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University Administrator: ‘White People Are The Problem’

The central message of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, according to Florida State University’s Margaret E. Wright-Cleveland: “White people are the problem.”

It’s just that simple.

This piece of wisdom from the ivory towers of Tallahassee comes to us in a symposium on “the great American novel.”

“Twain confronts American history head-on and tells us this: White people are the problem,” she wrote.

Wright-Cleveland is listed at the college’s director of faculty recognition.

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H/T: John J. Miller at National Review Online

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  • NoMore MrNice Guy fr Niceville

    Where do these nincompoops come from? Referencing Mark Twain….OMG!…. Why not reference Abe Lincoln? Whgat an idiot, dismissing her left wing idealog..which has diminished the strength of minorities by their “grand give-a-ways, ie Obuma phone,etc.) ,thereby enslaving them with false promises and constant reminders of their own bigotry that “white people are the problem” Well, who in the hell has stirred up the latest round of racial divisioin? The ass in the White House and the little jerk on MSNBC and another proclaimed “minister” ..Jackson my name.. a theif,liar,whoremonger and dispicable as they come… We are all to blam,allowing these cowards to continue their blasphemy ahainst the very people the “pretend” to help.
    Like a child blaming veryone else around them….. face up to the fact, you are a culprit by swallowing the sewage you so blatantly shower upon the people who need your help, not your shallow, asinine remarks.

  • Adam Steiger

    I’m not understanding the quoted professor’s position here.

    How did the professor come to the conclusion that “white people are the problem” by referencing a fiction book that is over a century old?

  • Guest

    The “expert” who posted her opinion on the greatest American novel is the “Director of the Office of Faculty Recognition” at Florida State University. Her job, ostensibly, is to gain more recognition for FSU faculty to improve the image and reputation of FSU. She probably thinks her Huck Finn article does that. Fail.

  • TruSkeptik

    According to her LinkedIn page, this is what Ms. Wright-Cleveland does for the Seminole Nation:

    Director, Office of Faculty Recognition
    Florida State University
    Educational Institution; 5001-10,000 employees; Higher Education industry
    August 2008 – Present (5 years 3 months)
    The Office of Faculty recogntion facilitates faculty award nominations and applications. I have 1200 faculy awards across 16 colleges available for your perusal. My office can help edit documents, solicit letters of support, organize materials, and make sure everyone meets the deadline. We have worked on nominations for book awards, Fulbright awards, Guggenheim Fellowships, career science fellowship status such as the IEEE Fellowship status, and many discipline-specific awards for all stages of career.

    Now, in addition to the two misspellings on her own page (one of which is actually “faculy” for faculty), it appears that Wright-Cleveland hasn’t taught an American Literature (or any other literature) class since arriving in Tallahassee. This explains at least two things. First, why she chose one of the most basic of all American novels to analyze, and second, how she got it so wrong. Turns out she is nothing more than a semi-literate bureaucrat whose “job” is arranging for the real members of the FSU faculty to have their fannies kissed.