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Anti-Israel Activist Goes Berserk After Divestement Resolution is Voted Down (VIDEO

Legal Insurrection reports on the drama that took place last night at UCLA–the latest U.S. campus to attempt an anti-Israel boycott or divestment resolution:

After an all-night session, the UCLA student council defeated an ant-Israel divestment resolution by a vote of 7-5.

The vote received enormous attention, and was trending in the U.S. on Twitter.

This is a huge defeat for BDS on campus. Divestment resolutions recently were overturned at UC-Riverside and defeated at UC-Santa Barbara…

The video below shows one of the resolution’s supporters on a hysterical rant after the measure is voted down, crying out, “I’ve never been more f**king disappointed,” and “we just f**king blew it,” as the meeting descended into chaos.

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  • Dan

    just not enough Jew-hating for the poor little dear I suppose… so sad

  • Goring should have tried crying at Nuremberg.

  • Eddie Cook

    Like, you are a complete disaster. Like, UCLA is a fucking terrible school. Like, I went there and it sucked. Like, they hate America and Jews. Like, this girl is fucking worthless.

  • RabbiGlenn

    What an unbelievable display of self-righteous immaturity! If that is the face of BDS, it’s no wonder they refuse facts and reason concering Israel.

  • Bill Pearlman

    Come on sweetheart, at least Eva Braun took it like a good little nazi in the bunker. Didn’t even cry. But I have to say this really made my day

  • Byrd Westbrook

    Poor thing; she’s off her meds again. Maybe President Obama will offer to have a beer with her. I’m sure that would mean a lot.

  • des111168

    Naturally, they’re all using Macbooks.

  • Guest

    She’s upset because wants Israel annihilated and this is a setback for her sick and evil intent!

  • Reuven

    She’s upset because like the other BDS groupies, the vote not to divest was a setback to her hope for Israel’s annihilation…Holocaust #2 This particular anti-Semite needs to be put on anti–psychotic medication.