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Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is Racist, Says Portland School Official

Did you know that eating or even talking about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich could be considered racist?

That’s right.

Apparently, it’s because people in some cultures don’t eat sandwich bread. Verenice Gutierrez, principal of Harvey Scott K-8 School in Portland explained in and interview with the Portland Tribune:

“Take the peanut butter sandwich, a seemingly innocent example a teacher used in a lesson last school year,” the Tribune said.

“What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?” Gutierrez asked. “Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”

…The Tribune noted that the school started the new year with “intensive staff trainings, frequent staff meetings, classroom observations and other initiatives,” to help educators understand their own “white privilege,” in order to “change their teaching practices to boost minority students’ performance.””Last Wednesday, the first day of the school year for staff, for example, the first item of business for teachers at Scott School was to have a Courageous Conversation — to examine a news article and discuss the ‘white privilege’ it conveys,” the Tribune added.

Gutierrez completed a week-long seminar called “Coaching for Educational Equity,” a program the Tribune says focuses “on race and how it affects life.” She also serves on an administrative committee that focuses on systematic racism.

“Our focus school and our Superintendent’s mandate that we improve education for students of color, particularly Black and Brown boys, will provide us with many opportunities to use the protocols of Courageous Conversations in data teams, team meetings, staff meetings, and conversations amongst one another,” she said in a letter to staff.

You can read more about principal Gutierrez’s sandwich-sensitivity philosophy here.

Next time you’re in the bread aisle at the grocery store, you may want to think twice. Sensitive liberal educators are now recommending the “torta” or the “pita” as a more culturally inclusive alternative.

Now that you’ve been made aware of the evil of PB&J, there’s only one question left to answer: Is white bread more racist than whole wheat?

Nathan Harden is editor of The College Fix and author of the book SEX & GOD AT YALE: Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad.

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  • LiberalsRcommies

    Libtards and their political correctness. It is ruining our once great nation.

    • boboadobo

      the worst part is they make crap up, seriously who thinks this kind of garbage up?

      • BeenThere

        Believe me,

        It is in the textbooks in college–especially the field of psychology–they indoctrinate these foolish students

        • DiggFerkel

          I’m very offended by Pita and Torta bread because they exclude Nordic people. “Brown people” foods must be immediately removed from society as well.

          • jerryg1018

            I’m offended by Grits, that racist sourthern breakfast food.

          • BuckSargent

            I’m offended that biscuits and gravy (yummy) adds pounds to my waistline.

          • Whiskey_Tango_Foxtrot_One

            I’m offended by Girl Scout Cookies…..can’t stop eating them.

          • JDOG44

            I’m offended that I got kicked out of Boy Scouts for eating Brownies!

          • Impeach BHO Now

            R O F L M F A O

          • Whiskey_Tango_Foxtrot_One

            Gross……you do realize that Brownies are like 8 years old, right? LMAO

          • 0bamasnought


          • Peter Stroker

            I think he met when he was a boy scout lol…..I hope, yuk

          • John Kenny

            “Peter Stroker”. Get it, everybody?

          • Cadel

            He said when he was in boy scouts, that would make him about the same age. Do they teach reading comprehension any more ?

          • GrandMe

            Only to the privileged whites.

          • Cadel

            They are too busy teaching sex, LGBT studies and now “how to avoid your white privilege” to teaching reading.

          • NielsZoo

            So the sandwich is evil but the Progressives are teaching Brownie/Brownie is fine and healthy in Kindergarten now? We are truly done for.

          • Kevin

            But Brownie’s are part of the Girl Scouts and the Girl Scouts don’t exclude gay leaders. So nothing they do can be offensive. And that offends me.

          • Chris F

            Is it ok to say crackers or is this another food item that demonstrates racisim ? lol

          • Rich Munson

            They are teaching the common core “How to apply for benefits, child rearing as a teen, how to increase your tax return”

          • We’reAllIdiots

            “to teaching reading”…Yup.

          • larry burdge

            What do they teach to the under-privileged Blacks? Gangbanging 101?

          • kathy

            Remember ebonics. Absolutely guaranteed to NOT get you into college. Or much of anything else.

          • slickwillieisaliar

            Can get them in PRISON! And thank GOD for dat!

          • larry burdge

            Remember when ebonics was going to be a taught subject in schools? Some teachers are THE problem.

          • JanS

            Larry, my daughter went to a middle school where the principal, a well educated woman, spoke ebonics to the parents in a PTA meeting. I was appalled…

          • Hello..?

            Might get them into big white women…

          • stevo

            Don’t learn too much stop acting white.

          • Chriss Markey

            NOT TRUE !
            Ebonics will most certainly help you get into a street gang and/or prison.

          • Keren Burdt

            Larry . . . Get it right, they teach them how to play the “knockout game”!

          • Rich Munson

            They learn that Pre-K no need for it in the school

          • ajivani

            It replaces phys ed in some districts.

          • Olen

            My wife asked for buffalo Mozzarella at a deli, the girl stirred
            through the display and declared, There is no buffalo in here.

          • Joey

            Actually, if he were in the Boy Scouts, he would be older than the Brownies. If he were in the Cub Scouts, he would be the same age.

            I guess they need to teach other things than just reading comprehension!

          • Gene Pratt

            Hello what happened to the issue of PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICHES, you act like a bunch of politicians debating the wrong issue,!!!

          • Cody Horne

            What happened to it? It’s one of the most hilarious liberal arguments I have ever heard. Why would anyone debate that? All the guy had to do was suggest that there be some different foods for the students from other cultures but he call’s the PBandJ sandwich racist. When was is it ever the right of the individual to get the food type he or she wants from the state?

          • Donna Polles

            I don’t see where this is a liberal or conservative argument at all. I’m pretty sure everyone thinks this is ridiculous.

            Honestly, I don’t understand why they have to teach different kids differently…the classroom should always be the same for kids of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

            (Boy Scout/Brownie- LOL!)

          • okwhateveryeah

            These kinds of things always come from uber liberals. New ways to hate ourselves, that’s their thing.

          • stevo

            yeah it was either crappy sh#t on a shingle or you go hungry.

          • MommaLikes

            Ya, and we ate that sh#t on a shingle and we LIKED it!

          • MommaLikes

            Well, he actually succeeded at what he was trying to do; make a name for himself. He woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and exclaimed, “I am a loser! I need to make a name for myself before the Zombie Apocalypse comes and it no longer matters!” So he thought and he thought, then shouted, “I’ve got it!” The rest is history (and not the good kind).

          • rochesternative

            Well, PB&J has also become politically incorrect because of the huge number of kids who have developed peanut allergies as well. So large numbers of day care centers and schools are becoming “peanut free zones”

          • Gary Nelson Harper

            We’re busy making Peanut Butter and Brownie sandwiches and and….reading the Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet on the jar.

          • jbshollyrn

            No apparently not!! Why should they? they don’t teach writing anymore.

          • kirkmcloren

            I think that would be Cub Scouts.

          • MarilynA

            Haven’t you ever heard about all the nonreading high school graduates? I teach blue print reading and engineering drawing at a local Tech school and so help me, I was approached by the Dean who said he was assigning one of those non reading high school graduates to my class.

          • miss_msry

            Sounds like the guy who couldn’t even retreive my perscription at the pharmacy because he couldn’t read and didn’t know the alphabet enough to even find something filed by my last name. So sad.

          • kathy

            And this guy works in a pharmacy? God help us all.

          • patsy1715


          • Rich Munson

            Yeah man Aspirin…it’s right there in the red bottle with the Label that says VICODIN…. you know it’s for headaches

          • HydroCodone

            Your comment should have 5 million up-votes.

          • celticspike7

            why is aspirin white ?? that’s racist , I’m offended

          • MR.Smith

            and DON’T for get you have to Pick Cotton before you can it That is Very Raciest

          • Belld

            Mr. Smith, best comment. EVER! Had me laughing for at least an hour.

          • Kevin

            Come to think of it, white is the most common color for pills. I’m very offended.

          • SuperBean

            I’m offended by the same… right up to and through the moment I ingest them… lol

          • Strieker

            I’m from down south so now I have to constantly measure every word I say. It seems that now almost every southern idiom has its roots in “African-American” culture, slavery, or white “bigotry”. The only thing I feel safe eating anymore is “crackers”.

          • John Graham

            Boiled peanuts are safe; if you can choke them down.

          • MommaLikes

            That could be considered cannibalism – white guy eating crackers and all. But that’s probably OK since it’s not racist, right?

          • AlsoTooJaded

            Peanut Butter and Jelly “crackers”?

          • Katrina M Couturem

            I’m offended that your all offended!

          • Fred Lienhard

            Because you want it to work.

          • 1G25

            Because it works.

          • cuetip

            aspirin is white because it works!

          • miss_msry

            Wish I had thought of that.

          • shebasue

            Are you in Tucson?? I had the same thing at the Walgreens ~~ the guy asked my name and address, which I gave to him as he is staring at the bag, I get home and I had someone else’s prescription. And he’s still working there.

          • shropster

            Affirmate action employee?

          • HCUA

            Give me the cross-streets so that I don’t go there.

          • Gary Nelson Harper

            I had a script filled once.. didn’t look right.. Hmm..Spoke to the pharmacist..” I don’t think I need this estrogen quite yet sir”.

          • Hefailed

            Same guy wanted to know how to spell S.O.S….

          • Pasann

            I hope you told him it was spelled F.B.I……….

          • doliver


          • Jerry James


          • colsooonscoorner

            My hubby * I fought the school district in court for our son & proved he read better in elementary than hi school. We got a private school. We did have to fight for him. He graduated & can read well. His fellow classmates used to come to him so he could read their important papers for them.

            For those in similar situations, find all their previous materials regarding reading or whatever. Even if your child isn’t having trouble now save it all. You never know when the system is going to fail.

          • MommaLikes

            I home schooled my son for a bit. The most important thing he learned was phonics. While teaching him, light-bulbs started going on for me. I realized that I was learning as much as he was. I am a victim of “Sight Reading” and can tell you how hard it is to overcome it. Now I teach my other children phonics whether they learn it in school or not. We can not rely on a flighty school system to teach our children completely. We have to fill in the gaps or they will slip through them. Oh, and their after-school snack includes a PB&J (EXTRA CHUNKY)!

          • colsooonscoorner

            I think PB& is great LOL

            I’m glad to hear your story

            I love the home schooling, wish we’d have had it back then. This is 35+ years ago.

            I keep warning my daughter to be careful about my granddaughters education. Especially after reading about Common Core

          • Kate Craig


          • Jerry James

            Prescription is spelled: Rx. Don’t cha know??

          • miss_msry

            Sorry, slip of the finger. TYPO.

          • Bill Dixon

            I get better service AND accuracy from the local auto supply store than I do from the CVS!

          • miss_msry

            Actually, this was an Eckerds, right before they bit the dust.

          • Jjb54

            OH, don’t get me started on CVS … they have screwed my Rx’s so many times over the years – I was happy when they were dropped from my Insurance Rx coverage. THEY SUCK!

            And I’m offended by CVS!! Seriously offended.

          • Igo2Skool

            Irony: Post about not being able to read…*prescription

          • miss_msry

            I think I misspelled “retrieve” too, nobody seemed to catch that. Reminder to self: don’t post while drinking wine.

          • RH Lee

            as a student or as a teacher? :-p

          • larry burdge

            Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are

          • larry burdge

            Well, he has to start somewhere.

          • Wyrdless

            Start with reading.

          • larry burdge

            Obviously, you just don’t get burdge humor.

          • Wyrdless

            Sorry about that. my sarcasm detector was on the fritz

          • larry burdge

            With electronics these days it’s understandable.

          • Gary Nelson Harper

            Yesturday I culdn’t evin spel enginear.. Now I are one.

          • Chriss Markey

            isn’t blueprint one word?

          • Colonel Joe

            Yes, and they are no longer blue, either!! They used to be blue with white lines, then white with blue lines, and now~~~you pick whatever YOU want!!! I spent over 11 years doing architectural drawing, 4 years as a Toolmaker Machinist Apprentice and worked as a Civil Engineering Technician during my apprenticeship! Blue/white; white/blue; white/black and now it’s all on a computer monitor or some other “device”~~~BUT THE IDIOTS COMING OUT OF HIGHSCHOOL THESE DAYS STILL CAN’T READ!!!

          • Zuzu

            Excuse me but, isn’t highschool[sic] two words?Zuzu

          • Jerry James

            Depends on how you use it. If you want “blue print” use blue ink. If you are looking at a blueprint, well, you know!! Don’tcha?

          • John Graham

            Hi Chriss
            isn’t blueprint one word?
            Unless you are talking about a copy of a painting or a piece of fabric.

          • Enderr

            I taught at a motorcycle mechanics school. Had a student who could not read a ruler. Not some fancy highfalutin white ruler, just a plain yard stick. The student had to be in the school for at least 7 months to get to my class. I used his socket set to show him the difference between 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 etc.

          • Chris F

            And sockets are silver so do we find this offensive . What culture is silver. Perhaps aliens would be offended by your use of silver

          • OllieK

            What do you expect, when we have “open enrollment” colleges (a/k/a reform colleges) where you can take Introduction to Remedial Reading 101?

          • miss_msry

            Yes, my property taxes pay for K-12, then for the local junior college. Then the people who absolutely make no attempt to learn anything suck the rest of my money through welfare and Medicaid. I did the math. They are getting MORE money for doing NOTHING than I am allowed to keep to live on per year.

          • the storm drow

            not alway some of use who actually need the assistance and qualify are denied the help we need becuz we’re too light skinned as in we’re not black bein black or illegally here makes you automatically privileged to help programs such as heatin help in winter, food assistance, and other cash programs or housin programs i am 1/4th native american and mostly white can barely afford housing costs and food costs i live on an income of 730 a month tryin to find decent payin jobs is harder than hell especially if you’re white and they somehow need to fill their anti-racist quota so some jackass who is completely incompetent doesn’t scream “RACIST” and sue them which is totally bullshit and its mostly all blacks and those illegally here that get all these freebies anybody who is white and strugglin that needs the help(which “welfare” is meant for those who QUALIFY AND NEED IT) can’t get the help they need becuz their skin is too light and the social workers use bullshit excuses for why they deny those who actually temp. need the help

          • the storm drow

            holy crap got typos in here sorry

          • miss_msry

            Wow, do you then progress to Remedial Reading 102? Do they have graduate studies in Remedial Reading?

          • joesockit

            I almost don’t believe you, almost. I read where 1/2 of the population of Detroit is functionally illiterate. I worked for a Copier Company in the 80’s and they hired a black guy who was a baseball player in college, almost made pro but not quite. He could not read or write. His girlfriend filled out all of his paperwork. He lasted about 3 weeks. They wanted him to sell to black owned businesses. Even the black owned businesses wouldn’t buy from him because they didn’t want to deal with an idiot of any color. How does this happen that people are allowed through the system not even having basic skills? What are you supposes to do with that? I say no welfare, unemployment, nothing, if you don’t have at least a GED. If you won’t put in the effort to be employable, society does not owe you any help.

          • gwb77

            Now we are getting to the root of the problem! It appears that to qualify for social assistance one only needs to be unqualified to do anything to sustain yourself… except to VOTE. I fear that the next step will be to include a campaign photo of the candidate so the “voter” can know who promised what free bonus! I know that it may sound like a “conspiracy theory,” but is it possible that the “dumbing down” of a generation could assist those orchestrating the whole process to maintain their control of the masses? I am definitely “old school.” I believe that teaching students how to think, how to know and understand history, and how to make accurate comparative analysis can do more to stimulate and sustain our nation than all of the food-stamps that can be distributed.

          • MommaLikes

            I believe that you are correct, gwb77. The basics are what we need, and that includes History. The problem is that “THEY” know that and are now taking the real history out of the history books and replacing it with PC BS. We have to save all our old history books and see that our children read them because they need to know the truth so they can learn from our mistakes as well as our success.

          • doliver

            amazing that these concepts:

            “Teaching students how to think, how to know and understand history, and how to make accurate comparative analysis”

            have been systematically displaced

          • MommaLikes

            Isn’t that racist though?

          • GoGo4itBigO

            Cadel, LMAO at your ignorant assumption.
            Cadel, Boy Scouts are mostly teenagers, they can join up to 17. You can’t join Boy Scouts at 8 or 9, You can join the Cub Scouts when you are 7, but you can’t move up to Boy Scouts until after you’re old enough.

          • Gene Pratt

            What do boy scouts and brownies have to do with the issue of PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICHES, this is why the government gets away with distracting us because you all have forgotten the real issue PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICHES, DUHHHHHH!!!

          • arrogantass

            Its obvious to me that the mere mention of Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies (not the cookie kind) and Girl Scouts is secret code of the New World Order, the CFR, Bohemian Grove and the Bilderbergers. I’m descrambling everything all of you say, and will report the TRUE MEANING of your secret transmissions to the appropriate authorities.

            Okay back to your normal programming… 😀

          • IBPhreakin

            What I meant was be nice to everyone, Peace Bro, and “please don’t tease me, bro”

          • Thomas Paine

            There’s no need to debate the issue of labeling PB&J sandwiches racist!! It’s so absurd that it can only be mocked.

          • JoeThePimpernel

            What is it you think we are doing?

          • HCUA

            I did not see any explanation of why it was racist. They are not racist to me. I eat them all the time. I love the crunchy peanut butter.

          • Bill Baldwin

            Crunchy is more racist than smooth peanut butter.

          • Kimmie Smith

            Who the h*ll wants to debate something so asinine as PB&J sandwiches being considered racist?? WHAT is there to actually DEBATE about the stupid idiotic subject??? It is BEYOND ABSURD!!!!

            YES, yes, let’s all sit here and debate about the degree of racism involved with eating PB& J, so so much to discuss about it, it’s such a complex issue!!

          • arrogantass

            Sometimes boy scouts become presidents….

            “I’m just sayin”

          • Donna Polles

            And sometimes, they become Girl Scouts 🙂

          • arrogantass

            I guess your name used to be Donnie?

          • Donna Polles


          • BK

            Boys the age of Brownies are actually CUB scouts, not Boy Scouts. Do a little research before you sound off.

          • James Edward

            For your enlightenment, Cub Scouts are similar in age to Brownies; Boy Scouts to Girl Scouts.

            A Boy who has earned the Arrow of Light or completed the 5th grade must ALSO be at least 10 years old before he can join a Boy Scout Troop.

          • Archie Goodwin

            Meanwhile, back at the oasis, the Arabs we’re eating their dates.

          • IBPhreakin

            They eat Camels too.

          • donna

            Boy scouts are 11 and up…..

          • arrogantass

            I was a mere 7.5 as a boy scout.

          • Jim Trent

            If you were 7.5 then you were in something the neighborhood pervert put together and tried to call boy scouts. 7.5 is cub scouts. Go look at the boy scout page to see the requirements

          • Jim Trent

            It’s 10 and up. I know… my boys have been in scouts for years. They started in cub scouts and are now boy scouts.

          • Don Wayne

            only to privileged whites who eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches similtaniously while drinking milk

          • Claudia Castello

            white milk, too, at that.

          • HCUA

            I prefer chocolate milk. It is not racist that way.

          • Yale2001

            oh yes it is. when you “drink” chocolate, you dominate chocolate. so if you drink chocolate milk, you’re racist

          • Chriss Markey

            what happens if I drink strawberry milk?
            is skim milk offensive to fat people?
            is whole milk offensive to skinny people?
            oh, no – what if I put half & half in my coffee?

            crap, I’ll have water please.

          • Guy

            Haha I like this too

          • MadcatBeast

            You do realize Cub Scouts is the same age range as Brownies, not Boy Scouts. Wow funny how people are quick to insult, when they don’t know the facts themselves.

          • CJ

            cub scouts man. cub scouts are the same age, but still funny

          • shropster

            At the age of eight, he would have to be a cub scout.

          • HillCountryJimmy

            Actually he should have used Cub Scouts. That is more in line with the ages of each. Boy Scouts need to eat Girl Scouts.

          • lucy b

            Negative .. I’m offended you don ‘t know your Scouts .. its a CUB SCOUT then a WEEBLOW then a BOY SCOUT then EAGEL SCOUT their are also EXPORER SCOUTS

          • Adino

            Cadel, you are ignorant of facts. Boy scouts are middle and high schoolers, approx. 14-18 years old. 8 year olds are Elementary students. Brownies and Cub Scouts are Elementary students. So yeah, WTFO is right. Maybe you could get your facts right before crowing about reading comprehension.

          • ajpwriter

            No, they teach racism.

          • Randy

            And I thought Twinkies had a long shelf-life.

          • arrogantass

            You do realize you’re a sexual deviant I assume

          • John Mccullagh

            Give the powers that be a few years and I’m sure they will redefine pedophilia as an alternate lifestyle

          • Charles Scrappy Taylor

            I would not eat an eight year old brownie. I want them fresh and hot from the oven.. Best kind with ice cream. As for the other ones. that is a Scouting organization. hahahaha Have a sense of humor people.

          • grey_ghost1

            You lookin’ for a fight, Scrappy?

          • Jake P

            I would definitely eat an 8 year old brownie

          • TommyGunn

            Those are some stale brownies I’m a-guess’n.

          • Bigdog

            Maybe he meant Cub Scouts !

          • Gene Pratt

            This is why the government gets away with this shit, the subject is PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICHES, and you all are debating boy scouts and girl scouts, that has nothing to do with this issue, you are acting like a bunch of politicians debating the wrong subject!!!! HELLO???

          • marywnm

            No, we are just trying to match the intelligence of our school officials–

          • arrogantass

            Well Gene here’s the deal. Some of us have seen this coming for many years, and are far beyond the hand-wringing stage, the shouting and all the rest of the fuss. Some of us understand that the pendulum of time has to swing, and that we’re mere mortals that on occasion get pressed into dying for our country against an enemy, real or imagined. In this case, the enemy is in fact our own government. The solution is neither democrat nor republican, for they are in essence the same thing. IF there is a solution to America’s woes, it certainly will not come from the rank and file of this era. To be blunt, Gene, its over. Its been over for a long time and its amusing that the last to “get it”, are humorless, droll republicans like yourself.

            Fear not. This too shall pass albeit perhaps not in our lifetimes.

          • cattnipp

            the only propaganda about Social Security is that it is going broke—- the USA government raided the SS Trust, ‘borrowing’ 2.7 Trillion dollars —- more than the country owes to China and the GOP is screaming that China ‘OWNS’ the USA because of it…… at the moment the SS Trust has about 2.3 Trillion dollars left in the account which will fund all outgoing for the next 20 years without replenishing funds—– the GOP wants to give this 2.3 Trillion to the wall street gamblers to play with and take Social Security away from those of us who have worked and paid into it all our lives. So they are claiming that Social Security is broke and that the old are draining the taxpayers monies —— do just a little research outside the Fox network and you will learn a lot about how you are being scammed.

          • AlsoTooJaded

            I hope that your’re right with “this too shall pass”, although I seriously wish it were in our lifetimes.

          • arrogantass

            So live your little lives. Try to laugh at the folly of mankind and all that. Don’t take things so seriously that you realize this is the only life you will ever have. Understand that the bullshit about “retirement” and your “golden years” was just propaganda. It actually “worked” for a generation or two, at the expense of their children who paid their bills after age 65 but it will not work for the boomers. Simply put, Gene, we boomers allowed this shit to get away from us. We allowed America to become the most murderous nation state in the history of mankind by permitting abortion on a mass scale. The world’s most horrific mass-murderers are us, Gene. You, I and the rest of the loons posting in here trying to maintain their sanity. Because Gene deep down you understand that you let your father down. You let all of the generations that came before you down. You let your kids down and their kid’s kids for generations to come. Basically Gene, thanks in part to idiotic libtards, but thanks also to idiotic republicans such as yourself who blindly follow a fool like McCain, or the Bush clones, as readily as the libtards follow their Kenyan-born Jesus man. Have a shot of whiskey, simmer down and go lay the old lady. Everything else is mostly bullshit now.

          • Chriss Markey

            Sadly true. The Greatest Generaton will die off just in time to see the ruin caused by the Gimme Generation.

          • Bladerunner64

            Some come laced with MJ too.

          • rocky49

            Don’t they get moldy after 6 years

          • AlsoTooJaded

            And very rancid from oxidation.

          • OrganicGirl

            Even more gross….who would want to eat 8 year old stale brownies?

          • AlsoTooJaded

            They’d have to be starving to eat anything that rancid.

          • 1nativetex

            if you eat those brownies what do you do when you get the munchies??????

          • itmakesscents

            ROFLMAO…love that one.

          • amabokcuf

            Pervert… 😉

          • Vette66

            How old are you when you come a boy scout, how old you before you are not considered a brownie?

          • Chuck Peyton

            I think he meant cub scout that elementary school (1-6)

          • Michelle

            scouts and brownies are 8 years to 10 I believe.

          • mike hunt

            i think they graduate to ”Tart” at 10

          • Nobsvet

            I’m offended…always have been, always will be.

          • David Williamson

            Well I’m offensive so we’re even.

          • Nobsvet

            Teamwork is a beautiful thing.

          • John Graham

            No, it isn’t and please try to stop offending me!

          • Semmy Johansen

            I’m Revolting!

          • arrogantass

            I sit here conducting business on the phone wearing my boxers with my hair sticking up, so yes, I guess I’m fairly offensive as well.

          • larry burdge

            Turn that mirror around and you will feel better.

          • Alexander

            …just don’t go on Facetime!

          • larry burdge

            I don’t even know you and I believe it.

          • David Williamson

            Well buck you fuddy, go backoff in your own jackyard and see how your feter peels!

          • Gary Nelson Harper

            You from Hawaii?

          • David Williamson

            Negative Ghostrider, the Sunshine State.

          • ntoonz

            I’m offended, David. I lived in Ohio for some years and we often had sunshine.

          • IndyTom

            Me too!

          • David Williamson

            I sit here asking myself, is Ohio the Buckeye State or the Sunshine State?

          • John Graham

            Neither, it is the “Hoosier State”, because it is full of hosers I think. At least there are a lot of hosers in the hoosier state.

          • OfficialPro

            uh the hoosier state is Indiana. I’m not even murican and I knew that.

          • Repairman Jack

            I lived in Ohio for 20 years and, well, I don’t remember seeing the sun.

          • larry burdge

            That explains all I need to know. You been eating a lot of Fruits and Nuts lately Dave? I didn’t intend to imply that you are quar. (Pun intended).

          • David Williamson

            No, but apparently you have. Oh, by the way, it’s David not Dave. I don’t have a gap between my teeth like he does.

          • willieyumm

            your sick— probably think watermelon is racist also

          • mahone

            I feel guilty every time I eat fried chicken.

          • Sayit1

            Feel the guilt and do it anyway. ; )

          • Connie Sense

            Guilt is good!

          • DixieAngel_76

            Not me!

          • David Williamson

            WTF? Where did that come from? Shit man, I had a black step-father at one time. I’m probably the least racist person walking the planet.

          • TAK1

            Ever been to Kenya?

          • David Williamson

            Not that it’s any of your business, but yeah, in 1994.

          • IndyTom

            Now, now, just teasing…..but did you ever eat dog?

          • larry burdge

            He’s from California and he eats fruits and nuts. Lots of ’em.

          • David Williamson

            I’m not from California, I’ve never even been west of the Mississippi River.

          • larry burdge

            Sure Dave…….. I believe everything you say. You’ve never been anywhere.

          • David Williamson

            Listen Lar of shit, I’ve been to many places East of the Mississippi and on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, I couldn’t care less what you believe, ball sucking, cock licking, jizz guzzling, low rent motherfucker!

          • Jane18

            Stop it people! You are cracking me up…

          • william

            No but Obama has.

          • IndyTom

            Of course he has. I am looking for the other half of the equation here. David W has been to Hawaii AND Kenya. Check my next question to him?

          • David Williamson

            Sorry Tommy Boy, but I’ve never been to Hawai’i.

          • IndyTom

            Darn! Looking for the long lost other half brother of the dear leader, thought we were onto something. Thanks for playing along, its been emotional.

          • Connie Sense

            Not the dear leader – Karzai’s b – itch!

          • Horhai1

            Here in hawaii we use chop sticks!

          • David Williamson

            What does that have to do with this? I’ve never been to Hawai’i.

          • gustafus

            yes, and it was a hell hole filled with horrible, filthy, ignorant breeders… – but the game drives were fabulous.
            Africa for GORILLAS…. not Africans.

            Save the Rhino… don’t feed an African

          • Winston

            Do you know what that stuff is between elephants’ toes?? Slow natives.

          • Ed

            You’re not racist? That offends me…….

          • David Williamson

            You’re offended by me not being racist? I’m sorry I find that highly offensive.

          • FedUp

            Stop it! Stop it! You guys are totally cracking me up.

          • Maurice E. Gilbert Sr.

            Alright, that’s enough of this offensive crap; now I must admit that I’m getting a little DEfensive!!

          • Connie Sense

            I just want a fence to keep all this nonsense out!

