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Faculty member condemned for wearing headdress on Halloween — even though she’s Native American

Put this one in your peace pipe and smoke it — a Native American faculty member at the University of New Mexico has been condemned for wearing a headdress on Halloween.

She reportedly wore it to a pumpkin carving contest at the school.

“Just because you’re Native American, does not give you a free pass to rock a headdress or a tomahawk,” Joaquina Castillo, co-president of the KIVA Club, a Native American group on campus, told KRQE news.

“She was actually being awarded for most authentic costume, which is just an even more big slap in the face,” Castillo said.

KIVA Club members told the news outlet they found the costume racist and an example of cultural appropriation, arguing that the faculty member who wore it is part of the Navajo Nation and headdresses are not part of that tribe; with that, they called for more diversity dialogues at the school.

The faculty member, who university officials are declining to name, will not face administrative sanctions for her costume, but official did take down from the Internet a picture of the employee in her costume amid complaints, KRQE reports.

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  • Shears-of-Atropos

    OK, if you must avoid offending anyone. you must do nothing.

    You no longer exist.

    • ys1

      Not an option – they will be offended by not supporting them 🙂

  • Linda Lee

    People have gone insane over every little perceived infraction of their own nutty ideas.

  • Everett

    These snowflakes are guilty of cultural appropriation themselves, by acting as if they possess logical critical thinking, a character trait apparently belonging only to those of 18th, 19th and twentieth century European decent.

  • drSteve78

    I am offended that you are offended.

    • Pointing&Laughing

      Outraged, I tell ya’!!

    • Steve O

      I object to your use of the word “offend” which sounds like “off end” and mocks my flat-earth views that you can fall off the earth.

  • Hughlon Thornbury

    And again I ask, what is the percentage of DNA threshold where one is not appropriating a culture and is only celebrating one’s own cultural heritage? Ever watch TV lately, at all the 23 and Me and Ancestry.com DNA testing? The commercials of people of color no less, wearing headdress and traveling to countries of origin for the percentages of their DNA?

    My paternal grandfather was the first of my Romanian family born in the US. My father married my mother whose mother was American Indian. I have many relatives still living on two reservations, where my wife and I do volunteer work. I have several items of apparel from both my Romanian heritage and my Indian heritage. I will wear any of them I choose, whenever I choose to wear them. They are mine by birthright and these identity purists can kiss my ass.

    I have no problem with any wearing or using anything associated with any part of my cultural heritage. I am a Libertarian. What makes me angry are these racial and DNA purist bigots who belittle and demonize the DIVERSE cultural heritage of billions of people, through thousands of generations, on every continent on Earth. They are racist and political separatists who, if they were to checked for DNA purity, would most likely not pass as racially pure. They are today’s Nazis, hiding behind race purity to harass and attack other humans.

    How about it Joaquina Castillo? How about a DNA test before you go off harping about appropriation. My bet is you’re full of crap and not as pure as you think you are.

    • Alan_McIntire

      My brother sent away to one of those genetic ancestry sites, and confirmed that his genetic makeup(and presumably my genetic makeup) is about 55% from the British Isles, formerly occupied by Celtic headhunters. With all this “cultural appropriation” nonsense, I considered exercising my cultural heritage by copying Kathy Griffin and dressing as a Celtic Warrior for Halloween and carrying mock up heads of BOTH Clinton and Trump. When attacked for exercising very poor taste, as I naturally WOULD be, I could go into a “cultural appropriation” rant and say, “How DARE you attack my cultural heritage?’

      Incidentally Halloween HAS been culturally appropriated from that old time Celtic religion. Halloween was originally the Celtic “Samhain” (pronounced SAH-win) . You all have my permission to continue the festivities- I’m not outraged by the cultural appropriation.

      • thom1111

        Well, from what I understand, when the Celts did such things, they were stark naked. I’d normally say “Dress warm” if you’re going out for Halloween, but…you see the dilemma…

    • THer

      Very well put, Hughlon…we need to get ALL of the “sickos” out of our educational system ASAP!

  • thom1111

    And when they find that you are Native American, they will still howl for your blood, saying “You are not Native American enough!”

  • StormsWx

    Hmm… Google search for “Navajo headdress” reveals all kinds of examples – but I guess KIVA alone is allowed to make the call on what is appropriate… right?


    CASTILLO IS LATINO! hahaha nothing funnier than non natives trying to be indian!

    • Charlie_Zim

      Spanish surnames are not unusual for southwest indian tribes. The Spanish were the first Europeans to settle the area and gave the tribe members Spanish surnames.


        yeah bs

        • Charlie_Zim

          Disprove what I wrote.

          • PRISON_BTCHH

            take it apart pure bs

  • Pointing&Laughing

    Diversity = racism.

  • Brock

    If any of these KIVA snots dressed up for Halloween, they committed cultural appropriation. It’s a white European holiday.

  • Hank_Scorpio

    KIVA should be banned as a racist and dumbass association….

  • Dick Tater

    Idiots. I’m surrounded by IDIOTS!

  • Steve O

    Whoever is offended by the most insignificant thing is the one who displays the most sensitivity, and therefore establishes xer/xis/its superiority over the lesser liberals.

  • bobj

    Sometime in the not to distant future the United States as nation will crumble. Say about 30 years forward.
    In that moment the Snowflakes in charge will collapse from within.
    Long live the king!
    died 2047.

  • Chala Owens

    Even if she IS native, the headress wearing is inappropriate. The headress is an honor or, at the very least, regalia. It is not a costume

    • johnholliday

      Screw yourself

      • Chala Owens

        Bet you voted for Donald Trump, too.

    • G. Wizard

      You are not qualified to make that determination.

      • Chala Owens

        Yes, I am. I work with Native people and understand the protocol.

        • G. Wizard

          Like I stated, you are not qualified to make that determination. Thanks for proving my point. smh

  • steven smigiel

    I’ll see your outrage and raise you some outrage. In fact, I’m outraged at your outrage.

    • THer

      Me too!

  • Charlie_Zim

    Just a quick question for Juaquinna Castillo, are you always dressed in the traditional dress of your tribe or do you culturally appropriate White European clothing?

  • Joe Joe

    KIVA members need to give up running water, plumbing and electricity. These were white inventions.

  • James_Truckville
  • Veiled_In_Dance

    They’re cannibalizing themselves. Let’s let them.

  • matt10023

    Joaquina Castillo has a point. It’s not enough enough that the woman was Native American. She had to be the correct Native American to wear that head dress. In fact, nobody should be allowed to wear any costumes since they won’t be themselves. What people should do is dress like they do every day. Problem solved.

  • Brian Niles

    Who is it that actually elected or hired the officers of the pc police? How does one get a job where they can point fingers and tell people what they can and can’t do, and what is it based on, and who decides? The pc police are just a bunch of hypocrite liberals that want to control everything. Nice try, but I don’t care what they say or how they say it. It just sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown. whwaa whaw whahhhh.

  • THer

    Burkas are ok…….native American headdress is not OK???
    What idiots we have running our educational system!

  • groovamos

    The university model invented in Europe 1000 years ago to promulgate philosophy, theology, and the arts is plainly a cultural institution of Western Civilization. It later became the engine of science and mathematics, driven by the hated white males. The snowflakes should be reminded that just being accepted into higher education is an appropriation of Western culture. No that anybody should mind of course. Which should be their lesson in tolerance.