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Hit-Job: Media Depicts Ole Miss Anti-Obama Protest as Race Riot

Hundreds of students at Ole Miss gathered to protest Obama’s re-election Tuesday night. The protest was immediately written off by the mainstream media as an outburst of racism.

Multiple news outlets reported that “racial slurs” were uttered by some of the hundreds of students who spilled out on the university campus to participate in the protest. But no specific examples were given.

Instead, the Associated Press, which originally reported this story, cites second-hand information from a university press release. What, we ask, do they mean by “racial slurs?” What, specifically, was said and by whom? They report no specifics.

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A protest at the University of Mississippi against the re-election of President Barack Obama grew into crowd of about 400 people with shouted racial slurs as rumors of a riot spread on social media. Two people were arrested on minor charges.

The university said in a statement Wednesday that the gathering at the student union began late Tuesday night with about 30 to 40 students, but grew within 20 minutes as word spread. Some students chanted political slogans while others used derogatory racial statements and profanity, the statement said.

The inference of the lead paragraph is that 400 students were “rioting” and shouting “racial slurs.” Sorry, that’s bogus. The facts just don’t support jumping to that conclusion. It’s not a “riot” if “there were no reports of injuries or property damage.” It’s also bogus to associate an entire crowd with racism simply because someone allegedly uttered racial slurs.

Tellingly, the reporter who wrote this story didn’t even bother to interview a single student who was involved in the protest.

Could it be possible that these students were upset about the direction of this country and were legitimately expressing political speech? No one at the Associate Press seems to have even considered that possibility. Instead, they bought the line fed to them by the university administration with absolutely no scrutiny whatsoever.

Why does the media assume that racism is the only conceivable explanation for students to be angry about Obama’s re-election? Why did they repeat vague allegations of “racial slurs” made by university administrators with no specific evidence to back it up? And why didn’t they bother to interview the students who were actually there? We think we know the answer.

If there were racial slurs involved, we condemn it. But  this smells like shoddy journalism to us.

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  • xerocky

    Pretty much what happens anytime someone says anything even vaguely critical of Obama. No?

  • fondatori

    “Why does the media assume that racism is the only conceivable explanation for students to be angry about Obama’s re-election?”

    Well, they’ve been assuming that racism is the only conceivable explanation for any opposition to Barry for about six years so why stop now?

  • fat al

    Watch the videos — lot’s of black students milling around, too. Consider the distinct possibility that they were the ones casting the racial slurs.

  • debtom

    if you don’t agree with Obama you are a racist, just ask him, he’ll tell you! freedom of speech disappeared the day he took office the first time!

  • richardls

    The slurs have been primarily by Democrats. President Obama even used the vulgar form of the word for human waste to describe Romney. This fits the pattern. President Clinton’s convention speech referred to brass parts of the middle of Ryan’s body. Jennifer Grandholm used the word “shaft” there also. President Obama told an Iowa woman who said she loved him that the Republicans would stick it to her, a term he later used again. Columnist Ruth Marcus used the term about having brass parts in the center of his body to describe Obama’s bold accusation of Romney of being inexperienced in foreign policy and Chuck Todd of MSNBC responded that Obama had kicked below the belt. We even have Rockwell Grinder using the disgusting Comedy Central equivalent of profanity by using a bleep in its ads and getting away with it (maybe they figured their name is already suggestive, so it doesn’t matter; but it does). President Obama was perfectly capable of using Bidens “malarkey” word, but instead he further coarsened US discourse and then compounded it by not apologizing.

  • Gorbals

    You seriously write like this? I remember Occupy Wall Street having the same stuff said about it by you guys. Either both are or neither are.

    This isn’t journalism. This is a blog, but you knew that.

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  • They protested Obama. That simple action is defined as racism by the left.

  • bob

    i will tell you who is racist. Anyone who votes for another because of their race is a racist!!!

  • Nancy L

    When you look at the video – there are black students as well as white students protesting Obama!

  • jmw_123

    Any time anyone says anything vaguely critical of Obama, it’s immediately headlined as racist. If the press is going to report racism, then they need to interview, record and document. You can’t tell me not a single person there wasn’t recording this on their phones even if the press was too busy to document.

    Here’s racism. People voting for Obama or supporting him simply because of his color. People screaming “kill those cracker babies. you going to have to blow up a nursery.” and having the AG dismiss a guilty verdict. That was recorded and that is racism, but where is the outrage that even elderly black people were harassed for having Hilary buttons.

    Figure out what racism is, media. Stop being a propaganda machine for the chosen one. Either report news as it actually is or turn in your press credentials.

    I wrote for a horse racing magazine for 22 years and we were more concerned with getting the facts straight on a $10,000 race than the msm is on the most important leader in the free world. How sad is that?

  • lique

    Who cares, we got what we wanted, 4 MORE YEARS. woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!