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Black Student ‘Lynches’ Two White Guys, Calls It Art

An African-American student at Sacramento State University is under fire for her recent work of art – which consisted of “lynching” two white men from a tree on the northern California campus.

The men were reportedly actors and were in no real danger during the project, which took place during the day in early December while students were on campus. The men were hung from a tree with a thick rope.

The senior responsible for the performance art, Christina Edwards, defended her project to Fox 40 News.

“The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” Edwards said.

Edwards says she chose to illustrate this time in history by using race reversal, in an effort to shine new light on an old but standing matter. And says she followed all campus procedures.

The university doesn’t see it that way, however. University President Alexander Gonzalez released this statement saying, in part: “The university did not approve the display, and I want to assure everyone that I am working to address the multiple issues raised by this incident.”


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  • American Avant Garde

    Well this is appropriate, considering the majority of those lynched in US history were white.

    These people operate under a fraudulent history as a means of deception.

    • mike

      That is not at all accurate. How do these posts get likes? Don’t you guys care about actual facts?

      • bridgette

        uh I think that post was meant to be scarcastic?

      • Equality7-2521

        You should read about what the Irish immigrants in the US endured.

        • John galt

          I love your picture. Muah.

      • janderson4795

        The left has never told the truth. That is the only way they can get elected so shove it boy.

        • mike

          What does that even mean. This is the first post you place and that’s what you come up with?

          • Brad

            It is an accurate post. Sorry you’re butthurt over it. I know you dems are still boiling over losing the Civil War. Sorry, kid. You don’t get to keep slaves.

          • mike

            Brad, Brad, Brad…….the democratic party didn’t exist during the civil war. The republican party at the time referred to itself as the National Union Party during the 1864 elections, and ur Confederates called themselves the Constitutional Union Party during that election. You have no idea what u r talking about.

      • isabelladangelo

        Try reading about the Italian Americans some day. We know about the Irish need not apply signs but there were far more Italian Americans lynched than any other group – all because they were Catholic.

        • mike

          You are wrong. Blacks. That is the answer. Doesn’t have to mean anything, it’s a part of the country’s history. That is all. Arguing this is ridiculous.

      • gotham1883

        Why should we? The left never lets facts get in the way of their story. Go away.

        • mike

          That’s one of the dumbest replies I’ve ever received.

          • Brad

            It is correct. Liberals don’t care for facts, they care for the narrative, and will skew “facts” to fit what they want them to be. None of you can be taken seriously.

          • mike

            Brad, you f*cking moron, google it. There are a little more than 5,000 documented hangings in our history. Nearly 3 quarters of them were black. Holy shit ur ignorance is mind-blowing.

      • John D

        Actually, you are wrong. In the old west, lynching was a common punishment for a variety of crimes. Very few blacks were actually lynched. It just got and continues to get more press.

        • mike

          Wrong John. The west was pretty much the only other part of the country other than the south to do a lot of it, but if you look at the overall numbers, the blacks outnumber whites by more than 3 to 1.

      • John D

        According to Charles Chestnut there actually were more blacks lynched than whites. However; Quite a few states did in fact lynch more white people than black.
        In the West these greater number of white lynchings was due to political reasons not racial reasons. California, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming lynched more whites than blacks.

        • mike

          Correct, but when you factor in the people lynched in the Southern states, which happened way more often than in the west (strictly due to race) the ratio comes out to more than 3 to 1 w/ more blacks being lynched.

          • mike

            I think it’s the Tuskegee Institute that has the most facts from what I’ve seen.

      • Spychiatrist

        You’re government indoctrination (nee, schooling) is evident in your post. Learn to decipher fact from fiction and you’ll be a much happier person.

        • mike

          I made one typo u arrogant schmuck. Has nothing to do with identifying fact and fiction. The fact of the matter is, more blacks were hanged in this country than white, and all the racist conservatives on this site don’t have the balls to admit it to themselves.

      • Brad

        It is correct. MANY white republicans were lynched after the Civil War continuing into the 1900s. Democrats HATE republicans, to the point of murder. They lynched them then, they still do it to this day with mass shootings. Every mass shooter is a left wing liberal democrat.

      • murphy

        The majority of lynching victims WERE in fact whites. This is easily ascertainable. Admittedly the lynch party would also have been white.

    • Susan Daniels

      It’s called revisionist history.

    • The Bobster

      No, it was about 28%. However, since sp ooks commit most of the violent crimes, that number seems about right.

  • xerocky

    They love to bring up lynching, but they have no problems at all with mob justice in the modern sense. Is that irony or are they just a bunch of idiots? “They” being the left.

    • WilliamWallace

      Christina Edwards says she is anti-racist, but she is really anti-white.

      Anti-racist is code word for anti-white.

      • Wallmantx

        Yeah, she could have hung some Arabs, but she chose white Americans to hang. What a piece of Dung her parents didn’t flush and held onto.

        • mo123

          Arabs? She’s talking about lynching not slavery

        • NW-HardWood

          Where was Planned Parenthood when you needed them?

          • ThePiercer

            The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulness has surprised the hypocrites. The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites!

          • gantry

            You are unreservedly pathetic, starved for attention, and lost in a land that reality has forgotten.

          • Blahblahblah Noah

            They were out shopping for coat hangers.

        • “You know wE be victums”

          Just play-acting their tiresome “Oh lawdy lawdy, hab mercy, we just be victims till the end of time”, drama routine. Just ignore and keep walking.

          Black people *have* to do this nonsense. They must, if they’re to preserve their own fragile egos in the face of Black social failure & depravity.

          • ThePiercer

            Weep and wail, you shepherds; roll in the dust, you leaders of the flock. For your time to be slaughtered has come; you will fall like the best of the rams.

          • KinoKaptain

            As a black person I completely disagree with this blanket statement! NOT ALL black people feel like that, I for one don’t feel that way. I applaud this young woman for her effort. But my personal opinion is that if you want to bring light to racial injustices to our race you CAN’T and I repeat CAN’T do it this way. It just stirs a pot that is already stirred on a daily basis. It’s like the old saying goes. “Violence only begets violence”. But in this case, racism only begets racism. Americas problem with racism is NOBODY wants to address it. And when it is addressed it’s done in a VERY COUNTERPERDUCTIVE way. Prime example, your ignorant blanket statement…and this young woman’s controversial and ignorant image.

          • NJConservative

            The pot is stirred by the Black race-baiters.

            America’s “problem with racism’ is that Black America uses it as a cudgel to extort the rest of the country.

            The race card has been played too many times.

          • POW!

            True, but I know plenty of level-headed black people, and I think it’s high time for them to reclaim the right to shape the reputation of the black community. For too long, this role has been coopted by the ignorant, the race-baiters, the violent, and, worst of all, the masters of the liberal plantation..

          • DeMarquise Elkins

            African Americans get PLENTY of help from welfare, EBT, section 8 housing, affirmative action, “diversity” programs, NAACP, racist bigots like Al Sharpton, and a free pass in the mainstream media to be racist towards others !! Despite all of this, they still underperform compared to other races in the U.S.

          • URNVS2

            The whites got plenty of help from slavery and free sex!

          • DeMarquise Elkins

            Search Youtube for DINKA COW to understand proud African heritage and culture

          • Voice of Reason

            race-baiter? is that a way of catching fish?

          • Black Magic

            You don’t think is a problem that studies have been done that send the exact resume to the same employers wht a white name and distinctively black ethnic name and show a dramatic decrease reduction of potential interviews based SOLELY on name? You dot think it’s more than a problem that black society has been marginalized at every point in American history until 1964? Considering that, thr race problem america has isn’t blacks trying to gain advanTage through race, but of the most racist Americans even admitting that the institutions of America excluded and disenfranchised blacks to the detriment of their social mobility and integration for the majority of thr American story.

          • disqus4u

            What in blue blazes are you prattling about?
            Why didn’t you just say “no habla engles”.

          • Gaius Gracchuss

            First off when you have a black who is president, a black who was Chairman of the Joint Chief’s, a Black who was Secretary of State, Black Mayors, Black CEO’s, Black millionaires, etc… I feel that the disadvantaged thing is just a little hare to believe. Now if you want to call a lot of what is going on (both black and white) Bigotry I would not argue with you but you cannot legislate for people to live one another. You do not have a “right” to not be offended by others belief and words. Sorry about that.

          • Fedupinflorida

            You know why job applications with names like shaniqua and dontravious go right in the trash? Because the employer knows they will be hiring a headache and a lawsuit….If you have it so bad here just pack up and leave for da muddahland….no one gives a shit anymore

          • rick

            Black/white racism is the tool being used by Socialists who want to divide and conquer America. interesting is the “knock-out game” and this kind of division being spotlighted now with the Morsi trial and Obummerkare coming to full front! Alan Keyes should have been the first black president, someone whites and blacks could have been equally proud of. Remember while this pointless bickering is happening the illegals are going to get Amnesty and vote the Socialists into power at the expense of Christian Whites AND Blacks! Who really cares what some students did for attention????? ONLY THE MSM TRYING TO DESTROY AMERICA….Don’t fall for it!

          • SR Ruger

            well said… and the pity of it all is that 99% of this so called racism that Blacks perceive is perpetuated by Blacks who make a living hustling race, looking for the slightest remark or statistical quirk to yell “racism”… it leaves most folks angry

          • Gaius Gracchuss

            What racial injustice? The real injustice is that some people in this country feel that they are not responsible for their own actions. Wake up KinoKaptain your own actions define your own future.

          • Gregg Mcphedrain

            no one wants to discuss it – because at some point we are sick of frigging hearing about it.
            I am tired of 10% of the population demanding 100% of the conversations.
            I would rather hear about the HOLOCAUST (which killed over 11 million people in under 5 years – and is discussed less than black people’s racist charges against the world).
            It too was racist – but when black american’s talk – they act like they are the only people who ever had to deal with racist comments or bigotry. I am Canadian – I knew every insult for Canadians – by time I was 5 – an white and black people took part in insulting me.
            I grew up when there was a black santa line at HUDSON’s (it was wrong – and it never say well with me) there is no black santa now – in industry, government and education there are black leaders… then there are black al sharptons jessie jackson’s and losers – guess who gets more media hype?

            what is it – you do not think has been discussed? cause I got news for you – odds are – you missed the conversations and the rest of us – are ready to move on

          • ThePiercer

            Whoever despises his neighbor is a sinner, but blessed is he who is generous to the poor.

          • Gaius Gracchuss

            Unless of course your neighbor happens to be an Israeli, then according to you it is OK to hate them. Interesting morals, NOT!

          • Cheapshot420420 .

            really? you havent had enough holocaust cake yet? you glutton, lol

          • Kay

            Amen! What more do blacks want? Culture has already changed to acceptance of different races and equality, but if you’re asking to change each individual person… it’s not going to happen unless you get the Thought Police involved.

          • KikenJuden

            “The Holocaust” is the biggest f&$&ing scam in history… If you spent a couple hours of research you’d know it wasn’t even possible how they said it happened…

          • bspanky123

            Good for you Kino!

            I’m snow-white and I agree with your statement completely. Agreeing with or against someone simply due solely to color is nothing but ignorance.

            Personally, I disagree with the policies and divisive actions of our President but that does not make me a racist.

            However, little is said about those that agree or disagree with him simply because he is black. Those people ARE racists on both sides and both need to change before racism has a prayer of ending.

          • Bearman

            OMG! Little is said about those that agree or disagree based on Obama’s skin color? Ever watch MSNBC? Ever heard of Oprah? If you EVER disagree with what Obama has done it’s BECAUSE of his race, not the fact that nearly everything he’s done has been unconstitutional & or illegal. You/I/we disagree with his moves simply because he’s 10% Negro.

            That part of your comment is 100% uninformed & wrong.

          • bspanky123

            Sorry but I believe that you misunderstood my point here. The people that SHOULD be singled out as RACIST are the ones that blindly follow a man simply because he IS black (percentages don’t really come into play here).

            Where percentages DO play is when 97% of the blacks in the US that voted, voted FOR Obama. I’m sure that some did agree with his platform but the many only voted for him due to his race. THAT is the definition of RACIST!

            THAT attitude among the blacks has to change before racism can be effectively addressed.

          • Bearman

            Alright. Well, I stand corrected & apologize for jumping the gun.

          • disqus_uIjyVBVeI3

            My question is what racism are we talking about.Black people have the right to vote,live where they can afford,buy drive or go any place they can afford the same as whites.Is it really not what your asking for is special rights?If your talking about something else please specify.Just asking!

          • Blahblahblah Noah

            America’s problem with racism is that EVERYBODY is sick of it. Race pimps, Al Sharpton, Twana Brawley, ad nausea. In the words of an English friend of mine “The only enemy of black in America, is blacks themselves”. I grew up in the 60’s, in the deep south, in an integrated school and community. We didn’t see the kind of vile hate and blatant contempt for white OR blacks that we see now. This is another “entitlement generation” stunt, trying to make their bones off the backs of other people, with an experience they never had or will ever have. Frankly, no black person, or white today…has any skin in this game. Time to move on folks.

          • KinoKaptain

            I have to agree, I like post like this, food for thought…and this is coming from said “entitlement generation”. That’s why I try hard everyday and work hard everyday to show that NOT ALL of us young black people feel entitled. Some of us don’t mind working to get what we want.

          • Seniorsquadldr

            Let me address it. All moors be returned to mother afreaka. We will return the stolen goods. No racism in afreka, all the bros en hos bez kings en queens.

          • White & Proud

            KINO KAPTAIN … I applaud myself for dragging blacks from the back of my pickup … I’m sure you don’t have a problem with that right??? After all, its only ART, and I’m only EXPRESSING MYSELF!!! According to your logic. You is ONE DUMB DUDE!!!!

          • michel jenson

            Good point. “NOBODY” want’s to address it because PC disallows it. Anyway, it will not be addressed until we allow our biological differences into the discussion. We are different, physically and mentally. The record worldwide assures us of our differences as does science. But these truths get plundered.

          • Mr Magoo

            As a person who has travelled extensivey, I assure you the United States of America is the most NON-RACIST country in the world. The wealthiest black people in the world are U.S. Citizens. This could not have come about in a country that embraces discrimination. Are there racist in the U.S.? Of course, just like there are in every country. But the majority of people in the United States are NOT RACIST. There is nothing in the U.S. that will bar you from being successful IF YOU WANT IT. I really get annoyed by jerks who blame racism for their own lack of motivation and the jerks that feed the black community with that crap so they can line their pockets!!

          • KinoKaptain

            Thank you Mr. Magoo, this is what I want. Though provoking comments, something to take in…and make note of. I agree 10000% with “I really get annoyed by jerks who blame racism for their own lack of motivation and the jerks that feed the black community with that crap so they can line their pockets!!”

          • Voice of Reason

            i bet your addicted to playing kino

          • Voice of Reason

            not true..the forbes list shows the black billionares of the world reside in africa..mr magoo looks like you lost again..time for a seeing eye dog

          • eyespeye

            America’s problem is that a very large percentage of the black community do not want to work their tail off, sacrifice so their children can live a better life, require their kids to get a better education than they got, and obey the law. Because of this, they fail and are left behind economically – hence then choosing to find a scapegoat for that failure – racist white Americans.

          • AddisonDewitt

            Your President and his supporters and henchmen ( like Eric Holder) have made race relations in this nation MUCH worse, and they are doing it purposely. Cry me a river about racism when in this nation the President is ” black” , their are black military generals, Sec. of State’s have been black, CEO and many many business owners, Miss America, professors, etc.etc.etc. Point being blacks have every opportunity to succeed that whites or any other race does in this nation. But like for everyone else it takes work , a positive attitude, determination and discipline. NOT sitting on your as s , having a house full of babies so you can collect government benefits and free cell phones and then p is s and moan about your plight and being held down by the mean ole white man.

          • Ricky Bristol

            You want to talk about counterproductive? How about the fact that young black males are our number one terrorist threat in this country! They commit well over 1/2 of all violent crime and murder, but are only about 3% of our entire population!

            Why don’t you civilized blacks get together and boldly call them out? Why don’t you get together and take the niqqer-baiters like Sharpton and Jackson out? Most don’t care to hear any of your excuses or defenses until you actually admit the truth about the REAL racists (blacks) and criminals and try to do something about them.

          • Voice of Reason

            kill ya self

          • Miagogo

            Until people (of every color) start speaking out against “journalism” that encourages racism and beats it over our heads on a daily basis, we’ll get nowhere. They take the most outrageous actions and thoughts and put them out on the front page or on prime time news. So, naturally those who tend to rely on this media garbage for the “truth” tend to listen with their whole heart, unfortunately. Some pastors, community leaders & politicians have gained power through perpetuating the racial divide. Until the communities and races start to wake up, fight for and/or recognize equality, the pot will be stirred by all who see racism as a means to power and money. And the population will follow.

          • KinoKaptain

            I agree 1000%

          • bidvajoo

            America’s problem with Racism is EVERYONE wants to address it. Racism is a “feeling.” While it’s true that most racism is the result of upbringing, you cant just change a person’s feelings about a particular individual or race. They have every right to feel any god damn way they want about ANYTHING!! Lets say someone doesn’t like blacks because they have big lips or speak in Ebonic. or someone doesnt like whites because they smell like wet dog when it rains. You cant force these people to change their feelings by telling them that racism is wrong.

            Let’s say, someone hates the color Red but loves the color Blue. Telling them that they have to, not only like Red, but like it equally as much as Blue is ridiculous. The reality is, many people love the color Red. The majority feel that red is equal to blue. But there will always be some that hate red no matter what. WHY DO YOU FOCUS ON THE HATERS?????

            Besides, by todays standards, everyone is racist. Example: In the summer time, everyone has or attends back yard bbq’s and parties, right? Ever notice them when you’re driving around? I have. Drive past a black family’ s house while they’re have a bbq.. How may whites or asians do you see? None? 1 or 2? Do the same for any other race. Does this mean the black family is racist? No. it means they choose to associate with people of their own race because they share many of the same qualities and values. The same can be said for all other races as well. However, according to the “we need to address racism” crowd, each races should be represented equally. That’s ridiculous.

            At this point in our society, regardless of race, religion, etc…we all have the same RIGHTS. We all have the same opportunity. Get over it. you’ve never going to change the opinion of what turns out to be a very small minority of people in this country.

          • Flechette

            Respectfully, why are there no Black people protesting this work of ‘art’?

          • KinoKaptain

            I protest!

          • Oscar Banduzzy

            and just what exactly is left to be ADDRESSED? and just how is it done “correctly”? you already have affirmative action. That got our president into college. ‘Cause no way he got in there on merits/smarts. 🙂

          • Rob

            To be fair, W got into college because of $$

          • kittb

            All she wanted was to stir the pot. Attention seeker.
            “if you want to bring light to racial injustices to our race you CAN’T and I repeat CAN’T do it this way”
            Can you tell me what “racial injustices to our race” are still in the dark?
            Time after time after time after time after time after time it has been shoved in our faces. That is quite in the light!

            Can you tell me what “racial injustices to our race” are common and continue on a regular basis??
            Please, us guilty white people would like to know what we are still supposed to be paying for.

          • George Talbot

            What’s the appropriate way to address racism?

          • Ishkabibble

            The opportunity was there to be addressed by Obama and Holder, no debate about that. Instead, Holder decided to call America a “nation of cowards” his first week on the job and Obama has doubled-down on his white hatred since then. In short, we’re done.

          • Fastgirl

            It also dimishes the real acts of racism.

          • Fedupinflorida

            Everyone in this country who isn’t black is getting sick and tired of monkeyshines….the indians had it pretty bad but they aren’t playing knockout games….all you spooks ever do is bitch and cry about something that ended 150 years ago….if you are unhappy here then go ahead and pack your bags for the all black paradises of haiti or liberia, nobody has been keeping you in chains in your lifetime…..You know what causes racism….seeing blacks constantly flash mobbing stores, rioting over nonsense, committing home invasions, rapes and murders….

          • johnny g

            so where are the black race baiters on this… all they want is money..

          • SR Ruger

            Thank you Kino for some common sense and some fair mindedness… unfortunately if you continue down this path you will be labeled a “sell out” “tom” or “oreo”.

          • DeMarquise Elkins

            The issue is culture of violence, poor impulse control, and aggressive behavior in metro areas that have a significant African American population. For a sample, look at Atlanta Uniform Crime Reports from Atlanta PD website.

          • Ricky Bristol

            Anywhere there is more than just a tiny black population, things go to hell. Places like Detroit, Newark, Chicago, Birmingham, Africa…all places with heavy black populations which are just hellholes that whites should avoid at all costs.

          • Voice of Reason

            black power!

          • White & Proud

            WHITE POWER FOREVER!!!!!

          • Voice of Reason

            pale horse

          • DeMarquise Elkins

            Search Youtube for CONGO SPACE PROGRAM to understand your black power

          • AddisonDewitt

            ya no kidding, 500 years from now we are still going to hear black folks bemoaning about how 800 years ago their great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandma was a slave….

          • Voice of Reason

            yep..cuz ya great great great great great grand papi rapped our woman and enslaved our men..we never letting go

          • 1NonPermissive

            What does that have to do with a present day black person not being responsible for themself?

          • Fedupinflorida

            You do realize that about 300k white guys from the north put on itchy blue uniforms and died so you monkeys could be free(I forgot history books are like kryptonite to you coons)…also without slavery you wouldn’t be chimping out on your keyboard toby, you’d be dying of aids in a mud hut in africa and your bruthas wouldn’t be making millions in the NBA or the NFL…..you have a half black president, the congressional black caucus, control of several major cities and historically black colleges and universities….what else do you want….free KFC and grape drink for life?

          • Voice of Reason

            Monkeys?? You white albino hedgehog…you mad I’m sure you have a fav nfl team..must suck you couldn’t make varsity in high school..I kni your type..jealous of the black man..you feel inferior

          • Fedupinflorida

            I could care less about the negro felon league….if every last feetsball and bakkaball player in america was abducted by aliens tomorrow it wouldn’t impact my life in the slightest….and I’m definitely not jealous of you spooks and I don’t feel inferior to obsolete farm equipment….keep chimping out sambo….its effing hilarious…LOL at white albino hedgehog

          • Voice of Reason

            Happy to provide laughter for you today..bout the only good thing in ya life right now

          • Fedupinflorida

            You know what else is really funny…watching pants sagging bruthas trying to run from da poh-leece on COPS…..its pretty funny seeing 300 pound she-boons on motor scooters in wal mart too…..Keep laughing while obongo is the president….the party will be over before you know it…..guess what the last thing that went through trayvon before he died was? a lead skittle….taste the pain bro

          • Voice of Reason

            you mad?

          • InstantlyH8d

            Did they “you mtv rapped” them….lear to spell and conjugate much in your “engineering” programs? Can I request a discount for my charitable donation to the United Ne*ro College Fund if your are the poster boy?

          • Areminder

            Again you fall for the left’s tactic of divide and conquer. All blacks are not good or evil any more than all whites, or any other race or nationality. The ones who are loudest and do the most harm, or attempt to get their rants out the hardest will ever succeed, that doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of loving, caring, giving, hard working individuals among them.
            We need to see the individual, it’s communism/fascism which promotes ONLY seeing the collective. When we fall for it, we cede a little of truth to their objective.

          • msbetz

            Blacks LOVE slavery, worship slavery….it pays very well generation after generation.

        • Patriot67

          So if it was Arabs would that have made it okay?

          • Pops

            You know the answer to that Airborne, of course not. It’s wrong any way you look at it. All the Way!

        • teaisstronger

          Isn’t it too bad her mother did not use a wire coat hanger when she found out she was pregnant?

          • driveswift

            Jesus fucking Christ.

        • DeMarquise Elkins

          13% of the US population, yet responsible for over
          52% of the murders, and over 34% of the rapes each year. Blacks also account for roughly 45% of the prison population.

        • Jack 63

          If she’d of hung Arabs then J Jackson and A Sharpton wouldn’t have ordered framed prints.

        • C. Adkins

          she wasn’t about to hang Arabs because she knew they’d beat the hell out of her.

        • staff office

          She should have been what we call a sheet shot and not given the ability to evolve but looks like she’s doing a good job of not evolving..

        • Voice of Reason

          i love it..your mad..we win..you lose…

        • colleged

          More precisely, she hung white males.

          The only minority in our society that it’s politically correct to discriminate against if not outright hate is the white male.

        • Morris65

          Where’s planned parenthood when you really need ’em?

      • Gothamite

        Indeed and certainly nothing will happen. I’m a bit surprised it even made the news, something like this would just get white washed by the media normally. Had it been the other way around, we’d have Our Glorious Leader giving speeches, boycotts, and calls for the hanging of the perpetrator (ironic isn’t it).

        • ThePiercer

          Brought low, you will speak from the ground; your speech will mumble out of the dust. Your … ground.
          Your words will be muffled by the dust

          • Alright

            Noah proclaimed “A time will come when KFC is barren. The shelves at foot locker will lie empty like a fallow field. And the sky will fill with the anguished cries of a million wild Negros.”

        • WilliamWallace

          Whites must demand the return of Equal Justice under the Law or things will only get much much worse.

          • Gothamite

            This is “equal justice” – or at least what equality has been twisted to mean.

      • ThePiercer

        If he is able to fight and kill me, we will become your subjects; but if I overcome him and kill him, you will become our subjects and serve us

        • gantry

          And I will administer to you as your subject, a sucking chest wound, and you will be buried in the land which is muffled by the dust, asshole.

      • Voice of Reason

        black power

        • Gaius Gracchuss

          Ignorance and hate right reason?

      • Druid

        I’m all for settling accounts with theniggers,once and for all.

        • WilliamWallace

          The system is designed to handle anyone who wants to deal steel…but it’s not capable of stopping an idea, nothing is more dangerous to the anti-white system than an idea that grows and spreads…the velvet approach will bring it down with patience and alot of hard work.

      • rich34952

        In today’s times, anti-white in not considered racist. Can anyone explain that to me? Oh, I just thought of a good reason why, It’s OBAMA time for the useless.

      • Nathan Hale

        Democrats all live in the past. They are living this 1960’s black power revolution fantasy. It is so out of date, so corny. I wish they would all just admit the truth – they will do anything to take money and property from white people. Its really getting old.

        • WilliamWallace

          The injustice you just described has become unbearable and what’s even worse are the GOP cowards who go along with the anti-white agenda that is entrenched in Washington. We must change this system of institutionalized government sponsored discrimation against whites. We have a moral responsibility to secure a future for our children.

      • Nedarc

        I cannot even imagine if a ‘WHITE STUDENT’ did this to Blacks….The uproar from the President on down.

      • Tweety Bird

        I’m anti-white, only because you all are such racist Wassholes. American Puddy Kunts.

    • gotham1883

      Too stupid to understand they are stupid.

    • truthteller13

      How about “knocking out” whites for fun? What has happened to the black culture?

      • cjkcjk

        Nothing, it’s always been this way. They’re just being allowed to exercise their feelings more than in the past.

      • Looking4Sanity

        The same thing that happens to any monkey when you throw open the door to their cage…Nature takes over.

    • DeMarquise Elkins

      Blacks play the KNOCKOUT GAME and FLASH ROB stores. Time to bring back slavery.

    • Todd Clemmer

      They got a game to play. If they give it up, they have to take responsibility. That scares them to death.

    • Mike

      It would be nice if most of California hung themselves.

    • Voice of Reason

      just like yall love to say..”get over it”that happened a 100 years ago..STFU

    • Well, if the brothers want to impress me, get a job. I know why hiring managers don’t want to hire the brothers, they know they are a problem. Just as a waitress doesn’t want a table of brothers, they like ordering the waitress around, complain about everything but they do clean their plates. Then they say the meal wasn’t any good so they want it for free after finishing it off and then they leave zero tips.
      Margaret Sanger had it right.

    • tedlv

      Has Obama made any statement at all about the “knockout game”? Anything?

    • louhodges

      This “artist” only has to drive over to South Sac and take some photos of the neglect that the Black community forced on themselves. The Federal poverty program gave this community millions and millions of dollars, and it went straight to the Black political cronies in charge. None of it went to the Black community.



    • Ronnie Anthony Pate

      shut up stupid…. I dislike the prezzie, but this is way out of line..

    • AlertInMinneapolis

      Writing in all caps makes you look less intelligent if that’s even possible.

      • I EXPAT


        hear me now maggot???????????

  • mike

    If you are a white person and offended by this you are only playing into this girl’s scheme.

    • MyPrecious

      I love how you are the hang’em high police and mediator. So now if we’re offended, we’re not smart enough to avoid “this girl’s scheme”? Face it, If a white artist had shown a black kid dressed as a prep, and gang beaten by white kids dressed as urbanites, you wouldn’t be offended?

      • mike

        Georgia, I’m as white as white gets. I don’t care for or support these artworks. I just find it ridiculous how everyone plays into it. This piece of work and this article clearly exposed lots of racism within the bloggers on this site.

        • Snoop doggy

          No, it exposed Tawanas race obsession

          • mike

            It exposed both and you keep playing along more than anyone else.

  • spuy767

    The only standard by which this qualifies as art is the fact that it is a creation without function.

  • Georgia Pete

    The national conversation will continue …

  • John Fox

    What social injustice? How you can say n***** and I can’t? Or the perceived injustice that people fall back on when they fail and are too lazy to take responsibility for their own life?

  • Phil D

    “social injustices and the issue of inequality” The cry of the socialist, marxist and communists!
    Their ideology is like trying to mix vinegar with oil!

  • Equality7-2521

    “…was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole”

    How many times has this “artist” been lynched?
    I ‘d like to see some art depicting the mugging that I endure every payday. (I’m sure the “voluntary contributions” that I pay help support her “art”.)

  • ungabungabinga

    hang dem creepy ass crackers.

  • mephistofan

    American slave labor- most expensive in history. “Her community” still “suffers” after all these trillions of dollars we have transferred to them.

  • cscape

    “the men were HANGED from a tree”…. Get it right

  • drnv

    So today’s racist Democrats bringing back their favorite racist theme from the old racist Democrats of the South. Nothing ever changes but the players.

  • David Hayward

    Yes, the inequality…a black person can get away with this despicable art but a white person could not. Is that the message she is trying to convey?

  • Dr. Lepper

    Figures. The two White Men are Actors WORKING. The irony is lost on Christina.

  • Zakk Osborne

    Yeah whenever I see people “hanging” from a tree, the first thing I think about is SOCIAL INJUSTICE and INEQUALITY.

    I mean, doesn’t everyone?

    • fuxationsucks

      I think “I wonder what they did wrong”

  • philomeana

    History would tell her that many white REPUBLICANS were lynched along with the blacks for standing up for equal rights! I guess you don’t get the unrevised history in in lefty schools anymore…

    • driveswift

      Yes and then those white republicans became democrats after Atwater and Nixon changed the GOP to oppose the CRA so they’d catch the southern Democrat voters who’d refuse to support any democrat who voted for it. It was dubbed the GOP’s Southern Strategy and since then minorities have run from the newly racist Republican party. See Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms.

  • Jim

    The person that did this and those that participated need to get in touch with Jesus. They are so misguided and they just don’t know it.

  • Bugs Weta

    Oh wow what a profound social commentary!!


  • FaithColeridge33

    I like it. It shows the White guilters just how much they really hate us. No matter how many laws we pass to favor them and no matter how many billions we have thrown at them for naught, they hate you whitey.

