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Yale ‘decolonizes’ English dept. after complaints studying white authors ‘actively harms’ students

English majors no longer required to take class focused on Chaucer, Shakespeare

A year and a half after a petition circulated calling for Yale to “decolonize the English department,” the first students are enrolled in a new course created by the department to increase the breadth of the curriculum and combat claims of departmental racism.

What’s more, new requirements are in place to ensure a more “diversified” slate of courses.

Previous requirements for the major included two courses in “Major English Poets,” including Chaucer, Shakespeare, Donne, Milton and Eliot, among others. But that two-course series petitioners had deemed actively harmful due to its focus on white male poets. The series is no longer a graduation requirement for Yale’s English majors.

The petition, a Google document which has since been made private, critiqued the perceived whiteness of the English department requirements: “A year spent around a seminar table where the literary contributions of women, people of color, and queer folk are absent actively harms all students, regardless of their identity.”

“It’s time for the English major to decolonize — not diversify — its course offerings,” the petition added. “A 21st century education is a diverse education: we write to you today inspired by student activism across the university, and to make sure that you know that the English department is not immune from the collective call to action.”

Nearly a year after the petition, around seven months ago, Yale’s English faculty voted to “diversity” the curriculum. At the time of the vote, the director of the department’s undergraduate studies, Jessica Brantley, told The Yale Daily News: “We’ve constructed a curriculum that has inclusion as its goal, embedded in the structures of its requirements, and I’m very excited to implement and develop that curriculum further.”

The reconfiguring of the English department’s required courses did not directly address the demands of the petition to do away with the Major English Poets sequences altogether; the courses still exist. The reconfiguration also did not refocus the program’s pre-1800 and pre-1900 literature requirement to address issues of race, gender, and sexuality as demanded by the petition.

Instead, the English department now allows students to fill three required prerequisites from a choice of four different courses: Readings in English Poetry 1, Readings in English Poetry 2, Readings in American Literature, and a newly created course, Readings in Comparative World English Literature.

Because Chaucer and Shakespeare are both studied in English Poetry 1, these expanded options mean that a student could graduate from the program without ever reading either of these authors.

Readings in English Poetry 2 focuses on more recent poets, including Milton through Eliot and other modern writers.

Meanwhile, the newly developed Comparative World English course, which debuted this fall, is taught by English professor Stephanie Newell.

Her research focuses on “the public sphere in colonial West Africa and issues of gender, sexuality, and power as articulated through popular print cultures,” according to her faculty bio.

Other courses she has taught at Yale include “Contemporary African Fiction: Challenges to Realism,” “South African Writing After Apartheid,” and “Postcolonial World Literatures, 1945 to Present,” her bio states.

According to Professor Newell, there was significant interest in the course during the fall semester. The current class has 20 students, which is a larger seminar-style course compared to many other Yale courses, which are capped at 15 or 18.

Reached via email by The College Fix, Newell described her teaching style in this course as “the opposite of ‘close reading’ – we spend a great deal of time discussing cultural, linguistic and historical contexts, and we have read and discussed some classic works of postcolonial theory in conjunction with the primary texts. Likewise, when students write essays, I encourage them to undertake secondary reading and research, as well as to analyze primary texts.”

“I haven’t had any feedback from the students who led the petition as to whether or not they are satisfied with the overall changes in the major,” Newell told The Fix. “Obviously, there will be a vital opportunity at the end of semester for students to give feedback on this particular course in their evaluations.”

According to its course description, English 128: Readings in Comparative World English Literature still features a number of white male writers, including Daniel Defoe, John Millington Synge, and James Joyce. Other writers featured on the syllabus for this fall include Jean Rhys, Alice Munro, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, and Salman Rushdie.

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About the Author
Aryssa Damron is a senior at Yale University majoring in English. In addition to The College Fix, Aryssa also writes for Future Female Leaders, Conservative Book Club, and several on-campus publications. She is active in the William F Buckley Jr Program at Yale and in fighting hunger and homelessness in New Haven.

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  • Unmutual One

    They will not be happy until Anglo-American culture is wiped from the planet.

    • Ladybug

      That is their plan, they hate whites, they want to destroy all that our ancestors achievements and change it to a black mans or a jews achievements even though they have achieved nothing worth while.

      • Ralph Machio

        yes, because I hear that Jew hate group “Jew Panthers” are notoriously against whitey. Always trying to force people into there cult – otherwise kill them! Damn you are brilliant for seeing this truth, when no one else has. You Mam, are a Genius!

  • Ralph Kern

    If you don’t want to study English Lit, take World Lit, or African Lit, or Palestinian Lit. But if you take English Literature, you should not be surprised a a “heavy representation ” of English Authors.

    • Sybil Luddington


      • Ralph Kern

        Isn’t it?
        Do they still have comparative literature? It’s been 50 years since I was in school.

        • John Hutchison

          Damn, you’re old…LOL j/k

    • llewellynh

      I was an English Lit and History major and managed to also get in Black Literature, Russian Lit, Soviet Lit, Irish Lit, Comparative Lit, and Women’s Lit as well.

      That core though of English Lit is important because it gives so many people all around the world sources of common reference. To do away with that will make it even more difficult to communicate.

    • Sage Philo

      Exactly! What people might not realize is English Literature is precisely that – ENGLISH literature, meaning the literature that emerged out of Britain. If you want to study LITERATURE (minus the English part), then by all means study world literature – a great thing to do, and something I would recommend people who study English literature also do. But to take ENGLISH literature and complain that Shakespeare is mandatory is like taking Chinese philosophy and complaining that Confucius and Laozi are mandatory.

      • Justice PonZee

        That’s right and that is how they think. What are we doing to change it? Nothing. We are giving them all the schools. That is a terrible mistake.

    • matt10023

      UR a nazi white supremacist capitalist hate speeches gendercider!!!!!!! Wah!!!!!

      Your’re entitled to your opinions but leave logic out it.

  • Goy’s Gym

    Why not just release a virus that kills white people off already since you hate them so much.

    • MO Guy

      Couldn’t happen, because those that would like to accomplish that goal are not bright enough to do so.

  • Nathan

    Face it. All of these protests against “colonialism” and so-called “white supremacy” are really calls for an attack on Western civilization. These people are fueled by a profound jealousy and envy of the accomplishments of Europeans. Heck, they’re already trying to attack the scientific method and mathematics because these concepts were largely created by dead white men. This is not to say that there is no worth in studying the literature of other cultures, but it’s not remotely racist or prejudiced to state that the Western culture is our culture and it is the culture that influences us the most.

    • TxMedRgr

      Agreed. However, they do not want to give up the creature comforts Western civilization and old dead white men have provided modern society.

      • libh8er

        …..like peace and prosperity, electricity, roads, medicine, cars, planes, trains, clean air and water, foot locker stores.

        • HarveyMushman

          The wheel….

        • Tek

          White people invented civilized society

          • lspanker

            I will give the Chinese credit where due. Funny, however, that it’s not Chinese students complaining about this type of stuff…

          • Tim Pan

            Do you think they would remain students if they did?

          • RLABruce

            White people invented Western Civilization.

          • Carlos Deangelo

            Correction, white western-Europeans from: Italy and Greece mostly created Western Civilization, and not white-americans.

          • RLABruce

            Specifically, our modern civilization has its roots in the Greco-Roman civilizations, but modern Western Civilization stems almost entirely from the US. Virtually everything that defines a culture as “civilized” comes from the US. The world economy, which reflects our civilization, is basically a Pax Americana in terms of the direction of trade as well as the means by which that trade is conducted. Other countries are becoming more important, but only because they are copying US trade methods, not because they offer anything new on their own.

          • wc711

            The Industrial Revolution began in Britain, and many of the advances began there so we have to give credit where credit is due.

          • RLABruce

            You keep reciting history, while I am referring to our existing, MODERN Western Civilization. Since you want to talk about the roots of our civilization instead of the way it is now, why not credit the Sumerians as being the cradle of civilization? I’ll concede that our society is, as were all societies before us, built upon previous cultures, okay?

          • Justice PonZee

            The current Chinese position which dictates the conduct of their government predicts that they will be number one very soon.

        • Fritz_Von_Dago

          These stupid kids today never learned that the people of the Old Soviet Union had almost none of those things they live with today.

          • instamind

            It’s even better than that. They don’t even know that, ‘politically correct’ and ‘social justice’ (among others) are terms FROM the Soviet Union. This is just world Communism in action. These people are hopelessly brainwashed.

      • Sybil Luddington

        Which was evidenced in the Occupy movement protests in NYC…all on their iPhones and iPads, hating on “big corporations” Oh the irony. LOL

        • George6112

          You’re a woman and you don’t get it?? Most of the “occupy” or other protests attract men only because there are plenty of easy and available women in them. During the Vietnam war protests I did my “protesting” to meet women and it was great. Afterwards we’d sit around and “talk about our feelings.” It was great. Of course you had your leaders as well and they were the communists but we all knew who they were and they were soooo serious.

          • Iron Lion Ryan

            Have you seen the modern day nu-male? Do you really think they don’t believe the Marxist drivel? Do you really think they’re there to grab pussies?

          • Peter Famato

            Well, we do see them grabbing themselves a lot, so yes, we do think that.

          • diggferkel

            Leftists thinking is just a symptom of mental illness. Most of them come from either abusive families, broken homes with a single parent, experimented with dangerous drugs and/or grew up around large groups of other people suffering these same types of adverse childhoods.

            Corrupted role models such as teachers help enforce these extremists views. Most of this is a byproduct of the drug crisis in the US.

            If we stopped the drug problem then the leftists would slowly age out over the course of several decades.

          • Justice PonZee

            Sorry, its the other way around. The drug crisis is a result of these people and not the cause of them. They are medicating themselves because they are quite depressed. Look at them and you should see why.

          • bsdunek

            You got that right!

          • ClintonRussiaCollusion

            No doubt self obsessing why it is that you aren’t given all the spoils a genius should have by doing absolutely nothing, will drive one to drugs.

          • strongmind

            so will the guilt of knowing they are wasting their futures with their degree in X-studies.

          • strongmind

            you look at these 27 year old “kids” and realize…… “they’re never going to become self-reliant and successful. They will be dependent on mommy and daddy until their parent’s die of old age.”

          • jtinevergreen

            The kind of kids that we regularly beat up when I was in school in the ’70’s. Snivelling wimps with runny noses.

          • strongmind

            them….. but they have been joined by millions of otherwise normal kids who are lazy, poorly educated, expect government or mom and dad to look after them…. forever.

          • jamcar

            it’s both actually. It’s too bad we didn’t have fentanyl and THC oil before this current generation was spawned. Would have cut out a good chunk of ’em.

          • Mack

            Well, now, I’m a teacher. I love Byron, Shelley, Keats, and the lads.
            I did 18 months in Viet-Nam in Cambodia.
            What’s your story?

          • Pelosi Galore

            You can’t compare the two. Without a doubt, college level liberal arts teachers are leftists. There may be a few exceptions, but the center of the Bell Curve is straight Marxist ideology. And it’s trickling down to high school and elementary school.

          • Eatie Gourmet

            Not just Now ‘trickling down’! Go read Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt’s _The Dumbing Down Of America_. Watch Curtis Bowers’ documentary “The Agenda: Grinding America Down”! It has Been happening for decades!

          • MadameOConnor

            I bought “The Agenda” and it’s excellent.

          • Horace Knowlton

            My daughter was in the prestigious IB program in high school. They taught immigration policy in Spanish class. Total brainwashing going on….my daughter saw right through the BS immediately.

          • jtinevergreen

            Viet Nam and Cambodia are separate countries, And you’re a teacher? I pity your students.

          • Dan

            I think he type in rather than and & I think you know that very well

          • SASINTEXAS

            We were not in Cambodia only Viet-Nam John Kerry made the same mistake.

          • Eatie Gourmet

            Good Lord! If you’re old enough to be a veteran from Nam and Cambodia, why on earth are you still teaching?! You ought to retire while there is still life left in you! Not that teaching is a bad thing, depending on where one works, but the hassles of it THESE days…! Oh, My…

          • Dan

            He didn’t say he was military–perhaps Foreign Service–We did not have an official military mission in Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

          • Eatie Gourmet

            I didn’t say he was military either. The term “veteran” covers a range of uses.

          • Ray Nagan’s cellmate

            Except Colonel Kurtz….

          • Deplorable_Timothy

            The drug problem is only the tip of the iceberg. What about the prevalence of inbreeding in the muslim population? https://www.politicalislam.com/bill-warner-islam-and-inbreeding/

          • Genevieve

            Sorry but you are wrong. Most of the leftists hipsters are the spoiled brat spawn of the 1% who will never have to work because of the Trust Funds set up by their thieving seniors. They have zero life experience and deign to tell the rest of us how to live. They can afford to be charitable with other peoples money while their working class peers are busy doing menial work to pay off their insanely over priced college tuition. What a racket.

            I was an English major. I have several years of Shakespeare and an entire Class on Chaucer’s Cantebury Tales. Much of the world’s best literature in based on and make reference to the works of Shakespeare and Chaucer so you need to have studied they to get the context of other works. This is a move to deconstruct society. There can be no other reason for not requiring these core works in English Literature for English Majors. THIS is sick!

          • instamind

            This is the step before the real sickness. First you burn the books and destroy the monuments and then your burn the people. It’s the historical pattern.

          • David Jakab

            These people may be unfamiliar with actual fire – they seem a bit primative. I think they have a day set aside to collectvely howl at the moon or somehing.

          • Albert8184

            Right. And then the people behind all this iconoclastic subversion step forward and tell us all this chaos is the fault of capitalism’s “inevitable decay”, and THEY have the solution for it.

          • Twilightstar

            And now you can craft all sorts of “historic facts” on line since the books will be gone. Who are we kidding many of these young people can barely read.

          • Horace Knowlton

            You are 100% correct. It starts with antiquities, then the history books, and then the people. Very wise observation. They also want to eliminate religion as well.
            There is a good reason why are founders inserted freedom of speech and freedom of religion as part of the 1st Amendment to be defended at all costs by the 2nd amendment.

          • Ray Nagan’s cellmate

            Yep, these people want to have their own Maoist style cultural revolution.

          • Degoragon

            Worse still, most of them don’t even know who that is, ask them about “socalism” or “Communism”, and they will give you a blank stare, or spout off some Bernie Sanders line. I think for the most part, they just want to “change” society, just so they can say, “look what I did!”

          • Degoragon

            “If fascism ever comes to America, it will be in the name of Liberalism”- Ronald Reagan

            The left fights imaginary fascists, not knowing the true fascists are staring at them in the mirror every morning. They can call it “liberalism”, (which by definition it’s not) and the openly extreme ones will say they are “socialists”, but they all follow the same goal, full government control and subjugation.

            Little do they realize, like the man who kills a king to help a friend get the throne, they too will be beheaded once their “friend” gets in power.

          • Fixit

            I can’t wait until the sociology majors release their demands. That will be a hoot.

          • jtinevergreen

            A new course entitled “How White Men Have Controlled the Rest of Us Through Subliminal Messaging”. No one can understand the actual course description but that doesn’t matter; the Prof is tenured.

          • SentaAPW89

            As a classic liberal working class girl, who went to a great state uni, and worked on farms in between:
            THANK YOU
            Should be top comment.

            This is also happening at Oxford University in the UK too!
            The students want “postcolonial literature” in the English department

          • Johnathan Swift Jr.

            Some of them are, some aren’t. The Germans actually did a sociological study of the retards from “Anti-fa” and found most of them were living with mom, useless unemployed idiots in pseudo-SS uniforms.

          • Jack

            You went to university so then you should know that the working class trade unions are socialist policies right same with factory lighting, benefits, vacation time and workdays less than 12 hours? Almost every early Bolshevik revolutionary was a strike leader in a factory. Working class=left. Thats very basic politics. So how did that translate into a bunch of rich kids in America on the opposite side of the political spectrum? Please explain your thought process because it doesn’t make any sense. No they’re the children of Trump Sr. who gave his dumb kid a “small” million dollar loan. Who paid off doctors to dodge the draft. I guess Trumps a commie then or a coward. Karl Marx described trade unions thus: “The value of labour-power constitutes the conscious and explicit foundation of the trade unions, whose importance for the […] working class can scarcely be overestimated. The trade unions aim at nothing less than to prevent the reduction of wages below the level that is traditionally maintained in the various branches of industry. That is to say, they wish to prevent the price of labour-power from falling below its value” (Capital V1, 1867, p. 1069). Karl Marx, founder of Marxism said that the importance of the working class cannot be overestimated. The Russian revolution was working class in character. Why do you think the Soviet Union had a hammer and sickle as their symbol? The hammer is industry, the sickle is agriculture. They are about as far left as you can go. So what are you even talking about? You clearly don’t know even basic political science if you think the working class is right wing. Right wing is money, real estate, magazines, Starbucks. Free market capitalism, no unions and no restrictions on work hours or safety regulations in factories. How long have you thought this? Did you go stand at the wrong side at some protests? Like do you know which party is which? You have a left wing platform and you think you’re on the right. I say stick to Chaucer and don’t go for a career in politics. You can google it and find out the truth in a few seconds, the US govt used to hire strikebreakers, they have TV footage, but you just followed along never questioning anything and somehow graduated without knowing which side of the Cold War America was on. If you’re filthy rich and white go right, Unionized folks go left. I thought it was too far changing the curriculum too, but apparently they really need to add more world history. Don’t feel too bad though, Trump thought Marx was Russian.

          • Genevieve

            Stay out of commenting on American politics and culture.We do not say things like ” went to University” you smug limey. You are not American you do not have an inkling as to how things work here. Stick with your smug EU elitist pals.

            Trump voters are conservative. We are a silent majority of hard working blue and white collar people who support smaller more efficient government that works for it’s citizens and not a handful of Global 1% elites. We believe in the American Dream. We fought too hard to get free from you limey dirtbags and we will not back down. You are an idiot.

          • wc711

            The upside is the idea that with so many losers out there, it makes it so much easier for serious minded people who are trying to start a career to move right up the ladder.

          • Degoragon

            Sure, some of them may have come from broken homes, but most of them are spoiled suburbanites who were coddled as kids, and have nothing better to do.

          • thetruthwillsetyoufree

            you mean the skinny jean wearing bearded unemployed wonder kids sitting at the local starbuck’s and living with mommy and daddy still? you mean those dudes?

          • allright

            Yep, those are the ones…

          • Pelosi Galore

            Don’t forget the ‘man bun’ hair!

          • Fixit

            They look like soccer moms.

          • Twilightstar

            OMG ‘man -bun’ That is about the worst.

          • DixieRocker94

            My husband sometimes wears a bun, but only to keep his hair out of the way.

          • Syntheto

            Whoa, whoa, whoa there, Cowboy… they’re not unemployed! They actually ‘work’ at Starbucks as baristas, okay? You just probably caught them on break every single time you went in there to get an overpriced cup of joe with SJW slogans written on the side of the cup. Okay, they still live with their folks, but that’s just because of the fundamental, structural disparity inherent in the capitalist system, man, okay? There’s also a systemic bias against LGBTQWERTY people (I can’t take credit for this, although I wish I could) and because the only sex these baristas have ever had has been with Rosie Palm, some (white) people (in power) have the mistaken idea that he’s Gay (read: homosexual). Nothing could be further from the truth! They just roll on a higher, more intellectual plane than plebes like us do, where ideas mean more than orgasms.

          • Twilightstar

            heh heh yep. When you buy that overpriced Starbucks coffee they were supposed to “engage” you in “meaningful” conversation about your white privilege self et al. Even people buying Starbucks (bucks$$) like to sit and relax a bit, maybe eat a little crumpet or two, escape from daily pressures not encounter more lectures so that didn’t work out so well.

          • Jack

            I thought Americans loved capitalism? Starbucks is the trailblazer for boring identical stores across the globe. They may be lame but they’re rich as shit.

          • Jack

            You realize that the left hates Starbucks too right? And they actually break the windows and light fires and shit that causes property damage instead of just complaining on the internet and expanding at the waist. Starbucks is crap and the people that go there are losers so why do you go there? Rhetorical. Make a coffee at home like a normal person instead of feeding them money and then complaining. I don’t go places I don’t like. Dunno why you do.

          • 2×4

            The nu-male is a self-castrating nerd who feels he is smarter and more enlightened than conservatives BECAUSE he sawed his own little n*ts off with a popsicle stick. He’s just one more shill.

          • Justice PonZee

            That would be fine if they were not causing all this damage. Why are we letting them do it and we are?

          • Deplorable_Timothy

            We are too busy working, paying taxes, raising children in our two parent “homes”, to go out and protest, assault people, or burn down our neighborhood drug stores.

          • strongmind

            you are exactly right. While we were being responsible, our public schools, academia, hollywood, the media etc. were being taken over by people who believe government should tell us how to live.

          • jtinevergreen

            Plus, we can read (with comprehension), write, do math and understand logic. Logic is foreign to them.

          • deathwish

            That is all a deflection and excuse to take advantage of the five finger discounts. Drug stores are usually emptied before they are burned. 75% of the people in Ferguson were high as kites for months after the riots.

          • jschm

            The image is priceless.

          • Pelosi Galore

            Like Jimmy Kemmel

          • Justice PonZee

            They are no longer male, just the parts match and that may not for long.

          • Television has been programming the desirability of homosexuality and even altering your sex. It is mass hypnosis and it is working. Just another tool in slowing the steady march to overpopulation . Fine as long as it isn’t your own kid.

          • Dave M.

            Many do believe in Marxist drivel and many are there to grab penises.

          • jtinevergreen

            They already have one of their very own.

          • George6112

            I think guys want sex ALL guys. If they’re ugly or just oversexed they get it from other men so it’s a 24/7 thing…they know if it’s a woman they want they actually have to work to get her and as Maynard G. Krebs once said, “Work!”

          • Degoragon

            A lot of them, no, but there are some who put on the costume to find women. They must be desperate, if they are willing to hook up with crazy.

          • mikdaley

            Have you looked at the actual “protesters” of today? They give new meaning to the word unattractive.

          • Jack_Kennedy

            They make Chelsea almost seem attractive …THATS BAD

          • Fritz_Von_Dago

            And the girls are fat and ugly as homemade sin too! Hell if I had to hang out with body tattooed, purple/ orange colored hair, steel studded butt ugly females with hairy arm pits like those , I would protest too!

          • A Adams

            Two words come to mind: LADY GILLETTE.

          • Albondigas

            There’s a new living museum in San Francisco whereby you can see what you’ve described: “Defecating for Dollars” on the sidewalks and in front of exclusive stores and eating establishments.

            The men, they prefer to do this while attending the Folsom Street Fair…

            It’s the ‘new’ entertainment of the West Coast.

          • strongmind

            modern culture strikes again!

          • Twilightstar

            As society continues to deteriorate. What filth, so fun!

          • California70

            Wow! We have certainly gone down hill a long way since “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”!
            But that was still when SF was a “Classy” city and not the dregs of society like it is now!
            Sure a pity what SF has become!

          • Everett Sykes

            I went to SzF last year so I took a side trip to the intersection of Haight and Ashbury. It looked like a crosdection of the csrnival being in town, tats and piercings and and a euro-thrash fashion show. So I burned one with a kid behind a coffee shop and enjoyed the show.

          • California70

            That’s part of the problem! Have a joint and you don’t give a crap about much of anything as long as you can wear tennis shoes and a pair of jeans!
            My age group calls that, the “backyard bar-be-cue” look! Wear it everywhere!
            Nothing is ever nice, or special! Act like a kid your whole life and never learn what a grownup acts like or looks like! Oh, and make sure your baseball cap is on backwards! Yo!

          • Johnathan Swift Jr.
          • mary12000

            One of the major enemies of Americans are the liberal universities

          • Jack

            When was the sight of aging hippies shooting speed at Haight Ashbury classy?

          • Fish Deep

            A society never adopts the culture of it’s exceptions.

          • California70

            My dear Jack, I’m a little older than that! When I was in my 20’s and lived in the L.A. area, PSA planes used to fly to SF every hour on the hour, 24/7. We used to fly up to SF for dinner, spend the evening and fly back on the 4:00 a.m. Flight. Drive home by 6:00 a.m. In time to shower, eat breakfast and still get to work by 8:00 a.m. But that was before your time. That’s when people still knew how to dress well, And have a good time without drugs! We even enjoyed working.
            None of this PC nonsense. Life was good! Not a “BORING GRIND” like nowadays!
            We didn’t go out on the town and dress in “backyard bar-be-cue clothes”.
            Men wore suits and women had cocktail suits! We enjoyed dinner with music in an up-scale restaurant.
            Had a great time!

          • George6112

            Wow, great one.

          • Coralislands

            What??? NO ‘Vibrant Diversity’ for you??? there are those in the left who would have you drawn and quartered for making such observations

          • bobby morris

            They eat establishments?

          • Nat Rev

            Shitting on SF? Count me in.

          • Johnathan Swift Jr.
          • NoDepositNoReturn

            But don’t their pink vagina hats turn you on?

          • Everett Sykes

            Not the hats so much hehe.

          • Thelma Mayflower

            Don’t forget Trigglypuff! lol!


            Why would you remind us!

          • Dan

            Fat and ugly is the new normal in the USA. Big Mac and pizza with 40 oz cokes does it.

          • TAK1

            And stretch pants. They come them something else, but fat girls cannot wear them!

          • vutsrq

            They should be protesting mirrors.

          • Rodney Reed

            I can just imagine the smell of these protesters, they have to smell pretty bad to miss all their showers to look as they do.

          • Old teacher

            Jail after arrest for disturbing the peace would be a pleasant change of scenery.

          • Dr. Osgood Mulford Twelge

            …check out a pic of Hillary when she was an undergrad. You just described her.

          • Fritz_Von_Dago

            Hell Bill was just as ugly as a undergrad! Like two pees in a pod.

          • Justice PonZee

            The big and fat ones are a waste but there are plenty that have fantastic bodies. You got to look through the ugly and the nu-clothes.


            There’s always a huge ugly wall protecting them! Just like this… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f121cfc7395673f502d88a67a29ae962b8265cd053f01ab4c7bf1599019ba8da.jpg

          • Johnathan Swift Jr.

            Now, contrast the leftist beasts with the more normally adjusted girls who were eventually “red-pilled”:

          • Deplorable_Timothy

            case in point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btm46UnGFic

            Not quite sure what a “Cervix Animal” is, but she is apparently desperate for some of it’s attention.

          • Somewhere there are some parents who are so, so proud.

          • Syntheto

            Yeah, but not the ones involved with this particular specimen….. Tammy, come back home…grow your hair out again, lose some weight, even you could possibly find some decent guy, if nothing else take some nursing classes so you can be there to clean our messes and wipes out butts when we get old and out there.

          • Dan

            She(it) dont want no guy.

          • tdrag

            She needs a hickory massage. These police should watch videos of the Chicago Democrat Convention of 1968. Those cops knew how to deal with street trash.

          • Thelma Mayflower



            It’s the only ANIMAL who will SERVICE her! Poor pooch!

          • MadameOConnor

            She looks so tough, but she’s a crybaby. Not a good image.

          • SentaAPW89

            Was the doggo okay afterwards?


          • Johnathan Swift Jr.

            Boo hoo hoo! Boo hoo hoo!

          • TAK1

            “She”? How? I see an Asian man.

          • Chesty Puller

            The majority of them do not know what in Gods name they are protesting…they are either paid by Jamokes like Soros, or their just kids looking for something that they think would be fun…Until bullets fly

          • Wilbor Gavin

            Like on big, oversized tattooed billboard.

          • Johnathan Swift Jr.

            Understatement is your forte I see. “Unattractive” is putting it mildly. They are terminally maladjusted, just as hideous on the inside as the outside, human salt peter.

          • TAK1

            Ugly on the inside is not fixable.

          • George6112

            Girls aren’t as picky about looks as guys are.

          • rennyangel2

            Hey, an underside of the civil rights movement was if you didn’t sleep with some black guy you were, natch, just another racist, even if you were pitting your life on the line in pickets and marches and Freedom rides, the same as the generic black guy. Men have always got a “get.”

          • Jack_Kennedy

            George, old buddy, I did the same back in hippie days … chasing the free luv …… BUT… those women were worth chasing, but the ones I see today, not so much

          • RLABruce

            Some of these women not worth chasing aren’t women . . .

          • Justice PonZee

            That is not what happened. We told all these women that they are equal to the men and they believed it. Now we have the results of that idiocy. Maybe they are equal and today is what that looks like. Not so wonderful, is it? Women must be put back in their place or it will get a lot worse. They live in fantasyland and operate on that basis. You know that. The trouble is that people are now trying to live it. Can’t work!

          • wc711

            It’s too late! Once they got the right to vote it was all over.

          • David Jakab

            Damned nineteenth ammendment.

          • SASINTEXAS

            I sure hope your kidding buster there’s a lot more of me’s than in the femi-nazi camps!

          • ~Rose~

            Hahaha! It’s all just another means of socialization! “Hey everybody, we’re going to sit around and talk about how much we all hate whitey! It’ll be fun!”

          • Justice PonZee

            The problem is that instead of just an excuse to get women today these people are damaging our society to the point where it may be unable to recover. That is what it looks like now. Absent the damage nobody would care what they do. Unfortunately, the politicians respond to them. They never should have been allowed to vote. No reason for it ever to have been changed to allow that. This is the result of that.

          • George6112

            The MSM is making it seem worse than it is. There aren’t any journalists any longer; the newspapers are up to the quality standards of a high school journalism class. There is very little here and we all know the protesters are just after a bit of nooky.

          • Deplorable_Timothy

            Some of the beta-male “Occu-Tards” were too busy shating on cop cars and OD’ing on heroin, to worry about chasing easy women.
            The Occu-Tards don’t have the self awareness to actually understand what they were actually protesting. Same thing goes with today’s Anti-FirstAmendment, communists. They have no idea of the topics at hand, and even less of an idea of where their desired path ends.

          • BikerBen

            Those were the good old days, when John Brennan would vote for the Communist party candidate for president. Not only would he be allowed to continue breathing in spite of our seeing nearly 50 thousand men killed in the fight to halt the spread of communism, but he would eventually be given a top secret clearance and be appointed head of the CIA by scumbag Barack Obama. Unfortunately, Obama also continues to breathe.

          • William Post

            Me too bro! Got laid at every “protest” I ever attended. However, not many of us were “gender confused” back then. I didn’t know of anyone who thought they were issued the wrong equipment. The very small number of people who had those thought were in mental hospitals where they belonged.

          • bps

            you and george should meet up at the holiday inn by the airport and reminisce on the glory days of picking up stds at those protests.

          • That was pretty much before STDs were common. That changed about 1980 with AIDS, then Herpes, and then Clamydia. But in 1965 Everyone knew Syphylis and Gonnorhia. We’d been taught about them in school, but nobody ever got them. Now, Crabs on the other hand ….

          • William Post

            I never knew your mother

          • bps

            no, but you were familiar with my gay uncle who used to dress in drag and go to those protests to pick up guys like you who thought they were going home with a chick

          • William Post

            you’re a very witty guy-about half the time. Now that I think about it I did know your mother. Old suck & swallow we all called her.

          • NoDepositNoReturn

            Worked for me too, working as as student volunteer for a long-forgotten Democratic presidential candidate. Easy.

          • David Jakab

            I remember March on UN and the lady I picked was hot. Made out in the bus all the way back to Ohio. I was one of the fools who helped organize the local group – the next layer up were the actual communists.

            Drafted later for twelve months in Vietnam so my conscious is clean.

          • Honest John

            SO TRUE… BEEN THERE (WAS THERE), DONE THAT! No easier way to “score” (oh the shame!) than to claim to be a Vietnam Vet who now saw the light!

          • Ryan

            It was just this war and that lying SOB Johnson!!

          • George6112

            At least Johnson conquered poverty with his war on it. Now we never have to worry about poverty again.

          • JasonsDay

            Now they lead the Democrat party..

          • Everett Sykes

            In ’67 and “68 I hung out with a radical group. Why? It was oh so essy to get laid. We never did feelings these were smart tuff chics.
            ” If your’re not a socialist when your’re young you have no heart. but if your’re not a conservative after 30 you have no brain”.

          • gbear

            Funny, I enlisted and did not have to bag grungy hippies, and I learned to enjoy diversity ;-).
            But I grok what you said.

          • George6112

            I was going to enlist but my dad, a navy pilot, said he’d disown me for getting involved in LBJ’s war. When the lottery took place my number was 300+

          • gbear

            I learned mine, 200 something, at the 121st evac hosp. in Korea. But I do not regret it.

