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California Governor Says Boys Can Use Girls’ Bathrooms

Haven’t you heard? There’s no such thing as male and female anymore. At least, not in the state of California. Not in the public schools there.

On Monday governor Jerry Brown signed a law that gives all students the right to use the restroom or locker room of their choice.

As Todd Starnes writes at FoxNews.com: “The new law gives students the right ‘to participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities’ based on their self-perception and regardless of their birth gender.”

Do you feel like a girl today? You have a right to enter the girls’ locker room. It’s that simple.

Feeling more boyish? Go right ahead and try out those urinals girls! You don’t mind if the guys watch, do you?

In California, quite frankly, no one has a legal right to stop you if you want to watch students of the opposite sex undress at school. Liberals have finally succeeded in destroying all distinctions between male and female.

And that’s not all. This new law may even allow students to participate on sporting teams of the opposite sex. A boy who says he identifies as a girl could play on the girl’s basketball team, or could compete against girls rather than boys in track and field.

This is a prime example of liberalism attempting to ignore reality in a blind attempt to appease special interest groups on the extreme edge of the radical left. Those groups say divisions between boys and girls are discriminatory against transsexuals or transgender individuals. But they never once give a thought to the privacy of all the other students who now may be forced to undress next to someone of the opposite sex. Nor do they care about the obvious safety risks girls will face under such conditions.

If you are a parent with a child in California public schools, I pity you.

Nathan Harden is editor of The College Fix and author of the book SEX & GOD AT YALE: Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad.

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  • Again with the BS.

    When I started following College Fix I was under the impression that I would get news about my colleges around the country; for some reason, I thought it would at the vest least be useful. All I see from you guys is bigotry and hatred. You speak on topics before fully understanding them because from what it looks like you need your right wing nuts to think that allowing people to make choices from themselves is going to be the end of their precious little America; when in reality that is how and why America was founded. One group of people was being denied their rights and you know what they did when no one would listen to them? They volunteered to leave and do it for themselves (funnily enough, they denied the Indians the right to exist on the grounds that they were savages, huh, I guess you guys aren’t so different after all).

    What I see here is a school acknowledging that some people are not born the way they feel; they are trying to create an environment where these young boys and girls who have to deal with gender identities in a world pitted against them one more chance to feel normal, one more chance to feel like the world isn’t out to get them. And what do you do? You paint this as the liberals doing something else to put everyone else in an uncomfortable situation.

    You fail to leave out important details, like what they are doing to maybe explain to other students that despite biology being different…..they are in fact the same gender as the other students using these restrooms. You fail to mentions whether there will be student meetings to discuss these changes or transgender education to make the student body more aware. No, you dismiss the potential to create equal oppurtunity to trans* on the count of it makes you uncomfortable; which it only does because you 1. place emphasis on nude bodies in a sexual manner as if these kids who just want one thing to make them feel normal are going into these bathrooms “to watch the opposite sex undress” and 2. don’t seem to understand exactly how these trans* kids feel; they may biologically be opposite, but they do not indentify as the opposite sex and your lack of respect for that fact is mind beoggling. Why speak on something like this if you don’t even want to take the time to understand? Oh, I forget, cause us liberals need to look like crazy fornicaters in order for you to ever make a point.

    This emphasis on genitalia is so disheartening, this emphasis on nude bodies is so disheartening, and I pity you for not understanding what a tremendous leap and bound for gender equality this is.

    Also, I hardly consider this sexual* politics. Maybe, gender politics? Maybe, LGBTQ politics, but this has nothing to do with being sexual or sexual activities or sexual rights. This has everything to do with Trans* rights and Trans* politics.

    • JBDestiny

      Thanks for proving the author’s point. When reality clashes with fantasy, fantasy must win out. Here’s a question for you, BS: How do you stop perverts from claiming to be a different “gender” than their genitals in order to get their thrills? That’s reality. In your fantasy world, though, this is a non-issue, because only “LGBTQ” is at risk. It’s the fact that you libs refuse to deal with perverts that makes the rest of us assume perversion is fine with you. Until you acknowledge and deal with the real issue, keep your stupid “gender politics” lectures to yourself.