          • Linda


          • Linda


          • dcsmitty76

            i have 1/2 black grandchildren who i love dearly but im still called racist..

          • pito

            People would be more tolerant if you had whole grand children rather than just halves.

          • teresa

            best comment in the whole thread

          • Battleground

            Is one of your grandchildren a President who has a problem telling the truth?

          • erniebastion

            Where there is smoke there is fire. Shame on you for being racist. YOUR racism is against your own race because of false liberal racial guilt that over 200 years ago some black persons were too stupid to avoid being captured by other blacks and sold to whites to be slaves.

          • Linda

            The FIRST SLAVE OWNER was a BLACK MAN. Look it up!!

          • DrU

            who the fuck cares?. Look up asshole and see your picture. NOT RELEVANT to a PB&J thread.

          • Griffin Smith



          • OfficialPro

            Actually it wasn’t the blacks that started it, though they engaged in it.

            It was Arab Muslim Bedouins that started what evolved into the slave trade into the Americas.

            The point Linda was making is in many instances (like the First Slave Owner being black in America), it’s not a racial thing. Though racism “helps” by dehumanizing the slaves, to help the slave owners sleep better at night.

          • DrU

            WTF are you talking about? I think you miss alot of points. Just go back to Gilligan.

          • Griffin Smith

            I’m literally so offended by the statement I fell out of my chair.

            Stupid? You literally think *some black folks* just sort of bumbled into a trap with a watermelon underneath a box?


            That does actually make you a racist.

            Or an incredibly clever troll.

          • Alexandra1973

            Someone didn’t teach their children well, I see….

          • erniebastion

            Why so touchy David? Me thinks thou protests too much for your statement to be entirely truthful.

          • larry burdge

            David the Troll

          • larry burdge

            So you say. and what’s that Black step-father have to do with it anywho? How much did you mother get paid for the screw?

          • David in Dallas

            I eat mine with a spoon to avoid inciting stereotypes.

          • WhoCanYouTrust

            Well you gotta do that for “safety” too.

          • Paul

            what about those who can’t use spoons

          • Connie Sense

            Use a bib.

          • DrU

            don’t be a hater towards the handless man. Respect the foot eaters.

          • AlsoTooJaded

            I am perfectly able to eat watermelon with a spoon — but prefer to eat watermelon with my hands. Nom, nom, nom, nom….

          • Ralph Sampson

            I generally eat watermelon with my mouth.

          • AlsoTooJaded

            Don’t let that school principal Gutierrez know that either one of us like to eat watermelon. Shhh! Lol!

          • Yvonne McCastle Pinter

            Yes. WHAT about those that use chopsticks instead? Spoons are racist!

          • AlsoTooJaded

            Maybe I should follow suit by always using fork and knife when eating chicken (even when eating outdoors!), to avoid similar unpleasantries?

          • william

            its not? I thought it was.

          • SpelChekk


          • Grandma Nasty

            as in “your grandchildren” not “you are grandchildren”

          • Madashell2u

            All Grandchildren offend me.

          • tbone2

            Or as in “feeling your nuts” vs. “feeling you’re nuts”

          • Swamprat

            It’s you’re not “your”!

          • John Graham

            That would be, “you’re offensive”. Oh, and you are.

          • BigR2

            Who is on first?

          • IndyTom

            I am offended that YOU are now the worlds biggest baby. Why, I don’t know. Jealous I guess.

          • Amber Settles

            Right along with Fried Chicken.

          • AlsoTooJaded

            I’m offended that a certain fast-food-fried-chicken chain is now thinking of getting its fried/precooked/whatever chicken from China. Friends don’t encourage friends to eat chickens raised in communist farms. (There’s are also the chemicals in Chinese chickens that can destroy your kidneys or other internal organs. Cheap food from China = evil.) School principal Gutierrez should concern herself more with the nutritional and toxicological aspects of food instead of all this P.C. multi-culti nonsense. Cheers! 🙂

          • larry burdge

            I saw a Black one once and I ran for the knife. I think it was called a BLACK Diamond.

          • Thomas Dobbins

            The seeds are black and hidden from sight! Watermelon IS racist!

          • Jack1952

            It’s only racist if you steal the watermelon.

          • MAKEMYDAY100

            Ya must be speakin Russian!!!

          • roberted

            I would be offenden by that if it wasn’t so darned funny!

          • larry burdge

            Cute Dave, You must have a gift, I just can’t figure out what it is.

          • David Williamson

            I’m multi-talented, I can talk and annoy you at the same time.

          • larry burdge

            IS that why soap-on-a-rope was invented? Just for u?

          • Katrina M Couturem

            Now that’s TALENT David!!

          • walter bradshaw

            HAhahahahaa!!! Oh My Gawd!! I haven’t heard that in sooooo… long. Thank You. I needed a good belly laugh after reading that garbage.

          • David Williamson

            You’re welcome, bite me.

          • DixieAngel_76

            It’s ‘God’, not ‘Gawd’.

          • teresa

            it can be gawd if she wants it to be, stfu you politically incorrect bible thumper

          • Griffin Smith

            I think that was a troll. The dude above said “It’s David, not Dave.”

          • celticspike7

            its All white noise, that racist !

          • blupill


          • marywnm

            Ain’t that the truth?

          • John Kenny

            I’m offended at your offense.

          • celticspike7

            I’m offended by frog legs

          • william

            Close your eyes and it will taste like chicken.

          • doliver

            I am offended by froggy looking legs

          • AlsoTooJaded

            I guess that you won’t especially like a Peanut Butter and Fried Frog Legs sandwich, either. I made that one up for fun.

          • Guy

            Haha I like this

          • Katrina M Couturem

            So entertaining… I must be easily entertained…

          • Brett Saucer

            I’m offended you’re offended!

          • IndyTom

            May I add that I am not offended at that last statement, but there was something about the way you said it that is offensive. Don’t use that tone with me young man!

          • roberted

            Thanks, my favorite.

          • Ted Huss

            I’m offended by people who are offended!

          • Midlandr

            You shouldn’t have burped…

          • Alan

            Oh that can be taken SO many ways! 😛

          • gfd

            Brownies are brown, that makes them racist and inappropriate to serve in schools – might offend the black or white or brown students.

          • arrogantass

            Nah brownies would only be racist if we changed their names to “Whities”. Then again most brownies are whities…Do they allow browns into the Brownies?

          • IBPhreakin

            And the “White Hispanics”.

          • AlsoTooJaded

            What about the occasional cases of “brownies” made of White Chocolate and are of a pale color (such as beige)?

          • iamstopper

            Who’s the down arrow? Laugh much? LOL!!!

          • Jason

            Almost the same reason that Michael Jackson was kicked out of the Boy Scouts, he was up to a pack a day. Bahzinga!

          • William

            There’s a real potential for a dirty joke in there somewhere …

          • Melvin Leppla

            Oh really, how many Brownies did you ingest?

          • CaptainParker

            Free-range pussy, eh?

          • arrogantass

            Brownies as in cookies, I’m hoping…

          • larry burdge

            I’m offended when I get offended.

          • FedUp

            LOL…you aint right 😛

          • Troy E. Pierce

            me to me to ,me to

          • Secretsquid

            Me too!

          • Snidely70448


          • disqus_RI08aQ2aal

            Unfortunately the Brownies you ate had nuts

          • Chriss Markey

            irl lol – -thanks – – after reading this article i needed that.

          • IBPhreakin

            Any “unapproved produce” in those Brownies?

          • OldNYFirefighter

            They meant chocolate pastries, not what you were eating!

          • mike tewell


          • swamprat1937


          • patriot2

            that’s right,you were supposed to eat the cookies.

          • mousemomma

            Hah hahah! You are bad! 🙂

          • HIM

            But how’d the brownies feel about it?

          • Judi Ann Waller Cook

            OMG! HA HA! You are so BAD!

          • william


          • Ed

            That is such and old one……but it still makes ya laugh.

          • GTR003121

            LOL, awesome

          • dcsmitty76

            roflmao….thanks i needed a laugh this morning

          • FlyNavy

            You win!

            Died laughing

          • Dennis

            I’d bet most people don’t get the joke.

          • Bob White

            Now that’s funny!

          • Lisa Marie Rink Gibson

            I see what you did here.. Impressive.. 🙂

          • Joe

            That is as oldie The actual joke is a cub scout doesn’t become a boy scout until he eats his first brownie

          • Bob Mac

            You dirty dog, you. I didn’t even know about oral sex when I was a Boy Scout. Hell, I didn’t know anything about sex at all, back then.

          • americalsgt

            I thought that was when a cub scout became a boy scout.

          • Connie Sense

            A little herbal spice would have fixed that!

          • Bert Arthur

            I will never stop eating Brownies! Hope you still do!!!! LMAO!!!

          • Frank W Brown


          • Andy

            yes with nuts

          • Or Something

            What a coincidence!
            I got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for eating Webelos!

          • Ranger Rick

            l’m offended l got kicked out of Boy Scouts for eating out a Girl Scout!!

          • Jon Jongle Jingenheimer Shmidt

            As long as you are not eating girl scouts… or brownies…

          • hachie1

            Nah, but 40 yrs ago when I was a boy scout, I could start a fire by rubbing two girl scouts together…

          • arrogantass

            i think that’s called “scissoring”. I’d have to ask my degenerate libtard buddies to be certain.

          • benabo1machal

            Are you eating the Cookies or the Girls, please be specific @

          • Whiskey_Tango_Foxtrot_One

            Just the cookies now a days…..

          • Waiting4

            Real brownies are cake, not cookies; and they are best when a bit of ganja is added to the mix. Magnificent and medicinal!

          • Cancel_NPR

            Holy !!!

          • big rieth

            Sh*t is brown. Should we feed everyone a supliment that makes it white.
            This is a pile of it.

          • steve8714

            Brownies are cookies, not cakes.

          • Waiting4

            Steve … U R simply incorrect. Retake Cake/Cookies101 again!

          • carolisme

            These comments are all so great…the ridiculousness of the subject puts this act of political correctness overkill where it belongs… at the bottom of the trash pile. It is good to see humor applied to the ridiculous extent the liberals are taking to achieve making the Caucasian race to appear the lesser breed of all humanity.

          • IBPhreakin

            I don’t get it. What’s wrong with Peanut Butter ? I bleach mine so it won’t be Brown. But then it’s White, so I throw it away.

          • Alan

            Brownies aren’t cookies or cakes. They’re brownies.

          • truelies2

            You are all wrong. Brownies happen to be vegetables.

          • AingealCaithim

            Brownies are brownies,

          • Randy

            Certainly not Cub Scouts.

          • arrogantass

            Fat girls love cakes. So much so that they can generally inhale a cake at one sitting. As for me, I’m sitting here in my boxers eating fruit cake. I’d made a good fat girl but the beard gets in the way.

          • IBPhreakin

            I should try that “boxers” thing. Maybe I wouldn’t be stuck to this chair now.

          • Cadel

            I am offended you called Brownie a cake. I am offended others call brownies a cookie. They are brownie. Stop offending people with your brownie hate speech!

          • Waiting4

            The noun, “cake” is not pejorative. In fact, it is complimentary and signifies greatness….’wow, that takes the cake!’. Sorry U were offended, but perhaps on reconsideration you’ll realize the error of your ways and come back to the fold.

          • IBPhreakin

            You Baked Good you !!!!!

          • tobin1


          • Sheik Mabouti

            Pedo. lol!

          • Zoltanne

            Girl Scout Cookies are sexist! Why can’t Boy Scouts have cookies? Boycott those cookies now!!

          • jpgalan

            boy scouts sell pop corn…..so much for gender equality

          • IBPhreakin

            Is that code for “Cop Porn” . No reason I’m asking.

          • John Galt

            Then there is the group:
            People Offended by Offended People.

            Join P.O.O.P. today!

          • Punishment214

            They are “Young Women” Cookies. “Girl” demeans and belittles our young women and does not allow them to strive into women hood.

            Political correctness is really getting out of hand

          • Thomas Paine

            Girl scouts? Or cookies? LOL

          • Thomas Paine

            Girl Scouts? Or cookies? LOL!!!!

          • DixieAngel_76

            I used to love them too, until I found out that the Girl Scouts are in bed with Planned Parenthood. That left a sour taste on their cookies for me.

          • Vintage Gibson

            Girl Scout cookies are misleading. They are not made with or by Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts are just the virtual slave labor used to sell them so that a elite group can enjoy the bulk of the profits.

          • Connie Sense

            You cant eat girl scout cookies! that’s sexist!!!

          • redshirtdecoy

            Im offended because they are called “Girl” scout cookies. What about the girl who identifies as a boy? I think they should be called young citizen scout cookies.

          • Jerry Camp

            As long as they’re made with real Girl Scouts…

          • Cancel_NPR

            Amen Buck… you won this ‘un !!!

          • Shirley Nanos

            Personally what really gets my dander up is Strawberry Preserves.

          • Cynthia J. McCoy

            ME TOO!!!!!!!!!

          • rocket625

            im offended by white bread 7up and crackers.

          • LeftyFeep

            This is a common misapprehension. Neither biscuits nor gravy add the pounds. It is the side order of grits.

          • IBPhreakin

            They are all Diet Food !!!!!!!!!!!

          • RightyFeep

            Indeed. And a fine diet it is – one will never starve to death on it!

          • GiantClam

            I’m offended by just jelly. Peanut butter is ok. The slice bread I’m indifferent to. But don’t get me started on lamb chops – they make me madder ‘n hell.

          • Potomac cynic

            I’m offended by vanilla ice cream… how racist.

          • mahone

            I could never be an active participant in any culture that didn’t eat bacon. Bacon is better than sex (at my age, at least).

          • rabbkey

            OMG,biscuits and gravy…(YUMMY) you made me want them now.LOL…..

          • Joseph Miller

            I’m offended by salad, and your size-ist comment that others people of size. Check your thin-privilege.

          • JDanielBoone

            LOL. I’m actually eating grits right now as I check the daily “news”! Cheesy ones!

          • allegra

            Not only grits are good but so is cream of wheat
            and cream of rice..with brown sugar on it.

          • WhiteBluecollarRedneck

            Brown sugar? that’s racist. White sugar rules.

          • AtrusOranis

            I think the PC term is Sugar of African Origin.

          • Hard Boiled

            Try it with sweet potatoes in its own syrup. OMG!!

          • A6768NAMVET

            That’s how Yankees eat it!! Grits needs salt, pepper and butter!

          • AlsoTooJaded

            What, no cheddar cheese melting into it? No oregano? No tomato sauce? Grits are probably a lovely flavor-neutral foundation or base for any food flavor.

          • AlsoTooJaded

            Yes, they are all good, and so is farina. You can serve them sweet, or you can serve them with something savory worked into them — such as turkey gravy or cheddar cheese, to name a few.

          • DiggFerkel

            I’m offended that you’re offended by grits! Stop before I have a cry!

          • info_bomber

            I am offended that anyone would be offended.

          • DiggFerkel

            We must stop the river of tears from offended people!

          • peteee363

            why, think of all those thirsty people who have no water, now you offended me. wow, it is easy to be offended isn’t it?

          • guest

            I am deeply offended that you would take time out from lynching coloreds, slandering gays and raping womyn to post this.

            I see, they’re not ‘worthy’ of your superior white male patriarchal time…..

            You racist misogynist homophobic @%&$^* !

          • peteee363

            actually, I am way too busy, and I fancy myself as a good businessman. so I outsourced this to real professionals, who know about using racist language, and how to slander gays and rape women, I call a democrat, and tell them to do what they do best. but thanks for asking 🙂

          • jaycee1258

            im offended that you couldnt just spell out your cuss word. im not five ya know!

          • disgusted57

            Guest, GFY

          • whooosh

            Political correctness is for liberals, assholes and wimps.
            Don’t worry about offending others. Do your own thing and everyone else can go fxxx themselves.

          • Shiori_Uyoku

            It’s not only just naked self importance – but also plain old fashioned busy-body tendencies that drive the modern lefty. All will live by their rues, and despair. They are the true puritanical religious nuts.

          • Travelassie

            The Church of the Perpetually Offended……

          • guest

            Founded by womyn and all inclusive, ( except for the beastly, rapey white males and their evil oppressive patriarchy).

          • Bob

            Excellent… And as you say, the are the first to try to promote “separation” when it comes to any Church from ” their” State,yet want you to kneel at the alter of their dogma of tears..

          • SandyToesSC

            I gotta steal that one….!!!!

          • Not_To_Worry

            Indeed – it is the strictest, most constraining church in the world. What other religion would burn you at the stake for eating a sandwich!?

          • NielsZoo

            … well if it’s a ham sandwich…

          • Not_To_Worry

            I don’t particularly care for your comment, but it is indeed quite clever, so thumbs up.

          • lukuj

            Love it! May I have permission to use it?

          • Travelassie

            Of course! But I didn’t originate it, I saw it somewhere else, where, when or who that was escapes me, LOL.

            Sure, pass it on!

          • Melinda Moss

            The Church of the Poisoned Mind(s)…

          • illinois

            Actually most libtards are neither puritanical nor religious. Your’re right though about the nuts part:)

          • Chuck Peyton

            I don’t go out of my to offend but if I do grow up if you live long enough on this earth you will get your little feeling hurt

          • Lou Bator

            You being offended offends me.

          • info_bomber

            Well I am offended.

          • TripleA60

            I’m offended that your offended that anyone would be offended…

            Obama Voters, Here’s your sign…

          • d_bully

            im offended with anything pertaining to the continent of africa.

          • A6768NAMVET

            I would like to see Africa’s population increase by….What’s our black population now?

          • blueangel69

            Whatever you do, if you’re white, DO NOT serve grits to Oprah!

          • AlsoTooJaded

            I would not serve anything to Oprah!

          • knighttemplar01

            Well truth be told southerners are offended by bagels and lox.

          • IBPhreakin

            Not once we’ve tried them !!! DeeeeeeLish.

          • AlsoTooJaded

            Even all-whole-grain bagels? Even if the fish were cooked instead of just cured? What if somebody offered you a bagel with cheddar cheese and grits and butter on it?

          • SandyToesSC

            Anybody who is offended by Grits can kiss mine ;-D

          • Defiant

            I’m offended by chitlins…because they HOLD P00P!

          • LikeBuffaloWingsALittleTooMuch

            I’ve heard that you can be more accepting of the Grit culture, if you add butter.

          • summerdogmoses

            I actually fished in Alaska where the Southern guide had had Mexifornians who were offended by his grits until he started calling them polenta.

          • AlsoTooJaded

            Once saw a picture of a dish made of grits and polenta swirled together. You can tell, because the polenta was darker than the grits. Looked tasty.

          • RIMSPOKE



          • AingealCaithim

            Are you talking about liberals?

          • RIMSPOKE

            IS APPROPRIATE


          • McSorley

            Thats a good one. Made me chuckle there

          • msbdawg

            I’m offended that you’re offended. Stay away from my grits!

          • aiamorning

            I’m offended that you are offended that jerry was offended by digg being offended!

          • Roy Mallmann

            I love grits, in fact you made me hungry. I’m going to cook grits with a bunch of butter and three fried eggs. Why did you do that? I’m starving now!

          • Cynthia J. McCoy

            Oh, it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Why are you not including the other meals of the day. You favor breakfast don’t you??????(ha ha ha!!!)

          • Lebowski12

            Fried Chicken offends me!!

          • arrogantass

            Hillary smears herself with fried chicken just so Bill will take interest

          • Lebowski12

            Good one!

          • IBPhreakin

            It’s Mrs. Weiner she truly yearns for.

          • AlsoTooJaded

            Just ate some this morning. 😀

          • disqusted dude

            Did you realize that most libtards and yankees don’t even realize where grits comes from?

          • AlsoTooJaded

            Grits are ground-up hominy, and I’ve had a few servings of those, and liked them a bit. BTW, am from the midwest and have lived in northern states more than southern, so that technically makes me a “yankee”.

          • Nola_Navy_Vet

            I am offended that you are offended by grits. remember grits are not just for breakfast; grillades and grits, shrimp and grits or steaks and grits. I am also offended by Moochelle Obama.

          • JWHacket

            Note the difference in posture and the sloppy way she’s dressed.

          • arrogantass

            That’s a hoss right there….bread for cotton pickin and such

          • chris

            GRITS=Girls Raised In The South?

          • what happened

            Just think of it as polenta, eaten by white-brown northern Italians.

          • GirlRaisedInTheSouth

            Hey now! I happen to like grits! Now hominy or cream of wheat is an entirely different story.

          • LeftyFeep

            You must be a Yankee. I have found that Yankees like grits if they are served with butter and maple syrup. Of course, as a Southern boy, I find that offensive – or I would if Southern boys gave a good goddam about such things…

          • AlsoTooJaded

            I’m a “Yankee” (northerner), and I don’t want sweet stuff placed either on or in or into any of my hot cereals! I like my hot cereals savoury, not sweet. I’d sooner “bastardize” my grits with bits of fried bacon and sausage and cheddar cheese and spinach or kale — before (ever) adding sweet stuff to them!

          • ShellyStow


          • DufusofAustin

            Please, don’t pick on my grits. It’s one of the few freedoms Obama hasn’t taxed, well, as of this morning.

          • Aaron Burr

            good cracker

          • twolaneflash

            I hope you’re not offended by true GRITS (Girls Raised In The South), but if you are, you’re really not gonna like what I’m going to do with this here corn pone. lol

          • LawReader

            LOL. Hominy? All of ’em? 🙂

          • normal

            lol i LOVE grits…

          • Snidely70448

            More for me!

          • Gary Nelson Harper

            Cat Head biscuits have to go!…
            Sorry, I cannot mention who that would offend…

          • IBPhreakin

            Boooooo! I love grits, and my racism is only coincidental.

          • OldNYFirefighter

            I’m not offended, they just taste like wall paper paste to me!

          • JJ_Chester

            Grits aren’t just for breakfast!

          • Kevin

            I’m offended that you are offended. I grew up eating grits.

          • thewlyno

            AND the fact that they taste like sawdust unless you pile on a pound of sugar or a tub of butter

          • Bobby

            I’m from Mississippi and grits have always offended my sensitive palate. Now, red gravy and biscuits…that stuff is good. Awwww. Red gravy… I’m offending every communist, lib, and Native American citizen. Can’t win for losing.


            i was born and raised in Georgia and i hate grits. i’m with ya lol

          • Hollis Stephen Matise

            Hahahaha! Crackers too? ;^)

          • TRoss

            Hey!! I resemble that!

          • william

            And I love them but even though I eat them, I got to ask, what is a grit?

          • AlsoTooJaded

            As long as you’re eating Hominy Grits, never soy grits. The willingness to eat soy products is associated with the willingness to drive Priuses. Soy is evil and Hominy is good! Go for Hominy Grits! 🙂

          • Ed

            I’m Southern and I’m offended by Grits!

          • Amber Ann

            Grits are best served with butter, strips of crisp bacon with fried or scrambled eggs on the side or mixed in. Never put milk or sugar on grits. Buttered Grits with fried snapper are a must. Yep!!! Southern born, Southern bred, Southern Cook. If grits are racists….that would make chocolate racist too. I love chocolate. Fried grits, baked grits, stir-fried grits……. 😉

          • AlsoTooJaded

            I guess I’ll need to take my milk on the side as an extra cup or two, especially when a true southerner is present when I’m ingesting grits or polenta or farina (or even corn-meal-mush). I like my hot cereals (including hot oatmeal) savoury, not sweet, so that explains why I liked grits the few times that I got to eat them.

            Did you ever try hot oatmeal (old fashioned oats, never instant) with savoury meats or savoury vegetables added to them, instead of the usual nasty sweet stuff? Savoury hot cereals are good! 🙂

            BTW right now am living in Pennsylvania, and those people have a nauseating proclivity to put sugar on/into just about anything/everything — even their corn-meal-mush and tomato sauce! There are even native Pennsylvanians in their early twenties (or even teens?) who are missing some of their permanent teeth already! Pennsylvania has a lot of fat people with diabetes, and I think it’s caused by their love of adding sugar to everything! Too much sugar offends!

          • Linda

            watermelon offends me too.

          • AlsoTooJaded

            I guess that I should not mention the many variations of Peanut Butter Sandwiches that can be made — including the Peanut Butter and Grits sandwich, on whole-wheat bread. Rabid school principal Gutierrez just might make something political out of that!

          • lucasb

            It’s not just breakfast, anymore! Lol

          • Betsy Wactor- Mathews

            I’m offended that northerners put sugar on grits. You’re supposed to eat it with butter and cheese or plain with eggs and bacon. It’s not oatmeal for God’s sake!

          • AlsoTooJaded

            I don’t put sugar on my hot cereals. I like my hot cereals savoury, not sweet. Grits with cheddar cheese sounds tasty. (BTW, am a northerner from the midwest.) I’m rather offended that you’ve just accused me of putting sugar on my grits!

          • bobfairlane

            Black people eat grits all the time. haha. I think you can even get Uncle Bens grits with butter flavor.

          • Jimmy Carter

            Then don’t eat them!

          • lghmstng3 .

            At least it’s AMERICAN,are you?

          • It’s Brown PEOPLE
            that must be eradicated.

            90% of all “social problems” would also be eradicated.

          • Richard Dragon

            It’s humans that must be eradicated.

            In the words of the great Bender B Rodriguez
            “Kill all humans!!”

          • 0bamasnought

            As if an torta isn’t a sandwich in all, but name.
            But Digg, you can’t explain lutefisk.
            You just can’t.

          • Shiori_Uyoku

            Fiskeballer. Yum.

            No, it’s gross.

          • Ken_Norman

            Love Fiskeballer! Raw or cooked.

          • DiggFerkel

            Lutefish? Yum! Just think of it as finely ground whole sardines in oil & jelee. Put it on a Ritz cracker and everything is tasty and it helps with privacy also.

          • trnichols

            But it stinks.If you eat it you’ll eat s–t!

          • AlsoTooJaded

            Lutefisk is what, fish processed with alkalai? If that be the case, then it had better be a lean fish, not a fatty fish. Any fat (including fish fat) turns into soap when it’s processed with alkalai. But, I guess, some people have acquired a taste for eating fish-fat soap, as long as it’s fresh (not old or rancid).

          • American Hunter

            I love Meskin Food!!

          • David

            I’m with you. Nordic culture, of which I am proud, has been ignored in our public schools. Our forefathers were among the best ever when it came to pillaging and raping. The glory days are long gone.

          • DiggFerkel

            All races are good at pillaging and raping when they have the upper hand.

          • Elka

            You do not really studied in school, because pillaging and raping is something common to all races and cultures.

            Racist pig.

          • Kevn0

            Along with the brown people. Is that included in my white privelege?

          • 0bamasnought

            Why don’t I ever get invited to the ‘Good Old Boys’ Club’?

          • Kevn0

            I know, it’s an awful thing to joke about. But given the depth of stupidity in the PC world right now, it makes me want to offend them as badly as possible.

          • 0bamasnought

            I look at it this way; Sometimes I have an idea that is so bad, I wish someone would have mocked me for it.

            I could have used the learning experience. You are just providing them with theirs.

          • Jim Muhs

            Exactly. I am offended by Mexican food.

          • arrogantass

            Technically speaking, all food which a Mexican eats can thereafter be deemed “mexican food”. This would include Chinese, Italian, Greek and yes, even normal white trash foods like chicken fried

          • Jim Muhs

            I actually like Mexican.

          • Design Siemens

            People who won’t try sandwiches are racist.

          • arrogantass

            I agree. I tried to talk wife into a sandwich with her best friend. No dice.

          • AlsoTooJaded

            Especially if they are a bunch of P.C.-bigoted school principals like that piece of work named Verenice Gutierrez!

          • tim

            xclnt DiggFerkel!!!

          • Ryan Cahill

            I agree! When is lutefisk or pickled herring going to be served in public schools?! (Alright, the herring I’ll eat, lutefisk is fucking vile).

            I, for one, am offended that they are trying to force other cultures onto my kids while trying to take away the opportunity from other children to learn of our culture.

          • upcountrywater

            Math it’s just too hard…. History….. forget about it…. We are screwed.

          • jaycee1258

            im offended i will be at the bottom of the offended list. but whats really offensive is that nobody will be able to see my offendedness here at the bottom. how will they know i was offended?!

          • Zoltanne

            Both of those words end in “a”. There are people who are scholastically-challenged and never get an “a” — the “average c student”. We must prevent words from ending in “a”.

          • AingealCaithim

            I am too. This goes both ways. Not just one. I really think the libs and educators and politicians need to see a proctologist to get their heads examined.

          • peacesnail

            Rice and beans too. Tacos offended the piss out me as well.

          • TripleA60

            I’m offended that your offended. So there… 🙂

          • Randy

            Haggis? GHWB doesn’t like broccoli? Bill Cosby does a comedy bit referring to Jello. Hmm. What flavor?

          • Jake_V


          • Patriot1212

            Likewise I am Irish we we do not have an ethnic sandwich.

