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Professor plays hookey, students get A’s and refunds

All students in Professor Venetia L. Orcutt’s class at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences received A’s for their final grades. Just one problem–after the first semester of the three-semester course, Orcutt was never heard from again:

According to a statement released by the university on Wednesday, Ms. Orcutt had been assigned to teach a sequence of three one-credit courses in evidence-based medicine over three semesters last year. The first semester of the required course was face to face, and she showed up for that. But according to three students who complained to the university’s provost last month, Ms. Orcutt went missing when the course sequence shifted online.

“We determined that, in fact, Dr. Orcutt did not actually teach the two online modules of EBM but nevertheless awarded the grade of A to all the students who had been enrolled in the course,” Jeffrey S. Akman, interim vice provost for health affairs and dean of the medical school, said in a written statement.

The university is giving the students credit for the class, and allowing them to keep their A’s. They will also be given tuition refunds for the cost of the class.

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