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UPDATE: Feminist Professor Who Attacked Pro-Life Student Charged With Criminal Battery

The University of California-Santa Barbara professor who allegedly assaulted a pro-life student on campus has been charged with criminal battery.

The College Fix reported on March 12 that department of feminist studies professor Mireille Miller-Young, whose research emphasis is black studies, pornography, and sex work, had been caught on camera assaulting a 16-year-old student, Thrin Short.

Miller-Young led a small mob that approached a group of pro-life demonstrators who were holding signs. The mob chanted “tear down the sign.” Miller-Young then grabbed one of the signs and stormed off with it, eventually engaging in a physical altercation with 16-year-old Short, one of the pro-life demonstrators, when Short tried to retrieve the stolen sign.

The confrontation took place in the university’s designated “free speech area.” UCSBcourtesyphoto

The 3 by 5 foot sign contained graphic images of aborted fetuses as well as statistics and facts about abortion. The scuffle left the 16-year-old Short with visible scars and scratches on her arms.

Even though she injured the teenager, Miller-Young defended her actions and told police she felt morally justified. She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did, and that she felt she had set a good example for her students by physically confronting the teenage demonstrator.

Nevertheless, authorities warned that her actions constituted vandalism, battery, and robbery.

Late last week, Santa Barbara officials announced that Miller-Young is being prosecuted for misdemeanor theft, battery, and vandalism in connection with her assault on Ms. Short.

Short says Miller-Young pushed her at least three times, stole her sign, then grabbed and attempted to restrain her while others made off with the sign.

Short’s father told Fox News that he hopes the prosecution of Miller-Young will serve as a lesson for those who seek to halt free speech on campus. “She was free to engage in a rational dialogue with them,” Mr. Short said. “Instead, she chose to bully them, steal and destroy their property, and hit and scratch my daughter.”

“I think the goal of this prosecution should be to set a good example for her students, one that will not only deter her from repeating this conduct, but will also deter those who approve of her actions from imitating her appalling behavior,” Mr. Short added.

Watch a video of the alleged assault:

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  • potusWORTHLESS

    Just like a typical democrat…black studies, pornography, sex studies!
    And then the attack ensues!
    These people are the REAL AMERICAN TERRORISTS!
    Take your country back, put these types BACK WHERE THEY BELONG!

    • libwithIQ

      Liberal feminist. So tolerant of others Rights. The Right of free speech, The Right of assembly, The Right to life. This witch needs to be prosecuted and fired from her job.

      • JustaMom

        Don’t count on her being fired. The University doesn’t want the grievance community to pull out the stops on them.

        • libwithIQ

          I don’t know. Conviction on a felony charge might just get her canned. Hard to fight that.

          • Sean neaS

            It was part of her sabbatical

          • StraysAbound

            I thought it was “Continuing Education” with emphasis on “Leadership by Example” …

          • 1mikejanz1

            That would be liberal leadership by example!

          • Just Me

            Her actions have now labeled her a liability to the school her race doesn’t matter. If she were my employee, she’d be gone so fast her head would spin, there would be no risk calculation other than get her out now. That would send a big message to others that believe it is their “right” to assault someone else just because they didn’t agree with the message. Assault and battery is immediate grounds for termination.

          • JBar595

            This liberal b*tch looks at this issue this way, I’m black, we a have a black President, this is a political issue so no one is going to mess with me. Like I said above, execute her, she’s an oxygen thief.

          • bcmugger

            Thats pretty much how all blacks are right now.

          • Michael Ray

            To assume that ALL BLACK PEOPLE feel or think in the same
            way is a very racist point of view. If you are a conservative then you shame me and every other freedom loving person with your appalling comment. I am black and an 11 year US Marine Corp veteran and I believe that this woman has shamed black people as well as the example set by Dr. King. Some black people are A** holes as are some white people; the stupid actions of one person should never be a reason to label all of the others. Oh and in my opinion violence should only be used to defend ones self, another person or our country.

          • J. McMahon

            Well said Mr Ray! This white conservative agrees with you 100%!

          • TripleA60

            Liberal’s are so tolerant of their own intolerance of view points other than theirs…

          • StubbornlyRational

            Absolutely agree with you, Michael. There is no need for useless and obviously incorrect generalizations. Anyone who served in the military knows that there are great people (and losers) of all stripes.

          • Jasmine

            Be they those with no stripes (Pvts.) or Sergeant Majors.

          • StubbornlyRational

            Right on, Jasmine. (My father was an incurable punster, and I got a few of those genes.) Thanks.

          • Joe Chicago

            Ah yes, our modern military which is being taught whites, Catholics, Jews, are terrorists and muslims are our friends.

          • oldpink

            Michael Ray, I stand with you.

          • skoch

            Michael, it is time to call a spade a spade.

          • LexTerrae

            Very well said, Mr. Ray!

            Semper Fi!!

          • CheriCAL

            Thank you. Semper Fi Marine!

          • Mr. Wright

            Judge a person by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.
            Follow Dr. King’s sage advice and you will always be on the Right Side.

          • Bob Shade

            Had we followed Dr. king’s sage advice, we would have no Obama.

          • Larry Bohannon

            Thank you for speaking out Mr. Ray. I am totally disturbed by the words of people like bcmugger. They become correctly outraged by the actions of black thugs like Miller-Young. But they accuse all blacks of being thugs. Shame on you bcmugger. Of course, shame on Miller-Young.

          • Joe Chicago

            Not all black people are thugs. According to the DOJ, only most of them are thugs.

          • werewrwe

            Poor Joe Chicago, …..Another mathematically challenged pityful product of trailer-park inbreeding.

          • CommonSenseIsNot

            Exactly Michael Ray one race does not hold the monopoly on mental midgets.

          • Jasmine

            Not racist. Just misguided. Don’t inflame the situation more, M. Ray.

          • Chris .

            Nice Ray and thanks for your service.

          • The_RS_Gadfly

            When you see posts like that, make sure you flag them too. I’m betting on Moby, not racist. It certainly fits in the the Alinsky model.

          • jabusse

            Mr. Ray, Well said. It is the quiet ones everyone respects and the SH’s that get the press. The quiet ones do their protesting with accomplishments. The SH’s with their mouth. Good for you Marine.

          • hitNsplit530

            Well said, good man. The posts on here don’t do much to dispel the accusations of racism being thrown around by the left. It sickens me to see the generalizations made by people on here.

          • Bootlip

            All blacks do feel that way, that’s why 99.9% of ya’all voted for that illegal downlow interloper Barry S. Now we have a k00nyan silverback ruining this country. No more welfare or Bama foams what will ya’all do, RIOT like always.

          • Joe Chicago

            Of course they will riot. Why would they work when they have welfare, food stamps. obama-phones.

          • disillusioned

            It’s not racist, i call it stereotyping. Big difference.