  • Ian Calhoun

    We should not forget why blacks were being lynched in the South. The
    most common reason was for the rape of white women. While that may not
    justify the death penalty today, it was a hanging offense in the 1900s.

    What’s more, there is an extremely high prevalence of rape among African populations. Take for example the country of South Africa; where it’s estimated that 50% of South African women are victims of rape.

    • driveswift

      Are you fucking kidding? The most common reason was for TALKING BACK to white people. You’ve got to be mentally challenged. Most of South African victims of rape are ALSO BLACK.

      • Ian Calhoun

        Well, my friend, you believe what the media wants you to believe. But when you study history as I have, you quickly come to another conclusion. That’s not to say there wasn’t injustice in the South. There certainly was injustice in the form of hysteria. But that hysteria was fueled by a sharp increase in reports of rape by Africans.

  • Ma’Balz Es-Hari

    If it weren’t for racism, blacks would have to blame their problems on themselves.

  • cecil91

    Since lynching is all about being dead, why doesn’t the so-called “artist” hang a few gang members as a symbolic gesture against the thousands of minority on minority homicides that each year far surpass all the lynchings that the KKK and white mobs ever did since the end of the Civil War. The facts about this are easily found, but then facts mean very little to zealots who cannot think outside the confines or their ideological box.

  • driveswift

    Clearly there are still issues of racism that need to be addressed in this country since all the Drudge-linked commenters think somehow a symbolic lynching of whites = leftist hatred of white America and black underclass wanting to get everything for free and not work hard and all the classic racist tropes that this girl probably gets hit with on a daily basis.

  • Humidifier

    My dog Ralph is really hung. He keeps the lady dogs panting in the neighborhood.

  • Jorge

    More whites have been lynched in this country than blacks.

  • Nicholas Mull

    Conservatives are the ones who abolished slavery. Liberals are the one’s
    putting all people back into slavery using debt and financial
    dependence. Not just black people, it’s all people. Race no longer
    exists in this country. Unless you were born in Africa, you can’t call yourself ‘African American.’ If you were born in
    America then you are an American. Why can’t people get over their skin color and start seeing themselves as countrymen and women.

    • driveswift

      Liberals abolished slavery when republicans were considered radical liberals. When Lincoln wrote letters to and from the head of the NY Times, the radical liberal rag that supported Republicans. Unless you were born in Africa, there is no excuse for you not knowing the history of realignment and the GOP southern strategy which pushed Republicans to conservatism and racism in order to capture the vote of the Southern Dixiecrats. See Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond for examples of Dem defectors who fled to the GOP to keep their racism and segregation.

      • mephistofan

        That explains everything. Black are not hate filled violent racists. I am so relieved.

        • driveswift

          Lol who exactly was this girl violent towards? Her volunteers? Clearly her art project has brought out the best in jobless drudge zombies.

  • Douglas Lang

    I appreciate what this student did. She let the cat out of the bag. This is a blatant case of reverse racism. Which is “let me show you what your ancestors did to my ancestors. I should be able to get away with this because of my skin color. I and several others in my “race” are the only ones pointing out skin color these days.”

  • Josey Wales

    If the color of the 2 actors were Anything other than white, her art would have been front line news across the World. Nothing like the Libtard double-edged sword. I swear, the SHTF moment cannot come soon enough…

  • NoParty

    What can you say…its California and they lost all credibility on anything ages ago. Of course, she may get into trouble with Sharpton who seems to think he has a copyright on words like “lynching”…it is as sacred to him and many black racist/bigots and the N word.

  • 13thGenPatriot

    Charge them all with breach of peace and let that be settled in a court of law. Suspend the student for hate speech and do not allow her to graduate until she apologizes to the “white” student body. If her teacher or any academic adviser was involved, suspend them for a week without pay and have them also apologize. Perhaps she should also be required to attend sensitivity training, anger management, and cultural diversity training. Better yet, make it a requirement for her graduation that she learn to square dance or take a Blue Grass Music appreciation course.

  • Leslie G

    Prediction, Oprah will buy this & “hang” this monstrosity in her living room, because in today’s world, hating is encouraged, as long as you hate the correct racial groups.

  • steve90806

    And someone actually considered this art? This was racially insensitive and the student should be suspended.

    • yerfackingmammy

      by his neck, perhaps.

  • yerfackingmammy

    payback’s a b!tch.

  • Stunt… ignore it…

    THAT… and get back to class….

    • 13thGenPatriot

      Hate crime directed at “white” people. Ignore it and it won’t go away.

      • driveswift

        The white people volunteered to participate. Clearly much hatred between the two boys and the girl.

        • yerfackingmammy

          if it weren’t for hatred, African American’s wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

          • driveswift

            Spare me your racist tropes. I’ve met just as many lazy hateful white people as black people, and my laziest employees at my old shop were the spoiled rotten white kids who wouldn’t get their hands dirty. I’m a woman and I did more hard labor than those brats! Spare me the racist outcry, bc it was still more likely the district manager would hire the lazy white kids than the hard working black men.

          • CountVonBlomi

            ^^^^ racist ^^^^

          • driveswift

            Don’t hate me bc I speak the truth. Look at that kid in Texas who killed 4 people. Bc he was a rich, spoiled brat when he caught his DUI, he didn’t have to go to jail. So much for equal application of the law. The world still isn’t perfect, but the Republicans cry whenever something happens that threatens their racial preconceptions.

          • PeterM

            “the hard working black men.”

            (LOL!) Do you write your own material?

          • yerfackingmammy

            the question isn’t whether the term “white trash” is justified in any case. the question is whether term “niqqer” is, and the evidence is substantial that it is, despite the massive effort by the thought-shapers of the day to deny it.

            To stay on point, the gesture in question here is a state-sanctioned incitement to racial violence.

            The patience of good people of any color has been exhausted.

        • 13thGenPatriot

          They were paid to do it and it does not take away the message of “death to white people” just because they participated.

        • mephistofan

          Brain dead effeminate “white boys”

    • yerfackingmammy

      that’s right. it’s “art,” right?

  • janderson4795

    So ironic. Black on white crime is 80% black on white.

    • CountVonBlomi

      But you won’t hear that on the evening news.

  • arcsinice

    negroes are such a hoot

    • yerfackingmammy

      It must really suck to be the scourge of the human race.

  • ponyexpert

    Real Men don’t go to college anymore.

  • Rodney S

    They never mention that all felons, white and black, were lynched back in the old days. There was no prison system back then.

  • Bteri

    Exactly what is this artists point? That there were barbaric racial attacks/murders four or five generations ago? If we’re going to be literal what percent of our population actually have family that was in this country during slavery? 5% ??? So her point is merely sensational and offensive – not provoking productive, meaningful dialog regarding today’s race issues. ….. Let alone addressing the individual/personal and community responsibility in many of this issues

  • tomroberts

    There have been plenty of white dudes lynched, and plenty that have been whipped, you racist bich.

  • PieMan

    Give it a rest already!!!

  • driveswift

    Drudge links never cease to amaze with the insanity of the comments. Is this really what it means to be a conservative today? Y’all focus on racial animus more than Al Sharpton does.

    • PeterM

      Conservatives calling out the racist left scares the crap out of leftist scum like you.

      • driveswift

        Lol I am a fiscal conservative who doesn’t see how artwork by two white kids and one black girl can be considered racist. Clearly it made you all think though, which is more than you probably do on the average day. Go spend your SSI money on something nice, dear.

        • PeterM

          “Edwards says she chose to illustrate this time in history by using race reversal, in an effort to shine new light on an old but standing matter. ”

          You are an idiot.
          It was with regard to race – by the so called “artist” own admission (reverse racism).

          And if you were truly a “fiscal conservative” – and if it is things such as SSI money you are concerned with, you would have pointed out the taxpayer’s having to fund such garbage as this.

          I find it comical with regard to leftys/liberals (who vainly attempt to hide who they really are) by using the tactics of building a conservative facade by divulging your (fake) line of work, your (fake) education, what newspapers you supposedly read etc – this to boost your (fake) credibility.
          Did you learn this at a seminar? A left wing strategy session? A leftist pamphlet?

          Do tell.

  • rf_in_va

    Despicable! And these two white men went along with it in a misguided placation of a black woman. This is not art!

    • yerfackingmammy

      and they are not “men.”

    • PeterM

      “And these two white men went along with it in a misguided placation of a black woman. ”

      I disagree. These two self hating whites knew exactly what they were doing.

  • 13thGenPatriot

    Her real message is “death to white people”. This is hate speech.

  • Diane H

    she lives in the 19th century, poor soul

  • “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices
    and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a
    whole,” Edwards, uneducated black power chicklips

    Ahhh yes, Victimology: 101 – I wonder where she learned that? At home maybe? I also wonder, how many of her “homies” participate in “knockout games”.
    Finally, the errant child should check out the history of those who actually DID the lynchings. She might, maybe, just might, learn a thing a thing or two – Democrats.

  • Martin Wierzba

    Here’s what’s going on: When a person brings up the past, there is often something they want or need in the present. This is evidence of what they need right now- White people getting Hung – that would make them happy. It’s a here-and-now problem, not a past problem. That is why apologizing doesn’t work. They want to blame everyone else for their own failures so they don’t have to accept the reality that their Shortcomings were a result of their own two hands.

  • yerfackingmammy

    Don’t try it at home, nee-groes.

  • Howard M Ccomber

    If the tables were turned some one would have gotten a Rodney King, and the mob would have deffinately lynched the individual! But hey, this is a black woman, and they are white so who gives a flying sheite…REALLY!. The truth is that since Cali has gone the way of liberal progressiveness, they cannot for the sake of sanity realize how far left they have gone. Post Script: Not all on the left, but those who feel that expressionisism is art and not harmfull.

  • GoldenRudy

    I little boy gets suspended from school for making his hand into someone’s concept of a pistol and this college “art” student gets what for this?

    • libtarded

      Destroy the society from within.

  • 13thGenPatriot

    The message she sent is clear and simple: DEATH TO WHITE PEOPLE.

    She is a racist and is using “art” to screen her hate speech.

  • Tim Thomas

    idiot! the ignorance of a college student shows brightly >:( shm

  • roosterCrow4

    Does this mean we can call these two actors that supported this lunacy “Uncle Tom”?

    • libtarded

      No– you can call them Moe-Ron’s.

  • st725

    God forbid if the roles were reversed.

  • chuck

    I’ve seen throughout my entire life blacks being racist to whites, having special racist programs, groups and benefit all the while showing nothing but bigotry towards others and that being accepted as just life. The real lynchings go on everyday in the media, the universities and on the the street as blacks conduct a full frontal assualt on whites in every way imaginable. This is just a symbol of the ongoing racism that is accepted from blacks. Like Opra said, the only way to end racism is to kill the racists.

  • nolie

    The way to stop racial discrimination is to stop discriminating on the basis of race. For many years blacks were openly discriminating against but people of good will worked toward a goal of stopping discrimination against blacks. Now instead of a goal of treating everybody equally, the goal seems to be to discriminate against whites. What is the gain to society of substituting one bad thing for another?

  • Steve

    Gee you mean Negros are racists? Who would have thought!

  • GeorgeWeezie

    I wish she had put one of them in an obama shirt and the other in a romney shirt. That would have been art right there. But no, it’s more of the “white man is the devil” propaganda. Can’t we all just get along and start lynching the republican and democrat political class and the hordes of their bureaucrat minions? Seriously. We could come together as Americans under the swinging corpses of those who have tried to destroy us all.

  • NickGranite

    Lynching was bad but given the disparity of black on white crime over the last 4-5 decades, they have gotten their revenge and then some.

  • BenderIsGreat

    Racism, and it’s a hate crime. Someone call the ACLU.

  • Jorge

    Not a single black slave is still living, nor are any slave owners still living. I had nothing to do with slavery.
    Blacks are creating racism against them, not because they are black, but because they constantly whine about non-racist incidents that are not racist.

    • PeterM

      “Not a single black slave is still living, nor are any slave owners still living. I had nothing to do with slavery. ”

      The best post of the day. Very well put.

  • Dancquill

    From a historical perspective it was Democrats who lynched blacks right up until blacks switched party allegences. I am betting this black artist doing this lynching is also a Democrat. Old habits die hard.

    • driveswift

      The whites switched parties too – the Dixiecrats left the Dems with Johnson’s signature on the CRA, and the likes of Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond (who ran for president on a segregationist platform) joined the GOP. Look up Lee Atwater.

      • 13thGenPatriot

        Don’t forget KKK Grand Master Sen. Larry Byrd (D).

        • libtarded

          Grand Keagle (Recruiter). Hopefully Senator Byrd is getting it from a large black man in hell.

      • libtarded

        Johnson’s direct quote upon signing the CRA: “We’ll have those N*ggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”.

  • Leslie G

    Art is meant to evoke a reaction, it does. Creativity is meant to amaze with the truly unique, it does not.

  • docdave88


    But this isn’t racist, is it?

    You ignorant ho. Is it possible that my tax dollars are subsidizing you while you engage in this utter idiocy?

    And you wonder why even those of us who aren’t racist are starting to lean that way.

  • Gas_Passer

    Would Eric Holder prominently “hang” this art in some hall at the Department of Justice?

  • dannyboy71

    Hey, people it’s art. It’s ok. Why the two white students would help her out boggles the mind. But, it is California which went cuckoo about 40 years ago.

    • 13thGenPatriot

      It is not “art”. It is hate speech.

      • dannyboy71

        I was being facetious about the “art” statement.

  • Public Law 88-352

    …..those poor, poor black people. ALWAYS mis-treated by “the man”. What on earth can we do to make it right???

  • John D

    Only liberal loons would consider this art.

  • 13thGenPatriot

    The message of her “art” is DEATH TO WHITE PEOPLE. It is hate speech. Hanging people in effigy is a direct threat.

  • JD

    “social injustices”? I wonder if she is in college on a government grant or loan?

  • MisterMan

    I wonder if the mock hanging helped relive any white guilt from these useful idiots.

    • libtarded

      I don’t believe they are that useful.

  • Callengreen

    !9th century?….
    They do this and worse today in countries like South Africa…
    Maybe she can become an exchange student to Zimbabwe where her “art” is more appreciated….she should take her two “art pieces” with her too…see if they like the realism there.

    • 13thGenPatriot

      Today in South Africa, whites are being raped, tortured, and murdered by the thousands by blacks.

      • Callengreen

        True…and not a peep from the media or so-called leaders.

  • imaidyot

    Anyone actually study history and the migration of slavery?
    Mid 15th century the Portuguese imported Africans as slaves to Europe, coastline Africans used to capture and trade neighboring individuals to the Europeans for cloth/beads/weapons and the like, they used to enslave each other for trade goods. Or how about the so elevated Buffalo Soldiers who were conscripted
    (paid) to win the West, read about the Beecher Island Massacre and how many Native Americans were killed by men willing to take money for their own freedom. Why isn’t the conversation about how bad we treat each other, how many inter ethnic killings happen daily that are not publicized because it would be racist. My point, as an artist you can always focus on an individual moment and action, but it won’t change history, especially the history you are not willing to confront, usually your own. It is harder to look in a mirror and face what we have done to our own than point a finger when we don’t get what we want because it is hard work to change the future for all of us.

    • driveswift

      What does slavery have to do with this artwork? You’re projecting…

      • imaidyot

        Not really, just pointing out that when people disagree with “the other” they focus on their own victimization and not what role they or their ancestors have played. BTW – went to art school, learned the rules of how to overshadow others with my own relevance… so having an opinion is not projecting. Just playing your game.

  • Kortney Dunkle

    And this will help her find employment how ? Also, who is paying her tuition,
    room and board ? The Taxpayer most likely. Young people do dumb things.

  • USDfiatmony

    This is almost without a doubt a Liberal imbecile that knows little if anything about the real history of lynching in the US. While there is no excuse for it, the facts are that fewer than 4000 people, of all origins, were lynched in the history of this Country per in-depth research. Yes, there are no doubt a lot that were not documented but many more currently lose their lives to black on black and white crime every year than were ever lynched. I don’t see her doing any “art” projects on that fact.

  • Scott

    This is how the future is . We cave in to civil rights and the naacp and Government funds it .. Like the new black panthers and refugees that are being accepted in america . Democrats did this in New Hampshire for political votes . Now it is ruled by democratic party of women and over 450 bankruptcy case”s filed this year 2013 . Over 6500 refugees have been colonized and Jobs to contracts have been outbidded on and many business and Homeowners have gone bankrupt . Given Money away will not earn respect and only makes things worse !

  • Right-wing Realist

    I like how these blacks think that slavery and lynching were just old white people being evil. Lynchings occurred when a black committed a terrible crime such a murder or rape. And this didn’t apply solely to black people. There are plenty of cases of non-blacks getting lynched for committing terrible crimes.

    And since we are at it, why don’t we talk about slavery. Although slavery is a terrible thing, the whites treated them the best out of anyone in the world. What our liberal brainwashing education system doesn’t teach you is how other non-white nations would torture, castrate, and just make black slaves’ lives a living h*ll. There were plenty of laws in America that made it illegal to mistreat your slave a certain way.

    These blacks need to realize that there were plenty of black African nations that were the main players in the slave trade. And don’t even get me started on the millions of whites that were enslaved as well. If it wasn’t for the slave trade, these blacks would not enjoy the first world society that we have created today.

    • Jesse Schoeder

      funny to me that blacks think slaves were treated so badly across the board or if at all.

      I imagine if a slave owner beat and starved his slaves that there would have been little production coming from his stock.

      when a slave got sick it would stand to reason that he was given medical treatment and separated from the other stock.

      housed, clothed and fed.

      all at the expense of the slave owner.

      and your right, blacks weren’t lynched simply because they were black.

      • driveswift

        Oh. My. God.

        • Jesse Schoeder

          if your god be Allah then your getting closer to the reason for black slavery.

  • snipsnap

    Blacks evidently think they have nothing going for themselves except racism/slavery.

    • JD

      They need something to blame for their failure.

      • MisterMan

        Why not blame Bush? Everyone else does

    • Callengreen

      Maybe they are right.
      “as a man thinketh….”

  • MisterMan

    a student bites his grilled cheese sandwich in the shape of a gun and is suspended for making threats but this is somehow ok?

  • postofficemike

    There has not been any instances of this happening in many, many years and I can guarantee, not in this young persons life. They will never let the race issue die down, even though, for all intent and purposes, it is not relevent now.

  • Grimwinder

    She is correct, it is the white male that is getting lynched these days, figuratively at least.

  • Worried

    all thanks to obama

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    University President Alexander Gonzalez released this statement saying,
    in part: “The university did not approve the display, and I want to
    assure everyone that I am working to address the multiple issues raised
    by this incident.”

    FedEx is at the door, Prez. You need to sign for your heavy-duty hip waders and bigger shovel.

  • Tj707

    It’s Art when a black person does it with two white actors, racism when a white person does it with two black actors.

  • MisterMan

    This is considered art by the same school of thought that brought you “Piss Jesus” & “Elephant dung Mary”

  • lemmiwinks88

    communist jews are 100% responsible for the african crime wave

    they have agitated the blacks in the media, in print, and in the schools for 50 years

    this is an intentional plot by the communist jews against White America

    • driveswift

      Sure Hitler, sure. It’s all the fault of us Jews.

      • lemmiwinks88

        Have the courage to own it

    • 13thGenPatriot

      Your antisemitism is repugnant and is distracting from the subject of the article; which is black racism and hate speech directed against whites. You are either trying to give cover to the racist student that did this, or you are a genuine antisemite. Either way, your effort is a failure.

      • lemmiwinks88

        “jews” aren’t Semites

        Just because I learn Japanese doesn’t mean anyone in the history of my family was ever a samurai

        What a race of nation wrecking liars

  • Callengreen

    A white person would have been arrested and charged for this display.

    • guest

      a rope in a tree at a high school in Louisiana brought AL Sharpton and others to protest.

      • Callengreen

        yeah…it’s typical of the double standards of charlatan hypocrites.

      • guest

        Why the down arrow? Its true, I live about an hour from there.

  • jcw_industries

    Stuff like this is encouraged in Academia. If you went to college you understand and know the score. Whitey Male need not apply.

  • guest

    bring to light social injustices? That is all school is about now days, black history month, civil rights studies, everything seems focused on what ended 150 years ago.

    • libtarded

      Don’t forget the live sex demonstrations and other perversions.

    • driveswift

      You do know they haven’t even been able to vote for two generations yet, right? That there are people alive TODAY who couldn’t vote when they were my age? Are you so quick to revise history?

      • Rob

        Technically most have been able to vote since the 1870s (15th amendment) and 1920 (19th amendment) although certainly some areas of the country were able to keep some parts of the African American community from voting till mid 1950s. Probably a bit longer than 2 generations at this point even for those elements.

        • driveswift

          Mid 1950s? CRA wasn’t passed until the mid 60s and MLK was SHOT for trying to get his people the same opportunities whites had, just like whites Goodman and Lerner for helping in the civil rights movement. Spare me your revisionist history. Strom Thurmond was anti-CRA and ran on a segregationist platform once, and was in Congress until 2003!!

          • Rob

            I never said racism didn’t exist past 1950 (still does today) just that by the 1950s there were very few blockades to suffrage. What exactly did I say that was revisionist?

          • driveswift

            Actually it got harder and harder for blacks to vote in the 50s even in some northern cities the more they pressed for equality in the South.

          • Rob

            Please provide a source that shows a significant number of blacks were unable to vote in the 1950s

      • 13thGenPatriot

        Too bad Eric Holder didn’t enforce the Voting Rights Act against the Black Panthers that were carrying weapons and trying to intimidate non-black voters.

        • driveswift

          You mean the two guys from that video that were so intimidating that the old white lady shuffled inside behind them? I watched the whole thing, and your poutrage is cute.

  • guest

    bring to light social injustices? That is all school is about now days,
    black history month, civil rights studies, everything seems focused on
    what ended 150 years ago..

  • 13thGenPatriot

    Today in South Africa, whites are being raped, tortured, and murdered by the thousands by blacks. Perhaps she was trying to bring attention to the white genocide that blacks are committing against whites? /sarc

  • Bo Jiden

    Oh goody! Another self-righteous lecture about ‘social injustice!’ We sure needed more of that whiny crap laying around.

    Newsflash to college kid: life’s rough. Every time things don’t go your way it’s not about skin. Grow up.

  • Buster

    At least she didn’t knock them out.

  • Raise Merryhell

    The truth she doesn’t want to face is that they are getting treated differently because a disproportionate amount of her black peers are not doing the right thing.

  • mrlmbass

    She is a racist, what more needs to be said?

  • Leslie G

    Meanwhile, the NSA is reading every key stroke & listening to every phone call as we slip into a global neo-feudalism & soon, very soon, doing any artwork that isn’t gov’t sanctioned will be strictly forbidden. This work falls into the “thumbs up” gov’t sanctioned category.

  • jcw_industries

    Waiting for Eric Holder to charge her with a hate crine

    • Dimart45

      He’d charge the two white dudes she “hanged” first.

    • Callengreen

      wherever you’re waiting…better put up a mailbox…..you’ll be waiting there a damned long time..

  • SamIamtwo

    Living in the past and pumping out bumper stickers that state, “Lean Forward” does vex me.

    • Sud1

      “Lean Forward” so the average Obama voter can more easily knock you unconscious as you walk down the street minding your own business

      • Callengreen

        …somehow, with millions of entitled mom’s babies crawling the streets, it went from the knock-up game to the knock-out game.

  • Dimart45

    Well Ms. Edwards, just when was the last hanging that impacted you and your community as a whole? Anyone who doesn’t understand this is nothing more than racism by this black woman is a fool. Shall we stage hangings to show the impact of the old west for example. I’m just disgusted at the blatant racism by blacks that is tolerated today.

  • Freddy Krueger

    She’s an Artist? I bet she doesn’t even know how to draw. This is disgusting and why I dropped out of art school.

  • Freddy Krueger

    Art schools are filled with a bunch of egomaniacs who want to be artists but don’t want to do the WORK to learn to draw that takes years of solitude. Lazy lazy lazy.

    • Freddy Krueger

      So they do stupid stuff like this. Our culture is VOMIT.

  • Paul

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices
    and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a
    whole,” Edwards said”.

    Leftist drivel. It’s not 1950 anymore, Edwards you racist idiot. These leftists never get tired of using race to try and divide the country, even if it makes them look like buffoons in the process…

  • schafdog

    She has her rights, after all the years she was in slaved by the white man. If this was reversed that person would be kicked out. Where’s all the media on this.

    • Will setag

      This is 2013 when was she is slavery? If she was living in Africa or in a Arab country yes she may have been but not here. The biggest racism in this country is from the Blacks.

  • SamZydeco

    Expulsion is the only remedy

  • FedUpBob

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices
    and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a

    Inequality? She must be referring to the fact that black people, especially young black men, commit crime far out of proportion to their numbers in the population as a whole. Or could it be that is the blacks who seem to be solely responsible for flash mobs? “Knockout games”? Drug dealing? Maybe she is referring to the disproportionate numbers of black single mothers and broken families. Yeah, plenty of inequality in that community.

    • jnsesq

      “My community”? Community? Seriously? The societal trash heap that spawns illegitimacy, parasitism and crime? Intergenerational bastardy and poverty? Community?
      How valuable is education in your “community”? Marriage? Working? Paying taxes? SUPPORTING ONE’S CHILDREN?
      Ghetto life in modern America is a choice, not a fate. Your “community” — save for a relative handful of TRUE successes who defied the “helping hand” of liberal paternalism and whom I expect you NOT to emulate based on your personal perspective as demonstrated in your “art” — is metastasizing throughout our cities turning them into hotbeds of indiscriminate (ironic, huh?) crime committed by flash mobs that show the real mindset of your “community.”

  • bigjohn767

    This gives whites who helped and supported the civil rights movement a pause. Lynching was a terrible thing and something that should never be used to illustrate anything. It seems that young blacks have no idea of what really occurred in the 50s and 60s and not only in the South. The largest group of KKK was in Indiana. This display is disgusting….

  • jnsesq

    Modern academics: Jes lettin a sista do whut she do yo. Don’ be raciss strait up. No whum sayn.

    If you have an issue with my fluent ebonics, what does that say really? Really!

  • driveswift

    Well I think we’ve all learned something today. That people who read Drudge don’t have jobs. Now back to earning MY check from a private business while you whiners whine about something that has nothing to do with you. =)

  • Bill Cassidy

    Another “victim’ who has no perspective plays out her venomous ,racist feelings under the guise of “art” and academic freedom. Christina Edwards has no clue what Dr.King fought,bled and died for….too bad.

  • Scoon Jenkins

    And I am sure if a young white student set up a “gas chamber” filled with black folks to “highlight the Holocaust”, Christina wouldn’t say a peep……………right?

  • Leslie G

    I’m waiting for the healing of the racial divide that we were promised, has anyone seen it, it seems to have evaporated into the ether.

    • Dimart45

      You’ll have to wait until the great divider has left office.

      • Jesse Schoeder

        Maybe, but if Hillary takes the spot it will be 8 years of the misogyny card.

        mark my words.

        • Dimart45

          Have to agree with you.

        • Leslie G

          I hear Hilliary’s coronation will be fabulous. Do you think she will exceed Bill’s body count?

    • ounceoflogic

      The absolute last thing on this earth that Democrats want is a healing of the racial divide.

    • Nucking Futs

      Sorry Leslie, that doesn’t fit into the current “fear mongering” liberal agenda. You will have to wait for a REAL President.

    • Leslie G

      Obviously, you love this racial division.

  • disqus_DLuN45o5io

    They want a war? They want a fknwar? Fine by me!

  • Countrygirl1411

    Wonder if she will be charge with a racist hate crime as a white person would if they did that.

    • ounceoflogic

      I’m guessing not. Much more likely she be called to the white house and given some kind of medal.

  • Smokey

    These two dumb fucks should be lynched for participating in this negro p.r. stunt…..

  • Unionneversavedmyjob

    Lynch Obama for all he hasn’t done for the black man, Obama is friends to his Banker and Union buddies, and Wall Street but not to the man on the street like he said he was going to be. He lied to the black community more than anyone else.

  • Juancho Cayman

    Living in the past….Blacks need to move forward with the times. Segregation is done and over. Blacks and to less extend whites, need to understand that one form of amnesty is going to get passed. All, or the majority, of the hard working “illegals” are going to take the jobs away from the unprepared or uneducated. Blacks have been told that being being educated is for whites. Get ready to be displaced. Ufff I am sooo tired of this black thing….

    • Exador

      Already happening. As soon as the Latinos brought more votes than the blacks, politicians shifted their ‘focus’. Have fun being uneducated AND irrelevant.

  • ounceoflogic

    Finally! Someone is calling attention to the ” social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts ” the black “community”. Why has this not been brought up before?

  • Marge3

    How about showing the white guy being blown away by the two black “men” in the Short Hills carjacking? If they want to highlight “social injustice”, lets talk about the BLACK ON WHITE crime and AFFIRMATIVE ACTION……the truth may set you free!

  • Exador

    Teens continually think they are bringing something new to the world.

  • bcmugger

    Man im so sick of blacks.

  • Everyones a victim…Blah bah blah. Focusing on injustices from the past will not help you in the present.

  • seanpatriot

    This is the face of racism

  • Steve Black

    Love Libs who keep on stirring up racial hatred in the name of promoting racial harmony.

    • Nucking Futs

      What do you expect? They get such a fine example set from “Dear Leader” Nobama and his minions. Holder is the worst of the bunch, and that’s saying a lot.

  • CrusadaB

    Many of my black friends that were forced to go to school with us whiteys now think of us in this way. Thanks a lot segregation. I thought we had moved past this.

  • mike

    Clearly there are liberals blogging here. All of you liberals please remember that we are still America. The blacks have hidden behind the al sharptons and the like for years pissing and moaning about the man. Trying to financially destroy this country…even if they didnt know they were doing it. Its not the blacks fault. And certainly not the whites fault. This whole issue is about a community organizer who hates America. All he cares about is our destruction. Im more conservative that most people alive…but i realize what the obamanation is doing. Lets do the opposite from what they want. Go out of your way to show a black person that we are all American. Read rules for radicle. That will explain why they are doing this to us. Merry Christmas

  • Jeff Krasney

    First, Ms. Edwards is a lazy artist who made an awful piece of performance art that used public property by pretending to be provocative about a social issue that was conquered in the 1920’s. Second, the two men who agreed to participate in this performance art are idiots. Third and most importantly, Sacramento State University’s administration has proven that they are monumentally incompetent to let this happen.

    Ms. Edwards, the two men who participated in this incident, and any other student who knowingly helped to make this incident happen should all be expelled. The people in the school administration who knew about this and did nothing to stop it should be fired. Failure to act by the state educational bureaucracy should result in firings of anyone who fails to act appropriately.

  • seanpatriot

    Never make abortion illegal in the black communities

  • Mike

    What’s the big deal, lynching was the standard form of capital punishment for centuries for everyone, there is absolutely nothing racist about it. Yet more minorities crying trying to make a racist statement when there isn’t one. Note there is absolutely nothing artistic about this either. Gotta love liberal education.

  • cdw

    First, assume that Barack Obama is very intelligent and is consistent in his actions.

    Now, observe that Barack Obama has been intentionally divisive, intentionally misleading, intentionally job killing, and intentionally extraordinarily expensive. Additionally, Barack Obama has betrayed nearly every promise of personality and conviction that any moderate who voted for him thought he was promising them.