          • arrogantass

            Your ethnic food group is whiskey. I know because I drink quite a bit of it.

          • Jay Mills

            I agree with you regarding Nordic people. For heaven’s sake, eating cold Lutefisk for breakfast needs to be made normal!

            Verenice Gutierrez’ punishment is to eat cold Lutefisk for breakfast for the next 365 days, and if she doesn’t finish it all she can’t have her lunch or dinner.

          • Durazac

            You said it, as a person of similar descent I admit to being deeply offended – I would never heat such horridly racist foods a pita or torta (whatever that is)

          • kaitlyn

            Then lift your phone and dial 503-916-3200 and politely tell Superintendent Carol Smith that this kind of Mental Abuse of White children is harmful, illegal, and must be stopped.
            503-916-3200. Call now!

          • John Talbert

            No, you don’t understand that Nordic peoples are white and they are not allowed to be offended. In fact, they cannot be offended, they can only be racist.

          • Mitchell Olson

            Time to eat more lefsa!

          • COMMIEUSA

            THANKYOU DF!

          • Doug

            Not to mention the 2 billion people on earth on who eat rice, not bread. Talking about pitas and tortas is terribly exclusionary, he should be ashamed of himself!

          • Norvegion

            Uff-da. Well sure, so you say. Down with the browns bread.

          • roberted

            Yeah, Pita bread has been offensive for a while. Wendy’s had Pita bread sandwiches years ago and advertised them with a little jingle that went, “Eat a Pita, End a Pita”. The ad was gone in a couple of days at the request of the Clinton administration.

          • Roger Johnson


          • Beanbag

            I grew up eating black bread. If anybody has a problem with that they can phuck off. I will continue to eat it and ask for it at select stores.
            Black bread and pickled herring – outstanding!

          • J2

            Here Here! Get the Hell out on the burrito you road in on, La Raza.

          • azoldfart

            Let them eat “Lute fish.” Probably spelled wrong.

          • Getserious!

            Go Nords!! 🙂

          • Oldmonkey

            I thing Sami eat reindeer testicles; let’s give him a bow of them to eat on his tortilla with Vietnamese hot sauce and peanut butter

          • me

            If they start serving ‘lutefisk’, THEN everyone will riot!

        • klaatu

          I’m offended by knowing that people who believe this sh*t live among us…

          • tallguyjgg

            I am offended that your offended about people being offended that we are offended about them being offended and… awww crap. This could go on forever. People need to stop being so darn sensitive…

          • SillyPortland

            I find that offensive…

          • haz

            I am offended that they are taking our minds off the real issues.

          • Elka

            The problem that these people are not kidding. This madness is real.

          • Jason King

            I’m offended by grape soda, and red drink. I’m also offended by stupidity.

          • arrogantass

            I’m offended by Moon Pies and Big Reds, which is why I love em

        • krell51

          That is why we must have an old fasion Soviet style purge of the educational system, the marxist proffesors are better suited to picking cabbages or cotton.

          • Jacapo Belbo

            Suggesting that someone pick cotton is racist.

          • arrogantass

            so is “pick a peck of pickled peppers”

        • Bob Jones

          Limp-wristed metro-males suffering from extreme white guilt and liberal mental illness are the perfect recipe for creating completely inadequate schools who teach Mariachi well, but haven’t the foggiest clue about the Pythagorean Theorem. We are utterly doomed, as far as I can tell. But more importantly, so are our kids.

        • Guestg

          I’m offended that US educators think immigrants to America are too stupid and rigid to accept or learn about the culture they have chosen to come be a part of

          • Bob

            Agree, it worked and produced generations of industrious people in the process. Hell, being of Eastern European decent where we spoke Polish at home, I was sent to speech class to correct my “accent” back in grade school..My parents didnt sue the District for altering my means of verbal expression.
            This unfortunately falls under the saying “anything permitted will increase”..Toleration in itself breeds a runaway agenda that can be taken to its fullest idiocy..

        • Jim Muhs

          The offended offend me.

        • Griffin Smith

          I’d probably refrain from calling swaths of 9 year olds “foolish”. It’s not exactly a fair assessment.

          Also, read the article closely.. They’re trying to boost cultural awareness. I don’t understand why anyone would take issue with that. Being culturally aware and educated is a positive thing right? White privilege is a real thing. It’s okay to have. But its important you know what it is because it exists.

          It’s simply the idea that we as White Americans are systematically afforded benefits and advantages that other minorities just aren’t. There are copious amounts of studies on it, and it exists. There’s nothing to say that you’re suppose cast off all the things you’ve been awarded by society, not at all. Just be aware of how your advantages aren’t true for other cultures, and that the other cultures deserve much acknowledgement for their vastly different position in American society.

          The liberals who get this wrong are the ones who assume minorities need to be protected like delicate flowers. They don’t. They’re people too. Not wounded doves. They deserve the right to fight the same battles we all do. But we also owe it to our fellow Americans, no matter what culture or background they come from, to have a higher awareness of their heritage. They know all about us, we’re ubiquitous. Hell, British students know American history a bit better than most Americans do. (I don’t have the source on me, but I’m sure you will easily find that in many studies if you do a simple search.) But because these people share our land and our government, go to schools with our children, see the same movies, work in the same cities as the rest of us, and are every bit American as any of us who are more “traditionally American” (read: white) and are *people* not *props*, they deserve dignity, respect, and reverence.

          That’s the whole idea. I think this school in Portland is headed in the right direction, however their approach is a little curmudgeonly in the area of equality. Hispanic people in the United States eat sandwiches. I’m white, I don’t just *not* eat tortillas. That’s ridiculous. I think the teacher was trying to use an easy, understandable thing for her students, who were presumably 7 or something.

          I don’t know. If you would like to engage in dialogue about this, I’m open to it.

          • ashley

            we are slowly being stripped of our rights as americans for the minority benefit.. its not just the educational system, but political correctness is one of many catalysts. It seems like you tried to think this through, but keep thinking about the long term ramifications.

          • SandyToesSC

            The only privilege in being white is the privilege of paying for everybody who isn’t.

          • Griffin Smith

            Please engage in actual discourse instead of sloganeering and I will honor you with the intellectual dignity of possessing valuable opinions.

          • Elka

            “Please engage in actual discourse instead of sloganeering”

            Look who is talking!! Lunatic racist.

          • Griffin Smith

            Look who’s talking?

            Sloganeering is just spitting out phrases that have no meaning.

            I typed out what… six paragraphs?

            That’s in exact opposition to the definition of sloganeering.

            You also accused me of being a government employee. You’re not helping the conversation.

          • SandyToesSC

            Please do me a favor and DON’T try to engage me at all. Honor????? You and your kind don’t know the meaning of the word.

          • Griffin Smith

            My kind.

            I have a kind?

            The kind that values actual exchange of thought instead of simply issuing emotionally charged and unfounded nuggets?

            Yeah I guess I am that kind.

            You know I rely on a rational conservative viewpoint to find where I can rework my thoughts and philosophies, and I came on here hoping people would disagree with me and lay out why they do. Instead I’ve gotten mostly people who just down vote everything I say without reading it, and others who do nothing but say the most random, unconstructive bullshit.

            You know I got accused of being a government worker on this blog? Just because I have a different viewpoint? And now you’re characterizing me as part of a “kind” when you literally know nothing about me.

            Yes, I do know something of honor, and I know when people deserve it. My father was in the Army, went to Airborne school… don’t think for a second I didn’t grow up without those lessons.

            I said what I said to you because you made a statement that didn’t even elaborate on your point. You made a charged statement that is arguably wrong and rather insular.

            So let’s talk about why it is that you think white privilege doesn’t exist, and why you think white people just pay everyone else’s way, because that *isn’t* true.

            A nearly equal portion of welfare is awarded to blacks and whites. ACCORDING TO THE US DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, 38.8% OF THE APPLICANTS ARE WHITE. THAT LITERALLY ONE PERCENTAGE POINT LOWER the 39.8% that are black.
            (I just capitalized for emphasis. I dont yell.)


            And there’s my source, which cites the government source. I can find the actual USDHS page if you want me to.

          • SandyToesSC

            38.8% of applicants are white and 39.8% of applicants are black ……of an entire US population of which is broken down as follows:
            white 79.96%, black 12.85%, Asian 4.43%, Amerindian and Alaska native 0.97%, native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.18%, two or more races 1.61%http://www.indexmundi.com/united_states/demographics_profile.html
            Do the math, genius.

          • SandyToesSC

            Yes, 38.8% White vs 39.8% Black of the APPLICANTS out of an entire US Population as follows:

            white 79.96%, black 12.85%, Asian 4.43%, Amerindian and Alaska native 0.97%, native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.18%, two or more races 1.61%

            DO THE MATH.

          • Griffin Smith
          • Griffin Smith

            Futhermore, non-Whites have been historically barred in the United States from being allowed the opportunity to be financially successful.

            The Chinese were barred from immgrating in 1924 (this was later repealed) Slavery was only ended 150 years ago, and the Civil Rights Movement, which ended lawful segregation, was happening while both of my parents were in the womb.

            It would be unfair to characterize all races that are non-White as seemingly inferior, when historically speaking, they’ve only recently been afforded the same rights as White Americans.

            The same can be said for women of any race.

          • SandyToesSC

            You are the one who started out with percentages and now you try to gloss over the obvious. If whites are aprox. 80% of the population and blacks are aprox. 13% of the population, then those same percentages should hold true of the welfare population. It doesn’t come close. Especially when you consider that all of these statistics are from aprox. 2006. Our SNAP roles alone have tripled since then. Disablitlity has also tripled. Obamaphones have quadrupled. etc. etc. etc. The absolute truth, even if you do not want to admit it is that the middle-class white population way overpays their “fair share”

          • Griffin Smith

            But Sandy the percentages dictate that only 4.1% of all Americans receive welfare. That’s 4.1% of the 300+ Million who live here. That is just over 12 Million. Nearly 40 percent of that 12 million is white: 4.8 Million. Nearly the same is Black.

            So I’m going to take that number, the number of Black people on welfare and run it as a percentage of the population over all: 1.6%

            One. Point. Six. Percent. Virtually the same amount of White people on welfare.

            We also pay for Social Security, which is a national pool, which arguably takes up drastically more money than welfare–And logically so. Every body who reaches a certain age begins to collect it. Not everyone collects welfare.

            And if the majority of Americans are white, it would follow that a majority of Social Security recipients are white.

            We live in a country that tries to take care of everybody. The welfare system does indeed need some critical restructuring to make it more effective.

            It is not an absolute truth that the middle class whites pay more than their fair share. It’s a subjective truth. Yes, I believe at this time Sandy, that we do pay a lot. But *everyone* pays social security. *Everyone* pays taxes, except the tax exempt and those who are undocumented.

            A majority of *our* money, Sandy, the money you and I pay, goes towards military spending, internal upkeep, social security, and national debt.

            Welfare is not the most glaring problem, and a hostile attitude toward your fellow Americans, no matter what their income level or skin color, is not going to solve the problem.

          • SandyToesSC

            Griffin, you can spin the numbers all you want to because that is what progressives do. Point blank, if whites make up 80% of the population they should also be 80% of the welfare population. If blacks make up 13% of the population than they should also only be 13% of the welfare population. By your own admission the breakdown of the welfare population is 38.8% white and 39.8% are black. Go ahead and spin, spin, spin. the numbers speak for themselves.

          • Griffin Smith

            Sandy I’m not a progressive. Do *not* call me that.

            I’m not spinning the numbers. I’m doing simple math and show you literally step by step the logic I’m using if you wish me to clarify.

          • Griffin Smith

            And no, that’s a false relationship. If you had… fuck it: A big fucking bunch of apples.

            Some are red, some are green. And some have worms in them, lets use the the 4.1% (the number of Americans out of the entire population who receive welfare)

            *All* of the wormed apples could be red. Or *all* of them could be green. Or they could be a mixture of both.

            This is like high school level business math.

            If I was unclear, I understand. Typing out numbers gives even me a headache.

            What Im saying is that of the ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE UNITED STATES, ONLY 1.6% OF IT ARE WELFARE RECEIVING BLACKS. (Which coincidentally happens to be pretty much the same number of welfare receiving Whites.)

            Sandy that number is much too low by any mathematical standard to make a conclusion like “Blacks are worthless welfare recipients.”

            Sandy where I live, and I bet where you live to, there are large communities of poor Whites, living in trailer homes, shotgun shacks, mini favelas. Some of them are receiving welfare. Most of them probably have food stamps.

            Poor people are just poor people. There is no racial requirement for being poor.

          • SandyToesSC

            I never said “Blacks are worthless welfare recipients”
            Do NOT put words in my mouth that I did not say or imply.
            I have never said that whites were not on welfare. I have simply pointed out to you that the %’s are not equal because you have to look at the % of the population as a whole. That, Griffin, is Elementary School Math.

          • Griffin Smith

            I did what you literally just said.

            Out of All AMERICANS, 1.6% are welfare receiving blacks.

            Another 1.6% are Welfare receiving whites.

            How many people are receiving Social Security and SSI? (Which we are all required to pay into)

            According to the Social Security Administration: 62,980,000.

            (Note, The site states it lists numbers as units of thousands, so each number is to be multiplied by a thousand.)

            What’s that percentage, of the total 314,104,210 of the US? 62,980,000/314,104,219 (cut and paste into Google and hit enter if you don’t believe me) is just a few points shy of 20%.

            20 percent of all Americans are on Social Security and SSI.

            And yes, you more or less implied that anyone who wasn’t white was a freeloader. Your comment exactly: “The only privilege in being white is the privilege of paying for everybody who isn’t.”

            The intensity of racism, falsity of its conclusion, and ignorance charged me to tell you to actually engage with me on the subject instead of spitting out racist tidbits.

            No we have, and my aim was to illustrate the fact that welfare spending is not racially biased, is not a tremendous amount of money, and severely outclassed in terms of membership by Social Security and SSI.

            All told the amount of Americans on Welfare chalks up to somewhere around 5~6%. Whereas Social Security and SSI is 20%. Furthermore, I assert that the percentage of your tax dollar going to Social Security is significantly higher than the percentage paying for the welfare queens and Crystal Meth burnouts.

            I will also assert that it is well documented that Africans Americans have a lower life expectancy after 65 than all other races. Blacks die younger than whites tend to. So they tend not collect, over the course of their lives, less Social Security than whites do.

            One could then argue that the main privilege of being white is to pay the way for people who are white… and over 65.

            Sandy my main point here was to try to shed some insight and elevate you out of a racist trench that I saw you firmly plant yourself in with your first statement. Poverty has no racial requirement. There is not a Black-American push towards being poor. There are just poor people who are black and poor people who are other races.

            Who commits most crimes? Poor Americans. Who doesn’t graduate from school? Poor Americans. Who dies young? Earns less? Has less upward professional movement? Cannot support their families? Have seen their minimum wage fail to keep step with inflation rates and are therefore falling further and further into their own poverty which they wish to elevate themselves out of? Poor. Americans.

            Yes, a lot of black Americans are poor, But so are a lot of other minorities, excepting Asians, who have similar cultural values as white Americans and tend to assimilate really well.

            And how can we necessarily blame the blacks for being poor? Our predecessors allowed slavery to exist, and we had a vested interest in keeping our slaves unintelligent and dependent.

            Civil rights only just happened in the fucking 60s Sandy, and *my city is still de facto segregated*. The effects and aftermath of keeping a population subservient to a majority is still being felt within the black community. We think of 1856 as such a long time ago, but it wasn’t. In the whole scope of human history, that’s a few moments ago.

            Expand your understanding of the humans around and see their situation. See that its not a simple question of “just get a fucking job.” It never has been. You and I are white. Our country is founded on principals and customs inherent to White people, and that’s simply the truth. But America is also founded on the idea that All Men are Created Equal, and we pledge to have One Nation, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice *for all*. Not all of one kind, but *all*.

            This is the first and very last time I will quote Al Sharpton, because I distinctly disagree with him on many subjects, and I don’t really like him, but he said that. He quoted our own Pledge of Allegiance and the promises we put in it to bring it to our attention, and he was right to do so.

          • Griffin Smith

            Ask yourself this question too, if you don’t think institutionalized racism exists, and be super honest. Like for the sake of this being the most honest conversation and so we’re not bullshitting each other:

            If you ran a business, and you had two resumes, of nearly equal qualifications and availbility, and one of them has the name Christine Bramlin and the other has DeMarcus Jones, would you toss a coin?

          • SandyToesSC

            I do run a small business and I hire the most qualified person for the job. Since my business requires physical labor, I would hire DeMarcus unless Christine is capable of heavy lifting.
            Now ask yourself a question. If it is a large business or a government contractor, which hire would be looked on as more attractive in creating “diversity”?

          • Elka

            Go sleep your lunatic racist.

          • arrogantass

            the best part of your rant was your statement, “I don’t know”.

          • Griffin Smith

            Well in the face of all that is, and multitude of information, it’s sort of the only rational thing to say.

            I *don’t know*. And neither do you. Thats why we talk about this.

          • Griffin Smith

            Furthermore, my first post isn’t a rant. Its an invitation to discuss things evenly.

        • This Is Not My Name

          I’m offended by crime, because crime is for black people.

        • P Feezee

          no its not…you know you have never read a college text book. I do agree though with how ridiculous this concept is. I have had peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches at non-white people’s houses. Americans can be any race, its a matter of culture. If you’re parents are from another country but you were raised in America, you probably have been exposed to the racism of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But i digress, you have said a whole load of bullshit. Liberal, Neo-Cons, all the same shit. If you worship John Boner and Insane McCain, you are worshipping secret commie Neo-Cons. Libtards and Republicunts are all shills for an international corporate oligarchy, or do you really believe voting affects change in this country?

        • Courtney Gaspard Buell

          That is exactly why we have told all three of our kids, if they choose to go to school for a “soft” science, we will not pay their tuition or any college bills.

        • LeeVonHart

          The Foundations purposely have promoted/funded those with mindsets like this in academia, to disrupt and dillute culture. Anything to keep the masses from excelling?

        • ledbetta

          I’m offended that everyone is offended…

        • This is where parents make the difference!

        • oiltrdr

          I’m offended that all of you are offended.

        • 1bestdog

          It’s called critical thinking skills. Ever tried it?

        • Payton Blake

          Naw, I never saw crap like this in any psychology books or heard it in a any psychology lecture. Maybe sociology?

        • Monkeywench

          It is not the students who are foolish. It is the parents who pay to send their kids to these leftist collages. The kids are just doing what they are told. Going to school and learning.

        • Snappahead

          You are correct. My wife is in college, and the leftist, globalist, touchy-feely PC crap is served up in heaping helpings. Who thinks this stuff up? People with more degrees than a thermometer, and way too much time on their hands. They don’t build nor contribute anything, but they churn out more crap for “busy work”. It’s like it’s a contest of some sort, whomever can come up with the best “White Guilt” mind f*** will be the person most revered and put on a pedestal.

        • Michael Sullivan

          I’m offended by everything, so we should learn about nothing. That should solve the problem with education inequality.

        • Max48

          You know what’s scary…it is also in the little fiction stories you kids and grandkids check out at the public library. It’s everywhere.

        • MAKEMYDAY100

          I’m offended by short dark-skinned people with black hair and an accent – who don’t speak English in the USA!!!!!!

          And they come from a 3rd world country south of the USA!!!!!

        • musiccitydawg

          I minored in Psychology (in the 80s). I NEVER encountered anything like that in any Psych classes. Maybe things have changed.

        • RiteFox

          Unfortunately, these “foolish students” are our children and future teachers, leaders, and politicians…

        • kenpuck

          I want to find Howard Zinn’s grave and p**s on it.

        • erniebastion

          I’m offended that female lesbians eat other female lesbians pussys. That clearly is discriminatory against males.

        • Harry Stearns

          I guess watermelon and chitterlings would be REALLY racist?

        • focus503

          What is in the textbooks in college exactly. You been?

        • Linda


        • Rich

          I’m offended by bratwurst. That’s a German food and I’m part American Indian. Oh,wait, I’m half German and that half is offended by corn, which we got from the Indians. Oh, I am sooo conflicted.

        • Pope The Rev XXVIII

          I’m a psych major, you’re retarded

        • Craig Ellis

          I’m offended none of this food is in my belly.

        • OfficialPro

          what is sad is that a number of college kids are so naive and pre-brainwashed that their bulls*** detector does NOT go off when they are taught critical race theory and identity politics.

      • Prawn

        Sometimes when I procure excrement and flush it, I scream, “THAT’S RACIST”, because it was brown and I wanted to get rid of it.
        America might be undergoing the same kind of thing…

        • Northern_home_Southern_soul

          Wouldn’t assuming a “brown” person (as this extreme liberal loony described them) only eats a “torta or pita” be a stereotype?

          Why is this person such a racist? Also why does principal Gutierrez only care about “brown and black” kids? Doesn’t that make him a racist?

          Also if white privilege is run amok in the USA and especially at this school, how did Gutierrez (a Latin surname) get the job of a principle?

          Questions, questions and more questions and yet there is only one answer, this extreme liberal (and all of them for that matter) are anti-white racist bigots. .

          • Prawn

            Nevertheless, certain words like “racist” and “homophobe” and “bigot” are completely meaningless nowadays. When you take such a word and abuse it by applying it to any level of disagreement (as the libs have repeatedly done), it loses all meaning.
            Anyone who places such a word at the focal point of their argumentation only displays their irrationality, absurdity, and inability to cope with reality.

          • RealAmerican

            I use the opportunity to mock those that use the terms. I usually shout stop. Nobody move, your lost your credibility! It must be around here somewhere.

          • Vickie Warren

            Well said!

          • tallguyjgg

            Also, if that is the case why is there the United Negro College Fund and the Native American College Fund and other college funds or grants readily available to everyone EXCEPT white people? Those programs exclude whites. Why arent they treated as “Racists”? Oh thats right… only whites can be racists…

          • mark moran

            You hit the nail right on the head!

          • craig

            If my kids were of school age, they would not be going to public school.Period. this complete nonsense.

          • Robin

            Isn’t that like saying an anglo child doesn’t know what a taco is? Couldn’t the teacher argue that peanut butter and jelly is like the meeting and coming together of two cultures. Isn’t that what we learned from all those Reeses commercials in the 70’s? Once again wasted tax dollars! and they didn’t even bring up the lack of sensitivity to the children who are glueten free!

          • David

            My grandchildren go to Catholic Schools. I am quite pleased.

          • Elka

            You said it all! =)

          • Rj Bbq

            black and brown BOYS is how the she referred to the mongrels

        • Engage Gray Matter

          Why would you “procure” fecal matter? I would think you might produce such, but certainly never want to procure it. Lol. Just kidding with ya.

          • Jessie Contreras

            He was looking at a synonym for “take”.
            Good stuff all the way around.

          • DocRambo

            Remember, you are talking about the cerebral cortex of the libtards promulgating these “racist” ideas. They are not only producing it, they are thinking with it. The acronym “SFB” definitely comes to mind.

          • Prawn

            When one delves into the inner workings of the removal of bodily waste, one must be delicate, and a somewhat indirect. Lest one be vilified and condemned as an “icky gross poo poo pants”

          • David


        • paula

          I love your post & if our pees is yellow then are we racist against the chinese

      • Guest


        • Engage Gray Matter

          * principal.

          • Sum Ting Wong

            …ends in “pal” as in, your friend. In this case, not so much.

        • Prawn

          I am a huge advocate of punctuation as well

        • billyrumble

          Obama’s legacy – the period.
          If you like your period, you can keep your period, period!

      • Ruben

        Satan, that’s who.

        The Left is the devil and the devil is bad.

      • Nacho69

        What an anchor, affirmative action idiot this Gutierrez woman is!

        And what the hell if “white privilege”?

        You think there’s “brown privilege” in Mexico or “yellow privilege” in Japan or “black privilege” in Nigeria”? Hope that doesn’t sound racist yet again a PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICH is racist to these morons!

        Lets go to Mexico and tell them that serving hamburgers in their country makes them racist or eating a hot dog in China makes them racists or eating chili in Kenya makes them racist! What complete stupidity!

      • James1754

        The people teaching your kids.

        • mewp12

          Had I had that in the schools my children went to, I would move.

      • mewp12

        People with too much time on their hands.

      • StoutCortez

        left-wing liberals

      • Even more interesting, who puts them in positions of power?

        • Strider73

          “Superiors” who are even more idiotic than they are. Public schools are perfect examples of the Peter Principle in action.

      • Hammockbear

        Obviously they make this stuff up due to fact they never ate a PBJ on white bread. Liberal correctal ones need to lighten up.

      • matt2717

        Team Obama, anytime a distraction from his atrocious job performance is needed.

      • rksimpson

        I’m offended by offended people. Join POOP – People Offended by Offended People.

      • Dr Psych

        This is psychological warfare. It is designed to cause division within a population. When you have division within a group you are able to better control them. It can also serve to cause infighting and create social distractions to take the focus off other subjects. It can also be a tool to wear away and weaken individual will. If you can get people to tolerate such small steps you can push them ever so incrementally towards a larger goal. Governments have used these techniques for centuries to steer populations into tyranny and remove freedoms.

        • Franz Meyer

          Right you are. The division already exists and I expect fighting will eventually begin because there is a buildup of so much frustration in trying to convince other of our point of view. We need less PC BS and more live and let live attitudes.

      • Jim

        They don’t have anything real to complain about, so they have to INVENT new ‘racism’ in order to perpetuate their “VICTIM” status and therefore get more govt benefits.

      • Patriot57

        Idiots should never hold positions of authority, they should be replaced promptly. They lack the gift of reason, and cannot make intelligent decisions. Let them live their fantasy lives among themselves, without disrupting the lives of others.

      • Cynthia J. McCoy

        I don’t know who thinks this stuff up but they have too much time on their hands!!!!!!!!!!!

      • SAL2177

        Don’t know what’s worse. The crap they make up or the ones stupid enough to believe it.

      • Patriot1212

        Liberals have way too much time on their hands to think up this nonsense. Really, a PB&J sandwich is racist? Get real.

      • ledbetta

        No doubt. These people are supposed to be educated. All they do with this politically correct BS is create an atmosphere of intolerance!

      • larry burdge

        When you only have 2 marbles rolling around all day inside a skin covered sphere, sometime they will bang into each other and the result is that America has another PC moment on our hands.

      • Joanne Epperson Deist

        Obama, when he’s on the golf course 🙂

      • Darryl

        Some unhappy miserable person that wants everyone else to be as miserable as them

      • RayGulyas

        Marxist school superwomen.

      • boyfromthedwarf

        In this case, it was the journalist. The official never said anything about a sandwich being racist, it was actually the journalist’s own wording. I found this out after doing a whopping three minutes of research on the cited, year-old article. Yes, this story is over a year old. Clicking on links is hard work – good to know the far right checks its facts.

      • wmStatsMan

        A recent study showed that 38.3% of Americans that use the phrase “they make crap up” are biased against people who use statistics they made up.

      • Chriss Markey

        Scott School – – – – Commitment to Excellence
        6700 NE Prescott St., Portland, OR 97218 – – – – – (503) 916-6369
        pps DOT k12.or.us/schools/scott/317.htm

        I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share my excitement about my appointment as the new principal at Harvey Scott K-8 School.

        If you have questions or concerns, pleased do not hesitate to contact me ([email protected] or 503-916-6369).
        Dr. Verenice Gutierrez
        — – – —
        ” Portland Public Schools recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups and their roles in society. It is the policy of the Portland Public Schools Board of Education that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups on the grounds of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation in any educational programs, activities or employment.”
        I guess that means UNLESS you are WHITE and enjoy a simple sandwich which as been a staple in America for over 100 years

      • Chriss Markey

        To Ms. Verenice Gutierrez, I will NOT address you by your doctorate, as it must only be awarded to you for insanity.
        A simple PB & J sandwich, enjoyed as a staple in America for some 100 years, is NOT something in which you should be in fear.
        YOU, ma’am, are a racist and a bigot.
        And, clearly – an imbecile.

      • Chriss Markey

        Imagine how confused that principal is going to be when she looks closely at a Reese Cup!!
        Ohhhhh, THE HORROR!

        • AlsoTooJaded

          I think I’ll need to hide my prized collection of Peanut-Butter-Sandwich recipes, including the Peanut Butter and Bacon, the Peanut Butter and Ham, the Peanut Butter and Hummus, the Peanut Butter and Yogurt, the Peanut Butter and Grits, the Peanut Butter and Thai Fish Sauce, the Peanut Butter and Tuna, the Peanut Butter and Chicken, the Peanut Butter and Yogurt, the Peanut Butter and Sliced Apples, and various other recipes for Peanut Butter Sandwiches FOR FEAR THAT THE CONTROL FREAK SCHOOL-PRINCIPAL GUTIERREZ MIGHT SEEK TO DESTROY THE THINGS THAT I LOVE!