          • dm

            Michael, well said….

            But always be wary of who the commenter REALLY is when you read some of these droolings….

            Our Noble Leader has numerous paid blog trolls that do nothing but stir the pot in these blogs…. the more outrageous, the better…

          • picolo63

            Vey true. I agree. Some of those commenting are plants just to make it look like conservative websites are full of racists. But I think many times those progressives or liberals who always use the race card are the true racists themselves.

          • mrbill


          • wlkelly

            It,s just that you are such a rare independent-thinking Black person that we tend to lose sight of the fact that there are probably many more like you. We are happy to learn there are more and more open-minded Blacks like you. We need to see the same type movement among racist thinking White’s.

          • Ronald Duck

            Give me a break.

          • dm


            Your nose? Your jaw?

            Or, how about just a tooth?

          • Ronald Duck

            Your mouth.

          • Thomas J. Zaleski

            What a pedantic punk. “Ronald Duck” wow, how clever. What, you are 14?

          • KM Misener

            well said, sir!

          • mrbill


          • SAM ADAMS

            It’s not a race thing…It’s a liberal thing…Tolerance only counts to them when it’s for THEIR cause!!!

          • Ray Walker

            Semper Fi, my black friend. i’m an OLD Marine and what you said is gospel in my Corps and in my life. Assholes inhabit every race, creed and color. We need to make clear where we stand. This woman is a disappointment at every level.
            Again, SF and keep warm.
            Ray/ A/1/5 Aug-Dec 1950

          • Ski

            Well said. Semper Fi.

          • Gubbins48

            Thanks Marine, you’re on target. Every Marine a rifleman…

          • MarkBatin

            I agree completely Michael Ray. Thank you so much for your service to this great Country.

          • libh8er

            Thank You for your service

          • Miles to Code

            While I agree with you Michael, bcmugger does have a point. The uneducated black community seems to have a sense of invincibility since the election of Obama.

            I’m more afraid of the day he’s out of office and they don’t have that sense of invincibility. That’s not going to be a pretty sight.

          • The Dog

            Just the “uneducated”?

            The attacker in this case was a Professor at the University of California-Santa Barbara. She probably has a Ph.D. to be a Professor at this University. She is not just educated; she is highly educated.

          • Miles to Code

            Just because she’s got a Ph.D, that doesn’t mean she’s educated. My wife has an uncle who was dean of admissions at Stanford and he always said he’d seen more “educated” idiots come out of Stanford than you’d ever believe.

            Having a degree doesn’t imply intelligence.

          • Prairie Pilgrim

            We all know this could have just as well have been committed by a radical non-black professor in these leftist indoctrination campuses! Consider the disgusting behavior in the Texas house hearings where the feminists acted out in bizarro and vulgar ways in their support of Wendy Long! Now true, they didn’t assault others but then they were under some serious scrutiny and official presence. It could have EASILY morphed into something like this had there been less supervision.

            This is LEFT minded liberalism where their intolerance of other’s rights speaks volumes about their selfish narcissism and self entitlement viewpoints. Their schooling and incubation in liberal environments has done us all a huge disservice.

            SCREW THEM. They don’t deserve one shred of LENIENCE or protection of a civilized society!

            Need Proof? Just consider; how long would their “utopia” last and self sustain if we took off all the constraints they so vehemently attack and try to abolish? Unless more grounded and sane members of society came to their rescue and shored up the institutions that sustain a moral and capable culture, they would last maybe a couple generations, and then would die on the vine.

            No gratitude there, of course, on their side.

          • CyberCor

            Praire Pilgrim,

            All Your points are valid, however, I would like to correct one misconception regarding:

            “feminists [at the Texas house hearings] acted out in bizarro and vulgar ways in their support of Wendy Long! Now true, they didn’t assault others”

            Actually they did assault others, you may not have seen it, but these sickos brought human feces and menstrual fluid in plastic bags to hurl at pro-lifers, which they did do, in addition to chanting “Hail Satan” when a group of Pro-Lifers were attempting to pray for the unborn.

          • prairie pilgrim

            You are right.. I had not remembered that, as vile and pathetic as it was. It’s really mind-stretching to comprehend the evil (yes, EVIL) attacking of fellow humans in this manner. These kind truly have no souls, or if so have given themselves over to depraved and sick demons. Maybe, someday they will have their eyes opened and be truly ashamed and change their ways.

            Until then, we cannot step aside and treat them as co-equals, caving to such demands, in a civilized society. They have not earned that with such behavior.

          • armoredsaint

            Agreed. I know plenty of good, patriotic and religious blacks.

          • The Dog

            The Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would disagree with you.
            The Black Bar Association would disagree with you.
            The Democrat Party would disagree with you.
            The political polls would disagree with you.
            AlGore would disagree with you.

            While you have stated your opinion and I tend to agree with you, the odds are that you voted for POTUS Obama (and both times). Your votes, most likely, negate your point and, in effect, prove bcmugger’s point.

            Regrettably, what we want is not always what is so.

          • Michael Ray

            Obama never earned my vote. Sorry but in my case your odds are wrong. Also the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton sold their souls long ago. I may share their skin color but not their current points of view. My parents taught me that wrong and evil know no skin color.

          • Hammer

            Your posting name “The Dog” is very appropriate, is likely representative of how you see yourself (subconsciously the true has funny ways of coming out). Of course to improve your name insert the words ‘unthinking, self-righteous” between “The” and “Dog”

          • Joe Chicago

            Not All black people think that way…just most of them.

          • Big Ed

            Thank you for your service Marine. I agree with you 100%

          • Lawman561

            Michael thank you for your service, and your articulate argument. I am a Conservative, a fan of Dr. King and a 24+ year law enforcement veteran. We as Conservatives do often share many of the same core values with some of us as honest hard working citizens, others patriots and still others warriors prepared to take on the role of sheep dogs for the flock. One quote of Dr. King’s has always stayed with me, to help guide me and it has been shared with many other trainees, friends and acquaintances, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
            Martin Luther King, Jr.
            Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/m/martinluth297516.html#ISPpC3FZtsqryrq9.99

          • Woody Godbey

            Great Job of putting the pretender in their place Michael Ray. I’m white and you spoke what most white conservative stand for. Thank you for your service my friend!

          • Solemn Unvergesslich

            FUCK miller young and anyone who supports her!

          • Coach r

            I don’t see it as a black-white issue at all. This professor simply acts like a thug, and her employment should be terminated. Maybe she can go teach at the local JuCo, where nobody cares.

          • realclearconservative

            Good grief. smh Keep your ignorant comments to yourself and no one will have the slightest idea what a moron you are.

          • Gotham Knight

            Another liberal posing as a racist. You people never give up. You are a race baiter, and just as bad, if not worse, than a racist.