    It is only possible to conclude, therefore, that Barack Obama’s objectives are the erosion of the economic foundation of our nation and the corrosion of the social cohesion that binds and dedicates us to one another.

    • driveswift

      Job killing? Jobs have been gaining at a pretty good clip for nearly five years now… GDP is higher now than before the recession. Profits at all time highs according to the quarterly reports I read. What on earth are you whining about?

      • 13thGenPatriot

        You are not paying attention. The unemployment rate has declined, but the decline is due to people giving up searching for a job, not because enough jobs have been created. Since Obama took office and promised to focus on job creation “like a laser beam”, the US labor pool has had about 6 million people stop looking for work, and that is the sole reason for the decline in the unemployment rate. We have added millions to SNAP and other welfare programs under Obama. GDP is higher because the Fed is pumping $85 Billion a month into the economy – creating another stock bubble. Pay attention.

      • Callengreen

        You can’t rely on manipulated government statistics.

  • dogwonder

    I see no line of demarcation between black supremacists and white, both are equally as hateful and vicious as the other. This isn’t art it’s black propaganda.

    • Callengreen

      In agreement with your premise, I must point out the real issue is inequality of the application of justice.

  • Jerry Fischer

    Get her call from Obama yet?

  • ME

    And the sad thing about the Black community and our first Black President…

    Blacks will have slipped even further down the ladder of success in America.

    Before you attack me.

    Check their unemployment rate. About 15%-17% for their young.

    Check to see who WAS and STILL IS receiving SNAP, free housing, or any other form of Governmental aid prior to Dear Leader taking office.

    Life in the fast lane, but at least they got a free phone…

  • ADLoggy

    1000 times more Blacks have been killed by other blacks than any lynchings by racists in America. When are they going to live in the present and address those issues.

  • Callengreen

    Is this why they call California a swing state?

  • flanneryoconnor

    It would have been, “Loverly” if she had had herself, hung and there had been a rope-malfunction.

  • Tootrue4you

    Trayvon on the ground with a hole in his chest is art.

  • Monty Ehrich

    The fact of the matter is that blacks have murdered far more whites than the other way around.
    Department of Justice Crime Statistics

  • Chris Allen

    A good argument for abortion.10%of the population but 90% of the crime and bums.This White Man has nothing else to say except I hope that b**** breaks down in this neighborhood.

    • mantistoboggan47

      It’s more like 3% of the population. Black males in their teens and twenties.

  • clocker1

    She should be lynched herself, and then and only then should her ‘art’ even be considered. She talks like she was a victim of lynching when she was held captive on the cotton plantation…..she should be arrested for inciting violence but that will never happen. She’s not white enough to be charged with racism.

  • Gman51

    Well this is sure to get her a nice, fat commission for a work of art by the obama administration. Paid for of course by white working men’s taxes.

  • ME

    What has President Misery done for the Black community, can someone give us a list of the great things he’s given you, but not other Americans?

  • mantistoboggan47

    From 1882-1968 there were 3466 black lynchings (1297 white). From 2003 -2012 there were 3699 homicides in Detroit.

    • 13thGenPatriot

      You should point out that they were black on black homicides.

    • ADLoggy

      Also point out that Detroit is just one city and the lynching stats were nationwide.

      • mantistoboggan47

        All true, was just rushing in the morning. Stupid tax paying job creator that I am. I’d love to see a more thorough tally of the stats.

        • ADLoggy

          Actually liked your post because it succinctly put everything in perspective.

  • lemmiwinks88

    communist jews have been agitating african blacks night and day
    against White America in the movies, in the schools, on the electric jew, and in print
    for 50 years

    The jews are directly responsible for the african crime wave in America.

    They will next direct the illegals against White America in the same manner.

    jews, blacks, h0m0s, illegals, moslems, communists, corrupt members of
    the Fifth Column media, atheists, felons, baby murderers.

    This is the amalgam of misfits that comprise the neo bolsheviks (nee democrats)

    A foul voting bloc bound together by nothing more than malevolent
    envy, hatred of White America, Natural Law and Property Rights.

    I am convinced they are a satanic movement.

    They have declared open WAR against you, your family, and your property.

    What are you going to do about it? Just sit there?

    • jnsesq

      OK, Goebbels.

  • Itstoolate

    The darkies are coming, the darkies are coming…Make sure you have your carry and your gun. No need to lynch, just shoot……

  • mark830

    This is sick, It’s education with an agenda and it isn’t for the good of the country. Purge the fascist professors and teachers that allow and condone this.

  • Madashell2u

    Please tell me ONE THING that blacks can not do that whites can do. Tell me one job that they do not qualify for because of their skin color. Tell me what relationship the blacks can not be part of that whites can. Tell me the name of the school that blacks can not go to. Tell me the address of the property blacks can not buy.
    This black womwn got her 15 minutes of fame with her illusion on high.

  • lysosome

    I just don’t see how this stunt brings to light social injustice. The “black community” has many current problems that the inflict upon themselves. Men who father children and then disappear, telling your kids that getting good grades is “trying to be white”. Using drugs instead of spending the money to care for your children. This list is endless and it didn’t take a single white person to make it happen.

  • Libertarian_Thinker

    She is just a product of our current educational system.

  • robriggs33

    It seems the Black community refuses to accept that Slavery was an inside job – it was the blacks who went into the jungles and captured the blacks that were sold into slavery. Yes, on the whole, it was white men who shipped to various countries, yet, without the black community selling their own, it never would have happened.

    They have to keep playing the role of the victim blaming everyone else for what they do.

    • Jesse Schoeder

      as well the blacks that were captured and sold into slavery were with out a doubt the most dysfunctional breed of African.

      there had to be a justification for the capture and sale of these sub citizens of Africa.

      bad stock.

  • Jim

    When the race war you racist blacks are fanning the flames of gets really going, I hope you get yours quick ms edwards, no whites want to lynch any of you racist blacks, we’d just shoot you like the rabid dogs you are.

  • Hedley Lamar

    This is instructive in that it illustrates what blacks fantasize about. Stock up on ammo.

  • The_Saxon

    I wonder why some people want to keep the Right to Bear Arms…. hmm.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Blacks are the most dangerous race of people. They are 13% of the population and commit 85% of crime and 65% of VIOLENT crime. Every black country is mired in poverty and crime. That tells you something important about them. That they are dangerous to be around. They’re also the dumbest race on the planet. Their average IQ is 85, borderline retarded.

  • Mi Too

    if this black women equates this to art, what does she call the hangings the muslim do?

    • ReaganFan

      …freedom of religion?

  • RobL_v2

    Looks like hate-art (a subset of hate-speech) to me…

    I thought this wasn’t allowed on our college campus, I mean you cannot even say the word ‘Israel’ or quote Edmund Burke on a campus??

    What gives?

    Oh… repressed peoples with grievances are allowed to vent their fruition back upon an oppressive society. Ahh and the University is the arbiter defining what a grievance is and who as a legitimate one. Those out of compliance will be censored, punished, expelled… got it. Yep makes sense to me.

    Well at least we know this ‘artist’ will do well. Expect she’ll be getting a tax funded scholarship/commission from the National Endowment of the Arts any day now…

  • Shabbas Goy

    She’s just mad Harvard hit its black quota and she couldn’t get in.

  • Spychiatrist

    That’s a picture of the future if they ever get our weapons. Stand firm people, the enemies of freedom are starting to show their true COLORS.

    W.O.W = War On White!

  • ReaganFan

    Yea, there’s so much social injustice in America today. We have a (half) black President, black Supreme Court Judge, black Congressmen, Senators, and Governors, black business owners, etc.

    However, if you’re white and have a couple bucks, you’re told that you need to pay your fair share and should be taxed more. You definitely don’t get affirmative action. You don’t get extra points on any social service test you have to take. You’re constantly told that you’re a bigot & racist…especially if you disagree with our first black president. Oh, and of course you’re reminded that there was once slavery by “white” people, even though the overwhelming majority of the bloodlines in this country didn’t own slaves and the people who are reminding you of it are a few hundred years removed from slavery.

  • Otter

    Whether Irish or blacks were more lynched by whites is totally beside the point: whites in America have a history of performing lynchings: acknowledging this is in no way inimical to conservative values or policies.

    The art-piece may have been a little sophomoric, but it was provocative, and it raised a conversation that there will always be room for, so long as idiots enact hate on other people.

    • 13thGenPatriot

      Her “art” was hate speech directed at whites. Her message was clear: Death to White People.

      • Otter

        You have the subtlety of a bludgeon. Her message was a historical one. The message “death to white people” can be seen in popular culture all over the place. This is a much more circumspect statement about power in American history. As I say, a bit sophomoric, but clearly effective.

        • ReaganFan

          Yea, I’m sure that would be your reaction if you saw two black actors hanging from a tree as art.

          • Otter

            Actually, my reaction would have been much the same, yeah: first to ask, “What are you trying to say?” and second to ask “Are you saying it well?”

            And if the context allowed it, I would have preferred to engage in a pretty extensive conversation about what was meant, what was perceived, and what was true based on the facts.

        • 13thGenPatriot

          You have the perspicacity of a brick. Her message was a contemporary one. The message of “death to white people” can be seen in culture all over the place, especially with the “knock out game” and the use of “cracker” etc. by so many. This is a much broader statement about Black Power in current American society. It was not “sophomoric”, it was criminal hate speech and disturbing the peace (and potentially an incitement to violence). It appears to have been effective on you.

          • Callengreen

            On behalf of the brick, I doth protest.

          • driveswift

            The knockout game has nothing to do with race. Half the victims I’ve seen were black women. Just shows where you get your news.

  • GuateNY

    Those white actors should be ashamed to have participated in this BS.

    • ReaganFan

      The white actors in CA? They’re so liberal, they probably did it for free.

  • johnny patrick

    What would have been more significant is if Edwards would have shown an African Chief (white guy actor) trading hundreds of his own people (white student actors) to a Dutch slave merchant (black actor). People the chief deemed to be a threat, worthless or contrary. Maybe the chief would get a Lincoln Navigator full of firearms so that way modern people (Edwards target) would better understand why he did it.

  • chillbilly_andy

    Wouldn’t it prove better for her community if she made an art piece depicting the successes of earnest, hardworking, and educated black people of today, and how they weren’t hindered or restricted by a dark past, but looked for a brighter future. If she really wanted to bring to light injustices of “her community”, then she should’ve hung up Lil Wayne (or other ignorant rappers), Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson; they have done nothing but profit off of the exploitation of the black community. Also, I know the term “art” is very broad, but come on, this is not art; this is nothing more than an attempt for a little notoriety and shock value. My guess is she doesn’t get enough attention, and what gets more attention today then the taboo of racism. There is nothing beneficial that comes from this “art piece” other than to the “artist’s” benefit of being mentioned in the news. She’s just another self-proclaimed, millennial “revolutionary” that makes no actual, or beneficial, impact on society. I hate my generation, and this is why.

    • Dennis_Webb

      “Wouldn’t it prove better for her community if she made an art piece depicting the successes of earnest, hardworking, and educated black people of today, and how they weren’t hindered or restricted by a dark past, but looked for a brighter future.”

      The project of liberals is to foster a sense of resentment in minorities and keep them from becoming economically independent. This keeps them dependent on Democratic party welfare and “rights” programs, and thus keeps them voting for Democratic candidates. You will notice in elections that the most vicious, often patently racist, attacks by Democrats are against black Republican candidates. Those who choose to leave the plantation are considered traitors.

  • gerry d welder

    Blacks have had more advantages than whites for decades;
    set aside programs, housing and employment advantages. They even have a black president AND attorney General that won’t prosecute blacks (“his people”).
    Yet blacks ‘self segregate themselves, vote purely on skin color (regardless of any proven incompetence or law breaking).
    The true art here is the ‘self exposing’ of the black attitude that is so damaging to blacks

  • Ledergrant

    Maybe this student should do a report about how Southern Democrats started the KKK, supported segregation, and how Democrats in Congress opposed and even filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    But that would actually be telling the truth not just espousing an agenda.

  • Marie

    Hey Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson where the heck are you?

  • dennis pitner

    Why is she not concerned about the drugs,gangs,fatherless kids and the destruction of the black family?I haven’t seen too many lynchings these days,but I do see murders every day committed by blacks on black.She needs to refocus her anger.

    • Spychiatrist

      There’s no money in that. No way to shakedown whitey for tax dollars, self aggrandizement, moral superiority, etc.

      Summary: doesn’t fit the narrative..

    • Paul

      “Why is she not concerned about the drugs,gangs,fatherless kids and the destruction of the black family?”.
      Because she has been trained to become a professional victim. And victims need an ‘ oppressor ‘ ( and as always with these racist morons, it’s white America ).

  • Stephen

    Stop crying about slavery you stupid Blacks!! The Indians are not still crying 200 years later.. get over it and move on with your miserable nappy haired lives already, sheesh

  • Brad

    Well, many white republicans were lynched quite often right after the Civil War.

  • M2000

    This is why I am in favor of cutting and getting rid of all ethnic studies groups on college campuses, they’re all resort to hating white people or Christianity or even promoting hatred about Jews if they’re “Palestinian” groups.

    Get rid of the haters.

  • SteelHeart

    Christina Edwards should be charged with a hate crime. Also, for her stupid remarks about how this display was to represent her social injustices and inequality, hey dummy, you got more rights than than average Santa Claus!

    • jnsesq

      She should also be refunded her tuition — make that “the taxpayers should be refunded our tuition.”

  • jnsesq

    “My community”? Community? Seriously? The societal trash heap that spawns illegitimacy, parasitism and crime? Intergenerational bastardy and poverty? Community? Really?

    How valuable is education in your “community”? Marriage? Working? Paying taxes? SUPPORTING ONE’S CHILDREN?

    Ghetto life in modern America is a choice, not a fate. Your “community” — save for a relative handful of TRUE successes who defied the “helping hand” of liberal paternalism AND YOUR COMMUNITY and whom I expect you NOT to emulate based on your personal perspective as demonstrated in your “art” — is metastasizing throughout our cities turning them into hotbeds of indiscriminate (ironic, huh?) crime committed by flash mobs that show the real mindset of your “community.”

  • Tara Murphy

    I’m going to throw up now.

  • gittlopctbi

    Yep, Miss Edwards, there sure is a LOT of lynching going on these days. Just ask Zimmerman.

    • 20670

      Or the members of Duke’s Lacrosse team.

  • widower9

    Is she trying to say that American Black children have no access to free education?? No access to food stamps??? No access to low-income housing?? What is it that they do not have access to????? Will somebody please tell me???? They have the same opportunities that ANY American has. Somebody is just nuts.

  • sam hill

    “Social injustice”. Christ when are these people going to get over it?

    • Spychiatrist

      Only when we stop giving them the benefit of the doubt and access to easy tax payer bennies.

    • Tara Murphy

      Really! Let it go already and move on!

    • Spychiatrist

      Keep in mind that this is the biggest shakedown racket ever….all predicated on “white guilt”.

      We should file RICO charges against these people…oh, wait: Holder’s the AG isn’t he?

  • SandyH20

    I have no problem with this. It is what she wants to paint so be it.
    Just do not cry when a white student does the same thing.

  • GM Off with their Heads

    I am going to do an art project too. I am sure no one will care if I hang a couple of black Treyvons with a pack of Skittles in each hand.

  • Bubba_ut

    She is ignorant of history. 95% of hangings were whites convicted of crimes.

  • gerry d welder

    In 1857, a Democratically controlled Supreme Court delivered the Dred Scott
    decision, declaring that blacks were not persons or citizens but instead were
    property and therefore had no rights.

    The 13th Amendment to abolish slavery was voted for by 100% of the
    Republicans in congress and by 23% of the Democrats in congress.

    Not one Democrat either in the House or the Senate voted for the 14th
    amendment declaring that former slaves were full citizens of the state in which
    they lived and were therefore entitled to all the rights and privileges of any
    other citizen in that state.

    Not a single one of the 56 Democrats in Congress voted for the 15th
    amendment that granted explicit voting rights to black Americans.

    In 1866 Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan to pave the way for Democrats to
    regain control in the elections.

    George Wallace was a Democrat.

    Bull Connor was a Democrat.

    In the 19th century, Democrats prevented Black Americans from going to
    public school.

    In the 20th and 21st century Democrats prevented Black Americans trapped in
    failing schools from choosing a better school. In fact Democrats voted against
    the bill by 99%.

    Did You Know? | Frederick Douglass Republican | Turning Values …


    • Rafael J Godinez

      Those days of good democrats are long gone.

    • Callengreen

      Accurate history accounts.
      They simply found a more effective way to exploit them.
      Those with a victim mentality are the ones most easily manipulated.

  • mark gallo

    Pay attention White Folks because she is not alone in her group who thinks this way….Wake up or you and your family will be “UNPREPARED”…

    • Rafael J Godinez

      I am prepared and waiting. Let them bring it on.

      • mark gallo

        Good Man ………..

  • RecoveringLiberal

    This, in liberal philosophy, is called “turning the tables.” In other words, it’s OK for women and minorities to be sexists and racists to even the score.

  • Mel Content

    Come on now, what else do you expect? Christina Edwards is in all likelihood an AA/Diversity student who didn’t get accepted based on her academic performance or intellect. You won’t find her taking chemistry, physics, calculus or engineering courses because she’s not college material to begin with. Therefore, the nice liberal administration invents special basket-weaving courses and “we be victims” programs so that people incapable of learning any marketable skills can pretend they are in college and feel good about themselves. Don’t worry about her, she has a fine career in political activism ahead of her when years down the road she’s organizing her co-workers at Burger King to strike for a “living wage”…

    • Spychiatrist

      Community Organizer would be a fine career for her.

      • mark gallo

        that is funny ………

  • David Kitts

    Ironically, the KKK also lynched white people. I don’t recall the exact percentage, but it was roughly one third of all the lynchings attributed to that organization. The reason they were lynched is that they were Republicans, who were, of course, the ones behind the emancipation of black slaves. It was the Demoncrats who made up the membership and/or supported the KKK. I wonder if this “artist” realizes she depicted an act that a Democrat would have been more inclined to commit than a Republican would. Something to think about…

    Democrat politicians are not, I believe, interested so much in seeing true equality among people as they are being seen as friends to demographic groups they hope will continue to vote them into office.

  • Sad to see

    I just don’t see the love or necessity in anything like this. No good will come from it.

  • GibsonPushTone

    A deluded mind is a terrible thing to waste…

  • Rafael J Godinez

    Just wishful thinking. It brought back memories of better days when lynching was fun and actually acomplished something.

  • Bobnews

    The Historic record shows that the Democrats lynched many black people. Sometimes the black man was lynched next to a white man. Almost all of the lynched men were registered Republicans. That is a matter of historic record. I am betting the artist does not know much of the history of slavery or post slavery lynching related to politics. Black people at the time were Republicans.

  • Jay Thomas

    The double standard of the left is at it again. Imagine if a white ‘artist’ did this to black ‘performers’? There would be outrage. It is time for the hypocrisy of the left to stop.

  • mbarnwell

    When blacks slaves were freed, some left to form a new country back in Africa called Liberia. And what was the first thing the new leaders of Liberia instituted?

  • mark gallo

    And by the way how Liberal are these 2 morons who agreed to do this for the racist in the crowd…………..

  • GibsonPushTone

    Christina Edwards must be Obama’s other daughter from another Mother.

  • mike

    You want to see social injustices and impact on your community as a whole???? Go to world star hip hip dot com and watch the fight comp videos… your community impacts its self more than any outside influences. Dumbass

  • Pervis Nelson III

    White people (specifically Jews) should stage an art project of the “Knockout game” on some black people, or better yet a white riot that pulls black truckers out of their vehicles and beats them with bricks, or a “beat blackie” night at say an Iowa State Fair, or well, this box is only so big so I will just put that out there for events within the past few years. I figure that will be even better art because it is “modern art” as opposed to lynchings which are far more pre-20th Century. Idiots. Hope this racist “art” student is expelled like a white person would be.

  • MH27610

    How could anyone say this is tolerable AT ALL?

  • Pervis Nelson III

    White people (specifically Jews) should stage an art project of the “Knockout game” on some black people, or better yet a white riot that pulls black truckers out of their vehicles and beats them with bricks, or a “beat blackie” night at say an Iowa State Fair, or well, this box is only so big so I will just put that out there for events within the past few years. I figure that will be even better art because it is “modern art” as opposed to lynchings which are far more pre-20th Century. Idiots. Hope this racist “art” student is expelled like a white person would be.
    (hope this isn’t a double post, first is not showing)

  • Jerseyvet

    This student just demonstrated why African Americans have been riding in the back of the American bus for decades: Many are just, very, very stupid!

  • Bubba-J Andy

    Wonder if there are any White South African students at the school? If so then one of them needs to do the “Ring of Fire” as an “Art” Project. To bring to light the atrocities that monkey man(dingo)della perpetrated and had perpetrated on the White Farmers in South Africa, which is STILL on going today!

  • yeah, that looked like a good idea….

  • Ron Mexico

    These two white, liberal actors are pathetic. They are being used as pawns. What’s the greatest threat to America? White liberals who suffer from white guilt!

  • lyingmedia

    This is what they are learning from the universities of repeat after me.

  • Hawk483

    Christina, white people are the ones paying for your stupidity. Reparations have already been paid many times over, and it was the white people who elected this president. So go back to your dorm and think about what you are so angry about. White people give, but cannot be there to educate you, your brothers and sisters, and parents, who just hate.

  • tommy dturkey

    Can we get her to do one with obama and mooshell?

  • 20670

    I wonder if she knows that the first person to own a black slave in this country was a black man?

  • Mike

    You won’t hear about this on MSNBC, but if it was a WHITE artist….yeah, you know they’d run that story to the finish!

  • RightStuff

    Additional evidence that Herrnstein and Murray are correct. Blacks have been carefully nurtured to be that way. The Democrats need the permanent underclass made up of minorities whose minds have been perverted in subtle ways. All are victims to be served by the nanny state.

  • Rick Graham

    Keeping the flames of racism alive by the billows of the liberal media.

  • frigu

    Then they wonder why that word that starts with an”N” is still used today.

  • Patriot67

    This race baiting needs to stop! We are divided enough as it is.

  • chris

    Nah. This girl is dumb. She’s thinks it shows racial injustice blah blah blah. All it is doing is added fuel to racism and further dividing america. Hardcore fascism will always exist while black folks keep pointing it out. Most racial now days is their fault. They just refuse to let it rest! Will this still be going on in 2030? Probably.

    • chris

      Fascism? I meant racism. Sorry

  • Jesse Schoeder

    here’s an idea for a work of art.

    fill an Olympic swimming pool with blood to represent black on black crime in America.

    and have the pool attendant be a blindfolded black preacher.

    blacks aren’t very good swimmers.

  • dddddssswwww

    This is a peek into our future

  • John K.

    How very PC and trendy to ‘lynch’ those evil ‘white men’. Yawn, perhaps someday folks will buy a calendar and realize we are not living, thankfully, in 1880 Mississippi but in 2013. Instead of confronting economic and political forces which are enslaving most people, black,white,brown,red and blue, we live in the past when no action or personal commitment is necessary, only the expression of historical grievances. God help us and please let art be about raising the human spirit.

  • panthersnfl

    One-sided hate crime policy.

  • zmortis

    If you like your post racist America, then you can keep your post racist America.

  • Jan

    It is history and as long as blacks live in the past they will never move ahead. Blacks have TOTAL equality – equality to education, work and to move ahead – JUST LIKE WHITES. I am sick of their mentality.

  • KillViolentKneegrows

    Kneegrows have felt entitled for many
    years…….but under Obama, the violent racist kneegrows even feel entitled to take the lives of white people.

    So far, the Mainstream Semite Socialist Democrat Media is calling serial
    kneegrow on white attacks a “GAME” as in the Knockout Game…..yep,
    the Mainstream Semite Socialist Democrat Media doesn’t call it a hate crime
    when the ObowelMovement’s violent kneegrow trash “sons” attempt to
    murder white people by hitting them in their heads.

    The Democrats in the big cities with gun control where this is happening never
    charge the kneegrows with attempted murder either.

    Democrats enable violent kneegrows to attack white people. It’s just too bad
    most white people are too stupid to see it.

    White people who vote democrat are voting to be the next victim…..I hope you
    get your deathwish, fools!

  • FormerMarine

    Roughly 10k people were lynched in the US from 1862 to 1968. There is a good racial distribution – (check chart below), but between 25 and 75% were white – depending on the state and year.

    That is bad no doubt. But during the same period – 8 million people were slain in Germany. 25 million were killed in Russia. Over 30 million were killed in China.

    So yes – it was bad – but it was NOT that bad. Compared to what other nations were doing to people.

    History is tough and we have little to whine about in the US – read about the Rape of Nanking if you want something to lament over.


    • FormerMarine

      Plus in the deep south – not even half the lynched people were black. Look at the dots on the chart.

  • DontKnowMuchAboutCNN

    So this is an expression of free speech, however someone might perceive it as offensive. That’s fine, as long as the standard is applied equally to everyone regardless of which whose ox is being gored.

  • Neil E. Lynch

    Other than her action lynching two white men, what injustice this violent has she encountered in her lifetime? It is all hypothetical rationalization to denigrate white people. She should be removed from her class and have to retake the course after some sensitivity or sensibility training.

  • KniggersHateWhites


    Kniggers have been enabled by the ObowelMovement. Laws don’t matter anymore
    when kniggers are involved. Just look at the dumb knigger Obama who thinks he
    can pick and choose which laws and which parts of laws to uphold!

    Obama declared open season on Whitey, when he refused to prosecute the
    racist Black Panther trash who threatened white voters with a billy club, at a
    Philly voting location.



  • KniggersHateWhites



    Surprised? I’m not. I’m informed and aware!

    The ObowelMovement declared open season on “Whitey” when he refused
    to prosecute the racist Black Panther who threatened white people with a club,
    at a polling place, on election day!


    Whites who vote Democrat have a deathwish…..it’s as simple as that!

  • John Brittingham

    35,000 white women are raped by black men every year. A statistic that would have halted all civil rights if it had occurred prior to 1960.

  • ajhnson

    Furthermore the two white guys who agreed to doing this should be beat to a pulp.

  • sandiegocounty

    Do I sense some hostility against whites?

  • LeverageYourSuccess

    Sacramento is a cesspool, the rot of the liberal society that has developed there needs to be flushed.

    From South Lake Tahoe west is the worst of our society.

  • obamatard

    If all whites were removed from the Earth, the blacks would sit naked in the dirt with swollen bellies allowing fly’s to suck their eye salt.

  • MasonMarder

    If this ‘student’ had actually studied her history she would have discovered that there were more caucasians than african americans who were lynched at the turn of the century. If you were found to be helping or being kind to african americans as a caucasian then you would be lynched. But who cares about historical facts these days anyway….

  • Joseywhales

    That’s not art. It’s fantasizing.

  • Chris Eli

    This is insane. I don’t use bad language in my posts. I make real good valid points but my posts are always deleted? I mean should I just talk crap with no substance like the other folks? Will you allow me to post then. If my posts don’t challenge an individuals way of thinking right? Im done with this anti-free speech message board!


    The real danger to America is not gay Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a filthy gay muslim like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a gay Obama presidency than to restore the necessary,commonsense ,Godliness and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a creature for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr.gay Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the gay fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. “The Republic can survive a gay Obama, who is, after all, merely a gay fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”


    There was a young white couple Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian
    in Knoxville Teen, went out on date,in 2007 she was 21,he was 23,they were carjacked by four 8lacks and taken to one of their homes and they sodomized the guy and whacked off his penus in front of his girlfriend and then shot him and set him on fire,the girl they held for days sodomized her in every hole and poured bleach down her throat to cover the DNA,and then they urinated on her and put her in five different trash bags,and stuffed her in a trash can where she died a slow death but it was never reported by the major media because gay illegal alien 0bama was running for your leader of Filth.

    I bet this young couple would like to have been armed…..

  • DaveHolden

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices
    and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole”

    The very fact she can speak of HER RACE as a COMMUNITY shows the inequality. Can Whites do that?

  • Pat McBride

    Insensitivity knows no race.

  • RK

    All mobs past present and future are bad whether they lynch, beat, or burn, and all members should be subject to the full extent of the law. Although I can’t locate the demographic statistics I’d bet, (your paycheck), on two things. #1. more whites have been lynched than blacks, and #2. the vast majority of lychees were innocent of their “crimes”. I’m tired of this manufactured race baiting crap,before you call someone a racist make sure you’re not one yourself. We’re all in the same boat and we all need to start rowing!

  • soldiervet

    I’m reminded that whenever I read about these types of dopes,
    with their idiot racist “art”.

    It always seems to center around a key theme….The “man”!!!
    Yea, we get it, it’s the “man’s” fault for all of your self inflicted WOES!

    Racist crittin Oblame-a, the Black “jesus”, feels the same way.
    This NIMROD, once said, from his FAT RACIST PIE HOLE:

    -“White Folks’ greed, runs a world in need” !(lol)

    It’s racist CLOWNS like Oblama, Al, Jesse, (The Three Stooges)
    that make you wonder, the reason why Whites
    still have 20 times the wealth of Blacks!

    I think the only thing missing in this lefty BS “art”, was Trayvon’s hoodie
    (O, I forget, that’s piece of POO, is being housed at the Smithsonian)
    or big giant billboard size pictures of “saint” Trayvon, when he was
    12 again!

    Yes, blaming the “man” is all so prevalent within the Black Community!

    Just ask Oblame-a, the Black “messiah”,
    all he ever does is blames the “man” and everything else for his, self made…..
    ………..CRIMES, SCANDALS and downright FRAUDS!

    Whether it be him blaming ATM’s, kiosks and Tsunami’s
    for his own job loses or BENGHAZI on a poor guys dopey U-TUBE videoI! (lol)

    Speaking of the Black “messiah”…. I suppose, it’s the “man’s fault too.
    For him loading us up with almost 200 years worth of DEBT, so far.

    Silly me, for us of the UN-ZOMBIFIED tribe, to think of such “blasphemy”,
    of the “MAGNIFICENT” black “leader” and “messiah”
    is to be labeled a “racist”, right Black racist loud mouths?! (lol)

    I mean, it only took us over 200 years,
    to get to $10 trillion of debt and yet his “EXCELLENCY”,
    gave us an
    equivalent of that and some, in just 5 little ones! (lol)

    –WOW,I hate to see how that’s going to end up for us!-
    …Can I get a, GREECE?(lol)

  • Surely this person has already been kicked out of the school……

  • SaneSage

    America is blessed with diversity. That’s why the government never ceases to promote the breeding and feeding.

  • Jesse Schoeder

    Duluth,Mn beat it you to it with their “wall of shame”.

    quit yer trippin’ girl.

  • Count_Yob

    It’s PC to be anti-white, though the college administration draws the line at lynchings.

  • JJ

    If the two “actors” had been black, this story would have appeared on the front page of every liberal news outlet in America. But since blacks can do no wrong in the eyes of liberals, this will be treated the same way that liberals treat the epidemic of violent black criminals in America. They will ignore the story.

    • Greg Thrasher

      Please spare us that tired defensive and denial fueled excuse….Stop running from your history..

      • ReaganFan

        “your” history? I’m pretty sure JJ had nothing to do with lynchings or slavery for that matter.

        Unless you mean, “your” as in “white people” …which is not only racist in itself, but also completely wrong. I can tell you as a white man, I don’t take any responsibility for what this country had done 250yrs ago, nor do I take responsibility for anything someone else does…regardless of their skin color.

