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Prof’s epic response to Ferguson-related exam delay request

It’s probably safe to assume to that Oberlin student Della Kurzer-Zlotnick was not prepared for her professor’s response when she asked him about delaying exams due to Ferguson-related stress.

Seemingly anointing herself a (white) spokesperson for black students who “have suffered significant trauma” due to the grand jury decisions in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York, Kurzer-Zlotnick penned a three-paragraph treatise about why exams should be delayed, and why the professor (and the school as a whole) should be on board.

However, much to Della’s dismay, Professor Michael Raney, simply replied … “No.”

Reason.com reports:

Notice that the student who sent the email isn’t writing on behalf of herself but that of black students she just knows must be too traumatized to take exams and yet unable to speak for themselves. Good for Professor Raney for quickly and succinctly putting an end to this nonsense.

After receiving his professor’s response, the student posted the exchange publicly to Facebook, with the message: “TRIGGER WARNING: Violent language regarding an extremely dismissive response from a professor. This is an email exchange I had with my professor this evening. … We are obviously not preaching to the choir. Professors and administration at Oberlin need to be held accountable for their words and actions and have a responsibility to their students.”

But I don’t mean to pick too much on this student, an Oberlin freshman. This is the environment she’s inherited and set of social cues she’s learned from people who should know far better—like professors and administrators at Ivy League law schools, for a start.

Check out Kurzer-Zlotnick’s full message.

But if you’re searching Facebook for the entertainment that is the comments section, it seems the message has now been taken down.

Read the full story.

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