          Also, we know that such an intolerant fanatic as Gutierrez won’t stop with censoring out Peanut-Butter Sandwiches — he/she/it will probably also seek to destroy books that either (A) are not to his/her/its liking, (B) are privately owned by anybody, or (C) are school-books that don’t agree with Gutierrez’s agenda. Also, the personal property of various students (or even school-staff) might be confiscated and thrown into the trash by that vile pig named Gutierrez!

          (Also, I didn’t know that peanut-butter was such a “hateful” or “racist” food! PB-and-Jelly/Jam sandwich is a very popular sandwich to feed children of all races, including poor children of all races! I thought that the inventors of peanut butter were “American Indians”, also known as “Native Americans”! Historically speaking, peanut butter is about as “P.C.” as can get! The “principal” named Verenice Gutierrez is an ignorant slut, and has no business running a school full of children — not even a politically-correct school!)

      • EricStoner

        They pace their floors a night just trying to think of this stuff and pondering that lifelong liberal question, is there something that could be taxed that they overlooked?

      • Laree Bennett

        Oh as opposed to the conservative republicans were totally not making up as much shit as the possibly could about obama, obamacare, abortion, a womans body namely their reproduction process… etc. Yeah we totally make stuff up all the freaking time.

      • 1nativetex

        look up the Frankfurt school the commie school apparently has been very successful….

      • insul8ter

        Black, brown and bleeding heart liberal white people.

      • Awoxer

        Idealistic over sensitive candy butts

      • ChelleC27

        I thought it might be made up too, however Portland Tribune is showing this too: http://portlandtribune.com/pt/9-news/114604-schools-beat-the-drum-for-equity …. I think all this “political correctness” and treating kids with kid gloves is a bit much…

      • smartestmanever

        Portland, the city that stupid built, seriously how does that place just not blow up from all the dumb &ssess. If you’ve never been there trust me, stupid, lazy, granola loving never bath, smell like feet dumb a’s. And if you live there and disagree… Jokes on you

      • WhoCanYouTrust

        “who thinks this kind of garbage up?”

        A: People that want to destroy America.

      • racistwhiteamericanmale

        The biggest problem is, they’re teaching it to our children.

      • Beanbag

        Hispanics think up this garbage. From a skull filled with garbage comes a garbage (i.e., worthless) comment.
        I grew up hearing this kind of garbage from hispanics, and sometimes blacks, to the point that I loathe those people.
        It’s time to clean house.

      • J2

        Clearly, the Race Hustlers have run out of ideas. And grievances.

      • Elroy

        While I enjoy PB&J – I don’t think anyone who eats it was born with a silver spoon in their mouth….PB&J is certainly not “White Privilege”.

      • westriver

        I am certain that “Common Core” edumacation goals will cover her and provide “how to” achieve the utopian results of we’ll all get along. However, we will not know how to read, rite, or add and subtract.

      • Bert Arthur

        Thanks for the laughs people!

      • This is why we have so many “studies,” “think tanks,” and spend millions, probably more like gazzillions on stupidities such as studying rodents’ sex lives.

        That’s where an unfortunately great amount of our tax dollars are “spent.” See: http://www.coburn.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/pressreleases?ContentRecord_id=3b872d11-b6b5-4f72-9a0f-f95c79c99b6f

    • Sum Ting Wong

      And don’t even think about using a 100W lightbulb to eat your sammy.

      • GAS33

        OMG!!! ROTFLMFAO!!!! You are tooooo funny! Just perfect!!!!

      • Royg

        Like Michael Savage has said “these people are sick” meaning Libs.

      • TheThoughtPolice

        Hey, watch that “Sammy” stuff, amigo. That’s a racist term, denoting Blacks or Indians in South Africa. We are The Thought Police, and we are coming for you!

        • dragonhank

          I used to eat at “SAMBO’s”…

          • I worked at a Sambo’s while in college. I remember the nursery rhyme Little Black Sambo, Tar Baby and Bugs Bunny’s Laughing boy, all racist concepts filled with white privilege. For shame, for shame, alas I must seek redemption. This is what the left expect of us and they intend to teach our children to obey government and PC.

          • billyrumble

            Left = Government = Totalitarianism

        • Guest Speaker

          Or one may mistake it for Sammi, the light skinned aboriginals of Scandinavia.

      • guest

        Light bulbs are racist. Not everyone has light bulbs. Some races / cultures use rocks, or sticks or the glowing embers from crack pipes instead. And that’s just as valid.

        Another thing, they’re painted…. white so that only white people are able to use them to see in the ‘dark’. No other races are capable of using ‘white bulbs’.
        So when a new citizen comes to your town you should say, ” Gosh what do you use in Detroit to see after the period of illumination*”. *Don’t say after dark because dark is racist.
        Even asking reeks of ‘white privilege’ – Tell Massa boy ! And using big words besides. Everyone knows that using words is ‘acting white’.

        • Hawgz Wylde

          Lol, I wonder if every time a light bulb goes on, a person of color gets offended because light is always white? And dark is, well, always dark…

          • guest

            They haven’t been properly ‘educated’, yet. But rest assured, once they are, they will cringe in fear, weeping and wailing from the illumination of ‘white bulbs’. Da mn you Thomas Edison, you racist sumbitch !
            As a white male,I apologize to everyone else for everything. The only way I can even think about feeling good is if;
            The government takes ALL of my money and redistributes it to everyone else, except other white males.
            First there was male privilege. Then it became white privilege. From there it goes to white male privilege, which then turns into white male heterosexual privilege.

          • guest

            Another thing. You should never open your mouth because teeth are white and white is racist !
            Your eyes are racist for the same reason ! The ‘whites’ of your eyes take up most of the eye space!
            Sperm – racist
            Penis – sexist
            White males – perpetual oppressors.

          • Strider73

            There is such a thing as a black light. And lasers (which are simply highly focused light beams) can be just about any color.

        • billyrumble

          Light bulbs signify intelligence and that’s racist.

          • guest

            WOW, I never saw that. You are right !
            Light bulbs are super double racist.
            Just how deep does this rabbit hole go………. I think that I’ll go take some hallucinogenics and find out..

          • billyrumble

            I think I’ll take some hallucinogenics to try to understand what these liberals are thinking.


        Or put your PB-J sandwich in a bag

        • guest

          You mean bag, as in, white pillowcase so that after consuming said racist sandwich you have half of the attire necessary to go a lynchin and cross burnin ?

      • glenp827

        I have a lifetime of 22 cent 100 watt bulbs stored. I like a nice WARM light not a flickering green off color mercury filled overpriced piece of crap in my sockets

        • David

          I did the same.

    • Mike Duffy

      I’m sure crackers are banned too. Can you imagine a sweet innocent 5 year old, naively crunching on a Ritz Cracker or dare I say it a white square Saltine Cracker. Oh the humanity, someone call Jesse Jackson and hold a sit in till the insensitive whites pony up more taxes for this school district. After all they have White Privilege and deserve to pay more taxes.

      • kimbershot

        god forbid someone eat animal crackers.

        • Mike Duffy

          Crap – now PETA will get involved.

          • Rowwdy Colt


          • RealAmerican

            peta is racist. People is a white privileged code word for hispanics.

          • SillyPortland

            make that PITA

      • SillyPortland

        “WHITE square saltine cracker?” you racist

    • Sum Ting Wong

      You really want to blow their minds? Put it in a “brown-bag” in Seattle.

      • SillyPortland

        white people are so scared of black people

    • JWHacket

      America is over. It started with Clinton, accelerated under Bush, and has just about hit rock bottom under Obama. All we need now is for Hillary to finish it off.

      • Sum Ting Wong

        Our “leader” has three more years. I think he can finish it in 6 months.

    • libsarescum

      They already have, but it is mostly the fault of the STUPID Americans that vote for democRATS and libs.

    • Hispanic and Somalian students?

    • Ledergrant

      That’s funny because a few months ago there was a story about chips and salsa being the number one snack food in America.

      Well….time for lunch….I am going to go eat some racist sandwiches.

    • James1754

      And indoctrinating our children. This is another reason not to send children to public schools.

      • Donder33

        This is the reason that taking local school boards should be a priority for the GOP rather than taking the Senate.

        • Strider73

          Nice idea, but the libtards have totally taken over the govt. school system. Attempting to reform it is like sending in nuns to reform a brothel.

          Govt. schools need to be abolished. Since that could not be done at once, stop all new enrollments and phase them out a grade at a time. The cornerstone, of course, is the repeal of all compulsory attendance laws, which are based on the evil assumption that children are govt. property.

    • d_bully

      the problem is that all these imigrants do not say squat in their own countries because they would be killed, they get here and then they decide to grow a pair.

    • fiatdollars

      She takes her own hatred of traditional America and tries to super impose it as “equitable”. Fuck this foriegn whore.

      • AlsoTooJaded

        Myself called that bitch, school “principal” Verenice Gutierrez, an “ignorant slut”, but the words “foreign whore” are also true! That’s one of three reasons why I gave you a vote-up. 🙂 It’s easy to hate a person as hateful as Gutierrez, and it’s easy to hate people who hate traditional American culture as much as Gutierrez hates!

    • Richard Dragon

      PC is nothing more than Newspeak. An attempt at thought control.

    • Mollie H.

      It is Cultural Bigotry
      plain and simple.

      • SamIamtwo

        Dam the peanut butter sandwich eaters, eh? LMAO

      • Elka

        So, we end up with the culture, OF ALL COUNTRIES. LOL

    • Cmate



      This is what America hating Constitution loathing Liberals, a super porous border, tens of millions of emboldened scofflaw criminal Illegal Immigrants, the 3rd world cesspit border country of Mexico, and unmitigated Multiculturalism gets us… “Educators” in our public schools from sea-to-shining-sea across America teaching our Children to hate their country, and to hate themselves because of the light color of their skin.

    • Vlad Lenin

      It’s time to GET IN THE F*CKING STREETS and take back this country.

    • timej31

      I disagree. I find it hilarious. When you start laughing at this it will go away.

      • Elka

        No, I wont. These nuts are on a serious crusade.

    • tr st

      Who’s the turd that voted this down? Must be an obamabot.

    • Design Siemens

      The Portland school official is a racist.

    • Peter Stroker

      LMMFAO! , one of the sheeple gave you a thumbs down…that’s [email protected] funny. Must be principle douche bag lol

    • GreatLeader

      Can’t wait till communism reigns supreme in our great nation. Capitalism’s days are numbered.

      • NonLib

        Capitalism has been dead for years. Corporatism is what “reigns supreme” now and will until the house of cards falls

    • donnieboy64

      it amazes me to see how a good conservative can actually marry an ignorant liberal. how long can talking about paint dry carry the day?

    • rickroland

      This has nothing to do with political correctness. It is solely, and only, idiocy.

      • Elka

        Which is the definition of political correctness!

    • lukuj

      Did it ever occur to these people that maybe these kids learn about the culture of the U.S.when they are exposed to elements of the culture? For some of them, school is the only place where they learn about the culture or even hear or speak English.

    • kissoffobama

      Whoever voted this down needs to be bitch slapped into hell. Fucktard!

    • RKB

      I don’t think your second sentence should be in past tense.

      • RKB

        I meant it should be in past tense.

    • joanc

      Wow! (I guess that means the end of spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, Mc Rib, also corn beef and cabbage because it offends the politically correct. Too damn bad! Excuse me while I go to stir my spaghetti sauce.

    • Hypersapien

      I resent that remark. I’m a liberal and I think this guy is completely psychotic.

      • Elka

        “I resent that remark.”

        YOU puts these people in important positions.

        You’re part of the problem.

        Or do you not know what these nonsense are the policies YOUR PARTY? “political correctness” Hello???

        • Hypersapien

          What do you mean “my party”? I’m not a Democrat. I’m registered independent because both parties suck. The Modern Whig party looks like something I could get behind, though.

          Also, political correctness is a plague that needs to die. Please don’t accuse me of resorting to it. Did you even read past the first four words of my comment?

          • wcplace

            Actually five through seven are the damning ones. One need not read past them!

          • Hypersapien

            Just like a hard right republican. Only look at the part that seems to support what you want to believe and ignore everything else in case it puts you in danger of reconsidering your views.

            Just like right now, you’re ignoring the meat of what I said so you can pick apart the unimportant shit.

            You hate me purely because I use the “liberal” label without bothering to find out what my actual views are because you’ve convinced yourself that you already know.

          • wcplace

            I do not HATE you, nothing in my post would indicate this. Do I disagree with the majority of the views of the left, yes. Therefore when one self identifies as a “liberal” I must assume that they are being truthful! However EVERYONE has the right to express their opinion, even me! And for the record I am a HARD libertarian!

    • Max Modine

      I work for CGI on the Obummercare project. My libturd boss told me this morning it is no longer acceptable to wear white shirts to work. His office reeks of collard greens, weed and watermelon.

    • PeterPan

      I’d have my kjids out of there in a JIFFY.

    • GoneApe

      PBJ is racist because that is what the judge always gives her peeps when they be caught, tried, and convicted.

    • This is an old story, but what is sad is crazy nutbuttters like this are still hired to educate your kids.

    • Ron Brueske

      “Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is Racist, Says Portland School Official”

      So what type of racial epithets is that sandwich slinging about?

    • rls976

      In this case it is the liberals’ Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, which flung open our doors to Third-World colonization.

    • Jay Mills

      It’s ruining our children as well — those of us who are to stupid to entrust our children with these bozos. [Mine were either homeschooled or sent to private school.]

    • Kevin Pearson

      Political correctness? What about just plain ignorance?

      Apparently this “teacher” has never heard of a “medianoche”

    • JJ13

      this has nothing to do with “political correctness”. its just another jackass trying to force his bullshit on others.

    • Max Newman

      Just like the whacko Conservatives are destroying this once great Nation by trying to destroy education and implement a Christian version of Sharia law.
      Hey look I can make whacko statements just like you. Weeee

    • djm159

      Too late, the deed is done unless of course you are a Christian or American then all bets are off. If the Somalis or Hispanic students, or the Muslim students are so unhappy here perhaps repatriation to the motherland might be an option – otherwise shut up.

      • kaitlyin

        It’s not too late. Your defeatist attitude is what Racists want.
        Pick up your phone and dial 503-916-3200 and tell the Superintendent you are aware of mental abuse being inflicted on White children in the Portland School district by Principal Gutuierrrez.
        Got it? Now DO IT.

    • Willy

      It’s all a conspiracy by George W Bush!

    • MaroonVee

      Phone:(503) 916-6369 give them a call and tell them how stupid their princiapal is… and needs to be fired



    • Auntieflouride

      Personally, I am a college dropout grandma who likes Fluffernutters.

    • When Whites threaten non-White countries with immigration “anti-racists” call it colonialism.

      When non-Whites threaten White countries immigration “anti-racists” call it progress/diversity/multiculturalism/etc.

      “Anti-racists” demand immigration and assimilation in ALL & ONLY White countries.

      These “anti-racists” are in fact demanding White genocide.

      But of course we all know that, and we all know “anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-White. Anti-Whites are silly. 🙂

    • Robert Radcliffe

      I would be considered ‘liberal’ in your country. I find this ridiculous as well. Get rid of the narrow minded Libtard/Republicunt mindset, and think about this as it truly is. Stupid people doing stupid things. This is probably one of the more inane and stupid things I have read in the US.

      • Darryl

        Just wait it is going to get worse ,next thing you know wearing clothes will be racist .

    • EpicLibFAIL

      You may have set a Disqus record for number of up votes

    • Ivan Ivanovich Streltsov

      Ruining? Too late. It’s already ruined. And it took 40 years and a lot of people looking the other way.

    • Nite_Owl

      Libtard eh? I guess that make Republicans like you Re-tards.

    • Artie

      Past tense. Have already ruined a great nation.

    • boyfromthedwarf

      Actually, it was the journalist and not the official that made the connection between racism and PB&J’s:




    • sonnyboy1


      Born 1776, Died 2016

      From bondage to spiritual faith;

      From spiritual faith to great courage;

      From courage to liberty;

      From liberty to abundance;

      From abundance to complacency;

      From complacency to apathy;

      From apathy to dependence;

      From dependence back into bondage

    • Phil

      Libs??? I say Repukelicans….

    • Sandra Chung

      And where does it say this person is a liberal, other than in your imagination? And quick FYI, you lost any moral high ground you thought you had by insulting terms.

    • Fred

      replace”is ruining” with “has ruined”.

    • Laree Bennett

      I’m a liberal and even I find this extremely dumb so shut the frak up. And yeah political correctness does get taken too far sometimes but that’s just the way the world works. And you know what you conservative ass hats are completely delusional if you think think this nation was ever great. White privilege does exist, does that mean PB&J racist, no, no it does not. PB&J is as much a part of our culture as the american flag. Also calling liberals Libtards is getting really, really old. It’s like the only insult you petty lemmings can think of.

    • Bone Wilder

      Nice try. Typical conservative. Blaming the other side for something they screwed up themselves. I’ve never seen a liberal try to suppress freedoms. That is the motto of the American conservative, better known as the American Idiot. Go watch Honey BOOBOO, Duck Dynasty and the other terrible things you people enjoy. Leave politics to the adults so we can avoid this. thanks

      • Cara_C

        So you think it’s okay to teach that talking about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racist? Libs have really jumped the shark.

    • celticspike7

      and Govt welfare pays them to have more kids; so now they will out number any other voting block.!

    • 1bestdog

      Yeah this is as harmful as Bush taking us into two wars and ruining the economy….

      this sort of thing is awful awful I tell you….

    • fourscoreandseven

      “Libtard” is a disgusting, childish, nonsense word.

      How can we ever fight the Left (and win) if you make us look like jerks?

      There is a HUGE difference between winning and losing. You may think that you are winning a battle, but you are losing the war. Our job is to CHANGE them, not insult them so they remain entrenched as Leftists!

      • Mr. Fever Head

        …and tards.

    • Jay Mucci

      Hey, don’t pick on liberals. I am a liberal and I think this is the stupidest thing I have ever read. These people are not liberals… they are just brain dead. Stupid comes in every party, every race, every religion. Some people are just ignorant.

      • James V.

        Sorry to hear that you are a, useful idiot. Liberals are mentally diseased. I’m sure you are no exception.

    • Ed

      GREAT! I’m having a RACIST lunch today. My Ham Sandwich should offend lots of you. AND I will eat it just to be politically incorrect. OH, let’s not forget the banana I brought. We all know how offensive a Banana can be. Stand Back! I have a banana and I’m not afraid to offend you!

    • lethal

      You mean Marxist and censorship! It is why they want to eliminate our guns and make us all as stupid as they are. Kleptocracy: ruled by thieves.

    • Kenneth ‘k-dubs’ Williams

      Liberal here, even I think this is stupid. You know, all of you conservatives should start eating burnt toast or I’ll call you racist.

    • Kevin John Braid

      dont be daft, i am liberal as hell and i think this is effing stupid,

    • Jerry Cummings

      Wow just when you thought they couldn’t get anymore ridiculous.

    • sonnyboy1

      You mean it HAS ruined our once great nation.

    • Sharon50MP

      Anything they can do to keep the racist’s agenda going strong. How about teaching History, Health and other actual subjects of importance, aka a real education. What in the world has happened to our so called schools?

    • Vintage Gibson

      “Has ruined” is the proper tense of that sentence.

    • streekyd

      I am offended by Liberals and Libturds. and THEY are the racists!

    • Jason King

      wait you can’t say that, you may offend someone!

    • Dave Prelosky

      I’m offended that instead of discussion, we get attempted insults.

      • Jamfoc

        If you agree with this crap then you should be offended!

    • Marty Badgley

      I am offended by vegetables! Why should I eat the same food my food eats? AM I a no farther up the food chain than the chicken or cow I eat?

    • djtejas

      Obviously satire goes completely over your head….WOW.

    • Dave T.

      Wow, there is hope! According to the ratings of your comment @ 12:07 PM eastern on 11/22/2013. There are 2746 people that can actually think vs. the 29 MORONS that gave yo a negative rating!

      • Dave T.

        PC doesn’t equate to political correctness, PC equates to political CONTROL

    • HalfMoments

      Fire this idiot.

    • Alex Summers

      Has nothing to do with being a ‘libtard’ …freaking knock it off, That word and blaming it on Obama all the damn time has become the utter stupidest thing the US has fallen into doing. It’s like you people can’t just acknowledge a problem and move on without grouping these ignorant happenings into some round circle and playing dumb it down.

      • Alex Summers

        I really should expect nothing less from someone named LiberalsRcommies 😛 freaking uneducated idiot 😛

    • skyhart

      Don’t even get me started on Oreos…

    • mike lambright

      You’re a dumb cunt.

    • Andrew

      Don’t blame libtards and political correctness because that has NOTHING to do with this. I’m a libtard and I love myself some political correctness .. but this bullshit is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long while.

    • orgoknight

      once great nation? yes, before Columbus and europeans came to destroy the then great nation…

      • firegeorge

        I see you’re a product of the public school indoctrination system.

    • VD65

      You mean libertarians? There is no such thing as libtards. I’m assuming you mean a democrat and some are liberals but some are centrists and progressives. You know some school officials are Republican too. This has nothing to do with the parties. It is because people in general have gone overboard about these things. Peanuts aren’t even nuts, they are a type of legume and who cares if they don’t eat them in other places. If you are in the US there is no reason one cannot talk about them. It is not racist but culture specific…American I suspect for the most part…who cares but they are banning those sandwiches in a lot of schools and not because of race, culture or ethnicity but because of the peanut butter. It is a high allergy food. They are worried about lawsuits of someone reacting and dying. Never happened when I was a kid but in the present day more have this allergy.

    • ACitizen

      seriously?!? People on both sides of the political spectrum are to blame not just one side over the other. Libtards/Consevaderps or whatever you want to call people is just adding fuel to the fire.
      This is pretty bogus. The sandwich was just being used as an example and Mr. Sensitive, principal Gutierrez needs to simmer down. It’s just a sandwich!!!…and a mighty fine one at that! I eat one every time I go out on a long run, great fuel for your body.

    • Anna Snyder

      Hey! Guess what! Even liberals think this is pretty stupid! So please, give me a break with the “it’s all liberals and political correctness’ fault”! No, it’s stupid people saying stupid thing’s fault and that can come from any side of the political spectrum.

    • UnsungPatriot

      But so necessary for some people…

    • Cossard

      You don’t think our nation is great any more? You’re entitled to your opinion, I guess, but I am equally entitled to deprecate your lack of patriotism.

    • Sean Sopata

      No. It’s people from all parties who resort to name-calling.

    • Wes Sturdevant

      This is not a ‘libtard’ thing, I’m a liberal and think this is ignorant as heck. It has nothing to do with being liberal or a democrat. It has to do with ignorance. And using ‘libtard’ doesn’t make you sound very intelligent, classy or make a good comment at all. It just shows hate like rascist remarks do based on ones different views. You have a right to think what you want, I’m just offering advice that your hate is not appreciated here or anywhere. I’m also an atheist, would you like to insult me on that as well? Go ahead but like I said it shows ignorance and hate, not a rational comment about the subject. To me by the way on the topic I can see somewhat of a point that ‘bread’ may not be eaten as much by mexicans and asians or other groups but I think pj sandwiches are pretty innocent. It is this kind of ‘I’m offended by this’ that we need to not give into. Just because people someone is offended we shouldn’t just make a law to not serve them at lunches or something and be at their mercy because THEY are ‘offended’ by something such paltry. that is alla

    • Whatwouldwaltdo

      Boo hoo. Poor little conservitards.

    • Lee Baldwin

      for God’s sake, quite it with ‘political correctness’ -there is no such thing as anything political being correct! GOD Bless America!

    • Nicholas Stalnaker

      Is that libtard as in libertarian?

    • danielsangeo

      Wow, so many posts, so many people offended by what this school did. They must stop doing those things immediately!

    • OfficialPro

      it’s not even political correctness. This has gone far beyond that into the goofy sphere of Identity Politics and Critical Race Theory, and the theory of White Privilege which basically states, anything that is of “white people” is inherently oppressive to persons of color. So in their minds, “white” people who talk about or eat pb and j are “oppressing” the persons of color by reminding them of something they “don’t have” (which is insanely ridiculous given that Pb & j is some of the cheapest food out there, minorities in poverty should be eating that up! pb & j is NOT ‘white people food’! I mean come on wasn’t peanut butter invented by a black person? XD

  • cscape

    Can we call it a Peanut Butter and Jelly Taco?

    • America’s Native Son

      racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! re-educatiom camp coming, and then we take your organs.

      what blood type are you?

      • Elka


    • Sum Ting Wong

      Taco is now offensive to women, dontcha know?

      • jackbenimble333

        Mexicans are minorites so nothing about them can be racist including tacos. Those are the liberal rules stupid as they may be.

        Now, can we have a racial discussion about your fantastic screen name? It is deliciously offensive and funny as heck!

      • GAS33

        But I LOVE those tacos! (winky wink)!!! LOL

      • Rowwdy Colt

        Your moniker is hilarious. 🙂

        • DocRambo

          Ranks right up there with “Gill O’Teen”

          • Sum Ting Wong

            Google my co-pilots


          • Strider73

            Or “Buck O’Fama.”

    • steve

      Si Si puede! (Yes we can! for non-Hispanic Obama supporters)

      • Sum Ting Wong


      • wwwraystevenscom

        Hola, Obama! Su madre es un puta como su esposa! Ustedes y su familia en todo es un basura del mundo! Por favor, expirar.

        • wwwraystevenscom

          Gutierrez, tambien! O vamos a Mexico con su compadres de idiotas.

        • Chris D

          puedo ir al bano por favor

        • Bruiser in Houston

          Um, wouldn’t that be “tu esposa” instead? Your way translates to “his/her wife” not the more familiar “your wife.” At least that’s what I remember from seventh grade Spanish class back from 1973.

          • Rowwdy Colt

            “Tu” is the familiar form. Generally only used by family or very close friends. In Spanish, some words have 6-7-8 tenses. It can get confusing.

    • guest

      Taco, not sure if that would be racist or sexist or both………..
      White males – bad. Everyone else – Good.

    • RealAmerican

      Ooo, you said taco, Galquida will come for you NOW! I am guessing on brooms.

  • Attila

    Only liberals in urban, liberal dumps would come up with such lunacy.

    • wwwraystevenscom

      Oh, no. We’ve got them in rural areas too! The move here to ‘get away from it all’ but bring their crap with them. They get on town councils & county commissions & start making our areas look & be like the urban cesspools they came from!!! Housing associations, zoning laws on what you’re property is supposed to look like, dog / cat / livestock laws, the whole enchilada.

      • Attila

        I blame the azzholes from California for screwing up Oregon and Washington. They move away from Liberal La-La Land and bring their idiot beliefs with them. They then trash their new homes with the same policies that wrecked Callie.

  • steve

    Instead of blaming the failures of minority students on the educators, how about we lay the blame on the parent(s)?
    “Black and brown” students are much more likely to come from a single-parent household where education is not a valued commodity.
    But Air Jordan sneakers are!

    • Gill O’Teen

      This has nothing to do with the parents. It’s all about yet another mind-numbed marxist maniac waxing stupid. He’s stupid and the principal of the school. If the principal is this ignorant, what does that say about the teachers? If the parents are at fault here, it’s only that they have not yet grabbed the tar and feathers and run this libtard out of town on a rail and dumped him in the nearest landfill. No sandwich made from peanut butter and jelly on white bread is racist. It’s a damn sandwich. That I prefer mine on rye is not racist. It’s a damn sandwich. That I prefer it served with Fritos is not racist. Those are but corn chips. As a former teacher I have had many students, none ‘black and brown’ – well maybe this one African-American kid who had really dark skin but sort of naturally sandy hair. i had many students from diverse ethnicities from single parent households where either Mom or Pop wanted their child to be the best that he or she could be – this meant getting a first rate education. Bong brains like this principal just want to keep them down on the plantation.

      • Gill O’Teen

        Oops I may have erred. This principal, based on the given first name, might in fact be female. In my defense, with all the new sexes and more being defined every day, this old man has trouble keepin up with all the PC formats. We started with the basic Male and Female. Then we got Males who like Males, Females who like Females, Males who want to be Females, Females who want to be Males. Males who want to be Females, but only when going to the bathroom. Females who want to be Males, but only when punching a Male using the Ladies’ room. It’s all so confusing. For all I know this principal renames herself Vernon every happy hour. But just in case she does consider herself some Female variant, please edit my earlier comment to change all the pronouns referring to the principal to the appropriate feminine form unless you know for a fact that she is a he/she who prefers ‘it’.

        • dixie68

          Outstanding analysis!!

        • guest

          Too difficult, this is easier;
          All white males will from this day forever be known as – Oppressor.
          Everyone else, including white females, shall be known as – poor, pitiful,perpetual victims of the evil oppressor and his ‘patriarchy’.*
          * White womyn have been using this garbage for quite awhile now to secure special rights and privileges. Excluding them would be misogyny.