          • Johnathan Swift Jr.

            But in the real world, the maladjusted skunks that make up these movements have no sexual interest in their captive “male allies” who must stand in the back of the “progressive stack.” No, their hearts are lost to men like the Islamists who will treat them as chattel.

        • Al Terego

          They are certain that government will provide them “for free”, what corporations have been willing to SELL them.

          Wait till they learn the truth; like Russia, Romania, and so many other places have with “free” or cheap stuff, that doesn’t WORK.

          • Fritz_Von_Dago

            China is a good example too……Ever buy a Chinese knockoff tool at Harbor freight? Some of that [email protected] stuff will kill if your not careful. If we ever go to war with them, lets hope their quality control is as bad as the cheap junk they sell us!

          • Much of the cheap junk, and especially the bootleg knock-off merchandise is made in the same factories and by the same workers as the brand-name.

        • Jan_in_NH

          And some of them in college hoping to be employed by said “big corporations.”

        • David

          forget iPhones and iPads. How about clean water, and electricity? paved roads, and automobiles? architecture. The entire food farm-to-market chain. Nearly everything you can point at was either invented by or improved to a modern state by white men.

        • bps

          you can’t properly hate big corporations without having a venti caramel macchiato with a double shot- duh

        • Dan

          And “Oh the IDIOCY”!

        • California70

          So right you are! They are all too “dumb”, and I’ll-educated to recognize the irony fit all!

      • Fritz_Von_Dago

        Oh but they will give up those creature comforts, because those comforts only exist where the productive white races exist. This isnt a racist comment but the truth. All one has to do is look at the third world zones vs the first world zones of the world to see the difference. What zone has the better standard of living? Its is a very simple conclusion ,if you have a rational mind!

        • Justice PonZee

          Why did you feel it necessary to deny being a racist? They have caused you to think like that. Quit it!

          • Fritz_Von_Dago

            Yes, now that I think about it, you are right…..It will not happen again thanks! We are all racist to one degree of the other. Evolution made us all that way, so why apologize to these stinking leftest scumbags for being evolved more than they are?

      • babebig00

        They do love toilet paper..

      • Justice PonZee

        The applicable word is ‘want’. That is all that they know, they want. Wait till they have to wake up to people who could care less what they want.

      • strongmind

        too bad you couldn’t get a megaphone and tell that to all the little dumplings wandering on campus.

      • Dan

        If one of them had to wake up in the even the most enlightened country in Africa–say Cape Town with nothing but their enlightened minds they would starve and cry like babies.

      • Johnathan Swift Jr.

        Or the living men who provide everything the keyboard warriors need to survive. You know, the people who actually grow things, make things and make sure they get to where it needs to be. In the end, the human veal we are raising on campus don’t do too terribly much.

      • richard40

        The real pity of it is western civ is not confined to white people. It is a way of thinking and a culture , based on sound science, free thought, free markets, that is not based on race, but can be adopted by anybody from any race or religion. This is not really an attack on white people, in fact that part is a deceptive mask, since any non white who adopts western cultural norms and succeeds in western cultural will be attacked too. This is a cultural Marxist attempt to undermine western traditions and culture that form the basis of western liberty, and to divide America into racialist tribes, instead of a unified nation. So while we must fight the cultural marxists, dont listen to the white nationalist nuts who want to adopt the same race based thinking of the cultural marxists, that this is all about white vs non white, or non christian vs christian, it is not, it is about cultural Marxism vs individual liberty. It is especially important to not listen to those on the alt right who insist that the only way to fight the leftists is to become just as totalitarian and bigoted as they are, and dispense with liberty in the name of supposedly protecting it.

    • libh8er

      Absolutely right, and I make the same point as often as I can. This has been going on for a long time, even back in the 70’s Jesse Jackson was leading radical student at colleges chanting, “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Western Civ has got to go”. Its the reason they hatched things like Black Studies and Women Studies…to smear Western Civilization as racist, bigoted and unfair.

      • George6112

        I never saw those guys but I did see Mickey Leland, Sheila J. Lee’s predecessor in Congress, lead a group to physically attack the democratic governor of Texas at a speech of his. He might have made more headway but the governor didn’t understand the chants as they spoke Ebonics even back then.

        • Jack_Kennedy

          Ahhhh … mickey leland … isn’t there an airport with his name on it somewhere … along ml king blvd?

      • Edward Warren

        Black Studies and Women Studies majors?? Are there actually jobs for students with those majors? And what do they actually ‘study’? I suggest that the names for these courses of studies be changed to Victim Studies. Being a professional victim or a victim wrangler could be a lucrative career for some.

        • twilliam

          Yes. The job market consist of thousands who teach “Black” and “Women” Studies. The top of the wage earners of “Black and Women” studies are the heads of the black and women studies departments. Plus the fictitious books they write and use in the Women and Black Studies programs are very lucrative. Plus all the gigs you can get on MSNBC. Cottage industry based on jealously and hatred…….

          • Justice PonZee

            Trouble is it works. What are we doing?

        • luis martinez

          “Black Studies and Women Studies majors??” Those are fields of study invented by university administrators to pacify the sheep. And yes, there are many jobs for students with those diplomas… back in college, teaching the same claptrap. It is a pyramid scheme.

      • Justice PonZee

        They hatched it and we didn’t. Whose fault is that? They took over the schools. That is what you must do. We didn’t. Whose fault is that? It’s lovely to talk like an academic but where you don’t control the schools you got nothing!

    • Mac Attack✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

      Great point. Obama tried to get us to believe that the Muslims were the fathers of advance mathematics when in fact they gave us basic algebra which to Obama was the equivalent of spacial geometry. The west gave these people what they have today otherwise they would still be wearing bones in their noses and the 65 year old elders would be impregnating the 13 year old girls.

      • misterveritas666

        Oh, are we still bashing on Goldstein Obama?

        And can you give me a link to the Five Minute Hate?

        Doubleplusungood, comrade.

        • Dean Winchester

          We have a few more years to go before we even get close to the Bush blaming from the past dictat….I mean, administration. Yet again, liberals standards for normative behavior adjusts when they are in the losers column,

          • throwemout

            Bad attitudes either way for Dems

        • Martin Icing

          since a Muslim & New York Jew are pretty much the same ‘anti-American’, ‘Anti-Western Culture’ in favor of Marxism, and anti-Christian ideals……… both are Bad For America.

        • Quidquid

          You don’t need a link to the Five Minute Hate, since you obviously spend all of your time there getting indoctrinated/brainwashed to the point when you go on “verboten” websites that do not spew the nonsense you believe, you end up looking like a severe schizophrenic. But here’s one of many State/CIA links to the Five Minute Hate:


          • misterveritas666

            Ooohhh, you poor widdle snowflake, have I triggered you? LOL, yet another hidden account with all the earmarks of a Mother Russia loser Troll.

            You DO know that when this all wraps up, that Pootipoot’s gonna shoot you, right? That’s what Russian oligarchs have always done, since Ivan the Terrible, to tie up loose ends who might be an embarrassment (like that ex-troll who sang to high heaven on RAIN).

            Actually, I take that back. You might not be shot. Putin has continued the delightful Soviet practice of pounding used 7.62mm brass into the brain stem of the accused. Thrifty! Gets two stiffs for the cost of one bullet!

            But you will be killed. That goes without saying. Got your bug out bag ready? I’m asking as a friend.


          • Quidquid

            A snowflake is someone who is a “liberal” and has been indoctrinated to need “trigger warnings,” a lesbian feminazi contrivance designed to further weak minded individuals infantilism. A snowflake is a gullible, weak coward that can’t face any information that does not conform to the party line, comrade. It is you that are the “snowflake” — a gay coward dupe that is so obtuse and indoctrinated, that it can’t tell fact from fiction, which is why you believe the most obvious of lies, and cannot muster enough reason to see it.

            Trump has no association with the Russians, and you being a flaming, weak imbecile, so easily programmed and duped like a neurotic low-IQ woman, fell for such a pathetic and obvious smear tactic, but your lesbian mistress, Hillary and her rapist beard, Bill, have extensive ties to the Russians, N. Korea, and communist China, not to mention various despotic governments worldwide. You are so weak that you could not make the difference between Russia now, and the Soviet Union. It is clear that you are near-retarded, as you cannot give a plausible explanation of how a Constitutional nationalist independent, (Trump), has done everything to strengthen and protect America and American interests, while with no help from Congress, has tentatively caused an American economic boom.

            So, Sissypants, how is it in Putin’s interest that Trump is reversing all of the evil your Globalist communist puppet masters have done to our country evidence of “cowooshun” with capitalist Russia — Russia is not the USSR?

            Your sad and pathetic attempt to tie capitalist Russia to the government of the totalitarian communist, defunct Soviet Union highlights your lack of intelligence and critical capacity, little lemming fool. Let it be known that your pedophile masters (the DNC) were always very sympathetic to the USSR and often sided with our ideological enemy, and has also colluded with them in an attempt to derail an American election, (see Ted Kennedy).

            It is you, limp-wrist, that is attempting to usher in a totalitarian communist state in America by your foolhardy support of those that will execute you useless idiots of the left if they managed to overthrow our government. You will not be rewarded, but instead brought into the basement killing rooms and shot in the back of the head. Then in the middle of the night, trucks loaded with hundreds of worthless dead “liberal” fruits will drive to the forest, and dump your foul corpses in a shallow mass grave. That’s what your idiocy and effeminancy will bring.

            Hopefully you will be anally tortured before your masters execute you like the Soviets were known to do, so at least you will go feeling sexually fulfilled. Unfortunately the torturers will be extremely nonplussed as to why you find that torture so massively pleasurable. I’m saying that as a non-insane friend.

            Blocking access to fruits such as yourself is not an indication of your deranged swishy psychoses, but is the first thing anyone who posts where obviously homosexual trolls frequent, as your kind will downvote every post one has ever made, gang up in groups of fairies and attempt to get users banned, will stalk other users, and misrepresent old comments in an irrational manner trying to make themselves feel good about being disgusting deviant psychotics. So those that are not fools will block access to your kind to their previous comments.

            Once again, Sissypants, Russia is not the USSR, and you show just what you are when you pretend that Russia is the USSR, playing upon old government propaganda induced hatred of the USSR, and tying that to a completely different political system. The reason your masters program feeble-minded inferiors like you to imagine that Russia is the USSR is to dupe you failed sub-humans into supporting your own destruction, because those you bend over and grab your ankles for with glee, despise you unthinking, gullible femmes, and hate you even more for being stupid enough to support them. You will be rounded up as your “reward” for your abject stupidity, and executed. That’s actually a good thing, because we have risen above natural selection, someone has to cull the herd of genetic inferiors like you.

          • Justice PonZee

            You must stop the detailed explanations geared towards more of an academic mind. The people you are attempting to communicate with only respond to brief little slogans and no more. Sounds impossible to you but it is not. They cannot think so you have to communicate with them in their language or it will just fly over them.

          • Quidquid

            I was trying to draw it into attempting to explain how Trump was somehow a totalitarian communist. Then I would have destroyed any nonsense it could muster if it actually had any ability to think at all.

          • misterveritas666

            LOLOLOL… being angry and hysterical becomes you, cupcake. Also, it makes your syntax and colloquialisms screw up, in ways quite typical for someone who thinks in Russian and has to translate into English.

            I learned ALL about that in Laos, Cambodia, and North Vietnam back in the 70s, as a SF thug figuring out Russian documents sent to the NVA that were written in English. Where did I get those documents? My blood brothers in the Deng tribal community brought them to me. It was very good intel: I heard later through someone I know in DIA that I was personally responsible for an estimate 2,800 Russian “advisors” biting it.

            (Fun fact: did you know that the Soviets were so incompetent that they didn’t even fully staff a Vietnamese speaking section in the KGB? Documents between the Sovs and the NV were usually in English, as both parties had plenty of English translators.)

            That kill count made me feel almost as good as being accepted by the Deng. (The
            only nasty part of the ceremony was where I was given part of the liver of a captured NVA. A sect of the Deng warrior caste thinks that ritually eating your enemy gives you strength. Tasted like chicken.)

            I really haven’t read your hysterical post all the way through; five seconds of my valuable time told me that you are simply dredging up every school-kid sandbox ad hom and alt-fact you can think of and flinging them out like a retarded five year old throwing runny, worm-ridden cat poop.LOL, you are pathetic, Ivan. Truly pathetic.

            You must loathe yourself. You will probably bless and kiss (perhaps they will let you lick it) that brass rifle cartridge before they pound it into your brain stem.

            Pleasant dreams, comrade. I am not one of them. I could, in fact, be your worst nightmare if provoked.

          • Quidquid

            “… , in ways quite typical for someone who thinks in Russian and has to translate into English.”

            Uh oh! Looks like we got an uber-homo-fag here, LoL! (Yes, we all know what you are. It’s blatantly obvious.)

            What is so funny is that I am a native American English speaker, so you continue to show not only your obvious sexual predilections, but the state of your mental illness. I only speak English, and I do so expertly. After seeing that I have a mentally ill delusional swish spewing paranoid fantasies about Wushins Everywhere!, I have to ignore you henceforth.

          • Snitch_in_Time

            To be a functioning Leftist you have to be both mentally incompetent and criminally insane. It is these two moral disorders that allow the Leftist to leap into the intellectual and moral abyss where opponents can be discounted by labeling their opposition “hate” and ruling it out of bounds a-priory.

            Surely you can do better finding a source that isn’t discredited as another propaganda organ of the Democrat Crime Syndicate.

          • Quidquid

            I’m hoping that this one is just a young, indoctrinated fool who will outgrow his deleterious brainwashing with maturity. There is little that can be done to fix an old leftist that does not involve the permanent impairment of life functions.

        • Acea Baumann

          It’s been cancelled due to sympathy for niggers,fags,& all sort of moral and social degenerates.But the good news is your chocko ration is going UP!.

        • Jack_Kennedy

          Hillary pay you too … comrade ?

        • One American RichNH

          I thought you knew, the Five Minute Hate has been extended to the Thirty Minute Hate. It is listed in TV Guide as the National News from each of the major networks.


      • Defiant

        “…and the 65 year old elders would be impregnating the 13 year old girls.”

        Sadly, old Muslims STILL impregnate 13 year old girls…IF they even let them ripen for that long…

        • Hank Seiter

          … and that after trying to impregnate young boys and goats.
          For those with eyes to read and ears to hear, history has clearly documented these wonderful Muslim cultural practices (as well as slavery, honor killings and outright misogyny). We have the prophet Mohammed consummating his “marriage” with a ten year old girl — as testified to by Muslims’ own hadiths (extant Quranic holy writings) — to thank for this bit of historical documentation which leftist liars studiously ignore and Islam tries to cover-up. It’s documented on the Internet at numerous sites. Look up what the Muslim hadiths have boasted about Mohammed doing with little girls.
          Not to mention, but I will, that the militant extremist Mohammed had hired assassins to murder his critics, raided caravans, lied to the residents of cities under siege that he would spare them if they surrendered and then engaged in wholesale slaughter when they did, and was one of the bloodiest, UNREPENTANT commanders of a rabble of middle-eastern radicals who were descendants or Ishmael and Essau to pre-emptively attack and murder Jews, and later Christians and your run-of-the-mill infidels, as an article of faith clearly outlined in the Quran itself. Islam is no “religion of peace”, it’s a militaristic ideology — founded by a carnal, unrepentant militant murderer and pedophile — pretending to be a religion … much like Nazism.
          It’s about time the left quits being Islam’s apologists.

          • Justice PonZee

            The women have heavily contributed to the destruction of western civilization. Don’t ignore that and quit pandering to them. That is part of the problem. A big part. We got to come to grips with that fact or it will just keep getting worse until there is no turning it around.

      • Garys_opinion

        “otherwise they would still be wearing bones in their noses and the 65 year old elders would be impregnating the 13 year old girl”
        What makes you think they’ve stopped?

      • ChicoCDM

        Obama and the left try to tell us the lie that Islam has always been a part of American history yet there were virtually no Muslims in the US until the late 1960s.

        • JeanneD

          Another display of Obama’s general dishonesty.

          • Topazinator

            . . . and closet ignorance. “57” states.

          • luis martinez

            What? We don’t have 57 states???

          • Winston Smith

            Yes we do have 57 states. Obama said so.

          • Matchstick

            I think he was thinking of the number of sauces Heinz makes.

          • Matchstick

            And John Heinz made a fortune and left it to Theresa who gave it to John Kerry who acts like he’s a blue blood instead of a gold digger.

          • ReamField

            … and “corpse-man”.

          • JeanneD

            and Marine ” corpse”

          • thetruthwillsetyoufree

            odumma wouldn’t know an actual fact if it jumped up and bit him in the …….

          • JeanneD

            Right ! Unless it happened to be in his favor.

          • thetruthwillsetyoufree

            well ,,, facts in odumma’s favor actually don’t exist… just reported,,, back to back 3% growth in 2nd 3rd quarter 2017! didn’t odumma say the new normal was 2% growth?

          • Jack_Kennedy

            Democrats prezzie zero

        • Quidquid

          Muslims were a part of early American history — remember when the marines beat the snot out of the Barbary pirates? You know, the marauding slavers that were kidnapping, torturing, raping, enslaving, and ransoming people as far north as Northern England for hundreds of years?

          • ReamField

            … to the shores of Tri-po-li.

          • Winston Smith

            We owe those Muslims a debt of gratitude as they caused us to develop the US Navy.

          • Quidquid

            I find it interesting that no nation for all those centuries bothered to fight back against the “Turks,” as they were called at the time. Nobody could bother themselves to take out those rogue pirates? Nobody, but us?

          • BrooklynNow

            What are you talking about: Christendom had been fighting Muslim Middle Easterners since the 7th century. They weren’t easy to defeat (all the so-called “Crusades” except the First failed to recapture much territory). Conflict among Christian (mainly European) powers prevented the Ottomans from taking over much of SE Europe in the period c. 1389-1689. Look up the Battle of Lepanto for a rare success. Defeat of the Ottomans at Vienna ic. 16990 was the first time the West was powerful enough to permanently turn them back.

            There’s a lesson for the modern West here that our leaders don’t want us to contemplate.

          • Quidquid

            No one was talking about the Crusades, but you. I was specifically referring to events, since Hitlery and her fellow traitors illegally executed Muamar Ghadafi to start the Merkel-supported Muslim invasion of Europe and most other Western countries.
            So who exactly has been fighting that in Europe? They are the ones orchestrating the invasion!
            The oligarchs of the modern West know damn well what they are doing, and what the consequences would be — they are nothing but a bunch of quislings.

          • Venril


            White Slavery in the Barbary States by Charles Sumner

          • Quidquid

            They had been enslaving whites from Europe for hundreds of years. They were partial to raiding Eastern European countries for obvious reasons, because nobody wants a “sex slave of color.”

        • Dan Ros

          Jefferson, as evidenced, was very worried about the mlm faith, and took precautions to avoid it’s introduction into America.

        • EarlyMedievalSerf

          They were a part of american history – as in the barbary wars fought against the muslim pirates along the coast of north africa.

        • RLABruce

          Coincidentally, that same era marks our decline. There are no coincidences!

      • trajan2448

        Btw. Here’s an inconvenient truth for liberal imbeciles you won’t hear on CBS news. Since Obola endorsed BLM, the black on black murder rate has jumped 20%.Why? Because police, for fear of political retribution or lawsuits have withdrawn their presence from the high crime neighborhoods who need them the most. The liberal media is a cesspool of propaganda and bias where lies by omission are more common than truth.

        • Snitch_in_Time

          The main scream media is nothing but the Propaganda Organs of the Democrat Crime Syndicate. Until you realize that the Democrats are a crime syndicate and you must be both mentally incompetent and criminally insane to rise within that crime syndicate, you will not fully apprehend the acts and utterances of the American Left.

        • Justice PonZee

          No. No. It is not lies by omission. It is the big lie over and over. They talk in simple slogans just like Hitler said to do. He was right on that subject. He knew how to sell a big lie to the masses. These lefties know how too. The right does not know how. They want to talk like academics and make sense. It doesn’t work with the masses. Haven’t you noticed?

      • alex488

        Islam did not exist in arab countries during their advances. Islam put them back into the middle ages.

        • Snitch_in_Time

          Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! You win the prize for noticing.

      • billyrumble

        Obama was nothing more than a figurehead for the left.

      • Justice PonZee

        Let me tell you something. That has not changed. Check out Africa.

    • Linda

      They are neo Marxists practicing Critical Theory in order to wipe out our culture and replace it with total chaos, if not civil war.

      • Glenn_in_IL

        Fine. They can keep practicing critical theory and I’ll keep practicing CQC drills. Let em bring their chaos; we’ll be ready.

        • Dean Winchester

          Curious as to how many will know what CQC means when the up or down vote

          • Glenn_in_IL

            They can always look it up on the web if curious just like I looked up an image of this wacky professor. (And just a heads up – I wouldn’t recommend the latter 🙂

        • oldsettler

          Experienced military people have told me a battle axe is the best weapon for CQC.

          • StarsR4me

            A heavy steel cooking mallet (meat tenderizer) works very well.

          • Glenn_in_IL


          • Jack_Kennedy

            Prefer my 50bmg

        • Justice PonZee

          Will we? It sure does not look that way.

          • Glenn_in_IL

            Well, I d*mned sure will be.

    • Nathan

      I’m at the point where I say “Let them have it.” They don’t want to learn Shakespeare? Fine. They don’t want to learn Western philosophy? Fine. Trigonometry too difficult and triggering for them? Fine. Let them have Yale and Harvard and wherever. They can convert these once prestigious institutions of learning into expensive daycare centers where people obsess over 50+ new genders and protest on a daily basis. In the meantime, start new universities that value Western civilization. And then, we can do a comparison. If the new universities produce educated scholars, engineers and thinkers while Yale and Harvard produce barely educated temper tantrum-throwing crybullies then we will know which culture produces the best end results.

      • StarsR4me

        The enrollment figures for all the Ivy League universities has fallen… a lot. So, it could be argued that these institutions have already turned themselves into daycare centers.

      • Redneck Rasta

        Stop making sense, it’s raysis!

        • Jack_Kennedy

          Thanks …… rayciss

      • Venril

        The Poison Ivy League…

      • Justice PonZee

        Do you have any clue what giving them the schools means to the future of America? Of course, we have given them the schools from top to bottom and are reaping the rewards. We need to take them back and fast before it is too late. Instead of just talking about it we must do it. That is where the future is being educated and not by us either.

    • Kay Edens

      Why don’t these people with non-white skin just move to a country filled with people who look like them? Zimbabwe kicked out all the successful white people so people with darker skin from the US should do really well there with their Western education. Then there’s always Liberia.

    • rlitzen

      Nailed it, but more specifically, it is supporting the calls for complete white genocide. Not just white genocide, but a complete destruction of all things white and any signs white people ever existed.

      • Justice PonZee

        Do you think that is a good idea? Should we let them do it? They are, you know, and nobody is trying to stop them.

    • Robert

      what do you have against fingers and toes

    • Don Obie

      I had to listen to rap music played by a disgruntled student that was totally annoying and when another library customer spoke up and I seconded her complaint we were both labeled as racist. You can see the White supremacy sting has a big bite. Get used to it.

      • Justice PonZee

        Why do we have to get used to it?

        • Don Obie

          JPZ, Good point. I’m thinking because of my white supremist shame I have to.

    • GovWaste

      The savages want to be savages. Moving up the stairs of evolution is not where they want to go. Let them be. Yale should fire all the white professors, especially if they are male. We must pay for our sin, bringing civilization to people who’d rather remain savages.

      • Darren M.

        Most lines of evolution die out. The only reason we think of it as only a positive is that you happen to be part of one that worked.

    • Vigilant Satyr

      They fail to realize that Europeans were simply the ones that won the race to establish a worldwide civilization. China may have done it if they had expansionist ambitions. Greece, Rome, Persia, or Egypt could have done it. Others could have possibly done so too, but Europe was a crucible, it hardened and tempered the society and it gave them a push to expand.

      Western civilization went through a number of failed attempts, but eventually won out when the conditions were right. Things could have been very different if the Europeans had encountered a strong and united North American civilization, if the Mayan civilization hadn’t collapsed for instance, when they arrived in the 15th century.
      And who is to say that any of those origins would have led to anything different than what we have now.

    • Quidquid

      Well, when someone is at college as an ENGLISH major, perhaps studying foreign cultures is not a bright idea, or even related to the study of ENGLISH.

      • Snitch_in_Time

        Shocking how much English Literature over the last 800 years has been written by, well, Englishmen! How did that happen???

        • Quidquid

          RACISM!!!!!!! LoL.

          • Justice PonZee

            Must be.

        • victoria ordin

          Hee hee. Yeah, no shit, right? This is all so stupid. What happens at an elite New England college has literally nothing to do with “on the ground” activism. I’m a liberal and amazed that these people don’t know the difference. Ugh

    • xoxozo

      ALL part of the One World Gov’t conversion, which has been in the making for DECADES
      Geo HW Bush

      • wc711

        I remember when he gave that speech. As soon as he use the term “new world order” I knew we had a problem, and I was right. No one seem to understand what I was talking about when I mentioned it, but I’m pretty sure they do now. I hope it’s not too late.

        • xoxozo

          I was in my early 30’s and remember thinks WHAT he is talking about???
          I also remember seeing signs of trying to destroy men. Making fun of them in commercials. Having kids on tv mock them and giving them NO respect.
          I now know it’s all in the plan to weaken the U S. and destroy OUR culture.
          Hope Trump isn’t too late.
          NO MORE ridiculous PC cutlure

    • rennyangel2

      Yes, and don’t send your children to these horror shows called universities.

      • Justice PonZee

        We need to take them back or it will make no difference what you say.

    • Hank Seiter

      “Colonialism” is just a leftist whistle-word for white genocide. Just ask any racist La Raza kook what they think of the “white” culture which dragged the rest of the ethnic-tribalist world kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

    • M Aurelius

      It is jealousy of a FAR superior culture.
      Other cultures cannot begin to equal western culture, so they can only
      attempt to tear it down.

    • Jan_in_NH

      I wonder how many of them expect a cure for cancer to come out of Africa or Mexico.

      • Justice PonZee

        Don’t go there. If you were making billions treating cancer would you want a cure?

        • Jan_in_NH

          I am type 2 diabetic and know what you mean. No one is going to find a cure for something that creates billions in revenue. I think, other than that, you get my point. Nothing of intellectual value will ever come out of Africa or Mexico, etc.

    • Much worse. They are a direct attack on Western Civilization itself, followed up by killing all non-progressives, followed by the rest of white people, and then the rest. I am not exaggerating.

    • KingofStreitHall

      Of course it is…they are fooling no one; they have right to push, others have the right to push back…harder

    • Snitch_in_Time

      We examined the literature coming out of England for the last 500 years and determined it all to be the product of Englishmen! This is intolerable!

      How much longer are we going to put up with idiocy like this? Here is what the left fears: Judeo-Christian Western thought elevates the individual over the collective. The Secular-Left possets that the individual is best served by being submerged, by force if necessary, into the collective. All the rubbish about racism, white supremacism, “superior offendedness”, and the “doctrines of victimhood” are nothing but tools to forcibly plunge unwilling people into the collectivist abyss.

      Fix bayonets.

      • Justice PonZee

        I don’t see any bayonets anywhere, just hear talk. Nobody does anything to counter it. Just whine. Not good.

    • babebig00

      Racism and ethnic hatred

    • ELCID

      Exactly, it’s just plain RACISM from HYPERCRITS!

    • JMNT

      Isn’t it ironic that the supposedly “enlightened” crowd will turn their collective backs on education and basic principals because it harms their precious feelings?

    • michael ryan

      No they are not an attack on “western civilization” they are an attack on white people.

      • rjm2238

        Same thing isn’t it? White people invented, built and still run western civilization for the most part. Any detriments to it are due to them ceding control over certain portions of it to others. I offer the educational system as an example, as illustrated by this article here. To say this movement is enlightened thinking is merely a canard at best; a bald faced lie at worst and I would hate to have to live off the difference between the two. It exhibits an extreme arrogance and will turn out to be self-destructive as everything the left associates itself with is sooner or later dragged down and destroyed. All civilizations are not equal, as some would have you believe, some are clearly superior to others and it is no disgrace that western civilization is the best we have come up with to date, by a long shot. In fact as a White person I take great pride in my small part in it and I apologize to no one in having great pride in my culture and its accomplishments.
        Face it, if western civilization weren’t by far the most appealing of all attempts at civilization and were subordinate to and /or lacking the virtues of any of the other civilizations out there why is it that the inhabitants of those others are running towards our western civilization here and away from their own as though their own was on fire? People do not normally race from a good place to a bad place nor even from a bad place to a worse place. They move to improve. They come here because this civilization, western civilization is miles ahead of any other in existence and has been for centuries.
        Rich in New Mexico.

        • michael ryan

          The difference is civilizations dont fight people do, You frame this as a culture war and the faggot cucks sit back and wait for muh constitution to prevail

          • rjm2238

            People need something to fight for to take it to that level. I remember taking the oath to protect and defend the Constitution when being sworn in to the service back in 69 and it worked then and that will do it for me now. I love the principles laid out in that sterling document and would be ready to kill to protect it yet again, at the drop of a hat.
            By the way it is a culture war as well because the Constitution defines the framework for the establishment of American culture and defines the nature of it by laying down some general groundrules. Our culture is the envy of the world for a reason and that reason is simply that it is the best to ever come along and there millions of us out here who will not allow the culture to be savaged by people who don’t share our American values.
            This is America and if someone is going to ask to come here, not sneak in, they better respect that culture and I am sure the vast majority of those coming here legally do or else they would have gone elsewhere. The day is rapidly approaching where those out to destroy that culture are going to find it bit hot for them. Too hot to remain here and that they can bet on.
            Rich in New Mexico.

          • michael ryan

            Our culture is the laugingstock of the world, our welfare system is what they envy and its built on a quadrillion in credit default swaps. Maybe in 69 when we were still a 90 white nation we could make that claim but of course we both know by 69 we were on the verge of anarchy. and though it was fashionable on the right to claim it was all the damn hippies fault, the truth is it went much farther back.By the late 1800 jewish merchants were dictating what newspapers could write or face all the ads being pulled.by the turn of the century they were anarchists/ communists committing terrorism while also organizing labor unrest by the 20s they had pretty much taken over our elite universities and guys like john reed were being mentored by jewish radicals, by the 30s communism was such a big problem hoover re oriented the FBi to rooting them out extrajudicially.By the 40s they were in the oval office in force and haven’t left since.In fact its pretty clear at this point the entire civil service is rotten with commies this makes sense since america is a commie country and has been for more than 80 years. Worse since the collapse of the soviet union that we and our industrial giants had been bankrolling for 100 years even through half a dozen wars with them or their proxies, it became clear to the commies that class redistributionist was not nearly as lucrative as racial redistributionist this in term let them make common cause with capitalists who were discovering globalism corporatism and the lucrative game of monetizing debt incurred to make the unequal equal. Unfortunately conservatives never understood a thing that was going on and instead of fighting a bloody civil war surrendered.Of course this is the party that murdered half the male population of america and destroyed the foundation of america’s constitution of independent states to go on a SJW larp of slave freeing.This civil rights campaign they doubled down on during the 50s and 60s, not understanding till the 89s how catastrophic it was but by then it was no longer respectable to utter such things and conservatives would rather die (LITERALLY) than be thought not clubbable.
            conservatives also don’t get the fundamental political bedrock truth that accounts for a 500 year march of progress. The christian theology, magna carta, the puritan movement and its establishment in america, the enlightenment, the american revolution; are all leftist! no sooner did jefferson ink dry than he was exporting his revolution to france which was taken by the jews to russia and caused all the wars in europe until the jews took it back here to america to back breed it.democracy is communism light. what “conservatives are trying to do is stop their forbears revolution mid stream freeze it in some mythical moment they imagine it once stood but it never stood it has always progressed, It has to it makes universalist declarations like all men are created equal are brothers in christ so every time some “conservative tries to stop the march of progress some leftist wag uips what would jefferson have done? We trampled hierarchy and authority when we had kings ordained and made it worse when we submitted them to the whims of barrons and worse still when we overthrew them here and in england, og yes at first it was just a little republicanism only whites over 25 who owned property and were of good reputation could vote – that lasted about 5 minutes.there is no rational place to stop democracy except anarchy

    • jamcar

      this is a tough one – the only thing I detest more than these SJW’s attacking western culture and civilization is these Ivory Tower Academics that think the sun rises and sets on their world alone. I think thses two groups should just go ahead and cannibalize each other, and we’ll reset academia when they’re done

    • But they support Globalizem … the new colonialism.