          • CheriCAL

            I would say that this is liberal behavior – not black behavior. There has been many instances on college campuses where a white student has thrown objects, pies, and tried to shout down conservative speakers.
            Please don’t paint a certain race by a broad brush – this is what liberals do after all. If you are conservative and happen to be black or hispanic – you will be called all kinds of disrespectful names by liberals just for that fact alone.

          • Tea Party Anarchist

            There are many black Americans worthy of respect. The media does not like them nor often allow them to have a voice. But the black America of King, Douglass, Hughes, and Carver still survives.

          • lazybumranch

            Thanks for pointing that out. The liberal left would have you believe that the only conservatives are white, and we know that is not true. My experience with the Tea Party was all-inclusive.

          • Carl Mayo

            no, there are people of all colors who would never act this way.
            you don’t hear about them because they don’t do anything to make the news.

          • Layla

            NOT true.

          • HonestBroker

            This is not about being black. It’s about being intolerant of another’s sincerely-held belief and right to speak openly about that belief. The black family was a bastion of morality and cohesiveness until misguided white patronage destroyed it. Eleanor Roosevelt did more to undermine the strength of black families than anyone else. Ever.
            And just being black doesn’t make you like this badly-behaving
            “professor.” What you really have to wonder is, what does someone do for a living with a degree in her

          • stuface

            Thats not pretty much how all blacks are right now. You idiot rascist…

          • An American Veteran

            That statement is so wrong and without merit, that it boggles the mind.

          • Ray

            Disgusting racist! You are the reason why America still suffers from hidden racism and hate. I bet u say you aren’t racist bc u have ‘ some black friends’
            U r an animal along with the other 94 crystal meth addicts who agreed with u

          • bcmugger-craves-scat

            bcmugger, (or is your name bc-assbugger? Go look it up, it’s a British term that emphasizes one’s love of scatological intercourse) if not you’re an paid LIBERAL provocateur who posts outrageous racist slander to taint conservatives and libertarians by pretending to be one of us, then I have a question for you:

            Based on your twisted inbred/incest-spawned logic, then according to such bastardized logic:

            Since Joe Biden is white and clearly an ignorant LOUD-MOUTHED 2-faced flaming moron with psychopathic delusions of self-importance, entitlement and grandeur,….. am I to assume “thats[sic] pretty much how all WHITES are right now” ?

            What’s the answer based on non-bastard logic (i.e. non-bcmugger logic):

            The answer is: Clearly NOT! Just because Joe Biden, a white man, is a confirmed Moron, closet -racist, and sell-out, doesn’t mean all white people are confirmed Morons, closet racists and sell-outs! —-> Kapisch!!!? Dumkopf!!!

            Just the same way that lazy-minded idiots such as yourself (as well as the 97 unthinking whores that gave you an up vote) are not representative of all white people.

          • stuface

            Dont really think its about liberalism in this instant. I think she is just a bully…

          • demoncratWarOnWomen

            Nah, execution just won’t do it. This fat female misogynist needs to be kept alive&an allowed to experience a more excruciating death—of her misogynist pro-abort idiot ideology.

          • rhdmgman

            Battery charges only. That is contact for those in Yorba Linda.

          • Matman

            That’s Rio Linda…..we understand what Battery charges are in Yorba Linda….and no they aren’t for the Prius C….

          • mewp12

            This is California. Her race does matter.

          • joehultquist

            You’re right. Our problem is that democrats have been indulged for so long, in their. self appointed-self anointed, posts as the definers of free speech, the instructors on morals, the determiners of racism, they have come to believe it is their constitutional right. They have physically assaulted people with differing views for many years and a corrupt legal systems has always dragged it’s feet when prosecution was called for. It will take a long time to reverse this problem. Easier to vote secession and ask Putin to annex us.

          • The Dog

            Yes, Governor Moonbeam will promptly fire her.

            (Please contact me offline. I have a bridge for sale that you might be interested in.)

          • tham

            Felons get professorships, didn’t you know?

          • rtc_MA

            …. Bill Ayers ….

          • Mike

            You nailed it my friend. If there is any question liberalism is some kind of mental disorder your post should answer that question.

            It will get worse though as the low/no information voters just might drive the final nail in our coffin by electing the “Beelzebub of Benghazi” ©.

          • SeahorseKB


          • StraysAbound

            And tenure …

          • Grumpy Cat

            and shares in Microsoft.

          • 1mikejanz1

            Only in liberal schools!

          • randallus magnus

            ….are there any schools that are NOT liberal?? Just wondering…

          • Carlmann

            Hillsdale College

          • Thomas

            thomas aquinas college

          • Dan Flathers

            Christendom College in Front Royal, VA

          • Shoe

            Liberty University, Lynchburg VA

          • Godot

            If they are left wing moonbat bomb makers they do.

          • Yazzito

            Especially a Berkeley, school for the liberally handicapped.

          • disqus_eSOiQGribS

            Those air-head Berkeley liberals turned Ted Kaczinsky into a terrorist! I’m not even kidding.

          • Pro_bono_publico

            Ted Kaczinsky was a terrorist.

          • disqus_eSOiQGribS

            Not before he went to Berkeley and liberal air-head students complained about him.

          • pudge1

            Ted had a bad and unstable way of showing his displeasure. Maybe he didn’t think voting was enough to show his disagreement. That manifesto is turning out to to be pretty accurate. IMHO he was right about some technology.

          • Pro_bono_publico

            Pudge, prescience does not justify murder.

          • pudge1

            No it does not, I agree.

          • gimmemymoney

            Street creds & a promotion… That is what I see at the end of the rainbow…

          • Pro_bono_publico

            Not usually. they don’t.

          • Curtis Reed

            These are all misdemeanor charges.

          • 1mikejanz1

            You better reread the article, felony battery is not A misdemeanor, hence the word “FELONY!”

          • libwithIQ

            Felony battery isn’t a misdemeanor doofus.

          • Retired military

            Bill Ayers is still “teaching”

          • Foofydo

            And ghost writing.

          • thewalkingdexter

            a misdemeanor is not a felony,

            do you read the article before opening your big dumb mouth?

          • libwithIQ

            Hey Dumb a $ $. I read the story. Did you? It said she was being charged with misdemeanor theft, battery and vandalism. Just says the theft was misdemeanor. Not the assault, or did you fail 5th grade English again. I don’t know many cases where battery is a misdemeanor. And in the is case it should be assault and battery.

          • Brent Clarke

            Assault is almost always a misdemeanor. There are two categories, misdemeanor assault or felony assault, as well as delineations in the specific charges.. The charge depends on the severity of the injury as well as prosecutorial discretion. One can be charged with assault

            Misdemeanor assault, also referred to as a simple assault, generally means an act of violence against another person but can actually include any physical contact made without consent. Even a threat of bodily harm made with an apparent ability to cause the harm is considered assault. The threat must cause a reasonable fear of injury, otherwise there is no assault. The victim of the assault is also considered. An adult making a threat against a child can be considered an assault because the child will incur a fear of injury, although the exact same threat made against another adult might not.