        • glenp827

          Verenice is a rather androgenous name just remember “Patrice” is French for Patrick Joyce is a man’s name (Joyce Kilmer), and dont’ forget Fay Vincent of MLB fame. Beverly is my favorite unisex name—those crazy Brits.
          Carrol Oconnor? Gale Gordon? man I am full of them

        • ChurchvilleMike

          “She also serves on an administrative committee that focuses on systematic racism.” That would be another way of showing that the principal is female, also.
          That being said, I agree wtih everything in your post. Unfortunately, though, I don’t think the parents are going to tar and feather and run the principal out of town on a rail. Remember, this is Portland, OR we’re talking about. I was there about 5 years ago and I saw “Keep Portland weird” bumper stickers everywhere I went. I think this principal fits right in there just fine!

      • DocRambo

        Well said. Maybe we should start an organization for the promotion of common sense.

    • disqus_9v1KGYctgu

      could not have said it better myself

  • Jessie Contreras

    Stop the insanity!

    • Sum Ting Wong

      We tried, but they keep voting them in.

  • msa1988

    If this article popped up 10 years ago, everyone would see it as a complete joke. What in the world has this country come to??

    • dkn1234

      we have turned into a big lump of liberalshit……

    • guest

      The underlying ‘philosophy’ has been pushed for 50 years. Change racist to sexist ( misogynist ) and you’ll see it.
      The only difference is the ‘victim’., while the villain is still and always the white male.
      See white privilege is white male privilege because according to the religion of man hate and perpetual victim hood ( feminism), Only white males ever had power and always owned everyone else. Women were chattel, beaten and raped every hour of every day. Literally chained in the kitchen. Which is why we, beastly rapey white males put sinks and running water in there – so the wimminz could do laundry and go to the bathroom without us having to unlock them.
      So, the ‘most sensitive’ thing white males can do when faced with females, or colored folks in prostrate yourself at their feet and apologize profusely for sins that you have never committed because the sins are an invention of the victim class.

    • Strider73

      When liberals spout off, you have to check the URL to make sure you didn’t actually go to The Onion.

  • My Son My Hero

    Verenice Gutierrez, principal…..

    All you need to do is look at the last name to understand where this nonsense is coming from, good by America is was a nice couple of hundred years

    • Pork eatin’ infidel


  • boboadobo

    liberals are funny…but they are actually more demented and creepy then funny.

    • HKopp

      They used to be funny. Now they’re in charge.

  • Grace656

    Liberals are leading us all down a rabbit hole. Why are we letting them do this? We need to stand up in our own communities and shout down these idiots.

    • steve

      Sorry Grace, if you disagree or argue with these folks you are:
      All of the above…
      Did I forget any?

      • bovnyccc

        UN-American, terrorists, anarchists and Astroturf also.

      • MaxAR15

        Yes, NRA member

        • steve

          I stand corrected.

      • Pork eatin’ infidel

        Conspiracy theorist (aka the “black helicopter crowd” per Joe Biden)

      • Royg


        • Grace656

          Yeah! That’s what I would call them.

      • Rowwdy Colt

        You forgot traitor and enemy of the state. Just ask Reid and Pelooser….they will tell you.

      • Bruiser in Houston

        “bitter clinger”

  • Sum Ting Wong

    This country has gone crazy.

    John Galt: rise up and let your location be known for the remaining Americans with triple digit IQs.

  • Alucard_the_last

    I find it incredible that they have so much time on their hands that they have to invent a ‘problem’. I highly doubt that students would rather go hungry than to eat bread. Has America sunk this low?

  • eramthgin

    Absolutely stupid. This is what after fifty years of demoncrat control of public education we get from administrators and teachers. Are we really free anymore. All public schools should become either privatized or school choice based upon parents decision to send their children to. It is time to give public schools a big dose of promoting achievement. I hope every kid brings a PB&J to school tomorrow.

    • Rowwdy Colt

      If you think this crazy is bad, you ought to take a look at Chicago public schools. My wife taught school in Chicagoland and holy chit, the stories she can tell of the wacko socialists.

  • dkn1234

    Apparently crack is politically correct for liberals…..

    • wwwraystevenscom

      Look up the mayor of Toronto, Canada. The land of Canadian Mounted Police (not what they used to be) & CommieNuts.

  • tcp53

    Quit with the moonbat, Commie, political correctness-GARBAGE already! This is AMERICA, not North Korea…..

  • Evin

    This is honestly the most stupid thing I have ever read. Whatever happened to racism being blatant racism?

    How can one even construe saying peanut butter and jelly sandwich is racist?
    A black dude invented peanut butter.

    • steve

      Yet another inconvenient truth…

    • RH Lee

      Yeah, but if George Washington Carver lived today, he’d be attacked by the mainstream blacks just like Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell and Condaleeza Rice are. He wouldn’t be standing up with idiots like Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton, you can bet on that!

    • BeenThere

      Another lie

    • Darkshaddo

      The only one who suggested that it’s racist is the author of this blog. The principal never said such a thing.

      • Vickie Warren

        The principal speaks to “white privilege” and how a PB&J is a white privilege and can be offensive to minorities who don’t eat PB&J’s. Therefore, teachers must be educated as to the affects of their “white privilege”. And you think the principal is not racist????

        • Darkshaddo

          Did you even read the original article (which, by the way IS OVER ONE YEAR OLD)? Apparently not, because if you did, you would know that the “white privilege” comment was made in reference to a complaint a parent made about a lunchtime drum class for black and Latino boys, NOT peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You people believe whatever you’re told to believe without question…you obviously can’t think for yourselves or even bother to check the source…it’s much easier for you to become outraged over something that never happened. Typical conservative willful ignorance.

      • Elka

        Go sleep, kid.

    • guest

      “This is honestly the most stupid thing I have ever read.”
      So you have never read, or listened to feminists ?
      This ‘philosophy’ was first employed by the man haters*.
      * Man hate is part of the foundation as is perpetual victim hood. The whole belief system is a religion.
      There are no ‘good’ feminists as there were no ‘good’ nazis in WW2. They all support the warped and twisted agenda either by commission or omission.

    • AlsoTooJaded

      I thought the American Indians invented peanut butter by making a paste out of peanuts and then showing that paste to the settlers who refined on it and developed it a bit further into modern Peanut Butter.

      As for George Washington Carver, I thought he invented better agricultural and growing techniques so that peanuts could be grown more efficiently.

      (I could be mistaken here, but am sticking to what I say until proven wrong about G.W.Carver’s role in developing modern peanut farming.)

      Also, both the Peanut and Peanut Butter are internationally popular. You can use them for Thai cooking, some forms of (recent, modernized) african (African — tucking famn dypos!) cooking, etcetera. You can even use them as an ingredient in some forms of Mexican chili.

      But don’t tell that to school principal Verenice Gutierrez — her/his/its “mind” remains closed and made up!

  • John

    This teacher is a racist. And an idiot.
    I guess it could be racist if on white bread.

  • bovnyccc

    This is ridiculous. When you immigrate to a new country, it’s your responsibility to become part of their culture and not the other way. When I came to this country with my family at the age of 4 we acclimated to the American culture, who e still retaining ours. It can be done and easily.

    • Evin

      Exactly. If I move to New Zealand, then I’m not going to go over there and expect them to change. Sure I may look for some American comforts, but I move half way across the world. Why would I expect them to change when I freely moved there?

      • Lloyd Hargett

        True. This country used to be described as a “melting pot”. That meant that if a person of another culture is added to the mix, it might affect the composition a little bit but mostly the new addition became part of the mixture that was already there. It does NOT mean that if you add a Somali to the pot the whole potful has to taste like Somali.

        • Poor White Kid

          Please keep the Somalis out of the pot. They might be tasty, but it’s just not worth the trouble.

    • Van_The_Man


      Well, you’re close. see, It’s when Americans go to a “new country” WE’RE supposed to learn that country’s language, submit to their culture, respect the people in that country and sublimate American culture to their culture and all that.

      When they come to the U.S. we’re supposed to give up our culture, abandon our ways and become subservient to them. See how it works? Now, get with the program!!

  • sirandrew

    Taco Bell. Insults white
    Kentucky fried chicken. insults blacks
    Chicken Chow Mein insults blacks,whites and Latinos
    Sloppy Joes insults street people

    • LaVive

      Turkey Dinners insult Native Americans too!

  • Burbank Burner

    This is all so idiotic that it is no surprise kids coming out of government schools are unable to read, write, or do simple math. They are taught this leftist drivel and useless PC propaganda that accomplishes NOTHING. It is all educational sewage. Morons!

  • Sean Maria Hanley

    “Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do
    you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta.
    Or pita.” Really, so you are telling children that “real” Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, and that’s not racist!

    • Lloyd Hargett

      The whole thing is completely stupid, like most “progressive” education. I’m a white American and I don’t even like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I do, however, like tacos, sushi, mu shu pork, and a wide variety of other tasty things.

  • RacistBellies

    It’s America!! Americans are more open to a vast array of cultural cuisines than any other country!! Just look at the restaurants! Also…why would a teacher be talking about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…..?

  • AmyBellows

    Are they on drugs? They are using stereotypes to teach sensitivity?? WTF??

    • Elka

      Exactly! This proves that their “concern” is a farce.

  • Kelvin

    And then they wonder why “duh kidz ain’t lurnin nuthin”.
    These politically correct Fascists are almost as great a danger to this nation as Obama.

    • Lloyd Hargett

      If they can get kids to believe this garbage while they’re young it will be easier to get them to swallow the lies that comprise the progressives’ political campaigns. Voila! Instant obama voters.

  • Maz

    It’s cultural, not racist.

  • RH Lee

    I think the proverbial bottom line in the liberal view of the racist discussion is: If you’re white – you’re racist. Even the color of your skin is racist! What a crock!

    • Evin

      100% True

    • Pork eatin’ infidel

      We should go on the Oprah show and discuss that we are interested in getting a skin transplant as we believe that will put us on the track to being non-racist. I have money that says they’d schedule the show….

  • rebecca

    Except how racist is it to assume that Somalis and Hispanics are not “Americans”? Way to be a jerk, Portland school principal.

  • jpaq68

    This has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

  • Evin

    So if they have taco day at this school is that offensive against whites, since we don’t use tortillas?

    • AmyBellows

      I’m white and I use tortillas.. 😉 prefer them to sandwich bread. I guess I need reeducation since I might be “mocking” Hispanic culture.

      • person

        Yes you racist

      • Evin

        Wow…you are racist. Go back into your hole of bigotry!!! j/k

        Honestly though, does America have race problems? Yeah. Do we have a very diverse country? Yes. Do I love mexican food? Yes.

        Per the Washing Post, we are one of the most tolerant countries in the world.

        • AmyBellows

          And yet one of the most insidiously racist. Odd study in contrast.

      • McBane

        I use tortillas mostly for sausage wraps; kind of a blending of cultures.

  • BevfromNYC

    Well, it’s just like a petty bureaucrat to find a problem where none existed and create 20 more…

  • Peter Bell

    Put your Kids in Private schools people. These idiots are only gaining more power.

    • person

      The leftists are there also…

    • Rowwdy Colt

      We home school. I would never subject my children to the vicious socialist/Marxist/commie environment.

  • Dewreck

    This woman is literally out of her mind and has no business being around children.

    • Pork eatin’ infidel

      or anyone else with a brain.

  • CommonSense033

    Why can’t a Mexican prefer Thai food? See, that’s the thing about liberals. They are INHERENTLY racist, because they put people in little boxes. Mexicans must like Mexican food. Really?

    • postofficemike

      So, Obama, Jesse Jackson, Albert Sharpton, etc. all like “chittlins” and chicken necks and FRIED CHICKEN? Well, we can add “dog” to Barry’s menu!

    • Pork eatin’ infidel

      I just think libs want everyone and every place on the planet to be so ridulously “equal” (in their own definition) that there will NEVER, EVER be another disappointed person, upset person, disenfranchised person, etc.etc.etc. A completely homogenized society is what they want (well….except for themselves who are so just inherently smart and special that the rest of us total morons (their words) would not be able to function without their supreme guidance and thinking on our own behalves….

      • Elka

        No, they are nuts, they want power and power. And it is dividing us that they will win.

        They just want the good of their pockets.

  • RacistBellies

    Isn’t peanut butter already banned. Everyone is allergic to it. Ban bread too, everybody is gluten sensitive. And jelly…..jelly will be next! Pure sugar! See…soon this will not be an issue.

    • Pork eatin’ infidel

      Just one big “evil” sandwich!

  • Reality_Kid

    I don’t give a crap what you do in your country and what your cultures are. You are in my country and we have our own cultures and practices and language. We will do what we do and if it’s offensive to you well go back home. Any school official, and there are many, are bowing down to all this culture crap. They should be fired.

  • jocko

    When I taught, the worst teachers went into administration, guidance, and specialist positions. They did anything to get out of the classroom. This principal is an example of that. Rather than introducing American cultural traditions to Somaliis and Hispanics she panders to them, keeping them ignorant of the culture where they have chosen to live. Multiculturalism works both ways, Verenice.

  • jpaq68

    What’s the big deal? It’s not like Michelle would ever allow other people’s kids to eat something as unhealthy as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a school lunch anyways.

  • Jon Vinc

    Torta is the spanish word for sandwich. what a moron. but for portlandia, this principal just got on the fast track to be superintendent or mayor.

  • Pat Patterson

    To hell with these PC garbage morons. This is the US, not Somalia or Timbuktu.

    • person

      not for much longer

  • Go2guy


  • BobDow123

    Is there ANY wonder sane parents (that can) have been pulling their kids out of public schools for years????

  • MawrPidyn

    So what if they don’t eat sandwiches? Is the principal saying they’re too stupid to imagine it? What about the students who don’t eat Mexican food? She appears to imply that THEY are NOT too stupid to imagine eating it.

    So therefore we can conclude that she thinks people who eat Mexican food are stupider than people who don’t.

    Sounds to me like she’s the racist.

  • Carriersailor

    Does this Individual belong In this country ? How many things are now racist since the fascist Muslims took over the White House ?

    • person


  • Christopher Joseph Greer

    wow, I guess they’re finished destroying our healthcare so now they have to move on to something even more ridiculous.

    • person

      Oh they’re just getting started wrecking the country

  • GAS33

    Liberals, dim-o-crats, RINOs, affirmative action types, illegal immigrants, and all other ‘put upon’, disenfranchised, minority types: GO EFF YOURSELVES. The rest of us owe you NOTHING! Not consideration or respect for your idiot ideas, positions, or beliefs! WE OWE YOU NOTHING. PB&J – ARE YOU ZZZHITING ME????? STFU!!

  • antigreenman

    And there are people who claim that liberalism ISN’T a mental illness.

  • mcjenny

    So glad I am not teaching anymore!

  • SofaKingCool1

    Good gravy…please tell me this is an Onion article?

  • Yawn

    peanut butter and jelly sandwich, peanut butter and jelly sandwich peanut butter and jelly sandwich, peanut butter and jelly sandwich; peanut butter and jelly peanut butter and jelly sandwich sandwich , peanut butter and jelly sandwich peanut butter and jelly sandwich… now what.. I dont care what some illegal immigrant eats… here we eat watermelon and peanut butter and jelly sandwich…there is some sensitivity edu. for them…go back to your homeland and educate there…then if you want to come to US go through the immigration process…not only do you want medical, food freebies now you want free citizenship too…..

  • Antibama

    Make them Stop….make them stop, PLEASE!!!!

    • person

      Why? It’s fun!

  • person

    I am a white conservative Christian male.
    I like tacos.
    Am I a racist?

    • Evin

      You are now ineligible to run for public office..ever

    • jdp

      That combination is unpossible.

  • krusatyr

    A famous, historic black scientist, George Washington Carver, popularized (not invented) peanut butter 75 years ago: maybe peckerwoods oughtta eat it on a ‘crackah’, steada on ‘white bread’, to please the race mongers.

    If I were a student, I’d put peanut butter on that teacher’s chair for actin stupid.

    • person

      Carver was racist…

  • alan

    Absolutely gross. I don’t own an elephant but when I was a kid, we talked about them. Kill these ahole liberals

  • BahiaBob

    Liberal PC Malarkey. So when the kids go to the school cafeteria, they don’t have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches??? Portlandia lefties at work again! Absurdly stupid.

  • atkron_112

    it’s no wonder school kids are stupid.

  • big bird

    let’s just throw in the towel and admit this whole country of immigrants experiment has failed, it worked when people came to this country to become americans but now, with most immigration originating from third world garbage pits along with the inability to leave third world culture behind, there will never be a distinct American culture again

  • Lloyd Hargett

    Gawd. You can’t make this stuff up. There is apparently no bottom to the liberals’ well of stupidity.

  • Seldomever

    Isn’t the point to help make immigrants Americans, not make Americans Somalis? I mean, compare the two countries.

  • James Bedford

    Ask white children: “Black people eat chicken and watermelon, do you have anything like that?” let them tell you

  • Ignorance_is_just_plain_dumb

    Ignorance is bliss to some, isn’t it? Unbelievable.

  • Arnold Ripkin

    So that’s why so many Somali’s die of starvation! They’re extremely picky eaters who’d rather starve than eat donated Western foods. Or maybe we should feed them from a garbage pile to make them feel at home.

  • BeenThere

    The Psychology Field is drenched in people who earned degrees by learning and regurgitating this “unconscious” racism and “white privilege” lie.

    Every program from AA to Doctorate has a “multiculturalism” course–find one of those textbooks and they talk about the above as it if is the Gospel truth. It is sickening to have to take one of these courses–I did–I ignored all the racist ranting and avoided discussing prejudice because I thought the whole list of lies was one-sided liberal dogma.

    I received an A in that course and kept my dignity.

    Of course, no one knew I was a Conservative or I would have failed.

  • 87flint

    More liberal insanity based on junk science.

  • muffin58

    I question the qualifications of this liberal lunatic. Get her and those who spew this ridiculous nonsense out of the education system. I’m constantly re-teaching my kids when they come home from school with this liberal nonsense. We need to start protecting our children by getting them out of this horrific environment. Public schools are taxing us out of our homes and are crap. Testing scores prove it.

  • p3orion

    Sometimes the most mature, appropriate, and reasonable response to a liberal pinhead is just to say “you’re a f*cking idiot.”

    • Rowwdy Colt


  • BubbasBBQ

    Whatever happened to the mantra “When in Rome…”

    • handsmcml

      It only applies to Americans in other countries. Here we need to adapt to everyone else.

      • BubbasBBQ

        Of course, I am just a dumb “Yanqui” Oh wait, am I being racist?

        • jdp

          you’re automatically a racist.

          • BubbasBBQ

            Of course, just ask the little puppy dog who responds to all of my posts.

          • Elka

            He is a government employee. They are hired to change the opnion of the people and put one against the other.

        • Syddipowpow

          No but most of your posts are race based. It must suck having to cower in fear of a person of color.

          • BubbasBBQ

            Hey puppylove, for the last time, I have no intention of adopting you so go get a life.

            For those of you reading this the above loser follows my postings like a lovesick dog

          • Syddipowpow

            This is a rare post for Bubba, 90% of his posts are racist rants. No matter the subject, he inserts race into it.

          • BubbasBBQ

            And this is not a rare post for puppy love here, it responds to ALL of my posts, don’t you sweet cheeks? Go get a job you freeloading deadbeat! Ohh Ohh notice me!!!

      • jdp

        Because there’s nothing exceptional about us.

  • Buddy199

    This is what they’re concerned about, not the fact that their students can’t do basic math or read.

  • Dwayne Keith

    These people all willingly and often ILLEGALLY come to this country where a sandwich is as ubiquitous as the grass is green. I have had all I can take of the left.

  • Cookiegirl

    All the manufactured white guilt in the world won’t change the fact that many children fail because their families don’t value education. Period.

  • Chris D

    to help educators understand their own “white privilege,”

    wowow. My daughter stared K in wny this year. Within in a month they had tough her about online perverts and drugs while in the same time frame sent a letter home saying if the kids do not know how to tie shoes then they must wear vercro.

    • Chris D

      and about 50 letters begging for money

  • cranky_1970

    There is nothing more infuriating than being subjected to the asinine soft tyranny of Mexican state employees like Verenice Gutierrez, with poor grammar, no common sense, and an inflated sense of societal importance. Get used to your world turning into a Latino DMV if the Federal government continues to grow and demographic trends continue.

  • BeenThere

    Oh, I forgot,

    I eat peanut and butter and jelly sandwiches, Mexican, Chinese, Soul, Indian and Carribean food.

    So, if a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is racist, so is all food, you liberal idiots. IT’S CALLED DIFFERENT CULTURES

    grow up you creepy ba st erds



  • MGmary

    Verenice Gutierrez doesn’t know the difference between a race and a culture.

  • Right-wing Realist

    Multiculturalism at its best. Another minority calling something they don’t like racist.

    This is the new America. Bend over and take the minority D!CK or be labeled a racist for not wanting pathetic non-white idiots from overrunning and ruining your nation.

  • John Whalen

    Is this loon kidding me?!!!! Can we get this rejects number?

  • Chris D

    I eat peanut butter and jelly and carry it in a brown bag…take that PC police

  • Shovel Driver

    Racist “because people in some cultures don’t . . .”

    Principal Gutierrez, you need to go back to school and learn that people in some cultures don’t – do not – make specious claims as to what is racist and what isn’t. Well, except for those who are trying to further racist goals. As you just did.

  • Mark Power

    Verenice Gutierrez is as evil as she is incompetent. Sending children to public school is child abuse.

  • Rowwdy Colt

    Tell me I did not just read this insanity. What’s next? Ban salt because it isn’t black? Oh wait….ban pepper because it IS black, ergo a racist spice. SMDH!

  • Lenf2

    “Black and brown BOYS”???? Isn’t that terribly racist? Can you imagine what a black man would say if you called him a Black BOY???? Maybe they should consider their own real racism rather than some imaginary racism in food. This is PC gone mad.

  • Snxx

    What Bozos.
    If they are going to be THAT sensitive, what about the very phrasing they themselves suggest: “Americans eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, do you have anything like that in your culture?”

    That suggests there is both an American culture, and that the Somalis cited can’t be Americans.

    Let the teacher talk about the P&B sandwich!

  • Chris D

    the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

    No mention of peanut butter being a race.

  • Curt Pangracs

    America USED to be a melting pot. It is now a buttload of individual pots, each owned and operated by every conceivable culture. By not requiring assimilation into America, we have merely succeeded in creating a country full of separatists. We are doomed.

  • rocco71

    Total moron. Period.

  • rocco71

    This person is an absolute idiot.

  • sadgurl55

    Too much time on their hands.

  • catwoman_rules

    Is the word hamburger or mac-n-cheese racist too? These nutjobs should focus on actually teaching our children. How much money was spent on this ridiculous sensitivity training?

  • maynardb50

    I see hispanics buying peanut butter in the grocery store. What are they putting it on? Tortillas?

    • tomroberts

      All praise Obama! There is no moral perfection, short of the Qur’an, that equals Obama!

  • I like peanut butter and jelly on a cracka!

  • RWFG

    This is mind-numbing liberal idiocy.

  • einstein

    More concrete examples of Malcolm Muggeridge’s observation that liberals have “educated themselves into imbecility”.

  • Engage Gray Matter

    This is EXACYTLY why I pulled my kids from public education and work my butt off to send them to a private school. Idiots pretending to be educators. And I still pay my property taxes and others so some darling somewhere can still attend public school on my dime.

    • Go2guy

      Thank God you do, the darling you’re supporting is an illegal alien…Uh, I mean, undocumented Democrat.

  • amunderground

    And to think we pay these people to be guardians of our children, god help this current generation and those to come. I also blame the parents of some of these kids for buying into all the these so called liberals ideas.

  • joe

    Can they please learn the difference between race and ethnicity? Sandwich eating is in your DNA LOL.

  • Deserttrek

    people need to laugh at these fools and treat them with the scorn and derision they deserve

  • Conflaburationated

    If you like your sandwich
    You can keep your sandwich

    • RWFG


  • tomroberts

    White pig said, “No!” White pigs not say, “No!”

  • Ron Jeremy’s stunt double

    in reality, the school official is being racist by suggesting that american kids eat pita and tortillas.
    borders. language. culture.
    that is what makes a country

    • Conflaburationated

      We need Torta Reform

    • handsmcml

      Too many on the Left think that the USA has no Borders, Language, or Culture. We should be like the abused child who can be anything to anybody, just like our President.

    • Phoenix07

      I KNEW that guy was Ron’s double!

  • Dimwitt

    I’ll keep eating PB&J in my white bedsheets.

  • oldhickory49

    Holy crap. The people running the schools are absolute morons. And they’re creating generations of moron kids… who grow up to vote for more liberal idiots.

  • TerryJT55

    These morons need to be be taken out of society. It simply boggles the mind how such lunacy can be allowed to infect our school systems unchecked. I am reaching the point of complete embarrassment at calling myself an American; no longer do I celebrate nor tell anyone of my military service as I am ashamed of my Country and feel no pride in stating that I served to protect such lunacy. I am ashamed of my fellow citizens and their complete and utter complacency and acquiescence.

  • Chris D

    the tags for this article: Tagged as: extreme, jelly, multiculturalism, peanut butter, portland, racist, sandwich

  • bobvedari

    Even Orwell could not have predicted this kind of evil mixed with such a high level of stupidity. As bad as DemocratCare is, it’s not as evil as political correctness. And both are monsters born from the buttocks of liberals.







  • localnet

    And they call this BS an education? Someone needs to take this halfwit out back to the shed and knock some sense into him… Then give him his walking papers.

  • clem

    Meanwhile, the ni66ers are playing the knockout game on whitey, attacking women and the elderly. How bout we start playing the lynching game.

  • Ich Bin

    My father is Asian, my mother is Mexican. I’m totally confused. What food should I eat.

    • Zanne C.

      Rice, my friend. I have a similar background and I think you’re safe with rice as far as PC foods go.

      • Go2guy

        White rice?

        • Zanne C.

          Yeah, plain, ordinary rice. No spices, no nothing. Better play it safe! Now, if we start including rice varieties into this whole “racist” food thing, we’re all screwed!

          • Go2guy

            Yes but, white rice is so…White!

      • Pickee

        Depends on if you’re talking about fried rice or not. Fried rice may offend Mexicans who are used to Mexican rice.

        • Zanne C.

          I couldn’t help but to laugh. There’s also “Spanish rice” which a lot of people think is the same thing as “Mexican rice” even though it’s actually Spanish in origin (and not as good in my opinion). I wonder how many of these PC-obsessive people would suggest providing Spanish rice for the Mexicans.

          To take it a step further, you have so many Asian cultures, I’m sure if we’re going down the PC-food road, having only one type of fried rice would “offend” a few dozen Asian groups and sub-groups. Crazy, I tell ya, crazy!

  • leftwingnuthunter

    This idiot doesn’t understand the difference between racism and local foods? Next calling it either “Pop” or “Soda” will make you a racist.

  • Pickee

    How is it more inconclusive when I never eat tortas or pitas? Oh that’s right. White people don’t count.

  • acidulous

    What does that mean for pizza????

  • scocope

    IF using a sandwich is racist because some group is excluded; how does using a pita, which also excludes groups (and not just the majority group),not racist?

    • handsmcml

      Because it is NOT “White American” food!

    • tomroberts

      ObamaSons KEEEL the racist!

  • A racist foodie.

    PB and J is not racist. Prime Rib on Foccocia with baby arugula drizzeled with truffel oil and artisian double cream gorganzola is racist. The teacher needs to get out more to understand what the racists are really eating.

  • tomroberts

    First there is the ethnic extermination of all whites from minority controlled cities. Then it is dictated what the few remaining, vile white pigs can say or eat.

  • MyMiseryMachine

    I only eat jelly sandwiches on white bread cause I don’t like Peanut Butter. What does that make me?

    • RalphToon

      Racist Homophobe.

      • MyMiseryMachine

        lol ok. Just needed to know where I was.

  • bluewater22000

    Because one culture does or experiences things differently does not make them racist. It makes them a different culture. These are our teachers? Who is teaching them? Who is propagating these falsehoods? Acceptance of other cultures in no way makes demeaning your own or discounting your own a politically correct answer. I eat PB & J. I even make my own. Guess what? I usually use…white bread! *gasp*

  • John Titor

    I’ll let you know when I care if I offend someone over a sandwich.

  • jklm

    Oh, Please….

  • johnnieD

    Why not just put peanut butter on a tortilla and shut up…!

  • wholigan

    Do they need to address why “mom” is forbidden from driving a car, or must be subservient to her husband, or must wear a hijab, or why some dads can have four wives and others can only have one?

  • tomroberts

    Actually, it is far more racist to eat a tortilla. Don’t these racist Mexicans understand that some white kids don’t eat tortillas???

  • Bruiser in Houston

    Liberals may want to join the REST OF AMERICA. We eat sandwiches. Tell your Somali and “Hispanic” students.

  • 12hellsRing

    If peanut butter & jelly sammys are racist….then fries and ketchup are staight up bigotry!

  • RalphToon

    Let them eat pita.

