutionary anti-capitalist organization” on the campus of UT-Austin, according to the group’s website. The group’s animating principles include “anti-capitalism,” “revolution” and “anti-oppression.”

Young Conservatives of Texas claim that the Revolutionary Student Front has vandalized their sign on multiple occasions. One such incident involved the group’s sign being “turned over and marked with propaganda for the RSF. An Adolf Hitler-inspired mustache was drawn onto Uncle Sam, the sign’s main subject. Thursday morning, the sign had the word ‘racism’ written on it and most of its original content crossed out.”

One member of Young Conservatives of Texas claims that the hard-left group is receiving special treatment from the university:

[Young Conservatives of Texas events director Saurabh] Sharma said because this is not the first time that RSF has violated University codes, he believes the University has been selectively enforcing policies.

“RSF is not a student registered organization and has been able to get away with tabling under the Tower,” Sharma said. “During Party on the Plaza, they took an empty table and moved it to an non-designated area right in front of us. … On Monday, we were passing out free pocket Constitutions and one of their members came and tore it up.”

YCT released a statement Tuesday night concerning the incident and reached out to administration officials, including UT President Gregory Fenves and UT Chancellor Bill McRaven. In April, Fenves released a statement saying that UT does not tolerate any vandalism or threats targeting students.

“What we ask is simple: Enforce the law,” Sharma said. “That includes at the police level to make sure vandalism doesn’t occur, and that includes at the University administration level that all student organizations have an even playing field.”

The university is investigating the vandalism event. “UTPD takes seriously any criminal complaint, including graffiti or vandalism on our campus,” said a spokeswoman.

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