            Exceptions to the law exist to exclude contact that is considered part of normal social behavior. A misdemeanor is defined as any crime that punishable by no more than one year in jail and a fine, so a simple assault charge is generally not considered a serious crime.

            In some jurisdictions battery is the crime that deals with non-consensual contact, while assault is the overt act of inflicting or attempting to inflict bodily harm on another person. Under this interpretation, the act of throwing a punch at someone is assault, even if the punch does not land. If the punch does connect, then the crime becomes either battery or assault and battery.

            Several enhancements to a misdemeanor assault or simple assault can elevate the crime to a more serious misdemeanor or even a felony. Aggravated assault is punished as a felony in all 50 states. A crime goes from misdemeanor assault to aggravated assault when the perpetrator intends to more than simply frighten the victim. Assault with an intent to rob or kill is considered an aggravated assault, as is assault with a deadly weapon. A person convicted of felony aggravated assault faces a minimum of one year in prison.

          • linwithIQisanidiot

            Wow, what a jerk you are. Why dont you do a little research. Battery is a COMMON LAW MISDEMEANOR. Stop being such a bad person


          • LibDisease

            So says the idiot who uses Wikipedia as a reference.

          • libwithIQ

            Battery of a minor is not a common law misdemeanor Spanky. Stop being such a moron.

          • Pro_bono_publico

            Criminal battery may be either a misdemeanor or a felony. If you beat the crap out of someone, it’s usually not a misdemeanor. In this case, given the relatively minor nature of the victim’s injuries, it probably was a misdemeanor. Nevertheless, most public school systems and universities will not hire a faculty member who has a history of physical altercations with students. It demonstrates incredibly poor judgment.

          • fcostello

            she could have been charged with child abuse.

          • Dan Flathers

            Perhaps thewalkerdexter is an alum of UC-SB…

          • Godot

            SO it’s OK to do this to a student so long as it’s just a misdemeanor?

          • JimMT

            Yes. But this should be a felony charge – she violated the civil right of a minor, AND battered her. A spouse would receive nothing less than a felony charge for similar behavior.

          • Pro_bono_publico

            Again, the distinction between misdemeanor and felony battery is usually based on the degree of injury, although the prosecutor usually has great discretion in bringing criminal charges based on circumstances.

          • Justin_Igger

            Taking a person’s possessions by physical force, a.k.a. ROBBERY, is a felony, last time I checked.

          • Joe_D

            From what I understand there is no such thing as misdemeanor robbery in California. Petty theft is a misdemeanor, but not strong arm robbery.

          • Apple Pie

            Looks and “feels” like a hate crime. Would you support that?

          • joe_bob_gonzales

            looks like a hate crime to me as well. good point.

          • Pro_bono_publico

            She physically assaulted a student. She’s done. Stick a fork in her. No tenure. She needs to start looking for a job at a junior college — if one will still hire her.

          • 1mikejanz1

            That’s A resume enhancement in A liberal college, she beat A 16 year old pro lifer!
            Now she’ll become A leftist Martyr!

          • JimMT

            Che and Fidel would be proud! If Obama had a daughter, she would look just like this ….

          • rgrkovach

            If Obama had a son, he’d look just like her!

          • joe_bob_gonzales

            already has a wife that looks like that.

          • 1mikejanz1

            You forgot Lenin, Stalin and Mao!

          • Patricia McDonough

            Similar to the woman that voted multiple times for Obama. Got her sentence reduced and is now a celebrity with Sharpton.

          • Godot

            Is this enough to sever the “AA Connection”?

          • texguy46

            Only a misdemeanor as noted in the article, that is pathetic!

          • M75462

            Bill Ayers has tenure, I do believe…..

          • Patricia McDonough

            Who thinks she will be convicted?

          • milly

            They’ll give her a promotion.

          • Dimocrats=NewNazis

            Tenure….. harder to fight. Liberal “school”? No way, she’s got a “job” for life.

          • Pro_bono_publico

            With a conviction for assaulting a student, she will never get tenure.

          • CommonSenseIsNot

            That is why she is only being charged with misdemeanors. Even though the assault was on a minor, as were the other charges.

          • The_RS_Gadfly

            Depends on whether she has tenure. If a prof has tenure, even a rape conviction isn’t always enough to get them booted. Given her actions, I’m betting she’s got tenure.

          • thenations

            A felony charge should also disqualify her for a license to carry/purchase a weapon. If she currently has a license, the court should order discontinuance of the license (in the same manner as drivers licenses are ordered discontinued in certain infractions).

          • richJD

            The article clearly says she is charges with misdemeaners, not felonies. But I agree she should be fired.

          • Joe Chicago

            She teaches in California. A felony will get her tenure.

        • Grumpy Cat

          Did you say union?

        • texguy46

          “Grievance community” another word for union!

        • Blu Clw

          Who cares what they “want”. If enough people contact them to verify that they intend on retaining or rehiring someone with a criminal history of assaulting minors and/or students and they’ll toss her to the wolves just to get out of the spotlight.

        • Joe_D

          I’m not too sure about that. This pathetic excuse of a human being allegedly assaulted a child, and then proudly announced that she felt that she had set a good example for her students. A conviction on the charges would be a good starting point for a lawsuit against Miller-Young and her employer.
          Even misdemeanor charges carry up to a year in jail.
          241.2. (a) (1) When an assault is committed on school or park property against any person, the assault is punishable by a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars ($2,000), or by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year, or by both that fine and imprisonment.

          • JustaMom

            You’ve obviously done your homework Joe. Hopefully she will be fired, fined and shunned but I’m not holding my breath. The University system is a morally corrupt cesspool that tends to praise and protect the perverse and condemn the good.

          • aasdfadadsdfasdf

            to be fair, when you’re on a college campus, you assume everyone is old enough to be there. the prof probably thought that the girl was a 20-something adult, not an fresh-out-of-high school teenybopper. But that still doesn’t excuse physically engaging students.

        • rhdmgman

          Yes, Tenure is the first thing that must be removed from the education system.

        • davidr2007

          Fired? She will get a medal and a promotion after getting a raise.

        • LukeJohn

          Just threaten a Civil Right lawsuit with the University as co-defendant.

        • Layla

          Then we will pull our alumni contributions. That should be the end of this woman.

          • The Dog

            I doubt that any alumni will stop contributing. This is the University of California-Santa Barbara–not quite a conservative, or, even, a middle-of-the-road bastion.

      • Chip Payne


      • BiggDee

        Error has no rights.

      • Harold Tic

        according to liberals, ABW behavior is grounds for a promotion!

        • Godot

          Bleep, just think if the student had a “Gobal Warming is Bullslip” sign. ADW with a handbag.

