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Rolling Stone settles final lawsuit with UVA fraternity

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Defamation suit stemmed from retracted 2014 article accusing frat brothers of gang rape

Over three years after Rolling Stone published an article accusing numerous fraternity brothers of vicious gang rape, the magazine has settled the final lawsuit stemming from that controversial report.

The lawsuit, brought against Rolling Stone by three members of the University of Virginia’s Alpha chapter of Phi Kappa Psi, was “initially dismissed by a federal judge before being revived in September by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals,” according to Hollywood Reporter The parties subsequently “stipulated to dismissal.”

According to the Reporter, per the agreement, “some of the fraternity members become beneficiaries of a settlement whose terms were not provided in court.” The stipulations of the settlement included a confidentiality clause.

From the report:

Originally, a judge granted the publication’s motion to dismiss claims, finding “the article’s details about the attackers are too vague and remote from the plaintiffs’ circumstances to be ‘of and concerning’ them.”

The 2nd Circuit reversed this conclusion, at least with respect to George Elias and Ross Fowler. The federal appellate circuit did so with a nod to group defamation theory and how the fraternity was “sufficiently small” and how “a reader could plausibly conclude that many or all fraternity members participated in alleged gang rape as an initiation ritual and all members knowingly turned a blind eye to the brutal crimes.”

The dismissal of this action obviously allows Rolling Stone to move into its next chapter under new ownership without the legal baggage caused by its most infamous error.

The article in question depicted a brutal gang rape of a woman by several fraternity brothers. Its publication prompted a worldwide outcry, as well as swift sanctions from the University of Virginia. Shortly after it was published, various journalists and commentators began questioning the article’s veracity; after numerous reports exposed gaping holes in the story itself, Rolling Stone eventually retracted the article.

Rolling Stone eventually paid nearly $2 million in damages to the fraternity in question, out of $25 million in damages being sought.

Read the whole report here.

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  • Robert Browning

    Sabrina Erdely was a Jew and wrote the fake rape story out of a hatred of white Christian males. This fact can not be overstated. The malicious reason this fake story was written was to harm white males out of an ultimate hatred of Jesus Christ.

    • matt10023

      You’ve overstated it. Go back to your cave.

      • Robert Browning

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        • matt10023


          • Robert Browning

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    • David Archer

      I doubt the story ever would have been printed if Jackie Coakley said she was raped at a black fraternity so there was a racist element involved.Erdley knew it was politically correct to accuse white men of gang rape.

      • Robert Browning

        Blacks are the predominate group of college rapists. It was and has been no secret. But blacks and Jews are both on the same team. The hate whitey team. So the Jew Erdely went looking for a white attacker to make a story worth selling and a story white hating Jew media would buy. But she couldn’t find it. So she made it up. The problem for team hate whitey is too little white bad behavior, misconduct and uncivilized behavior. We are move civilized than our enemies and far far superior.

  • David Archer

    Jackie Coakley herself never paid a price for her lies and is still being protected by the media.

  • Genkidama

    It’s sad that we still don’t name the accuser for her falsified accusation. What happened to the fraternitie’s 6th Amendment rights that were stream rolled over. Sad, sad day until that happens.

    • David Archer

      Her name is Jackie Coakley.