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VIDEO: Gender activists must end their misguided crusade against fraternities

The American Enterprise Institute recently put out a video that examines the crusade to ban fraternities. In it, senior research associate Caroline Kitchens debunks the widely perpetuated myth that men in fraternities are 300 percent more likely to rape, and explains why it’s wrong to collectively punish the entire Greek system for the misdeeds of individual members.

“Over the past year, ‘ban fraternities’ has become a battle cry for gender activists who want to eradicate male privilege and reduce rates of campus rape,” Kitchens notes. “But will banning fraternities solve the problem?”

No, because the problem is not an epidemic, and the hyperbole used around the issue is done so to forward a radical feminist narrative and cause.

“Here is my message to the anti-Greek crusaders,” Kitchens notes. “Respect Greek men and women as individuals. They are not just pawns in some mythical, misogynistic frat culture. They are adults who should be granted the freedom to associate with whomever they choose.”

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