      • marksutton

        Miler-Young won’t be fired if UCSB gets its wish. The UC schools, like most academic institutions, are dominated by radical left-wingers who believe the same way as Miller-Young. Many, and perhaps most, of them don’t believe in free speech for those who actually expose the hypocrisy of those who advocate issues like abortion.

        • Godot

          College kids have known for years that you have to bullslip these moron leftys in order to get a good grade. The lefty useful tools buy it, and the dumber they ae the louder they rant.

          • H. G.

            Wrong Godot. I majored in political science at Cal and let my professors know that I was a moderate who voted Republican. We had wonderfully enlightening conversations and debates on many political topics, and I received A’s in all my classes.

      • Ibulena

        Why are this so called liberal feminist always so unattractive and militant?

        • Ruckweiler

          Same reason lesbians have a fat problem.

          • Not One

            same reason you have a drinking problem

        • 1mikejanz1

          There not ugly because their liberals, they’re liberals because they’re too ugly to get A man!

        • KRC

          Fat, dumb and drunk is no way to go through life.

          • chronovisor

            and OBSCENELY ugly!!!

        • Godot

          An angry bunch of bullfrogs, mad at the world.

      • Mac Daddy

        What bothers me is this woman hasn’t been fired from her position. Another sad example of how low colleges have plunged.

        • joe_bob_gonzales

          US colleges are useless. mostly tools to indebt kids for life while teaching them no usefull skills. to wit: do you really need to spend 100K to have your kid sit in a class taught by this woman. who teaches about sex workers and porno. really? just another leftist marxist who is being kept down by the white man.

        • Mac ND

          No way! Another McDaddy!

      • 1mikejanz1

        Liberals are only tolerant of other’s views if they agree with liberals!

        • Old Sailor

          A Liberal professor wanting to compromise with a pro life radical was forced to take down signs that she felt were offensive.
          This happened after the conservative radical and Tea Party supporter was just not willing to compromise .
          Now, does that sound like the way the lame stream press will report the story.

          • Guest

            What? The professor was not “forced” to do anything. The pro-life group had EVERY right to be there with their signs. It is a public university, partially funded by taxpayers. Way to try to justify assaulting kids. By your logic, if we’re both standing in a public park, I can claim that I was “forced” to rob and assault you if I don’t like what you’re saying. Also, if abortion is such a wonderful thing and the baby is not a human being, why are you people so afraid to show what REALLY happens to it?

          • LukeJohn

            Er, the post was SARCASM.

          • Lola Guin

            Oh my gosh. I totally thought you were serious. I had a PO’d reply for you and everything. lol. You’re so right. They will try to twist this.

      • Jared Small

        A black woman with an alternate lifestyle suing you is a nightmare. We (the company I work for) waits for black women to quit. In our liberal (90% voted Obama) office we have never let one black lady go. It is deemed cheaper to pay a person for nothing than risk a lawsuit or EEOC complaint. Not joking. Not trolling.

        • Document, document, document, dismiss.

          • Jared Small

            Sadly, still costs money even when you document. EEOC does not care and will waste you and your attorneys time. For us it was almost a year of off and on requests for different documents. Sad but true.

            Guilty until you prove your innocent by spending a lot of money to do so.

            That is the unspoken “Black Privilege”.

      • Bailers77

        The loons in the feminist movement believe that freedom of speech gives them the right to shutdown other whose speech offends them. It’s true, go look it up. They view speech they disagree with as assault, and feel they are protecting themselves from harm.

        Crazy people they are.

      • fhjhjdsfdgs443345

        I love how liberal feminists are so concered over the word “bossy” but completely endorse the way women are treated in the UAE!!!! good for you liberal feminist cockroaches!

      • Tbone Agitation

        It’s not surprising that someone who advocates violence against the unborn lashes out physically against those standing up to the horror.

        Abortion victims are exposed to a lot worse than a few scratches on their arms, and they have no voice to stand up with against their attackers.

      • mewp12

        Liberals are the least tolerant people I know.

      • Gothamite

        The preachers of tolerance tolerate not.

    • justfedupwithstupidity

      Americas WMDs on our college campuses and in our school system. Indoctrinate vs educate. From the WH on down this administration is on a mission …and it has nothing to do with freedom of speech or America surviving as Land of the Free.

      • Mike

        Those would be Liberal WMDs (Womb managed deaths).

    • dupkaman

      She should be fired from her job. I will bet they don’t fire her because they don’t want to be accused of racism. She could always get a job as a community organizer if she were fired. Probably Brown or some other Ivy League school would hire her and give her tenure

      • Rick Irwin -Foolish Pleasure

        Exactly, those progressive liberal democrat types alway get rewarded for bad behavior.. It something we have learned and come to expect from the many ‘teaching moments’ exampled by Obama’s White House. ‘Gangstas in da House’.

      • poorhardworker

        If she became a community organizer..then she could run for President of the US!!!

      • KRC

        Exactly, she won’t get fired because she is black. If she did get fired you know our “odumbo” president would come to her aid. She is part of the reason to get rid of affirmative action…and the community organizer idiot in the WH.

      • Godot

        The AA types recruited by Camp Bruno on the Hill are right at home shouting people down. It’s the “right” thing to do.

    • rhzszm

      She’s not a professor, she’s a post-doctoral fellow aka research staff. She can definitely be fired (untenured, non tenure-track), and should be to retain the reputation of the taxpayer-funded University of California school system. Anything less is absolutely scandalous.

    • stechatte

      Well, in this lunatic’s case, “where she belongs” is the Afircan bush.

      • southern joe

        The southerners should have picked their own cotton

      • ipragmatist

        I’m SURE she’s already spent time in MANY an african bush. 😉

        Ugh…sorry for the visual. 🙁

    • seems par for the course. she beats the same group that blow up the clinics and then fight for the rights of the “baby.” the entire lot of them are [email protected]#%ing crazy, both side.

      • Kevin Davis

        When was the last time a clinic was blown up..

        • Two years ago in Grand Chute, Wisconsin. A bomb exploded at a Planned Parenthood… That was only months after the one in Pensacola, Florida was firebombed.

          Lets not forget about Wichita 4 years ago. Sorry, that was where the psychos murdered the Doctor, Close enough…

          So what did you want to add?

          • think4once

            In Grand Chute there was no one injured. Pensacola, no one hurt, again.

            The doctor was, George Tiller, btw. Who was killed by a mentally ill person, both bipolar and schizophrenic.

            You are a moron, sir, since you clump any anti-abortionist with the fringe acts of a few. Actually mentally impaired people, might I add.

            And you say thats fair for her to attack children, her students, because of actions taken by other people half the country away?

            PLEASE get a real education.