        • Greg Thrasher

          I was not born centuries ago either yet whites today have unearned wealth based upon the racial inequities and white privkedge of that ugly racist legacy.
          My parents could not purchase property in the 50 ‘s to sale now and make high profits so please spare me your deflective excuses.
          So yeah deal with your collective white legacy.,

          • Mel Content

            “I was not born centuries ago either yet whites today have unearned wealth based upon the racial inequities”

            Bullsh!t. If that were true, then whites in the South where slavery was legal should have been far more wealthy than anywhere else in the States. The fact of the matter is quite the opposite. The South was was a poor agrarian economy compared to the industrialized North even before the Civil War, and what little industry they had was pretty much decimated during the War. Pictures of Atlanta and Birmingham in 1865 resemble Berlin and Dresden in 1945. Only in recent decades (due to the economic decline of the Northeast) has the economy in the South even approached parity with the rest of the country. You’re clearly a hard-core lefty, full of anger and misguided indignation bot pathetically ignorant of facts and history.

          • Fedupinflorida

            If you’re looking for sympathy its located in webster’s dictionary between shit and syphilis…..fuck off back to da muddaland of aids and ebola if you don’t like it here

          • Greg Thrasher

            Yawn… You cannot even post a good insult …. Tee Hee

          • ReaganFan

            That’s just your built in excuse. There are plenty of minorities who are very wealthy and have made very nice lives for themselves and their families. Stop using excuses and do something about your situation if you don’t like it. Stop acting like a victim.

          • Greg Thrasher

            Sorry but your standard scripted rant has no currency with me. Amazing how people like you like to twist responsibility instead of stepping up .. Not buying

          • ReaganFan

            “Stepping up”? Step up to what? Should I offer you part of my paycheck? Would that make everything better for you?

            I’m not twisting responsibility because I don’t take responsibility for anything I didn’t do. No one in my bloodline owned slaves. Heck, no one in my bloodline had enough money to even get a family crest. So I don’t take responsibility for what others have done, nor do I owe anyone anything. Life’s tough, go figure it out on your own. If you’re successful, great! If not, it’s no one’s fault but yours. Complaining about social injustices and what’s owed to you because your parents or grandparents had a tough time is just an excuse as to why you can’t succeed. …and it’s an obstacle that you allow to be there. If you don’t like your life, do something about it and don’t rely on others to do it for you.

          • Greg Thrasher

            What are you posting about ?? I never posted you were a 300 year old slave owner.. What gives with this tired trope of white folks in denial ?? No one needs to retreat to the past to find racial inequity .. Do you ever read or listen to current events? From redlining to race based disparity in loans, school suspensions, employment hiring etc..
            Unlike you I do not ignore injustices and discriminatory behavior or outcomes.. Creaky your racial custom is to allow people to piss on you and you do nothing except when others refuse to follow your cowardly posture you rant about victim hood and whining .. Pitiful how people like you run to tired themes and disinformation .. Sad really

          • ReaganFan

            Yea okay, keep b*tching about injustice, I’m sure it will get you to where you’d like to be in life.

            What denial are “white folks” in exactly?

            I have heard about disparity in loans…remember subprime lending? When the mortgage & housing bubble collapsed because the banks were regulated to give loans to people who couldn’t afford to pay them back. Yea I remember that well. The act was put in place to help minorities become home owners.

            I also know that when minorities take social service tests, they receive additional points on their test simply because of their skin color. (Imagine if white people got more points on a test because they are white…sounds fair, right?)

            Universities & businesses also have to hire a certain amount of each minority and report it to the government. This way, someone who might not be qualified for the job or enrollment can still get in because of the color of their skin.

            We have a half black president in the White House. We have black Congressmen, Senators, Governors, Supreme Court Justice, business owners, local politicians, sheriffs, entertainers, athletes, professors, and leaders in our military. So what’s your excuse again?

          • Greg Thrasher

            You are really lousy with your false inferences about the facts and reality regarding current day racism and the continued presence of racial inequities caused by the never ending pathology of white racism/ privilege . This is America not the republic of white folks who want to continue the shelf-life of white privilege . Wake up and get our of denial and deflection . Evolve!!! America nor the world revolves around your marginal white culture which still after centuries of racial ineptitude and underdevelopment still trips and falls on its face whenever race is an issue.
            Enough already … Gee Whiz

          • ReaganFan

            Your BS might work on the morons in DC or Detroit, or wherever your voice is today, but it doesn’t work on intelligent people. I have moved past it and evolved, but you are still using racism and “white privilege” as a crutch. I’m not in denial about anything. The only reason I’m privileged is because my father worked two jobs and never went into debt. My grandparents worked two and three jobs at different times. The idea is to provide a better life for their children. I didn’t wake up and win a “white privilege” lottery and was given everything. I worked hard to get into college and get a job, and have worked hard to move up and better my career.

            I read some of your articles/blogs and you’re a typical liberal crying racism at every chance. It is YOU who see people’s race, not everyone else. A perfect example of this is if anyone criticizes Obama, the first reaction is “Republicans can’t stand having a black man in the White House.” Because you see him as a black president, while the rest of us see him as a terrible president. We view him that way because of his policies & actions/inactions …not because of the color of his skin.

            So you can keep talking about modern day racism and all the social injustices, or YOU can evolve and move past racism.

            On a side note, I can guarantee that I’ve done more to hire minorities and get minorities jobs than you have. I’ve been in staffing my entire career and I select the best person for the job…regardless of race, sex, age, nationality, religion, etc.

          • Greg Thrasher

            You ‘doth protest to much’.. I have never attacked you as a racist I do not even know you yet all of your posts were full of anger and tired sound notes about racism when you do not even encounter it!!! Yet you filled your posts as if you were battling it 24/7.. Live in reality not the bubble Happy Holidays
            Greg Thrasher
            Plane Ideas
            Washington DC

      • JJ

        Don’t worry pal, Black history month is coming when the media presents the fairy tale that blacks were God’s greatest creation.

  • thehotfinger

    “Art” that does nothing but perpetuate animosity. Congratulations, you’re soooo brilliant.

  • norton the original

    Christina Edwards you are an idiot

  • Frank Welch

    After 2016 election wonder what the Black mind set will be? Should be interesting.

  • F-ing Conservative

    So is the artist saying that the Democrat party created Ku Klux Klan were just “artists”

  • Warden

    It’s hilarious how “conservative” or “right leaning” really always translates into finding whatever story they can find negative about black people. So hilarious. You think its veiled too, like everyone in the country isn’t aware of it.

  • CommonSense033

    Funny, that hasn’t been done to a black person for many decades, but black on white violence of a feral nature is epidemic.

  • slash345

    I’m more interested in knowing what the **** is going through those guys heads by doing that crap.

    They’re like the white version of an uncle tom. Sucking up to their black massa.

    Whites like them are our biggest enemy.

  • John

    I’m a jew boy. Never has it bothered me that people make fun. But the more I hear about the slavery and the poor black man, the more i realize my people were held as slaves for 800 years before Moses delivered us. I want Food stamp and Housing and Obomacare just in case i get pregnent ( I’m 50 and a man ). And a Cell Phone to. And anything else he’s giving out for votes.

  • oilcanp

    Raceism is world wide. It wil be with us forever.

  • perpetualvictimhood

    white people were slaves way before blacks. they were called indentured servants and when they got out of line they were beheaded. I want reparations!

  • Fripperton

    Wow! the University President is actually seemingly not being a liberal buffoon! Maybe there is hope. In the mean time call him anyway! Repeatedly. Phone (916) 278-6011

  • Leslie G

    The title of this piece should be called Crimes Against Allah, because it looks like a typical news photo that accompanies a story about two gay men who were hung for the crime of being homosexual in an autocratic Sharia based ME country.

  • cousin_vinny

    WTF? How is anyone ever going to get past what happened in the 50s by doing stupid sheet (not a typo) like this?


    • Greg Thrasher

      Why should we forget truth and history>?? So it can be repeated again?? Damn!!

      • cousin_vinny

        What a dumb retort. Notice I did not use the words forget, truth or history…..did you notice?

        “What happened in the 50’s” is what I said. Because, there is no way in hell lynching will ever happen again. Neither will slavery.

        This is the race crutch used over and over again. An educated person would say, don’t be a Victim, be a Victor……..Greg.

        • Greg Thrasher

          Yawn.. Same tired stream of rants from white posters … Do you folks ever use any new material ???? Gee Whiz

  • Mac Daddy

    It’s not like that little 5-year old boy who made a gun-like hand gesture in Kindergarten while playing “Army” today. The boy has been suspended for full year for that simple gesture. Now we have a racist black student acting out her hatred of whitey, and the university is tripping all over itself in how to address this incident disguised as an art project.

    I suspect this incident will be quietly dismissed with only the mildest of wrist-slapping and this “student” can go on to finish her useless degree.

  • nitemarejim

    Can I call it performance art if I show black welfare pigs with 5 kids from different fathers who hasn’t worked a day in her life?

  • pbtruth

    This is so typical of African-Americans. They have learned well from Mandela.

    • Greg Thrasher

      Nonsense lynching was a pastime of White Americans…Mandela is not white nor an American!!

      • pbtruth

        I never said that Mandela was white nor American but Mandela did lynchings and necklacing (you know where they put tires filled with gasoline around people necks an put a match to them. Your right about Democrats lynching but that was some time ago I was speaking about the current generation.

        • Greg Thrasher

          Fact: whites in both political parties lynched Black Americans

          • Mel Content

            Fact: Democrats did it far, far more often than Republicans. Your feigned indignation can’t conceal your demonstrable ignorance regarding American history.

          • pbtruth

            And where is your proof that both Democrat and Republican parties did it. I hate liars.

          • Greg Thrasher

            You hate the truth about the horrid legacy of white racism in our nation .. Not only were both white republicans and white democrats slave owners and lynched Black Americans they raped their slave woman and men including their offspring .. Deal with that truth you intellectual coward hiding behind a PC

          • Niko Bellic

            Troll Alert!

          • Greg Thrasher

            Classic troll reply and posture of posters in denial

  • Stinky Man

    If it doesn’t work both ways she is nothing more than a filthy racist ape.

  • Jessie James

    Love to bring up the Lynching. The Tuskegee Institute has recorded 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites were lynched between 1882 and 1968. Not the millions some like to claim, including Oprah.

    • Mel Content

      How many blacks have been killed by other blacks since the end of Jim Crow? Far more than have ever been lynched by whites. Not that the black racists will ever admit that, as it won’t do much to advance their own agenda.

  • Ron~Ron

    It’s funny how all you white people reacting to seeing something you’ve done to people done unto you. Your own medicine taste like shit in your mouth. And for the record I don’t see any historical white figures know strictly for their body of work supporting the things black people have suffered in Amerikkka. This countries was built off the blood ,sweat and tears of black ancesters who suffered major afflictions and cruelties the most in mankind. But what goes around comes around The Most High is a just God he is going to touch you white people and I ain’t talking about your sensitive ass feelings either. I am talking literally. So watch movies like “Roots,Rosewood,The Butler,12 Years a slave” to see what you type of treatment You white people have coming. ( Gal.6:7,Rev.13:9, Jer. 30:16 Num. 35:33 ) and all you black people that have a problem with this artical or thinks slavery isn’t a big thing anymore your just as bad as they are because white people still hate you even if you can play sports,act,sing and dance,and join their military/law inforcements agency etc your just intertainment for white eyes. White people word to the wise don’t be offended when someone black or anyone in that matter holds a mirror up to you and show you the history of your actions. It’s wasn’t just against black people but the Native American Indians as well on this same land.

    • Mel Content

      “It’s funny how all you white people reacting to seeing something you’ve done to people done unto you.”

      I have never lynched anyone, nor have my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, or anyone else I know. Nor have any of them advocated lynching people either. Take your lies and shove them…

  • Gary Pifer

    She is a Teflon student, nothing will stick to her. Her school is going to do nothing.

  • kinja95

    just another reason to hate the black community

  • James Bizzo

    This is unreal, this girl uses lynching to demonstrate social injustices she experiences?! What an insult to people who experience REAL injustice decades ago.

  • Dialogos68

    Gee…. I have only been REMINDED 99 BILLION times already!

  • Bn2D

    The lynching of a white man is politically correct.

  • disqus_Ao3LmdU11e

    they need to get a REAL job…

  • indocon

    That BOY looks like a terrible artist.

  • BarryKoolAid

    Maybe this anti-white ignoramus would like pictures of some elderly white woman that have been raped and murdered in the last year in America by black males.

  • Apu Bugolligosh

    I won’t even voice what I think should happen to this b**ch.

  • johnthekiwi

    Wow that is about as ‘edgy’ as a cue ball. Have fun working at the drive-thru sista when reality shows up and kicks you in the butt.

  • Bruce

    Just another whiny person who must blame someone else for their failures and the failure of people who look like them.

  • sandztorm

    I wonder if anyone will do a knockout game performance art, where the victim is AA. That would be a twist..

  • Sam Jones

    What a stupid nig&er.

    • Seniorsquadldr

      Just a mistake on the evolutionary chain. I have no issue with afreakans, my issue is moors in America. Git on back to the arms of ho afreaka. No issue then.

  • FourleafTayback

    Dear blacks, get over it. Slavery, lynching…never happened to you. It was someone else…committed by someone else. Let it go.

  • FortSteve

    Just another dumb starving artist who will soon have a worthless degree.

  • Juan Outtamany

    Laugh riot!

    • BarryKoolAid

      What would even funnier is if you were sent back to the hell hole your relatives came from.

      • Juan Outtamany

        Huh> ? Ireland?

  • Juan Outtamany

    Blacks have killed more whites in the past 30 years than blacks were ever lynched in the previous 150. Get over it.

  • In reality, many more whites were lynched than blacks.

  • ToastMaster19

    Of all the lynchings after the Civil War (roughly 4,000 of them) from 1865 to 1964. About 1,200 were performed on WHITE Republicans who objected to the racism of Democrat Klu Klux Klan policies. This “artist” needs a history lesson regarding social injustice. This project is a disgrace.

  • I was thinking

    KinoKaptain is right–it appears as if we are not ready to address the issue of racism, but it sure seems to be alive and well. Just look at some of these comments. Really, Wallmantx? Arabs, dung down the flusher?

    Thanks, NJConservative, for a saner response. It’s true, the term is used as a cudgel by the Left and by those looking to fan the racial flames only to profit from it (Rev. Jackson, Sharpton, et al.). It makes it hard to have a serious conversation when you know almost right from the beginning that if you disagree with the Sharpton or Jackson POV, you’re going to be smeared with the term RACIST. It’s too bad because we do need to address this issue.

    • DwnSouthJukin

      “-it appears as if we are not ready to address the issue of racism”

      If the issue was really addressed we would have to talk about Black racism which is the most prevalent in our society today. That’s the issue no one wants to address honestly.

      Beating White people over the head for the sins of people 200 years ago isn’t addressing anything, it’s character assassination.

      • I was thinking

        Hey, I agree. It’s all got to be put out on the table.

        Can we right the wrong of slavery? Probably not. But, it was a whole lot less than 200 years ago when Blacks were still being forced to use the rear entrances and signs posted a warning: “Negros Not Served.” But, the prescription served up by Progressives burdened by white guilt has been a horrible disservice to Black families. It’s not about paying off anybody or government giving one group benefits to ease the guilt. It’s about equal opportunity, that’s all.

        • DwnSouthJukin

          Blacks were given equal opportunity, they failed. Now we are dealing with that aftermath.

  • Revenant

    Clearly if a white person does it, it’s horrible and inhuman. If a black person does the same thing, it’s quite alright.

  • Count_Yob

    Whites need to wake up, become strong and organized to defend their community.

    • Paul Richard


  • Nitro Norris

    people like this “art student” always make me wonder if abortion really is a bad thing…

    • Seniorsquadldr

      Too bad de ho wat bifted she dint come on the PP center in time.

  • bobvedari

    Hopefully, the university really does have standards and really will follow through on addressing the failure to meet them.

    • Barry

      They won’t follow through. They just had to say something to reporters.

    • Seniorsquadldr

      Standards only apply to whites, males, conservatives, patriots, heterosexuals, able bodied people, people without Hispanic surnames, non-illegals, non-drug abusing, non-criminal, tax paying people.

  • Barry

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices
    and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a

    No thanks, there’s plenty of light on it already. Adding more will only reverse any progress being made in ‘race’ relations.

  • barack obama

    All white people are racist except homosexuals. Whites must atone for their sins and I have returned to make this happen.

  • darpot

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices
    and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a


    Christina’s “Social injustices” is code-speak for give us more free stuff, even though we are owed nothing.

    Dear Christina, Life isn’t fair, deal with it, get over it. Sincerely America

  • JoseGrunt

    Sorry, DeMarquise, only whites can be racists. That’s what I was taught in my Black Studies class a few decades ago.

  • Juan Outtamany

    Can we please just stop feeding those people?… they’ll go away eventually, I promise

  • mike

    When was the last time a black was hung?…..get over it!

    • snafubar

      I’m sure it was a southern Democrat who did the lynching….

  • Paul Richard

    Typical Leftist HATE. The enemy is the LEFT. All of them!

  • Ben Marion

    Here’s one young lady whose post-college job search will be long and fruitless.

  • obozo

    even real Africans hate African-Americans because of this crap

  • Christopher A Goodwin

    If she wanted to be real, she would have staged two young African American males shooting it out killing each other. Now that’s real. Black people kill black people, that is the real injustice. Welcome to the jungle, baby.

  • obozo

    Racist black oboingo supporters at it again?

  • eddie333

    Christina Edwards gets to act out her racist fantasies, all in the name of art.. This act of hers has officially released the genie from the bottle. Now anyone is free to act out racist fantasies, right? All in the name of art.

  • jahpdq

    Getting tired of all this venting by people who never were slaves against people who never owned slaves. Meanwhile — as Coulter pointed out last week — the media is ridiculing the idea that there is a “knockout” game. They are correct: there is no such “game” and nobody gets “points” for doing it; rather, it’s just racism as usual for a handful of black kids who’ve been raised to believe they’re victims and for whom white folks are fair game. White folks have been getting jacked in the face by black kids for eons for no apparent reason. The only difference is, black kids all have cellies now so they can record the merriment and post it on FB or Youtube.

  • eyespeye

    Can we name a single inequality or injustice?…..waiting……..didn’t think so.

  • BarryKoolAid

    First slave owner in America, a black man named Andrew Johnson.

  • Mark Lang

    She’s just a run of the mill racist. MY question would be – hey, guys in the tree – What in the hell are you doing?

    • Seniorsquadldr

      Guilty, white, libturd, race traitors. Won’t save them when it comes.

  • Think

    Hanging two whites to dump on Americans is less painful than undergoing a clitorectomy to shame Africans.

  • Mike D

    Wasn’t it the soldiers from the North that freed the African Americans in the South. If I have my fact correct, more Americans were killed in the civil war than any other war in the history of the United States.

  • glenp827

    just shows her people blew it by not using abortion this time

    • Seniorsquadldr

      It is not too late for onz ob shes bros for to do a retro action abortion on she.

  • perpetualvictimhood

    Sorry, but the black crime rate is far more impactful on their community than any pre-dated lynching.

    • Juan Outtamany

      shhhh. They’re a protected species.

  • BarryKoolAid

    Over 800 whites a year have been murdered by blacks in America for the past 40 years. 3500 blacks were lynched in over 80 years of segregation for heinous crimes. Do the math you racist Nigel

  • SamuelThomas

    More white people have been lynched in the USA than blacks. They are just trying to perpetuate their role as a perpetual victim so they get more handouts.

  • Louis Hooffstetter

    Christina Edwards: Would you or anyone else find it appropriate to stage actors portraying Hasidic Jews and/or white people punching African Americans as hard as possible to knock them out? The ‘Knock Out Game” is another example of social injustice and inequality that impacts you and your community. Would race reversal in the ‘Knock Out Game” shine light on anything other than the fact that anyone can be racist? Lynching is always wrong, regardless of the victim’s skin color. Don’t you realize the ‘Knock Out Game” is just young African American thugs lynching Jews and white people? Grow up and pay attention!

  • glenp827

    haven’t people had FERERAL CHARGES made just by hanging a NOOSE?

    • Juan Outtamany

      Yes. Fereral charges are pending Fra ra ra ra ra/ jk

      • glenp827

        wiseacre took me a second look to find my typo
        but my Korean woman friend does sing that particular song
        (while shopping at “ROWE’s” rooking for “LINGS”)

      • glenp827

        obtw –meerry Kreehmah to you, Juan

  • pashawn

    I wonder if these actors accepted payment by EBT card?

    • Juan Outtamany

      Just weed and handies

  • jabusse

    Cool. Let’s plant some burning cross’s to show that it is not inequality born out of race. It is inequality because the black culture is one of failure. Wonder why a black person fails, probably because they were unqualified but were told they were special. I haven’t seen any black person who worked hard and smart not succeed at what they put their effort toward. I have seen many put down and dissed by their own community for trying to succeed. Even now Jessie Jackson, Obama, Al Sharpton and the rest of those in the black bigot industry champion failure. It is how they make a buck. Walk into my shop with $250 air jordans and a 3rd grade education and I guarantee you will not be hired. and it is your own fault.

  • Clem

    Maybe an art project of lynching 2 blacks to raise awareness of black racism and the evils of political correctness.

  • glen thompson

    If Christina Edwards is the true anti-racist she claims, I suggest she stage a live depiction of a super racist “knock-out game”. Something tells me I shouldn’t hold my breath. This woman is obviously a racist herself. Full of hate and imaginary persecution. Perfect CNN/MSNBC material.

  • Troll


    Resist we much!

    Let’s march!

  • Sanity1954

    Soooooo…two wrongs make a what?

  • GMI Man

    I’m a white guy but who cares? People get so worked up over everything anymore. Shes not promoting violence it’s a work of art. I could care less because I’m secure in my views enough to ignore this. Just live your lives people.

  • elcal

    My dear Christina, you statement about inequality in “YOUR” community is very telling. When people keep themselves segregated the results as history proves are disastrous. Keep yourself segregated and keep yourself down. Don’t drag the rest of us down because you want to be a victim for the rest of your life. Be part of the solution not part of the problem honey. You will have a much richer life.

  • Rich71

    This woman is why black people are so behind all other cultures. They get the government to pay for their education and then THIS is what they do with it.

  • NoMoreLies4US

    Had this been a white “artist”….she would have been expelled immediately. However, this is liberal Sacramento State in wacky liberal California, which means these “issues” (not the woman herself) are being addressed. Because Black Racism (as ramped as it is) is “understandable” …. White Racism is the ONLY racism that seems to be “intolerable” in the Liberal mind.

  • Greg Thrasher

    I would love to get this artist autograph!!!!!

    • Juan Outtamany

      Not in cursive, I hope

      • Greg Thrasher

        In Black & White of course

  • Juan Outtamany

    Her next project will be called, “the mass confusion of father’s day”

    • perpetualvictimhood

      hahaaa….wher ma baby be at?

  • jmatt55

    People need to stop living in 1922. Black on black crime is an order of magnitude more common than white on black, or even black on white for that matter.

  • lanche

    Better watch it she may start the knock out game on campus. Hypocrite!!!

  • pinkneck

    She should have done the black version of a lynching which is to throw a tire over the lynchee and set it on fire.

  • Defiant

    “‘The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole’…Edwards says she chose to illustrate this time in history by using race reversal…”

    Sooo…black people are being lynched in “this time in history?” I mean, this is just MORE racist crap. The INJUSTICE for blacks in America is just staggering! Free (to them) Obamaphones; Welfare; free college; foodstamps (which get spent on cigs and Lotto); free housing; income tax returns when they didn’t PAY an taxes; and the list GOES ON!
    Yeah…TERRIBLE to be a black person in this here Jim Crowe America…

  • Defiant

    The white actors are raving morons too.

  • Cheapshot420420 .

    wonder if he realizes that white people did get lynched back then.

    • No I doubt it and she doesn’t count all the white people who died in the civil war who were fighting to end slavery. Those dead white people just don’t count.

      • Jim Rall

        They never do count because it doesn’t fit the Progressive Fascist agenda.

  • 7loubro_4

    And is she in an upscale university on her scholarship awards, or there on the free tuition and other freebies that white students do not qualify for? I lived in the time when my college opened its campus to Black students, and no riots were held. I have been in Texas all my life and have never seen a lynching of any kind, although sadly those things were done by White people. However, it seems to me that the times we live in have suddenly turned back to the racist ways, mainly because our half white POTUS has rejected his mother’s race for the Black votes. So hit me now where I am mistaken.

  • spawn44

    That be OBAMA and WITHHOLDER folk art.

  • reagan2012

    She’s right. If whitey weren’t so racist, he would have elected a completely black president… Alan Keyes.

  • Tyler Curl

    You mean they were “hanged” from a tree…

    • rufus

      but were well hung.

  • Greg Thrasher

    Whites resent their own history in America….Why? Is it shame?..Why are whites so angry about their behavior? What drives this reaction by Whites? Whites have mastered the ‘Art” of deflection, denial, avoidance,etc.. I opine that is a cultural pathology of whiteness it is so pervasive in our nation from Seattle to Key West this same cultural marker…WTF

    • She’s got the tunnel vision – she can only see grievances.

      • Greg Thrasher

        No she has courage she acts on her beliefs ..

    • erl11

      I wasn’t alive during slavery or lynching or segregation. History is meant to learn from it and go forward. Yet, some people today are unable to go forward in a positive manner and work together to make this a better country. But, some people are stuck in the past. And, some people don’t love this country. If people continue to do damage to this country – we will be like all the rest – and we all will have no hope.

      • Greg Thrasher

        Nor was I around during slavery or Jim Crow but that is not the issue of course….One does not have to retreat to the past to deal with the reality of inequity and racism..
        A few month s ago the Pew Study documented the wealth gap between white families and black families….Whites has 21 x more wealth!! This was clearly not an overnight outcome but a legacy of unearned white priviledges etc…Yet whites get angry and deflective about this history ..Why???

        • erl11

          21x more wealth. I don’t care if others make more than I do. I need to be satisfied with what I bring in and not worry about what others have. In this country – it doesn’t make a difference what the color of your skin is – if you work hard and go to school or if you use your talent that God gave you, you can do well. There will always be people making more than us. So what. Don’t hate the people who do. Do the best you can and do the best you can to help this country be better. Life is not fair – and the lack of values that many people have are making this country worse. Everything is more expensive – because of greed and hate.

          • Greg Thrasher

            WTF are you posting about?? This in not a bible forum!!!!

          • erl11

            Freedom of speech. It’s being taken away from us. Soon, someone will be objecting to what you say. That’s also part of the problem with our country.

          • Greg Thrasher


        • Jim Rall

          ‘Unearned’ WTF are you talking about! You have special loans, special access, affirmative action yada,… yada…. and most of you still can’t make it… less than 5 percent of you are professionals…

          • Greg Thrasher

            Whites had “only whites apply’ GI Bill..All kinds of special terms for loans, grants etc..Please know your facts before engaging me

          • Jim Rall

            I do know my facts… you’re the one living in a Sharpton/Jackson fog.

          • Greg Thrasher

            You are clueless..Go Wiki” Redlining” you hillbillie..lol,lol,lol

    • Jim Rall

      Blacks have been given more in this country than any other country on Earth… and all you do is whine… slavery wahhh… wahhh. Every culture and race has suffered slavery at one time or another. Remember that Blacks SOLD blacks to slave traders… or is that an inconvenient fact…. if you were not brought here you would still be chasing your dinner around with a stick with a stone tied to the end of it. You’re 14 percent of the population that commits 80 percent of the crime and we’re getting really tired of it… you can leave and go back to the Nature Land any time you want to, and then you won’t have to look at whites any more.

      • Greg Thrasher

        Whites have been given no wait took and obtained more unearned benefits in our nation and yet they still whine, whine, whine, etc..Please also spare us the fiction about crime..The most lethal criminal collective remains white males from domestic abuse to domestic terrorism to wall street crimes..yada, yada,yada..

        • Jim Rall

          Fiction about crime you say… go away, you’re a tool… a moron… go buy a police scanner and listen to the descriptions… watch the news and ‘Cops”…. fiction… the only fiction here is you claiming to be smart.

          • Greg Thrasher

            Police scanner ..WOW what great proof…What’s nex in your bag of nonsense carbon paper..lol,lol,lol

  • Rob

    This would make a good cover photo for the book Obama is writing called I have a dream

  • Major Kalhoun

    And that is NOT racism? Wow. Liberals are some very sick people. Such a double standard.

  • pbtruth

    I never said that Mandela was white nor American but Mandela did
    lynchings and necklacing (you know where they put tires filled with
    gasoline around people necks and put a match to them. Your right about Democrats
    lynching but that was some time ago. I was speaking about the current

  • erl11

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” Edwards said.”
    Really? Lynching two white people? The people who did the lynching are dead and gone. Most of us were not alive when that happened. Yet, we are blamed for it. Our country is progressing. We still need improvement – but we are going in the right direction. Perhaps this student can do well in school and be successful in her profession and be a good example for her community. But to do what she did is a step backwards.

  • GuateNY

    Oprah approves of this “art” installation.

  • neechian

    There were nine lynchings of blacks in the entire decades of the 1950s and 1960s. http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/shipp/lynchingyear.html

    How many tens of thousands of white people have been raped, robbed and murdered by blacks since 1950? Wonder how many tears this woman has for them,

  • Yea, and the Tea Party is Racist? Whatever. This is disgusting, and I’m an artist.

  • Mandela

    Why not “necklace” with a tire filled with gasoline as Winnie Mandela did ? Selective history

  • perpetualvictimhood

    now you know why the legal voting and military age is 18.

  • BusProf

    They forgot the Reid and Pelosi masks.

  • Steve

    Focus on lynching from decades ago – ignore black on black crime happening daily today.


  • staff office

    First off F-ing STOP calling your selves “African Americans” You have as much relation to African as I do to my German heritage! Also, stop blaming the “man” for all your stupid self imposed problems! Your a college student and you still act like some dumb @ss who is fighting the struggle. Go back to your dorm with your iPad, and iPhone and blog about how oppressed you are as a black women. FYI I k now more about YOUR black leaders than you do and I would bet money on that!

  • stronmness


  • neechian

    Sharkeisha, no!

  • nearboston

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” Edwards said.

    The social injustice and inequality that impacts her and her ‘community’ in this century is entirely self inflicted.

    There is no reason whatsoever that an African American who graduates High School in the United States of America does not get a college education and gainful employment upon graduation.

    None whatsoever.

    • erl11

      You are absolutely right. But, some people are so short-sighted – blaming the people living in the present for what people did in the past – who are all mostly dead. It takes courage and strength to move forward and work together with others to make this a better country.

    • Jude O’Connor

      Why is it not inequality when when standards are lowered in order to qualify to enter college? Why is there 19 colleges that are for black only? Why at 13% does the media demand a black in every discussion? Journalists have an agenda and it’s quite evident what it is.

  • Black Magic

    This forum is a truly saddening and worrying glimpse into the ideologies of the tea party. Comparisons to the Dixiecrat party of the south were made before in other articles, but digging into the forums reveals the same arguments and justifications for racism used through out Jim Crow. It’s baffling that there are those who believe blacks would climb out of a near slave status in the 50-60s to median-income prosperity in two generations. Since conspiracy theories seem to be popular amongst you folks, remember the Iran-contra scandal and what inner city streets the CIA used to funnel illicit crack sales for weapons in centra america? Let’s recognize that crime is a function of education, wealth, and likelihood to get caught. Attributing race to crime propensity merely confuses the fact that many blacks are poor, but that it’s the poorness not the blackness causing the crime.