    • Chris D

      and let the teacher eat a rock

  • Mike Sheridan

    Give me a break. How do these people think up these things. People without athletes’ foot are racist. Why? Because their families have towel so they can properly dry themselves and the money for Tenactin.

    • Phoenix07

      only if the towel is the white, fuzzy kind

  • AZWarrior

    So now I suppose “white bread” on the label is a racist ‘dog whistle’? (Back to the Mother Ship. There is no intelligent life on this planet.)

  • Phoenix07

    The stupidity demonstrated by this principal is breath-taking. If minority/ foreign students are to be integrated into the culture in which they now live, the US one, then it stands to reason that they must become familiar with US cultural norms, including foods (even the venerable PB&J). If fact, many foreigners look forward to that aspect of visiting the US. That’s what many Americans look forward to when visiting foreign locations. This principal is an idiot and completely ill-suited to her role and unworthy of the degree that got her the position.

  • Big Rob

    Soon pork will be considered racist as well because Jews and Muslims don’t eat it.

    Also beef will be as well because Hindus don’t eat cows.

    I guess I’ll have the soylent green.

  • buildersent

    How about Jose & Musaf realize they are in america – receiving an education compliments of the taxpayers and in america we use bread and speak english.

    It’s time parents take the schools back from these libtards.

  • fedupdoc

    several years ago I had a large piece of medical equipment for sale. I was in PA. It was bought by a clinic in Mexico. Three men from Mexico came up with a truck to dismantle and move it. I offered them lunch and apologized for the absence of a mexican restaurant to provide them with food they might prefer. They laughed and thanked me saying only peasants and Americans eat the junk in those restaurants. They would prefer a good pizza or even meat and potatoes for lunch.
    Ms. Gutierrez has to become aware of the world as it really is, not as she thinks it should be. I am sick and tired of these know it all liberals. I used to be one and then I travelled around the world and saw how things really are.
    There is a local woman who is blond and blue eyed. She was born in the Republic of South Africa and proudly proclaims she is African-American. Isn’t she?
    Liberalism be damned.

    • Phoenix07

      I suspect that South African gal is quite pretty. Most of the South African gals that I met, black and white, were.

      Your comment about learning about attitudes by traveling the world is similar to what I experienced….foreigners don’t want their “local fare” when visiting the US….they want the US! Steak, burgers, Waffle House, sweet tea, shrimp-n-grits, etc. Moreover, they (generally) don’t want to be pandered to as foreigners that must be treated like zoo-animals forcibly taken from their “natural habitats” and now requiring some sort of cage set up to look like home. They want America….they want Hooters…..they want Disneyland…….night-clubs, bars, no cultural restrictions, gun shows, etc. The principal is an idiot.

  • Chris D

    in seattle having a brown bag is racist

  • thecleaner

    You have GOT to be shttin’ me.

  • rezedent

    I shudder to think of what to think Guiteirez would say about a ham and swiss cheese on pumpernickel (with mustard ) sandwich . Suspect he could easily parlay that into a lunch room riot !

    • RalphToon

      Now your talking about racial cleansing. How could you?

  • RalphToon

    Insane, isn’t it? The same mindset that gave us obamacare.

  • OrlandoRican

    What an idiot! A great example of what our liberal education institutions turn out. If you come to this country and you plan to stay here then you adapt to our culture. We don’t need to adapt to yours.

  • E. Newton

    Like the witch-hunts of the 18th century, this white privilege game is a sort of mass hysteria, a mental illness. Alternatively, it’s a very well run con game to benefit someone. Either way, I want to see it crushed and burned to the ground.

  • einstein

    Wait….PB&J is a metaphor for white liberals (bread) controlling latinos (brown peanut butter) and gays (purple jelly).

    Liberals should want to MANDATE PB&J!

  • McBane

    Going out to eat mexican or vietnamese might be racist. OMG!

    • handsmcml

      No, that is called Inclusive. Going to Subway is racist.

  • Paul Richard

    These statist interlopers need to be reprogrammed with the notion of LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL. Not just illegals, muslims and Sons of Obama.

  • tomroberts

    Obama gets very ANGRY when he sees white kids eating peanut butter and jelly. In his home country the children there are so poor that they sometimes have to eat leftover human!

  • Julie

    This person is racist and needs to be removed.

  • DownwardSpiral

    Much more important to spend time training staff about white-privilege sandwiches than teaching math or communication skills. …and this individual is paid $100K+ to be a hyper-culturally-sensitive-imbecile.

  • TioDon

    “Boys?? Boys?? Did she call me Boy??” I’ll show you racist with the ball of my black fist….

  • knotjammin2

    This is beyond sick. It is time to purge this country of the filth and demented liberals that have so screwed it up.

  • DocRambo

    If PB&J is racist, a ham sandwich must be Islamophobic and worthy of a death sentence. Is a banana sandwich racist? And chocolate milk? What about white milk?

  • xxx21

    I’m offended by people who don’t mind their own business

  • Commonsense58

    er…it’s still wheat…..these “officials” need to be removed from their positions in society

  • Leon McClure

    I don’t eat Grits so according to this I am a racist or is it that Grits are racist by existing?

  • Bruiser in Houston

    We’ve become Rome, circa 376AD.

  • Michael Hendrickson

    Peanut butter is brown, jelly comes in a variety of colors. When put on white bread it represents the integration of peoples.

  • ceecee

    If I want to eat peanut butter and jelly, what the heck is wrong with that? If you don’t like America because of what She eats then leave.

  • tomroberts

    Mexicans get VERY ANGRY when they see white kids eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It takes a certain amount of assaults, rapes and murders to complete the ethnic cleansing of the last few white kids. But they were provoked, no jury will convict!

  • konc1

    Why are so many liberals insane and how do these insane people end up running schools?

    • einstein

      Because they kill their own unborn children….they have to indoctrinate other people’s kids.

      • konc1

        Liberals are the only people who call slaughtering and butchering their unborn children a “choice” and then will go and stand in front of a prison burning candles, singing kumbya and screaming at the top of their lungs that putting a child serial killer to death is barbaric. Liberals are truely insane.

  • Vasco DeGama

    it’s all just part of the plan: create so much fear, guilt, confusion about everything and you render the sheeple powerless. Hope and Change indeed….

    • handsmcml

      Divide and Conquer!

    • tomroberts

      I HOPE the people I beg from still have CHANGE. That is the hope and change that was promised. Oh, Obama, you have led me to the promised land!

    • RufusFirefly

      You have that right. Remove the rabid racial crap from the Nazi platform of the 1930’s and you have the Democrat party of today.

  • David Hedricks

    I’m of Scottish heritage and there’s no mention of sensitivity to Scotch eggs or haggis. I’m offended.

  • PopTheLid

    We need to return to treating Liberal Kooks like the crazies they are when they come up with this crazy stuff and not stroke them. Our children’s future and the future of this country are at stake.

    We don’t want to be Somalia and have American culture forced away and replaced by Somalia’s. If it were so good, everyone would just adopt it and emigrate to Somalia.

  • jgalt123

    If the people of Portland won’t get rid of this clown they deserve what they get.

  • John C

    Fire that moron now, he is unfit to teach children.

  • Donder33

    I don’t give a damn what your culture eats in their home country. If a white bread PB&J is not inclusive of an immigrants food culture, too bad. They are not in their home country anymore, and they need to assimilate (in all things) or be pushed aside.

    The center point of US culture has always changed slightly as an immigrant group’s uniqueness melts in, but the majority culture has never actively worked to, and shouldn’t, move towards them.

    • enos33

      Tell the English that – they succumbed to immigrants – now the muslims are taking over.

      • Donder33

        They English have worked very hard to allow them not to change and not to assimilate; they have been encouraged by the government and public policy to rec-create their homelands and eschew Britishness.

        • enos33

          Riiiiggghhhttt! Tell it to the marines.

          I thought they (English) had only one homeland.



    If a Republican doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one.
    If a Democrat doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

    If a Republican is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat.
    If a Democrat is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

    If a Republican is down-and-out, he works hard to better his situation.
    If a Democrat is down-and-out he wonders who is going to take care of him.

    If a Republican doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels.
    If a Democrat doesn’t like a talk show host, they demand that those they don’t like be shut down.

    If a Republican is a non-believer, he doesn’t go to church.
    If a Democrat is a non-believer, they want any mention of God and religion silenced.

    If a Republican decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it.
    If a Democrat decides he needs health care, he demands that the rest of us pay for his.

    If a Republican reads this, he’ll forward it so his friends can have a good laugh.
    If a Democrat reads this, they will delete it because they’re “offended”.

  • njguy53

    Is this one of the stupidest…..? Who makes up this crap? These collectivists want to control you right down to your sandwich. Remember that.

    • einstein

      Bloomturd tried to take your large soda!

  • Tonka Thor

    GTFO! If a teacher were to use eggrolls as an example in a classroom setting, that would be far more offensive than PB&J.

  • Doug W

    Idiots like this need to be rooted out of the education system.

  • Jerry

    I’m white and love fried chicken and watermelon. Does that make me a racist ?

  • yomama

    It’s America. We eat sandwiches. Get over it.

  • RegularRon

    How’s the “Melting Pot” working out for ya ‘Merica?

  • TheLittleHorn

    Verenice Gutierrez eats sh*t burgers and so is a racist.

    Being white in itself makes you a racist.

    VIVA LaRaza is the battle cry of this racist pig.

  • Tonka Thor

    Send your kids to private schools. Don’t bother with public education. I can’t believe I pay for this crap.

    • Sum Ting Wong

      They’re just as bad there, especially at the college level.

  • D Earl Essig

    you could not make this kind of stuff up…… RETARDS

  • Ron Jeremy’s stunt double

    Can i eat fried chicken without being racist? BBQ? fried rice? refried beans? pizza?
    I think its time we dump these libtards into the sea.

  • sidweiss

    time to home school

  • tomroberts

    Peanut butter is brown and jelly can be the color of blood. When you eat peanut butter and jelly it is no different than a symbolic act of murder, to a horrified Mexican, it is like you are symbolically killing a Mexican!

  • RodT82721

    This is the result of diversity training instead of a good solid education to make a young head full of mush a productive member of society.
    This was from a Principle, the higher echelon of our unionized public education system.
    Is it any wonder we have gangs of uneducated goons roaming our cities, stealing and playing a game that attempts to knock some unsuspecting victim out, and maybe kill, with a single punch?

  • Bob Smith

    1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
    2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.
    Food is not racist. Food is food.
    What is the article trying to convey?
    The world is getting smaller. Think about what you may say to someone from another country.

  • Silentmajoritynomor

    Those that scream racism can bring their own food to school! Problem solved

  • tom


    They don’t like White people, therefore they want to hurt them.

  • smartenough2drive

    This is frigging ridiculous. How are these morons turning a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwhich in to something racist or a product of “white privilege”? If they truly want “students of color” to get ahead then teach them to study and work hard to learn. To me this implies “students of color” require special treatment or that they’re not intelligent enough to keep up. That’s racist.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    Earl of Sandwich is rolling over in his grave.

  • Jessie Contreras

    Don’t confuse the term “brown” with skin tone.
    It refers to the material found in a liberal’s skull.
    Brown skin is not dangerous, brown skull matter is.
    I love this country, let’s take it back from idiots like the one in this story.

  • Ron Jeremy’s stunt double

    If someone doesn’t want to eat Bratwurst – does that make them anti-german, or anti-gay?
    stupid liberals

  • Silentmajoritynomor

    This is why I don’t live in Portland. They are wacked!

  • enos33

    Apples are racist – All the pictures I’ve seen of Adam & Eve, show them as white.

  • Darkshaddo

    She didn’t say that mentioning peanut butter and jelly sandwiches was racist, she merely said that educators should ask Somali or Hispanic students if they eat similar things. Harden is a typical conservative idiot who jumps to the wrong conclusion.

  • Greg Bayes

    I live in a town that is 72% Spanish speaking…trust me they eat pbj

  • HKopp

    This is a joke, right?

  • kimbershot


  • Kenyanmessiah

    Welcome to the last days of the Roman Empire.

  • Ratt Stone

    These 3rd world kids came here to live the American Dream, part of that dream is eating PB sandwiches. Seems Guiterriez is the racist here.

  • dixie68

    What has happened in this country? If I had a child in that school I would be having meeting with teachers and administrators daily, until they understood the American way. God help us. It is time to wake up, people and quit letting communists tell us what is racist, or what we can eat, or what we can think.

  • Jaime espano

    Taco Bell, Taco Cabana, Panda Express, etc are all racist using this idiots rationale. They are exploiting the heritage and culture of immigrants and minorities.

  • kimbershot

    jesus h. christ! whatever happened to teaching the 3r’s. now it’s retarded, ridiculous and rancor

  • alanthegreat

    These people are serial maniacal lunatics. Where do these idiots come from? Who, that is productive has the time on their hands to come up with this bullsh!t? Charleton Heston……from the movie Planet of the Apes……”Its a madhouse, a madhouse”

  • Beth

    How can we send all these people back to their own countries? Immigration should be on a person by person test, and they must speak English and pass a test.

    I keep hearing about all these incredibly smart Mexicans who can help pay our Tax Debt Down.

    It’s time to send all these people back to their Countries. We need to take care of our own Citizens and 30 Million more welfare Mexicans will kill the economy.

  • MnVoiceofReason

    Oh yeah, change ‘bread’ to ‘pita’ – that’ll boost minority test scores. Why don’t these idiots commandeer a Death Star, point it at earth and just get it over with.

  • Tonka Thor

    Liberals promote racism through this kind of ideology. It’s sad that a lot of minorities buy into it.

  • Bob

    Look at her last name. Says it all. PC moron.

  • Charles Peligro

    Conservative and you really want to make a difference???

    Become a teacher! It’s not easy but you’re putting your money where your mouth is

    • Tonka Thor

      You probably would get fired on day 1

      • Charles Peligro

        3 years in the Bay Area and counting….in the lions den 🙂

        • Tonka Thor

          Wow, I gotta give you lots of prop!

    • RufusFirefly

      You are not allowed to teach out side of the approved curriculum. If you do you get fired. Better idea is get on the school board.

      • Charles Peligro

        Chem teacher…..chem is chem…how I treat kids makes all the difference

        • RufusFirefly

          Hummmm, Senior Peligo…..related to Carlos Danger?

          • Charles Peligro


    • Just Another Guy

      Been there ; done that. Moved on.

    • wabansia

      Several teachers I knew about 12 years ago got out of the teaching gig. They said they saw what was coming, and they were not going to deal with it. One in particular, an excellent math teacher, asked a 16-year-old white boy who kept sleeping through his class what he wanted to be when (and if) he graduated? Answer: I’m going on welfare, just like my dad. This happened in the mountains of NE Pa.

  • AZ_skier1

    The term “black holes” is now considered offensive and racist. It has been changed to Afircan American Holes…or A-HOLES 😉

    • Tonka Thor

      I don’t understand why Black Friday hasn’t been changed yet?

      • AZ_skier1

        Yeah…that’s obviously racist too.

  • remoke

    U can kiss my politicaly correct [email protected]@!

  • Sillysally

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t we in the country called USA? I do recall in the USA peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are eaten. If you were to go to Mexico to school, you would be served something different. Maybe we are in Mexico. This is confusing which country we are in.

  • ross97338


  • caligula

    this is what it’s come to, huh? jeebus fracking crist these liberals are fracking stoopid.

    after observing example after example of liberals being complete imbeciles on a staggering level, one must wonder who takes them seriously anymore? or even listens to them?

  • obladioblada

    That is so stupid and utterly inane that it defies

  • allegra

    Why not have the peanut butter, the jelly and the bread or taco shells on three separate
    plates..and eat it that way? That way nothing is touching.
    BTW how do people feel eating mole sauce?
    That has chocolate in it.

  • Richard Magnuson

    I don’t like burritos so if a person is eating one in my presence then he must be a racist.

  • Jerry Dean

    these people shouldn’t be allowed to teach a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – not too mention actual humans

  • Just Another Guy

    But what about “peanut butter and banana” sandwiches? How do they fit into this foolishness?

    • 88th infantry

      We are considered “rednecks”

  • Confucius

    It is not about “racism”.

    It is a control-tool dressed up in a combination of fear, conformism and feel-good-ism used to control what sheeple think do or say so that control-freaks in the media, education, government & Hollywood can
    get over on you!

    They pet the like minded conformists and sheeple who go along
    to get along to make them feel good. Basic brain-wash and mind control tactics employed by the government-media-Hollywood-complex.

    They seek to program you and *** your children *** through political correctness, a made-up book of rules that can change daily.

    Don’t want to be changed by the media and control-freaks?

    Challenge them! Take back the language!

    When they call you a “racist”, tell-em. I like to go fast!

    When they talk about “gay-rights” ask them what rights do “happy” and “carefree”
    people in the USA not have?

    Ask them to define how the word went from “happy” and “carefree” to
    fudge-packing individuals who demand rights above and beyond those of
    regular individuals.

    The time has come to destroy the control-freaks with extreme prejudice and more.

    Have a nice apoplectic moment…

  • elmopancakes

    Uh…I’m Hispanic. And I eat sandwiches.

  • Tarmangani Aaron

    I know a lot of liberal people who constantly walk around telling themselves how smart they are because they’re liberal, but yet they never understand how stupid things like saying sandwiches are racist sounds.

  • Justus Iselusive

    What a bunch of freaking BS! then Hispanics saying tortilla is racist to white people, if you use your analogy, you race baiter.

  • enfant2002

    This is the typical obama voter. First, they destroyed the blacks and dumbed them down, now they have dumbed down most of the women, and the sissy white guys with beards trying to get laid are idiots.

  • muawiyah

    Lady in our office was born and raised in El Salvador. She fed her grandson bean and rice sandwiches on thick slices of fresh white bread.

    I’ve seen that with my own eyes. Also, it’s not just tacos tacos tacos all the time ~ BREAD ~ is sold at the hispanic bakeries in my neighborhood.

  • John

    I guess having lived in the former Sandwich Islands ( Hawaii ) I could have been a racist; so glad they changed the name.

  • savannah1234567890

    Some cultures eat their own feces like Portlandia Tribuniers and Martian Bashirites.

    • Clete Torres

      But do they use sandwich bread?

  • bcmugger

    I am so sick of ppl using a stupid term like white priviledge, its justa way to make white ppl feel guilty about making a successful country.

    • Elka

      And is racist.

  • Manrice

    Maybe privileged white people should just commit suicide en masse. That would make Al Sharpton happy and fix everything. Of course, the country would function like Tanzania within a couple of months. I’m really tired of these race simpletons and their anger, resentment, bitterness, insecurities and jealousy. Maybe you should just say thanks to the people who invented the telephone, television, computers, cars, heart monitors and air conditioning. All members of the dominant white culture.

  • yikes

    They clearly earn their libtard badge with pride.

  • jb

    So is a taco and fried chicken

  • toledojim

    OMG, can you believe we’ve gotten to this point of stupidity. This is just ridiculous and actually pathetic. What we allowing to happen to our educational system borderd on criminal intent, I mean we’re allowing these left wingnuts to make our kids and grandkids into politcally correct robots who have no idea of what matters and doesn’t. This is just another example of an agenda gone wild and the out of touch reality that these people consider to be important.

  • Tater

    I’m offended by vegetables.

    • Fuzzy

      You can’t call them vegetables! They are democrats…

  • Tomas Cruz

    People who see racists everywhere and in everything are indeed themselves the real racists. They should be purged from academia and politics immediately!

  • Texas Marty

    Dear Lord, what has become of our once great nation? May Almighty God, who has blessed us with unimaginable graces be merciful now on the United States of America! How did we ever turn so far away from Him??

  • Guest

    So, I guess this means we collard greens and cornbread are on the official banned list.

    • Poor White Kid

      Would SOMEONE please tell me how food makes us racist. And you can’t call it sensitivity, it’s a one sided argument with white people not being allowed to respond. I’m pretty sure all modern cultures have bread in some form, so nobody has to feel left out. And, if I have to stop eating PB&J, I’m going to be very angry.

  • RufusFirefly

    Some years ago I was in the Navy talking with some black sailors about home cooking. I told them my favorites were “Turnip greens, ham hocks in pinto beans, corn bread,sweet potato pie, fried Okra” and a few other things. These fellows were surprised and said they thought only black folks ate such things. Food is more a product of economic standing and region you live in. If we had lived near the Texas, Mexico border I imagine Tex mex-cusine would have been on our table. Oh, and I love water melon!
    We were poor but we sure ate good. These ultra sensitive A-holes need to grow a brain before they attempt to teach our children.

  • Texas Marty

    Dear Lord, what has become of our once great nation? May Almighty God, who has blessed us with unimaginable graces be merciful now on the United States of America! How did we ever turn so far away from Him?

    • AffanGul

      The answer is that there is not just one Obama. There are Tens of Thousands of Obamas all infiltrated up into the higher education system where they are protected by obsolete and arcane rules of “tenure.” The stables need to be swept clean.

  • Perspective50

    Eating white bread speaks of white privilege? Who knew? Stay in school. Go on to college. Prepare yourself while you are young like Gutierrez and you too can afford white bread. Only poor people skip the 99 cent 20 slice loaf of white bread to eat the $2.99 two pack of store bought Pita or the $2.00 10 pack of Torta. Makes sense to me.

  • skoolsux

    Our school systems are done. For decades we’ve allowed the lowest achievers to become educators. They make up crap to give themselves a sense of importance and the inevitable result is an increasingly ignorant student body. My parents and grandparents grew up dirt-poor and they got an education. The problem isn’t money, the problem is that most immigrants hate white people so much they won’t follow our good example and instead choose to do the exact opposite. If little Tyrone and Pedro don’t want to study that’s their choice. Throwing away our country’s traditions to mollify an ignorant rabble of illegal aliens and savges is national suicide.

    • AffanGul


  • budzy1911

    Oh please bring on the collapse so we can rid the world of the folks that suffer from “liberal privilege”.

  • Jo Ann Ingle

    So, I guess this means no more collard greens and cornbread?

    • AffanGul

      No more Crackers with that Cheese. Oops, I think cheese is also racist because of the Government Welfare Cheese.

  • sebastianwoof

    And these are the jackasses

    who are allowed to teach our children?

  • Wiregrass Willie

    “change their teaching practices to boost minority students’ performance.”

    We’ve been boosting minorities since the 1960s. At the expense of the majority. And our culture has been going down hill ever since.

  • K.J. Pierson

    What about the somali and hispanic privaledge in this case then.

  • Matt McLaughlin

    i hear black bread is the most racist.

  • lava_roc

    This is the kind of idiots that are running our education now. The newly arrivals need to learn our customs. If you go to their countries, you will see them eating foods that we don’t eat. Does that make them racists? The racists is the people teaching this crap.

  • sebastianwoof

    These are the Jackasses
    who are allowed to teach our children.
    When will they start calling
    eggplant dishes Racist?

  • Anthony

    Stupid Wieners!

    * I apologize to the Austrian people for my racist comment.

  • jb

    Don’t even get me started on crackers .

  • Zanne C.

    The food most commonly made, regardless of where you are from, is based on what’s readily available and affordable, *not* what race you are. In North Korea, for example, the people don’t have access to beef very often. It’s not because of their cultural traditions so much as the combination of their poverty and government rules. In India, you have a massive difference of food types between the northern half and the southern half of the country. The same applies to China based on what food sources are available, and even Japan has its own *local* foods that vary tremendously from town to town. I’m pretty sure within our own country there are variances due to the same reasons so implying that “pb&j” is a “White American” thing could also be considered “racist” since in some places pb&b (banana) is more common, not to mention ham & cheese.

    It’s ridiculous to think that “Mexicans” living in the U.S. don’t ever eat sandwich bread, or that Asians might find pies “insensitive” to their culture or race.

  • Coyote

    Is this for real?

  • Ron

    The original article was published in 2012 by the Huffington Post. This is old news.


  • What the what?

    I once had an Affirmative Action person at work tell me I could not use the word “tweak” because it referred to the twisting of a women’s nipples and could call the item a “flip chart” because it was insulting to Filipinos. She said these should be called “chart pads”.

  • chisum

    And just think, this person still has a job.

  • RufusFirefly

    I’m so conflicted! Now every time I eat watermelon I feel like I should be apologizing or explaining my eating habits. I may need to go into YTguilt therapy.

    • AffanGul

      If you have fried chicken with that watermelon, turn yourself in to the Obama Racial Police for re-education immediately.

  • Leonardo Fuentes

    It is merely the consequence of a self serving society who cares not for God. Pharaoh would not let the people go even though he saw the destruction that God brought upon his people. Similarly these people cannot see the perversion of what they are doing. The Lord places wisdom in the heart of the little children to distinguish between idolatry (e.g. racism) and truth, and if they harken to His word, they shall be given power to reclaim the education system for God the Lord. We must pray that He raise up educators who will teach His ways. Yeshua Ha-Maschiach, Jesus the Messiah, the Christ – The Anointed One of God and His Anointing; He hears our prayers, forgets us not, and makes it so, for He loves us. Know that in the days of old those who knew God were His servants; today we who belong to Christ are called Children of God for His Holy Spirit is alive in us; how much greater is our light. Lord, I pray that you speak to your children and that they hear your voice and follow you. Behold His Salvation Comes and is here. Amen.

    • AffanGul

      Amen. The higher educational system has been taken over by the Hippie Alinskyite Left. They are atheists at best and devil-worshippers at worst. They are bent on destroying us. Obama is their spawn, the perfect Dope-Smoking, Marxist, Hippie, Bi-Racial Frankenstein.

  • James Fabins

    Is this broad actually from this planet? In Mexico they have a bread named Bimbo, a sandwiche bread just like anything here. Americans eat pitas and tortillas daily and don’t get all butt hurt over it. it is food just stuff in your face and enjoy it. Maybe the kid from Somalia she refered to would like one, I know Mexican kids that eat them daily too. What is this idiots point, or lack of point?

  • Phil D

    OK! Now, you can put LIPSTICK on a pig!
    It’s still a PIG!!

  • thyme

    we should then — by using this argument — also remove toilet paper from all public restrooms, because in some cultures they don’t use any.

  • MWhite

    Could someone please tell me why it seems that lib women are behind most, if not all, of these hopelessly moronic policies ?

    • 88th infantry

      Because they’re the ugly ones

      • shotz90s

        ROFL. Well said.

  • Harvey817

    I though I has heard everything! People that come up with such things as this should never be allowed close to school age people. How can these comments be made with a straight face? When there is not a reasonable excuse for something these POSs turn to the old standby, ” that’s racist”. For our country to continue to excel these idiots must be removed from educational facilities and governmental jobs and never let back inside. I do not care what people in other countries eat! We are in the USA and what we eat is not racist including watermelon! FOOD is FOOD!

    • shotz90s

      I’m starting to think we are no longer in the USA. It sure isn’t the same one I grew up in.

  • AffanGul

    All of this Pee Cee navel-gazing about “racism” teaches the most harmful possible lesson to our kids. It teaches that everything about “white” culture is evil and racist, and that everything “white” has to be erased or amended or dumbed down in order to accommodate “other” cultures, who apparently have absolutely ZERO responsibility to acclimate themselves to the American culture which they have CHOSEN.

    It leads to all kinds of idiotic moral-relativism and an attitude of cultural suicide in white kids. It teaches that giving up and rolling over to whatever cultural BS others want to impose is MANDATORY for white kids, but not for anyone else. All of this is going to explode in their faces, and very soon.

  • mongozoso

    Man, they just inject race into EVERYTHING, it is so disgusting. Truly, it is.

  • caligula

    this guy may be on to something. i’ve always been wary of those shifty PB&J’s. they’ve definitely always looked racist to me. but why stop there? they’re also rapists and murderers too, right?

  • Conservative Voice

    Political Correctness RUN AMUK….

    This over reaction to ANYTHING that MIGHT be considered offensive is ridiculous… WHAT is offensive about referring to a SANDWICH? This IS America last time I checked, and we DO eat sandwiches in America!! Don’t we?

    • shotz90s

      Only if you’re racist apparently do you eat a sandwich

  • Slappyhappy

    What nonsense, why not have taco day, asian. Don’t anybody tell me Democrat liberalism is not a progressive mental disorder. The person who thinks peanut and butter and bread is racist should be fired for being a danger to the kids.

  • BluMeany

    Take it up with the Earl of Sandwich.

  • Brad

    Our focus school and our Superintendent’s mandate that we improve education for students of color, particularly Black and Brown boys.
    So it’s not OK to eat racist PB&J, but it’s OK to exclude black and brown girls?

  • Chrislongski

    Precisely why the majority of public schools are almost or complete failures. It’s those white people who are responsible for minorities not learning well.

    Also, why am I not surprised the principal is a minority? This is the sort of wacko drumbeat you see CONSTANTLY from Liberals which, I may tell you, frightens the hell out of many of us.

  • Kaye Harris

    Is there a contest between the liberal NE and the liberal NW for the biggest Libtard’s ? Please get over yourselves , and flush common core .

