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The Most Offensive, Obscene Reading Assignment Ever Given By A Professor?!

A professor at a public university in California recently had his literature class read and discuss a book called “The Baby Jesus Butt Plug: A Fairy Tale,” TheBlaze.com reports.

“Professor Jordan Smith at California State University, Long Beach confirmed to TheBlaze in an email that he assigned the 104-page book to his Comic Spirit class after a student suggested they read it,” Oliver Darcy of TheBlaze.com reported Wednesday.

Smith, who added students in his class voted to read the book, defended the assignment as having academic value.book

The “conversation we had about the story was extremely productive, and brought us to analyze social constructions of definitions of ‘normalcy’ and the ‘natural’ and to explore psychological readings of the text in terms of sexual prohibitions, Christianity in American culture, comparative religious studies and much more,” he said in an email to TheBlaze.

A description of the book on Amazon.com describes it as “a dark and absurd world where human beings are slaves to corporations, people are photocopied instead of born, and the baby jesus is a very popular anal probe.”

Its author, Carlton Mellick III, is described on Amazon as “easily the craziest, weirdest, strangest, funniest, most obscene writer in America.”

The news report is so disgusting TheBlaze leads its article by warning readers: “The story below will undoubtedly shock many readers. Some might doubt its authenticity or suggest it is a hoax. It’s not.”

Read TheBlaze’s full report here.

The College Fix chronicles a lot of the garbage professors peddle in the name of scholarly pursuits – including pornography – but this ranks as one of the most offensive reading assignments we’ve ever come across, regardless of the professor’s claim it was students who clamored to read it.

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  • arake

    So what’s the issue with studying this kind of literature? I’m pretty sure the book isn’t promoting the sales of baby Jesus buttplugs. Social criticism. Satire. Do some book learning.

    • suckmycracker

      I would ask the same from you, but alas, me thinks that DailyKos, HuffPo, and NAMBLA’s monthly newsletter is all that you can master….

    • bcmugger

      If the book was “The fake 6 million dead jews buttplug” i bet you`d hear a lot of whining.

  • Michael C. Thompson

    If it’s possible for a single bizarro book of absurd fiction to negative effect your faith, then I guess that means your religion is pretty pathetic, right?

    • CCBanks

      No you fokking dumb azz baby killing pos, it’s not having a negative effect on anyone’s faith. IT’S FUKING OFFENSIVE, like if I said your MOTHER TOOK IT UP THE AZZ BY A BUNCH OF RAPPERS AND THEY CAME IN HER MOUTH AND THEN WIPED THEIR SH!TSTAINED COKS ACROSS HER WH0RE MOUTH!!! See? That doesn’t “negatively effect” your faith in the loose anus’d wh0re who bore you does it? But it IS offensive right? Get it now you stupid pos?

  • sardiverdave

    Yeah. Edgy. Notice the butt plug was shaped like the guy whose followers wouldn’t kill the author for writing such things.

    At least there was nothing in it that would offend the garden variety liberal’s sensibilities, like having a white women dress as a geisha or wear an Obama mask for Halloween. Of course, the author knew that no liberal would be upset by this, so he steered clear. Good call.

    • tlb

      Well, yeah, this book would probably not include things like those because the author would, unless he’s from Chicago, ask what an Obama was in 2004. And that’s probably why you turned this into a lib vs con thing in 2013, rather than just generically being offended by a book that’s been around buttplugging people’s Jesus for nearly a decade.

      Not everything is politics.

      • fddf


        • imho

          I agree with sardiverdave. Let this brilliant evocative author give tribute to the prophet Mohammed as an anal sex toy and see how long he lives.

          Surely he can stand defiantly by his work (with a fluorescent orange coat on printed with “yes, I wrote that”). Until his genitals are severed and stuffed in him like a Thanksgiving turkey – how “edgy” would that be?