    • David Jakab

      Garden of Eden v Female Suffrage. I blame all this nonsense on garden snakes and female suffrage. Nothing biblical intended but we have people in US who are happy Europe is in terminal decay as ever as fast as happened after 410 AD.

      Dead white males took 2,500 years to achieve restraints on power (Magna Carta etc) , the enlightenment, the scientific and industrial revolutions. In addition Western Civilization is remarkable in accepting women as active agents in the public square.

      Western civilization is very strange in this regard. For instance, Julius Caesar grabbed every last woman he could but was only permitted one wife. No harems. Then Christianity flat out decreed one man one woman. Eventually the Catholic Church mandated the sacrament of marriage had to be consensual.

      And get THIS. The West took all this seriously and about one hundred years ago we have female suffrage. This might have been a mistake. Western Europe has become so feminized it is besotted with the worst alpha male pit vipers on the planet for nursing back to health. Fifty Shades of Grey in real life. Sweden is dead women walking right now.

      Further, Canada’s ‘feminist’ Prime Minister dragged women into his cabinet for gender equity while Canada enthusiastically passes measures protecting Islamic pit vipers from criticism. Add in extra judicial Human Rights Tribunals with no due process but plenty of feminine righteous indignation? Toxic masculinity is in for some jail time!

      Am I the only one having second thoughts on the nineteenth amendment? “Feelings! Nothing more than feeelings!“

      • BrooklynNow

        It can’t have been suffrage that caused this extremely recent problem of philo-Islamiism: women’s suffrage was achieved about 100 years ago in the West (give or take depending on the nation). Shilling for massive amounts of Muslim immigration, trying to stifle all criticism of Islam as a religion etc. these are very recent problems.

        • David Jakab

          Brook re suffrage
          I was being satiric but Sweden and Germany have enthusiastically brought in the people that will eventually subjugate them. Canadian women seem besotted as well.

    • D. Yohe

      Since the best of students produced by the typical liberal public education system has the reading skills of an 8th grader at best(the rest being functional illiterates at best) and have never be subjected to any difficult literature, this is just another way to get these people a degree w/o any having to acquire any real skills. In addition this will really reduces the amount of reading required at Yale to mostly neo-communist authors, which is what Yale is striving for anyway. But I’m sure Koran and Obama’s books will become required reading.

    • Tony Murphy

      At the other extreme there are those in situations of the highest power who similarly resent the achievements of White Christian civilization and are party to the destruction project..

    • Beethoven’s fifth

      Here is the “racist” truth. White males are hated because they have been spectacularly successful. Practically all inventions that matter to modern man have been made almost exclusively by white European males.

      Here is an abbreviated list of those inventions; automobiles, internal combustion engines, jet engines, air craft, steam engines, trains, movable type printing press, Radar, telephones, computers, electric power generation and distribution, electromagnetic wave generation, refrigeration, electrical air conditioning, solid state devices, quantum physics, calculus, TV’s, radios, pianos, penicillin, high rise buildings, atomic energy, dynamite, orchestral music (at least that which people want to listen to), oil drilling rigs, magnetic resonance imaging, space rockets, air filled tires and satellites.

      Here is an exhaustive list of inventions made by black males: ——————-.

      • repsak

        Dude. You were doing great until the last line. No need to tear down. Shining a light on the good does the job.

        • Beethoven’s fifth

          I hear you; I removed it.

          Regard me like a foot ball player, scoring a goal and then doing the little dance. Unnecessary I agree.

    • swimologist

      Protests from people whose brethren currently live in mud huts in Afreaka, and have the highest levels of rape, murder, violent assault, and whether here or there, always end up destroying everything good that Western culture has created.

    • California70

      Well said!

    • model94

      Yep. Except they want the Iphones too.

    • LIsa

      Sometimes I’m convinced that these kids have no sense of what the world was like before the internet. Do they understand what it was like before the printing press? Even after the press, you couldn’t stroll through Barnes and Noble and head to worlks in English and find racks and racks of choices. Do they understand that MOST people, here or elsewhere, did not own more than a handful of books in the early 20th century and that one would be the Bible? English didn’t show up as a distinct language for centuries. When it did, very few people were literate. There just are not a whole lot of authors to choose from as we examine how the language, grammar, dialect, and forms of English literature built on one other over the years. I might be wrong, but weren’t there prominent women English authors well before prominamt women authors of any other language? No to say that other women wouldn’t be able to, but distribution via printing press was a huge advantage in spreading English literature. And of course, that sent the literacy rates up.
      If English is your passion, Why wouldn’t you want to see how it became what it is? I guarantee that reading those things, some might be torturous (I’m still convinced Joyce was just a narcissist) but you’ll pull out ideas you thought were new. Or evidence that the same idea has run through all these generations. Or an eloquent way to construct an argument you’re battering about.
      If you don’t want to read samples of the foundation of English, perhaps it isn’t the major for you.
      It’s just like mathematics. You can’t start in algebra without understanding fractions. You can’t learn trigonometry without geometry, and you can’t learn any of that without addition, subtraction, multiplying and dividing.

  • WereTurtle

    Why do people who have no interest in the roots of English literature major in English?

    • Doug Sterling

      Inability to major in anything more challenging.

      • ApplegateRanch

        I thought the School of Education was reserved for those individuals: Can’t get a PhD in English? Never fear, an EdD is available! Failing that, there is also some room left in the School of Journalism, if you don’t mind setting your sights that low.

    • hanginout

      Early Human Finger Painting, and Post Modern Rhetoric programs were full…

    • Yirmin

      You have to remember that liberal arts colleges like Yale don’t offer many meaningful majors… Sure there are some engineering/science based majors but those are difficult and the students might flunk out… so idiots tend to go to majors that a brain dead monkey could pass like English and Women’s studies.

      • Venril

        Finishing School

        So one may dawdle about the Salon and engage in conversation, whilst hob-nobbing with other legacy dilettantes, waiting for the Opera to open. Job? What, Work? How Bourgeoisie.

    • righteousreverenddynamite

      Why do students want to take a major that promises no useable job skills that might just come in handy to pay off one’s $300,000 tuition debt???

      • Justice PonZee

        Good question. Why is that? Doesn’t sound very sane to me.

    • llewellynh

      They don’t.

    • Ralph Machio

      underwater basket weaving was already full.

  • Cultural Anthropologist

    Anyone thinking of donating to Yale? Think again.

    • PeteZoria

      Hitting the adversary in the wallet works everytime. Great suggestion!

  • Edward ScissorHands

    This is nothing more than an active attack on white America. It’s racism.

  • Elizabeth Carlyle

    The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political left is that they do not work. Therefore we should not be surprised to find the left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive.

    • gregd01

      Brilliant! I’m going to use that.

      • Jane Anderson

        I am too, love it!

    • JoJoJams

      You should use quotes, and attribute this to Dr. Thomas Sowell.
      And for the few bigots on here talking about “those blacks”, Dr. Sowell is….a high-melanin content human. And one I respect more than any other on this planet.

      • Defiant

        Well…he’s not the “those blacks” their talking about. Duh.

        • Justice PonZee

          Current rules say you must grovel to blacks. They didn’t like it when it was the other way around but they sure like it when they get the benefit. The one problem is that they can’t do anything. I wonder how they plan to get over that.

      • Ralph Machio

        “you people” trip me out

      • Justice PonZee


    • 1952rmdg

      Yes, just look at the disasters and death that the Bolsheviks inflicted on Russia, Mao’s Great Leap Forward, Castro’s Cuba, Pol Pot’s terror in Cambodia, and most recently, Venezuela under Chavez and his successors.

    • Venril

      They’re busy thinking Big Thoughts, peons such as us couldn’t possibly comprehend. Bow and scrape, serf.

  • Bill Kelly

    Amazing that we have College Professors of English who actually think it acceptable for an English majors not to read Shakespeare as long as they read post apartheid South African poetry. The attempt to obliterate white culture is obvious.

    • Ladybug

      What is most sad is that they are doing it and getting away with it. Its our white lands they want to destroy and they want whites to be gone, and when I say they,,, I mean the jews and their mud armies,,, its ok if you call me racist, because I know truth is very racist.

      • TAK1

        Jews and blacks don’t get along. Black radicals are the issue. I thought that is why we have Morehouse College and Tuskegee State.

        • Will ……

          It’s not about getting along it’s about getting them to walk o to the plantation themselves. Think poverty state.

        • brian_in_arizona

          We have “historically black colleges” because white liberals and black activists of 125 years ago insisted that the “separate but equal doctrine” that was the law of the land in many states be applied to land grant colleges established under the Morrell Act. (Even segregationists agreed that it was hard to be “equal” if there were no colleges that admitted blacks.)

          Thus many “black only” colleges were created in the South. Many of these colleges are private (not supported as part of a state university system.) After the Civil Rights Act and many other changes, these institutions got renamed “historically black colleges” because legally they cannot exclude non-blacks from attending.

          These colleges are an anachronism now. They get special federal support. Notwithstanding, many are in serious financial trouble as enrollment falters.

          • Justice PonZee

            Anything run by blacks is in financial trouble. They have even tried putting token blacks in charge of major US corporations with the same results. As soon as the token is removed the company recovers. Check it out. How long do we have to pretend the facts are not real? It’s getting old operating like Alice in Wonderland.

        • Ladybug

          true, but the jews are using the blacks to get at the whites in our white lands, look around and see, hollywood is 100% jewish, look at all the anti-white coming out of there, look at all the pro-blackish crap now.

          • TAK1

            I can’t blame Jews for that. The Jews in Hollywood are libtards, they are non-secular Jews, they are communists. They are people like George Soros, who will receive no special favor from God when he passes away. Those aren’t the people I think of as Jews. They’re Jewish by birth only.

      • Derek Branizor

        The problem with these extremist trotsky agitators is that they create these extremist white boneheads, like this turd. “LadyBug” wouldn’t have shown hisher face had it not have been for the boneheads on the other side. These colleges REALLY need to expell these a-holes, irregardless of their threats just like they would the white boneheads. Shakesphere is the greatest writer of all time and should be studied above all else.

        • NDCantHandleTheTruth

          Yes, I’m sure your milquetoast insistence that they REALLY need to do something about the delegitimazation of anything accomplished by European culture will stop our slow march towards genocide.

          • Justice PonZee

            Finally, someone who sees where it is heading.

        • Justice PonZee

          I wouldn’t get carried away and go that far.

        • Ladybug

          Truth hurts huh derek

      • George6112

        You’re not racist. Maybe ignorant but that’s your parents fault.

        • Ladybug

          I am a racist and I’m very proud of it, your the ignorant one, or you just a dam jew that will be getting that holocaust very soon, not the fake one you jews cry about, a real one this time

          • George6112

            That’s why I carry. Protect myself and others like me from trash such as yourself and your nazi and Islamic brethren. I just hope that when you start your shit you’ve repented so when you go before the throne of Christ you won’t be judged so harshly for your hatred of God’s chosen people.

          • Ladybug

            Your no Christian, you’re a jew, and jews don’t go to church they go to the synagogue of Satan. Fyi,, I also carry just so I can be ready for jew rats like your self that pretend to be white so you can destroy my whites lands.

          • George6112

            I agree that my God was a Jewish carpenter named Jesus. I also agree that He was crucified, buried, and rose from the dead to sit on the right hand of God the Father, Almighty. Thank you for asking me to further explain myself to you.

      • Justice PonZee

        They don’t want to destroy white accomplishments. They want to take them for themselves. It’s like the killing of the goose that laid the golden egg. They are stupid but they are apparently in control. They have taken over the schools and a lot more. It’s terrible.

    • JeanneD

      The most advanced culture in the world and these people want to obliterate it.
      Mankind, as a whole, is no longer intellectually advancing.

  • TxMedRgr

    It is hard to watch Western civilization die.

    • TAK1

      And to see it surrender.

      • Ralph Machio

        I’m more pissed at the surrender. I thought people would fight harder for it, sad really.

      • Justice PonZee

        We are letting it happen.

    • Dc


    • John Hutchison

      It won’t. Something will happen – in any number of ways – that will preserve it. Even if it means there is another nation that comes from all of this.

      • BurmaShave2

        Things ARE happening (one of them is Trump). And remember that it took more than a century to get to this pass.

        I suggest you review English history — not so much political, but economic, social and religious history — from 1660 to 1750.

  • Mikey

    The inmates are running the asylum. Kids looking for an education are telling the teachers what they want to learn. Anybody see any issues with this line of reasoning?

    • 1952rmdg

      Kind of like a 2017 version of “Lord of the Flies” isn’t it.

  • Snapperman

    A class on ENGLISH should have nothing to do with goings-on in Swahili or Arabic,

  • Guest

    This is why multiculturalism should be avoided like the plague.

  • scarlet pimpernel

    1. Sending your children to college or 2. spending their college fund on a fling in Las Vegas? Las Vegas would be the correct answer.

    • Ralph Machio

      Hookers and blow never sounded so good….

  • Quid Pro Quo

    Yale should just rename itself Yale Junior High or Yale Community College. Parents pay a lot of money and their kids get a really lousy education there.

  • realist431

    This is supposed to be one of the best universities in the country and the world. How can people that are so smart be so stupid? If they continue down this path, a degree from Yale will be worthless.

  • snakeplisken

    Again and again, diversity, multicuturalism,”white privilege”, are code words for white genocide, better wake up people.

  • veganstephen

    From what I’ve been able to surmise, the typical Yale student is none too bright, the slowest of which “study” communications, law, education or English. At least it gets them out of Mom’s Connecticut mansion. Knew an English major once who couldn’t get through a Faulkner – I’ll betcha you won’t find none o that Faulkner mess being taught at Yale, fer shure!

  • Deplorable_Paul

    Would a Rose by any other name smell so sweet? — WS.
    It is about time to tell YALE they stink like a skunk. I was never a fan of English Literature but being blunt the thing they are avoiding is not “White Supremacy” it is education in the ideas that built a system of human freedom and ended the very things they complain about. These bigots against whites and that is all they are are hateful and despicable.

    I have no limit on honoring people for what they do! For example I think George Washington Carver was a fantastic man! I think we teach too little of him for example. But to be blunt we also teach too little of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and more. Do not expect freedom to last long when we only allow our children to learn the philosophy and behavior of the Hammer and Sickle the ultimate hate and slavery symbol that all those marching against “White Supremacy” so gladly hold onto. 300 Million dead and 2 Billion in chains of slavery dwarfs any evils in US History. By the way US History is not that of Slavery and Jim Crow. It is of the end of those things. Our children are done a disservice if we allow them to believe otherwise!

    • 1952rmdg

      Ironic isn’t it that as the global competition is accelerating, the Left is doing all it can to deconstruct and destroy the cultural and economic foundations of this country. They are anti-intellectual at a time when it will be increasing the bases of knowledge that will make our nation and our citizens prosper, not “feelings.” Of course, if you want the Chinese and the Indians to rule the world following the Left is where we’re headed.

  • John Corteo

    Up is down and down is up in this increasingly twisted U.S.A. These “other’ races hatred for the white European culture is becoming more transparent and aggressive with each passing day. It is sickening.

  • Ecclesiastes 10.2

    Stop hiring recent college graduates. Their degree no longer means what it used to mean.

  • Grunt with a PhD-MBA

    So western civilization and all the success of white folks is persona non grata in multicultural modernity. What is being said is racist as all get out. Those bad white people are abusers of all the other races. What a pile of steaming bull pucky.

  • smartone

    Raciest move Yale.

  • dimo7

    OK..show me the African Shakespeare? The Aboriginal Chaucer? The Eskimo Yates? OK how about the Muslim Michner even? Thought not.

  • Blue Paluski

    Yuck, 120K a year and you are studying to be an English major, unless their parents are footing the bill

  • veganstephen

    In an equally sensible move, Harvey Weinstein will be teaching Women’s Studies 101 for freshpeople next year.

  • snakeplisken

    Watch out everyone the censors are starting to ban comments.

    • misterveritas666

      Oh, is this site owned and operated by the gubmint? Because, you know, a government is the only context in which the concept of censorship actually applies. Private websites not wanting to see any more of your derp is not censorship. Attend, grasshopper, and learn:

    • misterveritas666

      Oh, is this site owned and operated by the gubmint? Because a government is the only context where the concept of censorship, you know, actually applies.

      Private websites not wanting to deal with your derp is not censorship. It is people telling you to take a hike with your silliness.

      Attend, grasshopper, and learn:


  • demmi

    Let me guess…..to be replaced with: Eminem, Che, and Lionel Richie ?

  • Jack-b-Quicker

    They’ll pivot as much as you want in terms of the standards of education, they’ll even degrade it to the point of mis-education, as long as you continue to pay for it.

  • Mac Attack✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    Name 5 great Negro poets. Maya Angelou and MC Hammer don’t count.

    • veganstephen

      e.e. cummings. Langston Hughes, Paul Dunbar, Margaret Walker, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison….
      Maya does count
      Ice-T counts

      • Mac Attack✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

        ee cummngs was white and I’m referring to classical poets. Minorities have always hated White accomplishment but in order to earn a degree in Literature, one must study the classical poets and authors as well as the modern.

        • veganstephen

          thanks for the ee cummings update, all this time I was mistaken. While I understand your point, it was probably tough to concentrate on poetry when cotten needed tending.

          • jerseychris

            What’s “cotten”?

          • veganstephen

            good point, even with a spell checker, I’m still inept!

          • Mac Attack✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

            We agree. The Dems have always kept the Black people down through slavery, segregation, welfare and other programs. There are so many people that we will never know about because of this. Very few had the courage of a Frederick Douglas to forge ahead. How many great thinkers are being squashed now because of lousy schools, high crime rates and broken families? BLM should turn its rage on the real slave master, the Democratic party, and embrace law and order and a civilized society.

  • Avoid Yale. The curriculum is not longer suited for a broad education. What is proposed is ignorance and grievance.
    Not an education for the truly educated person. Find a college or university that is not afraid of great literature or great ideas along the lines of the Great Books. To study marginal texts, that will disappear in a fortnight, is not serving students or has in mind their future. Shared ignorance, courtesy of Yale.
    Matriculate at Hillsdale College, St. John’s in the West, Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Hardin Simmons University, or other respected universities for an education without peer. The Ivy League and the West Coast are dying.

  • Vincent J.

    I’m no fan of liberal, leftist notions, but I still remember being assigned to read Shakespeare and Chaucer in high school; it makes me nauseous to think about it. Reading any kind of poetry is an exercise in futility for me. Oh, well, the world needs ditch diggers, too.

  • Michael Berry

    Why not do away with Yale altogether?

    • Pittsburgh Kneelers

      Indeed, the founder was a slave trader so by the progressive logic, it should be destroyed.

      • ApplegateRanch

        It has been. When was the last time Yale turned out well educated Christian ministers, the original purpose of its creation?

  • Yirmin

    Stupidity knows no bounds. If you want to read early English literary works you are going to have a damned hard time finding works that weren’t written by write people… I think the key is that ENGLISH wasn’t common in non-white parts of the world, do you really think a person in China, India, Africa or South America is going to write books in a foreign language? Good god the stupidity of these people boggles the mind.

  • sunlord666

    How about a class field trip to Zimbabwe , once a prosperous country , known as the bread basket of Africa .Yeah , people of color have a lot to offer.

  • Gordon Preston Brown

    Yale will be soon advocating for the imprisonment of all whites in the United States of America and forced studies of Mao, Stalin, Lenin and Marx.

    • 1952rmdg

      They’re all white males except Mao.

  • John

    English Comp 101 at a large state university, my prof said that the only thing he was grading was content, not grammar or spelling…..One guy turned in a drawing of himself reading a book for an assignment.

  • Edward Warren

    If the SJW declared that defecating was racist, liberals would happily drive wooden plugs up their rear-ends.

  • misterveritas666

    LOL, lots of Russian trolls here, this morning.

    Hope you guys all have your bugout bags ready, because the cleanup is coming.

    • sunlord666

      which part of africa are you from ?

      • misterveritas666

        Really? Another hidden account? LOL, Russian trolls are funny. But hooo-leee-fark, what a lame-ass troll that is! Seriously, son, you sound about as intelligent as my neighbor’s mentally retarded poodle. Maybe it’s because English isn’t your first language?

        But to answer you, I am most likely from the same part of Africa that all of humanity came from: East Africa, Ethiopia, that area. Happened a couple of million years ago, so I actually don’t write home.

        And let me tell you: the idea that I am distantly related to you is terrifying beyond belief.

        Have a nice day, comrade. When the end comes, ask them to pound that 7.62 brass in straight; it’s supposed to hurt less that way.

        • PeachK

          Psst…didn’t you get the memo? It was Hillary’s camp that was PAYING the Russians. Hillary was colluding with Russia. That makes you the Russian troll.

          • misterveritas666

            Alt facts are a beautiful thing for Russian trolls and their RW Tools/cumbuckets. How does that Russian spunk taste?

        • sunlord666

          You obviously are slow .Let me repeat —Which part of Africa are you from ?Understand that sport ?

        • sunlord666

          So which part of africa are you from loser ?

  • George6112

    I assume that the Books of Moses will now be part of the curriculum as it’s written by people of color.

    • Benny Oaks

      Yup! That is the truth!

      • jerseychris

        correction: Yo, dat be duh troot. Fixed it for you.

  • Rocky Katt

    So just add “Little Black Sambo” to the required reading list. Problem solved

  • 3rdjerseyman

    It is foolish of them to continue to impose the dead hand of the English language on oppressed students of color and gender nonconformity. The use of English itself is inherently damaging and a continuation of colonialism, racism, and imperialistic violence. No English major should be forced by the white-nationalist academy to speak the oppressor’s language or use the symbols of oppression inherent in written English. If you don’t abolish English you will never abolish whiteness.

  • Yirmin

    At least the idiots that pushed for this change are going to pay a high price for it… Having to read anything by Salman Rushdie is a pretty good punishment.

  • Jane Dowe

    What can you say to something so asinine?! Chaucer nd Shakespeare are literaey giants, yet they are being cast aside based on their colour.
    Yale has lost all credibility– and sanity.

  • Benny Oaks

    I say nay! My white privilege has compelled me to defend the classics. Very uncivilized to ignore the greats! Seriously tho. If you want a race war, keep up this tirade of ignorance, and you will get one. I am a white male, and these people are actually trying to brainwash the masses to BECOME racist! This is utter ignorance.

  • Ronaldus_Maximus

    The higher education cartels are creating a new class of ignorance that will only harm their cause in the end.

    • Ralph Machio

      I love when I debate these libtards on facebook or where ever, and the first thing they try and throw out is their academia, right then I know it’s going to be an easy debate….

  • EchoLibertyReturns

    I remember when people actually learned things at Yale. In 2017, it’s a $60,000 a year day care center.

  • veganstephen

    This is just a clever excuse to eliminate Joyce’s “Ulysses” from the curriculum.

    And who could blame them!

  • cecil91

    Wouldn’t be so bad if other cultures could come up with a contemporary writer as great as Shakespeare, but no one comes close or ever will at this point.

  • Brutus

    Face it. 90% of the great literature, art, medical advances, engineering, math, rocketry, inventions, etc. were made by White males. We are just 5% of the world’s population.

    • veganstephen

      You’ve forgotten that one of the world’s greatest inventions was made by a Filipino, karaoke!

      • Brutus

        I do like their president. He is truly handling the opioid crisis in an effective manner.

  • Defiant

    LOL! This stuff used to aggravate me…but we knew colleges (and public schools, for that matter) are nothing but Liberal-Progressive brainwashing academies. No surprise here.

    But, having blacklisted white writers…what’s left!? LOL! Gonna build an entire curriculum around Maya Angelou?

    • veganstephen

      U.S. citizens who have been awarded the Nobel Prize for literature:
      1930 Sinclair Lewis
      1936 Eugene O’Neill
      1938 Pearl S. Buck
      1949 William Faulkner
      1954 Ernest Hemingway
      1962 John Steinbeck
      1976 Saul Bellow
      1978 Isaac Bashevis Singer
      1987 Joseph Brodsky
      1993 Toni Morrison
      2016 Bob Dylan

      I guess it’s all about Toni…..the rest are old white guys, mostly dead

    • righteousreverenddynamite

      Worst poetess evah!

  • Rotohammer

    It’s a friggin ENGLISH department, offering a degree in ENGLISH. If you don’t like white authors, please major in Arabic.

  • Dean Winchester

    I am really asking this: Are there any authors worth studying from say, Africa, as the same time period as Shakespeare or Chaucer?

    • 1952rmdg

      From what I’ve read, the indigenous languages spoken by Sub-saharan Africans did not have alphabets. Many of the traders and elites in these regions like Mali, Songhi, etc., used Arabic because the Arabic traders were the ones with whom they had much outside contact. This is also one part of the origin of the slave trading there.

      • Dean Winchester

        Thank you

        • EarlyMedievalSerf

          First of all, Arabic doesn’t have an alaphbet, it has an abjad – look it up. Secondly, English didn’t have an alphabet either. It had a few runic symbols to mean things. It was the monks who used latin letters on the old english sounds to create an english alphaet.

  • conchfritter

    “A year spent around a seminar table where the literary contributions of women, people of color, and queer folk are absent actively harms all students.”
    Please point to the area on the doll where the classroom harmed you.

  • Lion Heart

    So, because historically the famous writers of that time happened to be white, the college gets upset and wants to somehow ignore history and form its own version. I hated history in school but suffered through it. It is a sad day when because you do not like the path history took you want to revise same. Sorry, but wee have not invented time travel; but we seem to be getting good at brainwashing.

  • sones1

    The terms “Old White Men”, Old Dead White Men”, “White Men” are pejorative and racist. Why are they able to be used so freely? But if I use similar terms for other races, I’m a racist? Please explain.

  • Garys_opinion

    More attacks on our educational system.
    The aim is to make western civilization as stupid as the third world.

  • Dc

    These colleges and thier Pitful weak students are become disgusting. They have become a kindergarten not a school. This is like the images running the crazy house!

  • NotTheIdiot

    We certainly know where the leaders of the next generation will not be coming from.

  • deep45

    this is additional proof the self proclaimed elites continue to provide data which should make every parent take notice and refuse to send their children to any of the Ivy leagues. These schools are a fraud

  • Marty Higgins

    Liberals just can’t get enough whining and complaining. They’re looking like the fools they are now.

  • Freedom?

    These weak STUPID “students” should be removed from college, obviously they aren’t smart enough to think.

  • Founders1791

    What you’re seeing is an all out war against every layer of culture within America willfully designed to foster thoughtless division, discord, and bigotry. George Soros’s Open Society Foundation is the brainchild of these seditious plans to rip our nations domestic tranquility apart so that it can be replaced by his borderless Open Society nirvana.

    These ‘colleges/gulags’ must be ordered by the DOJ to cease and desist this overt racism being taught just like the democrats did during Jim Crow that required the Fed to step in and stop.

    Democrats have always been evil bigots since their creation in 1828

    • Moist > ͜ <

      Got any free disqus accounts… I could use with upvotes

  • ChicoCDM

    The original case for segregation was that allowing non-whites to join white society would destroy white society. The “civil rights” movement should be renamed the “cultural appropriation” movement.

  • DarkAngelMichael

    The same people that think uncensored rap music lyrics should be played over the airways.

  • righteousreverenddynamite

    But doesn’t reading Rushdie make one an islamophobe???

  • ffidaj

    Soon enough these dolts will demand we just start making stuff up like “Major 16th Century English Poets of Color”. I mean, how far do we allow the selective disassembling of history to go?

  • PeachK

    But, Shakespeare is hard.

  • Just_Facts

    These schools have lost their minds!

  • righteousreverenddynamite

    Yale rhymes with Fale

  • UK1981

    Yale has lost all credibility

  • Kay Edens

    This is just stupid. So they don’t want to read books by white people because it’s racist. But there aren’t any books as old, as revered, as ‘good’ so they’ll either not read, or read books that aren’t as good. Makes perfect sense to a liberal snowflake. Why don’t these people with non-white skin just move to a country filled with people like them? I hear Zimbabwe kicked out all the white people. Then there’s always Liberia.

  • Stephanie G119

    I was glad to read that the petition containing the following: “A year spent around a seminar table where the literary contributions of women, people of color, and queer folk are absent actively harms all students, regardless of their identity.” was made private; and,the revised curriculum statement was more responsibly written. According to Merriam Webster dictionary’s first definition of Queer: a :worthless, counterfeit b :questionable, suspicious.

  • Rog




  • OutlawJoseyWales

    This, in a nutshell, is the type of insanity that liberalism delivers.

  • צדקיה עמיחי

    Not surprised in the least. Next will be the “decolonization” of the history department, ridding them of “actively harmful” visionaries such as Locke, Montesquieu, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, etc. They are burying the very culture that has given them Western Civilization.

    • Heartland Patriot

      That’s because academia is chock full of socialists and communists. They hate liberty, and want a perfect manicured collectivist society. Of course, it has never existed and will never exist, but they’ll destroy as much as they can in pursuit of it. Pain and suffering for “the masses” always accompany utopianism.

  • David LEinweber

    And in other news, STEM subjects took control of even more of the curriculum today.

  • monkeymanrises

    Congressional Record–Appendix,January 10, 1963 Current Communist Goals
    3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength
    4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.
    5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.
    6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.
    12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.
    13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.
    14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.
    15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
    16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.
    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
    18. Gain control of all student newspapers.
    19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.
    20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments editorial writing, policy making positions.
    21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.
    22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”
    23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”
    24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a
    violation of free speech and free press.
    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion.
    Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
    28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
    29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
    30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

  • CorrectionPlease

    Professor Pothead, Emeritus, has arrived at Yale to “deconstruct” another formerly venerable institution that’s experiencing
    a collective psychotic episode.

  • cleo48

    You want an education? You won’t get it on most US campi any longer.

  • Eponymous1

    Uh… so we no longer want the English department to focus on… historically English-speaking authors?

  • Martin Icing

    I had an college History professor one time talk about one of his experiences in college in late-60s….. He said his Western Civ & History Dept gave lecture series on “Reverse Engineering” history to find some of the answers why “right timing” for Vikings, Columbus, DeSoto, Magellan, etc AND NOT FOR VERY CIVILIZED NATIVE AMERICANS TO EXPLORE & DISCOVER EUROPE IN 1492….. such as Zero Technology in American Indian cultures.

    • Pittsburgh Kneelers

      In North America, they were pretty much stone age cultures.

      I’m not as familiar with Aztec, Mayan, Inca cultures and their technology, I know they had large cities and accurate calendars, but beyond that I’m not sure.

  • Webjak

    Vacuous leftists being “taught” by moronic leftists. A perfect match.

  • Pittsburgh Kneelers

    An English major that doesn’t want to study English literature?

    Nothing wrong with classes on World Lit, Russian Lit, Indian Lit, comparative Lit, etc., but if a student thinks that studying the works that build and reflect Western Civ, they might just as well admit that what they want is the destruction of Western Civ and return to their own ethnic roots without the tools that Western Civ has provided for them.

  • nearboston

    Whatever you do…don’t study the writings upon which our culture and language is based.

  • Jane Anderson

    Ridiculous. Remember way back to the dawn of the civil rights movement? The idea was to integrate schools – colored with white. This was done hoping being around whites would bring up the learning of the coloreds. Fast forward to now. No more need be said. Except this – would YOU want your operation to be done by a doctor whose only qualification to get in to medical school was the color of their skin? Would YOU want your operation to be done by someone who graduated at the bottom of their class?

    Now if these fragile snowflakes are so traumatized by the works of English poets, then separate them from those who want a rounded education.

    Schools should be a place of learning. Not a place to hide from the world.

  • Brightmeadows

    Wasn’t Elihu Yale a slave owner or a slave trader? Better shut that New Haven bastion of slavery down and raze it. “”In the great racism sweepstakes, John Calhoun was an amateur. Far more egregious was Elihu Yale, the philanthropist whose benefactions helped found the University. As an administrator in India, he was deeply involved in the slave trade. He always made sure that ships leaving his jurisdiction for Europe carried at least 10 slaves. I propose that the committee on renaming table the issue of Calhoun College and concentrate on the far more flagrant name ‘Yale’,” he wrote. http://www.thenewsminute.com/article/astounding-tale-slavery-and-deceit-yale-universitys-madras-connection-57228

    • nearboston

      Well…waitaminit now…. Lets not get TOO PC. After all. Without Yale, we wouldnt know when a good number of snow flakes and morons are hanging out.