  • shotz90s

    Would it be ok if you used rye bread (dk brown) and a slice of white bread? Then in between you could put peanut butter and a banana. That way it could represent whites, blacks and latinos. Sort of a UN sandwich.

    • RufusFirefly

      You are to be applauded for your sensible idea.

      • shotz90s

        Maybe I should be a professor or UN delegate. I could save the world one sandwich at a time.

        • RufusFirefly

          I’m going to personally send a letter to Obama to nominate you for the Presidential Medal of Freedom. You sir are brilliant in your thinking!

          • shotz90s

            LOL. Then I could make my voice heard through sandwich. Thank you sir!

          • RufusFirefly

            May I suggest you add a little rice or kimchee to make the sandwich more “inclusive”.

          • shotz90s

            Well they do make rice bread, good point. Also, Kimchee is rather tasty. You are to be my first in command Rufus. I need good people like you on my team.

          • RufusFirefly

            Today a sandwich, tomorrow the world!

        • Mark S. Hinds

          Well said.

  • predator24

    I hope the families of these “educators” suffer more than most under Obamacare.
    That will be my revenge.

  • Phil Ridge

    These foolish liberals have no depth of intellectual thought. Culturally different doesn’t equate to racial privilege…. only in their minds is it not okay for people to be different from each other. I can’t stand victim mentality. If you go through life feeling like a victim, then you are guaranteed to always be one. You’ve already admitted defeat, and you’re teaching your kids to be mentally defeated.

  • doug1961

    Verenice Gutierrez=a very stupid person unfit to be in a position to influence children.

  • DontTreadOnMe

    Next you will not be able to say Tacos or Burritos you might be a Racist. I’m very sick of this race bait, if the communist continue their stupidity to get Americans infighting while they destroy our country they Will see 1776 commence again! Move to North Korea you globalist demons! White, red, brown, yellow people need to reach out to one another and stop this nonsense. We are not racist using a brown bag for lunch or wanting to have a BBQ (cookout)! Turn off the TV and get informed!!

  • M. R Kruger

    What a complete and total Fracking Goldarn STUPID principal. Pis*s on the principal, PB&J is what people can afford right now and he is worried about pis*sing off some Somali. Fu*ck Me,

    GO BACK to AFRICA where you dont even GET PB&J…Especially in Somalia.

    How do you want your AK-47, over easy or sunny side up !

  • scarlet pimpernel

    Liberalism is a mental illness.
    If it isn’t, then this is just mass stupidity.
    Maybe it would help if they took up bird watching; fresh air, away from computers, learning new things, and making new friends.
    This is better then destroying society.

  • littlewing

    a peanut butter and jelly sandwich may be racist but it appears stupidity has become universal.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Obama’s trillion-dollar fraudulus package might’ve actually had some benefit if it’d been used to build psychiatric wards for these people.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    Verenice, Verenice, Verenice, you magnificently ignorant slut. Please take a seat and quietly ponder the meaningless of your pathetic little life.

  • Bob White

    What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?”
    Gutierrez asked. “Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut
    butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you.
    Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”

    That statement implies, but does not say, that they are in an AMERICAN school. That being the case, pita or torta is irrelevant. If they are in our school, on our dime, inside our border, then LEARN OUR WAYS ! The problem with these frito banditos is not their desire to be here, it is their refusal to ASSIMILATE, like every other culture until them did. I am so sick of this I could puke, when will we regain our sanity ?!

  • llewellynh

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Our “privileged” upbringing gave us – black, white and American Indian – one of the cheapest of all US school lunches back in the days when our mother’s packed them up for us. One reason they made them was that kids liked them but by using peanut butter it eliminated the spoilage problem that came with mayo – that other spin off of privilege.

    One of the better things about the US is that with so many foreigners hitting our shores we have had the opportunity to try cuisines from all over the world but it never was and still isn’t a political issue.

    What bothers me is that taxpayer’s money is being wasted on something this dumb. There is no reason to do away with what Americans eat or use as reference points and if anything it helps new arrivals learn about American culture. I was one of those kids and just can’t stop laughing at the whole notion of now being looked at as politically incorrect for serving turkey at Christmas or ham at Easter. And as to the pita bread that I have learned to love, it’s expensive and yet it’s found everywhere today and I don’t remember ever thinking I was making a political statement by buying what is a great product.

    This principal is so off the reservation I can’t tell you. Part of the immigrant experience is learning about new things and to say that the most inexpensive of sandwiches is offensive to newcomers shows that he isn’t addressing the few real issues that crop up. And boy is he wasting money and time where teachers could be learning how to improve their teachings skills about subjects that matter.

  • Anthony Cialfi

    What’s it going to take before we stop this foolishness and tell people to F–K-ing assimilate……! Perhaps those Somali or Hispanic students need a little sensitivity training themselves; they’re ‘here!’ Learn the customs and traditions and eat the damn PB&J!

    • shotz90s

      I don’t get how you can come to this country from a craphole that offers nothing INCLUDING FOOD and then complain about the fking FOOD! Time to ship them all back.

  • A. Adams


  • fred17

    How could anyone with so little sense become school principal? Oh wait, it’s the left wing public school system>



  • middlechamber

    DON’T LIKE IT DON’T EAT IT. Why should we as tax payers IMPORT 3rd world food stuffs. If they want it so bad let them get it themselves OR LET THEM STAY IN THE COUNTRY THEY LIVE IN WHERE IT IS TOTALLY AVAILABLE TO THEM AND AT A LOW COST. NO ONE EVER SAID YOU HAD TO COME HERE… If you were to go to Asia and demand they feed me hotdogs & beans they’d throw you out on your butt.

  • Joe Kleinkamp

    Some people, a LOT of people, need to be told to just sit the hell down and shut the fuck up. Today’s racist behind every tree mentality is like the McCarthyism of the fifties.

  • fastandfirm

    The Somalis & Hispanics can stay in their own country.
    I/We have to change who we are not to offend a foreigner.
    Get lost Gutierrez you piece of dog dung.

  • Bob White

    Black beans have much more rhythm that white beans. No offense to butter or green beans intended.

  • Vinny777

    Okay, that’s it, the world is going nuts !!!!!!!!!!!
    and Obama is a sociopathic lying fraud traitor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • addin2cents

    The de-Americanization of America. Stripping away anything considered American one thing at a time. America will have no culture and everyone should robotically learn and do what everyone else does. Sheeple?

  • Michael Tims

    These people are a self-parody. SNL couldn’t come up with anything so risible.

  • Noreaster20

    Eating bread is now racist!!?? I guess it’s ok if you only eat pumpernickel??!!

  • cliffc276

    I think conservatives need to make taking over school and local boards an even higher priority then the federal government. This craziness has to stop.

  • TheProudDuck

    “White privilege” consists of nothing more or less than the advantage of not having to pigeonhole yourself into an identity defined by others.

  • vern

    “White privilege” is a synonym for civilization. And civilization is what they hate the most.

  • DorothyPalmer

    Teacher needs a knockout beating.

  • Mi Too

    America is the only nation on this earth that doesn’t encourage immigrants to assimilate into an established society…………..

    • Donder33

      We used to in official ways, but those policies are long gone in the name of diversity. The only force acting on immigrants to assimilate is social, but that is also labeled as racism and discrimination.

  • MarySue5813

    And the Greedy Evil DemonCrap Socialist Traitor Pigs keep saying they are smarter than Republicans. That’s a laugh.

  • Texmom

    This just illustrates the failures of our immigration policy. Instead of integrating into American culture, we have become a country of many smaller countries.

  • vhall

    This is so stupid. In Mexico, Bimbo brand white bread is advertised all over the place. In TJ you can’t help but being run down by the Bimbo trucks. I thought the Mexican company even purchased Wonder bread, but I could be wrong.

    Speaking of Bimbos, maybe Principle Gutierrez doesn’t like the name Bimbo? I wonder why?

  • Bob White

    What about white icing on chocolate cake ?

  • John Gerhard

    Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

  • Pynckone

    Peanut butter and jelly on pumpernickel is NOT racist!

  • dragonhank

    When I spread my peanut butter on my bread, I make sure that I use the DARK grape jelly. And then I completely overwhelm the peanut butter with a massive amount of the dark jelly. This way I balance the white with the dark and don’t have to be worried to be called a RACIST…! Oh wait yeah I toast the white bread too…

  • Jim

    I’d like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, while I laugh at a Somalian. Is that the wrong thing to say?

  • ladychurchillusa

    Are there really people this stupid out there? I am beyond speechless. This woman should be restrained and put in a very small padded cell so she can’t hurt herself or others.

  • James1754

    This is carrying liberal stupity to new unexplored heights. What will these suffering liberals(liberal guilt at being white) find to be racist next?

  • Richard

    We’ve always been a diverse nation, but at one time people were encouraged to assimilate. It’s the difference between a melting pot and a “multicultural” nation. This notion that every culture is deserving of special consideration is undermining the strength of unity. Instead of putting every culture on a pedestal, we should be about celebrating the one heritage that makes us all the same. We’re all Americans. People calling a PB&J racist need to be marginalized and laughed at. If for no other reason than it dilutes the meaning of the word racist. People don’t even know what the hell they’re ranting and raving about anymore, because they spend too much time coddling other people’s egos.

  • NickandLynds

    Now I know why the Somalis who rented my house were too stupid to screw in a light bulb: they were taught using examples with peanut butter sandwiches, rather than pita bread. That explains it.

  • annette

    You got to be kidding!

  • leebert

    This statement by the K-8 Principal is out of line. Is this where the “political correctness” culture is leading us. These leftists lack all sorts of common sense.

  • AnnJo

    So you tell “Somali and Hispanic” children that “Americans eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; do you have something like that?” Which tells those “Somali and Hispanic” children who may have been born in this country or at least are living here with parents who hope to become citizens someday – what? That they are NOT Americans? That they can never even dream of becoming Americans? That they can’t eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Or that their teachers are idiots? I hope the last is the only one those poor children hear. It’s the only one that’s true.

  • Glen

    Problem is we have idiots like this teaching/indoctrinating our children all over the country in the public educational system

  • Pod

    Our totalitarian-socialist dictator Hussein Soetero grew up in Indonesia eating nasi-goreng, gado-gado, sate and soto. No sandwiches allowed at the dictatorial palace formerly known as the White House.

  • Daniel Petry

    OMG!! Can we just start to terminate these creatures.

  • 7loubro_4

    The clowns are in charge of the circus.

    • Headed4TheHills

      I find that characterization of clowns offensive.
      These are not clowns, they are mentally disturbed individuals (is not Liberalism a mental disease) and they are winnning control of the psychiatric ward.

      • 7loubro_4

        My bad. Will apologize to the next clown I see. Dems can fend for themselves.

  • Rick Schubert


  • krell51

    This “offical” shouldn’t be allowed around childern. The over use of the word raciest showes a complete lack of understanding of the meaning of the word. Are we to stop eating bread because someone somewhere doesn’t eat it, and what foods will those people stop eating be cause we don’t have it?

  • Jubal Harshaw

    Verenice Gutierrez, your school is over budget and the students are not performing to standards. So you blather about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Perhaps you should be removed.

  • Lord_Mithras

    Meanwhile, the animals are attacking our elderly, while the good citizens in this country do absolutely nothing.

  • Okie Driller

    I pitty those taxpayers funding this idiot and mostly pity the kids that have to listen to his communist rants. Time to purge the marxists.

  • Chunt

    Not Racist!!!

  • Brent Richardson

    One of the best sandwiches to have is a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich.

    But for retirement I am going to cross the border vacation for 6 months get a tan and come back across as a mute illegal and retire very comfortable with free housing,food,medical care.

  • Magnifico

    This is just another reminder of the fact that the lowest SAT-scoring students earn degrees in education.

  • This is why American schools are below many other nation’s school, especially in basic reading, math & science. If they want to learn what real racism and racists are, then they need to watch a racist Rev. Wright tape, and pay close attention to the racist reactions of his audiences…pure racism!

    • another_engineer

      we are below other countries because of the stupid socialistic belief in “diversity”. None of the countries that kick our butts are worried about flooding their country with mud hutters and dope dealers.

  • 88th infantry

    I’m going in the kitchen now and make me a peanut butter and banana sandwich on sliced white bread. Then I’m going to take a nap, (since I don’t have to work cause my baby momma gets EBT,WIC, and SSI). We get free legal advice, free Oblowme phones, and The Messiah is going to give me free Oblowmecare. Have a nice 8 or10 hours at work. Oops, got to run, Oprah’s on the tele.

  • Mark S. Hinds

    Liberals are insane. Vote them all out!

  • stonehillady

    White Bread ? Another White Liberal selling “White Guilt” as the cause of the world’s racism ? This has become a “Religion” to intimidate and ultimately destroy the white European/American Race. I don’t see them doing this in the exclusive Asian Countries now do you or in China, not to many Hispanics or Blacks are flocking there ?
    White Godless Liberals are doing this so a small percentage of “their kind” can become the God’s of all the darker-skinned people and NONE of the White Race is here any more….they want & are re-writing History as the destruction of north & south America & Africa is from racist White Europeans & Americans.
    Nevermind, that all what has developed in the world is from the white race from the printing press to the internet and all advancement in between.

  • harleyxx

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

    Political correctness is ruining our country.

  • conserve1

    Maybe they should go the store and buy some bread. All groceries in america have it on the shelves.

    • lori58

      and they can buy it with food stamps too!!!!!!!!!

  • Willy

    Well, reading this article made me hongry! I’m gonna get me some Wonder Bread and fix me a PB&J Sammich. Ain’t never ate a pita or a torta. Don’t plan on it either. My white privileged a$$….

  • lori58

    What about the black students………peanut butter was invented by a black man…………and they should learn about that druing black history month………or is that too racist

  • Stuff like this makes it very hard to be even a centrist democrat.
    The pendulum will swing.

  • Jeff Myob

    A black kid asks his mother, “What’s a

    “Well, son, that’s when white folks work every
    day so we can gets all our benefits,

    you knows like free cell phones for each family
    member, rent subsidy, food stamps,

    WIC, free healthcare, utility subsidy, & the
    list goes on & on, you knows”.

    “But mama, don’t the white people get mad about

    “Sure they do, that’s called racism!”

  • Sorceress

    I don’t know what Leftist Looneyland these people live in, but this really takes the prize for most absurd claim in the divide and conquer fight against reality. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are relatively inexpensive and easy to put into a lunch box. Add a bottle of juice or milk and some veggie sticks and you have a healthy lunch. Put in a cookie and you are gold. Any human child would have his or her hunger satisfied for the rest of the day. Nothing racist about it. The entire concept of needing special sensitivities for minorities (whites are rapidly becoming that) and special training for “certain” students makes a complete mockery of the educational system. Teach them to read, teach them mathematics, history, literature, geography. teach them to think analytically so they can understand what they read and study. Stop playing head games with them and stop all this idiotic nonsense about certain foods being racist. Stop telling moms that home made lunches are not acceptable. Have you eaten the garbage that they serve in public schools?? Lunch from home is a touchstone with the home and Mom or Dad.

    PS There is no such thing as “White Privilege”.

  • another_engineer

    So why doesn’t the teacher cater to the turd world kiddies and make everyone eat goat intestine — just to be culturally sensitive.

  • bikeromany

    Here’s an idea – try teaching the kids to do math, and to read and write. Or is that racist because some cultures might be illiterate, or not use Arabic numbers? Is Calculus a sign of white privilege? Is Algebra okay because the Greeks passed it on to the Arabs?
    It was bad enough when educators decided to overtax the school system by adding cultural references that have no bearing on the culture in which American children live, but now anything we do is “racist” if it’s not being done by every culture, everywhere. The peanut butter sandwich racist? Does this overeducated, academically privileged principal know that while peanuts have been crushed into a paste for a couple of millennium by South American Indians, modern peanut butter is usually credited to a black man, George Washington Carver, who developed it as a market for the peanut crops of poor Southern farmers who had depleted their soil with cotton crops.
    What’s the graduation rate in your school district? I’d worry more about that than whether or not a sandwich is politically correct.

  • MekongDelta69

    I went into a cryogenic chamber in 1956 and was just thawed out. Could someone tell me what planet I’m on?

    Better yet – don’t. Wake me up again when this country gets back to normal.

    Thanks for your help – it’s much appreciated…

    • EllieEnlightened


  • David Wilkinson

    You just can’t make make this kind of stuff up! It’s hard to believe people actually think like this, and retain employment in the capacity to push this insane agenda. I guess Liberals just can’t be blamed. “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” –
    Heinleins’ Razor

  • Robert Muir

    Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder–How true!

  • scm111

    Sooooo why can’t the poor little off color minds of mush “EXPERIENCE” the greatness of a PBJ instead of us bending over for them? After all, THEY’RE IN THE USA NOT THEIR 3RD WORLD COUNTRY.

  • harleyxx

    I am an Eskimo and I am offended because they don’t provide seal meat for lunch.

  • ted wagner

    I had the check the www address because I could have sworn I was on The Onion.

  • Buttercup

    Okay, this is OUR country. We eat PB & J. If they don’t like it, they should GO HOME. I despise profanity in comments, but this warrants one big F*** YOU.

    Government schools are nothing but indoctrination camps. KILL THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS.

  • 26triode

    The absurdity of this is beyond belief. I don’t understand where teaching or encouraging people to hate is any way related to education. Most kids, regardless of race, would probably not care what what their piers are eating. When I see someone eating kimmchee or a balute I don’t see racism. I see someone eating what they like. Why do you leftys insist on spreading discord, pointing out differences, focusing on skin color and tearing society apart?

  • Grimwinder

    Perhaps we should all just eat Soylent Green……

  • old409

    This isn’t funny. These liberals and their whacky ideas and teachings are out of control. The time is coming when we will be faced with the choice of doing away with these whacos or have them destroy us.

  • EllieEnlightened

    Seriously? I ate PB&J sandwiches everyday from K – 12. I still do. I am a racist and didn’t know it.

  • puhiawa

    I am very familiar with the excellent Mexican sandwiches this Hispanic never heard of, but just for the heck of it I google imaged Somali Sandwiches. They look very good. Very good indeed. Way better than P&J. I suggest this woman stop making up white quilt power levers and retire from teaching. She is dangerous.

  • CmonMann

    MSNBC must have celebrated this

  • SR Ruger

    I’m offended too. Offended by this insanity! Our kids are falling farther and farther behind in academics and our teachers focus on this bull S%$T?

  • NewHampshire

    When I came to this country, I planned to fit in by embracing AMERICAN CULTURE and that includes knowing what peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are even if I don’t often eat them. To hell with these idiots! Let them assimilate as we did. This multiculturalism is out of control.

  • lockwoodjj

    Your tax dollars at work

  • Privacy Violation

    Remember, people. These are the ditzy dingbats with goofy priorities and suspect judgment who’ve been entrusted not only to inculcate your kids with their wacked-out values and impart to them whatever embarrassing dearth of knowledge they can muster with their severely limited intellectual capabilities, but to protect your vulnerable children’s safety & welfare for 8 hours everyday, 5 days a week. Yikes!

  • jsteele98

    Jackasses, plain simple Liberal Jackasses — but that’s redundant.

    Nowhere in the Constitution of the United States (and I’m willing to bet Oregon) is there a guarantee of a Right to Not Be Offended.


  • SilverBullet77

    In the book The Godfather a mafia member comments that a war is needed to “clean out the bad blood”.

    Good wisdom from Mario Puzzo.

  • Mike_E_V

    This is a parody…right?? If not, how as a society can we allow Somali or Hispanic people to own sandwich shops? They would hate going to work every day. Collectively we dropped the meatball on this one! And I though it was bad here in California where the PBJ is not racist unless you use only white bread.

  • Richard

    People have it too easy nowadays that the worst thing that can happen in a day is having your feelings hurt. Heaven forbid any actual hardship strikes America. All this stupid crap will be forgotten in a millisecond when the power goes out. You get a real glimpse of what it means to have to deal with problems when a natural disaster strikes. Imagine that on a national level, and all this ridiculous crap gets put in perspective.

  • You Didit

    Don’t give a Crap about Political correctness It is Anti 1st Amendment


    Its even more racist to bring your sandwich to school in a non recycled paper bag, or worse eat it under incandescent lights.
    Next they will tell us its racist to know how to read, LOL.

    • p3orion

      But a recycled paper bag would be brown, and we all know the dark racial history of brown paper bags…

  • SillyPortland

    Its Portland, what did you expect. The dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland….

  • autigers2010champs

    Good God almighty this country is doomed racist bread

  • detcord

    Nothing proclaims the belief that one race is superior to another like a PB&J.

  • Kevin

    Typical liberal over-correctness to make people think they are the saviors of the true american values.

  • citizenpc

    Idiots like this administrator is why I pay for my kids to attend private school.

    • Strider73

      They are infiltrating the private schools as well. Homeschooling is the only viable alternative.

  • John

    These liberals are utterly insane. They are seriously unhinged. Its time to tell them all to piss off. Seriously, a PB&J racist? Liberalism is totally a mental disorder…

  • Tipowens

    I thought peanut butter was invented by a black man!?!? It’s racist to say that it’s racist. And it’s racist to say that it’s racist to say that it’s racist. Maybe we should be more like those African countries that don’t have food…that will be the least racist thing we could do…I’m sure of it.

  • civilwarsoon

    It”s simply amazing that hick illiterates in charge of leftist indoctrination camps are not aware that the term “racist” is an empty, meaningless pejorative…

  • pondboy

    Yum to Brown Sugar !

  • John

    Hispanics???? So he just lumped all Hispanics together, because I live in NYC and I don’t know a single Puerto Rican or Dominican who doesn’t eat sandwiches.

  • rbblum

    Proclaiming that Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are ‘racist’ may actually be a call for ‘help’ . . . in need of being ‘institutionalized’. . . which would more than likely be readily available under ObamaCare.

  • Rodney

    This is fricken stupid…. Are we actually wasting our money on guys like this one – fine to educate teachers about differences in cultures but this is the united states – if they want to learn to teach about other cultures go there and teach….

  • autigers2010champs

    Don’t let George Washington Carver know about this

  • p_radicator

    Fluffernutters are offensive to gays.

    or.. at least it seems like they should be.

  • Mi Too

    This is an out of touch liberal that cannot fathom why anyone would eat PBJ and not carrot sticks and pear slices…………..

  • jono

    I am offended by Obama, but only his white half.

  • R John Pole

    Uh, I (and obviously the educational pinheads in Portland as well) was not aware that for decades black kids in America did not eat peanut butter sandwiches. What is this “white privilege” nonsense? It is a scam used to promote the “wealth distribution” narrative of the Left.

  • d_bully

    you came to this country assimilate you imbeciles, your country is garbage that is why you are here. Studpid as$ kissing democraps.

  • Noralynn

    The term “white privilege” is from Derrick Bell’s (BHO Harvard teacher) “Critical Race Theory”. It is racism against white people and anything associated with white people, such as the US Constitution, American history and now an American favorite “PBnJ”. This racism is is found in Black Liberation Theory (BHO’s Rev. Wright’s church) and taught by Louis Farrakhan. As the article states, BHO’s Common Core teaches racism against white people and the history of white people in the world (whites are always the bad guys). Our teachers are taught this, teach this to our children. Critical Race Theory is what Eric Holder uses to enforce the law against everyone but black people as retribution for our white history crimes. Recall the dropping of charges against the Black Panthers in the voter intimidation case? Recall the insertion of Holder in the Zimmerman (white Hispanic – who had a black grandmother) case? This needs to be called out for the racial hate speech it is. CRT must be removed from Common Core. If we want to be a post-racial society then everyone must stand against racism toward everyone. If you believe in multiculturalism, you must also respect American and “white” culture or you are just another racist.

  • snowind85

    Everyday…I can not take this stupidity any longer! What is wrong with these people! GOD…PLEASE HELP ME…PLEASE!

    • autigers2010champs

      There is no help this country is being run by freaks

  • p3orion

    Sometimes the most mature, appropriate, and reasonable response to a liberal pinhead is just to say “you’re a fuucking idiot.”

  • JackP32

    Thanks for the info Gutierrez. All of us now feel quite enlightened after reading your expose’. Time for me to sign off and fix me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but I do want you to know that you left me with a lasting impression. You are stupid and should not be in charge of educating anyone’s children.

  • stairman

    so if we need to be sensitive to people of color…blacks in particular can we require the nba and nfl to have blacks numbers be more representative of their numbers in society…cause ya know a lot of them are multi millionaires and us slow weak white people need to get in on the black privilege

  • Bethany Adamson

    I am so sick of hearing about “white privilege.” It was drilled into our heads in college. Believe me, there is NO such thing as white privilege. I was raised extremely poor. My grandparents had an outhouse. Another set of grandparents of mine had concrete floors – and that was a huge step up from their dirt floor. Some people in my community did not have refrigerators. They dug holes in the ground to store their perishables. And,let me tell you, we are white and American.

  • Skippy Mcbuggerballs

    Their whole agenda is anti-White.

  • mewp12

    A torta would also be racist, as would egg rolls, sausa, sour grass, I could go on. Does this mean that if an Hispanic ( which is a really broad term) eats a pb and j sandwich is also a racists>?

  • Jow Schlabotnik

    Can I demand a PB&J if I visit Ethiopia?

  • mackinac3

    Unfrigging believable!!! Now inanimate examples are now racist? Cut the crap. Should these individuals be in this country learning from educators of this nation then you need to be accustomed to ITS food not me have to teach in your countries food. You came here. Learn about this country. Don’t expect to me to bend over backwards for you. Shame on this school district calling it racism. Obviously they don’t understand the definition of racism or what it means to stand up for what makes common sense.

  • Richard

    United we stand, divided we fall. There are people with a vested interest in dividing and conquering America. Connect the dots.

  • Max

    The Balkanization of America continues under the guise of tolerance, maybe if you are offended by people eating sandwiches you should move someplace where it’s not common.

    Of course these kids I imagine could care less, it’s the teachers and the principles that are offended by their own country.

    Leftist and their never ending quests to waste time and tax payer money on completely senseless programs that demoralize, divide, and confuse.

  • autigers2010champs

    Damn Taco Bell

  • Rick Saphire

    I’m offended that my rabbi’s family coat of arms is a picture of Porky Pig wearing a
    Yarmulke while eating Chinese food in a black neighborhood on Christmas day.

  • Marcus Antonius

    The woman needs to be flogged for being a reverse Racist. A real leftist PIG !

  • Brad

    This is a prodigious waste of breath.

  • tbill

    In America, we eat sanwiches. If that offens you, go somewhere else.

  • autigers2010champs

    Why does it have to be white bread? HA HA guess next we can’t say it is dark outside at night.

  • Mark Forrer

    when will the lunacy stop?????

  • Fripperton

    Any idiots who have kids in this schoold district who do nothing about this are just as much to blame. How can you let this happen to your kids and your community? I would make sure this clown is fired because it is indeed racist to say there is “white privelage”. I had no such privelage. I am not crying about it. You people better stop this from happening or you will be enslaved (oops…is this a racist term?).

    • canineok

      clown? no @ss-clown…..

  • canineok

    Obviously, Verenice Gutierrez does not like PBJ. What does she suggest for school lunch, arroz con polla?
    Perhaps she should be mindful that torta and pita are not gluten free, More over,she should also be aware that the plants scream out for justice when the are harvested for food.
    On and on….PC is BS.
    Please this the the United States……Verenice really makes education schools and their degrees look like pits of ignorance.

  • Hamiltank

    Nothing like getting your Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich stolen when a libtard comes up from behind for knockout

  • autigers2010champs

    Time to ban crayons all those racist colors in there

  • dalt

    This is the United States of America we have the freedom to choose. Gutierrez needs to become an American and practice that ideal instead encouraging racial divide. Message to Gutierrez stop being a Mexican trying to socially engineer an infringe on the rights of white children. Instead teach all children to become Americans and to enjoy the diversity of cultures and embrace the Freedom that allows them to do so.

  • autigers2010champs

    Welcome to Subway yes can I have some of that non black bread? You mean white? My God man are you racist?

  • fighinbug

    They came here to be part of our culture… not to come here to have us be part of thiers… it’s still a PB&J

  • Captain America

    A good example of the teachers union being Obamabots.

  • Jason Nort

    God help this country…….but I think it’s too late

  • NaMoNai

    It’s the same garbage every time. Everybody is OK except us.

    They’re idiots. And nasty, toxic ones at that.

  • Sterling_Words

    Typical, start an argument over somthing that doesn’t matter. While the sane people argue with this fool about “sandwiches” she diverts attention away from the sub-standard job schools are doing to educate our kids. Why don’t the foreginers, who wish to call America home, need to worry about being sensitive to OUR traditions and customs? We welcome them here then we are told we have to watch what we say and what we eat? Get over it! You’re in a America for a reason, try a PB&J, you might like it!

  • idiots whoever came up with this crap! need their fkn heads examined

  • Charles Peligro

    million man-child march on Subway coming soon!

