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School district equity chair to anti-white, anti-Trump prof: ‘No thanks’ for your ‘hate speech’

It appears someone involved in a school district’s “equity and diversity” committee has finally taken a stand on progressive/radical race mongering masquerading as “unity.”

The Lee County School District in Florida is set to host Duke University sociology professor Eduardo Bonilla-Silva this Wednesday to, er, “celebrate” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The title of the professor’s talk is “Colorblind Racism in Trump America.”

As chronicled by The College Fix, Bonilla-Silva has denigrated the now-anathema-among-progressives concepts of colorblindness and race neutrality before: his 2013 talk “The Color of Color-Blindness: Whites’ Race Talk in ‘Post-Racial’ America”), in reference to his book “Racism Without Racists,” and in his criticism of Duke (it “oozes whiteness”).

The head of Lee County’s Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee is calling out the professor, along with the decision to invite him.

According to Fox-4, Joe Rider reacted to news of Bonilla-Silva’s talk thusly: “You are kidding me, do you believe I am interested in hearing some hate speech like that? What purpose could that possibly serve? No thanks.”

One former committee member thinks those comments disqualify Rider from his position:

“{The purpose of the event is} to broaden the knowledge, the experience some folks may have,” former EDAC member Larry Aguilar said. […] “Anyone reading that email would see there’s no hate speech at all.”

“It promotes hate. It doesn’t promote inclusiveness. It promotes separation,” Rider told Four in Your Corner. “They’re saying Trump’s American is racism and I just don’t feel that way.”

Aguilar said members of EDAC have been calling him about Rider’s response.  “This is an easy one. This is an easy call. He really needs to step down. He’s not fit to sit on EDAC,” he said.

“If they want — over this comment — to vote me off as chairman and vote me off this committee, I can’t do anything about it,” Rider said.

Members of the Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee are appointed by the School Board, and then committee members appoint the chair. The school district said it’s up to the committee on any actions it wishes to take.

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