    • BusProf

      Crime and poverty are more related to self worth than anything else. When progressives put any group of people on the government dole and say they are helping, they are actually destroying a group’s self-worth. Once the self-worth is destroyed, on a reservation, the projects, or government subsidized housing, people think that they are animals in the care of the farmer. Once people get away from the hand-outs and realize they can do it on their own, they become humans again. The “farmer” doesn’t like that.

  • BusProf

    Strange fruit.

  • njguy53

    Let’s guess what would have happened if the situation were reversed. Hmmm…..

  • Greg Thrasher

    I am always amused by the intensity of white folks whenever they get emotional and reactionary with regard to the truth about their racism especially when it is documented and historical.. Why is that?

    • Kenya_Diggit

      Because you’re insane.

      • Greg Thrasher

        So now I get the blame for white racism..lol,lol,

        • Kenya_Diggit

          Wait…what? You make no sense.

          • Greg Thrasher

            You are lost in here..Catch up or get out of here..

          • Kenya_Diggit

            Catch up to what? Your insanity?

          • Greg Thrasher

            Your inability to understand basic knowledge

          • Kenya_Diggit

            Whatever…good luck with the whole “The world owes me” attitude. It will get you far in life.

          • Greg Thrasher


          • Kenya_Diggit


        • Jim Rall

          Whine whine… what do think happened to the Irish, Italians, Germans, and Slavs when they came here A–h–le. My people came from Germany with 10 dollars American in their pocket and didn’t speak the language… the Irish side came here and saw signs in windows that said “Irish need not apply’… so stick it your pathetic whining up your A–s.

    • jurassicpork

      Maybe because we’re tired of being held accountable for every racial crime, real or imagined that’s happened in the last 100 years. if you want to improve race relations, stop trying to guilt us into apologizing for history.

      • Greg Thrasher

        White guilt is a fiction. .. Please spare me this tired racial excuse..

        • jurassicpork

          Really? Then why do blacks still scream about reparation. Do you really need 40 acres and a mule? Maybe if this student had put more thought into the outcome of her ‘performance art’ we wouldn’t be having this discussion, would we. Look, I don’t you personally, you’re probably a nice guy, but please, enough with the ‘all whites are racist’ crap. BTW, I’m mostly brown, a smattering american indian and white. You don’t here me whining about the white man stealing our lands, so why do you whine about crimes commited over a half century ago?

  • Dave

    Two of ours for 10 of theirs sounds fair.

  • Terry Adney

    One persons racism is another persons life experience. You want to help race relations? Try being a decent human being and stop trying to get something for nothing.

  • In actual fact while a good number of Blacks were lynched down in the South back in the day numerous whites were lynched too. The common denominators were that those being lynched were Republicans and the lynchers were the Democrats through their KKK enforcement arm.

  • Valek420

    Now if a white student made that with two black men, whew boy we might be under martial law.

  • LeisureForeigner

    2013 Media’s Logic: “In Post-Racial America, lynching is not racist. …and if you think it is racist, it is because you are a racist white clinger. (And, while we’re at it, 2+2=5, so there!)”

  • Son of Liberty

    Still crying about offenses they never personally suffered and still ignoring the animalistic savagery going on in their own communities – ah the American Black!

    It is astounding that the White, Anglo-Saxon male, is so awesome that he can cause entire segments of the population to spontaneously de-evolve, without lifting a finger…

  • MekongDelta69

    In addition to the racist POS (self-proclaimed) ‘artiste,’ the two idiot white guys must be self-loathing, guilt-ridden (for no reason), spineless, leftists.

  • Jimmy NoChit

    Jimmie likes dis. Jimmy be hanging some ni99ers for his next ‘art’ project. I be calling it ‘waiting on Section8’.

  • AmazedJim

    People love to bring up lynching, but they have no problems at all with mob “knock out” activity. While I find lynching reprehensible, symbols like this are equally reprehensible. Had the two “hangers” been Muslim or Black, there would be hell fire in Sacramento right now.

  • Billy

    The 2 idiots posing for the “project” should lynch themselves…..


    Lynching? Hmmm….Yes, I believe that could be art. I would like to buy a Lynching and place it prominently at my work place. I believe it would encourage my workers to appreciate and understand creativity. I would buy a second one and place it near the entrance to my neighborhood so that unknown visitors would have a better understanding of our artistic culture. I think that since this young lady wishes to promote the value and artistic relevance of lynching we should all participate and have lynchings everywhere! There are so many many who are denied this wonderful art form and we should be promoting and displaying it wherever and whenever we can.

  • Sickened

    I agree with GMI. Seeing the picture/art was one thing…one person’s view of America. I don’t have to agree with it. I can do so without attacking a whole race of people. I can disagree by saying intelligently why it doesn’t classify as art.
    However, reading the comments, causes me to wonder if perhaps Christina
    fulfilled her purpose.
    Most of the comments are full of hate/contempt and in some cases blatant racism.Who would believe that racism is over when in 2013 someone calls a Black person a coon??
    Who is to believe racism is over when people make comments inferring that mostly Blacks receive welfare when statistics for years indicated otherwise?
    And just when the ignorance could not get any worse and my heart any heavier,
    there are people wishing another life was aborted just because you don’t agree with what was said?
    Thank you upstanding Americans for enlightening me on the current state of racism and intellienceYou showed more with your words than that piece of “art” !

    • haha

      Hahaha you listen to people on the internet haha. Obviously there is still racism around on both ends of the spectrum it would be ignorant to think otherwise. What there isnt is apartheid..

  • Paula

    Does this bring out the social injustices of the knockout game too?

  • soldiervet

    It’s a good thing that Whites, for the most part,
    never act like public IDIOTS…unlike, for example..Black folk on TV, fist fighting, robbing, MURDERING, each other over some,
    -Or Section 8 housing!

    …Oh, I forgot, in the Black Community, 93%,
    like to blame the “man” (whites)!!

    The blame game, is all so prevalent and chronic within the Black Community!

    It does them no justice!

    For example, look at the 2010 Census DATA:

    Whites, collectively, have 20 TIMES THE WEALTH OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY!!

    Along with wealth, look at GUNS, to prove that it’s not the problem with crime!…

    -Not only do Whites have 20 TIMES THE WEALTH OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY!!

    But, according to Pew research:

    -White men represent just a third
    of the U.S. population.

    Yet, 60% of all adult guns owners
    in America TODAY, are WHITE ADULT MEN!
    That’s not even including, White adult women!
    -Also, think of how many of them have CCW’s!

    -I hope that some of these racist THUG’s,
    with their “knock out” nonsense, take notice of that!

    ..So, imagine how many gun owners,
    in total, are White?!

    Now, the left, who hate guns, will say that GUN’s and those who have them, are the root of the problem. That’s why these slime balls, LOVE to reveal the names and addresses of all us law abiding guns owners to the public!

    So if guns and those who have them are the problem, then…How is it, that Black’s, who only about 15% legally own guns, (PEW research)
    make up just 13% of the population and yet according to the FBI statistics,
    commit 53% of the murder’s in this country and the majority of the robberies too?
    -Mind as well add that “knock out game” to the mix!

    I think you Black Majority, need to change tactics!- Obviously, your silly blame gaming,
    James Cone-Black Liberation one, isn’t working!!

    Now, lets see, and here’s something you 93%’r’s can learn from.

    If Whites have the GUNS and the WEALTH…

    What does that mean for all you lefty and Black majority?!

    It means, when all Obama hell breaks loose,
    which is coming, and his FRAUD economy implodes worse then GREECE,
    along with civil unrest!

    -Guess, who’s coming out on top?!(lol)

    Trust me, if you Black loud mouth RACIST and IDIOT White lefty’s, knew any better,
    you’d understand, as the majority of Whites do. On what’s coming our way!!

    …Thanks to your Black “jesus”, that you ZOMBIES, love so much, ours is set up to be MUCH worst!

    In fact, Europe’s awful mess, will seem like paradise to us!

    ..An, of course, he’ll blame his awful mess,
    on whitey, too!–Like I said,
    it was this racist crittin (Obama) who said this gem:

    “White folks’ greed runs a world in need”!!

    So, if the “man”, gets credit for the negatives,
    who then gets credit for the positives?! -The “man” too?!(lol)

    As you see, instead of rejecting race baiting MORON’s like Oblame-a, and selecting to join together with Whites, since they HAVE the wealth & guns, as in One America for all of us….

    So as to ask yourselves,

    “what can we learn from Whites to better ourselves, or what can they teach us?”…

    Instead, it’s ALWAYS, choosing, for you black racist, the same old STUPID, “victimization”, James Cone’s Black Liberation Theology, one!

    -Thus, you Black majority, end up solving nothing for yourselves, YET AGAIN!(lol)

    -An, you wonder why, the majority of Whites and the 7% of Black’s, look at you as a bunch of pathetic whiny MORONs!!

  • KeepOnHatinCrackas

    Blacks sure do love the past its the hate they’ve been fed since the cradle how does a college girl who never experienced that Era know what it was like unless it was the way she was raised like I said she was fed BS since the cradle that’s why racism will never die with idiots like her walking around it was the past get over it

  • toohottohandle

    Irish and Jews were lynched as well. The blacks never bring that up.

  • KeepOnHatinCrackas

    It has nothing to do with this story but in North philly a school was robbed and the computers stolen they were donated by comedian kevin hart so who gonna blame black community ? The white man ? When in fact it was you’re own people you do the crap to yourselves just a hateful community

  • 67garyn47

    I think it is funny how these people blame their own inability to succeed on others. They go to the same schools, they have the same books, they have the same homework assignments, but yet they commit 90 percent of violent crime and they have 76 percent births out of wedlock. She blames all that on whites. She is an idiot.

  • Trucker209

    Sacramento State University of……. (our future leaders?) God help us.

  • Shane Von Russell

    The white devil must be stopped at all costs.

  • Dr. James Crow

    Just one more example of a discussion we won’t need to have when we embrace the fact that separation is the answer.
    DIEversity is strife and death. Harmful to all sides.
    The altar of the MultiKult is awash in blood.
    Stop the Hate!

  • Rosa Parks

    Well, I see the racists and the haters are here in force today spewing the venom they have been commanded to repeat by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Those of us not blinded by out own hatred will recognize that the young student was merely acting out a symbolic reparation expressing solidarity with all oppressed peoples of the planet.

    For far too many years Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh have incited violence against minority communities. Now, hear how The Pig squeals when challenged as to to its presumptions of White Privilege.

    I am not surprised by the degree of racist invective pouring from this board. I sincerely hope the angry haters posting here will seek the help they need to address their psychological pathologies.

    The hate-mongers and the racists ranting here need to return to masturbating on their guns, their Bibles and their AM radios and leave the rest of us alone!

    • outragedpatriot

      CAN’T PASS THIS ONE BY. “For far too many years Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh have incited violence against minority communities.” Please provide quotes and sources for both people mentioned here, to support your B.S. comment.
      Now, who is the hate-monger? And how, exactly, does this er, piece of “art” demonstrate so-called “white priviledge” ?

  • Ishkabibble

    ..and American society continues to move forward.

  • toohottohandle


  • Bob A

    The clan with a tan! Or just being good Democrats.

  • DkSmnr Inspades

    Another racist fruit cake with a mind filled with nuts. It is estimated that 40% of all lynchings in the South were white folk fighting for black rights. The ‘woes is me I’m a victim of white oppression’ doesn’t stand up to the smell test when you have Obama in the White House. This demographic represents 12% to 13% of the US population and is so favored in many policies that we see blacks making up 40% of all federal employees on the whole. If you take the DC transit authority as an example then the percentage shoots up to 98% black males. Not one white male works in the DCTA.

  • Moses871

    blacks are hanging themselves…. and white liberals are giving them the rope.

  • Fastgirl

    Racist much. What would the response have been if an artist had lynched two black guys and called it art?

  • Aurora

    Anyone who speaks the truth about race is to be shouted down and called names by those who either don’t wish to face the truth or are so brainwashed that they have no concept of what is real. The truth is that racism and the problems of race will never be solved because they are based on something that will not change…our DNA. There is nothing holding blacks back now but themselves. They cannot compete successfully in school or the workplace because they don’t have the native intelligence to do so. The fact that blacks cannot compete frustrates them and leads them into crime and drugs on a scale not seen in the other races. Blacks the world over have substantially higher crime rates than the other races. The vast preponderance of valid scientific evidence shows that the normal curve distribution of black intelligence is shifted to the left in comparison with other races. As we have seen, this is an area where seeking the truth through research is dangerous and can cause you to lose your position in academia. The elites want us to get our minds right.
    Why is it that Asians have no problem competing even when they may come from very poor families and speak no English upon arrival in a country where they are a small minority? Affirmative action may be well intended but it usually puts a black
    person into a position that he/she could not have achieved on their own while
    pushing aside individuals who was more qualified.
    Blacks in the US have a higher standard of living than in any country throughout the world. Why is that? What do you think the standard of living for blacks in African countries where blacks control the government is like? Why is Haiti so horrifically poor? When blacks are in charge of their government things are worse for them then when whites are in power. The media’s interest in South Africa ended with the end of apartheid. South Africa now has much higher crime rates and more poverty. You won’t see media stories questioning why that is.
    I wish that these things were not true. Life would be better for all of us if they
    weren’t. But these things are true and we will all be stuck with the consequences of them until genes can be altered to fix the problem.

  • thebaldchick

    “Race reversal” not required…white men WERE lynched back in the 1800s. They were call Republicans.

  • HighInformationVoter

    So profound… What an idiot. Those two white-guilt libs that helped her are hopelessly in the deep end as well. This is why I don’t like young people.

  • jurassicpork

    I’m waiting for the ‘Middle Eastern stoning’ performance art!

  • Prez Oboz

    If this was done by a white portraying two blacks the would be in uproar!! The brown clowns lap dog Holder would launch a federal investigation & the 2 fake Reverend thug, Grease head Sharpton & Jackson would be flapping their lips on national TV!!! Kick this hip-hop racist savage out of school!


    Most of the victims of Southern lynching were “White”. Lynching was not just for “Blacks” – despite what the “progressives” say.

    Research it if you don’t believe me.

    • UhOh

      Lynchings weren’t just in the South. Just as the KKK wasn’t just in the South.

  • Zatoichi808

    If this was a white student lynching 2 blacks, there would be federal charges of hate crimes and 10+ year sentences handed out. But since the student is BLACK, never mind, move along, nothing to see here.

  • Carabec

    …… and he has not been expelled? Sounds like an an act of racisim to me.


    The “racial left” is basically making it OK to hate white people. What do you think will be the consequences? More racial harmony?

  • Rastaz Koon


    • Greg Thrasher

      Who dat?

  • luvitall21

    We don’t need lynchings and social injustice to be “brought to light”. We’ve been swallowing it from a fire hose for 70 years now. Time to take a break from the distant past and do some current artwork around knockouts, gang shootings, flash mob robberies, sliding, brawling over Nikes and hamburgers, parentless babies, dropping out of school, incarceration, etc etc etc. You won’t even need a tree for many of these.

  • Andrew Arnold

    I think this is a case of ‘much ado about nothing’ She’s a hippy-dippy college student, what do you expect? Wait till life beats some reality into her….

  • JackalopeJones

    I find it ironic that as a college senior she states:

    The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” .

    You’ve come a long way, baby…

  • seabass3

    What inequities is she talking about?

  • Notice that it’s two while males. She is sexist for not making one of them a white female.

  • reardenmetal

    when exactly was the last hanging of a black man while people stood around and did nothing????

  • Talkabout

    Attn: Black Community- It starts at home! If you want to pull you and your family up, someone has to set the example in the family. You can’t expect anyone else to do it for you or your kids. It’s up to you to make the choice. You can say well we don’t have good schools. If you want kids to succeed do leave it up to your school. Your kids can study at home if you will help them. I had some teachers that were horrible, I couldn’t leave it up to them to learn it. You have to make your own choices and don’t cry poor me or blame others. Everyone can give an excuse about something, but it’s just an excuse. As I heard a person once say “you didn’t pick my cotton so why are you blaming me?” I was expected by my parents to go to school and to get an education. They expected me to study, go to church, don’t hang around with thugs and they wanted to know who I was hanging around with, don’t do drugs, get involved in school activities, know right from wrong, they watched what I was watching on the tv and music that I listened too. When I slipped they were there to kick my butt and when I did good, they patted me on the back! My parents did that and expected that from me. This wasn’t the governments job or my schools job. Everything I just said can all be done in a home, weather it is in the black community, white community, latino etc. It all starts in the home! White people are just tired of hearing about it and being blamed for everything.

  • VetMike

    I’m thinking of “lynching” a black guy, an asian and an indian. Think I’ll get into trouble? Think the University President would “working to address the multiple issues raised by this incident” or throwing me to the wolves?

  • Superpower

    Isn’t it rich that these two quislings participated in this bitter display of grievance hustling…

  • Armand Rodriguez

    Can’t wait to see her “performance” demonstrating the evils of the abortion holocaust which has taken millions of black souls.

  • Sacto man

    It’s Sac State, what do you expect Liberal BS crap cesspool. Whitey bad Obama great…

  • Holy Crapolla

    So what is neqeisha mad about? Where is the enequity for this African Student. For a collage almost graduate she is stupid. Government free ride wasted their money on her.

  • Sacto man

    Someday a Black man will be President, then and only then will the race baiters end their campaign of BS..What’s that you say? A Black man is president? And race relations are worse than ever? Uh. well, nevermind…

  • Jennifer Trudeau

    This is just as racist as if it were black or brown people being lynched. what’s her point? No one lynches anyone anymore. Racism will continue to thrive when people assume they are victims of it, and hang onto it like a patch to wear on their arms for everyone to see. When you think about race first, you’re a racist. Doesn’t matter if that’s being for or against someone for their race. And the answer to placate perceived racism in the here and now society isn’t to start hating on white people. She didn’t teach anyone anything by doing this whole role reversal- white people ended lynching because white people understood how bad it was. We don’t need to be retaught by some dumb kid who thinks she’s smarter than everyone cause she’s in a liberal arts class in California.

  • drt8519

    The slowly creeping race war is beginning.

  • John Robinson

    google this one – for every black man lynched by white, over 5000 whites have been murdered by blacks.
    This invasive species called blacks, that have no business being in a civilized society either need to be eradicated or moved back to the jungles from whence they came.

  • Johnrambo1

    White people are the new Native American. An endangered species. Destroyed by global corporate fascism and the greed of their own leadership.

  • ocean

    The idiot Black student is supporting and practicing
    bad race propaganda.

  • ocean

    The Supreme Court of the United States
    ruled a constitutional right to abortion.
    A constitutional right to kill a baby.
    Choice means to ‘Kill’ or ‘Not to Kill’ a baby.
    Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion
    provider in America. Its on your conscience.
    God help you.

  • Fine. How about some social justice with the grade she got?

    I’ll assume she got 100. Have her give 20 points to the kid who waited ’til the last minute and got a 60. That way they both get 80 and they’re “equal.”


    She “earned” her 100?

    TOO BAD.




    How ’bout THAT justice, sugar?

    LIKE IT?


    You’re going to get LOTS OF IT.

  • dkme1

    They lynched white people all the time in the wild wild west, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia just to name a few. So why is this a black thing?

  • ocean

    Abortion kills more Blacks

    any ‘Lynches’.

  • Deadfrog

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,”

    Hey you self righteous white hating twatwaffle…. This isn’t the 60s. We already hear about this from History Class.

    I am so sick of caucasian Americans , tolerating this and or encouraging this. I’m frankly tired of it. If those WHITE guys had any pride, they wouldn’t have taken that job. Good job, encourage more white hate.

    What the F is wrong with you caucasians?

    We should be pointing out how things today are way bettter than when Lynchings were around. Vs how bad we used to be.

  • JGTheMan

    This art form is called “racism” and the artist is a “racist”.

  • dbt3481

    How is this art? I mean, really?

  • lucesociator

    This poor oppressed black college student who has had to face the threat of being lynched all of her life as she struggled to overcome the white man’s racist system to be allowed into the white man’s elitist upper class college in the horrible racist state of California. Certainly we need to end all of these lynchings of black people in California. And start allowing black students into the California institutions of higher learning. This young black Amerikan should be honored for doing something notable to bring the county’s attention to the horrible conditions black college students face in the California indoctrination er ah education system. I think this will at long last bring an end to the lynchings of blacks in California.

  • nadodave

    I guess in her mind the 75% of black children born out of wedlock and abandoned to single mothers and grandparents is not an injustice.
    No lynching of these fathers portrayed in her art, huh?

  • ocean

    Abortion is the killer of Blacks.
    Obama supports Planned Parenthood.

  • Rich71

    I go to to a predominantly black university in Florida. During Black History month the library display was almost entirely books on Slavery. Not accomplishments but excuses for lack of accomplishment.

  • xvicex

    Now she will just blame whitey…

    • Supreme Me2


  • miker5

    I know someone who’s getting an “A” in art. Disgusting display of double standard.

  • Noindex

    So the “performance art” depicting a white man killed with a black man robbing him is going to be displayed when?

  • Bob Smith

    This would have been considered racist if she had hung a scaracrow that looked like Obama.

  • 3901

    Just a typical N I G G E R.

    • Michael Louro

      …always from someone hiding behind a fake name and an avatar. just pathetic.

    • JimmyChonga

      You’re very likely a LEFTIST troll, too

  • jakesprogress

    It’s always 1950 to the idiotic leftists.

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” Edwards said.

  • RadioGuy

    This woman should be expelled. Is it any wonder this goes on? After all this is the atmosphere these colleges marinate in. All aggrieved, all offended, everyone who’s not white is a victim. Capitalism oppresses except of course when they are looking for deep pockets for donations. These people make me sick. This country has done more to equalize race relations than any other country on the planet. They don’t want equality, they want superiority. They are the true racists.

    • tennesseetuxedo59

      lolol get a grip

  • JimmyChonga

    What manner of ill-conceived, outrageous GARBAGE has been given a “pass” once it is termed “art”. Modern education consists of little else than hedonism and liberalism. THERE IS NO FUTURE WHEN PROPER CHARACTER IS NOT FORMED.

  • Treelea


  • Chrissakes

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” Edwards said.

    Because lynching is so common these days.

  • earldumarest

    Why didn’t she just play some “knockout king”?

  • Yeziam12

    You will never have self respect if you constantly look for the misery in life. Focus on the accomplishmets, focus on the possibilities, to do otherwise is to promote the hate and ignore the love.

  • britain

    “Social Justice” is the new leftist term for “racial cleansing”. These people are dangerous and sick in the head.

    • canalway

      That makes “economic justice” a leftist term for the same old communism/socialism. Funny how things never change in the land of hope&change.

  • doggma

    are they horse thieves…….bank robbers……murderers……if not they must be dumdass white boys…..

    how how about putting two black actors up in a tree for art…..i never seen a black guy hanging from a tree like i have just seen two white actors hanging…..

  • Supreme Me2

    If we relive the past, we will be doomed in the future…. or something like that

  • walterc

    Why isn’t she being charged with a hate crime? Isn’t hate speech a crime in Kalifornia?

    • GuestPoster

      Isn’t hate speech a crime in Kalifornia?

      I think it would be considered a hate crime in all fifty states if the prosecutors actually had the balls to file those charges. But since they’re elected officials they are scared to death to be labeled racist. And have no doubt, they would be if they filed hate crime charges against a black like this woman.


  • canalway

    Hang an empty chair and see the shiite fly.

  • libknocker

    If a white student had done this he would have been expelled and Eric Holder would be charging him with a hate crime, Al Sharpton would be holding a march in front of his home. Nothing but crickets from the leftists.

  • caligula

    and people wonder who is dredging up old racist feelings and hatred after all the progress our country has made?

    • flyboy

      Well that’s “progress” Obammy and DemoRAT style. Ever since his election, and especially re-election, this nation’s race relations have taken a nose dive. He really is the most divisive president this nation has EVER had. Not only among party lines, but among racial lines. NO president has done more harm to this nation internally (and externally with foreign affair incompetence) than this idiot.

      • caligula

        all barack and holder had to do was prosecute the illegal activities of the black panther guy at the polls in 2008 to let everyone know they weren’t putting up with that type of bulls**t, but instead they did nothing and emboldened those types. and we see the products of their inaction…all across the nation, every day.

  • Mike Gilmer

    But she is a Caucasian hating Negro! Everybody knows her rights are superior in this country today. Just ask Eric Holder.

  • flyboy

    I’d REALLY love to know what “injustice” has been done to this young black woman. She has EVERYTHING at her beckoned call of protection and special rights (aka: affirmative action, special scholarship grants, etc.) being a “minority” as WELL as being a female!

    Speak up sister!

    • doggma

      curious how she paid for college…..

  • tom smith

    Wow… another race and there would be riots in the streets.. Congress people and MSM protesting and marching; ejection from the University… For this, keep on moving .. nothing to see here..

  • doggma

    if it would of only been two black guys……obozos civil war would be on…..
    curious what kind of grade did she gets from “if i had a daughter she would be like me”

  • matinva

    It’s hard to imagine all the wonderful things this is going to do for race relations in our country. (sarc off)

  • oynque

    Actually what I am sort of waiting for is a group of concerned citizens catching a group of “knock-out game” participants and ACTUALLY dispensing local justice of a most permanent kind which, of course, would be splashed universally on YouTube AND Facebook. Maybe a group of these morons ALL with broken legs, arms, hands and no teeth might be a reverse action scene who’s time has come?!?

  • Jerry Cummings

    Explain how this is art? Also, those 2 actors must have been desperate for work under this administration.

  • PieMan

    I think the “victimhood card” has been played way toooo much!! BWAGHAHAHHAHHAHA!!

  • caligula

    —-University President Alexander Gonzalez released this statement saying, in part: “The university did not approve the display, and I want to assure everyone that I am working to address the multiple issues raised by this incident.”—

    whites students doing this to blacks would have been expelled BEFORE that statement was released. you can bet on it.

  • slowboat2

    Guess logic (albeit twisted) would be that a white artist will now hang 2 blacks on campus and it will be looked at as art. Something about being good for the goose and gander.
    The the artist should put a cross in a jar of pee.
    Now we are talking about art.

  • Sangria Singh

    Oh, boy. More social justice warrior nonsense. Cry some more.

  • caligula

    if University President Alexander Gonzalez does not expel her, every white student should leave the campus and never come back.

  • san rafael blue

    She is a racist Bioycth for doing something so hateful, and the boys are nincompoops for participating. They must be Liberal whites boys easily embarrassed by their so called white privledge. The girl should be expelled, the boys suspended. All three should be fitted for Dunce Caps!

  • MSGSteve

    How soon they forget. There were over 700 whites (conservatives) lynched in the south during reconstruction along with nearly 3000 blacks. Maybe they do some history homework.

    • Ookook Eekeek

      homeworks beeza raycist

  • dlentz

    Social injustice? She is right, it is time to place everyone on a level playing field; she should be expelled for her racism.

  • mohammad.felafal

    If a white student lynched two black men…omg can you image the firestorm in the media? Obama would be giving a speech about it right now.

  • Pax Romana

    Just more Victimist propaganda. The purpose of which is to keep the
    black victim train rolling down the tracks full of white passengers on a
    guilt trip. She doesn’t give a damn about ‘Lynching’. If she really
    wanted to create art with an anti-lynching message that had any real and
    genuine relevancy, she would have had a group of black Africans standing
    around with tires around their necks.

  • KunTewk

    Folks the race war has begun. All the anti-White rhetoric we are hearing, the street violence targeting White people…..these things have always occurred right before the war begins. Don’t stick your heads in the sand.

  • Jeff

    She’s blaming whites for “lynchings?” That’s dumb. Clearly when actual lynchings were occurring “Rope Control Laws” were just too lax…

  • caligula

    i hope all white people bring billy clubs to all polling places at every election moving forward. start hanging blacks from trees as a joke. and start knocking out random black people with one punch for no reason.

    all with Eric Holder’s blessing and no chance of being arrested.

    fair is fair.

  • AJCortez

    When afrikkkan-Americans learn and accept that slavery was a stain on mankind, not just “white people”, then their community will begin to see better days. Until then, let us denounce this race baiter for what she truly is… a bigot. IMHO, she and those that believe as she does are no better than the klan. Only difference is the klan used to have to wear hoods…

  • chicodon

    Who are the two idiots she got to pose for this?

    • caligula


  • m bmm

    If the roles were reversed, this would likely be treated as a hate crime. Why do We The People stand for such egregious double standards?

  • Leo

    String her ass up !

  • Liberalsgohome

    “Bring to light social injustices that impacts me and my community” Just a quick question for Ms. Edwards. When was the last time someone in your community was lynched?

  • George A Watson III

    Reverse discrimination has gotten so bad that this young black girl obviously thought she was immune from any responsibility – THANKS LIBERALS ……

  • dixhandley

    To be a black youth today, you first must be angry and hateful. It’s a prerequisite to hate the white man as well. And then, there’s the knockout game you must participate in because of your violent culture. Glad I’m a proud white man!

  • Guest

    This is just an art statement. A tableaux of the injustice from the past. This all has me recall the philosophy of Nelson Mandella. His ability to forgive was incredible. What is it about forgiveness that frees one’s spirit? Give this girl a break and let her express herself.

  • Finkster

    What’s really sad is the IDIOTS have more rights under Affirmative Action than the rest of the population. And the majority of the Minorities don’t comprehend this.
    All they have to do is get a job and got to work. That simple….
    But under the Religion of Progressive Liberalism. They feel entitled to something the the rest of us have worked hard to obtain.
    Their Doctrine within the Progressive Liberal Religion of Redistribution of Wealth is so entrenched in them that they want to Lynch those who will not accept their self anointed superiority. And those who won’t give to them what they think they are entitled, are the victims of their crimes of them taking what they think they are entitled.

    How long is it going to be until the Mandela Necklace will be the way of submission?

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    There are many social problems that continue to plague the black community. Among them include the spread of infectious diseases due to multiple partners, Single family homes, the easy access to illegal drugs, black on black murders which go unreported, elected black leaders who refuse to address these problems but are more than willing to play the race card, Black racism, to a list long enough to fill a book and of all of them lynching blacks decades ago is the least of them. The largest single lynching in the US was in 1911 in New Orleans when approximately a dozen ITALIANS were lynched and not blacks.

  • Paul__Revere

    Oh really? public lynchings are a “still standing” issue today?

    Maybe this STUDENT should look at crime victimization statistics gathered for any year of her short ignorant life to see who is preying on who these days??


  • Paul Dzimitrowicz


  • Brad Donald

    Does this lady even know that 1/3 to possibly half of all lynchings were done to white people or European immigrants just off the boat and Catholics. Done by the lovely left wing founded KKK and their democrat allies.

  • jhny_777

    What was stupid was the two white idiots that agreed to such a stunt! The poor down trodden Black race, 40 years a go this chick would have never seen the inside of a University!

    So Sup Gal your Boyz headed out to the Knockout game a 12am

  • Tray

    More whites were lynched than Blacks ever were. . 100 Blacks were hung from street lamps in NEW YORK City in the Draft riots in the Civil War, so its not a Southern thing either.

  • Harrison Bergeron

    How is this not headline news on every network?