  • nearboston

    Another drug addled liberal is allowed to speak.

  • sunshine484848

    These English literature classics teach good and evil, right from wrong, character, consequences of behavior, etc. I believe they don’t want the classics taught so they can feel good living in a world of moral relativism and do what ever is right for them at the time and not society. They don’t desire accountability for their behavior. Carp Diem.

  • Mark Lindsey

    Its jealously of success. Who cares about the immature snowflakes who’ve been given that liberal indoctrination and are now afraid of words? Needing a SAFE SPACE? How pathetic and worthless liberals have become. NONE OF THEM can actually think and reason anymore. This is why they will be in their 40’s and still live in mommies basement.

  • John

    Yale University is named after Elihu Yale, a merchant with the East India company who funded the University. He traded in all manner of commodities…..including slaves. Change the name of the University snowflakes ?

  • agreatsign

    College, where Dick and Jane go to learn to be perpetually offended for life.

    • nearboston

      You meant to say Dick and Dick or Jane and Jane didn’t you.

      • agreatsign

        Yes, how careless of me to assume they were cisgender and or heterosexual.

  • Palmettopatriot76

    When is Yale going to change its name? Elihu Yale, for whom Yale is named, was a slave merchant.

  • veganstephen

    Uh oh, they didn’t realize the author of “The Anarchist Cookbook” was white?


    What are we to do about contributions to human-kind made by whites? Delete all white contributions and here’s “some” of what would be GONE: Electricity/power/lights/AC, Medical/drug advances, computers, internet, all electronics, autos, airplanes, space travel, etc etc etc. That is one hell of a problem, for the snowflakes!

    • nearboston

      You didnt know those things were REALLY discovered by people of color did you.

  • JimB

    Ah, yes. Yale should have included all the black, yellow and tan authors of early English poetry.

  • throwemout

    What a bunch of Pu#%*#S

  • Bolio

    This curriculum should prepare them for the big question of their lives:
    You want French Fries with that order ??

  • trajan2448

    Maybe Yale can include some gangsta rappers in the English curriculum.
    What a joke.

    • nearboston

      They can rhyme with “Another Trucker”, “Stitch”, and “Sore”… So they must be artists.

  • DWarren

    This development is what one gets when the principle of employing only radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive, political operatives to impersonate college administrators and faculty members prevails. The result is an Orwellian new world order characterized by blatant anti-intellectual self-contradiction. Racism is fought by being racist against whites. Colonialism is fought by fostering a reverse colonialism. Diversity is defined by newspeak as a stringent conformity to lock step group-think. Inclusion becomes an elitist exclusivity. An open mind is deemed to be one that is closed to any proposition except the prevailing tenets of political correctness strictly enforced by the thought police. Education morphs into a radical, extremist hate the West in general and the U.S. in particular indoctrination. Ignorance rather than actual knowledge becomes the mark of being “informed.” And self-identified, safe space phantasm is preferred to objective reality.

  • Perdue Unsung

    Congrats on finding a way to make a useless degree even more so.

  • Justin Credible

    Notice there are no pre-Colonial African writings….

    • OrlandoRican

      They will be made up.

    • nearboston

      Thats because they were burned by the white devils. Thats what Yale told me.

  • Ralph Machio

    Why are these young minds of mush, pushing what to learn? I thought that was the faculty’s job?

  • slohappy

    Academia is nothing but a bunch of UTTER IMBECILES nowadays! Good grief! Want to see these people bend over and take whatever you have to dish out? Then clothe WHATSOEVER in a cry of racism and your wish is their command. IDIOTS! MORONS! WEAK! BRAINLESS clods!

  • Caddolakeguy

    Why are these snowflakes majoring in English anyway? It is clearly a language developed by white people, as are the rest of the Germanic languages and Celtic, Scandinavian and Romance languages. In other words all European languages along with the associated culture.
    These fools need to major in Chinese or Swahili or Tagalog.

    • nearboston

      Its the easiest college curriculum in the known universe

  • Lovemycountry

    Collage math by 2030
    ” what % of your EBT card is fifty + fifty?”

    • nearboston

      Jeeze Louise…get it right.
      ” Yo! Beech Hoe! Wha pacen in yo EsBeesTees be fitty un fitty??”

  • Martin Icing

    “BLACK” FICTION………….
    Any writing or Historical prospective that makes the ‘black’ the CREATOR of something, like something I saw where Edison’s Black Domestics created most of the stuff he took credit for……..IS F ING FICTION. THOSE ‘RE-WRITERS’ OF FEEL-GOODISM BLACKNESS NEED TO HAVE THE ^%$#%^$& BEAT OUT OF THEM & LEFT FOR DEAD.

    • GAGIRL12

      I worked with a black man who actually believed most inventions by white Americans (Edison, Bell, Whitney, etc.) were actually invented by Blacks and stolen by white Americans. Many blacks have been taught this and really believe it.

  • lolgfy

    If you want to experience the height of English usage in literature, you need Shakespeare, Chaucer, Milton, Poe, Twain and others. Not some communist writing a poem about his struggle to topple his government.

    • zonablue

      Perfectly stated…..or as a current Yalie chick would put it: “Like, what? I mean, like, are there even, like, um, are there really, like, Communist poets we can, like, study?”

  • fortwigs

    The subject matter is too difficult for these constantly crying, snowflakes. The racism complaint is just a smokescreen. Studying this stuff is too much for their limited intelligence.

  • veganstephen

    This just in: Yale’s math and physics departments have shut down, finding nothing left to study after eliminating white authors from the curricula

    • zonablue

      roflmao! A perfect analogy.

  • zonablue

    Yale, or Marxist U., along with many, many other institutions of higher learning just like it (an obvious oxymoron), is a breeding ground for anti-American political dogma (Communism). One doesn’t have to have a degree in Rocket Science to figure it out.

  • OrlandoRican

    Welcome to the dumbing down of America. Political correctness will destroy this great country unless it is stopped now.

  • Del_Varner

    If I were in a “Human Resources” position in a company requiring “intellect” to qualify for it positions, I would reject Yale humanities graduates.

  • nearboston

    China is pumping out so many Engineers that they have maxed out their own Technical education system and are dumping their second tier students in U.S. Colleges in record numbers.

  • jb

    Works made by African authors in the years 1-1900 should be read in their original Bantu, Zulu, or Masai.

    • Martin Icing


      • Chuck

        Don’t ask a student at Yale or Harvard.

  • Jack

    Yale, producing Ivy League cry babies that can’t function in life. What a joke

    “A year spent around a seminar table where the literary contributions of women, people of color, and queer folk are absent actively harms all students, regardless of their identity.”

  • Michael Mayher

    What a bunch of fools. I am sure they are very impressed with themselves – the idiots. Yeah start reading from that long list of other authors – it shouldn’t take very long.

  • Chuck

    The willful journey into ignorance. We all know the sage wisdom and intellectual depths that resides in African mud huts has been ignored. Time to institute the draft so these poor oppressed knights of all things perceived to be harmful, get a taste of real world failure.

  • thedogwalker

    So, this is what a so-called “Ivy League” education consists of? The inmates are not only running the asylum, they have completely taken over.

  • nearboston

    Dear Mom and Dad,
    If your kid wants to go to college for anything OTHER than Engineering or Nursing, stop the plans for turning their room into a study, man-cave, or sewing room. They will be home in 4 or 5 years needing a place to sleep when they arent pulling double shifts at the drive-thru window.

  • Native New Yorker

    The dumbing down of America, thanks to racist!

  • HarveyMushman

    “Jessica Brantley, told The Yale Daily News:
    “We’ve constructed a curriculum that has inclusion as its goal,
    embedded in the structures of its requirements, and I’m very excited to
    implement and develop that curriculum further.””

    Examples of excellence is no longer the goal…..good to know….

    • DesertDawg

      I’m old enough to remember when education was the goal of education.

    • Chip Goodman

      When do we pull their accreditation?

  • StarsR4me

    Since when has it become the norm for the uneducated student to dictate what an education consists of? This is no different than allowing a kindergartner to tell the principal of their elementary school what the school day should be like: recess, recess, snack, nap, recess, recess, finger painting, another snack, done. So, these nincompoops want the degree but don’t want to do the work to get it? Next, they will be burning all the books which “offend” them (you know the ones: books that use words containing more than two syllables and which assume that a certain level of education/knowledge has been attained….ooh, these are most offensive).

  • DesertDawg

    We’re not going to survive as a society.

  • Chip Goodman

    Notice that the supposed failure to include other viewpoints into the traditional curriculum is not deemed as merely unfair or a lost opportunity, but “actively harmful”. This is a direct parallel to claims that unwelcomed comments on the college campus are a form of “violence”. Ramping up the rhetoric to dramatize the impact – and rationalize far more aggressive responses from the leftist thug element.

    • Jack

      THis is what gives the ‘Green Light’ to the little snow flakes to get in a professors face and throw tantrums because they can’t cope.

  • Jack

    This country is in serious trouble when this snowflake generation starts reproducing..

  • Fred Beloit

    These meatheads are even attacking Geometry and Logic as evil inventions of white and tan men who use them to oppress football players.

  • Mr Happy Man

    Why exactly do people think Salmon Rushdie is a great author? Back during the Satanic Verses controversy, in high school, I tried to read it, but couldn’t get past the third page, because it was more written more poorly than Atlas Shrugged (at least I got through that). And my school librarian warned me beforehand not to try to read The Satanic Verses because it was so poorly written.
    So does this mean we are going to replace classics with garbage?

  • Martin Icing

    old yale song: Bula, Bula, Bula, Bula (same tune as Boomer Sooner)

    second verse….A weem a wa, A weem a wa

  • Topazinator

    Bye, bye, Ivy League. Your demise is well-deserved.

  • TXMAN67

    I must be old school. I remember when the university told me what courses I had to take to graduate. Forget the previous centuries, the millenials know best, just ask them. I cannot wait until they get in the real world, and try to dictate to their employers. They will get hit with a healthy dose of reality. Adapt, or be gone.

  • Davides

    The continued dumbing down of America. Let’s hear it for queer authors, and dump William Shakespeare. Makes sense. Parents: do you really want to spend a quarter of a million dollars sending your kid to Yale? Find a community college nearby, save your cash, wind up with better educated kids.

  • Simplynotred

    If Non-White Civilizations had Great Literature, it would have been already established that said literature should be translated into English and to be read and taught at Universities. THE TROUBLE IS, there ISN’T ANY SERIOUS HISTORICAL NON-WHITE LITERATURE to be found in any GREAT or VAST Quantity. So complaining about historic White Literature, is Imbecilic in the least and Moronic at best. HOWEVER, I am all for the Destruction of Yale, Harvard, Stanford and Similar Ivy League Schools because they TEACH NOTING BUT NEO MODERNISM ANYWAY.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    Calculus was developed by dead white men so I suppose it will have to go, too.

  • Doszap

    What a sick bunch of ill educated dolts they will turn out.

  • Gaius Wickser

    The problem arises when actively denying the contributions in western civilization past is what to replace them with. What great contributions to literature are we going to find in basket case 3rd world corrupt civilizations? And to think people will still claw their way and do whatever it take to get accepted into one of these storied ivy league schools. And the ones who pay the least to be there, i.e. minorities with scholarships, are the ones making to most noise to tear these institutions down from the inside out. It’s such a shame to watch.

  • DiogenesDespairs

    …And academia’s descent into madness picks up speed…

  • MomaBee

    Leftist academia is RACIST. I would never want my children indoctrinated in such a crippling way. Leftists in the humanities have been driven not by accomplishment but by RESENTMENT and envy.

  • Peter Famato

    So how are the students supposed to study African fiction if it is not written in ENGLISH.

  • cjinx79

    It’s really funny to watch these supposed institutions of higher learning being systematically destroyed from within by the little PC snowflakes they have created. I think the next step should be to make grades and thereby Degrees irrelevant. After all, it’s not little Sally / Matthew’s fault that they couldn’t pass the class. Participation Degrees for everyone!!!

  • Larry Dickman

    Let’s all listen to rap music. I want to know how to “rape dem bitchus”.

    • veganstephen

      Problems dealing with sexual harassment have dogged the university for decades. The lawsuit Alexander v. Yale, which was decided in 1980 and alleged sexually inappropriate behavior by faculty against students, held that such harassment constituted sex discrimination under Title IX. After Yale fraternity pledges chanted “No means yes, yes means anal” on the quad in 2010, a group of students filed a complaint with the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, which then opened a Title IX discrimination investigation.
      NYT 7/8/16

  • Jack

    Brought to you by the same loons that need to rename Halloween to Fall Festival and numerous other ridiculous actions because they don’t have the coping skills to tolerate anything they disagree with.

  • kilroy5440

    Someone should tell the perpetually offended that history did not begin on the day they were born. That being said, I’m sure the history books 50 years from now will reference as high points the Kardashians and the heroic efforts of NFL civil rights protests. It’s funny to mock these people today but the laughing stops when you consider that in the not too distant future, some of these individuals will occupy positions of power and their worldview will be transformed into government policy and law.

  • luis martinez

    I suppose they will be replaced by the musings of Sharpton, Jessee Jackson, P-diddy, Kanye West, and other literary giants of the 21st century…

  • STW

    I suspect the agitators against the classical English classes don’t believe half of the rhetoric they spout. This is an exercise in raw power. Bullies, when they sense weakness, strike for the weak points. There was no stopping once colleges began to bend. It’s gotten to the point of, “what can we get away with?” There’s also a group going along because they are lazy. Shakespeare is hard. De-constructing modern poets who never had anything meaningful to say anyway is much easier, particularly since there are no rules. 400 year old sonnets have rules.

  • williampenn

    Reading “Heather Has Two Mommies” will likely fulfill English requirements in most colleges in the near future.

    • Jack

      Isn’t that now considered first grade reading in most public schools ? Indoctrination must start early , you know.

    • veganstephen

      What about “It Takes a Village”? We must have a class studying all of Mrs. Clinton’s great writings!

  • Robotnik

    So…is it really English Class? Do the dull wish to be more dull? These are communist revisionists attempting to destroy our culture, brick by brick. It past time to halt their inroads.

  • thetruthwillsetyoufree

    I think sending your kids to ANY of these institutions HARMS them more than anybody knows!!! This crap is a JOKE! If I didn’t know it was october, I’d swear it was April Fools DAY!

  • 4th Gen SF

    I want to care, but English majors are DOA in the job market anyway.

    • thetruthwillsetyoufree

      most of these liberal arts grads know what you are talking about.. what a waste of money going to these schools is!!!!

      • veganstephen

        What about the poor conservative gal who wrote the article? She can’t get a usual EM job, being conservative and she can’t get a real job because she’s got an English degree from Yale. Pity Ms. Damron and contribute to her future gofundme site….

        • thetruthwillsetyoufree

          If you aren’t studying mechanical engineering, software design or robotics right now you will be unemployed for most of your adult life!

  • ReamField

    Skip the classics in favor of liberal anti-American nonsense. The worst kind of person is the ignorant who believe themselves educated. Worse than terrorists because they try to destroy all of civil society.

  • outdoor750

    I think it’s time we started talking about the benefits of trade schools and a simple high school diploma….

  • keller23

    These courses will come in handy when the SJWs are making my morning latte at Starbucks.

  • Worldsinmind

    Yale is a fail! I wouldn’t send my dog there.

  • First…We must rename Niger and Nigeria. It’s a Progressive university no-brainer!

  • tex

    Why don’t the people of “color” focus on promoting individuals of their “tone” that have been great contributors to the advancement of Western Civilization rather than try to discredit others using “White Supremacy” as a scapegoat to advance their agenda. History is what it is, you can’t change it no matter how much you want to.
    That’s not a put down to any group, just reality. We luckily in America have the freedom to believe whatever and whom ever we chose to as long as we follow the principles laid out in the US Constitution. If you don’t like it
    leave, but please quit believing that revisionist history will prevail and you can create a new utopia based upon
    fiction. The rest of use our knowledge of true history to guide us in the future believing that it is the best guide to not repeating the wrongs of the past and to understanding that human nature does not change, only the circumstances. These early “white” thinkers, they all were WASPS, weren’t they?, were probably better scholars of that than we are now living in a world focused on sound bites and a preoccupation with visual stimulation.

  • keller23

    Aside from creating 99.99% of everything useful in modern society, white people didn’t really contribute much to civilization.

    • thetruthwillsetyoufree

      yup,,, that standard of living in most of Africa sure is great!!!! NOT!

      • EarlyMedievalSerf

        Because of colonialism and arab invasions 1200 years ago. Colonalism that goes back to the days when the Phoenicians where sailing boats.

  • JeffC

    Seems like no such thing as “adults” minding the store anymore.

  • DrGonzo7719

    And that’s why Ivy Leaguers are on my no-hire list.

  • Major Remington

    Why don’t the just move to Africa if they’re so interested in the literature. (Hint: They couldn’t find it on a map).

  • Sounds like a concerted effort to liberalize and deny students a rounded education free of biased behavior!

  • Sage Philo

    What people might not realize is English Literature is precisely that – ENGLISH literature, meaning the literature that emerged out of Britain. If you want to study LITERATURE (minus the English part), then by all means study world literature – a great thing to do, and something I would recommend people who study English literature also do. But to take ENGLISH literature and complain that Shakespeare is mandatory is like taking Chinese philosophy and complaining that Confucius and Laozi are mandatory.

    • bddd

      Please stop using facts when discussing the mental illness of the neo-communists aka Progs. Progs and facts shall never meet… .

  • VanceJ

    Idiocy, at it’s finest.!!!!

  • xoxozo

    THIS is just ONE of the “45 Goals Of Communism
    Look it up

  • 1crazymf

    And the school bends to the demands

  • bddd

    The neo-communists aka progs DON’T WANT ([email protected] or not!) YOU WHITE MEN AROUND!

  • Does it infringe?

    So this is the power of diversity.

    I’m sure the founding fathers and all those who sacrificed for our freedom wanted this to happen.

  • enzomedici

    They are studying English. If they don’t want to study those authors, then perhaps they should not be appropriating the English language in the first place.

  • Sum_Ting_Wong

    As long as they aren;t demanding to change the name of the University since Elihu Yale made his fortune as a Slave Trader

    • Jack_Kennedy

      that’s on the agenda for next semester

  • Hank Seiter

    Just another case of whackademic fascism. The “need for a safe place” for the few ethnic whiners outweighs the academic freedom of the many. Our hollow-headed halls of whackademia are flushing themselves down the toilet of irrelevance no thanks to the Cult of Perpetual Grievances and Victimhood.

    Yeah, America, let’s be more like the African/Muslim/Mexican hellholes from which these anti-intellectual, anti-academic freedom hail from. The radical left, as institutionalized by the corrupt and criminal Demoncrap Party, have made it an industry to undermine America the unique by incrementally raping the land of the free and the home of the free with their PC fascism.

  • dd121

    Who would send their kids to one of these communist schools?

    • Jack_Kennedy

      I pulled mine from missouri after the admin gave in to the blm terrorists

      • dd121

        So did about 30% of other parents in Missouri. Good move. The leftist administrators actually notice when money flies out the door.

  • timetraveler44

    While I’m all for studying lit from different perspectives, to throw out Chaucer and Shakespeare because of their skin color is the epitomy of racism. If these two had been purple women, their contributions would still have been historically noteworthy. And I shudder to think that these “uneducated” protesters are going to wind up teaching future generations until those generations cry out against black/other racism. The human race should be the unifying force that brings us together versus the divisiveness of different skin colors. Stop majoring on the minor.

  • alex488

    Western civilization is, in fact, white civilization. Or is it? who do these idiots even call white? What nations fit the profile? The books that some morons find “harming”, are actually describe the history of how western civilization became possible, how people achieved previously unheard of levels of freedom and prosperity. May be these “harmed” individuals are not aware of it, but to get here, the so-called whites had to endure unimaginable hardships. The countless wars, extreme climate, plagues, hunger and enslavement by the landlords for centuries under agrarian system — all of it preceded the creation of new ideas, new ways to coexist in peace. Technological advances and colonization were driven by the pure survival. Whites did not invent slavery, but yes, some benefited from it. And during those times, if blacks were more technologically advanced, things would be reversed as it was a fair social order across the world. By “decolonizing” english department the university degraded itself by hiding important historical lessons from new generations. But history, no matter how much some want to change, will stay the same. The words were written, the people’s lives came and gone. Dump the bullies and learn from the past in its entirety.

  • rennyangel2

    Better yet, give English courses where none of the works are in the English language. Universities are dead, and Yalies and Hahvahd (bragging its freshmen class isn’t 50% white) killed them.

  • Jim Sweet

    The tax system needs to stop subsidizing the progressive reeducation camps.

  • Rn

    “Decolonize not diversify”. Interesting….The sinister plot of minority factions is to replace what they perceive as the “evil whitness” of America. If you are White, you are guilty. They don’t want equality. They want dominance. They are anti-White racists.

    • thetruthwillsetyoufree

      and they are too stupid and blinded by hate to see that EVERYBODY benefits from advancement no matter the color of who brings about the advance! They have really “jumped the shark” on so many occasions now I beginning to wonder if it will ever end…

  • Lynette Nobles

    I recall a great tidbit of wisdom which speaks of “content of character” as opposed to “color of skin.” Home education continues to soar here in NC. There is no fealty to these Ivy League schools in home education.

  • Steven Foster

    When will they decolonize their electricity, internet, heating systems, paved roads, running water, cell phones, and every vehicle Yale owns?

    • thetruthwillsetyoufree

      just removing the smart phones or wifi would be more than enough to point out the lunacy to these snowflakes!

  • Kelly

    everyone of these lefty losers, are just that, losers…they are too ignorant to pass the tests so they get rid of the course so they don’t have to take the test.


  • SoylentGreenTea

    “Queer folk?” These wilting lilly snowflakes……

  • GHerblabnik

    If these are supposed to be the best and the brightest, the open thinkers that will someday lead this country … we are truly screwed. One verbal assault from a Putin type leader will send them to their safe place to quiver in fear, sobbing and cuddling their kitten. Where are the grownups today?

  • rbs76

    The real tragedy here is that Yale has been in the past a great educational institution. Almost certainly, in the background, there are faculty pressing students with broad aand deep reading lists, demanding stuents understand a maze ofdiffering concepts deeply, demanding rigorous analytical math, true physics and chemistry, etc. but, it is clear the younger faculty have ventured into know only the latest lefty opinions, etc. and, this will kill the institutuin, and leave sudents, though gifted upon entry, bereft of skills commensurate of their minds given horsepower. A great loss to themselves and our society.

  • Tyler Smith

    The America-hating radical Communists are in full control of the Democrat Party.

    • Jack_Kennedy

      obama/pelosi/shumer approve

  • TCS

    You are all mad over there guys.

  • Bruce Kramer

    I’m a physician…
    I’d prescribe an enema for everyone attending Yale…
    Seems students and faculty need a cathartic ridding themselves of all this Snowflake PC “horse poop”….

  • Dan Ros

    Of course, let’s instead have universities focus on rap music and che guevara. Illiteracy, as a rule, is a precursor to suffering and destruction of society. Glad to see the universities following the PC irrelevancy playbook.

  • Darwin_Lakota

    Yale is a private company. They can waste their money any way they want to. I don’t care.

    • Jack_Kennedy

      Sooo how do y’all u feel about the taxpayer money going there… paying for all this quota students on taxpayer freebies

      • Darwin_Lakota

        English departments do not attract much in the way of grant money, as you can imagine. I’m all for these universities embarrassing themselves by robbing worthwhile departments to pay for postmodern nonsense and LGBTQIAF Studies.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Then the scene faded from color to black and white while the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair in a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

    “Submitted for your approval, an excursion to a world where students have been reduced to the role of guinea pigs in bizarre social engineering experiments and indoctrination programs the likes of which have not been seen since the darkest days of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, and conducted by faculty and administrators barely capable of basic pet care. The school bell’s ringing and it’s time to proceed to your assigned lecture hall because classes are about to begin at the University of The Twilight Zone.”

  • 1911

    Just another bunch of butthurt pathetic entitled people that don’t want to be reminded or admit how hard those white people worked in their time. Far easier to be racist and lazy.

    Once liberals got ahold of education – it’s just been going steadily downhill ever since.

  • cyberdove

    That’s okay. It was pearls before swine anyway.

  • OtisThePotus

    These people have taken a cannon to the canon.

  • gmartinz

    Now there’s a FOURTH term which requires me to immediately ignore anything the speaker/writer has to say: “white privilege,” “racism,” “transgender,” and now “colonialism.”

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    Now the students of the ivy league schools can learn how to kill and eat their neighbor with a spear and black pot, drag them on top of a pile of rocks and cut their hearts out with sharp stone flakes to make the sun happy or maybe learn the finer arts of Jihad! There goes greatest economy and standard of living the western world has ever witnessed in the history of the Man on this planet. Aint being PC just peachy?

  • Doltsbane

    Fire the English professors and abolish the English department. Replace it with a syllabus. If you need someone else to tell you what you should have gotten out of reading something, you’re wasting your time reading it.

  • Joel

    We are watching a dying nation in real time.

    • M Aurelius

      Not dying…suicide.

      • Joel

        Either works for me.

  • UtIdArWa

    Sooner or later the current university system is going to reach a turnover point. Where knowledge is no longer the goal, social activism will take a front seat. It is at that point that the rest of the world will by pass western education completely. If you listen very carefully, the rest of the world is laughing.

    The left has already pretty much destroyed the ability of primary, middle and high school public education to produce effective, educated, young adults. Children educated at public schools are concidered as poorly educated. Untrained in learning methods and habits.

    Parents wishing their children to excel in school and life have opted for other schooling choices. Homeschooling, private schools, religous or military academys are concidered as the only viable choices today.

    Inner city youths without a background in sports have very little chance at higher education. Middle income children must look forward to crushing debt caused by out of control tuition costs. Government grants and scholorships are not enough.

    Now we see the university system entering into the same mistakes that have been made in the public school system. Universities and Colleges are more concerned with the collection of fees and tuition than the quality of the education they offer.

    A proof of the declining quality of our educational system? Look to Silicon Valley. Who are the preferred hiring choices of today? Look to our healthcare system. Where are the specialists and experts coming from? Not MIT, Yale or Harvard. But from the near east, India, Pakistan, The Philipines.

  • Joel

    I suppose they can replace English with ebonics, that should please the minority students.

  • Al Terego

    Studying, or “learning” ANYTHING harms these fragile delicate waifs; who will be on their own in a few decades. COMPLETELY unprepared to survive reality.

    If you think that all we now enjoy was created by people who know less than YOU about what is “educated”, then you are truly a special kind of stupid. And quite ineducable.

  • dave4848

    Other writers featured on the syllabus for this fall include :

    Jean Rhys – Called “Socialist Gwen” and had wished she was born black
    Alice Munro – The daughter of apparent socialists.
    Ngugi wa Thiong’o – A “Socialist Realist”
    Salman Rushdie – A Socialist

    Have the geniuses at Yale seen the latest news from Venezuela?

    • M Aurelius

      Venezuela is just the latest in a LOOOONG utter socialist failures.

  • Frank M

    All part of the globalist war on whitey.

  • Peter Carrol

    Taking the english out of english passes for edumucation today. Very sad. Does that mean no ebonics in black culture class?

  • M Aurelius

    Now one can presumably get a degree in English without ever reading
    or studying the works of our greatest writers.

    If one ever had a doubt the liberalism is a profound mental illness, this should erase the doubt.

  • Frank M

    To be replaced with the literature of Flava Flav.

  • dieter

    Maybe they will also “decolonize” their science and technology programs so that all science majors will receive a Stone Age science education. After all these radicals are now saying that math and science are simply “white constructs” that discriminate against blacks and browns…should really prepare minorities for the competitive job market…oh wait, that’s a “white construct” too.

  • RightStuff

    Yes, folks, we are sliding precipitously into the toilet. Lefties are working diligently to lower our average IQ.

  • Abbie1530

    The writings of Shakespeare and others have merit as examples of great writing. These authors are to be discarded because they were European and white? Yale is practicing racism against whites of European ancestry. Why are these students at Yale, anyway? It was started by a white European man. Hypocrites,thy name be mud ( with apologies to that white European male who wrote timeless pieces of literature…William… somebody…..

    • dieter

      Are they going to replace Shakespeare and others with the great works of “modern” rap…that should really jack up educational achievement and career preparedness. Just think, spend 2-300 k for an ivy league education and receive a Stone Age level of skill…sounds “Progressive” to me.

  • Thomas G.

    The left continues its free fall into de-intellectualizing. So long Yale.

  • Bergbau

    This time of the “racist” zombies is here. Racism above all else. Whatever.

  • David169

    I think this collective academic insanity needs to come to a screeching halt. It is becoming a game of who can come up with the most absurd, illogical and idiotic premise to institute a change in the curriculum to the detriment of the students who once they graduate will most likely be fired if they start spouting this insanity at their employment.

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    no worries, lol, what’s an english degree worth anyway?

  • M Aurelius

    This sort of thing is based in pure jealousy.
    Western culture is VASTLY superior to all others.
    It invented the modern world, and everything wonderful in it.
    Because the lesser beings cannot hope to compete with it, they seek to destroy it.
    Tell me who the Hutu Shakespeare is, or the Asian one?
    I’d love to read the works of the genius’.

  • rocco71

    I can’t figure out why Yale is perceived as a top-tier school? Only complete freaking idiots get in that place. Last time I checked, majoring in English meant actually studying the literature. Which, unfortunately for mind numbingly moronic SJWs is the language of the country they live in and a language spoken originally and predominantly by whites. Congratulations, Yale University. I’ve lost all respect for your institution AND you’ve managed to destroy your reputation in one swift motion. Idiots.

  • HowWhatWhy

    If Yale wants to offer these courses IN ADDITION to the traditional courses that have been taught, then they should do so. However, I find it disturbing that the people who started that petition want to completely do away with the classic poets and writers of literature. Typical of the Left, that wont tolerate ANYTHING they don’t like. They probably know, given the choice, an English major will obviously still take the traditional literature classes – it’s hard to imagine graduating with a major in English/English Literature and not having studied Shakespeare! It’s also hard to imagine that the poets and authors they want to add weren’t influenced by those great works as well, and would probably laugh at the notion of a university removing them from study. But this is what is going on in higher education these days. And don’t be surprised when somebody deems the term “English major” as a racist one.

    • RightStuff

      Lefties are intellectually lazy. No doubt about it.


      Silly rabbit, rap is the new poetry.

  • Jan_in_NH

    Will med schools be tossing out anything discovered by dead White men? I suppose herbs do have medicinal value.

    • M Aurelius

      Tiger penis.
      Cures everything, apparently.


      Witch doctors will be making a comeback!

      • Jan_in_NH

        You think they will be taking new patients, I have to switch doctors? : )

  • Mike Davis

    Shouldn’t it be “de-colonialize?” Perhaps some basic grammar is required at Yale.

  • SpockianLogic

    Sooo glad I was educated long before the nutjob SJWs began ruling over academia.

  • Bob Forsberg

    Another attack on our social structure and education system, destroying America from within.

  • Brassknuckles

    Were are the Hells Angels going to start kicking some ass on the College Campuses as far as I am concerned they have a License to bust heads

  • Brendan

    To state that the only ideas worth concentrating on are based on, supposed, marginalized identity groups is the obvious way to promote Neo-Marxism. This is not to address “awareness”, which would seem reasonable, fundamentally, but instead it is a lightly-veiled play for power. Notice how much power currently exists within this construct. Who else, in any previous era, could unseat the bedrock of Western cannon literature with but a single petition. No discussion made by the students in argument for those authors whom they feel have been intentionally left out of period specific literature. No. Instead, just a deep and painfully broad generalization on what has become the fashion of topic for the current generation, cast with complete ignorance of human history upon the past- with discussion and debate an absolute taboo, rather than a strength.

    To put it short: Social Justice is cancer.

  • SpockianLogic
  • Byrd Westbrook

    This will not end well. When western culture collapses, it will bury the ignorant and arrogant.

  • ADLoggy

    Idiocracy is coming much sooner than the movie predicted. I read where an academic is now saying Algebra and advanced mathematics is racist. Lord help us.