          • I am clumping all the fringe acts from both sides together, they are all [email protected]#%ing nuts! You are calling me a moron yet don’t think a bombing is bad because “nobody got hurt.” You are just as bad as the fringe. So they were mentally impared? I would say that is a good defense for anyone who acts like this, again, from either side.

            Who said it was fair to attack anyone? Please show me that part… seriously, you are mentally disturbed to think I said that.

            So again, PLEASE tell me where I am wrong and you are right. You are living in a fairytale.

          • think4once

            impaired* (the whole lack of education thing)

            “She beats the same group that blow up the clinics.” You equivocate the acts of this woman and crazy people, which by definition is saying that means its fair (regardless of wrong or right). I laugh at how you group a kid with a poster and psychos who are blowing up an abortion clinics. So every pro life person is crazy? You are disturbed.

            You are a moron because you don’t distinguish between the violence towards someone and destruction of property. You are a moron because you mock mental disabilities. You are an ignorant fool if you think anything I said condoned any of these acts. But you seem to think physical violence is the same as vandalism or destruction or property. You are an idiot.

            You joke about psychological problems and its kind of pathetic. Some people are actually mentally ill and not as a defense (bipolar and shiz aren’t exactly something 99% of people can fake very well). Go volunteer at a homeless shelter or mental health clinic and you will know what I am talking about. Great job mocking another group of people out.

            You are so far gone that you think your fairytale is reality. QQ

          • think4once

            sorry that is a word from Urban Dictionary



            An idiot’s way to type a word that they should’ve looked up before attempting and failing to spell.

            HAHAHAHA Their words. Not mine. LOL


          • Calling the urban dictionary credible. Nice

      • Godot

        Yeah, sure, these little tantrums happen every day,, when was the last time a clinic got blown up by other than someone who worked there?

        • see my reply to Kevin Davis below…

          Would you like a list? It is all out there but I am sure you will say it is all made up. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you sleep better.

          • think4once

            Look at my reply to your reply to Kevin Davis- above- (not below)

    • KRC

      Typical liberal! She is contributing so much to the university with her research on pornography and sex….what a joke. I’d be ashamed to have any of my children attend that university or have her as a teacher. She also appears to be pretty stupid so I wonder how she even was able to obtain her own college degree? Probably on the backs on tax payers. Put her in jail with the rest of them.

    • FlyNavy

      “You have the right to free speech, as long you’re not dumb enough to actually try it”

      The Clash

      dubito ergo cogito
      cogito ergo sum

    • Justin_Igger

      What this ni99er did amounts to robbery, assault, and typical primitive simian savage behavior. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • ipragmatist

      Well said. 🙂

    • texguy46

      Probably a black lesbian. I hope the student sues her too!

    • Sharon Lynn

      exactly, if white conservatives had stolen a pro abortion sign from a 16 year old liberal the ‘professor’ would have been tared and feathered in the public square, put on display as a racist biggot and run out of town on a rail! but at least there are ‘charges pending’ …. God help us if it goes to a liberal idiot judge who’s brain is in his butt, then this troll will walk and the ‘progressive brain dead liberals’ will have a win and run with it. sick world we live in now

    • libertarian1234

      “Just like a typical democrat…black studies, pornography, sex studies!
      And then the attack ensues!”

      Black studies is a nonsense course and has zero educational value. It was made up in order to get black faces on university faculties to show how “unracist” they were, because very few blacks can legitimately qualify for more difficult subjects.

      To pass the course it is only necessary to be able to read and comprehend on an 8th grade level.

      Every blacks studies “professor” in the country is a person steeped in hate and hostility, much like the women’s studies crowd.

    • st725

      You have summed it up perfectly! Nothing needs to be added.

    • Chrislongski

      Now tell me porno doesn’t affect the brain.

      • think4once

        Everything affects the brain. What do you mean specifically?

        • Chrislongski

          The rot she is studying has taken hold. Get it?

    • Jimtk

      Yes so very BOSSY of her

    • disqus_eSOiQGribS

      WTF is «black studies » anyway. What a bunch of liberal crap! Name me one useful thing that has come out of « black studies » ? What if a single university started a «White studies» program? They’d be considered the worst type of racists, and rightly so!! But black studies for black morons are ok… WTF society?! Stop cattering to the black men’s (and women) and inferiotity complex, its NOT helping them!!!

      • H. G.

        White Studies is usually called History, so the Caucasians are covered.

        • disqus_eSOiQGribS

          It would already make more sens to call black studies, african history.

    • MikeyDe

      She apparently desired a job in the porn industry but no one wished to see her undressed.

    • FatherTime

      “Just like a typical democrat”

      So a nutcase represents the view of everyone who might agree with her on one thing?
      So next time someone tries to kill an abortion doctor or bomb a clinic I can say that’s a typical Republican right? Cool.

      • Pro_bono_publico

        Refresh my memory: when was the last time a religious nut assassinated an abortion doctor or bombed an abortion clinic in the United States? Most Christians, including most fundamentalist anti-abortion Christians, believe that killing a sinner is still murder.

        “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” Romans 12:19 (KJV)

        • FatherTime

          Someone in a different comment said a few years ago.

      • potusWORTHLESS

        But you can’t say that…because it is not the truth!
        Democrats like to kill their babies…period!
        YOU VOTE FOR IT!!!

        • FatherTime

          Yes they kill a week old thing that’s not even a fetus. Oh no.

          • potusWORTHLESS

            Ya, too bad that was not an option at your birth!

          • FatherTime

            So you think I should have been killed for disagreeing with you on this? Sheesh not even the woman in this story went that far and she’s a jerk.

          • potusWORTHLESS

            You said it not me!
            You made the flippant statement not me jackwaggon!

    • 2SUTHRN

      Her “work” includes studies on blacks in the porn business….but she’s offended by seeing images of aborted babies (while supporting abortion). Oh the irony.

    • ShinSakura Nguyen

      Excuse me what? The colonists brought the slaves into North America, the question would be more of should they return them? And to your second suggestion of taking your country back, only Native Americans would be the only ones having the ”proper” right to take back their country, thus putting the Europeans back to where they belong.

      • The Dog

        Wrong, the colonists did not bring slaves to the British Colonies in North America. The British Government forced slaves and slavery on the Colonies. The Colonists rejected the offer to buy people and did so only under the threat of guns. Please read and understand your history.

      • potusWORTHLESS

        It was not America…so what do we do with [email protected]$$ asians in America?
        Wow you are really phucked. LOL

    • Snezha Silver

      I’m a left leaning independent, and yet I don’t know any liberal who doesn’t think she’s an idiot. Maybe you should figure out when to use your stereotypes.
      You know, if you don’t want conservatives to be thought of as misguided, brainwashed rednecks who are anti-gay and yet are strangely obsessed with phallic objects (guns).

      • TruckinMack

        Nice stereotyping there. I note you’re pretty free in using insult and stereotype in your other few posts as well.

