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Harvard Students Celebrate ‘Incest-Fest’

Later this semester at Harvard, students will pause from studying things like philosophy, history, or the sciences, in order to celebrate something called  “Incest-Fest.”

Incest-Fest is, essentially, a campus party where making out and hooking up with as many people as possible is the goal. It gets the “incest” name because the event is open only to residents of Kirkland house–one of Harvard’s undergraduate residences. Thus, students who are living together (as if they were members of the same family, get it?? Incest? So funny, right?) are having sex with one another.

America, this is your best and brightest. Are you proud?

One Harvard student, junior Samantha Berstler, wrote an article for the Harvard Crimson this week suggesting that making a joke out of incest for the sake of a college party maybe isn’t in the best taste:

I am writing all this to explain that I am not only objecting to the name “IncestFest” because it is offensive and insensitive—although, indeed, it is, and it saddens me that this is not immediately obvious. I am writing this because incest is notoriously invisible and leaves its victims burdened with shame and humiliation for the rest of their lives. This invisibility and this shame are directly enforced by the myths of incest as “sexy” and “misunderstood”—myths propagated by using “incest” as slang for “sex with someone I’m living with” and by dances that institutionalize this meaning. The name “IncestFest” is not sexy or cute or clever.

As of the time of this writing, there were two reader comments below her article, which I’ll copy here so you can get an idea how elevated and intelligent the conversation at Harvard is on this subject:

Commenter Marcus Bunny had this to say, “Don’t go and let other people have a sick time getting laid.” Another commenter, calling himself Kirkland2013, had this remarkable insight: “Looks like someone needs to get some action at IncestFest.”

This is what passes for enlightened conversation in the morally bankrupt halls of Harvard.

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  • Mikeyh0

    Come one, come all.

  • flubbybutt

    I hope parents are paying attention.

  • I’m sure their parents must be very proud; I wonder if they think those college loans are still worth it?

  • nkedwards

    I thought liberals were the ones obsessed with censorship in the name of political correctness. It’s a college party where people are trying to hook up (which is a redundant statement if there ever was one), other than the name, how is it different from every other party thrown by 18-22 year olds this year?

    • Larry Siegel

      That was my first thought too. The name is tasteless and should be changed out of respect for incest victims, but the idea of a sex-themed college party doesn’t bother me too much. (Full disclosure: I attended the University of Chicago’s Lascivious Costume Ball on several occasions. People who showed up naked were admitted free of charge. I had to pay.)

  • Klint_Monroe

    Signs you’re getting old: if you can remember when going to a prestigious and expensive institution like Harvard was a great privilege and earning a degree there actually meant something then you’re getting old.

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  • Charliegirl4u

    These are young adults, obviously, who doesn’t care about Self Respect, Morales and Decency, not only is the name of the party offensive but, their attitudes too!. And this is what Harvard is churning out these days?..nice!.. Very sad for the “feel good” generation….

    • James Rustles

      Please note it is open only to Kirkland house. Not everyone at Harvard is part of this.

      • Charliegirl4u

        Dually Noted… Thanks ;-).

      • Thanks for pointing this out. Now it doesn’t matter. Especially in light of all the other morals outrages promoted by American liberals.
        The idea that the Morning After Pill and abortions are so readily available make this nothing more than lighthearted intramural sex on campus.
        As harmless as volleyball or frisbee football.
        America has a moral problem. We are losing our freedoms because the American government was originally designed for a population that feared God Almighty and did what was righteous when no one was looking.

        • Sears

          Revisionist history is popular these days…

          “Shake off all the fears of servile prejudices, under which weak minds are servilely crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.”
          – Thomas Jefferson

          Yes, it sure makes sense that one of our founding fathers would design the Constitution for something he didn’t believe in, i.e. the fear of God.

          • Jefferson still believed in God and would have been disgusted with what goes on at Harvard these days.

          • NoNamer

            Based upon what evidence can you assert how he would have felt? He rewrote the Bible (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jefferson_Bible) and didn’t believe in the divinity of Jesus…

          • MMSands

            Anyone who uses Wikipedia as a source is clueless to begin with.

          • NoNamer

            This is an ironic reply from someone who resorts to ad hominem attacks rather than replying with substance.

            That’s a nice way to say it’s extremely hypocritical to expect another person to do in-depth research when all he does it name call.

          • MMSands

            Glad you got that off your chest. Feel better now?

        • James Rustles

          What freedoms have you lost?

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  • Fat_Man

    Revoke their tax exemption.

  • I think this says less about Harvard than it does the calibre of individuals who seek to go there.

    • That’s so true: Harvard is a victim and could not possibly be expected to set minimum standards of conduct like other institutions.

      • Someone obviously believes in the concept of in loco parentis. This is a valid concept for middle schoolers. For grown men and women, not so much.

        Just as it is not the job of the state to tell us how to live, it is not the job of universities to tell their students how do to do so.

        • You’re the reason why there is no such thing as society anymore. While neither the state nor universities should dictate every aspect of our behaviour, some basic moral principles are needed in any civilized society.

