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University Tells Students it’s ‘Unfair to Be White’ (VIDEO)

College Fix/Student Free Press Fellow Andrew Johnson reports for National Review Online:

The University of Wisconsin–Superior became the latest school to join the Unfair Campaign, which looks to bring attention to the “unfairness” of being white. The campaign’s slogan is “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white” and claims that “society was set up for us.”

Below is a PSA ad:

A UWS spokeswoman told Campus Reform that the university is sponsoring the campaign because it is an “opportunity on our campus to talk about all privilege and to create conversation” as well as to “learn and to grow together.”

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  • Renatius Barton

    The video is a lie and a crock. Black people see white people as white: hence the term “whitey.” Society was set up for people, not only white people. Many black people function quite well in it — President Obama, Bill Cosby and Oprah Winfrey to name only three.

  • Gary Simmons

    They have a point. I dunno if that’s the best way to say it, but thirty-second videos rarely contain the full nuance of a good idea. With exclusive zoning practices set up to more or less segregate the middle-class (mostly whites) from the lower-class (mostly non-whites), stereotyping of the non-whites becomes easy as well as easy to miss.

  • Sarah

    chips on shoulders and guilt. You all can have it.

  • RobL_v2

    Four of the greatest Americans I know; Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, MLK, and Thomas Sowell. All black and all would be vociferously opposed to not only such blatant racism but unbearable stupidity emanating from an American University.

  • GottaloveTexas

    Excuse me? Using race and colour is a crunch for for inactivity and justification for some sense of entitlement. Whites have been slaves for thousands of years – Romans- Greeks-Irish-the list goes on and on. Get over it – I am white and I face discrimination from black people trying to get contracts from the county and they have told me I was the wrong colour….I dont stand on da corner crying- I try again

  • gnonannon

    The society I am in was one where my parents loved me. I am loyal to and have loyal friends. I don’t violate the rights of people around me, and for the most part, they reciprocate. I treat all people well regardless of, without giving a single damn about, their skin color. So yes, society was set up for me and people like me. I don’t feel guilty about it.

  • jim S.

    here’s your privilege right here you schmuck !