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LGBT ‘ally’ training: don’t assume people in heterosexual relationships are heterosexual

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Training also advises: Don’t use the word ‘homosexual’

Kent State University’s instructions for aspiring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender “allies” instructs trainees to avoid assuming that men and women in committed heterosexual relationships are actually heterosexual.

“Do not assume the sexual orientation of another person even when that person is married or in a committed relationship,” the instructions read. “Many bisexuals, and even some gay men and lesbians, are in heterosexual relationships.”

It is unclear if the advice applies to those who are in homosexual relationships as well, i.e., if “allies” should also not presume that two men in a sexual relationship are gay.

Among the other tidbits of advice given to those who wish to be allies: “Use the words gay, lesbian, bisexual or queer instead of homosexual. The overwhelming majority of LGBTQ people do not identify with or use the word homosexual to describe themselves.”

“Read LGBTQ publications, and support the businesses that advertise in them. See movies by and about LGBTQ individuals. Attend campus events relating to LGBTQ issues. ”

“Educate children about families that have two moms or two dads.”

Perhaps most importantly: “Do not assume that every gay, lesbian, or bisexual person is attracted to you.”

Read the helpful advice here.

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  • Rclifton

    I guess we should then also not assume that if one is in a homosexual “marriage” that they are homosexual.

  • aPEON

    A great many are just pleasure seekers, and care nothing about anything else.

  • felixinmontana

    How about everyone keep their minds out of other peoples bedrooms. And if someones assumption of you is incorrect, kindly let them know, if it’s important to you that they are aware of what sort of person you want to have sex with for some stupid reason. Otherwise, who the hell cares what makes you hard or moist?? And why do you care if they are wrong about it?? I give zero fucks about who you give fucks too.

    • Brian B

      Your premise seems to ignore the fact there is a loud and growing segment of the population who are making it their business to inform everyone else who it is they want to have sex with, whether we want to know or not, and demanding we pledge obeisance to that choice.

      • TLYG

        Physics will win out in the end.

      • felixinmontana

        It doesn’t ‘seem to ignore’ That is exactly what It does, and what I do. Ignore them. Our acknowledgment is necessary to their goal. My refusal makes it impossible to achieve. Live your life your way, then it’s over.

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