  • Bytor

    Brain dead, brainwashed youth. The biggest social INJUSTICE we have is an American hating, unqualified president, elected only because he is black. Performance art would be “lynching” all the ignorant voters who voted him into office twice.

  • obamaisacorn

    This confirms that racism lives happily in the black community. Its the last crutch of an excuse for self enslavement.

  • Bob

    Christina Edwards is a racist bigot.

  • chicodon

    It just goes to show that you can take the person out of slavery but you can’t take the slavery out of the person. The argument today (as ridiculous as it sounds) is that some in the black community want all the perks of slavery (free housing, healthcare, clothing, food, etc) without doing the slave part.

    Get over it. Slavery ended over 150 years ago and thousands and thousands of white (and black) Americans died setting you free. Get off your but, go to work and join the rest of us out here. We’ve got a country to save. And stop the crying!

    I know, I know. It will never happen. This same thing will be going on 150 years from now too. If it sounds like I’m fed up, you’re right.

    • johnrhett

      With the speed this society is going downhill, 150 years from now will see a very different situation, one way or another. It’s up to us to determine if non-blacks will be slaves or not; whether non-blacks will still exist in any numbers or not. Hispanics and Muslims might do all right, since they can give as good as they get. Whites, Asians, etc., tend to bow their heads and knuckle under. In the case of this race war (and it is a race war, now, as we speak) where blacks like Oprah Winfrey are openly talking about killing us, that does not bode well for long-term survival.

  • bvikay

    The black culture is taught bigotry and racism from the cradle to the grave. What do you expect?

    • richard_head

      Bigots and racists?

      • bvikay

        You win.

  • Pax Romana

    While abuse and the lynching of innocent blacks occurred for reasons of racial animus, the majority were not. This was how much of early America (just as in many villages in Africa today) dealt with crime in their communities. Many of these places were small tight nit communities in which everyone knew everyone else, including the accused, well enough to have a far better knowledge of guilt or innocence than some liberal bleeding heart apologists 100 years after the fact.

    Funny I never here liberals get all hot and bothered over the supposed innocence of the many whites who were lynched during the same period, or the many whites and non-black minorities who were/are lynched by some blacks in the present day. Or even the many blacks who are lynched by fellow blacks in Africa now!

    When looking at history outside the PC filters, far more white were lynched in the history of Europe than blacks in the United States. And far more whites were lynched in the history of United states than blacks. When you take the following non-PC facts into consideration:

    1. The excepted number of blacks lynched as compiled by the NAACP and the Tuskegee Institute deals with the years 1882 and 1951 at ‘4,730 people were lynched in the United States: 3,437 Black and 1,293 White’. Those were the years in which the highest number of black lynching were recorded. What isn’t mentioned is that prior to black emancipation few blacks were lynched as they were protected private property, and that the vast majority of people lynched from the creation of this country as a nation and up to black emancipation, were white.

    2. In the Western Frontier the vast majority of those who were lynched were white. Numbers are considered greatly underestimated due to the lack of records and interest at the time (people didn’t get all upset when white criminals were done away with to even care. The fact that they were permanently removed from society was good enough for most). Papers would often report lynching of white desperadoes without mentioning their names while giving scant details.

    3. It has been estimated that black criminals murder and lynch more (truly known innocent) whites every two years than blacks that were ever lynched in the last 100 years. When multiplying that number over the past 50 years we are looking at 10’s of thousands of white men, woman, and children who have been murdered and lynched, some in the most horrific ways imaginable. Their photos along with horrifically detailed descriptions on how they died will never be allowed here.

  • johnnytoot

    How about this: I will agree to not be offended by this if the black community agrees not to be offended every time someone uses a legitimate word that sounds similar to a racial slur, or a rodeo clown wears a mask of the President, or someone criticizes the President or any other famous black person. Deal?

  • James

    Just more evidence of the effort on the part of minorities against white males. Feminist women are in on the program as well. They are so envious of the accomplishments of white males throughout history that they are seething with hatred and it is impossible for the more radical ones to keep it under wraps. They would rather bring everyone down with them, if it means hurting the white male population in the process. It’s only going to get worse and more blatant, as white males are prevented from securing jobs in government, education, law, justice and even many private industries. This won’t end well, and white males are the most viscous, merciless humans on earth, when threatened and backed into a corner.

  • VillageViking

    …and 96% of what segment of society voted for obama? Knowing that he has done more economic harm to them than any president in history!

  • DeMarquise Elkins

    To properly demonstrate black culture, they should have re-enacted the DINKA COW video from Youtube

  • richard_head

    How is that pell grant working for you?

  • Sam Spade

    Black on white crime is out of control in this country yet this black bit ch does not mention!

  • Salty

    What would have happened if they were black students hanging and a white art student did it? Expelled…… Riots in the streets and a Jesse Jackson Christmas

  • fergy turf

    If they can use a language, no one else can and do things others can’t, that makes them what? Hypocrites? Bigots? Morons?

  • ZiggyStardust

    My family came to the United States in 1925. Why am I chastised for being Caucasian and supposed to somehow be responsible (financially and otherwise) and feel remorse for policies that existed in the US 60 years prior to my family”s immigration here? (legally I might add) Thanks OBumbles, Screwy Louis Farrakahn, Al “Tawana” Sharpton et.al.

    • richard_head

      Which planet did you beam down from?

      • ZiggyStardust

        My Great Grandparents came from Colabria and Bari Italy. Of course, I’m the man who fell to Earth

  • mintap

    The KKK lynched both blacks and whites. The common denominator was the victims were Republicans.

  • Rob

    good cover page for when Obama writes a book

  • XonXoff

    Hate crime.

  • chris beyer

    Race baiting by many blacks and the left is so prevalent that it has become part of the fabric of American life. This particuliar piece of nefarious artwork represents ongoing efforts to continue to build on the mantra of blacks as victims of whites. The odd reality is that in major urban areas there is an epidemic of black on white violent crime most recently expressed in the form of the so called ‘knockout’ game. Victimhood has become so engrained among the black community that only a few excape its chains and make something of their life.

  • richard_head

    There is a new KKK. Only it is hoodies and the K is for a knockout.

  • Kelly Kent-Parcell

    Wrong is wrong, If a white person would have done that, that person would have been suspended from the university.

    • richard_head

      By a rope? Just askin……………………..

  • hughglass

    I think part of the problem may be that the blacks who were sold into slavery by their own people/leaders (and came to the US) were the dregs of then African society.. Think about it…. the tribal leaders weren’t sending over their best and brightest. Today, recent black immigrants from Africa and elsewhere quickly go flying by “African Americans” in school, business, and everywhere else. Most AAP slots in colleges are going to recent immigrants, not our home grown blacks. If you look at the billions we’ve spent and the abject failure to fix the problem something must be going on. All the money we’ve wasted got us “Knockout” games, Flash Mobs, vicious attacks by black thugs on whites, blacks killing blacks hourly, 71 % out of wedlock births, massive illiteracy…etc..Murray’s results in “The Bell Curve” suggests that there appears to be an IQ problem in America’s black community and the selection process in determining who got sold into slavery and wound up in America may have something to do with it.

  • charlesmountain

    Soetoro best enjoy his last days of pretending to be pResident…

    The media is jumping ship. Democrats are scurrying for cover.
    They’ve been covering for an illegal alien who has ultimately sent thousands of people to their death.

    The final death blow will be when Sheriff Arpaio’s forensic evidence
    of forgery proving clearly that Soetoro is an illegal alien is entered
    into the upcoming Alabama Supreme Court case.
    The One is about to be exposed.
    The Day of Reckoning is near.
    It will be breathtaking…
    This country is going to quake when the inevitable truth is revealed.

    Be prepared…Be very prepared.
    Full Press Conference Sheriff Joe Arpaio Barack Obama Birth Certificate July 17, 2012



    • Chaz Lesniewicz

      I wish what your saying was true but alas i tend to think it is not…

  • SactoDan

    Sacramento is an area with a particularly high number of succesful racially mixed neighborhoods. There has never been a lynching on the Sac State Campus that I have heard of. This woman has a real problem and I don’t think racism is it.

  • Don

    Guess all’s fair now. Hanging anybody may be despicable, but the libs have accepted as fashionable again. Guess it may be as much fun as the knock out game, huh.

  • If something is wrong for one race it is wrong for all races. Stop trying to be anything but American.

    • Bagga

      only one race on this planet…Human…I wonder if some will ever join

  • dixiesuzan

    Quote — There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. — Booker T. Washington

    • snouts

      And some of these people are one percenters i. e.
      Jesse Jackson

      • dixiesuzan

        snouts – Thank ya’ll for your reply.
        And Booker T. Washington wrote that quote almost 100 years ago.
        It hasn’t changed. Same folks loose on the public. Booker T. was almost a prophet on the subject.

  • John Campbell

    From the article:

    “The men were reportedly actors and were in no real danger during the
    project, which took place during the day in early December while
    students were on campus. The men were hung from a tree with a thick

    Question: This allegedly took place “during the day in early December”.
    Why are we just now, 18 December, being told about it? Was this not news back in “early December”?

    Question: Who are these idiots claimed as, “The men were reportedly actors”? Do they not have names nor any other information about their participation? Who or what they are (other then idiots)?

  • Troll

    Since those liberal white boys feel so guilty, they shouldn’t have faked it.

  • DanJR

    If any of you guys watched Jameis Winston who is my college’s QB speak to reporters after winning the Heisman, you will see a black kid that was raised right, even though he comes from a poorer background.

    He said it best when a reporter asked him how he feels. Jameis Winston replied, “Well, we don’t often get this chance so I feel blessed because many black boys are raised without a father, and to see my mother and father have that proud look on their face, means everything”

    Even, Jameis Winston, a 19 year old kid, understands what the problem of the black community is that no LIBERAL person will ever recognize in a million years…. the lack of the father in the household. The lack of good role models in a hip-hop womanizing, money-chasing, violence-loving era.

    God Bless you Winston for standing up to the media and having the courage to speak the truth.

  • Diogenes13

    Would Jessie and Al please stand up? Want equality? Take it! This Country was created to provide equal opportunity for all. Who today cares if the president of the United States is black or white? Time to Move ON folks… Take responsibility for ourselves … stop blaming Bush! Just shut up and grab the freakin’ gold ring. Education!

  • JD

    Too bad she didn’t show them pulling out EBT cards, joints and not working!!

  • One2question

    Maybe if we taught true history this girl would of known that far more whites have been hung then blacks.

  • Vorenious

    Racist bitch! Now, how about putting the entire Obama Administration up in hangman knots! That would be truly art and justifiable!

  • hurling

    I bet Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson approve of it. Disgusting show from a racist art student.

    Would love to see Christina Edwards’ picture. Wonder why there isn’t one?

  • Ron

    Racist POS Kneegrows like her deserve a bullet between the eyes.

  • rjm2238

    How long ago has it been since black folks were lynched like this? Eighty, a hundred years, more? Get over it sister, if you must have someone to hate practice in front of the mirror. At least then you will have a deserving focus for your hate, your own bigoted self.
    You never suffered any of this, in fact the worst thing that probably ever happened to you was getting into college via Affirmative Action at the expense of someone who may have been more deserving. In fact if this so called project is an example of your “WORK” I an quite sure you undeservedly bumped a more qualified person. Perhaps we should hear from them but we won’t as they have learned to deal with the inequities in life.
    Enjoy the gravy train while you can, I can hear the whisrle blowing as it is getting ready to pull out of the station.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • Ron

    Kniggers never want to get over the past, so in the future they are free to play the race card in an unlimited fashion.

  • Ron

    White people will need to go back to stringing up kniggers like Christmas Lights before it’s over.
    Kniggers have already begun a race war on whites. But most whites are too stupid to see it, unless Oprah, or the ladies on “The View” tell them, they never will.

  • Ron

    Shoot the racist knigger in the head and call it ART!

  • dogman1313

    She seem to have missed all of her history classes. Blacks were lynched by southern democrats aka The KKK. So why don’t the go to the core of the issue, The Democrats.

  • 7thFleetVet

    She must have lynched a couple of ‘Negrophiles’ that were suffering from ‘White Liberal Guilt’.

  • BarrySar2row

    Liberal selfhating/White guilters helping a racist she-boon…

  • WhiteRepresentation?

    Blacks seem to have a protected right to blame the White man for their troubles; So as a White man I blame the jews for this.

    • DearMom

      Only the white ones,,,right?

  • HarleyFreedom

    Diversity is a code word for less White People.

    Nobody says an Asian country that is 100% Asian needs more diversity.

    Nobody says an African country that is 100% Black needs more diversity.

    Anti-Whites claim “anti-racism” and demand diversity for White countries and ONLY White countries. They say it’s Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but White countries for EVERYBODY?

    Mass 3rd world immigration and institutionalized multiculturalism will only further increase racism, not decrease it; anyone with a realistic understanding of human nature would already know this.

    • DearMom

      Thank You Captain Obvious.
      It’s deep and getting deeper.

  • HansGruber

    We need more diversity on BET. We need more white vocalization from the NAACP. Where’s my sons White College Fund? Where’s more White representation and cultural support from our government?

  • Freedom?…

    I – like many Americans – have a bad – and worsening case of “negro fatigue.”

    • Liberals are really communists

      Every TV show, every commercial, everything is ALL about black people – and in the media – they are usually depicted in ways TOTALLY INCONSISTENT with the REALITY of the condition of black America – and I’m sick of it.

    • DearMom

      Ya,,,but,,,Yobama gets a third term,,,Right???

  • Winston Smith

    Is this a new version of the ever popular Polar Bear Hunting game which appears to be in vogue with the Bros?

  • Clearhead

    “…..An African-American student…..” Chrissie — Try living like an American instead of an “AFRICAN” and you’ll discover that your “community” is America, where we don’t give a rat’s @$$ one way or the other about the color of your skin. If, however, you cling to a self described injured and angry group of defiant and aggressive punks who find pleasure in breaking the laws of the land, then you’ll be treated as such. You are one of God’s creatures just like every other human being, and you are loved as such unless you become aggressive and start hating and hurting your fellow humans. Always remember that everyone has a temper just as you do, and unless you stir up someone’s temper, it will most likely remain placid. I love you — Merry Christmas !!

  • KikenJuden
  • Winston Smith

    Wow, it woudl appear that White Guilt is a real b_tch.

  • SevenofNine

    I seriously doubt that Christina let alone anyone she knows ever felt the slave masters whip or the hangmans noose. This card is played out…

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    Maybe if she blows them after?

  • Walhei

    Blame Left Wing, Liberals, Democrats. and Progressives who have institutionalized Racism! These people have programed black minds, that they are always victims, in spite of police records and statistics that show blacks commit, by far, most the crimes, for there population! So we have government Affirmative Action, reverse racism, which panders, give favors, and support much of the black population, while on the other side, most crimes being committed by blacks! Your tax money at work! Now with Obama care, white, hard working people will be paying for blacks, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, abortionist, hospital and health care! These are Democrats voting blocks!

  • steev883

    niggers will be niggers. a whitey did that goto jail a long time, isnt even makeing a noose illegal??

  • DearMom

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” Edwards said.

    “performance” ??? nice ~ When ya’ll gonna learn, equality is over-rated.
    People I know don’t want to be “equal” with someone else. They all want to be individuals of their own standing. Liberal’s idea of equality is just one, in a
    hoard, of unrealistic dreams. Just look at how absurd affirmative action is.
    It’s mere existence contradicts it’s own supposed goal, of equality.

  • muslimmustgo

    They will NEVER not BLAME the white race for their supposed injustice and oppression!!They will NEVER let it go!!! 6 trillion dollars spent since the 60’s from the govt to appease them and hope for them to advance themselves to no avail! There is plenty of room in africa,I don’t understand why the majority of them want to remain here under such a “oppressive” rule!!??

  • JeddMcHead

    Picking on white males isn’t edgy, it’s lame. White males (especially if they’re heterosexual, Christian, conservative, etc.) are about the only group in America it’s okay to make fun of. This “artist” is about as edgy as a bowl of jello.

  • dabba

    Everyone better understand that “racism” will NEVER end. I don’t mean real racism, I’m talking about the race card being played. Too many groups have a vested interest in it, including politicians, race hustlers, libs sick with white guilt, and most of all, blacks themselves.

    As someone below stated, the black community will never admit that it is the black culture that is to blame for their problems. They will cling to racism as their scapegoat from now to eternity. Politicians will use it to wip up votes at election time, and the race hustlers depend on it to make a living. The libs eaten up with white guilt…well, they’re just insane. They’re liberal.

  • TruthTeller

    They can believe whatever they want, but they didn’t “win” their freedom. Their numbers were simply too few. It could never have happened, were it not for a very large portion of whites standing with them. We don’t see lynchings anymore, because our society would never put up with it. But if enough of them keep pressing this sort of thing, that could change. They say that the one thing we learn from history, is that we don’t learn from history.

  • Richard Bickleberry

    Keep Clam. Freedom of speech. Don’t freak out..

    • TruthTeller

      I would guess that very few here debate her freedom of speech. What most are sick of is the notion that it no longer applies to some of us. You can’t have it both ways.

      • Richard Bickleberry

        I don’t understand your point. Do you mean the popular notion that there is no such thing as racism against Whites?
        My point is that I believe people should have a right to express
        through art or any other means via the First Amendment. People are too
        easily offended. Why not just discuss what the artist was trying to convey by “lynching” 2 Whites.
        If Mel Brooks did it, it would be funny. At the end of the day it’s just another weird piece of art.


      Okay, let me ask you a serious question. What if this was a white student that hung black dolls?

      I don’t think the issue here is speech, it is more in the lines of race!

      • Richard Bickleberry

        It’s been done. What if someone put a cross in a jar of urine and called it art? That’s been done too. I am not saying I approve of the so called art itself, but I believe in free speech. People need to relax.

  • steev883

    the had campus procedures for that? wow

  • steev883

    *iggers will be *iggers

  • Tyrone Muhdikins

    The sheboon I can see doing this but the 2 humans should be shunned and should have to go everywhere in public in “black face”.

  • Andy

    The clueless black student should know that black thugs kill more of each other every year than the whole history of lynchings in-which whites were hanged also… ! I for one am sick of black people and will not by into the racist crap anymore…

  • blood.wine6322

    No slave would have been hung if they had been good slaves.

  • SuckaButt

    Social Injustice? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I wonder if she made that term up? NOPE! It’s been pounded into her stupid head by her parents and the leftists she shares her views with.

    I wonder if she’d be so bold to stand up and say:

    “You know, I as a black woman, and going to college now, have an opportunity to go out into the world and make something of myself. I don’t need a helping hand for anything. I’ll make my own way in this world….”

    Yeah……fat chance. It’s too easy to blame “Social Injustice”…..

    Ask her what Social Injustice means and then ask her what she feels she needs to do, or should I say, the govt do, to make her equal with others socially….

    Then, sit back and marvel at the stupidity of her response….

  • steev883

    i think this next crusade we need to send all these *iggers back to where they came from then they can join with the other underachieving groups like the alqiada. americans that are black and a marine exempted.

  • buyitcheap

    Isn’t this the knock out game, only slower?

  • Corpseman57

    Are burning crosses art?

  • muslimmustgo

    The black race is very easily led and manipulated! The members of the black race that, break the bondage of those wanting to keep them in compliance, become ridiculed for assimilating and becoming productive into a law abiding society!

  • Tom U

    How do you get one of them out of a tree?

    Cut the rope!

    Amazing the negro hangup on lynching that was historically applied to CRIMINALS.
    Who’s fault is it if negros committed more crime?

    But just like today, blacks want a mulligan on criminal behavior .

    I suspect far fewer innocent negros than innocent whites swung from a tree due to mob justice in this nation’s history. The difference being most whites are ashamed of the criminal behavior of their ancestors and don’t dwell on it.

  • OverUnderSidewaysDown

    Imagine the outrage from Je$$e Jacka$$ and Alfalfa Sharptoon had ole Christina Edwards been White and used two black actors ‘hanging’ from a tree!

  • RJ Chesnut Jr.

    If I hang a watermelon on a fish hook and call it art, it is no longer considered Racist?

  • Richard Genco

    Thanks PBS, NPR, Hollywood, Oprah and liberals for pushing the Sharpton agenda

  • Enrique

    This young woman is a fucking idiot.

    • DearMom

      Don’t hold back now,,,

  • donniea

    That display is the future in USA under the likes of Obama .

  • Enrique

    This young woman is no “artist.”

  • DearMom

    I wonder what that friendly panther club thinks of this art.
    I suppose though, they probably have some impressive pieces of art too.

  • Art Swart

    What are they teaching in these Social Engineering Institutions? One Rule that I believe and works wonders is “The Golden Rule”, “Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you!” There’s your “Equality!” You know, it’s hard to make friends socially when your pushing “Negative Ideas”, why not be “Positive” towards People, you might actually get some “Positive Energy”, “Respect” back! Just a thought!

    • RJ Chesnut Jr.

      Affirmative Action, Fails.

      • Art Swart

        If you could be so kind to explain this “Affirmative Action”, maybe I could better understand what you are trying to say?

  • blood.wine6322

    Blacks, Darkie, Ebony, whatever. Why is it that you can’t even understand how to wear a baseball cap? I mean, do you need instructions? Do that right, and maybe someone could take you seriously. Until then consider yourself profiled as stupid.

    • DearMom

      Now, the hat thing, coupled with the
      ~ pants below the @$$ ~ thing, fashion statements?
      Well, it don’t seem to be a ~ chasing equality ~ thing.

  • blood.wine6322

    Bad move on the artist’s part. Now she’s got all types of people thinking about hangings again. Can’t speak for you, but I never hung nor care for hangings; but that picture……Only in California the land of fruits and nuts. Don’t try it here in Texas.

  • McGruff

    Unoriginal and sophomoric. Want to impress me? Get a job and don’t have any children out of wedlock.

  • Sabido Robles

    Find the bitches name and address! The USA needs a race war!!~

  • Giggle

    Which is worse??? Slavery of 455,000 Africans or the millions of muders that the blacks have done?
    I think blacks deserve no sympathy and actually, since they want to act like animals, should be treated as such…

  • Marbran

    There were between 4,000 and 5,000 documented lynchings of blacks in the south over a period of about 40 years. While certainly tragic, we lose more than that from inner city black-on-black crime every year. Perhaps Ms. Edwards should focus on that issue, rather than one that is many decades gone. You can’t keep using the past to argue for more ‘equality’ today while ignoring today’s issues that are fixable.

  • 1luckydog

    She is just jealous that she doesn’t have as much talent as white men.

    • Giggle

      Baboons are a violent animal.

  • Giggle

    blacks are on a crime wave like has never been seen before on the face of the planet… And whitey wants to look cool on TV…. Whitey deserves what the blacks have in store for him.

    • DearMom

      That does it,,, I’m joining the white panthers
      and ah, mr. giggle, just what does ‘non-whitey’ deserve?

  • tedlv

    Lynching was pretty much over before I was born. How to younger people possibly see that as a current issue, especially with the crass stupidity involving young blacks attacking anyone with less melatonin than they have?, completely without provocation, just as a game?

  • R G

    The lynching of blacks in American history goes much deeper than many realize. Many also don’t realize that over a thousand whites were also lynched back then. Many also don’t realize that the people doing the lynching were Democrats and their victims were Republicans. Voter suppressions is what was happening there. Plain and simple. The klan was a wing of the Democrat party. Continuing, Progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson was president when the first film was shown in the White House. The film was Birth of a Nation. The klan was the hero. Woodrow Wilson segregated the government, military, post office, gave us the permanent Federal income tax, promised to keep it low and then oversaw its massive increase. He also advanced a government run healthcare system and government expansion and Democrat Party-media propaganda alliance. Democrats were the pro slavery party and they fought a war to continue slavery. They lost and no longer own black people, but seem to own most of their votes through propaganda and a supposed war on poverty that has kept Democrats in power in cities for a half century with results like Detroit! Detroit hasn’t elected a Republican governor since around 1961 and hasn’t even elected a Republican councilman since the 70s. Dependency and failure to deliver opportunity is all the Democrats have to show for their absolute power. It’s containment and vote ownership.

    • tedlv

      Who is suppressing that information? Oh, yeah, Dems.

  • Art Swart

    My opinion is, why do I care what color you are, all I care about is what you represent! Your actions and what you stand for make up your personality, and I believe that’s what counts!

  • Tomin8tor

    With our colleges producing this poor of a product, I know that I never have to worry about having a great paying job. Kids like this, who are *completely* devoid of marketable skills, will end up on welfare and live in the projects. We will have the last laugh.

  • 42n81

    That’s ok,….I am creating “art” that has her in the cross hairs of my scope..

    • tedlv

      If “Piss Jesus” was art, why couldn’t hanging people be art? I am confused.

      • 42n81

        Cool…then I can hang a few AA’s…only fair..right?


    Black folks can’t be racist – nothing to see here – move along.

    • Xenophon

      That’s not quite right. Anyone can be racist.

  • 42n81

    Social injustices huh? Guess it’s whitey’s fault that your race has a 73% out of wedlock birth rate, 80% school drop out rate, which leads to 70% of the prison population

    • KikenJuden

      Don’t forget the average 70 IQ

      • 42n81

        Well said..but given our societal handicap system, their 70 IQ becomes 170…remember, its whitey’s fault

    • tedlv

      They can’t help it. They have convinced each other that they are stupid. I disagree, but if enough of your peers tell you that you can’t succeed because somebody is oppressing you, and if you try to succeed, you are an “Uncle Tom” (an insult I totally don’t understand), at what point do you start believing them? And then, what are your options?

      • 42n81

        True. It’s the envy scenario. It’s also a trait of libs, keep everyone down so you can live well..off their backs. Just like the drug dealers…

  • Smitty

    What are the odds that she’ll default on her student loans?

    • Nathan Hale

      She has a scholarship from the African National Congress.

  • Joe Kleinkamp

    Just a further attempt to display what every black person is beginning to realize: “I can get away with doing stuff to you white people that you can’t do to us.” If only they knew how many people they’ve alienated who would otherwise be inclined to help them.

  • KikenJuden
  • koedo

    Booker T. Washington.

    “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well.”

    • Amen can I gettah witness?! Can ah gettah Al Sharp-tahn.. mmmm hmmm.. now can I gettah Jesse Jack-Sahn..? Thank ya jesus!

  • MegaCandy Man

    Typical //igger fantasy. Let’s send these near-humans back to Africa where they belong.

    • tedlv

      I work with some very smart, reliable human beings with more melatonin in their skin than I have. They are great! The problem is with the folks that convince human beings with more melatonin that they are somehow stupid, incapable, and oppressed, and therefore need to attack people with less melatonin. That is the total stupidity represented by this “artist”.

      • MegaCandy Man

        So you’re saying Blacks have never invented anything of value and have a lower IQ because of melatonin? Please address these facts:

        Fact #1 – Whites/Asians have a small amount of Neanderthal DNA – Africans do not. This indicates we evolved with a different pre-human ancestor than Black Africans

        Fact #2 – Black brains are lighter – and less developed – than White/Asian brains

        Fact #3 – In the history of the world Asians invented gunpowder and ink, Whites invented planes, trains, automobiles… what have Blacks invented again?

        Brainwashed idiots who believe “we’re all the same inside” deserve to see their families brutalized by non-Whites.

  • Trader Gang

    Fun watching trash bicker over race. The real race is class warfare. 1% or GtFOH

    • Jack Levitt

      Perhaps you can explain how the evil 1% get rich of the backs of poor people, that by definition, have no money?

    • tedlv

      I am old and dumb. What does “GtFOH” mean?

  • Ludlow Porch

    Makes me wanta use the “N” word.

  • Jack Levitt

    So around 3,000 total black folks were lynched in the entire history of the United States while hundreds of thousands of white folks shared the same fate. This work is historically accurate, IMO.

    • tedlv

      The majority rules, I guess.

  • Richard

    Well, whites are getting lynched by black today anyway; so, no big surprise here…

  • Van Larson

    Enough “black culture,” it’s not getting you anywhere. Except poverty and prison, and this endless “them against us” mentality. The root of the ills of black America is the breakdown of the family: single mothers and fatherless children.

  • David

    Our governmentnis sponsoring terrorist at the VA in Atlanta. The Vetrens Affairs office in Atlanta is openly hostile and discriminatory towards white men. Just walk in the door and the hate is palpable. Africans mumbling racist comments within earshot of the white men, an African lady would not even move her legs to let me sit, they will not allow white men to pass (have to go arround them) and the staff will not assist the white men in a timely way even though its thier job! I’ve spent three years trying to work with them they have refused to give me ANY assistence. It makes me think they are the ones telling me I only get 10 percent while the chow hall king gets full benifits for what??? This has got to be illegal.

    • KikenJuden

      What do you expect negr0es to do when given power?

  • onacleardayyoucanseeforever

    “race reversal” – says the “African-American” art student, flipping the race card.
    But this is “higher” education – don’t try this in your elementary schools and high schools, kids, you’ll get suspended.

  • duelles

    What a friggin idiot. Her community as a whole??? Or do we forget the POTUS is most likely part of her community.

  • frank

    Remember this when you hear those ads wanting you to donate to the black negro college fund or whatever the hell its called. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Why would I want to help put anyone in college where they will be indoctrinated to hate me and everything I stand for. No chance don’t fall for the pity play.

  • DearMom

    I find it best to ignore a racist,
    when they go around lynching people of another color.
    National news??? hardly, If I were the editor,
    this wouldn’t have made the campus newsletter.

  • Cora Stone

    It is sad, but the only way to solve this problems is to segregate. Then they have to take responsibility for their own actions and stop scapegoating the white community for everything that goes wrong in their life.

  • orbicularioculi

    Pretty stupid! Only a black student could get away with this. If it were a white student hanging two black guys he would be instantly dismissed from school

  • Nae


    • tedlv

      Look over on the left side of your keyboard. See the Caps Lock key? Please press it. That won’t make your comment more intelligent, nothing could, but at least it would be more palatable.

      • DearMom

        Yea, quit yelling itch-ba.
        At least her “I” was lower case, which, um, means, um,,,

    • I have a daughter in high school. Already this year her black English teacher (which alone is funny, right?) has had her memorize Martin Luther’s dream speech. My daughter has heard rumors of how this teacher gets during black history month. “The class turns into Africa” she says. Meanwhile in history class, the American Revolution is summed up in three paragraphs. Its pathetic.

  • David Clark

    If this was a White girl lynching to black men she would have been immediately expelled, and probably taken to jail. The “anti-racist” BS is just a way to cover up her hate. However the felon criminal Al MSNBC Sharpton will be whining about this turning it into just one more example of “keeping us in our place”.
    I keep wondering, after fifty years of preferences is it that they REALLY are just lazy or perhaps biologically inferior?

  • reggie

    pay back is a bitch

    • Jesse Schoeder

      let the chaos ensue.

      race like a lemming straight for the cliff.


  • tickyul

    This country deserves failure……RIP USAtard.

    • DearMom

      Why all the hate?
      Someone step on your gerbil?

      • tickyul

        NOPE, Gerbil safely running around in my toilet-fanny.
        I find it sad how insane and corrupt the USAtoilet has become.

  • onacleardayyoucanseeforever

    “Two Guys Bungee Jumping ” by Christina Edwards
    There – racial misinterpretation all fixed.

  • 1azuce

    Future PMSNBC host.

  • LLeone

    That’s not art…That’s political pornography…You always know it when you see it.

  • to clueless josh

    statement from the “artist” – “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” Edwards said.

