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LSD Openly Sold Near UC Berkeley Campus

Far out, man. LSD is being openly sold near the southside of UC Berkeley.

The Daily Clog, the blog of the university’s student newspaper The Daily Californian, reported Monday – complete with a picture – on a flier posted on a telephone pole very near campus that boldly proclaimed:

“Want to buy some LSD? (Call) Cosmo.” The flier lists the drug dealer’s apparent real phone number – complete with those little rip-off telephone number tags fliers often offer.

In a pleasant surprise, the Daily Cal blogger, Meagan Kane, doesn’t exactly praise the development.

Due to our high tolerance for the abnormal, a truly strange occurrence is when Berkeley manages to shock us with something — but that is exactly what happened when we spotted this flier stapled to a telephone pole on Southside near campus.This flier raises a lot of questions. However, instead of torturing ourselves with questions we will never know the answer to, let us pause for a moment and reflect on all of the things that we can learn from this photo.

We don’t know who Cosmo is, but his entrepreneurship and brashness is equal parts impressive and alarming. Clearly trivial things like the law aren’t really a concern for him (unless you would like to make a more conspiratorial interpretation of this photo, in which case this is a very clever trap planted by police). Apparently, the LSD market is booming in Berkeley, as there are only two phone number tags left on the flier.

We don’t know how long Cosmo is planning on staying in Berkeley, and we’re not exactly sure how we feel about it. On the one hand, he brings more color to our already colorful city, and on the other, he also brings more illicit activity. Either way, we realize that midterms can be stressful, but do us a favor and find a healthier way to come out of the midterm slump.

As an aside, Berkeley is very proud of its LSD-dabbling past, if its online homage to Dr. Timothy Leary – its most famous acid-dropping professor, is any indication.

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  • del2124

    Um, you’ve always been able to buy LSD near the Berkeley campus, and on it. This is also true at many other colleges in the U.S. Who cares?

    • LSD is dangerous stuff… it really is…

      You might not think so, but someone who unknowingly gets it slipped into their drink or food or takes too big of a dosage can suffer massive brain damage.

      The stuff isn’t just fun and games, it can have delayed deleterious affects on the users years later.

      • It is much safer if they get it knowingly slipped in their drink.

        And not only do you get massive brain damage. If you fall down while on it you can hurt yourself. And if you put on shoes too small while under its influence your feet will hurt. People have no idea of the harm it can do.

        The only way to prevent the harm is to destroy the brain receptors that LSD attaches to. And what ever parts of the brain that make chemicals that attach to those receptors. You wouldn’t want to self manufacture the stuff and damage your brain.

        • Rye mold ergots are easy to grow…

        • jon

          First, are you joking? Second, the phone number is a means of gaining access to a private community on facebook. There are people in the group that seem to have LSD but wouldnt openly say say.

          • Of course I’m joking. Except about knowingly slipping it into drinks.

      • del2124

        Well when we start to see a rash of LSD being slipped into drinks or food it’ll be time to worry. This, selling LSD near a campus, is nothing to worry about.

  • Do you people actually take this seriously? Do you actually think an LSD dealer would be so stupid? Magnets saying the exact same thing (“need lsd? call cosmo”) have appeared on cars in southern CA as well. Why would you not suspect a hoax, or a joke on the poor bastard whose telephone number is being used. A blog reported it. Must be true. Idiots.

  • A.D.S.R.

    These magnets and tear away number sheets are street art and not an actual LSD dealer. This article taking it seriously solidifies it’s validity. Irony in action. It seems Cosmo is on to something.

  • A.D.S.R.

    Way to check your facts btw. 😉

  • dollparts

    i know the group…the # is to reel you in so you join the group & help others or yourself get psychedelics basically. Cos Mo is real but he’s not stupid. Meagan Kane sure is though.

  • dollparts

    It’s all over the U.S. too btw. Not just SoCal.

  • Scorpius


    Its for a secret group.
    Not to sell LSD.