    • SpockianLogic

      Full-fledged Idiocracy arrived at the beginning of the Obama administration.

      • M Aurelius

        Well, he was “clean and articulate”

    • M Aurelius

      Who knew it was actually a documentary.

      • SpockianLogic

        Even the movie was screened for political correctness (most of the persons portrayed as ‘fools’ were white folks — so as not to mirror reality too much)

        • M Aurelius

          Also, the smartest person in the movie was a negress prostitute.
          Just like in real life!

          • SpockianLogic

            I thought it was Hispanic prostitute? (but maybe I am misremembering)

          • M Aurelius

            Technically she’s a high yella mullato.

    • MorganCourtenay

      No way. Where did you read that?

      • ADLoggy


        If URL doesn’t work just google university professor and racist math. There’s lots of news sites covering it.

        • MorganCourtenay

          OMG. I just felt my IQ jumping off a cliff reading that drivel. Just goes to show that being “peer-reviewed”, her excuse for this nonsense, doesn’t make you intelligent. I’m black, and I’m studying a Maths degree. And my favourite mathematical subjects are Algebra and Trigonometry. She can piss off.

          • ADLoggy

            MC, STEM is a great area of endeavor that can lead to a rewarding life. Wish you all the success. It’s nice to see people taking advantage of opportunity afforded instead of trying to bring others down because of their own failure and bad decisions.

  • M Aurelius

    $66,500 per year to be indoctrinated by witless leftists….

    No thanks.

    • A Adams

      Should be reported to “Rip Off Alert”


    Just the latest example of the leftist brainwashing of the population. The death spiral of a prosperous nation at work.

  • KenoColorado

    And they wonder why their degrees are no longer valued by business

  • SpockianLogic

    Only if authors have equally meritorious works, should they receive equally esteemed positions in curriculum. The libtards present no such comparably meritorious replacements for those authors they seek to oust.

  • A Adams

    Why would anyone hire a graduate from Yale now? Once a great University has been decayed into a shell of political correctness that has rendered the school an oddity.

    • ADLoggy

      I read an article on how the American people are deceived into thinking these Ivy League colleges are so far superior and why they get ranked so high. It’s based on a scam. They rig the ratings which are calculated highly on admissions versus applications. The more applications rejected the higher the university’s score. So what these universities do is they send out thousands of unsolicited applications to seniors around the country, who see an application from Harvard or Yale and in their excited state of delusion send back their application not knowing that they are part of a ratings scam and don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being accepted, unless, of course, Harvard needs a few more minorities to meet their quotas.

  • 4Him
  • BorgWorshipper

    Yale. World class education: We make leaders of the future dumber. (and more resentful)

  • 4Him

    So……when will Yale University shut down the “Skull & Bones” club???

  • lilithwhyte

    Yet more confirmation that our racist forefathers were correct: Segregation is the answer.

    • SpockianLogic

      Great sentiment, but sadly too late…

  • M Aurelius
  • BestieBugs

    If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if the inmates ran the asylum….just look at your average college campus today. There was a time when higher education meant just that. Now it’s a race to the lowest common denominator…and anti-white racism and anti-western civilization is the finish line.

    Your children are better off not attending one of these multi-year leftist indoctrination centers. Their well-being may depend on it.

  • The Un-PC Truth

    Liberals touch it, liberals ruin it.

    • SpockianLogic

      From your mouth to the NFL…

    • M Aurelius

      The have “The Merdas Touch”
      Everything they touch turns to s**t.

      • SpockianLogic

        Maybe that should be called the ‘Obama Touch’. Everybody’s campaign he endorses, turns to s**t.

    • MorganCourtenay

      That’s why I stopped being a liberal. I got fed up with the constant attempts to undermine education.

  • Michael Dean Miller

    Y’all are phukkin’ nutz…

  • MorganCourtenay

    Do these students think that studying Chaucer/Shakespeare is required because they are white? And since when is studying Shakespeare preventing these students from studying other playwrights and authors, either? This whole move seems to me to delegitimize the purpose of studying literature. Shakespeare is admired around the world. My parents are Nigerian and studied (and enjoyed) him intensively. As I am British, I expect all English classes to study Shakespeare. He is the greatest playwright in literary history. He has yet to be equalled, yet alone emulated. Furthermore, if one intends to study English, does it not make sense that they would focus on those who pioneered literature in the English language? Say… the English? This is an absurd pandering to PC based on the false notion that Chaucer/Shakespeare are problematic and the false notion that these students are being deprived of the opportunity to study other authors. One of the great things about the likes of Shakespeare and Austen is that I, a first-generation British girl of Nigerian ethnic heritage, can pick up a copy of Twelfth Night or Pride and Prejudice and appreciate the brilliance of that author, hundreds of years after these texts were written. These student’s complaints are rendered laughable by the fact that so many around the world appreciate the English literary masters like Chaucer, Shakespeare, Austen, Dickens and so on.

    • Albondigas

      True! This writing – Chaucer/Shakespeare – conditions the mind, prys open the intellect, and makes lesser literature a breeze to comprehend.

      • Venril

        The goal was to make you think. These days, too much of that will get you in hot water and impact your GPA.

    • Tim J

      Well written, good points

  • richard silliker

    Socialist use threads of logic and then call the results a preponderance of evidence with which too beat you to death.

    • MorganCourtenay

      They use threads. Whether those threads are logical or not is up for debate.

  • CurmudgeonNYC

    This is so stupid. You arent harmed. Now shut the fuck up and go learn you little douchebags.

  • veritatis3

    Children running institutions of higher learning. What happens when nobody is in charge. It is all so absurd and ridiculous if not silly. But dangerous when empty heads and empty headed professors and those who run colleges and universities allow the idiocy.


      Most of these professors went to kindergarten one day and never left school, but they think they can run the world perfectly. Most have a serious case of arrested development and will never grow up.

  • Patricia Whitty

    More dumbing down of our children. They’ll be back to reading Dick and Jane books at Yale and Harvard soon.

    • MorganCourtenay

      True. Reading Shakespeare’s eloquent turn of phrase is not only pleasing to the eye, but does wonders for one’s own expression. Every time I read Jane Austen, I feel my own writing improve.

    • Tim J

      It is easier to lead and guide the sheep if they are ignorant. Tyranny is never completely successful when the majority of a population is properly educated, too many questions lead to revolution against tyranny.

  • Maud St James

    Diversity = dumbing down.

  • ManFromGlad

    It’s the ENGLISH Department. So Yale will hand out BA degrees in ENGLISH Lit without requiring any Shakespeare? What historical female or African authors who wrote in ENGLISH have had more influence on ENGLISH literature and culture?

    Go read all the Chinua Achebe you want, but it won’t help you understand the literary history of ENGLISH.

    • Deplorable Joe Voter (fedup)

      ARE there any African authors? I didn’t think they had reached the evolutionary step where they could read and write.

  • Zigger

    This is great, now I can claim that studying black poets and authors traumatizes me.

  • Berecca

    If there had been any good literature or poetry written by non-white/non-male writers over the centuries, it would have been included in these courses as well, I would assume. So it seems that throwing in a bunch of “diverse” authors would just result in studying mediocre literature and poetry.

    • MorganCourtenay

      No, there are plenty of such authors who have written great works. I have many on my bookshelf. These authors have NOT, however, written anything that comes to the standard and longlasting impact of Shakespeare, whose works have sold more than most excepting perhaps the Bible.

  • Albondigas

    Metaphorically, if one is trained to hoe fertile ground with a twig, the requirement for a plow will seem improbable and give an ‘owie’ to the pusillanimous youth who soon will starve both intellectually and physically.

  • Deplorable Joe Voter (fedup)

    Well, those Yale diplomas are becoming more worthless by the minute. Can’t have college students actually LEARNING something now can we. How in the world is that going to prepare them for a life of welfare and government handouts?

  • SteveStuning

    This is the racist legacy of the Fraud from Kenya. So now 12.4% of the population want to destroy what 87.6% of Americans built. Instead of Chaucer and Shakespeare, the rest of Americans will be forced to study scholars like Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters, and learn phrases like Yo Mama’s so fat, when God said “Let there be light,” he asked her to move out of the way.

  • Dr.Tickles

    HA!!! You flakes never cease to amaze me. Go ahead and begin the banning of books you so-called non-fascists. You’re a joke.

  • Deplorable Joe Voter (fedup)

    A black in college is cultural appropriation and I want them all OUT!

  • Craig the Czech

    The Ivy has turned to crap. Worthless degree.


      More like Poison Ivy.

  • supernonhero

    The Great Dumbing Down is nearly complete!

    • billyrumble

      Orwell’s prophecy.

  • Sooooooo, we can’t teach History because that is offensive, and we can’t teach math because that is racist, and now we can’t teach English because that is “actively harmful”, so just what can we teach?



  • Evan T Spurrell

    Idiots, you live in a eurocentric country of cource the curriculum is eurocentric!!

  • xman_11530

    The value destruction of an Ivy liberal arts degree continues unabated.

  • gimmemymoney

    Yale should be forced to change its name… After all… Its founder, Elihu Yale was a slave trader….

  • alex488

    What Yale should have done instead — ignore petition as an absurd. But now I question its staff and whether this institution is worth the money!

    • xman_11530

      Answer: It’s not worth the money.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    Headline: Pale Male Yale Fail!

  • Ron

    All federal funding of these collegiate ‘hate houses’ should be removed. Money spent on these social justice morons forwards their particular brand of hate speech. Money spent is money taken from important environmental issues like: plastic pollution of the world’s ocean, depletion of fresh water, battery technology, resurrection and renewal of the dysfunctional cities, mass species die offs and world food production.
    Universities should be held criminally responsible for the misuse of tax payer funds. University programs have become the left’s stronghold for communist overthrow of this country; not ladders for the betterment of humanity. Hold university presidents responsible for the violence and destruction that occurs on campus.
    The above article is just hate speech Any ad hominem approach to the teaching and evaluation of ideas is hate speech. What Aryssa Damron is presenting here is her brand of hate speech! This hate speech is acceptable because it slams white males and that is in vogue today. It is no better than that which slams any other race. This hate speech, Aryssa, is divisive and in the extreme, it promotes misery and conflict. A great use of your intellect, don’t you think?

    • ADLoggy

      The more federal monies pumped into these institutions the more tuition goes up. The university liberals take the money, give themselves big raises and foolishly squander it on liberal causes. Also, the politicians, mostly democrats, who send this money earmarked as pork on some bill, are then invited to give a speech there for $100k as a payoff disguised as a speaking fee. One of the biggest scams going.

  • xavier

    Liberals continue to be the dumbest people ever. One should embrace that which is inspiring regardless of race .

    • MorganCourtenay

      These students are evidently unaware of the many around the world who admire and respect Shakespeare— many of whom are not white.

      • xman_11530

        Most Shakespearean themes are timeless. Much modern literature is merely derivative. To not intensely study his works in a liberal arts degree is a complete travesty.

        • MorganCourtenay

          Absolutely. His works dealt with all levels of the human experience, couched in some of the most beautiful expression ever to leave the hand of man.

      • ADLoggy

        Not sure, but wasn’t Othello actually black?

        • PROUD_TEXAN


        • MorganCourtenay

          Othello was a Moor. I don’t think Moors were wholly African, but they certainly were dark-skinned.

    • billyrumble

      You mean liberals should stop being the anti-white bigots that they are?

  • xman_11530

    Ngugi wa Thiong’o is from Kenya and still alive. If he is truly on par with Shakespeare, Chaucer or Poe, why are students going to Yale to study his works and not flocking to Kenya to study him in person??

  • Exador

    English poets in the English department! Not that it matters; they won’t be able to find a job either way.

  • jerry irvin

    This whole anti white movement is our xxpresidents legacy. What other country in the world controlled by people of color matches the

  • billyrumble

    This is more of the anti-white bigotry and discrimination coming from our politically correct institutions. I wouldn’t mind changes in their curriculum if they actually found authors who are better, but that’s not what they’re doing. They’re just picking winners and losers based on skin color. Personally, I’m tired of their discrimination. I don’t care what their justification is. If this is how it’s going to be, then we don’t need any more of these people in the country. The destruction has to stop at some point. Can’t we alter our immigration laws so that they’re not so destructive to the country? Are we just going to follow the politically correct insanity until America is gone?

    • M Aurelius

      ..The latter.



  • fusilier

    Excuse me, but an “English Major” who is not conversant with the work of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, the King James Bible, and Pope is like a Medical Student who is ignorant of anatomy.
    What Yale in its wis….errrr…..trendy cowardice has replaced the great writers with might be useful, but without the context of the the classical canon, it is flotsam drifting on the tide, and the Yalies are ill prepared and will never really know why the Caged Bird sings.

  • FuriousYT

    It’s about power. Progressives understand that white guilt is now the most powerful political force in the world and they are doubling down on their absurdly racist demands, particularly now that they sense some pushback from the Trump phenomenon.

  • st381183

    I’m so glad my eighth grader is going to be smarter than Yale students. They will be working for her, but they will be well read in ……..I don’t even know. I do know that my money will NOT be going to any college that bases curriculum on the social whims of children and political correctness. I guess science will have to reject the Periodic Table because it was developed by a dead white guy. 😞

  • Green Tea

    Yale was founded by dead white men….perhaps Yale should Shoot it’s self and be buried never to be remembered…..

  • NoneOfYourBusiness

    Do yourself a favor and don’t bother sending your kids to college. It’s a waste of money these days!!!!

  • musclehead

    So English majors will now be taught “Contemporary African History” and “South African Writing after Apartheid,” but not Classical English. How can it then be considered an English major? Hell, South Africans don’t even speak English – they speak Afrikaans which is a German-Dutch based language.

  • Jeffjr04

    If they aren’t going to study English authors then why bother calling it the English department anymore? I mean, I’m sorry, and I don’t mean this to sound racist but white Europeans made the world we live in today. They gave us everything we know about America from burritos to carriages. England, France, Spain and the Netherlands fought over, developed, and created America and no amount of b***hing and moaning will change that fact.

    • ADLoggy

      Next they will demand all English Departments be disbanded because someone, somewhere, who owned a slave, in years gone by, spoke English.

  • M Aurelius

    “Elihu Yale (5 April 1649 – 8 July 1721) was a British merchant, philanthropist and slave trader, President of the East India Company settlement in Fort St. George, at Madras, and a benefactor of the Collegiate School in the Colony of Connecticut, which in 1718 was renamed Yale College in his honor.”

    Oh dear……There isn’t enough safe space and Play Doh in New Haven to fix that.

  • rlwieneke

    Snowflakes cant deal with the fact all the best poets were covered in the Major English Poets course and if they happen to be Caucasian that is too bad. Studying lesser poets will do nothing but cheapen the quality of the academics.

    • maxcady

      Next year, Yale will have a poetry class on rap songs. “Ooobie scoobie doo, kill crackas!” You know, real poetic sh*t!

  • maxcady

    Why doesn’t Yale do what most colleges have already done? Just offer a parallel English course for black students that studies MLK, Malcom X, Sambo and the Tiger, etc. Don’t teach black students anything useful., like Shakespeare or Chaucer. Keep them ignorant, and teach them that a black guy created peanut butter, and that Egyptians were black (what a joke!). Black students don’t go to college to learn. They go to get their participation trophies, so they can get a government job and sit on their black @zzes all day.

    • Potomac cynic

      And of course those classes would be taught in Ebonics.

    • David Addams

      I’d be surprised if they mentioned anything about George Washington Carver.

      He was a successful scientist despite being born as a slave.

      That undermines the ability to blame all of the problems in the black community on slavery.

  • Grow a set of balls and tell the students to shove their petition up their arses and that if they don’t like it then go enroll somewhere else. WTF’s wrong with you morons?

    • Milfred Von Applebaum

      4th ID

    • M Aurelius

      Leftist lesbian professors can’t and won’t ever grow any balls.

  • Milfred Von Applebaum

    Good, progressives are turning this world into Planet of the Apes. Figuratively and literally…

    • Aleric

      More like Idiocrisy.

    • maxcady

      That movie scares the hell out of me now, and we all know why.

  • Aleric

    Soon the Left will allow the students to finger paint their version of history as long as they go on on their Antifa tour to push the Leftist Agenda.

  • M Aurelius

    “English major from Yale”, will soon mean, “Assistant barista at Starbucks.”

  • Potomac cynic

    British colonialists in Africa suppressed the slave trade, prevented genocidal tribal wars, and introduced advances in medical services and agricultural techniques that saved tens of millions of lives. Since decolonization, it’s been downhill for Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, and other former British colonies.

    • Croaker

      ssshhhhhh Facts will make the snow-flakes scurry off to their safe spaces.

      Sadly reminds me of how the light affects cockroaches.

    • ADLoggy

      Now you did it. Okay, I’ll beat the liberals to it…Racist!

    • M Aurelius

      The former “Jewell Of Africa”, Rhodesia, now has a 100 TRILLION dollar banknote.
      As the whites are murdered off, Africa reverts to it’s savage former dysfunction.

      • Potomac cynic

        Even worse than the economic disaster is the fact that Zimbabwe’s life expectancy is now the lowest in the world, for females it’s 34 years and males 37 years. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/4890508.stm Thank you Robert Mugabe for freeing your country from the awful white colonialists.

        • M Aurelius

          Under white rule it climbed form 41 years to 57.
          White devils….

  • maxcady

    Why are these blacks attending a Cracker College in the first place, if they hate honkies so much???

  • freeinpa

    And the dumbing down of our higher learning institutions continues.The major mistake this country made and has regretted ever since was humoring college protesters in the 70s.. Those boomers have given us the new generation of entitled pampered whiners.

  • practicaldan

    Let me see if I understand: An English Major at Yale is not supposed to study historically significant and prolific ENGLISH writers? What’s next? Spanish students are only to read and study non-Spanish speaking authors. French students are to be immersed in tagalog authors. Which would lead one to think that African Studies majors would then have to only study European histories and authors? It’s very practical.

    • ADLoggy

      You just illustrated the liberal mind and it’s total lack of critical thinking beyond the feel good decision, while ignoring the first and second order of affects.

  • KingofStreitHall

    Harms?? Good god, what dolts…and they about to become “doltier”…a word they probably think actually exists. What morons….

  • johnleehooker

    IF ANY of these “graduates” are EVER in charge of something more complicated than a McD’s drive through window…WE ARE ALL SCREWED

    • ADLoggy

      Probably where they are working and why they are demanding $15/hr. Those student loans they took out for worthless degrees must be killing them financially.

  • John Woodhar

    Leftists are cool!!!

  • Lib Serum

    Leftist “progressive” bullying is no better than the “colonialism” they claim is ruining their lives. That has to be the claim, right? Because they are “victims” and their lives are being ruined by “whitey.” Actually, leftists are ruining their own lives with hatred and intolerance. Bigots like those removing books have no place running any public institution.

  • babebig00

    Time to quit admitting non Whites into “Historically White Colleges”…They have HBC “historically black colleges”..and now Mexicans are claiming some California colleges as “Historically Hispanic Colleges”…problem solved ..BTW George Wallace was right…

  • eristiclogos

    A degree in English without having read Shakespeare?

    Such a degree is less than useless useless, it is fraud.

    • TexasStomp

      Honestly the list of “not allowed” books even in elementary school libraries would stun you. I believe Dr Seuss is the latest casualty. DR SEUSS???????

      pffft anyone dumb enough to send their children to public school should be arrested for child abuse! And the pathetic argument that pvt schools are too expensive are exactly that. Pathetic excuses. Freely translated that means the cost of education is at the bottom of the budget behind weekly pedicures or membership in a golf club.

      bugger them. They’e guilty many things but PARENTING isn’t anywhere on the list.

      • eristiclogos

        Our immigrant ancestors knew the value of education. Our ancestors sacrificed luxuries for the necessity of educating their children. How sad our society seems to be losing that ethic.

        • TexasStomp

          They are the dinosaurs the day before the asteroid hits and every bit as clueless. Gene pool maintenance. Mother nature can be one cold hearted lady.

          • eristiclogos

            Ah yes, SMOD, one of Mother Nature’s best methods for a hard reset.

            On the upside as Christians we know all flesh is grass.

            See you in Church!

  • markstoddard

    Here’s a thought. Offer Historical English writing styles, syntax and lexicon. Call it Marketable English Skills. Then have the snowflake version and study lesser writers writing on topics the squishy theme-du jour professors and snowflakes feel won’t harm them. Call it World Non-English Skills. Let’s see how many MA programs accept one or the other. Let the market help to decide, not political correctness. Good luck getting a job in high schools that require proficiency in writing and knowledge of great English writers — by far the greatest writers this planet has produced, something the snowflakes will never understand.

  • Zebra Dun

    Whose works will take the place of the mean ole whitey colonizers?
    Shaka Zulu’s famous tales of the bush?

  • Zebra Dun

    Oh Hell, just give them a B and send them on their way to a diploma and the real world.

  • M Aurelius

    “Previous requirements for the major included two courses in “Major English Poets,” including Chaucer, Shakespeare, Donne, Milton and Eliot, among others. But that two-course series petitioners had deemed actively harmful due to its focus on white male poets.”

    There you have it!
    Reading Shakespeare is now like eating lead paint for today’s half-wit left.

    • MorganCourtenay

      Beggars belief. These petitioners ignore the fact that Shakespeare is revered GLOBALLY.

      • M Aurelius

        Everywhere except New Haven, CT it would seem.

  • LaMano

    Do the same fools go to a Mexican restaurant and insist that they be served Italian food? If you don’t like what the school offers, go somewhere else or start your own.

  • now&then

    I feel sorry for current students, cheated of the inspiration and beauty of a classical liberal arts education. Shame on Yale for failing to be the standard bearer. A Yale English grad who never read Chaucer or Shakespeare is like a Math major who never took statistics. If Prof Newell or other students find the most cherished poets of our common tongue ‘offensive’ they should stop calling themselves “English Majors” or “English Professors” and find another academic circle to be in, not destroy English and ruin it for generations to come.

  • Red Feather

    The brown shirts are at it again. History be damned, now it’s literature. The people complaining about this are abject racists because their entire identity is based on the color of their skin not the content of the their character.

  • Matthew

    anyone under the age of 30 is just f#$ked…..

  • jackmeyhoffer

    I have a great idea. Let’s also reject all scientific research and knowledge attributable to white scientists and scholars! Let’s start with getting rid of all light bulbs because Thomas Edison was white. After all, we wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of anyone who isn’t white and make him/her feel poorly about himself/herself. Let’s all gather in the town square and burn all light bulbs.

  • 2×4

    Donors: Please stop giving money to Yale.

  • Izula

    That serves no purpose but to remove a chip from their shoulders, which will hastily be replaced by a dozen more as they’re further emboldened. They thrive on their own constructed misery.

  • Greg West

    Here are few few suggestions for the next “WHITE SCOURGE PURGE” ; Newton, Euclid, Watt, Voltaire, Franklin, Copernicus, Kepler, Einstein, Fleming, Lister, Curie, Leonardo, Homer, Aristotle, Plato, Darwin, Edison, Tesla, etc. ?

    Just think, how much money you’d save on books, Hell you’ll be able to pretty much go from K thru PhD with nothing more than a phamphlet.

    • NormanRockwellAmerican

      I envision a flier with a fist on it.

  • ARMike

    This change in curiculum just means English majors are still unemployable. Like the old saturday night shtick with Chevy Chase as a news anchor after Fracos death in Spain. “latest news from Spain Fransico Franko is still dead.” Latest data from jobs markets, English majors still do not have jobs. LOL

  • mike wesley

    How is this part of a University? This is not a universal education. This generation can not help being anything but idiots.

    • M Aurelius

      All part of the ongoing plan…….

  • Scott

    Boy am I glad I got my education before all this nonsense went mainstream.

  • johnmcv

    De colon ize? Remove the tube for “waste” removal. Yes…do it.

  • NormanRockwellAmerican

    I am thinking about all the dead white males the fought and died in the American War of Independence, and those who wrote the best Constitution and established the best country ever seen in world history, and those who fought and died ending slavery in North America, and then those dead white males who saved the world twice in the 1st and 2d World Wars. Those white males?
    Then, to discourage the reading of Shakespeare, Milton, and probably the Bible, is a crime against humanity.

  • Steve Canon

    A word to the wise: We are getting damned tired of the communist bullshit.

  • Bill E. BOBB

    Yeah, let’s replace Shakespeare with the collected works of the Black Panthers…. oh, and include that writer of the the song “let me smell your dick”, that will make for a well-rounded English course

  • Big Ern Mccracken
  • Karl Wolff

    White superiority is self evident. Otherwise, why don’t the brown and black masses want to stay in the utopia of their own homelands? Unfortunately, we live in a world where reverse Darwinism has somehow taken root because of liberal insanity…

  • Bill E. BOBB

    Since all these third worlders want to do away with yt’s oppressive stuff, they shouldn’t stop at Shakespeare and Chaucer,, they need to toss out shoes, toothpaste, pots and pans, food Etc

  • Justice PonZee

    They should only be reading work by people of color and women and preferably not white women. Definitely, no reading of anything by white men. Blacks and women have made western civilization what it is today and they should take full responsibility for it. The USA is rapidly becoming a nation of color and the Chinese now take the position that they will be at the absolute top of the pile in the future. They are right. The people of color and women are in the process of destroying western civilization and they will eventually be demanding that the Chinese give them whatever they want. Good luck on that one. The Chinese will give them a kick in their backside which is what is what they have been needing for quite a while now. We want freedom from the tyranny of people of color and women and we want it now!

  • El Gallo

    “English majors” who insist on “studying” anything in a third world language (translated to the evil English language of course), but def not English authors. It is beyond parody.

  • evola33

    Critical Theory Gone Wild. Thank you Frankfurt School, thank you Communists, and a special thanks to the you-know-whos that made it all possible.
    Nice how they announce this once it’s too late to drop the semester.

  • SanClementeX2

    They don’t want to read and study these authors because it is too complex for a certain group of students.

  • Jason

    To summarize, they will dilute the good with the bad.

  • Karl Wolff

    And the Chinese just laugh at western liberalism, greed and utter stupidity.

  • evola33

    Good! Stay stupid!

  • BSDetector

    You know who else banned certain authors? Hitler…

    • Karl Wolff

      Don’t insult Hitler like that!

  • Chuck

    Rich legacy weaklings, legislated color quotas, and maybe 3% Merritt based intelects. Only institutions of higher learning worse are the so called Traditional Black Colleges/Universities churning out diplomas not worth wiping your ass with.

  • Ken Migliorato

    As long as these schools cave in to these snowflakes, we will lose our freedom as they will ban everything they don’t like and this country will be like any Communist country or dictatorship. A closed society.

  • silver fox

    when the socialist universities are reorganized, political science, social science, economics, psychology, philosophy, theology and urban studies will degrees in literature and folk mythology .

  • allright

    WOW! The patients truly are running the asylum now.

  • StandingO


  • Karl Wolff

    This is just more two card Monte: focus on minority/LBGT rights, gun control, abortion, etc while the elites steal trillions during times of war and artificially created boom and bust cycles.

  • jschm

    Where is education going?

    • tobydelamo

      Ideological indoctrination.

    • tampabaygirl


  • Andrew Clear

    So, due to their skin color their works are no longer important? Seems racist. I can understand studying other authors, but basing who you study based off of skin color and ethnicity is racist.

  • Oatie

    I see all this silliness as great news for students that do not buy into destroying Western Civilization. They will have far less competition in the real world for jobs. Keep it up bozos…it’s kind of fun to watch the ongoing comedy.

    • tobydelamo

      The tech sector seems to love them. Catering to their silly demands at home provides cover for offshoring employment to Chinese semi-slaves.

  • Freedom

    And American tax payers foot the bill. Remember 2018 and 2020 coming up.

    Hummm….Old White angry Professors….

  • Ron Staiger

    Yeah. We heard it all before. All that comes out of Africa and Asia is wondrous, beautiful and profound while everything coming from Europe is evil, dark and racist. Ok, let’s look closely at what the hell is coming out of Africa and Asia right now!

    • Freedom

      Dog taking a dump maybe……

      • tobydelamo

        No, I think it’s just dragging it’s ass across the road because it has worms.

    • Albionic American

      At least we got yoga, mindfulness, some martial arts and some interesting cuisine out of Asia.

      BTW, don’t white progressives who practice yoga, meditate or eat sushi commit the crime of cultural appropriation?

  • mojojojo

    So, you now have a degree in English literature without studying English literature. Amazing!

    • tampabaygirl

      They are trying to erase western culture bit by bit.

  • Albionic American

    In other contexts this would sound racist, like Yale wants to spare its minority students’ coarse and animalistic minds of the burden of trying to understand the unfamiliar words and difficult syntax that the great white men used to express their deep thoughts about the human condition.

  • Rising

    These neo-marxist de-constructionists and historical revisionists are the cancer of modern society.

    By these idiots’ logic, they should all stop using electricity, soap, computers, the internet, and the English language….oh, and all those pesky rights that are protected in that totally white Constitution….

    Yale is a joke that nobody finds funny. Boo this failed institution off the stage.

  • seems Yale is being colonized by progressive useful idiots what an irony!!!

  • Vince A.

    Good bye Yale. Nice knowin ya.

    • tampabaygirl

      Leftists have ruined once respectable institutions. They do that with everything.

  • dr3yec

    Face it folks the left is racist towards anything white. As a white person the left doesn’t have much to offer my community or my people.

  • Tim Adams

    When sorting applicants for faculty jobs, we would get an easy 65 to 100 applicants per opening; it’s easy to simply circular file graduates from institutions known to be reactionist hotbeds

  • bugandco

    These people are sick with self loathing and jealousy of whites. They would destroy all whites if they could.

  • Savior of the Golden Goddesses

    It’s time to start reviewing the accreditation of these schools. We can’t have people coming out with degrees in ‘hocus pocus’ expecting to be treated the same as people who studied the classics. I wouldn’t hire them.


    What part of “English,” does Yale not understand????

    When you study “English Literature,” you are studing “English,” literary writers of note and history.
    That happens to be: White Men.
    Which were the only writers to get printed, or remembered from Chaucer to 1900.

    Yale, home of the PC idiots!
    A Yale Degree is nothing more than a very expensive “Diploma Mill.”
    You’d get a better education from the “University of Phoenix.”

  • Wake up!

    Go to Yale…learn nothing….

    • lovearepublican

      pay $250,000.

  • veritatis3

    Maybe a voodoo priestess has that power of her followers…Hmmmm?

  • lovearepublican

    So very glad that I went to College in the 80’s. This crap is more than retarded. Since Shakespeare is considered the greatest author and playwright … who are they going to replace him with? who do they have to compare with him???? Anywhere??????????? WHERE IS THE Aristotle or Sophocles in other cultures?…Western Civilization is under profound attack. I for one will fight it however and whenever I can. PLEASE PRESIDENT TRUMP GET THE COMMIES OUT OF OUR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

    Why don’t they just give away the degrees for the tuition. No class necessary. Apparently, reality is to difficult for college kids at Ivy League colleges.

  • revenge

    Yale was once a Prestigious School! Now it’s been taken over by a bunch of Communist Whacos,who want to dismantle this country.

    How do these Commie Whackos want to dismantle it? Why by
    Stupidity,Ignorance,Lies,and Communist B.S. Political Propaganda!

    Anybody sending their kids,and paying a whole ton of money,to this DUMP,is nothing more than Gullible,Stupid,and doing that kid a great disservice. I’d have to say, sending any kid to Yale,now a days,is child abuse. YOUR KID IS NOT GOING TO GET AN EDUCATION. YOUR KID IS GOING TO BE INDOCTRINATED,INTO STUPIDITY!

    Yale needs to be discredited,period.It’s no longer a prestigious place of learning,it’s the CITY DUMP!

  • Done With It

    The people who drove civilization and who created Western Culture are being marginalized by the conquered.

  • M Aurelius

    Whites invented the modern world and everything wonderful in it.
    But Yale isn’t interested in history.
    Yale is interested in the fallacy of “Kangs n’ Fay-rows!”

  • nolie

    Imagine, if we still did things on merit, people of whatever gender, color, religion, orientation, etc. would get credit for individual accomplishment and not for the quota they fit in. Wouldn’t that be something?

  • Lionel B Dyck

    all this just to flip burgers – assuming the robots haven’t taken over yet

  • Frank_PA

    In other words, we’ve made it easier to graduate by dumbing down the requirements.

  • Redford1

    So, Yale isn’t teaching great literature anymore.