      • pokemonman123

        they ca see a therapist and get signed off on it if that how they truly feel

    • Adam Steiger

      Your mind is WARPED if you truly believe there is no difference between the male and female gender. Your position on allowing boys and girls to use the same facilities, additionally, is insane.

    • jbo5112

      California already had a process for a student to get their gender changed, if desired. The new law just leaves it as “use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.” No requirement of student meetings or explanations.

      90+% of teenager boys have viewed online pornography, and teenagers are the largest consumers of online pornography. You honestly don’t think there needs to be more provisions for people’s safety, like an evaluation by a counselor/psychologist or medical professional and an official recognition of who is allowed in which locker room?

      I’m guessing you have never been ogled by someone in the locker room, with them licking their lips as they just sit there hungrily leering at your nearly naked body, in what was supposed to be a safe environment to shower and change clothes, and you’re left to wonder if they managed to snap some photos or video spread around.

      P.S. If I were a student in California, both trans students and I both have equal rights to live in the context of our biological gender and use facilities engineered for our anatomy. We would also both have the same rights to pursue gender reassignment. I fail to see what rights I have that they were missing, unless you’re just bent out of shape over a lack of women’s urinals and tampon dispensers for men.

    • GoodbyeUSA

      You are an idiot. Liberals always think they are so enlightened. No, you are just queer. Being unusual or counter-normative does not make you progressive. It just makes you deviant.

  • NorthCack34

    Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
    It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola

  • robert

    Here is what a 5 year old transsexual looks like.

  • Smoky45

    When is the Calif government going to open the restrooms in the capital building? And take “Men” and “Women” off the doors of the bathrooms? How about some “gender equality” in Sacramento! Idiots do what idiots do, and Calif government is FULL of them.

  • Again

    You do realize that most trans* people have to go through several therapy sessions? They have to (because this is something the state wants) prove that they are actually in act trans*. There are ways to go about finding out who is an actual identifying trans* and who is attempting to use actual people’s lives as a cheap way to get peeks into the opposite sexes bathroom. You act as if this is the only law that has loopholes or issues. I’m not saying the law is perfect and I’m not insinuating that people won’t take advantage of it, but and let me try to put this as clearly as possible…if we’re going to concerned about what a few bad apples are doing then why don’t we just go ahead and take away everyone’s rights?

    I don’t feel comfortable with people owning weapons because some pervert might put a gun to my head and try and see me naked (this is extreme yes, but you see what I’m saying here?) There is always and there will always be the potential for someone to take a law or a right human beings deserve because there are people out there who will attempt to use it their advantage. So, let me give you a less extreme example…I don’t men should be OBGYNs cause some men might undertake this career for the soul purpose of sexually harassing and/or assualting woman? Is this a common thing? Maybe not, but is it a possibility, absolutely. I have heard many accounts of woman being told and touched inappropriately by male OBGYNs…so then, should I say that men have no right to take that position? That men who truly feel passionate about this job should not in fact be able to pursue the careers they wish to pursue?

    The fantasy world in which you live is one in which you take away the rights of many because of the misconduct of a few and that to me seems way more far fetched than seeing if California is even taking preventative measures against that sort of thing BECAUSE THIS ARTICLE DOES LITTLE MORE THAN TO CONDEMN FROM PRESENTING THE OPTION; IT DOESN’T GO INTO ANY FURTHER DETAIL ABOUT WHAT CALIFORNIA DOES. So, unless you went out and read more about it, your argument to me is invalid.

    And by your logic, we should prevent everyone from having rights because there are always going to be the few that attempt to find loopholes or take a good law and make and use it in a way that is wrong.

    So, it’s not MY responsibility to deal with perverts…it is the states…it is the task of the government and local officials who decided to take this great step forward. If they can’t protect their people from being taken advantage of by all means then examine the law and move from there.

