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Student paper gives forum to emotionless teen to recount her abortion

I usually avoid conversations and debates regarding abortion because it’s a complicated and passionate issue about which defenders and critics rarely, if ever, come to an understanding.

There is one aspect of the conversation, however, which usually remains constant: The decision to get an abortion, and the emotions thereafter, are never easy.

So, leave it to a big college student paper to take it to the next level. The University of Virginia’s Cavalier Daily last week gave a forum to a 19-year-old to let everyone know she had an abortion over the coronavirus lockdown … and she doesn’t regret any of it:

The minute I saw the little, blue positive sign on the CVS pregnancy test, I grabbed my computer to search for a nearby abortion clinic that would accept my insurance. I did not cry. I did not scream into my pillow or sit on the shower floor, clutching my naked body the way women do in the movies. It was not difficult. It was not complicated. …

The most difficult part of this process was having to go about my day, knowing there was a growing life form inside me. I wanted it out. I wanted it gone. I couldn’t sleep until I knew it wasn’t there anymore. …

Laying on the operating table with blue latex gloves inside me, I did not feel guilt or heart-ache. I felt relief. …

At 19, I had an abortion. I do not regret it. I do not mourn the life that could have been. Spared from nine months of emotional and physical trauma, I choose to look forward. My life is so much more than those seven minutes.

The Daily, which grants the pseudonym “Quinn Ross” to the author, doesn’t even identify her as a student, of UVA or otherwise. If she isn’t, then what’s the point, really? To shore up progressive “bonafides” or something?

Notwithstanding the point, “Ross’s” utter apathy and indifference are shocking. At issue is a human being. Should not the termination of a human life evoke some emotion? Even a little?

The amount of delusion “Ross” must possess also is staggering … not to mention something currently en vogue: “anti-science.”

Those throwing around that term, especially in the Age of Trump, never have an answer when one queried about abortion (that thing in the womb isn’t human? Seriously??) or gender, for that matter (how many gender “identities” are there??).

Ironically, many ardent supporters of Roe v. Wade also are opponents of capital punishment. If you want to see someone twist themselves into rhetorical pretzels, press them on the issue. You’ll often get the response “Well, pro-life people are similarly hypocritical.” This is true; however, you’ve now forced them into a morally indefensible position: protecting the life of a convicted multiple murderer over that of a child in the womb.

College students routinely opine (complain, actually) about their feelings and emotional/psychological needs in their respective student papers. How often have we read about how what a professor said “triggered” some hapless undergrad, or how a college department isn’t doing enough to make students “feel welcome”? As such, it’s virtually impossible to believe their experiences would be akin to “Ross’s” given a similar situation.

At least we can hope. And pray.

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