  • JoeDeMaistre

    It used to be that a common education allowed people to communicate with each other by using shared references. Not saying that curriculum should not be adjusted from time to time but to eliminate swaths of books and plays from curricula does serve to cut off the young from the old. If you are going to school, you should learn what the school teaches. If you learn to read and comprehend, you can read whatever on your own time!

  • Peter Stephens

    English professor Stephanie Newell.
    Her research focuses on “the public sphere in colonial West Africa and issues of gender, sexuality, and power as articulated through popular print cultures,” according to her faculty bio. Not language! History! Put it in the right place!

  • Shoo Beedoobee

    If you forget (hide, bury, seclude, obscure, ignore) the past, you’re likely to repeat it. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta go Peter Gabriel and…

  • Easyrhino

    Sorry kids but in addition to the world’s greatest literature, just about everything with two or more moving parts was created by White people.

    You’re welcome!

  • opinionated_too

    Instead of studying white authors, they will now, all get a degree in Ebonics.

  • MIKE6080

    so now it will be – we be ,you be, she be

    • Shoo Beedoobee

      that might give me the he be, jee bees. (I used to be white, but now I’m apparently color-challenged.)

    • veganstephen

      Is that the question?

  • Mary Stevens

    These folks who are complaining about western culture should NOT be allowed to use the following created/invented by old white men: automobile, electricity, telephone, cell phone, airplane, microwave, eyeglasses (thanks Ben Franklin), vaccines (thanks Jonas Salk), running water, lots of medical equipment, penicillin, computer, air conditioning, etc.

  • Lincoln Stern

    Still trying to rationalize associating the word ‘progressive’ with any beliefs or actions by the left. Classifying the classics as racist and harmful is progress?

  • Bob Clampett

    Just another example of how the American university degree is being continually devalued.

    Apparently, Yale is intent on making an education from there increasingly worthless!

  • RobinsonCrusoe

    If you’re bent on attacking white contributions to literature, history, science, etc. then why are you bothering to be in college?

  • duncan idaho

    what’s so funny about any of this? Yale was named after a slave-trade profiteer.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    The students are probably surprised to find out that books even existed before ‘Harry Potter.’

  • DieselBoatMan

    It’s interesting how it’s OK to openly express hate of all/anything “whitey”.

    It will be just as interesting seeing how this comes full circle, as all things tend to do, and it becomes OK to hate all things associated with other groups … you know those groups that a flawless in every way. We might even get to hate blacks for all of the things that they create in their ghettos eventually make it out to the suburbs where the horrible whitey lives. You know … things like crime, violence, drugs (especially heroin base junk), illegitimacy, sloth, and a whole host of other good traits. Then we can finish up with our jewish friends … not real religious jews, oh no, just the jews that are jews in name and culture. I be you’d like to hear about the goodies they bring along for the rest of us. Let me see, I’ll start with greed, lust for power (especially were the power can force their sexual interests on others of less status). Or maybe we can explore they feign societal assimilation, but are only there to exploit, and last but not least … how they love to march, and sing protest songs with blacks, but no group exploits black more than the social jews, except perhaps other blacks.

    So, I really look forward to getting my turn at teeing off on anyone/everyone that I have a beef with. It will be a hoot. Oh,and since I’m white, I can assure you that I will be the merciless bastard that you openly label me as today.

    See you all soon.

  • Tomas Cruz

    Tell them to give up their cell phones and everything else invented or created by white men.

  • Fivepointfivesix

    The white race has brought every good thing the world has ever known. If that disturbs your delicate little liberal sensibilities, that is tough s**t. How long do you think the world would have waited for the Africans to create the Saturn V rocket, air conditioning, Beethoven’s Mass in B minor, the locomotive, penicillin, the vacuum tube, the laser, or the integrated circuit? Liberal insistence that all cultures are equal is BULL****!

  • CultureWar

    They can now study the profound and thought provoking literary works of Snoop Dog and Whoopy Goldberg.

  • Doug Day

    They should read Booker T Washington’s 1911 book, “My Larger Education” to see what he has to say about “problem profiteers”.

  • Daniel Allen

    Thank you liberal education system.. The students are now running the asylums and are completely ignorant of basic knowledge anymore… they like white men,s tax dollars though

  • Gary Mathis

    White men established Western Civilization and lifted humanity out of barbarism.

  • They are genociding white culture. See, the hysterical insanity swings both ways! If adults (all college students are adults) want to throw temper tantrums, then they should get them in return. Stop giving them whatever they want but surprise them with their own medicine.

  • DJEB

    Um, if you decolonized English, it would just be English authors. What they want is to focus on colonized literature.

    No one ever accused SJWs of being intelligent.

  • Swamp Creature


  • Well… a “Yale” degree is worth zippo….

    The inmates have taken over the asylum and the puke-bucket that is supposed to be in charge, opted to demure in favor of the MONEY…. a six figure salary is MORE important than producing an enlightened, educated product.

    MOREOVER… since this is a race-based takeover, it almost assures a race-based civil war down the line. These guys are trying to produce racially conscience troops for the future effort, AND IF THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR…. that is what they will likely find.


  • Bob

    Yale headed further down the sewer drain.

  • Jason

    Its well past time to stop putting up with all this bs. This want to end all this crap, kick them out of these Universities and, if they are receiving private scholarships or federal funding, then pull that money. If they think western civilization is so evil and terrible, then they should be willing to give up all the benefits of it (or be forcibly removed from it). They are not just criticizing it, they are rejecting it. If they really want to reject it, they should remove themselves fully from it rather than continuing to benefit from it.

    This is all the result of being too comfortable and not having real struggles that they have had to deal with. As the saying goes: “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.”. We had our good times for a while and its create at least 1 generation of weak men and those weak men (and women) have raised weak children. This will and is creating hard times.

  • Shoo Beedoobee

    What’s really ironic about this hacker (‘author’) majoring in Engrish is…well…nothing. She’ll now be able to get all the way through Yale without knowing much of it and that just ‘dumbs down’ our country, history and legacy. Don’t like the history? Fine. Learn from it and don’t repeat it. Try to ignore, hide, or suppress it…you’re guaranteed to repeat.

    You’ll just repeat it…just like it says on the shampoo bottle. (unless you have dreads, then you might not even learn that part.)

    History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men.

  • JoeLorenzo

    Where’s the University founded 200 years ago by all these like-minded degenerates? There isn’t one, because jealousy never builds anything. All these kids are deeply jealous of Western civilization. They hate America, it’s accomplishments, it’s achievers.

  • David Kachel

    Wonderful. Our universities intentionally making themselves useless and irrelevant. Are they actually so stupid that they don’t see that??!!! (I think, yes, absolutely. Anyone who could come up with the “safe space” is too stupid to be teaching anything beyond burger flipping.)

  • Rafael Nascimento


  • suerobb

    Blacks find reading difficult. Chaucer and Shakespeare??? Impossible.
    Most African works were written by Africans who lived in Europe. Ancient Egyptians were not black Africans. Other than the pyramids, where are the great buildings/cities designed and erected by Black Africans?

  • Patriotman22
  • Truth

    It’s amazing how dumb the educated are.

    • Ed

      The dumb-educated get dumber the more education they get…. and the taxpayer pays for the process.

  • longa

    In a way this is good because it totally isolates the hard left and pushes even more left leaning reasonable Americans to the right. Democrats have become the party of thugs lacking in the ability and understanding of the concept of reason. I learned a long time ago you cannot reason with unreasonable people…which are a huge part of the Democratic party. Once the reasonable Democrats emerge and defeat the whacked out leftists like Republicans are doing with the Rhino elitists the entire world will be better off.

  • espy

    What a load of BS. This is just like the protests against the Dunkirk movie having too many white guys in it. What does historical accuracy have to do with anything, so long as you can claim that you’re inclusive of all and boo the bad white men who dared to write centuries ago and inspired countless masses with their works.

    I saw on the news recently a conversation in which someone said that the pulling down of statues is akin to what the Nazi’s did prior to WWII. They were countered with the fact that the Germans after WWII pulled down reminders of Nazism. The problem with this is, that they didn’t. Auschwitz still stands. A large number of buildings and especially concentration camps remain. Not as glorification, but as reminders. So when I hear about a so-called ivy league institution removing authors based on their ethnicity I am appalled.

    When one tries to destroy their own culture out of a desire for multiculturalism due to some perceived guilt over what men long dead did, you are spelling the end of a culture. I recently read a review for the movie Get Out in which the author talked about how they felt being the only African-American in a crowd of Caucasians. They made out that race comes up often in such a situation and leads to uncomfortable situations due to the perception of old racial biases that have long been put to rest for the majority of Americans. Now I cannot speak to how people interact with one another, but I do question the motive for such a decision to view race in everything.

    And I say that based on the reality of things in places like Asia in which the Japanese did horrific things to both the Chinese and the Koreans, yet today both of these peoples are able to travel to Japan and not immediately feel racially prejudiced due to historical events. Until people can view history with an unbiased view and perceive people based on their own personal merits rather than based on what they think they should feel based on historic events we will continue to be racially divided.

    So at the end of all this I say, pull down the NAACP, La Raza, and all other organizations that divide based on race. Until no such organization exists, we will continue to have racism.

  • The university is an institution founded by Western Civilization. Maybe they could set the example for “decolonization” and move to to Africa.

  • Shoo Beedoobee

    Take solace in the fact that if SHTF today, the better brains (not necessarily “educated”) will win and the commentary of the lesser will be impossible, irrelevant and unheard as they die off rapidly and deservedly. Reminds me of a song….”I can skin a buck and I can run a trot line…”

  • RippedTopShelf

    Raze academia. Rebuild from the ashes.

  • Albondigas

    UC Berkeley will not let this stand!

    They will dumb-down faster and more efficaciously than any other institution of lower learning.

    Don’t think so? Visit Shattuck Ave. around campus and witness the unraveling of American culture.

  • Skyhawk

    Yes, by all means lets contrive more historical/literary black relevance. What could possibly be the next mundane event to sensationalize into historical import? Cant we just get more mileage out of Toni Morrison, The Tuskegee Airman, MLK, Harriet Tubman and Peanut Butter????

  • Shoo Beedoobee

    If I started an organization today, raising funds, established a website and received government and private funding…and I named that organization “The National Association for the Advancement of White People,” is there anyone that would bet me a dime that I would not get death threats? Racism is bilateral…nobody can claim otherwise. I’d like it if we could just all figure out how to focus on the bigger stuff.

  • oskarmeier

    I own a Riverside of the complete works. I read 2 or 3 times a week, finish a play once a month or so; I don’t remember how many times I’ve read each one. This has nothing whatsoever to do with education but with pure delight. I don’t think I want to live in a society made up, mostly, of people who don’t understand what that means — – maybe, I already do….

  • PattiDuke

    No minority background poet shall ever come close to Shakespeare, Yeats, or even Billy Collins.

  • Theospeak1

    “We’re overcoming racism in academia by getting rid of Whitey!”

  • Joe Castellana

    and so Yale continues its decline, not into mediocrity, but into total waste. hilarious!

  • NJ Conservative

    Is there one country that is majority Black with Black rulers that is a flourishing, wealthy, healthy, peaceful, lawful country? I can’t think of one.

  • Joe Cocker

    Someone please tell the pussies at Yale that Chaucer was queer … ha!

  • Horus

    Cant wait until they “decolonize” Shakespeare and Chaucer from schools in England. As far as the US, there was no Yale before colonization. How can you “decolonize” the US without leaving it nothing but forests? “Decolonization” simply means dispossessing whites of their own nations and cultures.


  • matt10023

    It’s not splitting hairs to point out that English writers cannot colonialize their own language, or the study of writing in, and of that language.

    It would be like getting rid of Camus from French literature to decolonize it.

    It’s one thing for students to ask for this. They are high on power and bathed in ignorance. It’s another for the faculty to comply. It’s as if they’re admitting they’ve been lying about the cannon for hundreds of years.

  • Kathy Marnell

    High School/Common Core has done its “dumbing down” this decade. Literature is devolving into the lowest level…Bloom is turning in his grave…if your child’s high school literature teacher doesn’t insist on written effort of analyzing, evaluating common, universal authors in the development of western civilization’s guideposts of values, morals and character, Yale might be for them. But for a civilized society, the grandeur of literature and all it reveals will remain the singular and most rewarding ‘connection’ they may ever have to guide life, love and positive cultural contributions.

  • Earnest Evanston

    Yes I am sure there is great literature coming from African tribesman who in a little more than a century ago were living in huts with rings around their noses and throwing spears. This is another example how the left – secret communists – want to deconstruct American society and reform it toward the path of socialism and then ultimately communism. The Democratic party has veered far radical left. Fight communism – VOTE OUT ALL DEMOCRATS! YES WE CAN!!

  • Ruckweiler

    Ought to be real interesting to see what these losers think is acceptable reading.

  • BeaMark

    Barf. That is all I can say. If all this West African stuff is so important, then the teacher should move to West Africa to teach it.

    • Jackpine Savage

      Hey, that’s unfair…West Africa did give us Ebola!

  • Darryl Harb

    When are they going to change the name of Yale to reflect the more diverse student body? Elihu Yale was a brutal slave master. And let’s face it, until they get rid of ALL the white professors AND students, that school will continue to be a bastion of white supremacy. And lets get this year’s Halloween costumes vetted, pronto, before they go out trick-or-triggering.

  • Flechette

    I guess their engineering departments better stop teaching anything by Newton, Pauli, Tesla, Petri, Salk, Schrödinger, Einstein and all those other racists.

  • Flechette

    Yale graduates can be added to my list of who I will not hire.

  • athena1516

    Oh heck no, if I had to sit through a semester of Shakespeare and Chaucer, then current college students need to also, who do they think they are?!!

  • Edgar Cayce

    Infants eating liberal crap sandwiches…

  • Filthyhorse

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the English language IS based on white European culture. That’s who invented the language. What am I missing here?

  • Mr Creosote

    Get your English degree from Yale without Shakespear or Chaucer..

    Why not just major in Rap lyrics, and ebonics?

  • matt

    western culture is the only culture expected to apologize for its own existence.
    just as whites are the only race expected to apologize for their own existence.
    a backlash is long overdue.

  • Miggy10

    I’m pretty sure the origin of the English language is white people? Oh well, I hope we can ensure that any Mandarin classes will focus on literature from many non asian writers and swahili classes must be forced to include white writers as well? LOL

  • Harvey Sloan

    I think studying communist authors is the best approach. What other ideology in human history was able to kill 150 million innocent civilians in a single century?

  • falseprophet123

    It seems these days that going to an Ivy League school is a monumental waste of money. The school presidents, deans an trustees get rolled by the SJW’s that seem to make up a large percentage of the student body. I’m glad my kids are 10 and 8. Hopefully this nonsense will stop by the time they’re ready for higher education. Although, I have no idea if I’ll be able to afford what colleges might cost 10 and 12 years from now.

  • instamind

    Of course it’s an old jew behind the class. Everytime…

  • scott63

    How much does this dump cost a year now?

  • DahktaD

    The other day another Professor claimed that math was racist… I am truly surprised minorities are allowing “Professors” to denigrate their level of intelligence.

  • victoria ordin

    I want to vomit, but think I can manage a comment without actually puking on my just-cleaned MacBook Pro.

    I am Yale English 1995 (originally 1994). I will confine the sources of my nausea to two issues Damron raises:

    1) This Stephanie Newell character has stated outright that she will not teach “close reading.”

    “Newell described her teaching style in this course as “the opposite of ‘close reading’ – we spend a great deal of time discussing cultural, linguistic and historical contexts, and we have read and discussed some classic works of postcolonial theory in conjunction with the primary texts. Likewise, when students write essays, I encourage them to undertake secondary reading and research, as well as to analyze primary texts.”

    Basically, this is carte blanche to ignore all literary aspects of the text and to reduce texts merely to vehicles for pushing a political agenda. That the students are in fact reading *literary* texts is irrelevant, regardless of genre. And form? What’s that? Merely a fascist plot, of course.

    2) “The petition, a Google document which has since been made private, critiqued the perceived whiteness of the English department requirements: “A year spent around a seminar table where the literary contributions of women, people of color, and queer folk are absent actively harms all students, regardless of their identity.”

    “Active harm” is never defined. It’s taken merely as gospel. When I had to suffer through “Black Political Fiction” for my PhD at UCSB, I was bored to tears and only enjoyed Chester Himes’ Lonely Crusade. Other than that, it was a wash. I liked a few of the essays in the course packet (that’s how students used to read secondary material). But it was not a course I enjoyed taking.

    And yet? I seem to have survived it.

    “A year spent around a seminar table” studying works by white males… harms all students”? How do you know? Do they get hives? Do girls start cutting? Become anorexic? Do boys start binge drinking?

    A student at Yale used to take 9 courses. That means every other term was what at some colleges would be 20 units.

    Are the petitioners saying that ONE class out of four (or five) for ONE year deforms identity forever? Is that how identity works? Funny, I was under the impression that most identity was formed long before a Yale student sat down at a wooden table in LC or WLH. Clearly identity formation didn’t “take” if two courses out of 36 in a four-year undergraduate career was capable of sweeping, longterm harm.

    I’m a liberal. My mother was a Carter US Attorney, for God’s sake. My father hated Republicans and never voted for one. So my liberal pedigree is impeccable.

    And this is what my father, a B24 pilot who bombed Nazis 18 times, would call “a colossal load of horse****.”

    I wanted to go to Yale for one and one reason only: the English department. That it’s been taken over by whiny extremists (with precious little concept of psychology or psychoanalysis, and the formation of identity) makes me ill. I don’t have children and even if I did, I don’t have the money my parents did to send a child to Yale presuming he or she got in.

    But this is a sad day for anyone who cares about Yale and its English department.

    (PS. After Yale, I got a fellowship at UCSB from the Graduate Division for an MA/PhD. That was a Cultural Studies department and while I did get depressed in graduate school, it wasn’t because I had to sit through Alycee Lane’s class with two obnoxious New Historicists. I hated the town, and the department was a bad fit for someone who, like me, cared about philosophy.

    But I’m not so weak or daft as to blame my emotional issues in grad school on sitting through an abominable course for the distributional requirement. On top of which, graduate school is much more stressful and important to one’s career goals. The discipline as a whole has changed, as has the academy. UCSB was the least of it. These kids, too young to drink, want the entire English department to serve as “remedial identity formation.” That’s a very different request. And it’s not what pre-professional training in literature should be about. They have therapists at Yale for that kind of thing. Not very good ones, but that’s not the fault of the English department.)

  • ConstantReader

    There is not mistaking it.
    Diversity = no white people.

  • RexMurphy

    Western Civilization is overwhelming responsible for almost all of the great leap of human progress in virtually every area from growing food surplus, mass production manufacturing, health care, transportation, technology, etc., etc. that here to fore was simply measured for untold centuries in terms of the speed of a walking man or horse. A little over one hundred years ago, 25% of farming was devoted to fodder for horses. In the great scope of things, there is comparatively, precious little in the way of advancement or contribution that originated from many other cultures in the world. One only has to look at the Middle East, Africa, etc. to see that many of those areas are still operating somewhere between the stone age and the 7th century A.D., backward and froth with tin-horn dictators and warlords. Despite demonstrable, overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the all cultures are of equal value nonsense is a dishonest myth promulgated to sooth the sensitivities of those who are threatened by the truth.

  • Manny S

    Ivy League? Society’s brightest students? Give me a break. You are witnessing a death of a nation.

    • Jackpine Savage

      No, just the death of the Ivy League, not America.

      The Ivy’s have done very little to merit their smug “prestige” for many years, a fact not lost on the rest of the country. The place is full of phony “intellectuals,” PC drones, and affirmative action semi-literates.

      They can burn to the ground and our country will be a far better place because of it…

  • So at point do we reach the bottom in regard to lowering standards?

    Reading an article the other day where advanced Math was racist. Have fun keeping a serious job that requires an in-depth knowledge of math.

  • MVB

    If you ask me these courses are a waste of time anyway. For the 9 people that actually enjoy studying poets they don’t need the classes because they’ll study it on their own.

  • Domin8er

    Yale will soon be a satellite campus for Morehouse College. Who freaking cares.

  • Robert Rosenwasser

    Reading material used to be based on the merit of the material, not the race of the author. It just so happens that white men from which the English language developed were most proficient in it. Now the school wants to base reading material based on NOT MERIT, but rather the inclusion of the NON WHITENESS and NON STRAIGHTNESS of the author. That is pathetic that the merit of the literature can be given merit simply by the color religion and sexual persuasion of the author. If the author is a black liberal gay man, his writing will have merit, not because it is good, but because its source is a black liberal gay man. This is further leading to the dumbing down of America. The liberals are in control of the teachers union and the department of education, and the USA does not even compete worldwide in math and sciences. But we are not dumb enough for the liberals yet. They further want to ruin now our English education. Will somebody please put a stop to their nonsense.

  • J W

    I wonder how many of their grads will now be relating in ebonics…?

  • Crotalus


  • Leftist_Stooge

    I think the students make a good point, in fact I think the students should force Yale to get rid of ALL white professors and faculty because of their White Privilege!

  • No Rulers

    Is it un-PC to note that we are talking about an “English” department? What’s wrong with studying, and reading, English authors?

    It won’t be long before snickers are heard from hiring departments who are considering candidates from these types of schools. I say, let them continue in their folly. Just warn prospective students and parents to avoid these intellectual cesspools.

  • Trey Richardson

    Bahahaha! Anything white is bad! Keep on liberals…Thank you for putting Trump in the WH!

  • lavallette

    Modern academia is all about reduction of standards and values to the lowest common factor! Obviously the highest forms of human expression and cultural achievements give offence to and are beyond the capacities of the minorities and therefore it makes them elitist, and discriminatory. We no longer teach: we indoctrinate!

  • SecessionNow

    Most college students today are too stupid to grasp Shakespeare anyhow.

  • Gene Sonye

    Well that’s it. I am NEVER going to Yale!

  • jcambro1

    I hereby demand that all progressive race-gender fanatics STOP using English or other European languages, forms of measurement, mathematics, forms of government, musical instruments, written music, tools, technologies, devices, philosophies (including Marxism), economics, clothing, foods and customs immediately.

    As a white male, I am tired of having my culture appropriated and stolen by leftist minorities and their white liberal slave masters!

    I furthermore, demand reparations for the exploitation of these elements of European civilization by peoples from non-Western cultures. I demand payment only in US notes that have Harriet Tubman on them, because I forbid the coopting of the visage of white males.

    From this point forward, all progressives must address me in primitive grunts, Swahili or the familiar clicks and high-pitched whines of whales and dolphins.

    Any other form of communication will be officially branded a form of theft, whereby I will be allowed to make a citizens arrest as a self-appointed deputy of the Social Justice League of America!

    Its time to end the theft of Western Civilization by the cult of progressivism.

  • terry

    Let them use comic books

  • The Un-PC Truth

    On the bright side, a niche is developing that can only be met by a traditional, merit based Western educational institution. It’s not unlike the niche created by the liberal news media that led to Fox News.

  • Frankie D

    So, just why haven’t the snowflakes at Yale demanded their precious university be renamed, after all, their namesake was a racist slave trader? Guess it’s ok to get rid of Robert E. Lee, but Yale not so much!
    Guess the alumni don’t want their alma mater being renamed..LOL

    Elihu Yale (Namesake of Yale University)

    Elihu Yale (5 April 1649 – 8 July 1721) was a British merchant, philanthropist and slave trader, President of the East India Company settlement in Fort St. George, at Madras, and a benefactor of the Collegiate School in the Colony of Connecticut, which in 1718 was renamed Yale College in his honor.[1]

    The records of this period mention a flourishing slave trade in Madras, a trade in which Yale participated and from which he profited. He enforced a law that at least ten slaves should be carried on every ship bound for Europe. In his capacity as judge he also on several occasions sentenced so-called “black criminals” to whipping and enslavement. When the demand began to increase rapidly, the English merchants even began to kidnap young children and deport them to distant parts of the world, very much against their will. At a time when profits from the slave trade were dwindling and pressure from the Mughal government to stop the enslavement was mounting, the administration of Fort St George eventually stepped in and introduced laws to curb enslavement.[6]

  • Ed Benedict


  • 2old2care

    If these progressives really want to “decolonize” then they need to stop using English and use one of the written languages of sub Saharan Afri…wait, that won’t work, they never developed any. Guess we will have to stick with the cultural appropriation of western language by the people of color.

  • David

    “Actively Harmful to the students”. These kids are going to crash hard in the real world. There’s very little money in activism.

  • Bon Vivant

    Alas poor Yale, I kew it well!

  • rbblum

    Could say that English studies at Yale is being whitewashed (by blacklisting authors who happen to be dead old white men).

  • bps

    perhaps using a computer (invented by a cracker), driving a car (invented by a cracker), using a phone (invented by a cracker), etc…. is too much colonization for these kids, perhaps they should be writing on cave walls, riding elephants and making gutter sounds to communicate their thoughts.

  • kasper boorki

    back when writing still existed in the real world marketplace of readers as opposed to the fake universe of Academia, people of color tried to read as widely as possible. Richard Wright was influenced by Mencken and a Gertrude Stein book that is now considered racist.

    Now the new commissars have decided all white everything must be purged. They really could care less about literature of any race. This is just a small little episode in a political narrative of marginalizing white culture and convincing whites that their past achievments were undeserved. The only subject worth writing about is micro-agressions and the immigrant experience in white countries

    • bps

      you know that if james baldwin was alive today he would be run out of town for not sounding black enough

      • kasper boorki

        he would be too traditional for them and also anyone with any natural affinity for writing is embarrassing for the kind of poseurs that teach creative writing and have based their career strictly on identity and climbing in a corrupt system

  • William Post

    The majority of students making these demands are white, right? Here’s my question for them: how do you develop such self-loathing? If these “students” were capable of objective reasoning they’d have to acknowledge the incredible debt the world owes to Western Civilization. Are there negatives associated with the western world? of course t here are, but what culture on the planet, current or past, can legitimately claim to have never included anything that can be seen as negative?
    There is much hand-wringing over Christopher Columbus’ actions in the west and viewed in light of modern society he did some things that were horrific. But in his time that was not the case. Is it reasonable to judge someone from the past for doing things that were acceptable then but are not now? I don’t see how it is. Especially when some of the “horrific acts” associated with Columbus he learned from the native peoples he is supposed to have committed these atrocities against.
    Columbus aside, what did Shakespeare do that was so horrible other than making the mistake of being born white. Why can one not appreciate the brilliance of Shakespeare & other white authors along with the brilliance of writings from other cultures? How is totally eliminating one any better than totally eliminating the other?
    The people who believe in some of the nonsense coming off college campuses lately are a small minority but somehow they are being given a great deal of control over the rest of us.I’m afraid the “cultural suicide attempt” is going to be successful if sane people don’t rise up & stop the nonsense.

  • jrrrr

    There are two kinds of bigots in the world; one kind hates white people and the other kind hates everybody else. The first set of bigots teaches today, while the latter set taught last century’s graduates.

    Poor little professors; centuries of study and none have noticed that when one reifies racial categories, the arbitrarily assigned use value inherent in every category is also reified into an unrecognized racist color judgment, believed to represent reality.

    So human minds remain susceptible to propaganda, including the tax funded propaganda of racial profiteers, because no mind can differentiate a reified category from an existing entity, _unless_ each human owner is taught that every blind, deaf mind that can taste, touch or smell nothing, is fundamentally reliant upon sensory perception. Reliance upon sensory perception as sole evidence for what is believed to be knowledge _inside_ the mind as correctly representing what exists _outside_ the mind, would, of course, end academia’s generational indoctrination of people taught to reify categories into hatred for those they “know” nothing about, not even their names.

    Albeit, should this information get out, that would also be the end of intellectual susceptibility to the tax funded propaganda of racial profiteers, which is rather obviously the reason why tax funded educators insist that “knowledge” and “education” are synonymous, so that the only source of racism appears to be from outside academia.

  • DaisyToo

    Yeah, it’s true, exposure to White authors has a way of displaying ambition and intellectual rigor to the lazy. It positively gives them the shivers.

  • kasper boorki

    who did Shakespeare or Daniel Defoe discriminate against anyway, to get their underserved status ? You know the last 40-50 years since the university takeover of writing has been a complete wasteland. The census bureau tracks poetry readership and the 2015 numbers are quite revealing

  • I Celebrate Caliber Diversity

    Words and ideas have no race, the skin color and gender of the author should not be a factor in determining if an idea is good or not.

  • JBRoux

    More and more diversity seems to leave some out. Open minds for all opinions except conservative, Christian, or non “ethnic” opinions.

  • Paul Kersey

    Once Math became “racist”, it was clear that the real problem is a complete lack of aptitude. They’re just too fuqing stupid, gotta dumb it down a couple of notches.

  • DL Marble

    What a fu#king joke..

  • I Celebrate Caliber Diversity

    So when studying english, people are upset that the authors are english?

  • LibertyForU

    Yale judges the quality of authors by their skin color ==> Yale is now officially racist.

  • Marius Quentical

    This must be stopped. Because we are a nation based upon capitalism, the only way to stop this is to have high school students (and their paying parents) refuse to apply to Yale and other institutions of the same ilk. And Trump needs to do whatever he can to castrate these universities of any federal financial aid…Pell Grants, Perkins Loans, etc., as allowable by law. Dumping the classics for the sake of diversity is a rapid road to disaster. This nonsense all started in the 1960s with the Vietnam War protests and the removal of a VERY important question from all job applications in the USA:

    “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party.”

    Any educator with Marxist-socialist leanings should never have been allowed to teach our youth.
    50% of all current university professors would never have gotten jobs if this question was still allowed to exist. I’m sure that SCOTUS was responsible for this question’s removal…and THAT is why we need term limits on supreme court justices.

    If American society does not rid itself of these vestiges of Obamunism, I know of a large number of patriots like myself who stand at the ready to aggressively “fix” this problem ourselves. I hope that day never has to come, but I’m becoming more depressed about its inevitablity by the day.

  • soljerblue

    I’m sure the whiners would be quite happy to allow a couple of dirty white boys named Marx and Lenin to be “red” in their classes.

    • kasper boorki

      do the antifa youth really care about economic analysis ? Seems like if it’s not about race they could care less.

  • DL Marble

    Is there any way back other than a ful reset? I mean full on civil war/revolution? I don’t see any other way..

    • Marius Quentical

      You are correct. The only way is to seize the institutions of higher learning that profess Marxist-Socialist-Trotskyite teachings that corrupt our young skulls full of mush. There is no electoral mechanism to do this. Our Constitution was written by men who failed to envision that future AmeriKans would lose their morality and endeavor to turn the Constitution on its head. An all-out civil or revolutionary war may be needed to do a Constitutional restoration. Even an Article V Convention of the States would take too long to apply any meaningful fix.

  • Pelosi Galore

    Pretty soon, they’ll just sit around and watch Idiocracy. “It has electrolytes….and plants need electrolytes, dumbazz!” We’re actually there, already.

  • Richard Martin

    Let me see, it’s ENGLISH poetry, so exactly who are the authors supposed to be? Chinese Asians? WTF. if you hate white culture, don’t take the course and go somewhere that white culture is minimal. Wear a grass skirt, drink water out of puddles, and sleep in a tree.

    • NoDepositNoReturn

      Or sleep in a thatched hut, cave or teepee.

  • X88B88

    Those Yale degrees are quickly becoming worthless. lol

  • Jus Wundrin

    Im surprised the left hasnt designed a new dictionary of words that arent perceived as offensive. It would be about 53 words that can be used freely without harm to anyone. Grunts, clicks, and hand gestures will be used in place of the previously offending words.

  • NoDepositNoReturn

    What PC garbage, when the pillars of Western literature are replaced by something scrawed from tribal Africa or from some confused homosexual.

  • William Ripskull

    These universities are run by nuts, and employ other hate-filled nuts posing as professors, but really living off of public welfare. They are useless. The could all resign tomorrow and the quality of the university would only improve.

    • NoDepositNoReturn

      Or send these idiot New England college professors to re-education camps.

  • Jake671


  • Jon Fast

    Just one more millennial that thinks that she knows best. What a crock of steaming CRAP and Yale will let the inmates run the asylum. I would expect nothing less from a bastion of liberal thoughts and actions. Pathetic. Let me see if I got this right. First it was to rewrite history, then destroy statues, then free (opposing speech) and now books. We aren’t too far from the Brown Shirt era in this country and the liberals are damn proud of it. SSDD in liberal land. Lock and load people, its coming sooner than you think to a big town near you.