        That said, calling this woman a typical Democrat who is involved in Black Studies and Pornography is less a stereotype and more a self description of her biography. Perhaps in Liberal cultures stating facts and quoting people is considered racist and stereotype.

      • Bailers77

        Just because you don’t know any, doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.


      • potusWORTHLESS

        Do you think I really care what the phuck you think, and or spew!
        Go away little girl, make yourself useful and clean the house!

    • Brenton Siddons

      She definitely meets Rush’s definition of a feminazi…..

    • Dillon McHugh

      Dude. This isn’t about your little two year old blame game. This is about freedom of speech and why it’s so important to uphold. You can’t say OH LOOK IT’S A PRO LIFE ACTIVIST BEING ATACKED I WIN THE ARGUEMENT TODAY! No you don’t get that victory because their is no victory to be had. All it is is a demonstration of how people need to be reminded what exactly free speech is.

      • potusWORTHLESS

        Dill, it is exactly about freedom of speech…and I can look at exactly what has transpired!
        Feminist PROFESSOR, that is what this is about. This so called woman has no place in a tax payer funded institution…period!
        How is that for freedom of speech BRO!

  • AUEagle

    Oh, the tolerant liberals are so tolerant as long as you share the same beliefs.

    • L_Dave

      Yes. They want “diversity” so long as that means people who look different but think in the – exact – same – way.

      • dupkaman

        Indeed! The diversity canard is just a renaming of affirmative action.

      • sumday

        that is the best way I’ve ever heard it stated.

      • Godot

        Yup, “diveeeeeeeeeeersity, and olllllllerance, and incuuuuuuuuusion” as long as you kiss their ass. Tell ya what, they think they have the entire Federal Government on their side, hapless Holder included, after this fall they won’t.

  • Our colleges and universities become less of a true necessity every day. Coincidentally, the assault on the young lady took place directly following the professor’s assault on the local Taco Bell.

  • mrbill59

    throw the book at this bully. She is a perfect example of the tolerance of the deranged left!

    • Godot

      6 years of Obama’s relentless race warfare propaganda has produced this attitude. Obviously it’s contraproductive even though “community organizers” delight in it.

  • cestusdei

    They will pack the jury with liberals and she will get off.

  • Steve Taikowski

    Assault and battery, clear cut case!

    • stargazeman

      And on a Juvenile, no less…jail time please.

      • libwithIQ

        A felony sentence for a liberal is a resume enhancer.

  • johnsmith500

    And they wonder why most people don’t want any leftist/feminist within a mile from their children.

  • Damnfingers

    “…department of feminist studies professor Mireille Miller-Young, whose research emphasis is black studies, pornography, and sex work…”

    Come on? They actually pay people to teach this crap at college? No wonder there are college graduates who can’t get a job other than flipping burgers!

    • Secretsquid

      And I thought sociology was a worthless course!

      • I think this is a sociology course for, ‘man hating mixed race feminazis.’

        • Secretsquid

          People who major in these courses can’t hack science, technology, engineering or math. Or medical.

    • Vette66

      Here i thought it was a course for the pimps to learn better ways to sell the wares they have on the market. We have them cataloged by size, shape and color. Call 877-how-hore.

    • un-parenthood

      That’s what happens when you have liberal arts requirements. This is what they call higher education, critical thinking, and an open forum of discussion.

      Just imagine being a student who unwittingly signed up for her class to full-fill the gender studies requirement.

      I had an experience like that and dropped the class after the teacher cornered me after the first day of class (invaded my personal space saying she needed to talk to me and backed me up). She made an indirect threat about the grade she’ll give because the class liked the term equalism better than feminism after my comment. Despite being a Phd professor, she had no logical argument to follow other than stating she is the authority and the one who delivers the final grade.

      The choice was clear, be quite or parrot the teacher. I dropped the class the next day as did the only 2 guys in the class. Funny thing was, I didn’t know the professor before the class, but what should have been clear is those who stated they were feminists to the teacher before the class. For them it was an easy A from there.

      • think4once

        Not all liberal arts requirements are actually liberal studies (not implying that is what you meant either). I loved learning about phenomenology and epistemology from my liberal arts college.

        • un-parenthood

          I mentioned one experience I had in my 4 years. I felt that liberal arts requirements were a good thing and was an idealist until I had that encounter where I felt powerless, intimidated, and bullied. It was an eye opener.

          Too many colleges now have an over-emphasis on liberal arts. This is a business that forces students to stay longer, unfortunately it takes away from time needed to learn a profession or trade.

          Also it can be a fostering environment for ideological extremists to force their views on to a captive audience required to attend their classes. The college has it’s agenda to get more of the students money, the extremist has an outlet for ideological subversion where outside of academia would be unacceptable. Also it is out of touch with being a productive society.

          What kind of fruits do you think this professor in the video has produced for society and what example does she set as a professor? What have her students learned? Is this what you expect from academia? It’s not an open forum with Ideologs.

          My experience happened back in the 90’s, today’s environment on the bachelor level is much worse now as Colleges have become more like factories generating degrees for money. These kind of professors shouldn’t be in academia but are tolerated on a business level and for legal liability reasons.

          I am not an all or none with having liberal arts as part of a curriculum, but too many colleges have run away with making it business and debasing higher education at least on the bachelor level.

    • Justin_Igger

      What in the world else would ni99ers study?

  • Tiger184

    If you watch the video you will find that the perp was laughing at and taunting the victim along with her little band of thugs.
    The attack was not “triggered” by anything other than Miller-Young thinking she would get away with it since it was a black on white crime. Something we see too much of these days.

    • southernjoe

      Send them all back to Africa. We don’t need or want them in US.

      • Justin_Igger

        NO. Send them back to hell.

    • Godot

      If hey kick her off the university mammary she will find another taxpayer funded one elsewhere.

  • Pat McBride

    Good news!
    I hope they find a fair and impartial jury.
    One look at that smirking Harridan in the video doing what she did and she is toast.

  • westside_resident

    There’s an incinerator waiting for her at a UK abortion factory.

    • matt

      Like, like, like….

    • Grumpy Cat

      What, as CEO?

  • brian s

    I’ve never liked anyone who uses a hyphenated last name. The streak keeps going…

    • schwaggles

      Me too. “Hey lady what’s your maiden name?” Oh that’s right it’s your father’s.

      • Doug

        I had never considered that point, schwaggles, but I will make it in the future when I want to amuse a feminazi.

        • Grumpy Cat

          I usually say, “are you more loyal to your father than your husband? Daddy issues?”

  • Michael D. Strowbridge

    When she sees pictures of aborted fetuses she feels guilt and, being unable to reconcile that guilt with her political views, launches into violence to remove the thing that reminds her of her guilt.

    • B

      Dead ON Mike!
      You get the seems obvious but isn’t to most people award!
      And…. Thank you!