    What does that even mean? She isn’t even smart enough to give a good explanation of her racist hate “art”. I look around and all I see are special favors for black people in the form of “diversity initiatives” for jobs, scholarships, school admissions, etc. And then there are the government set aside contracts for “minorities”. And the fact that black people are overrepresented by almost 3x in the federal government workforce because of the federal government’s racist hiring practices. And the fact that minorities can be as racist as they want and pretty much nothing happens to them while if a white person says something that isn’t even intended to be “racist” they can lose their jobs and have their lives turned upside down. This girl is sick/stupid. But her “art” does realistically depict the racial dynamics of USA in 2013. White people are being lynched every day.

  • DeMarquise Elkins

    Christina Edwards refuses to talk about young blacks committing lots of crime and fighting on WorldStarHipHop

    • Jesse Schoeder

      she’s probably dizzy from the constant shouting of the Big “N” word in every video.

      i like to watch a good smack down,minus the gum banging, now and then but the people in these videos wont stfu about it.

  • Rastaz Koon


  • George Layman

    Southern Democrats did plenty of this a few years back, but they used real people!!!

  • sledge77

    Its just art so frankly I don’t really care. I would suggest the young ‘artist’ research white on black violence in South Africa however. Over 60,000 whites violently murdered in just a few years. Of course they prefer raping women, then disemboweling them with broken bottles before killing them. They are also fond of wrapping babies and small children in flammables and torching them alive. Research it and see its true. A hundred times more victims of black on white crime than ever took place in the USA.

  • Nicholas

    Art?? Someone should tell her not to quit her day job just yet.

  • Iboat

    What a wonder country America has become under obumbler. The great uniter!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!! He has set race relations back into the 60’s!!!!!!!!

  • Del

    You know who was responsible for slavery? THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE. That’s who. Not white people, not black people. No man or women is alive today that knew or knows ANYTHING about slavery from either side. No human being alive has any right to the history of slavery. Nobody has any monopoly of sorrow about it because all people involved are LONG DEAD!

    *I* feel nothing. No guilt. None. *I* had nothing to do with slavery. These clowns hanging from the trees are gutless dishonest cowards with no integrity. Spinless children. They aren’t even men. I am embarassed for them.

    The only thing that needs to be hung out to dry nowadays, is white guilt. I am sorry, but it just doesn’t sell like it used to, and honestly, I never felt a shred of it. Enough is enough. How many more years do we flog this issue? 10? 25? A hundred more?!

    WE GET IT!

    • KikenJuden

      The negr0es MUST push white-guilt because it’s what gets them free shlt

      • Del

        Even from a writing standpoint. This unoriginal blogger thinks she is being brilliant and “nouveau” but the reality is she is simply droning on and on about the same tired white oppression mantra that about ten thousand other bloggers are also whining on about, endlessly.

        Here’s an idea. BE ORIGINAL. So called “academics” like this are a penny a dozen. Their unoriginal and boorish “works” are the same ol tripe that has been passed off as creative “academia” for decades and will be around for decades more. Copy cats, the lot of them, with zero creativity.

        The person who came up with this idea would probably analyze my comment as coming from “an angry white male” who “doesn’t understand institutional racism”.”. ROFL

        No, this comment is coming from a random person on the internet who is endlessly bored while reading articles like these to pass the time.

        Here’s a little secret lady, it’s all been said and done. It’s time to move on. If you are so brilliant, how about you prove it with original material??


    • Iboat

      But, there is still black slavery in Africa!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iboat

    She should have been ABORTED!!!!!!!!!!!

  • spookhater

    avoid the groid!

  • Prussian Engineer

    What self-hating White idiots dangled themselves from a tree for a Black woman to help her make a political statement when their people are being taken over all around the world in a government-controlled process that is nothing short of White genocide?

  • GloryHoLe

    She should be expelled!!!

  • rabbi schmuckstein

    an eternity dealing with dumb needy spooks, we should have picked our own cotton.

  • Brent Busch

    I bet if a white student hung two black people from a tree this moron wouldn’t think it was art!

  • Steve

    Man, there were a ton of black people lynched in California back in day. It really puts a black mark on the state as a whole.

  • The Bobster

    Inequality? Of course there is. There’s no way that violent, 85-IQ burrheads are our equals.

  • Thomas Eftim

    This is what they learn at college. No wonder our country is quickly becoming last in the world when it comes to “education.”

  • dr_bugsy

    Racist bitch.

  • T S

    It’s nice to see someone finally standing up against a practice that took place last century. Perhaps we can do one next on the injustice of witch burning.

  • dave

    These two stupid whites acting like pinata’s

  • Red_Ruffansore

    Oh how the left loves to circle jerk to their favorite non-issues. Try focusing on why you’re at the bottom of every list, score, grade card, job application. Maybe it’s because your focus is skin deep you shallow bone heads.

  • Jahshuewah Villiam

    Its not art. Its hate speach. And should be treated as such. I have suffered personally from black racial violence. Has she personally suffered from lynching? Its not art. Its intimidation inspired by hate. Did “artistically” lynching two whites make her feel more empowered? If so she needs to be put on medication and sterilized.

  • charles_1

    So is it ok for a white kid to have a performance of black kids robbing, and shooting and killing whites since that is “the issue of inequality that impacts” him and his community?

    • DearMom

      Liberalism is an ugly thing,
      A very, very, ugly thing.

  • nice,,,,,,clever tooo

  • Ken Bowman

    Communistic useful idiots are easily FOOLED.

  • bobedee

    yea that’s art….how bout I shit on the ground and call it a black man? O_0

  • jon anonymous

    History will read, “in 2013, in the United States of America, it was acceptable to assault, maim, and murder caucasians, all in the name of retribution for similar acts against blacks in the nineteenth century.”

  • joeyblueyes


  • joeyblueyes


  • Just_A_Though_79

    Please, such a double standard in their community. They won’t bring up the hundreds of blacks killing blacks in major US cities, or how blacks are targeting whites in Knockout, but they sit and whine about how 60 years ago people got lynched. Let’s talk about the white lawyer who got shot in NJ while Christmas shopping with his wife by the two black guys who wanted to carjack him and rape his wife.

  • Amy Thomas

    Really how funny would it be if a white person did a work of art with two black men hanging from a tree?? Personally I am sick and tired of the blacks whining over everything. Slavery existed because the blacks in African sold their own people into slavery. IfThis so called artist hates whites, then return to Africa where murder and slavery of blacks is an everyday happening..

  • Veritasortruth

    More blacks are killed in gang violence (by other blacks) in one year than the sum total of lynchings in the entire history of the country. That won’t make the news.

  • raygarrettjr

    Why can’t they just go knock out a few old crackers. I hear that’s all the rage these days.

    • ♫ Barack’s a dumb rump ♫

      It’s so popular, I kicked my own ass a while ago. I’m just waiting to regain consciousness so I can get revenge.

      • DearMom

        you best belt yourself once, for me too, sluggo.

        • ♫ Barack’s a dumb rump ♫

          Consider it done. I always found that guy kinda insufferable anyway.

  • ♫ Barack’s a dumb rump ♫

    Ha ha. In a related story, the left just get stupider and stupider.

  • Inflames

    There were also black slave owners….. a fact they always seem to leave out.

  • Chuhyona

    Liberalism is a very very bad mental disorder.

    • Obongoloid

      You blame this on liberalism? (White) Liberals do get an orgasm out of this, but the hate blacks have for us is simply instinct. What this negress did, was just expressing what most blacks feel about whites, hatred and an urge to attack.
      Other blacks express themselves in a more primal way, such as the knockout game and chimpouts.

  • Chuhyona

    Remember Obama when he went on his African tour. He was standing at the door that slaves were sold. The implication was America was bad because they bought the slaves right there. No mention that the Black Africans were selling their own people into slavery.

  • RevG

    Edwards is another (.)bama follower who will end up begging “white people” to feed her sorry excuse for a human being. The joke is on her and those like her. We White folk will soon enough decide to let them starve in Liberalville. She deserves a “F” for failure.

  • barry_sotero1

    She should have nothing to gripe about. Just being at a college makes her more priviledged than any of the whites from the era her ‘art’ depicts. You’ve come a long way, baby! Oh yea. An Art degree only preps you for foodstamps and unemployment. You should have tried harder for a usable degree.

  • DAWG

    I went to Sac State and it is a good school. This is inexcusable, if it were reversed holy hell would break loose. Totally unacceptable. There should be a strong response from the college and I respect free speech. However, this is a racist statement on a CSUS campus.

  • DJH78745

    Ah yes – another ignorant art student.
    The constant whining by these clowns about social injustice is getting to the point of comical. You, the world is so unjust to you that you’re getting a college education your mindless race baiting twit.

  • ThomDees

    If someone white created this “artwork” using 2 black men, they would be in jail tonight and Sharpton and Jackson would be calling for their head.

  • Tosheba

    At least the ‘real racists’ have finally come out of the closet.

    • DearMom

      and I wonder how membership is
      doing, in that friendly panther club?

  • will edge

    First off. SHE IS NOT AFRICAN!!!!! She is a BALCK American.

  • Steven Butterbaugh

    I see blacks saying this as invested in keeping an injustice, which was corrected, going. The feelings of a person have nothing to do with objective justice. Are blacks enslaved? No. Are they discriminated against? No, not by any rule of law. So just what is she talking about? She’s talking about how she maintains inferiority when it is time for her to step into the possibility of her feeling free that actually exists.

  • DearMom

    The activity she partakes in,,,
    How does it not label her a RACIST?
    It takes a liberal to be this stupid.

  • MegaCandy Man

    Whites and Asians have Neanderthal DNA, Africans do not. This proves there are vast differences between the races. Saying “we’re all the same inside” is the same as saying “all breeds of dog are exactly the same.” Complete insanity.

    • TheSilverRanger

      Where are you going with this, though?

    • mark

      WTF ?

      • MegaCandy Man

        Why “WTF?” Look up the facts about evolution and DNA, then come back and we’ll talk. Fair enough? Failing to do a few minutes of research before arguing a point that someone has made is the height of bigotry, is it not?

  • thedudefromnc

    The very fact she is allowed to do this, while a white art student “lyching” 2 blacks would unleash a liberal poopstorm should open up peoples’ eyes to who the real racists are. Unfortunately, America is asleep.

  • Black racists are victims. They can do no wrong. Affirmative action punishes white people who did no wrong, and rewards black people who suffered no harm. Therefore, black teen gang violence on white vulnerable persons is necessary to even things up. This art exhibit is protected speech, unlike criticism of Obama and Holder, which is white racist hate speech. The exhibit is one small way to help educate dumbed down voters and taxpayers as to what is necessary in the future. What will help even things up, by any means necessary. Gasp!

  • TheSilverRanger

    Why is it EVERY SINGLE TIME my hometown makes national news it’s ALWAYS negative? (Think fire department scandal)

  • BruddahNui

    Another ignorant brain washed college student living in the past

  • higggs

    I want these negro’s suspended form this school FOREVER … ASAP…

  • Joe Nobama

    She gets a pass but the Duck Dynasty guy gets railroaded out. Free speech my @$$!!

  • Americaweeps

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” Edwards said”
    And blacks were the only peoples on the face of this planet to ever be persecuted?

  • ComenTer

    Christina Edwards demonstrated her racism through this display and further indicated her contempt, intolerance, and dismissal of those that are different from her through her statement, “…my community as a whole” leaving out significant parts of the whole set of other races of her actual community whom she does not see as worthy of recognition and acceptance. Sad. However she is likely a product of racist influence from our current executive branch, popular racists/ race baiters, and racism from mainstream media outlets.

  • higggs

    Hey let’s spike lee Christina Edwards… what is her address .. can somebody post it?

  • Todavia enohado

    Why is she still a student? If a white “artist” lynched two blacks their academic status would be in serious jeopardy! I guess hate speech isn’t hate speech unless you are white.

  • howens

    White people are waking up to the fact that blacks hate them.

    • Carlos Danger

      bout time

  • paul marchand

    There are approx. 4000 alleged lynching, many of which were surely deserved and apt. Yes, yes, no trial is not good.
    Think about THIS > the number of black slaves imported into the US from the 1600s to 1860: about 597,000.
    NOW, if you calculate (subjectively, by utilizing stats) you will come up with close to that many people KILLED by blacks since 1860.
    The point: how many times have you heard that?
    And ” just saying ” for comparison.

    • paul marchand

      I love many black people. But some things just need to be said.

  • Carlos Danger

    How about this: [email protected] that b!tch. Hows that grab ya?

  • Obongoloid

    How many dumb whites continue to think that we can have free country with blacks? Blacks will always yap about social justice and inequality (genetic gap=low IQ). They are dumb, they ruin every neighborhood and eventually will ruin the whole country. And they will always blame whites for their shortcomings.
    You want your freedoms back? You want the constitution back? Separate from niggers, otherwise shut up and suck it hard.

  • Todavia enohado

    Her community? What community does she belong to? Isn’t she part of society?

    • Obongloid

      Blacks see color, always have always will. Your comment is pointless.

  • Midwestmike

    This is a hate crime. The student needs to be expelled. Pay backs a bitch ain’t it. 🙂

  • paul marchand

    We don’t need retribution.
    We need freedom, and justice. Hopefully no violence in the process.
    We need school choice.
    We need private businesses having the right to hire and fire without the DoJ or the EEOC jumping on them.
    We need freedom to rent, or sell to whom we please.
    We need banks to loan to whomever they please.
    We need the federal govt to get out of the business of “fairness” ( their interpretation) where a shacking up welfare couple with total true income of 30k comes out with almost twice as much as a married couple actually EARNING about 70k.
    We don’t need hate.
    We need freedom and justice.

    • paul marchand

      And we need all of this desparately. The US federal courts “corrected” a virtual non-problem of unequal funding for public schools with integration, which forced whites to desert schools and major cities en masse, costing them immensely. You might say ” racist”. No. Sane. Black > wh rapes is THOUSANDS of times the multiple of the reverse. The black murder rate overall is about 10 x that of whites. Test results are far below that of white. In the meanwhile, blacks are bigger and stronger. Translate: not a good mix. You can say “racist”, but it would be racism for reason. This is not to hurt anyone. It is just about SANITY.

  • Sam

    How about kicking the black racist twerp out of school for good. Let her go to some African country where blacks are killing blacks in record numbers. Countries like South Africa or Kenya.

  • ChrisLong1980

    What are these mysterious inequalities I keep hearing about? !

    • Obgoloid

      Inequalities of intelligence, her people suffer from very low IQ. It’s that genetic gap created by that racist thing called nature. Very sad.

  • jackcandobutwont

    HEY CHRISTINA, maybe if you moved back to your homeland, you would not suffer the injustices you have experienced here…..I will pay for the one way ticket!!!

  • Veritatus

    What a white person hating idiot who doesn’t know squat about art. She hates whites, commits a threatening hate crime on a tax subsidized college campus and isn’t stopped. How surprising. She’s talking about the injustice she and her “people” suffer from while one of her people is in the White House and is lynching the U.S. Constitution. The nerve of these Marxist, racist pigs knows no bounds.

  • Beedogs

    Another black racist – nothing to see here folks.

    • Congoloid

      Black racist, average black, Obama’s children. Let’s not split hairs here.

  • Joe Blow

    Just another n*66er

  • Obongoloid

    Planet of the Apes, the rise of Obama’s children.

    • DeMarquise Elkins

      Planet of the N1GGERS

  • aberdeenvet

    Why would they call her an African-American? What makes her an African? How long ago did any of her descendants immigrate from Africa, if ever? Even if she is of African descent, did she, herself immigrate from Africa?

    The “…social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole…” are because she is black, not African, and the reputation of her present black community has been sullied by the rampant decline of their once valued family structure and the extraordinary percentage of criminals in it’s midst. Reluctantly her community is suffering from guilt by association.

    Black Americans who were born here or who immigrated from Africa are still here because they are freer here and have more opportunity for success than if they or their descendants had reverse immigrated.

    She and her community should take an unbiased look at what real benefits they have achieved from supporting the Progressive Liberal Socialist Democrats who denegrate every successful black citizen that does not adhere to their ideology, and who only retain their support through the use of entitlements that are not substancial paths to success but do keep them in office. Their present day black activists exist through ponzi schemes of fraudulent investment operations -their support – that pay returns – entitlements – from existing capital – taxes – without any effort on their part to better themselves. These activists are leeches who suck the blood out of their prey for their own benefit.

    She and her ilk should study real black successes, especially Dr. Ben Carson –



    booooy you listen here now!

    booooy i thought i told you!

    booooy you don’t speak less yer spoken to!

  • RotorRob

    seems the latest i read of hangings where not black

  • anon

    What would be more relevant, would be a depiction of the violence brought upon the White community and the Black community by the ultra-violent Black male.

  • Bob Crawford

    This is all they have. weez keep blamin dem white foks for holdin us down & not havin any opptunities in life. Weez mus keep reminded dems of our plight from 200years ago

    • Peoriaboy

      I bet if you check the record you find that more white boys’ were hung than black as the news media back then is just like it is today they never show the whole truth as on the opposite side of the street were some white boys hanging ,look in some of your old history books now i’m not saying that their wasn’t some injustice as there was and there is today just look at that rich white teenager that had been drinking and killed four people all white but had it of been a poor white or black well you can figure that out.She needs to figure out how many white boys died during the civil war for black cause and there has never been that many blacks killed for a white man.

  • Steve Lucid

    What. A. Load. Of. Crap.

    • Bob Crawford

      yeah it is a load of crap always bringing up the race issue. Thats all you have

  • Si Simmons

    Sumbuddy don’t know how to do a hang’n —

  • mrboz

    There will be no hope for racial reconciliation until African Americans stop with this nonsense. White people have elected a black president, have put in place preferences for minorities, have spent trillions supporting the black community, have embraced black cutlure, and have created a playing field in which blacks who show initiative have greater opportunity than ever in history – yet, all blacks can do is play the victim card. I’ll bet this student pays nothing for tuition … yet somehow, she is oppressed by the white man.

  • mikeymike61

    up click me, if you, like me,
    have had enough of whiney, racist, violent blacks
    that just cant get over themselves.

  • Diana Drake

    Those of you hung up on the color of your skin need to get over that shit. The real issue with this “ART” is that it’s completely disrespectful of the people who HAVE lost their lives this way to the ANIMALS in our society. Making this an “ART” statement continues to desensitize our culture.

  • Barry Hirsh

    Kick her black butt out.

  • Jondolar

    …and the President was supposed to be the “great uniter”. Well, after 5 years in office, I believe it’s safe to say that we can see how well that’s turned out!

  • candidviews

    Uh no. Until white men can blacks shall not

  • william russell

    Hey all i am so sick of hearing about slavery and what happen 200 years ago. It was wrong and should have not happen, but come on people, start living today than trying to use the past for your problems. If any group has received more in the usa it is the African american with all the affirmative action programs. remember when we had to integrate basketball games,football and . base ball and now that you look at those teams they are mostly all african americans. The african Americans need to look at themselves, stop blaming what happen 200 years ago, clean yourself up, dress right, go to school and study and learn and do something with your life. Stay away from the drugs and going around making babies and walking away from your responsibilities. Stop blaming others, if it is meant to be than it is up to me and no one else.

  • ObviousTruths

    would’ve been great if somehow they screwed up the “illusion” and something went wrong and both the guys actually were hung.

  • kilroy5440

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices
    and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a
    whole,” Edwards said.

    So how did she get into the university with whitey standing in the school room door perpetrating injustices against her and her “community”? This student’s a moron. I’m sure she has a fine career waiting for her in academia, public office or on public assistance.

  • finishstrongdoc

    PC Speech Codes aren’t free speech, which is why free speech isn’t free.


    well she got the attention she was craving. and anti-white liberals are all over it with their anti-white love

  • IdahoRelict

    She claims this display was to present “race reversal”? Has there been a lot of lynchingof bblack folks in the Sacramento area lately? I guess I hadn’t heard about them.


      all blacks somehow believe they were slaves 200 years ago and are allowed to be anti-white because of it .. they are just failures. emancipation, civil rights, none of it seemed to help them rise up at all

  • alexandron

    I would grade this so called “art” a C+ at best. I think the artist blew it when he didn’t get the white guys to hang in black face. He could have sent a two-fer message instead of just one, thereby achieving a much higher grade for its shock effect.

  • derpdogss

    If the guys didn’t mind being hanged, I don’t see the problem.

  • James Bowen

    It’s amazing what passes for art these days. Where has all the talent gone?

  • Joseph

    Art it ain’t.

  • ocean

    Abortion is the main killer of blacks.
    Obama supports Planned Parenthood.

  • Jason Hops

    It’s hard to see White GENOCIDE when you’re an anti-White.

    So let me put it this way: if ALL Black countries and ONLY black countries were being FORCED to “assimilate” with a flood of non-blacks, until there would be no more Black countries, the genocide would be obvious.

    Yet this is exactly what is happening to ALL the White countries and ONLY the White countries. It’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

  • ocean

    The Supreme Court of the United States
    ruled a constitutional right to abortion.
    A constitutional right to kill a baby.
    Choice means to ‘Kill’ or ‘Not to Kill’ a baby.
    Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion
    provider in America. Its on your conscience.
    God help you.

  • retiredbobinFla.

    So who were the two dumba$$ whites that went along with this charade? Oh ya——–liberal DAMNocrat lemmings!

    • I Romero

      I like your commet DAMAcrats

  • I. Romero

    Martin Luther King Jr. a Republican would be ashamed at these out-cries WEAKNESS yes it is shame. Where is your dream young lady?

  • Zrinski

    Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY? Forcing ALL & ONLY White countries to “assimilate” w/ a global herd of 3rd-worlders is the ongoing program of White GENOCIDE. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Russ

    Just another racist stirring up hatred.
    When are we going to call this wickedness what it really is.
    All races need to call a halt to such hatred.

  • Wild_Bird

    I’m sure Al Charlatan inspired this work of “art.”

  • AJAX

    America’s future isn’t a happy 1, as soon as the Africans & Meso-Americans have the numbers …. look out white boy =/

  • RegnansInExcelcis

    Turnabout if fair play, right?

  • stargazeman

    Over an 87 year period, the KKK was responsible for 15,000 lynchings–that many Blacks were killed by other Blacks in the first 6 months of just this year….you do the math, and then do an “art project” about it…


    • ♫ Barack’s a dumb rump ♫

      That’s a much higher figure than I found. Link, please?

  • gphx

    It’s art. It’s supposed to be controversial. Chill out.

  • fourscoreandseven

    She FAILED to identify them as DEMOCRATS (founders and members of the KKK, and all Jim Crow laws, and segregation itself) since any sheriff who allowed this WAS A DEMOCRAT!!!

    She is a LEFTIST TOOL; a USEFUL IDIOT for Obama’s Marxism.

  • copper

    Poe lil girl been so mistreated and down trodden in this Country that she’s a senior at Sacramento State. How horrible her life must have been so far. So mistreated, so mistreated.

  • vtxphantom

    I’m sure this picture could be photoshopped to change the color of the skin, or even place obama’s face onto one of the white boys. BTW this mans art project looks really bad. This man is no artist.

    • fourscoreandseven

      I have NEVER commented on a story without reading it.

      And, I have never mistaken a “he” for a “she.”

      (“Christina” might have been a clue.)

  • Scott1154

    She is just another shake-down artist.

  • Scott1154

    This little monster should be grateful she is not still living in disease and brutality and famine infested Africa.

  • Scott1154

    She should thank Whites for bringing her out of that hell-hole dump known as Africa.

  • Scott1154

    Little White sissy Liberals with Stockholm Syndrome love this kind of the thing.

  • Scott1154

    She should go tell the poor Blacks who are living in the horrible famine and brutality ridden Africa how much she hates America and then see what they do too her for her whining and crying.

  • fourscoreandseven

    A few more TRUTHS we have to face AND THINGS WE CANNO SAY:
    (1) STOP “blaming” the father, or listing the “things” he should be doing (which are all common sense items that we all do as parents). The “father” is UNKNOWN to the mother; she “puts out” so often that she has no idea who he is (AND she doesn’t even want to know (so she doesn’t have to “go after” him).

    (2) The fathers (known or not) are in prison, or dead, or are drug addicts, or are thieves, and will be in prison soon, or he has six others he isn’t taking care of. He has ZERO ability to father; can’t provide anything, or feed them, or get them to school, or in anyway care for a child. He can’t read directions or drive a car. FORGET HIM!

    (3) The mother is in prison, or dead, or is such a mutton head that she hasn’t drawn a sober breath in years; either drugs, or alcohol, or meth. She is a prostitute, and a thief, and a liar, and she will be gone in no time! She has ZERO ability to mother; she can’t feed the child, or dress the child, or put them to bed, or help with homework, or take them to the doctor, or read a story, or love them. She has a double digit IQ; can’t read, or cook an egg, or wash a load of clothes. FORGET HER!

    (4) These children are being raised by the same INCOMPETENT – RACIST – EXCUSE FILLED – LOW IQ grandparents who raised the current “adults.” These SAME grandparents raised the mother who was sexually active at 14, and impregnated by unknown males by the time she was 15 and the father who is unknown, or in prison, a drug addict, a brain-dead dropout, unable to get or keep a job, and with zero interest in the welfare of anyone past himself. All they know how to do is to get free stuff from the government; they are horrible and should not be raising a second generation, but no one wants these children.

  • tedro

    I wonder how this woman would feel about an “art” display that gave a different outlook on “race reversal” and “social injustice”, such as: a display portraying native american lesbians being scalped by black Jews…
    Somehow, I think her artistic view would be different….

  • agentm0m

    If you hang blacks that’s racism, but if you hang whites that’s “art?” You can cut the hypocrisy with a knife.

  • Sonshine

    With the Black people the past will never die! ; until they kill a White.

  • GulfPundit

    Over 25% of the people lynched in the U.S. during the 19th and 20th centuries were white, and never mind that today, Edwards lives in the most diverse and tolerant country on the planet. Forget about all the Christians being slaughtered throughout the Muslim world right now, and the 25 million in slavery today.

    No, let’s indulge this narcissistic ignoramus as she ‘expresses’ herself on a publicly funded campus through childish provocations, free in the knowledge that she is in no danger from the country she hates.

  • gerry d welder

    Blacks have had more advantages than whites for decades;
    set aside programs, housing and employment advantages. They even have a black president AND attorney General that won’t prosecute blacks (“his people”).
    Yet blacks ‘self segregate themselves, vote purely on skin color (regardless of any proven incompetence or law breaking).
    The true art here is the ‘self exposing’ of the black attitude that is so damaging to blacks.

    Blacks (majority) reject their own success stories and productive role models: Clarence Thomas and Allen West

    and embrace racist haters: Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakan.

  • gerry d welder

    Blacks have embraced the democrats and are ignorant of who they really are.

    What Sharpton and Jackson don’t want you to know (if your black):

    The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution officially abolished and continues to prohibit slavery to this day.

    100% Republican Support
    23% Democrat Support

    The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution declared that all persons born or naturalized in the United States are American citizens including African Americans.

    94% Republican Support
    0% Democrat Support

    The Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits each government in the United States from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen’s race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

    100% Republican Support
    0% Democrat Support

  • gerry d welder

    See how they’re getting along in South Africa.

    (watch the video, if you can);

    Google: Nov. 7, 2013 Trajectory of South Africa’s Descent SteepensMoonbattery » Trajectory of South Africa’s Descent Steepens


    What happens when they run out of white people.

    Stop Farm Attacks & Murders in South Africa | Facebook

    https://www.facebook.com/StopFarmAttacksMudersInSouthAfrica – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight

    … 208 White South Africans have been murdered by black attackers so far this year! (…that I know of…) …

  • gerry d welder

    Muslims The First to Enslave Blacks – YouTube

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RrRd9XbzEk – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight

    Jan 1, 2009 … Muslims were the first to enslave black people. From Temple Hour of Prayer 30 December 2008.

    The Arab Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story – YouTube

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zM_MzkLKPY – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight

    Oct 11, 2009 … Muslim Arabs hunted, enslaved, tortured and killed ethnic Africans for a millennium. Middle Eastern Muslim Arabs have a history of over 1400 …

    Islamic Slavery and Racism | FrontPage Magazine

    http://www.frontpagemag.com/ 2013/ dgreenfield/ black-slavery-and-islamic-racism/ – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight

    Apr 2, 2013 … A brief history of Muslim Arabs’ barbaric institution of black slavery. … living reminders of a Muslim slave trade that sometimes still lingers on.

    The Jawa Report: But But Discussion of Muslims Still…

    mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/217148.php – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight

    October 24, 2013. But But Discussion of Muslims Still Enslaving Blacks in Sudan is Racist Against Islam. And you can always excuse modern racist Islamic …

    Black People Enslaved White People | Violence Against Whites

    violenceagainstwhites.wordpress.com/white-slaves/ – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight

    It was Arab Muslims and Black Africans themselves who captured members of rival …. BLACK SLAVERY TODAY…black still own more africian slaves more than …

  • gerry d welder

    Her ‘art’ is really her depiction and exposure of her own ignorance-on-display.

  • okwhateveryeah

    I don’t care anymore. This is what happens when you play the race card on everybody all the time. We don’t care.

    • Jack_Kennedy

      and THAT is pizzing THEM off………….cuz the Real Americans just don’t care anymore and refuse to kowtow to the RACISM INC crowd of obamathugs

  • DB

    Just another example of blacks using slavery and lynchings as an excuse for their poor self inflected standing in society.
    She also fails to point out it was democrats that were lynching blacks and is encouraging violence against whites. Will she be indicted if a white is lynched after this? Its not art, its bigotry.

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    Christa Edwards next project will incorporate the Mandela Necklace to “highlight the inequality she and her community experience.”

    Racist is what racist does.

  • rickva

    If white did this they wouldn’t investigate, he would have been expelled immediately. I am sick of whining blacks, because they are far more racist than whites. It is also an insult to those whites and blacks who consider themselves Americans first, and not black or white.

  • gerry d welder

    After seeing my posts below, the truly profound question to any critical thinkers out there is how did you not know this in all the years of education?

    Thanks to your under achieving, useful idiot, left progressive teachers and professors.

    When you wonder how our country got to this point:

    youtube: Lunch Scholars

    Can you name a country that starts with the letter ‘U’?

    Some answers: Europe (Urope) and Utopia:


    …you’ll understand how our liberal left progressive public school system had everything to do with the fall of the USA. That’s what we get for having under achievers and low information voters charged with teaching our next generation.

    The Truth About Common Core

  • bikerdogred1

    This is good news now the blacks can’t complain when someone hangs a black from a tree pretty funny uh.

  • welovetheUSA

    Incase these college idiots do not know…….all the white slave owners are dead.

  • gary allan

    Any comments from Rev Al and Rev Jackson?

    • Jack_Kennedy


  • gerry d welder

    Hey, it could be worse, imagine if ‘you’ were one of these twenty something US citizen students? These folks are screwed.

    Forced to buy Obamacare on one side, non-dischargeable student loan debt prison on the other and illegal alien invasion up your a**.

    Entrepreneurial aspirations? Good luck…

    The federal regulatory army and IRS (now with their own SWAT teams) will punish fee and tax you and your perspective customer at every step. Even musicians, their instruments and hoped employer must now meet DHS and EPA new laws first, ever stricter compliance, government filings and harsh penalties (think that restaurant will still offer live music?). You kids can thank Cass Sunstein and Janet Napolitano along with Obama.