  • Codetrader


  • wwstewart

    Priceless. I like how the person complaining about the PB&J totally stereotyped other races. Because maybe Juan doesn’t like PB&J…maybe Juan eats tacos…


    I’ve just realized that I can’t facepalm hard enough…

  • RW

    If you gave a libtard a prefrontal lobotomy, there’d be no change in it’s “intelligence.”

  • Richard

    Language is a powerful tool. Don’t let the left control the narrative. Don’t tolerate them playing the racism card. Call them out on it and marginalize them as kooks. They need to be pushed out of the public conscience and create our own narrative that unites and includes people in a traditional melting pot. Not this stupid multicultural BS.

  • jumper297

    This has to be the dumbest thing I’ve read all day… it also explains why kids are more or less graduating illiterate anymore. They may not know how to solve for “x”, but thank God they won’t accidentally refer to a sandwich in mixed company. Knowing that bread is racist will surely secure our country’s future.

  • Jeff

    This is America. We eat sandwhiches and pork and celebrate the birth of Jesus and we like baseball too. NO LIKEEE???
    The line for third world sh8idt holes forms on the left. GET ON IT.

    • guest

      “This is America.” I don’t know exactly what it is, but it da mn sure isn’t America anymore.
      We could band together and turn it around yet.

  • Jimholton

    Me thinks someone has lost a grasp on reality.

  • stopthemooching

    Libtard stupidity at work. When will they shut the hell up????

  • Hamiltank

    Are black tires on a white car racist?

    • autigers2010champs

      Yes cause the car is on top.

  • autigers2010champs

    I am offended that in the middle east some people ride camels.

  • Chaz Lesniewicz

    Wow! What a bunch of losers. I guess as a white male I’m used to all these people of color creating Racist policies against people who look like me.

  • ol purple lips

    what the fuc# is going on with these liberal scumbags?

  • plaintired

    Right, I dare any of these Liberal Losers to walk into TACO BELL, AND ORDER A PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY TACO! Then they can sue the company for not offering PB&J!

  • JimFogleman

    It is a shame they can’t find time to teach math, English, & science, but you have to have priorities.

  • Beaux Weevil

    Tired of all this redefining America. There’s not a damn thing wrong with PB&J. It’s All American. Get over it. You can have your tortilla or your pita. That’s great. I like them too. But your the one being exclusive. Not me.

  • Rodney Mann

    Reason #271 not to live in Portland…PC extremists.

  • Mike Shapiro

    Let them eat s**t for all I care

  • RexMurphy

    Boy oh boy (please excuse the gender slight), if a plain old peanut butter and jelly sandwich can give offense, then we are all in big trouble. Ms. Gutierrez completed a week-long seminar to discover the racial aspects of peanut butter? Besides being “touchy – feely,” the seminar must have also been kind of sticky…….. She had better stay in her current vocation, at least until people get fed up with this nonsense, however she is not in education; she is promulgating left wing propaganda and political indoctrination. In the private sector, she would be justifiably fired for cause on any number of accounts, e.g.: incompetence, stealing time, wasting money, etc., etc.
    Portland wake up!

  • autigers2010champs

    From here on out I want to be refereed to as non African American

  • reddog

    I am not a racist and I like Peanut butter and jelly sandwichs. So bite me you PC idiots.

  • Jen

    I think this is insane. Is this seriously what they’re teaching our kids now a days. What ever happened to math, science, reading, language arts, music, P.E., and all that average stuff that we learned when we were in school?! My gods, seriously! I’m all for equality, but when you get offended over FOOD, that’s when you have to look and think “Wait, have we taken this too far?”… I’m thinking home schooling is in my children’s very near future if stuff like this keeps up.

  • autigers2010champs

    Somali has bigger problems than PB&J

  • Huskystar

    Parents should call this school and raise cain…

  • Just Another White Man

    A peanut butter and jelly sandwich doesn’t display “white privilege” if that is all you can afford to eat.

    • guest

      Your a racist because you can afford to buy bread and you use words. Racist !

  • autigers2010champs

    Are recovering cocaine users offended by the term Coke in Coca Cola?

  • roosterCrow4

    White Privilege in an era of knock out games! You got to be kidding me. I wasn’t racist, but I’m starting to seriously feel that way when I read crap like this and hear Oprah talk about how white people need to die. F*ck these real racist *ssh0les.

  • RW

    White rice must be banned from all stores and restaurants. White rice is racist! Only eat brown rice! Wait………..no….everyone has to eat rice! It’s white potatoes that are racist as they’re the staple of many white people and the glorious others feast upon rice. Rice is not racist! The evil potato is!

  • Johnny

    America the great is fading away, goodbye, you will be missed….

  • paybysdco

    I was born in Mexico, came to the United States when I was 9. Legally, I might add. H1B Visa then employer of my father apply for the entire family. I hate when someone else says that it is racist for a group. In general when you move to a new country is for you to be acculturated and embrace the new country. Other wise stay in your country if you love it so much. The United States has made the biggest mistake by not making English the official language. When a new legal or illegal person come is already divided due to lack of money, If you are a low earner then the slum is your home. Work hard, educate your self and be proud of your self not a culture. Americans need to stop the racist mentality and be the dump basket for every country that needs help.

    • shotz90s

      Why is this the same opinion I hear from those that come here legally? Where is it that I hear this you ask? My Uncle (by marriage). He says the same thing. Glad not everyone is a mooching douche bag.

      • paybysdco

        I am very thankful for this country. My parents have a 3rd grade education but own a $600k home, no mortgage. My dad is 67 and still works and has never asked for financial help from the government. I pay more for a home so my kids go to a better school district. I see the same people in government housing generation after generation. Get off the free cheese it makes you lazy and without goals in life. Just looking after the first of the month.

        • shotz90s

          I forgot to mention that my uncle is Mexican. Its people like you that get the bad rap when they speak of immigration from Mexico. My uncle works his butt off at 2 jobs, his parents the same as well. His kids are also taught the value of hard work vs. getting freebies. While I believe in limited immigration, people like you should get first dibs in all of it. Coming here to make yourself better and better for your kids is commendable. Coming here for better welfare is just theft and trouble waiting to happen.

    • Al-gore

      You are correct and Thank You for embracing and appreciating American culture. If we are racist like the libs imply, then why do we have tacos on school menus? Because tacos are extremely tasty…so are PB&J sandwiches!

    • Al-gore

      My old schools in Texas served tacos. Racist? Of course not. Tacos are just super tasty!!!

  • hitemup1976

    Somethings can be offensive. I remember working for a housing project and we were serving cake, which was half chocolate and half white. I ask who wants white cake. One of the girls corrected me. She said, you mean vanilla.

  • libslie

    This is the liberal/progressive continued campaign to push socialism. Elections matter.

  • Shiori_Uyoku

    I don’t think third world people enjoy overpriced lattes and vegan swill either – yet leftards love those things. Other people must live by leftard standards.

  • sirock

    So eating a PB&J sandwich makes me a racist, hum Does eating a Torta and whatever make a Hispanic Racist too? Maybe it would make the leftist loons happy if we all eat SH&T. Why does cultural diversity exclude my culture? So is Chinese food offensive to anyone?

  • autigers2010champs

    I am offended that people are offended

    • guest

      And I’m a victim of your offense.
      No wait a minute, as a white male I cannot be a victim or offended.

      • autigers2010champs

        I am sorry for victimizing you today please accept my PB&J

        • Jack Thompson

          That rhymes! Awesome.

          • autigers2010champs

            Man I am a genius and didn’t even realize it

          • guest

            Saying genius is racist because you are implying that you are superior because of your white genes.
            Furthermore, you are using words.

            Racist !
            You opened your post with – man.
            Because you believe men are superior and womyn should be bought and sold as chattel, when they’re not being beaten or raped…. Sexist misogynist !

        • guest

          I’m so sorry for oppressing you to the point that you now suffer from Stockholm syndrome. My evil, rapey patriarchy is….. well pretty da mn evil like that.
          The absolute least that I can possibly do is… pay for everything and build everything before committing suicide*.
          * Unlike the rest of you misogynist, racists,homophobes I’m going to be proactive with Oprah’s suggestion. Because I’m soooo progressive.

      • Mike_E_V

        Officially, in California’s state college system, only whites can be racist. People of color, that is how the article refers to non-white groups, can be prejudiced but they are never racist.

  • Mike_E_V

    Only a died in the wool liberal would think a child of color, particularly black and brown boys as he puts it, would be offended by sandwich bread. Go into the poorest parts of Somalia, Mexico or the USA and guaranteed, a hungry child will not refuse a sandwich because it isn’t in Pita or on a tortilla. This educator needs a colonoscopy to see if his head is really in his intestinal tract as far as his take on sandwich bread suggests.
    I’m truly offended how this article the terms black and brown are capitalized but white is not. And what about those black and brown girls? They must be intelligent enough to not be offended by so-called racist food. When did an adjective that describes color only become a proper noun for a select few?

  • milburnschmidt

    Now we know what will happen with millions more brown illegals sneaking over our borders. I cant even imagine a conversation taking place. Thank god oreo cookies are black on the outside and white inside.Maybe they are safe maybe not

  • jschmidt2

    Not surprising this person became a principal. If I was a principal of another school I’d be insulted by her racist stance.

  • Justme

    Student teachers in the Pittsburgh Public Schools are also required to hold “Courageous Conversations”. It’s nothing more than the progressive leadership telling you that you are inherently racist, because you are white. This is so insane! As a teacher I do not give one damn about the color of my students skin, instead I care about providing them the best education that I can. This whole thing truly sickens me!

    Btw, I’d normally provide my name, but I can almost guarantee that if I did in this case then I would not work in any district that is run by progressives again. It is sad that I am fearful of reprisals for not signing up to their race agenda.

  • Only in America can it be racist to eat peanut butter that was created by a black person… Pretty soon, it’s going to be racist to stop at a red light…also created by a black person…

    • jamesben

      Very true – as a lesson in minority “empowerment” perhaps these teachers should teach ALL the kids who George Washington Carver was, or who Gen. James “Chappy” James and “Red Tails” were, or teach these kids about the POSITIVE contributions of minorities in America.

      There are enough examples to keep them busy – for awhile.

    • ol purple lips

      thats the only thing black people created

    • Mike_E_V

      Or use an elevator, invented by a black man.

  • jamesben

    I have a “novel” idea – teach these SAVAGES – or “chil’rens” of SAVAGES – what a “sandwich” is, how to eat one, HOW TO BE AN AMERICAN and let them pine for their previous society AT HOME.

    If any part of that is “distasteful,” then I suggest they GTFO. Just get out, now.

  • jschmidt2

    well hooray for the lowly pumpernickel bread. Dark or light- your PC choice.

  • Richard Bickleberry

    Someone should find the mamma of Verenice Gutierrez and slap her for making such a stupid daughter. I bet she’s never been to Mexico. Oh by the way, they do eat sandwiches there on white bread. Every store in Mexico sells “Bimbo” brand white bread. Who gives a crap what anyone else from another country thinks anyway? We don’t go to Somolia or Ethiopia and complaint to them about their food, do we?

  • Vibora Volando

    We laugh at this absurdity, meanwhile it becomes more frequent and accepted. It must be vigorously resisted. Why do we have to worry about what Somalis think? Let them grab a friggin’ sandwich or get the hell out.

  • BillB

    “Is white bread more racist than whole wheat?”

    No not really, though perhaps in these evil commie minds pumpernickel would be. Of course too no one it their right mind would make an American classic peanut butter & jelly sandwich using it.

  • Russ Hamilton

    The comprachicos of the 21st century are destroying the minds of children. If they were hurting them physically something would be done. Instead the intellectual and emotional crippling of them is deemed ok by the hyper PC crowd.

  • Lydia

    Run for the school boards, get your children out of the indoctrination camps and if you are not able to homeschool, educate your children on how mentally ill most liberal teachers are and how they are using nazi propaganda to try and warp their minds.

  • ʇǝɯdǝɹǝuɔǝ qouǝs

    Does that mean “wish” sandwiches are racist as well?

  • It’s time black and brown boys start learning to be Americans not a colony of the country they illegally entered our country from.

  • Eddie Meeks

    And I’m offended by Tacos, Orange Chicken, watermelon, Sushi, Pizza….etc.

  • rscott

    Absolute nonsense…..

  • RalphEaton2011

    More proof that insanity is here.

  • Adam

    “American’s eat Peanut butter and Jelly”? What the F. This is America people, we aren’t in Mexico.

  • ol purple lips

    all libs need to eat sh#t and die!!!

  • Eddie Meeks

    HEY LIBERTARDS…thanks for F ‘ing up my country.

  • Jerry

    Need to drug test Admin.

  • Cuthbert J Twillie

    Every liberal needs to be rounded up, put in camps, sterilized, then medicated so heavily that the only thing they can do is drool on themselves. They’re a danger to themselves and society.

    • autigers2010champs

      They do that now just not in cages yet

  • Jhomas Tefferson

    Verenice Gutierrez, principal of Harvey Scott K-8 School is a Giant Racist and also a complete and total Buffoon. She should immediately quit her job and choke herself to death on 10 P&J sandwiches while the students watch and throw rocks at her. It will be a “teaching Moment”

  • Logo & Shibboleth

    Mildly culturally biased and “racist” are NOT THE SAME THING. Get it through your heads tards. Its all about intention. If i say potato and you say potahto, which one of us is racist? Lemme guess.. whoever is white? just shut up already. nobody is buying that this is anything but a way to increase race tensions, rather than to alleviate them. You are trying to wipe out whitey and it just isn’t going to happen.

  • Apu Bugolligosh

    Liberal lunacy in schools. Given that liberals are turds, what is needed is an enema.

  • Craigo

    They’re losing.

  • jay l

    This is simple take your white children out of these schools.

  • Waiting4

    The insanity of the LEFT is the worst problem facing White, Black, Asian and all other Americans.

  • jaz

    say I’m a white guy in school in Mexico, and a teacher refers to a taco during a lesson. How in the heck does that offend me? Verenice Gutierrez: you are a world class moron. I find you and your overly pc concerns not only annoying, but extremely offensive. Perhaps you should shut up forever.

  • jeff

    What an IDIOT!!! The scary thing is he probably thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room and teachers at his school probably agree.

  • Don

    When in Rome do as the Romans do. She sounds like a moron and should not be in any school system in any position

  • portle44

    ROFL.If you told the progressive morons that walking around with a turd bonnet was “inclusive” you would need a gas mask just to leave the house.

  • TexasRebel

    We are doomed, game over, I am just gonna hide out in TX while the rest of the country implodes… Cya on the other side, Republic of Texas.

  • Lydia

    If you have questions or concerns, pleased do not hesitate to contact me ([email protected] or 503-916-6369).

    Check out how this psyco racist lib principle speaks. “pleased do not?”

  • Michael

    I really don’t get it. Part of what I like about traveling is sharing other people’s culture. If I go some place I make a point of eating what is DIFFERENT there. I would expect that when people come to the United States part of what they would try is what is DIFFERENT about our food. I would also expect that like the Italians, and Chinese, and Polish and Mexicans and Jews and many other cultures who have chosen to make the United States their home, immigrants would bring their food with them and share it with us. Many great “American” foods were brought to us by immigrants and adopted as our own.

  • Hard Boiled

    i know damn well Hispanics eat sandwiches like everyone else, and Somali’s can bring a lunch for their kids if they dont like PB&J. American kids regardless of color, have been enjoying PB&J for the longest!

  • DrMaxHathaway

    These cretins and fiends come to our country and WE are the ones who have to learn all of their foreign ways….!!!!
    Send them back!!!!!

  • gman

    from judging a man by the content of his character to judging a man by the content of his sandwich.

  • ocean

    Principal Gutierrez should be fired for
    his political correctness propaganda.
    He is not fit to run a school.

  • NikkiNYC

    There are lots of Caucasians who are doing their best to shed their white privilege. According to a study at Columbia more and more middle class white people are throwing gang signs. That’s a start at least. http://www.thedailyrash.com/study-finds-use-of-gang-signs-by-middle-class-whites-on-the-rise

  • autigers2010champs

    Do you know how hard it will be to type a letter and print it on black paper when they ban white paper

  • Dave H.

    Can’t peanut butter and jelly be placed inside a pita? I’d say the sandwich is simply an example based on the traditional culture in this country. It’s as much “white privilege” as a Pita would be considered “Hispanic privilege” in Mexico.

  • John Titus

    Their own white privilege? Is this societies doing a re-education? My kids are never going to step into a public school. Progressive liberals are poising our society and you better wake up folks.

  • Good lord. It makes me want to go out and make a pb&j.

    • autigers2010champs


  • Pastor Fred

    How about if we put it on Pita bread or maybe a burrito?? Peanut butter was invented by a black man you pea brains! I truly believe that these idiots have been educated beyond their intelligence!

  • agreatsign

    Never underestimate the stupidity of a liberal.

    • cabinboy422

      even better: Never underestimate the stupidity of an ‘educated’ liberal.

  • ocean

    Political correctness is Marxist propaganda.

  • Daniel Haney

    This “woman” is educated WAY beyond her intellegence.

  • ol purple lips

    let the black and brown people pay all the school taxes.

  • boyfromthedwarf

    The article referenced is over a year old. Slow news day, Drudge?

    • jaz

      It tells a timeless story that highlights liberal stupidity. The story resonates today as much as it did the day it was published. After all, boy, what difference does it make, anyway? I suppose you’re a timist, too?

      • L15t3r0f5m3g

        It makes a difference because Drudge is a “breaking news” aggregator site. Its disengenuous parading around year old articles under the guise of being “new”. Just goes to show how often the hard right checks their sources.

        • jaz

          by Nathan Harden – Fix Editor on November 21, 2013. What day is today, L7?

          • L15t3r0f5m3g

            The source, the article this one is referencing, the entire “story” is over a year old, bub. I know, following links is hard work but somebody has to do it.

  • fedup

    These people should be removed. They should try reality sometime. This is a prime example of liberal education teaching stupidity.

  • autigers2010champs

    When I went to school we had black boards that were green? Conspiracy and some were black. Oh and the chalk was white.

  • Russ J

    Thank heavens I dumped the “white” bread for tortillas with my PB&J!

  • giveu2tictacs

    You you kidding, so you labeled a group of people who might not eat sandwich bread. When in fact, they do. I think implying a culture does not eat bread or sandwiches is more racist. Labeling people, that is what that person just did.

  • Terry Johnson

    It’s time to end this political correctness….I’m an American….when I go to a different country I don’t expect them to cater to me….why are we catering to other cultures????? Enough is enough….

  • Shannon Pendergrass

    That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!

  • Zombee

    Communist and socialist have long recognized the value of indoctrination through a free educational system. And, it has produced a people with no understanding of the vast differences between the Free Enterprise System and socialism. During our Bicentennial celebrations (1986), a national poll of school children revealed that 46% of them believed that “From him with the most ability – to him with the most need” was part of our Constitution. Today all socialist, all liberals and most democrats believe the same thing.

    “Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” —Communist dictator, Joseph Stalin (1934)

    • L15t3r0f5m3g

      That quote made me think of creationism, and how important it is that we keep it from infecting our educational system.

  • Dane Gunderson

    PB&J is “racist” but Halal meals… aren’t.

    • Mike_E_V

      PB&J is super racist in white bread with the crust cut off. Now the sandwich is unrecognizable and can listen in on your phone calls.

  • Chaz Lesniewicz

    School phone number is 503 916-6369

  • Mollie H.

    These Liberal Racists need to be sued at every opportunity.

    Only when you reach into their pockets
    will they stop using their hate to create victims.
    and ….
    if you sue their bosses,
    then these Hate Mongers will be too expensive to keep around.

    If you don’t fight hate, it grows and consumes.

  • “What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?” Gutierrez asked. “Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”

    That pretty much sums up the problem right there. These kids are living in America and should be encouraged to assimilate. Treating them as foreigners and not Americans is the wrong approach. This is America, not Mexico or Somalia.

  • kinnison

    So how about mainstream American kids who like PB&J’s and have never eaten torta or pita, is their cultural sensitivity considered in menu planning too? Our public school administrators and teachers have lost their way in the PC morass, and no longer focus on teaching students math, science, social studies and English. Sadly, comprehensive testing and declining SAT scores reflect this fact.

  • Ronald U

    Out of 300 million people who takes this seriously? Only one needs to and that’s Obama who will issue a presidential order banning ALL sandwiches. That is the a know-it-all liberal thinks. He will do what is best for you. Democracy is out.

    The liberals know this. They feel in charge. They won the election!

    By using freebies they have lined up enough support to stay in power and do and say just as they please. Stay in power forever.

  • Mike_E_V

    The content of this article and the educator mentioned in it are as offensive as it gets…to our collective intelligence!

  • Jackalope Jones

    Has anyone noticed that Rye bread, the darkest of breads, is being removed from grocery store shelves? And the sudden uptick in Wonder Bread sales? Coincidence? I think not! Just another example of the Privileged White Establishment trouncing the rights of the black breads. RACISM!!!

  • VeteranJack48

    Oh pppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeee, get a life will ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DOA

    I am having a turkey breast and swiss on WHITE bread am i a racist too lololol

  • Captain America

    Wow, never dawned on me that others see PB&J as a symbol of white privilege. I would have traded mine for a burrito. Each day brings new chuckles.

  • KingE

    How can food be offensive?! That is just retarded!!!

    • autigers2010champs

      Nice use of retarded there

  • binkyspop2

    Way too much overthinking in this.

  • AH

    Oh no she did not say “Black and Brown boys”, did she? Talk about racist! This is what’s taking over our taxpayer-funded public schools people. SMDH.

  • The_Chilling_Curmudgeon

    If cultures / people read no papers / books, must we Shut Publishers Down to avoid racist behaviors?

  • bvikay

    Ah, yes. Life as seen through the eyes of a racist bigot. A school principal? Culture differences exist all over the world, idiot. They always will. Get a brain. That’s why America is called a melting pot. Or don’t we teach that anymore.

  • anne

    I’m Irish, I’m offended by rice.

  • OrthodoxNet

    What was once satire has become reality! Orwell’s nightmare is our reality!

  • kls

    It appears Mr. Harvey Scott is not only racist but also sexist: ““Our focus school and our Superintendent’s mandate that we improve education for students of color, particularly Black and Brown boys”…. Sometimes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I would be willing to bet a Somali or a Hispanic student would not be offended by a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I wouldn’t expect the student to be forced to eat the sandwich but would make sure that something the student would eat would be offered. After all, IF I HAD INVITED THE STUDENT TO BE PRESENT AT LUNCH, I WOULD MAKE SURE THE STUDENT ENJOYED THE LUNCH. But I digress; a sandwich is being used as license to bash everyone available with the notion of “white privilege”. Your students would be better served, Mr. Scott, if you were to teach them all (male and female) to be color-blind and that they should seize their right to a good education by studying and applying themselves-graduating-and living their lives with the expectation that most people are truly color-blind, loving and have good hearts. ALL children of any color, like anyone else in any society, have to strive and work hard to make a life they enjoy living. Don’t poison their souls and force them to expect discrimination and vitriol. You truly waste the potential of every loving child who looks at themselves and imagines what they could be. All it takes is someone allowing them to believe in themselves as people – because, after all, we are only people living life one day at a time. Please, Mr. Scott, teach the boys and girls that have been entrusted to you that there more important things than skin color. The term “white privilege” is nothing more than a rallying cry to use racism to manipulate trusting people and soil their souls. Try looking at the children instead of the color of their skin. You should know the children under your educational care. Quit trying to use easily understood metaphors to advance your own particular flavor of racism and hatred. Teach them to read. Teach them math. Teach them true history. Teach them to expect greatness of themselves. Teach them that most people are the same as them. Teach them some people are not to be trusted regardless of what they do. Teach them to live a good life. When you have prepared them and made them strong-they will go out into the world with the strength to make people notice that they are good and strong and capable and worthy of working along side any one they chose. Give them the education that they deserve. Push them to excel. Don’t make excuses for them. Teach them some people will try to use them and not to listen to nay sayers. Help them to become great.

  • Calirangr

    If you ever wonder why Johnny (..or Juan) can’t read…….

  • autigers2010champs

    I am offended that schools make you use a #2 pencil why can’t the pencil be #1?

    • Mike_E_V

      Because of the harder graphite in a #1 pencil it can be perverted into a weapon. Plus using a #2 makes you humble. No one can be #1 in schools anymore. You would offend those who are not #1’s. Isn’t this the same school district that outlawed red pencils for teachers when correcting papers? The red was too disturbing to the students.

  • Clipper

    Better stop saying menudo, borscht, poi, and escargot. Most Americans don’t normally eat these things.

  • SamIamtwo

    It doesn’t even make sense…it’s food people…get a grip on what real racism is and get back to me, OK?

  • Anna

    How is “torta” or “pita” culturally inclusive? I’m Hungarian and don’t necessarily eat Hispanic food. Using the words “torta” or “pita” would be discriminating against nearly every culture except for those of Hispanic origin. (Although “torta” does mean cake in Hungarian). This is just another case of concentrating so much on fine details that you miss the big picture. Culturally inclusive in a melting pot like the U.S.A. would mean that everyone needs to lighten up and realize that it’s not just about the “ME” it’s about the “US”. You can’t please everyone all of the time.

  • jimmyv65

    Enough of this crap already..and glad to see the school district is flush with money to hold all these meetings and seminars to discuss “white privilege”. adapt to the country you are coming to, do you think Mexico would give a rats ass if I knew what a Taco was?

  • Chaz Lesniewicz

    School phone 503 916 6369

  • Mike Boatman

    Maybe when I visit Somali or Hispanic cultures and they DO NOT offer me sliced sandwich bread I’ll scream RACISSSST!

  • Joe

    “Apparently, it’s because people in some cultures don’t eat sandwich bread.” Well, American culture does. This has nothing to do with race.

  • autigers2010champs

    I was born in the south can I be offended by the north? Can I get retribution for the south losing the civil war?

  • gerry d welder

    UNESCO -another UN agency:
    “more education increases the threat to sustainability”

    From: ‘Education For Sustainable Development Toolkit’

    By Rosalyn McKeown, PHD

    …Uh? ‘who’s’ sustainability? (hint: the global elite)

    Now watch this one, connect the dots and share

    ‘Common Core’ is part of a bigger agenda:

    youtube: Know Your Enemy (Part 67 – The War on Parents)


  • jaminv

    So wait… if a part of our culture isn’t a part of someone else’s culture, it is insensitive to participate in that part of our culture? We have to eschew every part of our culture that isn’t equally represented in another culture (therefore basically everything) because it’s insensitive? What? Isn’t that racist against Americans and American culture?

    Look: it’s important to understand other culture, but it’s also important to understand your own culture and where you came from. It’s also reasonable to expect other people to understand your culture. If we continuously pander to other cultures, then we have no culture of our own.

    Also, don’t cry racism or sexism on someone else’s behalf. If there aren’t actual people of that culture complaining about insensitivity, then it’s not bothering any one. I have no responsibility to listen to some white person complaining that something might be insensitive to another race if no one of that race is complaining.

    I’m sure there are plenty of barriers other races face when dealing with our anglocentric education system, but I’m also certain that PB&J sandwiches aren’t one of them. How about addressing things that actually have to do with education?

    • Elka

      “I’m sure there are plenty of barriers other races face when dealing with our anglocentric education system”

      No there is not, if so, they would be in their country.

    • Franz Meyer

      Good points. My experience tells me our crop of educators these days focus on BS because they simply do not gave the education to impart wisdom. It is a generalization and admittedly does not apply to some educators who impart meaningful subject matters.

  • Doug Lynn

    What is wrong with people? Only arrogant fools see cultural differences as evidence of racism. Sandwiches are eaten by Americans of all backgrounds. Race has nothing to do with food choices. It is culture and people that come from non-American cultures are welcome, but we are not racist because we have a culture that is different from theirs. Far too often playing the race card is evidence only of the user’s acute ignorance and lack of good sense.

    • jtangren

      if I could give you more than one up vote I would

  • rightrightright

    I am offended by halal slaughtered meat and halal certification. They are anti White and racist.

  • autigers2010champs

    Damn white milk.

  • Michael Harrington

    Not even the best fiction writer can make shit up like this!

  • Chaz Lesniewicz

    school phone 503 916-6369

  • Robert C Beals

    yep libtards asshole shot them all in the fucking head i so can’t wait for civil war to break out and rid the us of as many libtard asshole as i can before i get it

  • Terribleted

    This is what our Colleges are teaching the potential Teachers of our children..Remember almost all Colleges are LIberal and Progressive controlled..

  • “white privilege” is itself a racist term that is meant to divide, just like the term “people of color”. all these terms are meant to divide.

  • Kerr

    I am a RACIST

  • big foot one

    #1 If you dont eat PPJ there’s something wrong with you,If we pay him more money he might stop acting like a fool,doubt it really.

  • RJ

    I am originally from Cuba, and there we ate sandwiches, not ‘tortas’. A sandwich is a term used worldwide. Someone should give some cultural training to this ignorant, uncultured individual.

    • AlsoTooJaded

      Yes, school principal Verenice Gutierrez is a disgrace.