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UC-Irvine’s Ferguson counseling sessions draw rebuke from former regent

Former University of California regent Ward Connerly, best known for his activism against affirmative action, is irritated at UC-Irvine for offering counseling sessions in the wake of the Ferguson non-indictment rather than a legal primer, Fox News reports:

“If they really wanted to have a teachable moment of understanding the facts of the case as they were presented to the grand jury, that would be one thing,” said Ward Connerly, who was a member of the University of California’s Board of Regents from 1993-2005. “But this isn’t about processing facts. It’s about processing the emotions of what you have been told about the case.”

Connerly, who is black, cried foul on the school appearing to take sides in the disputed decision:

Having a counseling session to “process” the decision, with the help of UCI Counseling Center Senior Staff Psychologist Dr. Vivian Tamkin and UCI Counseling Center Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Milo Dodson, was a tacit endorsement of a version of events rejected by the grand jury, Connerly said.

The school says it just wanted to give student the chance to “talk through their feelings” about the grand jury decision, calling the sessions “co-curricular activities” that “in no way detract from studies” in law.

Connerly isn’t buying it, saying the schools is intentionally promoting “falsity” and “actually inhibiting cultural understanding by seeking to resurrect a discredited narrative.”

Read the Fox News report.

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