    So students are learning about our bad founding fathers, sex toys, deviation, global warming lies, Saul Alinsky, math is consensus, and Muslim tolerance?

    No time for personal finance or the Federalist Papers? Of course not, the globalists forbid such information, it would expose the whole thing and that would lead to student riots.

    At what point will US citizen students get it? Student loan debt, forced to fund Obamacare, growing regulatory oppression, punishing taxation and illegal aliens deluge for a better life (not yours, but you still must pay for it).

    What Obama and RINOs are doing to our youth is an outrage

    The subversion of ‘students’ for the continuity of university professor’s and administrator’s obscene salaries, opulent 6 figure pensions and benefits. Now forcing them to fund Obamacare that really funds exempt congressional healthcare, exempt unions, exempt illegal invaders and their other benefits and empowers the IRS, DHS, HHS and the federal government’s growing central control.

    • Bill James

      I’m sure this will “make your day”:

      This is from the http://www.sharemylesson.com/teaching-resource/Lesson-Plan-Conservation-Island-50013634/ which I signed up for.

      One of the lessons Cthat Common Core mandates be taught:

      Lesson Plan: Conservation Island

      In this lesson, students will understand the concepts behind endangered and extinct animals and develop their own conservation plan to save three endangered species.

      • gerry d welder

        Thanks, here’s some you may want to share:

        Our ignorant elected local officials are allowing it:

        UNESCO -another UN agency:
        “more education increases the threat to sustainability”

        From: ‘Education For Sustainable Development Toolkit’

        By Rosalyn McKeown, PHD

        …Uh? ‘who’s’ sustainability? (hint: the global elite)

        Now watch this one, connect the dots and share

        ‘Common Core’ is part of a bigger agenda:

        youtube: Know Your Enemy (Part 67 – The War on Parents)


        Check out the before and after videos in the above series about the UN (above) and share.

        ‘Educators’ (how clueless are most teachers and professors? Quintessential useful idiots), historically they are among the first to get lined up against the wall and shot after the façade is no longer needed. This time around, as things seem to be unfolding, they may be getting their heads cut off and their hearts eaten raw, they’ll be lucky to be just shot.

        Common Core (as the name keeps changing) is addressed here as well:

        youtube: Agenda 21 For Dummies


        youtube: The Rothschilds Exposed 3/3


        (Just see the last 3 minutes) you will understand

        youtube: Slave Queen


        by TruthNeverTold

        The ideological basis for ‘environmentalism’

        Exposed -WWF & Prince Philip – The World Wildlife Fund

        Published on Nov 23, 2013


        Now Rothschilds bought a weather broadcasting network (gee, I wonder why??? DUH), Google it:

  • Bill James

    This post is not intended to be read by Blacks because facts don’t mean anything to most of them.

    We need to call what Blacks do to us what it is: “Black terrorism”:
    http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cvus06.pdf 2006 Table 42 [Note: Whites outnumber Blacks five to one]:
    17% of rapes of Whites were committed by Blacks
    There were no rapes of Blacks by Whites

    32% of the robberies of Whites were committed by Blacks
    7% of the robberies of Blacks were committed by Whites

    41% of Completed Property Taken With Injury against Whites were committed by Blacks
    Whites committed no Completed Property Taken With Injury against Blacks

    FBI report on “Crime in the United States,” 2010, fbi.gov
    -Blacks committed five times more murders than Whites and 45 times more than Asians; four times more rapes than Whites and 27 times more than Asians; five times more robberies than Whites and 57 times more than Asians; four times more burglaries than Whites and 34 times more than Asians

    The Asian population is 6%. They commit .7% of murders, 1% of robberies and .5% of violent crimes.
    The Black population is 13%. They commit 49% of murders, 55% of robberies, 32% of rapes, 38% of violent crimes.
    Blacks (13% of the population) are arrested for violent crimes (murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault) 40 times more than Asians (6% of the population).

    Liberals claim that childhood environment — single mom families living in poverty — is why the Black crime rate is off the charts. If that is true why don’t Asians
    have a similarly high crime rate?
    Single mom families, by race: Blacks 67%; Asian 17%.
    Poverty rate for Blacks 26%; for Asians 12%

  • joe

    In Africa black tribes sold each other into slavery as part of their culture. Arab slave traders on the coast received slaves caught by black tribes and sold them to the Europeans. Granted, this was all evil but there is blame to go all around. Notice also that black racism such as the knockout game and such is never mentioned by most self hating whites who are anxious to atone for something they never had a part in.

  • Soop

    Clearly, those two men represent the Republicans who were lynched in large numbers by the Democrat-created KKK. The KKK lynched blacks, because they were black, and Republicans because the GOP had been fighting for civil rights for a century before the Democrats determined it politically expedient to do likewise.

    • Jack_Kennedy

      bird and kennedy would approve ………….. the democrats kkk leader and the murderer of the senate would be proud of the bozomooch

    • KikenJuden

      NEGR0ES DIDN’T GET LYNCHED FOR BEING NEGR0ES They got lynched for crimes like RAPE and MURDER fool

      • Soop

        Hello, OFA plant. Clearly you are a progressive trying to obfuscate the racist history of the progressive movement. But that’s for playing.

        • KikenJuden

          Just shutup you tard…

          • Soop

            TeamObama can’t give you better material than that?

          • KikenJuden

            WTF are you talking about?!?!?!?!

          • Soop

            You make an overtly racist statement under an antisemitic moniker. You are a progressive plant trying to discredit those who know their history.

          • KikenJuden

            Your version of history says negr0es were getting hanged for being negr0es. If that was true, THERE WOULD BE NO NEGR0ES LEFT. What I’m trying to get through to your pea brain is that the lynchings were vigilante justice for crimes like RAPE and MURDER. A lot of the lynchings were done by negr0es against other negr0es for the same reasons. If you want to learn about some facts go here http://theinjusticefile.blogspot.com/2012/01/blacks-who-lynched-blacks-truth-behind.html but you’re just an anti-white a$$hole aren’t you?

          • Soop

            I generally don’t spend this much time with racist progressives such as yourself; however, … The modern narrative is that white lynched blacks because they were black. That’s the basis for this “art,” and for the article. I was making the point that the race-based lynchings were done by Democrats, who included Republicans in their sights for deigning to promote civil rights and racial equality a century before it was politically expedient to do so. Then you come in, with a virulently anti-semitic moniker, making an intentionally inflammatory statement. There are two reasons – you’re either that ignorant, or you are a progressive, OWS/OFA plant. But I repeat myself.

            As to the veracity of your claim – yes, there were extrajudicial lynchings, but those were (largely) not race-based. But thanks for playing.

          • KikenJuden

            I don’t know what OWS/OFA is and I don’t know what a progressive is. I’m White Nationalist. I am ignorant if I believe that most of the lynchings were done out of “racial hatred” as your message implies. Even the original news report I heard came right out and said “lynchings… ALL FOR THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN” a total LIE.

            And you attach these labels democrat/republican to the people from 100+ years ago. They’re not the same people and the groups don’t represent the same things anymore. In fact if they’re even accurate at all they’ve completely reversed roles. But maybe some of those “democrats” were fighting against “civil rights”, “equality”, integration, diversity, TOLERANCE ETC because those are all tools the marxist klkes were and are using to further white genocide.

          • Soop

            You, sir, are a progressive. Read up on the progressive movement of the early 20th century and their use of eugenics to breed a master race, and their development of abortion and Planned Parenthood to reduce the number of blacks. They’ve been quite successful.

          • KikenJuden

            Hahahahaha “eugenics to breed a master race” hahahahaha you klke shill you’re not even trying to hide it now…

          • Soop

            Well, I have truth on my side. Read up on the tens of thousands forcibly sterilized just in California in the early 20th century by the progressives. Your ignorance is crippling you.

          • KikenJuden

            Hey kikenshill, in Jewland it’s illegal for Jews to marry outside their Jew (mongrel) race. Also they were caught recently sterilizing negr0 Ethiopians, in addition they make efforts to deport negro immigrants back to negr0land. Do you protest what they do, or do you just reserve your animosity for Whites who want to preserve their race (forget your smear about “eugenics” and abortion clinics) I’m talking about White Separatists who want to live around other white people and to not have ni$$ers and beaners FORCED on them like your kind likes to do…

  • John Urban

    as long as blacks embrace a double standard they will never achieve true success

    • Jack_Kennedy

      their success is at the welfare office

  • longliveusa

    Hate speech.

  • JohnH

    Nearly a third of the lynchings between 1882 and 1968 were of whites.
    Look at 1884-5, whites were lynched at ~3x and ~2x the rate of blacks in those years.

    Knowing this history, what’s the point the artist is trying to make and is it now invalid because we know the truth about who was being lynched?

  • slim whitman

    for white guys, they look well hung

  • BarbDwyr

    Black Americans are and will always be perpetual “victims”. It’s much easier to cry discrimination than to actually be self-accountable. They are their own worst enemy.

  • Thor Bonham

    Yes, I’m sure they are mistaken they mean to give her a medal ..
    Course, the POS white “men” SHOULD be hanged for even thinking of engaging in this bullcrap ..

  • tbutler01

    We’re all just waiting for Christina Edwards and california to slide into the ocean!

  • Guest

    yea, whites are THE ONLY culture to have slaves….sure. also this is art. everything is art. hanging “niggers” by lynching tree’s is a real part of white USA. get over it whitey. also blacks- it is over- no one cares anymore bout your 40 acres and a cow or whatever. mute point. done. now take your scholership and affirmative action and move on.

  • Bill DeBurg

    yea, whites are THE ONLY culture to have slaves….sure.
    also this is
    art. everything is art.
    hanging “niggers” by lynching tree’s is a real
    part of white USA.

    get over it whitey.

    also blacks- it is over- no one
    cares anymore bout your 40 acres and a cow or whatever. mute point.
    done. now take your scholarship and affirmative action and move on. pull up your pants, stop the blame, and be something beyond bling and niggerdom…..this applies to all niggers- white black yellow red green blue etc……

    • Jack_Kennedy

      so YOU have trouble with reality ……….. no surprise for the bozomooch

    • desperado49

      It is not true that whites were the only society to have enslaved people. The Egyptians(black race) enslaved the Jews(whites) for 400 years.

  • Jose P

    beyond all comprehension… the new, tolerant, MLK following African American Descendant Youths…

  • Rex

    It really is time to just start shooting kniggers, homosexuals, communists, and socialists.
    They have declared war on America…..will anybody defend her?

  • Rex

    Shoot that fugging knigger in her head and I’ll call it ART too!

    • Harrison Bergeron

      Hitler was an artist? Yes … yes he was.

      • Jack_Kennedy

        so obama is an artist…………….

  • Rex

    I heard that whoever shoots the A&E CEO will be eligible for 1000 free BitCoins……anyone else hear that?

  • Jack_Kennedy

    and the mooks don’t understand why WE segregate ourselves from THEM

  • Rex

    LYNCH A&E Homosexual enablers and destroyers of the traditional family!
    These MFers deserve to all be shot in the head. I sure hope somebody shoots them as they hate free speech and hate America.

  • Rex

    IF everyone called their Cable and Sattelite companies and told them you were going to cancel unless they dropped A&E, A&E would allow freedom of speech on their shows.

  • zxer91

    And of course the two pussy white boys cooperate.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    ahhh ………….another obama professional victims making sure that no one forgets her suffering ………… now that she is ready to get out of the free school and go on welfare

    no surprise she wants more welfare and this is her way of working the “victim status”

  • Rex

    Racist Violent Kniggers all deserve a bullet in their head.

  • Numbnuts73

    The only people focused on skin color are liberals. At some point we have to live in the present and move beyond white guilt and black revenge if we’re going to embody the great aspirations of this nation.

  • Dave Henry

    The press will fault the lynchees

  • BOB

    Nothing to see here. Only white people being hung. Move along. Let’s all go get our welfare checks and have a happy Kwanza

  • liberaltraitors

    What a piece of trash.

  • Boom

    shoulda been swallowed..

  • xx

    Ill do a knockout game for my project.

  • Fred Garvin

    I just shot a Black guy in the head, stealing his life, to show how he has stolen mine by taking all my income to support him and his illegitimate children. Oh, I was suppose to use an actor? Sorry, I guess I OVERREACTED !

  • Frizz

    It’s a good thing that she didn’t “shoot” them, using her “finger like a gun”! whew, close call!

  • mikesvoice

    Did anyone ask Ms. Edwards regarding the current rash of “Knock Out” assaults by Blacks against White & Asians, not that her opinion would come as any surprise to most of us.

  • Russ Ramey

    True, the liberal left has been strangling working white guys for 40 years. They hate us and want us hung by the neck until dead. Except then they’ll have to find a new excuse for their failures…

  • naglen

    You know what social injustice is? It’s the government robbing me of my hard earned money to give it to people who don’t want to work or have any desire to be a contributing member of society.

  • Russ Ramey

    Let’s face the fact that great society programs promoted by white progressives ahve destroyed black families, castrated their men, and walked them backwards on to government plantations where they will never escape. If you believe their lies you deserve what happens to you. The Progressives have been looking for ways to destroy you since eugenics projects (now Planned Parenthood) promoted to limit unwanted people of color. Look it up, your government officials have been killing you for 100 years…

  • Dominic

    Listen everyone ,there are two sets of rules in America ,one for white people and a different one for all of our oppressed black citizens.Remember they need extra help to overcome the slavery which ended 150 years ago.Please raise your hand if you were a slave .

  • Neal Trombley

    She needs to get her own show on A/E right away…..advertisers will line up for this type of work and statements….this is what the PEOPLE want in this country….
    I applaud her

  • RB Bernyankme

    The world is upside down. What was unacceptable before is now just perfectly fine. Depend on yourself but help others.

  • vince kim

    And where is the fkg OUTRAGE about this……???

  • MsTheresaKelly1

    She’s disgusting! TRILLIONS in money, housing, food stamps, phones, grants etc…have been given to black people, and they’ve got the nerve to scream, “social injustice!” Despite the trillions in aid they’ve been given, they are far worse off now, than before! They still continue to act as if their descendants of monkies!
    Trillions in aid to this group has only dumbed them down further, allowing themselves to be exploited by their own black leaders, like Sharpton, Jackson etc… They’ve created a, perpetual victim mentality in blacks. Those that want to scream, “social injustice,” ought to be deported to South Africa!

  • MsTheresaKelly1

    If she wanted to paint an accurate picture of a black man, she should have painted Sharpton and Jesse Jackson butt-banging one of their own skin color! That my friends is the black mans dilemma! This group is so dumb, their own leaders exploit them!

  • If you are fixated on continually reopening past wounds you will never allow them to heal. If you never really want them to heal, you continually pick at the scab, and make matters worse, not better. You also open up the wound for further infection. Negative behavior begets more negative behavior. “Vote Incumbents OUT!”

  • FlPatriot98

    Go to this web site and read about the black on white violent crime that is increase exponentially over the past few years!!! The media just covers it all up!!!!


  • Quasimodo4

    Many Negroes are racists. Add this story to the knockout assaults. Now you understand where the hate is coming from.

  • bornamericanandproud

    Looks like it’s probably time to lynch a few neigers..seems fair

  • Nam Vet

    Blacks are the endless victim through out time…..Ever heard of Spartacus?…revolt of slaves in ancient Rome. The term slave is from Slavic people who were put in slavery for centuries……So Black people quite crying victim….every culture has been there only the rest of the world got over it….so go get a job and shut up

  • James V.

    White people. It is time.

  • Hymie

    Hey, if you can’t have fun in college, when can you?

  • Hobbs10

    Now how many lives were lost in the Civil war over this very issue? Never any credit given to many of our ancestors who fought for equality in that war. Instead of taking something and making it better , just have to carry a chip on their shoulder. Not all but some.

    • Guest

      Oh the blacks will tell you that the Civil War was fought only to keep the union together.. This is their mentality…

  • WakeupCaucasians

    Wake up Caucasians, Black people do not like you, it is not cool to be friends with Black people. You are hanging with people that will always hate you because they are in the entitlement and suffer from Perpetual Victim Syndrome even though they drive Mercedes Benz cars and live in fantastic homes. Wake up, defend yourself from these animals.

  • JimDoggg

    I disagree in a philosophical sense. It’s important to know what people are thinking and we get a lot of baloney from the MSM such as legal Latino citizens don’t favor unbridled immigration. Or that Blacks, overall aren’t anti-white (how do they get into people’s heads? Well, with phony polls.). In reality, the President of the school is being even handed and if such is allowed stand then “strange fruit” in the form of dummies will be found on campus agitating an already touchy situation between the races. Trying to keep a lid on things. But as I said, it’s important to know, for survival, what people are thinking.

  • ck7

    As a Sacramento State alum I find this very disturbing.

  • Gary Iampaglia

    I wonder what kind of a grade she will get from her art professor???

  • Glen Benjamin

    Could you imagine an art display with black people knocking out a white guy. Maybe another display with blacks shooting a white guy at a mall for his car. Call the display “fear of the dark side” how long before every liberal network would want the person expelled?
    The exhibit would certainly be destroyed.

  • Gregory Lega

    A small percentage of White folks were slave owners while the majority of black folks, about 90% call themselves African Americans throughout history were mean, nasty, murderous thieves……

  • Trifecta

    doncha know…only whites can be racists?

  • louhodges

    My husband graduated from Sac State in 1972. He’s laughing. Sac State is a stupid worthless school.

  • Jera Skaggs

    But if it had been a white student that did this with blacks there wouldn’t be a problem right? It’s her idea of art, everyone has a different idea on what art should look like, I find it rather amusing myself and it’s not like they are actually in any danger. The school needs to calm down before they cause themselves a heart attack and a lawsuit of some sort.

  • Doug Todd

    The Democrats (Through their “Enforcement arm — the KKK) DID lynch a lot of blacks but we already knew that. To what, exactly, is she trying to direct our attention?

  • savagenation

    Welcome to Nelson Obama’s new South Africa

  • Meowhiss

    I think blacks hanging from tress is art — Oh, that is a hate crime…..

  • fredb

    This criminal must be punished with the maximum sentence necessary to provide an example to any others thinking about perpetrating such a horrible crime.

  • Rastaz Koon

    HANG the NI^^ER WHORE!!!!!

  • nancybennett

    Robert points out that Black Magic is ignorant of facts. I agree and am gratified to know that white people are finally taking offense at these slights and attacks.

  • sally

    wow seems racist to me. if a white student did this it would surely be labeled as racist. once again, justice and equality for some but not for all.

  • Boo

    If blacks want to hang the White man…. won’t the black race starve to death. God only knows they won’t work for themselves.

  • rocky

    f off to the commie African tribal ni**er.

  • rocky

    In this racists case, I would have applauded an abortion. Raised a piece of dung racist by freeloading commie racists. Just like the fairy tale Mandela.

  • Issac

    As we or rather should know that… Martin Luther King Jr.= Republican… He would be ashamed in your display of WEAKNESS, He had dream. Where is your dream young woman? A lady you are far from.

  • What is her POINT?

    Would this be considered “ART” if it were races of all colors hanging?

    • Race isn’t the issue…

      White prejudice is running rampant throughout the country? Does she realize that very few will agree with her “art form” and it will only entice other AA to inflict any amount of damage they feel the are justified in doing… Native Americans, Irish, Chinese and many others have felt the sting of prejudice, and most women have felt it also….

  • THAT Guy

    This idiot thinks she’s making a statement with this but all she is doing is parading her ignorance and lack of understanding about history. Blacks were not the only ones lynched in the south; there were hundreds of white people were also lynched, beaten to death, burned alive, etc. Let’s also ignore the historical fact that there were actually a large number of black slave owners in the south and that many of them felt strongly enough about it all that there were black regiments fighting for the confederacy made up of 100% volunteers. Thank you Ms. Edwards for showing us all how racist and ignorant you are.

  • Sez Eye

    Hate crime. Was she arrested?

  • Rick Myrtue

    There were more Whites Lynched then Blacks. True story. Look up the stats.

  • Dominick

    Back in the Old West whites lynched far more trouble making and unlucky whites for the sake of establishing law and order than the number of blacks that were hung. Hanging was simply the order of justice at that time and you can be sure that not all blacks lynched were innocent either. Now since it’s well into the new millennium why don’t we all just put a clamp on it and try to promote a future where everyone pitches in to make this place profitable for the souls and ethics of the children…


    so i could become an artist that gets tons of media coverage if i were to do something just like this? so i could grab some people with nazi heritage & throw them in a gas chamber & call it art?

    she’s just being controversial thinking something like this would happen. not really what an artist should be about…

    • KikenJuden

      There were no gas chambers…

  • wayne

    What do you want to bet this Ms. Edwards is going to college for free, probably talks on her free Obamaphone, gets her food free with an EBT card & on & on……all paid for by the same people she has the nerve to criticize.

  • keribari

    Maybe she hasnt been taught at her school that a lot of white men were hung for various reasons and maybe she hasnt learned that while black men were drug from vehicles…blacks did the same to whites. The socialists are on an anti-white campaign through out the world and the blacks are being swept into a rage by the leftist colleges. When will they realize their own relatives and chiefs sold the blacks to the world of slavery…and do they even know that there are slaves..today..Not ALL blacks were slaves. THE FIRST black slave owner, in America, was a black man.maybe she is related to him. Not all blacks came from Africa…they are mentioned in the Bible as slaves…not by White people but ARABS….Lady..grow up and get rid of your hate mantra. There are millions of REAL victims out there and are strong enough not to victimize themselves. “POOR ME A THOUSAND YEARS AGO MY RELATIVES WERE SLAVES….I THINK I WILL BECOME A MUSLIM.” The Chinese used a tactic called Shanghi (?). Whites were stolen and sold as slaves also.. Just ignore the race baiters…grow up and control your own mind in a humanistic way…work for humanity.. not revenge..

    • Sail445

      You can’t discuss the truth or logic from these idiot who require another million years of evolution.
      Don’t think they’re like you they’re not.
      They have a totally different mind set.

      • Chaz Lesniewicz

        Having lived amongst them my entire life your statement is spot on… They are so far behind even the educated ones as a whole don’t understand basics…

  • John

    Racial hypocrisy. It’s wrong to hang black people but right to hang whites. Someone needs to audit certain college grants.. because it seems certain institutions are breeding morons who, one hopes, never become my next-door neighbor or the fresh-faced middle or upper manager in my office. Welcome to the racial hypocrites in Obama’s all-singing, all-dancing, all narcissistic crap-hole of a society than can only exist within the confines of it’s own self-absorbed bubble. Oh and blaming white people for hangings, and expecting them ALL to apologize for something they have NOT done.. and weren’t even around at the time.. is absolute stupidity on steroids. Get a damn grip. If this were reversed the media would be ALL over this like a fly around crap.

    • Sail445

      Remember we have by what the scientist say the lowest genetic life form running the country.

      • Chaz Lesniewicz


  • Alohajonny

    Iz beenz a slave so iz can dodis stuffs

  • Sail445

    These aren’t two White boys they’re two White Pussies who should be lynched by their Balls.
    And replaced with the parents of the Artist.

  • sinbel

    Now is the time for good men and women to come to the aid of the 21st century cause, which is the restoration of sanity and equal rights for ALL under the law. If the cause is a just one, then it needs to be fought for.

  • Walter Patton

    you folks sound upset. the truth usually makes people upset. Do you think it’s disrepectful? How do you think the people,who were hung, their families and friends feel. We got young whites driving around at night throwing eggs at black folks. what happens when they get their daddy’s gun and shoot somebody. we should lay back and pretend this doesn’t happen? come on man, check ya self

    • Chaz Lesniewicz

      What a loser you are….. Blacks like you prove the stereotype every day….

  • Kenneth Mulligan

    She took random shots of white guys and photo shopped them as if they are hanging.None of this is new.When the blacks came up to Newark, NJ from the south, the first thing they did was to start causing trouble.My grandparents were moving into a house from a tenement in 1958 in that city, and just before they moved, a southern black family moved in downstairs.My grandparents (on my mother’s side were children of Polish immigrants) were very nice people and raised three children.My grandmother ran into the Mrs., and said, “Hi! Welcome!”, the woman spat in her face.After my grandfather died in 1963, they had to sell the house because more black people were moving in, and when that happened, it meant TROUBLE.On that same street now, you would not even want to be walking in broad daylight, unless you have knife or a gun.My Mom’s side of the family was Polish, and my Father’s side, they were Irish Catholics…..not one ancestor in my blood line had anything to do with slave owning or black oppression.In fact, the Poles were oppressed by Soviets, the Nazis, then the Soviets again.The Irish were and are still subjected to British oppression to this day.Whenever I sense an “attitude” coming from a black person, I’m ready to take it on, because I know where I come from, and it ain’t from the white supremacist south.
    Christina Edwards, your piece of hate-filled bile is a DISGRACE to the legacy of one of my all time heroes:
    Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.

    Let’s all STOP Dividing one camp against the other.Diversity to me is a code-word for “divisive”….let us all focus on what brings us together instead; there is still time!

  • Reiki-ology Master Healing

    Hahahaha, I do have to laugh at the hypocrisy of it! A white person cant even say the word “lynch” without being sued and dragged through some special court that is designed to find them guilty of…saying the word “lynch”! This gal freaking LYNCHES 2 white dudes and calls it ART? OMG! What is this world coming to?

  • Josh Duncan

    I’m a conservative who loves this country, and if the liberal kid who did this was in my art class, I’d not only defend her ability to create challenging art in a public space (as long as she followed any rules about using the property), I’d congratulate her for having the courage to tackle it. Conservatism is supposed to be a movement which loves the study of history. If something ugly from our history is dredged up, the last thing we should do is act like liberals complaining about what’s politically correct and shooting about any art which isn’t a painting or drawing that looks good above the couch. Lynching is an ugly subject matter, whether it’s a nicely done oil painting on canvas or a bizarre performance art piece. Abortion is also an ugly subject matter, and if a conservative art student wanted to tackle it, I’d say more power to them. If “Rape of the Sabine Women” can be one of the most classically depicted subjects in the history of art, then artists can tackle hard topics like the holocaust or 9-11 and lynchings. If an artist can tackle such subjects in the form of drawing or painting, they can tackle it in film, collage, performance art, whatever. The problem with the type of criticism displayed in this article is that it doesn’t distinguish between content and medium. It betrays a bias against a particular medium (performance art), while criticizing controversial content that is no more controversial than many topics tackled by great art over the ages in all manner of more traditional media.

  • S McNiel

    I guess this is her political art. So she has the right to her opinion as long as this does not cause a crime. Like copycat crimes of angry black kids on white people walking by them. If a white person didi this and a bunch of nazis copycatted it would she feel that it is their responsiblity? Treat others as you would be treated. that is way older than Christianity.
    People are crazy! Why are you verbally abusing her? Why is she symbollically taking revenge?
    Has she ever been stopped and searched illegally fro being a minority? wiretapped? Abused and harassed at the workplace? Jailed for practicing nonviolent resistance? Tortured?
    Threatened with rape and murder? Have her civil rights been violated by the US government? Mine have. What gives her right to revenge I would not take, myself?
    I do not take revenge on these citizens because they do not know that they are being manipulated. Most are good people. White is not evil. Crime is evil. Civil rights violations are a crime, no matter what color you are.
    By the way, I am a follower of MK Gandhi, I believe in civil unions for all adults, want a safety net for persons who are poor, hate NSA spying on all US citiznes and am a proud American Indian and a teapartier. A typical teapartier.

  • dghealy

    My people were burned alive. I am an artist. can I make an artistic statement???

  • last on the ship

    a really wise man once said, “we should have picked our own cotton.”
    I totally believe that. of course way back then, slavery was legal.. hell the first slaves taken to AMERICA were WHITE slaves or “indentured” subjects.
    not much difference, most had to work for years before they were set free..
    sure be a better world, would NOT have all this RACISM going on..
    most whites were set free, or jailed because the couldn’t pay back their master.
    some blacks were set free, most probably weren’t. some were bought and set free.
    however, we cannot be free from history.. seems like most blacks think they are slaves now…

  • Ace Boogie

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” Edwards said.

    If she really wanted to show the impact of injustices in her community she should have either had a gang of black thugs sneaking up on a white person and knocking them unconscious – as in the ‘knockout game’ – OR a bunch of black thugs in a shootout, killing each other as well as innocent bystanders. You want to keep it real? Well that’s real.

  • Following not limited to McCall’s gang, nor to McCall’s city, nor to the 1970s.
    Following racist behavior downplayed [then and now] by MSM and Government.
    MAKES ME WANNA HOLLER by Nathan McCall [born 1955]
    [Prof Afro Am studies – Emory U] Published 1994 page 4
    “…. After my older brother Dwight got his driver’s license, a group of
    us would pile into my stepfather’s car some evenings and cruise through a
    nearby white neighborhood, searching for people walking the streets. We’d spot
    some whites, get out, rush over, and, using sticks and fists, try to beat them
    to within an inch of their lives…..” End Quote

    Must read for anyone interested in how USA got into its present precarious race
    relations condition. x

  • mike

    When are black Americans going to stop bitching about injustices and inequality? WTF she is at college in a safe environment allowed to produce this malarky! It’s not art it’s garbage meant to piss white people off!

  • BeezerNoid

    Another example of reverse racism right in everyone’s face that will be broomed or ignored by most of the country.Inequity? Social injustices? Yeah I’m not so sure about that, black scholarships,black college funds,BET network and every opportunity of everyone else in America.

  • Larry


  • USA Rocks

    What bothers me more than this stupid chick and her issues is the fact that there were white guys willing to help her with this nonsense. What were they thinking?

  • JOEY

    It is ashame her mom did not swallow….

  • savagenation

    There is what your Tax Money is being spent on under Governor Boat People Brown.
    Subsidized Fart suggesting South African Style revenge on whites.

    Why don’t Asians who also have a long history of oppression in America spew this kind of juvenile
    H8? Oh, they are too busy making something of themselves instead of whining a bout the past
    and yelling “racism” in the most diverse and tolerant country on Earth.

  • Miko

    What if I talked about my community..? .Whatever that is…………

  • lessthantolerant

    let’s be fair, this is obviously racists so the student needs to be kicked out of school. after all we all know that colleges are bastions of fairness. LOL!

  • LiberalsSuck

    Looks like “Dumb & Dumber” hanging from that there three.

  • BlueMoney

    Well, these two guys can now honestly claim to be “hung like a nigger”. (Which probably won’t hurt their chances with young California coeds.)

  • Old Khem

    The lynched parties, lol, were two volunteers. The idea behind the thing is interesting really. But none the less it is being decried by the College. There were no White Men injured during the making of this display. And “William-Wallace”, since when does anti-racist really mean anti-white. While I know there are many Conservatives, TP and otherwise that are not racist, they sure have their quota just like any other group or party. To deny it would just be another Tea Party – Conservative classic though.

  • real


  • real

    90% of white people r devils u sit here talkin about black culture u have no clue check ur prisons your white men commit the mos heinous crimes and as for america ur shithole country that white men stole from a race and murdered u white people live in a bubble the WHOLE WORLD is racist towards blacks and u sit here and have the cheek to say education and live in a normal society please ur white ull never understand the ills of blacks cos we live int this racist world were your scumbag white race are even tryna push black people outta of our own land Africa furthermore wid out africa cos the mid east and saudi arabia are actually part of africa what would u have in this world u would have nothing u thick americans no jewellery which u white people love no oil cos americas is soon done what would u have? please in this life black people get the brunt on every level so please dont talk bout black people like u scummy white people kno anything in ur white racist world