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Study Compares Christians’ and Atheists’ Happiness Levels

Are Christians happier than atheists? At least on Twitter they are.

A new University of Illinois study found Christians tweet more positive statements while atheists tend to speak critically on Twitter, the Christian Post reports.

University of Illinois graduates Ryan Ritter and Ivan Hernandez together with  psychology professor Jesse Preston conducted a computer analysis of nearly two million tweets. They found that Christians use fewer negative words and are more likely to talk about their social relationships than atheists on Twitter. Their findings were reported in the journal of Social Psychology & Personality Science.

… Overall, they found that Christians made more positive statements and less negative ones than atheists. Believers used more social words related to positive emotions and made less analytical statements.

“If religious people are indeed happier than nonreligious people, differences  in social support and thinking style may help to explain why,” said Ryan Ritter.

Yeah that, and they have a peace that passes understanding.

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