  • strongmind

    people whose ancestors never even discovered the wheel should not be allowed in higher education…… unless they “earn” their way in.

  • kettlecorn

    These phuq’ing sick Marxist professors and the libtard democrat party are going to make it so easy for China or Russia to come and take this country over without firing a shot, it will be the land of the frightened snowflakes.

  • You ain’t need no speaking White no more nohow at de yale shizzle. Im bes soon docta man in de crib ethnoneurospsychoafrosociolinguisitcal deepatment. Docta La Docta, bro!

  • kasper boorki

    they don’t even understand that real non-white writers never saw the world in this narrow cynical way . Langston Hughes had a book titled “Shakespeare in Harlem”

  • MidwestNorsk

    “We wuz kangs” YouTube videos now the curriculum.

  • kasper boorki

    they’re really just bored make believe revolutionaries with a grocery list of white culture figures that they want to tear down for a cheap thrill.

  • doc holiday

    I didn’t know Witch Doctors could write.

  • Mike Keller

    Another reason not to hire a Yale student

  • Betawelder

    How stupid do you have to be to send a son or daughter to yale, if you want a education your better off with a Community College than yale.

    • erp617

      They spew the same garbage.

  • Benof67

    If the reading of English writers like Shakespeare and Chaucer are eliminated from Yale’s English Literature curriculum, then they may just as well shut down the department.. Obviously the new poets of note, will be Fifty-Cent, Ice-Cube and the rest of the rappers, talking about Pimp and Hoes, and shooting cops. Yale has obviously become more concerned with political correctness than it is about education. The decline of America’s University system continues to spiral out of control.

  • Black Tongue

    Studying English is not a required element of an English major. The absurdity never ceases to amaze me.

  • Jolly Roger

    The Republicans and the Conservative Right and Libertarians should share in the blame for the gradual yet almost guaranteed destruction of Western Civilization (and the eventual enslavement and genocide of White Europeans when they become a minority everywhere). While the hardcore Bolshevik Left was seeding their Fifth Column operatives into every level of the educational system from preschool to University Graduate Schools, every facet of the media, and all levels of government bureaucracy, the Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians focused only on Wall Street. So let’s not act surprised when Bolshevik Left controlled universities like Yale erase the contributions of White Europeans out of history or demonize them. The first step in exterminating a people is to dehumanize and vilify them. We are starting to see the trend now. What follows is already laid out in history on roads like those that led to Auschwitz.

  • Rouge Krama Macaluso

    BLAME THE ***!!!!

  • kennethhenson

    Small wonder they avoid studying history, irrespective of the races of the people who explored, took the risks and, despite some reckless behavior, laid the foundation for civilization. They prefer to sit in their rooms saying life is not fair; overindulged children that they are.

  • Larry1566

    What harms students are going to liberal colleges where your parents are paying a fortune for basically daycare for 4 years. Besides do the math 200k for an Humanities degree to get a job paying 25k a year…maddness

  • kennethhenson

    Remember Yale locks? They are now slapped on the minds of arriving freshpersons (gotta be PC, don’tcha know!)

  • Epic Lib Fail 🐼

    In other words, white people = racism. Oh the irony and the irony of not teaching children about irony

  • JMNT

    LOL. In order to be fair, I think students should be forced to diversify their music tastes by taking a course that studies all the greatest white rappers of all time…Vanilla Ice and Eminem.

  • Travvy

    Perhaps these children should be denied EVERYTHING that any White Man has ever made.

    Medical Procedures.
    Transmissions from Satellites.
    And, all of their electronic devices, starting with their CELL PHONES.


  • bvikay

    Without colonialism Yale University would not exist. End of discussion.

  • michael ryan

    at some point you will no longer be able to stop this, your now down to 60% this is a war on whites

  • AZ DesertDweller

    Wasn’t Yale started by a slave trader?

  • Oboy_must_go

    I didn’t think Yale students knew how to read English.

  • expatwannabe

    Chip…chip…chip…until the country caves.

  • burningtree

    What unmitigated drivel. No wonder Harold Bloom divorced himself from the Yale English Department years ago.

  • Dan

    Why stop with “white literature”? Yale is also forcing these pitiful downtrodden oppressed students to use white culture- produced math, numbers, alphabet, architecture, electricity, even white toothpaste and chalk! Oh the horror, the horror! LIBERATED YALE STUDENTS, FALCUTY AND ADMINISTRATION! Throw off these chains of white culture slavery. Make a Solomon vow to never again use ANY of these symbols of white western culture domination that cause you such harm. Start today!

    • tNJ

      Geometry,calculus and trigonometry have been deemed to be “too white” because it is Greek -no kidding,was a story last week.

  • somehistorian

    And so it goes, and so it goes….. Common Core Math, Liberal Climatology, Affirmative Action Illiterate literates & PHD’s passed out like toilet paper. No more Longfellow, Shakespeare, Thoreau, Marlowe Frost, Hawthorne, Lowell, Poe, Hathaway, Cervantes, Dickens, Wadsworth, Plato, Aristotle,or Pythagoras…..just Snoop Dogg, Maya Angelou, Spike Lee. Should make these choices optional for the tuition Yale charges.
    Way to go Yale!

    • tNJ

      CC Math is scary- stay away from bridges and buildings that were designed by a CC math graduate,yikes!

    • tNJ

      Pythagoras is double trouble -white and liked RIGHT angles. definite trigger for lefties

  • UT Ex

    Good thing I am retired. I’d never higher one of these coddled snowflakes.

  • rjm2238

    We see here that racism and bigotry are not only alive but flourishing on the campuses of American universities these days. That the anti-White discrimination is taking off at many of the more liberal, hate filled campuses is no surprise as today’s liberalism is built on a foundation of hate and envy cemented together with lies. Well, if this is how it must be then I challenge these people to go all the way in expressing their bigotry. How about divorcing themselves of all influences from dead White guys and live ones too, including grants, endowments and any other sources of money derived from White people. If they wished to play it to the hilt they would cease associating themselves from all things invented by or created by White men, dead or alive.
    This would of course require them to turn off the lights as Thomas Edison is responsible for incandescent lighting as well as much of the electrical systems which distribute the electricity required to keep the lights lit, along with George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla. I suspect they should stop seeing doctors for modern medical care as ninety percent of that was derived from the breakthroughs and research of White guys, funded by other white guys. What else should they avoid to be consistent; how about books, the printed word and movable type, that would be a German guy, Guttenberg, another of those White guys, so no books unless they are hand written and not authored by White guys. So come on now you neo-haters, let’s see you be thorough and consistent with all of this. Off with the lights, the central heating in winter and the air conditioning in the summer and no refrigeration or pasteurization either and when that makes you ill, no ‘White man’s medicine’ for you, tough it out like they did in the god old days before the White man.
    Come to think of it who was it that started all the Ivy League Universities in the first place? Oops, better start packing your bags, you see you have to go. These places were all founded by those White guys again and you don’t want anything to do with their poisonous influence so, out the door if you are to be honest and consistent. Hey you can start your own university and it will be better right? None of that pervasive White hate I always hear you complaining about right?
    I’ll bet you begin by teaching about the really evil White guys, those like Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Hitler, Che Guevara and many others and there you would be correct. All too correct with the one caveat mentioned here. Don’t forget to teach that violence pre-dated the first use of biological warfare, the British against the Iroquois nation in the French and Indian War of 1763. The various tribes routinely butchered and enslaved themselves to a terrible degree up to and including the virtual extinction of a few tribes, so that is not unique to White men. We did not even discover or invent violence it has around for a long time before there was White men to be sure. We simply did what we did to pretty much everything we saw, we improved it. Funny how this is no doubt the only improvement you would give us credit for but that speaks more about you than it does us now, doesn’t it?
    Well you better get started as you have much work to do. I hear building institutions is hard work so you better get right after it, winter is coming just as it did three hundred years ago when those evil White men built the school you are trying to throw them out of right now as gratitude for your being invited in. I’m betting that you can’t build it and you know that so you won’t even try. No heart, no guts and less self-confidence but plenty of mouth, plenty of hate and lies. It seems that’s all you have is hate and lies and maybe just a touch of envy don’t you think? If you didn’t you would build your own institutions and give White kids a special dispensation to get in, like they gave you, just to prove you are equal right?
    Call me when you are done.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • Jake Lakota

    Fine. You don’t want white peoples, then white people stay away. Ask the NFL how that is going

  • nhale

    Are there that many books in ebonics?

    • Nuncle Lear


  • jtinevergreen

    Professor Newell uses a lot of words to say nothing. Talk about a BS artist…
    Another Queen of Doublespeak. What can we possibly learn in a supposed English class that is of benefit from (the failed) Western African “culture”? Ebonics?

    • John

      Yes, they are already pushing that in the U.K.

  • Douglas Mills

    The nuts are running the asylum.

    • John

      Yes… that’s the left wing these days. Why do you the no I voted for obama and then Trump?

  • Marcus Landon

    Its OUTRAGEOUS, racist, biased and demeaning that English majors are forced to read, write and speak English — which is an inherently oppressive language. English should be taught in a less oppressive language like Swahili, or even Spanish. English should be banned; its the language of oppressors!!!

    • Nuncle Lear

      The real irony is that oppression has to be taught in….English!

  • RPM_in_SD

    Guess these folks won’t be using the toilet or indoor plumbing, alternating current electricity, televisons, telephones (land or cell), computers, cameras (film or digital), safety razors, airplanes, penicillin, etc. — I could go on for hours. All created by dead white guys. As was Yale itself.

  • david kerst

    What List of writers do they suggest replace them?/ I’d like to see the list?…..Tupac? 50 cent?, Maxiene Waters?
    Marx? nancy pelosi?…Spike Lee?…The nation’s IQ just dropped 50 points…

    • rjm2238

      Half of them appear on bathroom walls and the other half write bumper stickers and protesters placards. They support themselves in their spare time by writing for the New York Times and teaching in universities.
      Rich in New Mexico.

  • I find interesting the number of the radical left who are atheists and/or believe in evolution, the survival of the fittest traits developed along millennia;
    and yet, want to deny or destroy all the traits that their DNA has developed over the last million years of so.
    There was a reason your DNA brought you xenophobia. There is an evolutionary reason you have or do not have a penis. Changing that or denying your racial preference are both contrary to the history of the protection that your DNA brought to you. You can pretend. Fortunately your DNA will not evolve to include your foolishness.

  • ted

    It’s harmful to students to “close read” if you read at 8th grade level. Your finger gets tired too!

  • Syd Moran

    If I can’t have the Cavalier Poets, I’m going straight for the King.
    All Things Serve the Crimson Stephen King.

  • Jayrod

    After all, how dare English majors be forced actually study the works of those who created and shaped the modern English language.

    I’m so glad I finished college more than a decade ago and that I’ve decided to not have children so I’m not exposing anyone else to this lunacy.

  • kutzukid

    go ahead and get that english major, take that “Contemporary African Fiction: Challenges to Realism,”…some one has to cook fries….you might even get you picture with ear phones on Kellog Corn Pops

  • tonyloaf

    I’ve got a great idea for English class. Let’s study authors who can’t string two coherent sentences together.

  • deltamike67

    politically correct absurdities by morons

  • Cletus B Neckbeard

    Obviously, there are people who recognize that not all cultures are the same. Now, the trick is getting the Dullards to appreciate some genuinely are better than others.

  • tNJ

    Is anybody hire people from the once great ivy league schools anymore? Sounds like some great workers being trained in these schools.

  • Wouldn’t want to study ENGLISH authors in the ENGLISH LIT class. Sorry, but as Cletus below says, “All cultures are not the same”. Some have done better than others, are more tolerant, more prosperous, and lead the world in all areas. That is what we should be teaching. Reality always wins in the end.

    • TRUMPstompSnowflakes

      You’d better stop that. You are speaking TRUTH and that is no longer allowed in our culture.

  • TRUMPstompSnowflakes

    In a world where the youth are destroyed by the thug-thug-thug-thug of hip-hop fecal matter, and filthy lyrics (mostly composed of two syllables), there is no reason to study iambic pentameter. Yale ROTS young minds!

  • Hank Wilson

    Wow. Talk about the “inmates running the prison.” 99% of the people wanting their “demands” met shouldn’t have graduated from the 8th grade! Thanks to quotas you get ignorance.

  • StubbornlyRational

    Shakespeare, Snoop Dogg….what’s the difference?

    • TRUMPstompSnowflakes

      Life or Death

    • rjm2238

      That’s what I say, What’s the difference, let’s go grab a beer …
      Rich in New Mexico.

  • So what they are saying is that a Yale English degree is worthless from this point forward. Have you ever seen people poison their own well like the liberal academia types? I thought they were smart… hm

  • RubberChicken

    Yale sucks anyway so who cares. Only losers hire yale grads.

  • Syntheto

    White people are responsible for everything… the bad, the good, everything…. Doggone White people.

  • Ryan

    It would seems the “decolonizers” have successfully colonized the English courses with non-Englishmen. What a stupid, orwellian, time to be alive. To hell with these people.

  • rpu28

    If the unhappy students have Asian lesbian or whatever literature better than that of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Donne, Milton and Eliot, then bring it on. We’ll all be better off.

    What does “better” mean? That people will still pay good money to buy books and/or watch plays after a couple of hundred years, not whatever happens to be trendy among naive 19-year-olds at any given time.

    My guess is that Yale teachers can make English Lit agonizing no matter whose works they feature. What the students really want is to not have to do so much work. Takes too much time away from video games, protest marches, binge TV, etc.

  • Reece Milner

    Almost all the books written from the dawn of history until the 20th century were written by white men. Your change is simple racism and results in English majors graduating without any idea of what the worlds literature looks like. This is simple bigotry and racism and shows that today’s left is anti white, anti male and anti western civilization. Sadly English majors can’t get a job in the first place and now even if they did they lack the relevant knowledge to teach the subject.

  • Bob Clampett

    I find Ngugi wa Thiong’o an interesting choice.

    In 1978, he abandoned writing in the English language for his native Gikuyu tongue.

    I thought the whole point of taking this course was to learn ENGLISH.

    Sadly, another example of the increasing worthlessness of the American university degree.

  • L. Burke Files

    It is a stupid idea – you are getting students away from some of the most important and creative writers in history. Why not have students learn the abacus instead of a programming language. The idea comes from the same place – those who are dim, ignorant and influential. By entertaining the whims of the self-appointed whiner(s), the Yale graduates will be marginalized. Somewhere there needs to be an adult at Yale to take away the whiners punch bowel, office keys, and faculty tenure.

  • mollypo

    Yale needs to change it’s name since the founder, Yale, was a slave owner.

    • Me

      Good point.

  • neverfooled

    Another way to look at this is that the folks who are smart enough to stay the course and learn real English authors and their contributions to the culture and language will be so far ahead of their contemporaries learning junk about Snoop Doog that they won’t really have much competition for decent employment. There will ten times as many jobs for critical English masters as there will be Ebonics experts.

  • Reardon Steele

    ‘Queer folk’.

  • Tom Harris

    Who will they read? Africa is unique is being one of the only peoples who did not have a written language until the white man came. Think of all the great intellectual ideas they are burying by burning those books from their so-called ‘intellects.’

  • Toxophilite

    Can’t wait to see the list of all the black poets, scientists, and discoverers. All the contributions the black cultures have added to our civilization throughout history, the inventions, medical breakthroughs, and advancements they’ve given us all.

    But I won’t hold my breath……..

    • soulskeep

      There are the accomplishments of, of, er, ah, of, of, never mind.

  • soulskeep

    We do not want to go into space on rockets as they were invented by whitey. The next heart transplant should be performed by a Zulu witch doctor and not some whitey surgeon. When North Korea launches a missile it should be shot down by chucking spears at it.
    That will show the crackas that we need nothing from them.

  • Paul Higley

    What is going to happen in the next decade for these students who elect to take the “English for Dummys” course is a difficulty completing with the students who actually wanted to receive an education. Thats the way to do it Yale. Keep them dumb and in their place. Way to go……

  • neverfooled

    Dear Parents: Please spend $65,000 per semester for your children to be educated at
    a university where 18 year-old, wet behind the ears, ignorant, naive rebels dictate our

  • Tom Harris

    What I find ironic is that we want to bring 3rd World non-Caucasian peoples out of the jungle for their own good as a common good. right? , Yet, in reality try as we might they refuse to study our ways that brought us Westerners to where we are and they instead want to return to the jungle of ignorance and non-intellectualism. I find that ironic to say the least.

  • Me

    College really is not worth much of anything anymore, is it?

    • Tim_Parker_999

      I’ll read whatever I want to.

      • soulskeep

        I think I read about a relative of yours. You are related to Peter Parker aren’t you?

  • Tim_Parker_999

    I guess it is to hell with Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Dickens, Melville, Hemingway, etc.

  • Chris

    This is why my kids will not go to these schools. 1550 SAT. Straight As. Eagle Scout. Screw them.

  • jivemi

    As Napoleon once said, “If I was black I’d be for the blacks, but I’m white so I’m for the whites.” Ditto for one’s sex or sexual eccentricity. There’s little more than identity-group politics going on here, with the ritual Lefty dig at Western Civ added for intimidating effect.

  • Robert Catt

    It use to be a big deal to go to Yale

  • Tim_Parker_999

    “My incarcerated business partners retarded gay niece went to Yale.” – Family Guy.

  • CitizenKK

    My dog refuses to turd on this rag…

  • 1Equalizer

    Just de-colonize these schools! See if Britain will take them. This so-called Professor, Ms. Newell should be relieved of her positions an English Professor. She obviously doesn’t qualify, as her little rebellion suggests! If this garbage is allowed to continue, the lunatic leadership at Yale will continue to discredit the value of a Yale Diploma! But it will still cost you more and more each year!

  • Your sick and distructive. Quality is determined by quality and learning not COLOR. Your going down a dangerous path called NOT DEMOCRACY. The alterntive is DAM UGLY.

  • Me

    The organization is half-stepping this. Elihu Yale was a slave trader. Clearly, the entire University should change its name so as not to offend, intimidate or discomfort anyone.

  • tedbaldwin

    racism against whites.

    • Tim_Parker_999

      Didn’t you know only whites can be racist?

  • soulskeep

    It is all okay. Let them have their say and let them have their way. It is nature’s way of cleansing the planet. They are a plague onto themselves.
    At the end of it all the true survivors will emerge. They will burn the bodies of the dead and rebuild civilization. Hopefully with a much cleaner gene pool.

  • Vlad Psychotrope
  • Tom Harris

    Question is are Westerners going to be able to prevent the barbarians of non-intellectualism from destroying and slowly dismantling the western civilization we have hereto built for ourselves as they enter our culture in greater numbers that we can adsorb? We see even now as their numbers grow they are pushing our ways aside and instead replacing them with their own statutes and heroes to imitate now.now that we have so many non-Caucasians who hate our ways and are beginning to tear it down.

  • Grab_a_root

    Hey, Snowflake, over here. Maya Angelou was not a faching poet. She had not a clue of the Noble Art. She was a faching rapper. She was just an example of the low persons who continue the degradation of high art and culture.

    • Tim_Parker_999

      I’m trying to think of any black authors worth anything and I’m coming up blank.

    • Tom Harris

      She also plagiarized Joan Walsh Anglund stealing her famous line which Maya Angelo now has as her own on a stamp. But she was found just a few years ago to have stolen the line which is in an earlier book by Joan Walsh Anglund. It’s her most famous line about the bird, but she stole it.

    • Tom Harris

      Why the Caged Bird Sings, but they were actually written by Joan Walsh Anglund, 89, in the 1967 book A Cup of Sun, according to the Washington Post. Maya Angelou plagiarized them.

    • Tom Harris

      In 1976 Joan Walsh Anglund wrote in A Cup of Sun: A bird does not sing because he has an answer.
      He sings because he has a song. May Angelou ripped it off 20 years later and credited herself, but in fact she stole the work from Joan Walsh Anglund and now its on a stamp with Maya Angelou’s face as her work. Very Sad.

  • Tim_Parker_999

    Huckleberry Finn, anyone?

  • SamUnfiltered

    This is only because the cry babies are saying its to hard to study Shakespeare and Chaucer. Whats next. We can’t have any teacher who is not a minority? This is ridiculous. I think all authors of all races and creeds and religions should be studied. But these idiots want to pretend that some people don’t exist. Ask Germany 1935 – 1945 how that worked out.

  • jcill

    Prerequisite is ebonics 101.

  • Regulas

    LOL liberals, does that overpriced indoctrination center even hold any credibility anymore?

  • So why did it not harm them last year?

  • Frank Anderson

    The students are running the Instructors and University!!! Who ever heard of an English Major who has never read Shakespeare or Chauser, Milton or Eliot! I am shocked that they not teaching of Ebonics! Right, next Elementary, Middle, Intermediate, and High School students will be dictating what students need for courses. No Calculous, or Trig and maybe no Algebra for Math majors. Just adding and subtracting. The Dumbing down of our students and math expectation. After all, White people have been the intellect of Math, and since Blacks and Mexicans didn’t come up with it on their own.

    • Grab_a_root

      History majors at San Fran State are no longer required to take American history.

      • Twilightstar

        3rd world. We push kids through grade school and high school . The emerge barely able to read. They enroll in college and can’t make it so we make that easier too.

    • Alfred_E_NeumanIII

      it is not the students it is the libs and progressives

  • Let’s see, English is the language of England, and except for Black and Hispanic culture appropriation, England was a WHITE country when English developed.

  • Grab_a_root

    Moochelle Obongo was told by her high school advisor that she had not the GPA nor SAT score to attend an Ivy League school. She graduated Harvard Law. Guess we know how faching tough that school is.

  • UplandPatriot

    The good news is that the protestor / minority class will never know what they are missing. This group will sooner or later study JayZ, Snoop Dogg and Michael Browns diary. LOL.

  • Twilightstar

    This from YALE one of the most prestigious and expensive universities. How can you be an English major and not study this? Perhaps it might be best to save a boat load of money & find a more suitable college where you will receive a quality education. Granted Chaucer and Shakespeare are not vital to many jobs but an acquaintance with these and other quality reading materials are the mark of an educated, thinking person. Since we no longer wish to teach writing (also the mark of an educated person….. just make an X) or math what is left?

    • Yes Stradamus

      You can find it all on the internet or at the library. We don’t need grossly overpaid elitist “professors” to read Shakespeare and Chaucer to us anymore.

      • Twilightstar

        YALE tuition is not going to decrease, ever. Overpaid elitist professors aren’t going away either. There is a never ending supply of those. Professors aren’t there to read to students. They were to teach, guide and help you learn, understand and grow with whatever the subject.

  • Tom Harris

    In 1976 Joan Walsh Anglund wrote in A Cup of Sun: A bird does not sing because he has an answer.
    He sings because he has a song. Maya Angelou ripped it off 20 years later and credited herself, but in fact she stole the work from Joan Walsh Anglund and now its on a stamp with Maya Angelou’s face as her work. Very Sad.,

  • 101st

    Does the realism include the history of Blacks selling Blacks into slavery?

  • r_u_f’ing_kidding

    Yale caved and education will suffer. We have no one to blame but the reactionaries that honor snowflake disobedience instead of telling them to grow a pair and get with the program.

  • Dutchman

    Why do these radicals always focus on “Post-Colonial” 3rd World authors? Why not seek out Pre-Colonial African and Native American literature and study that? Oh, wait a second, no written languages. Damn imperialists coming in and forcing people to be literate!

  • Dan

    Of course production of uneducated– socially conscious– young folk will help our nation sink even further into the cess pool of ignorance.

  • Chesty Puller

    Yale, these people do not know what harm is, White authors harm students? Black authors do what then, send them into a divine tizzy…I can tell you what., these idiots can find a problem with the way Jesus wore his robes,
    You need to have way less mouth and more ears… you’re really so out of touch , you think Hillary should be President, and cried about it on you tube…Poor Snowflakes, did the bad white man hurt you through reading now…?

    • Alfred_E_NeumanIII

      This is an all out war on western culture and freedom. They want to replace it with handouts and under achieving

      • Chesty Puller

        Also a major war against Catholics and Christians in general…

      • Chesty Puller

        This is because Obama setting the Bar so low, so his dreamers could get past it along wit other minorities…

  • Maddock631

    What morons. Please continue to dumb down education to the point where poetry is defined as a a poem that includes ho, bitch, pop a cap, and white boy in one verse in iambic pentameter. Yo

  • Yes Stradamus

    While these so-called institutions of higher learning believe they are at the vanguard of progressive thinking, all they’re doing is slitting their own throats. In short order, people will simply stop attending what is becoming a circus of profound stupidity….they will lose all credibility, and the prestige of attending an Ivy League school will have vanished.
    Institutionalized racism against whites will get these morons nowhere.

  • SilverCristo

    Welcome to the New Dark Age. When colleges/universities fall to their knees incapable or unwilling to respect and honour Western history and culture it’s troubling to say the least. Think of it. They hate the West for its SUCCESS. Claiming it’s ‘white privilege’ is just a ruse; it just points to their own ignorant stupidity and laziness. They want to dumb it down because others can’t keep up is what it is. How much more regressive (and racist) can it get than this madness? They’re telling people they’re too dumb to understand the Stoics or do calculus because they’re not white. Let me get this straight, you don’t have to read Chaucer or Shakespeare but get to call yourself an English Major? Have people lost their minds? What’s next, France eliminates Molieire? Italy knocks out Dante? Germany gets rid of Goethe? And to think progressives are terrified of Christian creationists! Tell you what, this crap troubles me more.

    • Yes Stradamus

      It is a deep and profound jealousy. White Euro/American culture is solely responsible for the extraordinary modern civilization that we live in today. Loony libs and their dark-skinned slaves are filled with rage at the success of such a culture, and seek to denigrate it out of a sense of envy that somehow makes them feel inferior. The criticisms are explained as a reaction to white oppression – when it’s nothing more than pure, vile racism. But soon they will be rattled by the thunderous backlash. People are getting sick of it.

      • SilverCristo

        Here’s another example of the degradation of post-secondary education. Charles C. Cooke debated two progressive professors at Kenyon College who favoured limiting free speech. He was wedged between the two nitwits which makes me wonder if they did this on purpose. In any event, he held his own. He made much more salient points while they – surprise – eventually relied on appeals to emotion and other logical fallacies. Apparently, free speech is ‘white privilege’ ergo it must be curbed or limited. This is all it boiled down to. Ah, to be a person of sane and sound mind these days is a lonely proposition.


  • Charlie brown

    I don’t think you have a choice with poetry when only old white dudes knew how to read and write back then I don’t see to many poets that were black dudes.

    • Yes Stradamus

      Before their contact with the white man, I don’t think Africans had even discovered the wheel.

  • Beethoven’s fifth

    So you are going to study what? All of the Black and Hispanci authors? How about science? Eliminate all of the work done by white scientists, and you will be out studying how to grow peanuts and corn. Eliminate all the work done by white chemists? OK, what are you left with?

    Continue on down this path, and you will only be studying football, negro spirituals ( a lot of that material came frrom the whites), and rap.

  • Brookly Red

    so at what point is a Yale degree worthless ? me thinks soon

  • grassy knoll ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    These bastards are trying to put society back into the jungle.

  • They should study great African literature. Oh wait. Never mind.

  • David Johnson

    Yes, you leftist socialist wannabe’s, yes, let’s get that Yale English department ‘decolonized’……..so when you finally get that coveted bachelor’s degree in English, McDonalds will have more people of color signing up for jobs so they can diversify……it’s a win win.

  • Yes Stradamus

    Where all the homie writers be at?

  • George Orwell

    So they will study authors based on the color of the author’s skin.

    Say, isn’t that the very definition of racism?

    • Beethoven’s fifth

      Logic is not their strong suit.

    • Yes Stradamus

      Racism only runs in one direction, according to the deranged left. The current trend of colleges having “A day without whites” and black only safe spaces, do not count.

  • vutsrq

    What else would anyone expect from a communist run university like Yale or any of the other communist Ivy League schools?

  • RegisteredDemocrat

    White authors should not only be BANNED from all libraries, they should be tracked down and THROWN IN PRISON for hate writing!

    • Yes Stradamus

      Nice try. Stop it.

    • vutsrq

      Silly little boy.

  • American Male ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    “We’ve constructed a curriculum that has inclusion as its goal,”

    Therein lies the problem with schools, colleges, and universities today. Curriculum should have “education” as its goal.

    • Beethoven’s fifth

      Their goal is and always has been; indoctrination.

    • Yes Stradamus

      And ironically (and stupidly), they’re practicing inclusion by excluding one particular race. A race which, btw, is responsible for the amazing modern civilization that all these hateful lefty loonies enjoy the fruits of.

  • Beethoven’s fifth

    We will know Yale is serious when they “decolonize” the science department, and throw out all the text books written by white males.

    • Yes Stradamus


    • Copurnicus, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Hubble, Hoyle, Hawking, all “colonists” too no doubt.

      • Beethoven’s fifth

        They are so selective, and they can’t appreciate the contradictions.

  • Dave Russell

    Watch for a huge drop of enrolment in that course next year.
    Along with the DNC, Hollywood and the NFL, the loonie-left is starting to completely self-destruct.
    This show is getting better and better every day.

  • Yes Stradamus

    The prestige of an Ivy League education is fading fast.

  • Ebonics or Shakespeare….decisions, decisions.

  • JnGalt52

    “Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.”

    “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

    Timely quotes from the prophetic George Orwell.

    • Yes Stradamus

      “I gots me a bitchin ho”
      – JayZ

      • Twilightstar

        “A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart.” William Shakespeare

    • SilverCristo

      My aunt and uncle warned about this (progressive professors slowly erasing classical liberal values and history because it’s the only way to begin the process of instilling its own values) in the 1980s and we all laughed at them. But they were right. What else can it be? They’re directly HITTING the essence of our civilization. A civilization persists and grows through transiting itself to future generations. If you stop that, it breaks down. We’re already seeing the results of progressive indoctrination via Antifa. BLM, safe spaces and the theory of white privilege etc. We’re seeing people complain about Corn Pops, ads in general, and over react to simple comments made in private. The election of Donald Trump elicited another manic paranoia from the left where they showcased their utter ignorance. Suddenly, screaming someone is a Nazi because you felt it was an argument. It’s easy to say when you never read actual German history and the Nazis; as well as Fascist Italy – both off shoots of socialism. As if this unsubstantiated ad hominen (which is repeated by some pseudo-luminaries in the celebrity ranks and ESPN writers) wasn’t grotesque enough, the idea of ‘popular vote’ somehow being more legitimate than someone winning by the prescribed political rules and laws of the land reared another angle to the madness. This stuff can only make sense to someone CUT OFF from their heritage; after all an ignoramus is easier to control. And it ain’t funny anymore.

  • Monty Mondegreen

    Great. And we Whites should refuse to read any non-White authors.
    Because goose, gander, and stuff.

  • Joe Patriot

    All of these so called ivy league /distinguished schools are completely devoid of any sense of reason. Complete cuckolds to a few students being “triggered”, via identity politics, about the color.of an author versus focusing on the actual content/quality of the author’s contributions (regardless of skin color).

  • repsak

    SCENARIO: Graduation Party for your brilliant child who just got her English degree at Yale.
    Your boss greets you and your proud graduate, and to “impress” the kid, quotes something from Shakespeare or Chaucer that he remembers from public high school.

    YOUR CHILD: “Umm. I can’t place that quote.”
    YOUR BOSS: “What? To be or not to be,you know, from Hamlet. Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him, et cetera, et cetera. You know, SHAKESPEARE.”
    YOUR CHILD: “Oh, him! Yeah we didn’t study him. Or that Chaucer guy either.”
    YOUR BOSS: “You have a degree in English Literature, AT YALE, and you didn’t study the works of either of the preeminent authors of English Literature?!
    YOUR CHILD: “No, that was replaced with Professor Newell’s course, “Contemporary African Fiction.”
    YOUR BOSS: “Wait, but those aren’t even English authors. Shakespeare and Chaucer are actual ENGLISH AUTHORS, and your degree is in ENGLISH LITERATURE. How can you possibly make the case to throw out the absolute most important works of English Literature, for a English degree, and replace it with contemporary African Fiction?!!!”
    YOUR CHILD: “Well, the department’s official position is, “A year spent around the seminar table where the literary contributions of women and queer folk are absent, ACTIVELY harms students.”
    YOUR BOSS to YOU: “But English majors at Public U, and even the local community college study Oscar Wilde, T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Shelly, Austin, D.H. Lawrence, E.M. Forster, and they’re all women or gays or both, AND they study Shakespeare and Chaucer too!”
    YOUR BOSS, to You: “Didn’t you tell me it costs $73,000 per school year to go to Yale?”