          Unfortunately, most people are no longer intelligent enough to buck the trend by choosing to be moral in the face of obscene behaviour. People are like water, without boundaries, they will always flow downhill into the gutter.

  • harvard is an over rated sewer of socialist tenured fools brainwashing their idiot students who actually think they are getting an education when in reality they are the future obama…mind social drones who will grovel after their next king.

    • Carruthers

      Sir, there are… youths… in the fore greensward. Would you like me to request that they vacate the premises? And may I get you some more tea?

      • James Rustles

        Release the hounds, Carruthers.

      • You make light of this? You think morals are a joke?
        You join the many that pave the way to their own destruction and the decline of America.
        America has a moral problem. All the other issues are symptomatic.

    • hest89

      To take an institution that excels like few in nearly every subject they offer–a majority of which are not directly related political science–and discount them because you think there is a political agenda behind it all? This is the most ridiculous statement I have heard in a long time, Blair. Political affiliations aside, this college eschews all that an institution of education strives to reach. It is objectively a model and to claim that all of this is nonsense behind a socialist platform bestowed upon “idiot” students….you, Blair, are the idiot. Sometimes you can look at the world around you without a liberal/conservative lens.

      • Did you read the article? An institution that enables undergrad cohabitation and is aware of this excuse to institutionalize an orgy- holiday named “incest-fest” is not one that excels.
        God help America by delivering us from generations of atheistic humanists.

  • Our future rulers have spoken. It is up to us to make sense of their profound utterances.

  • American Kazak/Cossack

    Once saw an interview with a former KGB agent on American TV. He made the statement to the interviewer that Americans would be surprised to know how many Harvard educations the KGB paid for.
    It may be more than we think. Al Gore and Barry Soetoro and their friends to begin with. Throw in their professors and it becomes a Commie Hornets nest.
    Bill and Hillary, the same at Yale.
    Notice how all the Commies end up in Law.

    • I guess you forgot to mention Presidental candidate Romney who has two degress from Harvard. Does that make him a double Commie?

      • James Rustles

        Very good, sir.

      • ShootyMcBang

        Romney plays for the same stinkin team that Obama plays for that Bush played for that Clinton played for. Doesn’t matter what you call them. That is just for the masses to spat over and take our eye off of the ball. Communism is capitalism corrupted.

    • Ann Romney

      Mittens and George W. both attended Harvard. I wonder if they “celebrated” Incest Fest together. 😉

  • Pablo

    This is the reason why the US is in decline because of the communal corruption and rejection of God.

    • hell

      god is dead

      • And with him goes all morality and any notion of a civilized society.

    • James Rustles

      I’m sure that’s it. Not cash hoarding by super corporations, though, that has nothing to do with it.

      • communal corruption and rejection of God leads to cash hoarding by super corporations. Oh I know the Bible says not to be greedy and that the rich should help the poor and the Bible even bans usury, but by rejecting God, greedy bankers can embrace corruption!

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  • Mike

    Only liberals go to Harvard?

    • No, are you suggesting they have a large number of conservative students? Or that they a have a few and they are likely the ones doing this?

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  • Nolanimrod

    TIME is already working on the cover story proclaiming Incestfest an important milestone on the road to human understanding, one that could only be presented by the gifted and talented bright young minds that will soon be running the CIA and State Department, following in the wakes of earlier Ivy League grads at CIA and State who gave us advance warning about the crackup of the USSR, 9-11, the Arab Spring, and who pulled all the security off the consulate in Ben Ghazi.

  • ShootyMcBang

    Wonder how many perspective employers will be looking for graduates that consciously make poor choices.

    • whichever one will put forth the most labor with the least questions and payment. just like all the rest from regular schools.

  • From Harvard to prison as a sex offender. That’s what they are training to be. The quote, “Commenter Marcus Bunny had this to say, “Don’t go and let other people have a sick time getting laid.” In the age of perversion, “a sick time getting laid” means you are have a really, really great time getting laid because what you are doing is sick. Just so you know.

  • Danno

    That the kids are doing this is not a huge surprise – Harvard kids can be as drunken and horny as any state college. My question, though I suspect I know the answer, is where on earth are the adults? Is there no one left at Harvard grown up enough to say “this is unacceptable?” Let’s have them run a RapeFest at the dorm too and see how that goes over.

  • Case closed College Fix, Incest=bad! Very bold, very very bold…

  • Mike J

    This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:


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  • It sounds like the democrat party in training.

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  • drwho

    Now I can understand why America is now going ‘down the tubes’ so to speak.

  • Do you think perhaps these are intermural preparations for future Bohemian Grove invitees ??? Moral depravity is the order of the day among those who practice law….. They can’t help but fantasize about elevating themselves above the laws !!! …Look at the Congress and the Senate…amen. =(

  • SY

    No “hell” God is alive and doing good…dignity is dead…

  • It’s interesting and very telling how quickly many of the comments below turned political. I agree with what the young lady mentioned in this article was trying to say: making light of the true meaning of incest JUST to have a good excuse to get off, is terribly, horribly morally reprehensible. Just goes to show that the supporters of ‘IncestFest’ have a long way to go in actualizing any form of mental/emotional maturity.

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