    Also, from a biological standpoint, yes there are differences, but it has been proven than any gender normatives we have created are just that CREATIONS. Things that we made up and that can be changed once people open their minds.

    • jbo5112

      California Assembly Bill 1266 adds the following statement to California law: “A pupil shall be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.”

      This law does not place any requirements of a doctor’s evaluation nor place additional checks, constraints and precautions on allowing boys in the girls locker rooms. Plenty of lawyers (likely with agreeing judges) would argue that any additional requirements would interfere with the students’ rights to gender identity and go against the law. In fact, if your willing to go through the official checks that should probably be there (assuming you want to require an actual gender change), California already has a process for your gender to be legally changed. If I missed something, feel free to point out where California code stipulates requirements on a minor having a recognized gender identity. Without such stipulation, the law change appears to be more loophole than protection of rights.

      The new law widely opens the door to forcing girls to share locker rooms with perverted boys who will say anything to see the naked bodies. Given the proliferation of pocket cameras (e.g. cell phones) and easy ways to share photos/videos, this could be a huge problem. Furthermore, it’s still child pornography when a minor photographs a peer, and there may be many that don’t know they’re being photographed.

      I think this would be more akin to giving your gun-wielding pervert the right to stay and peek if you want to shower after sports, rather than just letting him have a gun. My opinion of gun ownership is that it could at least give some perverts the fear that an irate father might complete the gender change by use of a shotgun.

      As for your OBGYN, you can change your circumstances quite easily by checking around and going to a more virtuous doctor, should you find anything objectionable. Student’s have to go through a much larger hassle for that option, and may get thrown into circumstances much worse to deal with than an official gender change (e.g. every boy has nude locker room pics of the chaste homecoming queen because they wouldn’t remove a guy until he committed an offense and her warnings were treated as transsexual phobia).

      You can argue about the rights of transgender individuals (0.3% of US adult population — child stats harder to find)*, but you’re arguing to strip away rights from non-transgender individuals (99.7% of US adult population)* to use restrooms and locker rooms without worry that the opposite sex is in the room and trying to peek. Created norm or not, 98% of adults* are their original gender and are attracted to members of the opposite sex. “Why don’t we just go ahead and take away everyone’s rights?” I think we already have, and continue to do so.

      *stats from the Williams Institute (part of UCLA School of Law) as reported in the wikipedia article on LGBT demographics of the United States

  • Haley

    oh no, i live in california. what is going on with our world today??? this is insanity

  • And they call us “deniers.”

  • pokemonninja

    like real tg they can get a therapist to sign off on that person if that how they truly feel and see there self it be a little better

  • Danny

    what is wrong who signed this law? I live in california i dont want rapist coming in the restroom and in school watching us change… whats going on with whoever signed this law they must be out of there mind. Watch we gonna have alot of news about rapist guys going into girls restroom…

  • Autress

    To be quite honest, both sides of this argument are fundamentally stupid. Sex-segregated bathrooms are quite unnecessary as they do NOT stop any sort of perversion or crime. A person who is willing to risk punishment to do ANYTHING will do it regardless of whether or not they have ease of access. Honestly, what do girls do in the bathroom that would require there not to be a guy in there? All that would need to happen is an upgrade to the bathroom stalls, something that desperately needs to be done anyways.

    If I was a rapist/pervert, being allowed in the same bathroom as my victim is a non-issue: if i’m caught, i’m going to jail either way, and no one is gonna charge me on “Being in a women’s restroom”. And let’s not blame the Liberals; We all know that the youth on today’s generation are no saints and there’s far worse things than allowing them to piss in the same room.

    On the other hand, allowing transgendered kids to chose which bathroom to go in is also an issue: the bathrooms are set up to segregate based on PHYSICAL gender. Who cares if he/she/it thinks it’s something other than what he/she/it is: if it has a penis/vagina/boombox then he/she/it belongs in the boys-room/girls-room/80’s. You really think a woman trapped in a man’s body is really gonna be all that affected by being around other people with penises? If so, then he/she needs to toughen up: The world is full of dicks and pussies, get used to it.