    • Twilightstar

      Reading this article about Yale made me feel very fortunate I graduated from a good university that didn’t think like Yale and boy am I proud.

  • Monty Mondegreen

    Fine. Let the Blacks read their own cannon of historical and ancient literature.
    Oh, wait.
    Africans have no historical or ancient literature.
    In fact, they had no written language AT ALL until we White men taught them a few hundred years ago.
    So, the fact that they now even read or write at all is
    of our White European culture

  • vutsrq

    I can hardly wait to read some of the writings of queer folk. Such classics as “The Taming of the Rectum,” King Dick The Long,” “The Twink of Venice,” “A Midsummer Night’s Wet Dream,” “Much Ado About Sucking,” “As You Lick It,” “Antony and Cleon,” “The Two Gentlemen Love Corona,” “The Merry Bottoms of Windsor,” and “Sir Johnson Oldcastle.”

    • American Snipper

      How about “ A midsummer night fisting”?

      • vutsrq

        Much better.

  • American Snipper

    Stupid pea brained negggroids

    • p’tet ben qu’oui

      the few neurons composing brain negroids are smaller than a pea

  • If they don’t want anything to do with Western culture and want to go back to segregation with all this “cultural appropriation” bull**** then they should stop wearing Western clothing and other such things as they are culturally appropriating Western culture.

  • Tristan Greenwall

    Let me guess, this is for the ghetto people that shouldn’t be ay Yale anyway.

  • Twilightstar

    “Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

    —Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    • SilverCristo

      ‘Who said that’?

      /Millennial with English degree from Yale.

  • SecessionNow

    “decolonize the English department,” .
    How stupid are these young Leftists? I mean how much lower can they go before becoming drooling lumps of flesh sitting along a road?
    Here is a question…do Leftists actually qualify as being human? Are they self-aware? On the intelligence scale, are Leftists above or below marsupials?

  • Rodney Reed

    Sounds like Yale is dummying down academics for students to the accommodate minorities inadequacy in intelligence.

    • D.h. Albrecht-Parys

      “Rodney Reed”-Some advice.
      Illiterate white trash should NEVER attempt to express themselves in writing.
      Your queer and confusing scribbles are SO disorientating, it’s as if a monkey (with apologies to ALL
      primates) was given a crayon to play with!

  • Anthony Brown Jr.

    Umm… It is the English Department, right? It needs to focus on ENGLISH. Now don;t get me wrong, Learning about all the different social groups is important. You gotta learn a bit about the various different cultures, but that is not the role of the English department. But that is none of my business.

  • Robert Campbell

    So. White authors write at too high a reading level for these morons.

  • Stephanie

    “Newell described her teaching style in this course as ‘the opposite of ‘close reading’ – we spend a great deal of time discussing cultural, linguistic and historical contexts”. Do these ppl realize in the elem, middle, and HS level the push in curriculum and high stakes testing is on CLOSE READING of ANY and ALL texts? (As is best practice for increasing reading comprehension) or did the curriculum dept make budget cuts to pay for new, diverse prof’s? Jeeah I want to scream.

  • Walter_Peterson

    News flash: English is a European language. In its most formative period, it was spoken by and written by white Europeans exclusively. How is one to study the development of English literature without studying its most definitive authors?

  • Nosnikta

    Yeah, close down the English Dept and replace it with the Bantu Dept. Toss out the likeness of Shakespeare and replace it with one of Jesse Jackson. Invite Mobutu to give lectures on slaughtering educated white farmers

  • Joe Solomon

    This is the new form of book burning.

  • TalkingDust

    Stupid. I guess they’ll all read such prestigious writing as the collected works of Snoop Dog. Nothing but racism on display here. You really hate all that western civilization has provided? Toss your phone in the trash, sell your car, and move to the jungle or desert and make your own clothes, hunt with a bow and arrow, and communicate with smoke signals. Keep it real or get real.

  • TalkingDust

    The works they’re referencing they’re too stupid to read or appreciate, that’s all. Comes from the crap music and television they’ve been weaned on.

  • Danceswithdachshunds

    This is well beyond evidence of just a mere mental disorder – this is full blown bat S crazy!

  • Tim_Parker_999

    I remember when I was in college seeing a black girl going up to the periodicals desk & asking if they had People Magazine. The astonished look on the librarians face was priceless.

  • Kevin Jolley

    HA! Failure! Glad to hear! No more Ivy League! Bye bye

  • sunchris1979

    Death of Yale

  • TalkingDust

    Just drop the “Y” and call it “Ale” and let everyone get as drunk as these idiots are on stupidity.

  • Luis Llorens

    I guess Yale sucks now.

  • Mike Times

    Black poets? Any sonnet must contain the “F” word 3 times the amount of stanzas, Students by definition haven’t got a clue and by doing this, they are putting themselves on another plantation. Higher education? I don’t think so.

  • TruthBeTold

    The classics were about the essence of shared humanity.

    They will be replaced by polemics of victimization.

    If there’s an upshot it will be each minority will demand THEIR STORY take priority because they historically they have been the most victimized.

    This will result in infighting and demands for each minority to have their own courses and curriculum.

  • Steve G

    Do Alley Cat $harpton or Je$$e Jack$on do poetry? Je$$e busts a rhyme almost every speech. He be a poet n he don’t know it !

  • DeDEMOCRATification

    Yes, almost there. Check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check…………..

    Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35
    January 10, 1963

    Current Communist Goals



    Thursday, January 10, 1963

    Mr. HERLONG. Mr. Speaker, Mrs. Patricia Nordman of De Land, Fla., is an ardent and articulate opponent of communism, and until recently published the De Land Courier, which she dedicated to the purpose of alerting
    the public to the dangers of communism in America.

    At Mrs. Nordman’s request, I include in the RECORD, under unanimous consent, the following “Current Communist Goals,” which she identifies as an excerpt from “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen:

    U. S. Congressional Seal[From “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen]


    1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.

    2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.

    3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

    4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

    5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.

    6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.

    7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.

    8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.

    9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.

    10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.

    11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can
    be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)

    12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.

    13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.

    14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.

    15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

    16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

    18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

    19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

    20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.

    21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

    22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

    23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

    24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”

    28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

    29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

    30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

    31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists
    took over.

    32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

    33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

    34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

    35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

    36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

    37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

    38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

    39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

    40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

    41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

    42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.

    43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.

    44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.

    45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court

  • Deviant, liberal half-wits: making college a dumber place, one campus at a time…
    Best of luck, ‘Yale’, or should I say, ‘Fail’.
    Par le picotement de mes pouces, Quelque chose de méchant vient de cette façon. Ouvrez, verrouille, Qui frappe!
    Excuse my French. Oh, I’m sorry, is French too ‘white’ of a language?

  • David Anderson

    Yale’s gone. Their English Lit degree is worthless. They are joining most of the other formerly esteemed universities in dumbing down education.

  • SentaAPW89

    As a liberal, I am outraged at this

    Is anyone else getting fed up with this, who is also a common sense liberal?

    For Buddhas sake, I’m sick of these people

    They probably defend Islam as the religion of feminism and peace too.

    Please go to a State University
    You’ll meet working class people, of all races, who don’t have time for this nonsense

    I agree, we do need diverse voices, but the classics, are the classics for a reason!

    • SilverCristo

      You see, ‘old war liberals’ like yourself (I assume you are based on your comment if I’m wrong I apologize) were hijacked by progressives. Progressives are NOT liberals. They’re ILLIBERAL. And people like you, unfortunately, have to come to the conservative/libertarian side to see common sense. Liberals/classical liberals have much more in common with libertarians than they do progressives. If you’re against the 2A or 1A you’re not liberal; you’re progressive. It’s the way I see it.

      • SentaAPW89

        I think you might be right.
        They’re reminding me of how rigid the Stalin era was. (to put it lightly)
        Had to politically pure, or else!

        And now, I just read about a professor attacked by “protesters” and ended up in a neck brace
        They also terrorized the guest speaker


        • SilverCristo

          Or how about that professor who nearly killed a kid with a bike lock? Never mind about thinking ‘shouting down’ is a formal argumentative tactic.The other thing I’m noticing is the move towards ‘conservatives are just as bad!’ NO, they are not. It’s not even close. It’s one side on a faux self-righteous crusade and they’re willing (and even admitted) to use violence. It’s funny. I just finished ‘The Gulag Archipelago’. I hadn’t read it since pre-college and it’s frightening the tactics and logic used by the Blue Caps/communists mirrors the language of modern progressives in the West. It’s troubling to say the least. No wonder they shouldn’t know where the guns are. Trust me, if they’re willing to curb speech, they are absolutely coming for the guns. It’s a logical move in their illiberal mentality. Most interesting, when I read it in the early 1990s it didn’t confuse or worry me because, while progressives were still on the march, it wasn’t at this stage. It’s not good. Not good at all. Liberals need to team up with libertarians and conservatives and defeat the illiberal faction.

        • SilverCristo

          I’d like to add, I understand students can still choose to study Shakespeare but that’s not the point. Certain cornerstones of our collective Western heritage should not be breached is my argument. And if it need be, it has to be for more substantial reasoning. Not for what I perceive to be ‘SJW crap’.

      • SentaAPW89

        Oh another hateful interruption by these SJW!

        I’m on Twitter under the same user name if you want to follow me.

        I believe in being kind to all, that’s my basic outlook
        These people are jerks!!

        • SilverCristo

          Thanks for the invite but I’m not on Twitter or FB. Twitter is certifiable. Where bullies can congregate and gang up on people; misery loves company if you ask me. Plus I’m not impressed with Twitter’s penchant to censor speech; same with FB. I disagree a lot these days with the left and happen to think their positions are indefensible and borne from ignorance (case in point the subject of this article) but I would never act to censor their opinions and views. Never. Yet, we have dope academics and politicians who advocate for limited speech. It’s grotesque and dangerous.

        • SilverCristo

          Got a chance to look at that site. Thanks. He sounds like an interesting read.

  • Drago

    While our “intellectuals” are trying to Taliban our Western history there is a growing movement in China to restore the cultural history and wisdom of pre communist China.

    • SentaAPW89

      Good, b/c Communism destroyed China!

      Oh just remember too, that Islam is the religion of peace!

  • willbepresident4food

    In America,Spanish is the new English.

  • HappyJohn9

    So, now it’s affirmative action for historical literature. If we’re going to rewrite history, let’s start with the lie there was slavery. It was made up like Kwanzaa

  • Drago

    There is a concerted effort to remove Confederate monuments and the argument was made “Where will it stop” The answer clearly, it won’t. The same mindset people rushed headlong to remove statues of Columbus, World War memorials that have crucifixes on them and most recently a Theodore Roosevelt statue was vandalized in New York.

    • SilverCristo

      This was the first thing I warned about. Soon after Jefferson and Washington were attacked. Why would anyone think they were safe given they’re ‘old, dead, white men who owned slaves’. Up here in Canada, they attacked this country’s first PM in Sir John A. MacDonald. Never give them an inch and NEVER apologize. Lord me, DON’T APOLOGIZE.

  • Wilbor Gavin

    I had came to the conclusion that our high schools were graduating some really ignorant students.nowi knowwhere these students are going to college, they are going to Yale, Harvard and Brown, etc. they will get a Masters or Doctorat, and still be as ignorant as they were, when they left high school only a million dollars in debt.

    • Beethoven’s fifth

      I think it is part of the big plan; Ignorant people can be led, and will believe what they are told.

      • skoch

        Or else!

    • skoch

      It’s only conjecture, but I doubt that a masters degree in Swahili without knowing English will not lead to a big payday…..

      • evola33

        Unless you work at an Amazon warehouse. Then you would be fast-tracked to a management position along with gays and anyone else who isn’t a straight white heterosexual Christian.

  • Linda Lee

    Most of them can’t even read Dick and Jane.

  • darryl2009

    And to think, people pay money to go to these schools! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…keep incuring student debt for a useless degree.

  • skoch

    I’m curious about how many people of color (Asian, African, Inca, Aborigine, etc. etc. etc.) Were in ENGLAND while the ENGLISH language was being developed?

    I’d also like to know how many people of color (pick from your own list) have made literary contributions to the ENGLISH language worth studying?

  • model94

    I’m so old, I can remember when Ivy League schools were revered.

    • wa

      Remember the Paper chase!!!!

  • Oak66

    Another example of PURE HATE FILLED LEFTIST RACISM ..THE NEW NAZIS OF THE LEFT. They are race obsessed….and the ONLY reason that all areas of civilized history is hated…is because the vast majority was created and or developed by whites…And to racists ..this cannot be tolerated…Thus it must be ignored, lied about , and history re-written to make the racists…feeeeeeel better about their racist selves….

  • Oak66

    All of leftism is racist to the bone….it is the only large scale movement to want to build a whole society based on race…racist grievance, racist hierarchy, racist privileges ..e.g. affirmative action, quotas, lowering of standards per race, and a racist caste system…I don’t even think the old Nazis at the rally advocate anything that extreme. Whites are now the scum…especially white males…demonized as the cause of all societies problems…whereas the old Nazis chose the Jews for this role…The new Nazis are NOT White Supremacists….after that played out the same Democrat racists re-engineered their racism into White Subjugationism. Whites are the new Jews…who must be oppressed to make room for the preferred races…just like the old Nazis had to oppress, remove , get rid of the Jews to make room for the preferred race. The essence of socialistic Nazism was it’s obsession with race…just as the new Nazi socialists are obsessed with race. The left now actually teaches courses …demonizing whites…just like the old Nazis taught courses demonizing Jews.

  • Martin

    They are all vile enemies of western civilization. They are consumed by hate, masquerading as “tolerance”. It is stunning how far an institution like Yale has fallen.

  • Steve144

    If you won’t read a book because the author is White you are a racist pure and simple. When the Martin Luther King Holiday was added to this nation’s staple of holidays a White holiday was not eliminated nor were Whites excoriated for holidays honoring White people. Add books by Black authors to a curriculum. That’s fine. But if you feel you must denigrate White people or not read their books because they are White you are the racist.

    • evola33

      “When the Martin Luther King Holiday was added to this nation’s staple of holidays a White holiday was not eliminated”
      Beg to differ. Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays were consolidated into Presidents Day.

  • bobby morris

    When you equivocate between Shakespeare and anyone else you have a dumbing down of the entire English language, drama, poetry, rhyme, sonnet, history, character, writing, directing, scene, theatre.

    How is this prejudicial? It’s simple. The campus ideologues have concluded, bottom line, that God is a racist. What other conclusion can they come to when they read Gerard Manley Hopkins from the point of view of identity politics?

    They are cynics, miserable because they can’t appreciate beauty if a particular type of person participated in its creation. The thing in itself escapes them.

    This proves how self-destructive racism is and that we will never read the lines of the fools who would banish Shakespeare…

    You have to know yourself to think for yourself. Humility is truth. The truth is crucified. All men are totally contingent beings. All men will be dead soon.

    Sooner or later, it’s better to know Shakespeare before you die. He’s smarter than someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. That’s what makes people buy into assisted suicide: not being able to stand discomfort.

    It’s called a slippery slope!

  • Snufy

    This communist liberalism irritates me no end. Who the hell do those frickin morons think they are? If you don’t like Yale’s curriculum, go somewhere else.

    • p’tet ben qu’oui

      Where else except Africa ?

  • carsman

    Anyone who claims to have an English degree who has not read Shakespeare, Chaucer and Milton is not deserving of their diploma.

  • Johnny_WTF

    Ivy league schools are pretentious and overrated. If all of these universities want to push a liberal socialist agenda, then I’ll have my kids stay home and take online courses. Most companies don’t care where you get your degree from anymore. Just as long as you have one. Treat them like the NFL. Don’t support them. Hit them where it hurts. In the wallet.

  • Joe Doe

    A Yale degree won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on. Black students will get their social justice degree to shake down the white man like Uncle Jesse and Uncle Al.

  • Reverend Bacon

    Idiots. Oscar Wilde, George Eliot, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Jane Austen, possibly Tennyson, A.E. Houseman, and a whole bunch of others. They all made it for excelling, not for being a woman or being gay.

    I’d be interested to see how un-rigorous a curriculum one could construct and get a degree in English from Yale.

  • Sigint

    Answer: Never hire a Yale graduate. Who runs these asylums? Maybe they would rather study African literature in English class?

    Oh, yes, no Sub Sahara people ever developed their own written language……or alphabet for that matter. This is just another attempt to dumb down the populace and foster chaos and division.

  • Vox Veritas

    The very terms “white authors”, “black studies”, “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People”, “United N3gr0 College Fund” et al are entirely racist.

    Content of character or color of skin? Universities, very fake news media, corporations, governments et al are all institutionally racist and dole out special privileges for the groups they tag while employing their racist terminology.

  • BigMG

    Deconstruction. Nothing new for Marxism, just more widely accepted. By idiots. With degrees.

    • hoosier1234

      In Seminary, studying for a ministerial degree, I didn’t feel it at all necessary to study Shakespeare and Milton, but it was required. Now, I have decided that there is no education at all, without them.

      My second degree had nothing to do with the ministry, but you have no idea how often Shakespeare’s quotes came up in these years. His ideas are pervasive and necessary.

  • LIsa

    Great great great great great great great great great great great great great great uncle Ezra is rolling in his grave, but if you kids want to take your shiny new degree in English to your first job interview ill-equipped to discuss Shakespeare, be my guest.

  • Robert Ferguson

    International Jewry infects the University.

  • Monty James

    If your culture didn’t have a written language until white people came along, you need to sit this one out.

  • Lars

    Just because they are dead white men does not mean that there are replacements that are of equal caliber. This has come to a point where we cannot study classic literature. have they banned Socrates and Plato too? I am not saying that you cannot add a more diverse selection, but this is a movement to erase these artist from the curriculum. Does this mean you cannot look at a Picasso or a Kandinsky painting because they are dead white men? They do not want to add artist they want to erase and replace.

  • Susan Vue

    From now on we the left shall focus on the reading of the Quran and Alinsky’s Rule 4 Radicals

  • Seattle Sam

    “A year spent around a seminar table where the literary contributions of women, people of color, and queer folk are absent actively harms all students, regardless of their identity.”

    You could spend a year around a seminar table discussing great baseball players and not have many Jewish names come up. Are we actively harming all baseball fans?

  • rust

    Stupid is as Stupid does. Why study English poets when studying English? Haul out third world hacks who can’t handle Engrish.

  • paulthecabdriver

    You know what you say to an English major after he graduates? “Hey, can you make that a large fries, please?”

  • Sean

    If the retarded children of our elite wish to acculturate themselves by reading ressentful novels by mediocre black radicals from South Africa rather than Shakespeare and Milton, then go for it. I’m perfectly okay with knowing that I’m culturally superior to them.

  • Turning Leaves

    Removing English authors from an English curriculum isn’t “decolonizing” it, it is de-mother-countrizing it.


    If the subject is English, then prior to about 1750 it would deal almost exclusively with English, mainly men’s, writings. Only later do American writers, other Dominion’s writers, and colonial writers come to the fore.

  • joemf

    ..the idiots are now in charge of the asylums!

  • De-colonialize. Their struggle isn’t against colonies, it’s against colonialism. And English, apparently.

  • Maaku the Pirate King

    Negro fatigue has set in

  • Cahoots

    Isn’t this kind thing racism at its very core?

  • A Smith

    When a Papua New Guinean writes a Paradise Lost, then I’ll read it.

  • Thomas Wilson

    As one of my godmother’s instructors used to say, “Some people have been educated beyond their intelligence.” Being able to attend one of the leading educational institutions in the world and earn a degree in English without reading Chaucer or The Bard himself is akin to attending a world class Christian seminary and not reading the Gospels or the Pauline epistles. It’s absolutely ludicrous that this plan was even considered, much less adopted. May God have mercy on us all.

  • Dude1394

    What a freaking waste of time.

  • Pettifogger

    If studying English poets seems too colonialist to you, don’t major in English. If I were offended by things going on in Africa, could I get a degree in African studies by studying Asians?

  • Jack Howard

    Speaking of anti-intellectual. Is there any part of the educational establishment where attending doesn’t make you stupider?

  • Hazel Nuts

    “literary contributions of women, people of color, and queer folk”

    Yes. Because the very first thing that comes to mind when I read “queer” is…. folksy.

  • Randy Jordan

    Maybe Yale could start teaching the poetry of Nipsey Russell and Snoop Doog, fer shizzle.

  • Libbuster45

    yes indeed let the insane rule the asylum. what possibly could go wrong

  • Ivar Ivarson

    Gosh, wonder when the hoodlums will be driven from the groves of academe? Gonna be tough waiting on the ones in charge now to be eaten by their students.

  • anti-cpusa

    My husband is an English professor at a major university that just stiffened up their requirements for Shakespeare. Yale can be as stupid as it wants, anybody who would even set foot on that campus, is wasting their money,

  • esquimaux

    Goodness, thirty years ago,when getting a Masters in American Lit, the department was already under the gun of mandatory diversification. For my thesis, I had to discuss my take on the six greatest American novelists, three of whom had to be women. So, with a straight face, I said to my committee that three of the six greatest American authors were Edith Wharton, Willa Cather and Ellen Glasgow. The committee didn’t bat an eye and I got my degree.

  • jolyjungle

    Ivy League schools lowered their admission standards so low that these students can’t comprehend or understand these courses. Their only recourse is to protest the course and demand changes. The administration then is afraid of being called racists so they give in. They are dropping tests, giving whatever grades the students want and it goes on and on. Soon they will graduate with honors for classes they never went to.

  • Jack

    Books don’t colonize. You read them and form your own opinions based on the content. I understand wanting to change it up a bit, those have been standards for a long time, but the reason for that is they are good works of literature that provided the basis for the written English language we have today. Shakespeare and Chaucer made up half the words and phrases we use today. I enjoy some of Eliot, Paradise Lost is excellent just as I enjoy Langston Hughes. The fact still remains that they are all dead and would be expected reading for an English course just as surely as the Bible is expected reading for divinity school students, Yale is in America. If you want to study English you have to conform to their curriculum as you would to a Saudi curriculum if you lived in Saudi Arabia. Its not that these things don’t exist, they are simply more well-known in the country they originated. America was British so it stands to reason that the books printed their were of English authors. Its a university they can take and add classes at will, they should just add a class for the kids who want a new curriculum and leave the one already there open for study if need be. It just seems very pointless. Mein Kampf is not still in print for nazis, its for people who want to understand them. Knowledge is neither good or bad it depends on what you do with it. The students here are choosing to reject the material on principle. They think Shakespeare was gay, how could you even know for Chaucer? They could have been flaming queers for all we know now. The issue here is that books themselves are being demonized like effigies of their long-dead authors. Books do not colonize, people do. Banning or censoring material with artistic merit was deemed unconstitutional in Allan Ginsberg’s obscenity trial for Howl. (He was a gay, drug using Jew and the greatest poet of his time) In fact the anglo Saxon literary history is full of queer people, Chuck Palahniuk, Ginsberg, Burroughs, Wilde, probably Byron, Books and intellectuals are always the first things and people that authoritarian regimes target. This kind of vigilante mob shame justice is going to go wrong. Someone is going to take things too far and in the interest of protecting their rights will violate the rights of others. The alt right is a backlash to it, a wave thats been building steam for a while. Some people are better off than others, its not fair but the world isn’t fair. Cancer doesn’t care about your opinions, black or white it’ll take you the same. Students don’t get to choose what they read. The faculty get that privilege. There are tons of electives you can take on different cultures, but if you hate white people so much you can’t bring yourself to read a book by a dead one then maybe you would be happier elsewhere. If you go to fucking Yale you are in the top 1% most privileged people in the world. You turn the wheels of this machine you claim to hate. Divisions have grown that were not there before, some have benefitted from it, others not so much. I used to go to Pride and LGBT themed gatherings as an ally before and be welcomed. Now I look too straight. As if what I wear affects my sexual preferences? I’m still on their side but I don’t feel welcome at the meetings anymore. When you bully a school into changing its curriculum because “books have colonized it.” it is the same thing as the people you claim to hate so much do, it reminds me of the SA book burnings of jewish literature. The students are the novices, not experts, I would’ve liked to read Burroughs in college but it never happened. Oh well. Read a goddamn book outside of the curriculum for a change, or research some history and realize that every race and culture has at one point conquered and been the conqueror. The conflict in Ireland has been constant for about 500 years. The largest slave trading empire was the Muslim Ottoman Empire who raided as far as England for white slaves, it drove their economy for a while. In Africa tribes would sell their defeated enemies to the Portuguese in exchange for goods. If you want to fight colonialism help get the U.S. the hell out of the Philippines or give them the right to vote. They’re citizens subject to the same laws but can’t choose their own president. Thats a problem, not too many books written by dead white guys in the Yale curriculum, that is just an excuse to complain. What the hell else do you do at Yale? Polo? Some kids don’t get the chance to learn to read. You’re the ultra-privleged, super-rich bloodsuckers of America in a new aristocracy. Most kids don’t get to go to college and Yale breaks down over four damn books? Then read eight and have four of whatever you want. Thats diversity, having an open mind, not trying to censor art like the Catholic Church and pretend it doesn’t exist. Just go to the bookstore and buy four books by authors you’ve never heard of. There you go. On to your rich person path to being a dull taxpaying something that doesn’t involve any artistic contributions from any white people. I’ll enjoy my multicultural experience of different foods, languages, ideas and music. Give me Beethoven, Blind Willie Mctell and Ravi Shankar. A world without cultural appropriation would suck, especially for medical patients. Politics is a circle and right and left wing extremism overlaps at the bottom. Becomes indistinguishable. Hitler/Stalin deal. Ideologically opposed yet very similarly brutal and charismatic. Both are dictators. The extreme left is beginning to alienate more moderate, highly educated members. What do the extreme right and left have in common? Youth. They use students, mainly college and university, to deliver their messages. They indoctrinate them at the perfect time, when kids are first out on their own, rebellious, looking for a purpose and easy to manipulate into gangs of angry apes. Most of them don’t even understand that communism and fascism by definition cannot coexist. They see the wrongs of white people, give it a few years and they’ll realize everyone is like that, history is a stupid bloody, cruel cycle because no one really knows it. A book can’t do anything by itself, by essentially banning and ostracizing people who disagreed the “poor” students of Yale now have no idea what they’ll be reading. An attack on knowledge is an attack on freedom. Milo, Spencer, David Duke, we knew they were going to try and rile people up with controversial hate speech. Paradise Lost isn’t a racist treatise, its a poem, it doesn’t preach, you have to open it up to read it. I’ve held my tongue but denying yourselves valuable learning is just plain stupid when you are lucky enough to go to Yale. You aren’t colonized you’re colonists, rich and American taking the world for granted and getting upset at the lack of diversity in the curriculum when they live in the same place, shop at the same places, where the same brand of clothes, have iPhones and like Starbucks and Netflix. Bring a damn book with you if you actually care that much but stop acting underprivileged. If you made it to Yale you are privileged as shit.

  • Jack

    If you got into Yale you are in the top 1% most privileged person in the world. Other places kids can’t read, theres violence, child labour and you rich kids think you’re underprivileged because you have to read what everyone else before you did. Too good for John Milton. Later in life if you graduate and don’t know who he is you’re going to be laughed at. Chaucer, Shakespeare and Milton invented most of the modern English language so if you speak English it might be nice to understand, rather than remain intentionally ignorant. Read on your own time. I did. This is not even newsworthy. Now the faculty has no idea what the material they are teaching is. You won’t learn much when the prof is reading at the same pace as you. Intelligent people keep open minds, I doubt one of these kids even opened the books.

  • evola33

    Whatever it takes to keep the student loan racket feeding the usurers.
    How about a petition to eliminate Critical Theory and all Frankfurt School writers from the curriculum? They were sent here by Lenin to rot the USA from the inside.

  • Zaphod Braden

    This is about REVERSING racism …… not ending it.
    Complain to your BROTHERS back in Africa who captured you and sold you to the Jewish slave traders……..
    Wearing COTTON is a reminder of slavery ….. no Black should ever wear cotton ….. or eat watermelon or ribs.
    No more singing the Blues, or Jazz ….. all Black music originated in slavery …….
    Tear down ALL the holocaust museums & Synagogues ……
    You must buy and read the Nation of Islam’s book, “The Secret Relationship Between Black and Jews”. It outlines how the jews funded, managed and ran the North and South American slave trade. Every comment is backed by facts – ironically, mostly ALL from jewish sources. You can watch brief videos on Minister Louis Farrakhan.
    https://youtu.be/Ut7I75Q_-zA a good summation
    Jews were behind the Transatlantic Slave Trade… The names of Jewish Slave Ships and their owners: The “Abigail -Caracoa” – Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Crown, Isaac Levy, Nathan Simpson – “The Nassau” – Moses Levy The “Four Sisters” – Moses Levy The “Anne” and The “Eliza” – Justus Bosch and John Abrams The “Prudent Betty” – Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix The “Hester” – Mordeci and David Gomez The “Elizabeth” – Mordecai and David Gomez The “Antigua” – Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell The “Betsy” – Wm. De Woolf The “Polly” – James De Woolf The “White Horse” – Jan De Sweevts the “Expedition” – John and Jacob Roosevelt the “Charlotte” – Moses and Sam Levy – “The Franks” Jacob Franks Moses and Sam Levy Jacob Rader Marcus – “All through the eighteenth century, into the early nineteenth, Jews in the North were to own black servants; in the South, the few plantations owned by Jews were tilled with slave labor. In 1820, over 75 percent of all -Jewish- families in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves, employed as domestic servants; almost 40 percent of all -Jewish- householders in the United States owned one slave or more. There were no protests against slavery as such by Jews in the South, where they were always outnumbered at least 100 to 1….But very few Jews anywhere in the United States protested against chattel slavery on moral grounds.” United States Jewry, 1776-1985 (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1989), p. 586.

  • tgbobbi

    This is a canard. Yale’s English Dept. should be universally ridiculed for this decision.
    I wish Yale had chosen to “reign in hell rather than be a slave in heaven.” Ooops! An Englishman wrote that! My bad.
    That being said, most of the posts on here are laughable. Lamenting a foolish decision is one thing but whining like a bunch of victims and mocking others is pathetic.

  • Dr. Osgood Mulford Twelge

    This is how a great civilization ends…….not with a bang, but with a whimper. …….or perhaps it is more correct to say, in a lot of ignorant yammering, yapping, chirping and grunts. The lowest of the low now dictate what will be. Yale…….has fallen to lows we never would have believed 20 years ago.

  • Alleged-Comment

    Yeah, instead of listening to Chaucer, you have to listen to Chancey, the Negro f aag. Another class will be credited to you for just staring at Jay-z photos.

    Two more credits for doing the Zulu dance now called now Shake Spear.

  • DireMouse

    Esperanto never really took off, so we’re back with a new language that is sure to be a hit, one where everyone can say what they like. We call it Babel.

  • FredKapelski

    It could be a great idea. An English major where English writers aren’t studied. Would you go to a MD who never studied medicine? But, it’s all soooooooooooooo progressive.

  • Jab

    The resentment against white European culture is now actual hatered of white achievement.The races will have to live separte lives or there will be offence taken at every opportunity.I predict a civil war with separation at the end.

  • Johnny Kay

    Step back and look at the big picture.

    Who finances the universities? Who provides the research grants? Who funds the protest groups?

    The answer is the international corporate elite, the politicians they sponsor, and the governments they control.

    I suggest that the purpose of Yale’s “decolinization” and similar initiatives is to dumb-down and indoctrinate students in order to produce adults who are:

    A) Emotionally weak;

    B) Easily manipulated;

    C) Intellectually and vocationally incompetent, and fit for nothing useful; and

    D) Dependent on the government for jobs.

  • garyfouse

    And the result will be a bunch of functional illiterates who can only understand the lyrics of Jay-Z.

  • Jackie Puppet

    These “students” are welcome to come up with an entire language of their own, since English apparently poses problems for them.

    And what’s stopping them from starting up their own colleges, where they can award themselves their own nonsensical degrees in whatever field they choose to study?

    “Oppressive” white men?

  • Will R

    Yale charges a lot of money to make people stupid.

  • F-Lambda

    I… I… what?

    I’m a Physics major, with a double-minor in Mathematics and Computer Science, and I’ve studied Shakespeare!