      • sardiverdave

        Oh FFS. You missed the point entirely. Okay, I’ll set the wayback machine and find a 2004 topic that liberals would shit themselves over. I didn’t turn it into a lib/con thing. The author did that. Whom do evangelical Christians most identify with, the prgressives or the conservatives? Who loves to mock them (yes, them…I am not an evangelical Christian), liberals or conservatives? This ranks right up there with “Piss Christ” on the worthwhile artistic scale, and the only reason to make it a part of academic study is to jerk chains and offend those at whom this turtlenecked weenie professor sneers.

        • fddf

          Dude, Mellick mocks liberals and the government all the time. Read ZOMBIES AND SHIT, THE EGG MAN, FANTASTIC ORGY, and too many other of his books to name and then get back to us. Know what you’re talking about before commenting.

          • sardiverdave

            Read the synopses for “Zombies and Shit” and “Fantastic Orgy”. Pass, thanks. Tough to see how they pillory leftist sensibilities. The synopsis for Zombies makes me think quite the opposite, but I’ll take your word for it. But are those on the collegiate reading list?

          • bcmugger

            Nothing about jews or muslims huh?

          • CCBanks

            Only a STUPID AZZHOLE would read a book by a man who named a butt plug the baby Jesus. And that STUPID AZZHOLE my friend, is YOU.

        • fddf

          ” the only reason to make it a part of academic study is to jerk chains
          and offend those at whom this turtlenecked weenie professor sneers.” – though it’s obvious you’re quite offended.

          • sardiverdave

            Not offended by the book personally, but I do see how it is offensive. Again, I would point out that the author didn’t take the chance of offending followers of the “prophet”. It’s safe to offend Christians, and it’s somehow cool to select titles like this for a class and chuckle at the reactions of the Lesser Minds/Bitter Clingers Who Just Don’t Get It. You’d think it’s been done to death at this point.

  • Professor Fart Sparkles

    Great book. I came twice while reading it.

  • Dot Wiggins

    But we should be tolerant and respectful of Islam, right?

  • Bradley

    We live in a Christian nation, not a Muslim nation. Any mention of Islam in reference to this book is idiotic.

    • bcmugger

      So its a christian nation when you wanting to make fun of them, but its not when you wanting to legislate….gotcha.

      • Bradley

        I’m not talking about the government. The majority of the population identifies themselves as Christians.

  • Horror Bob

    When it comes to Bizarro Fiction anything goes. That is the beauty of it. It is a great expression of our first amendment rights. It is an escape from the norm. I have read many books deemed Bizarro and the only way to really appreciate them is with an open mind and to let all form of realty that you know of go and just dive into a story that only makes sense in the odd world that the writer creates. That is (for lack of a better term) the beauty of the genre. If you simply can’t open your mind to the odd titles and stories; then don’t read the books.

    • CCBanks

      You’re a fokking IDIOT.

  • Mack Hall, HSG

    You’re sourcing THE BLAZE? Wasn’t WIKIPEDIA, the U.K. DAILY MAIL, or THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER available? Remember Lara Logan and Dan Rather?
    Always verify, verify, verify.

  • Mack Hall, HSG

    Sorry – “Weren’t.”

  • Michael Kenneth Phillips

    I like the fairytale about the black lesbian who uses the Koran for toilet paper.

  • Proteios

    I don’t see the problem because as we all know there are no great works of literature that exist. No Jules Vern, Shakespeare, Orwell, etc. all we have are dumbed down social commentaries for our ignorant masses of youth to consume and cast aside. I think my beloved academe is selling out to the universities of aphoenix out there and dumbing down the curriculum at break neck speed. And yes, it is becoming obvious that a college education isn’t worth the price tag. Graduates aren’t elite anymore. There those who put up and paid up.

  • CCBanks

    The only way to stop people like this is to KILL them.

  • Anthony

    Is this for real? I thought South Park was just joking when they made that episode about liberals over analyzing filthy literature to give it meaning. It was called “Scrottie McBoogerballs” or something like that, but something just as asinine as this books title. God help us college students from these progressive/authoritarian professors!

  • docwatson55

    I’d be more “impressed” if it were “The Mohammed Butt Plug: A Fairy Tale”.

    But then mocking Mohammed can get your head cut off, while mocking Jesus gets letters to the editor. Very courageous.