  • Ratt Stone

    Damn, and you can get a PhD for that ?

    • Grumpy Cat

      Yes, from Jackson-Sharpton University.

  • Alex

    she teaches pornography and claims moral high ground, that’s a laugh. she’s a bully and a joke, and the students that follow you like puppy dogs are idiots. sandra fluke’s mentor i’m sure!

    • think4once

      Wait, she teaches pornography? What does that mean? lol

  • katie 10

    The left has no tolerance for free speech at all. Like Obama, they demonize anyone who disagrees with them.Why do you think he and the liberals hate Fox News? They dare to question which is the job of the news.

    • Even FOX News pulls its punches. If they reported all the news, there would be deaths happening, just like the political enemies of Caesar.

    • FatherTime

      “The left has no tolerance for free speech at all. Like Obama, they demonize anyone who disagrees with them.”

      You say that while demonizing them, and while the top comment in this story literally calls them terrorists.

  • Curt Pangracs

    I seriously hope SHE never made any porn! She should be removed and her teaching license revoked permanently. A disgrace.

  • Cappy Ahab

    Professor Mireille Miller-Young, must be soooooo surprised at being charged as the criminal she is. After all her progressive sensibility tells her she is above the law , her limited progressive friends tell her she is above the law, Eric Holder’s Department of Injustice tells her she is above the law, the twisted media tells her she is above the law.

    I am flabbergasted that one of these low brow progressives is not above the law after five years of having it jammed down my throat.
    Thank you, Santa Barbara D.A.
    As long as she is under the microscope look into her credentials for outright lies.

  • Bo Jiden

    A feminist professor with an emphasis in porno and sex work…

    I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a more worthless person. If she got hit by a train tomorrow the world would have lost nothing.

  • Ham_Phobe

    That is one UGLY broad – even the lezbos in jail will probably stay away from her.

  • TheProudDuck

    I’m sure they would have been reluctant to prosecute her, except that she brilliantly gave the most detailed confession on record to the cop who interviewed her. Didn’t leave the DA with much choice.

    This person has a doctorate. Every Ph.D in the world ought to be appalled at how their achievement is being watered down by the title being given to dullards like this person.

    • nhbuckeye

      I wonder if she is consciously aware that truth made her angry.

  • auggie

    I wonder if she was wearing a brown shirt when she assaulted the 16 yr. old girl.

    • Grumpy Cat

      It’s permanently affixed to her soul. Or should I say, she exchanged it for her soul.

  • Wilbar Hosana

    Next thing we’ll find out is she’s a community organizer….

    • Grumpy Cat

      Which liberal does not already carry this delusion around with them?

      • Wilbar Hosana

        Liberal in definition is a very good way to be : Origin:
        1325–75; Middle English < Latin līberālis of freedom, befitting the free, equivalent to līber free + -ālis -al1. Now today's meaning is progressive and favorable to government rule and control…that's why even if republicans win everything in the coming election cycle, little is bound to change because of Progressives…just saying…they are the majority in all branches of the government and work together across both political parties to achieve their objectives. The best example is Chief SCJ Roberts and his vote for the clearly unconstitutional ACA. His nomination was fought by the left because he was deemed to conservative. I think he would easily pass any scrutiny from either party now. If you want to live freely without the government telling us what we "must" do, then that has already passed with the ACA Obamacare. It is simply treason as to what the progressives have been doing against the Constitution.

  • northocman

    Fat cow. Hopefully Bubba the Female Bull in prison will teach her fat azz a lesson.

  • Fed Up

    20 to 30 in the pokey ought to be about right.

  • David

    Execute the lesbo.

  • griefman

    Remember the good old days? They were the days when you got what you paid for, a dollar was almost worth a dollar, you didn’t have to worry about being in the wrong area of town and universities were the bastion of free speech.

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    why is it that the women who are the most militant about permitting abortion are the least likely to ever get pregnant? no one would have sex with that cow of a professor, not even a rapist.

    • Sean neaS

      shes obviously a lesbian

    • Lola Guin

      So true. They’re bitter, angry, unattractive women who claim to speak for all of us. They’re repulsive.

  • Azarkhan

    Put that pig in jail.

  • David Wilkinson

    Makes sense: a know-nothing “professor” specializing in erzatz consensus reality dogma, hypocritically showing her liberal “tolerance”.

  • justfedupwithstupidity

    You mean she isn’t above the law? Refreshing for the moment. But somewhere out there I smell smoke from all the bra burners ready to implode.

  • jmatt55

    >>> professor Mireille Miller-Young, whose research emphasis is black studies, pornography, and sex work

    That’s a joke, right? Seriously, colleges that get a penny of tax money should not be allowed to waste student’s money like this. Nobody ever got hired because they had a degree in black studies.

  • Dirk Digler

    A borderline retarded woman with the intellectual capacity of a seven-year-old child teaches the youth of America. She’s probably tenured.

    No one wonders how this woman possibly became a university professor? Seriously?

    I would absolutely be willing to bet that Mireille Miller-Young is be unable to illustrate reading and writing capabilities above a 9th-grade level. Yet, she’s a slack-jawed pier piper to our dumb, impressionable youth.


    • B

      I wouldn’t think too badly of her teaching skills. I am sure she is quite good at showing all the other fat ugly chicks how to use a dealdoe. And by the looks of her, she truly needs the assistance of such man-made devices. Ain’t like she gonna score an actual man anytime soon.

    • yo mama

      She got the job because she’s fat, not white, and most likely a lesbian.

  • Is there a reason she wasn’t charged with assaulting a minor?

  • K.J. Pierson

    An employee of the university assaults a student. 1) Student should end up with free tuition 2) Employee shouldn’t be an employee anymore.

    • Just Me

      And free college housing, food, phone, medical too. I hope she’s retained a really good attorney. Not that her injuries are significant, but the legal/moral/ethical message is and they should make a big example and set precedent with this case, along with a nice settlement to deter others from doing the same and thinking they’ll get out of it unscathed. You just don’t go around assaulting your students so you can act like big *itch on campus.Students need to feel school is a safe place, not worry some professor is going to beat the crap out of them for voicing an opinion.

    • Harold Tic

      unfortunately the tuition would only result in another indoctinated “student” of the liberal illusion.

  • nhbuckeye

    The tyranny of the left never ends.

  • Steve Rogers

    Miller-young is Female and Black and will get a clap on the hand , promoted , write a book about the injustice of the court system and given a pay raise ;you can bet that the Department of Justice has a eye on her case and will smooth this wrinkle out for her. The victim is a minor this is the only reason there are any charges filed at all.
    Semper Fi 71

  • JustaMom

    Good! Hope she spends a little time in jail and pays a hefty fine.

  • randyo99

    A modicum of justice. I see community service in her future, at worst. Sad.

  • Brad

    Dang. Liberals sure are violent.

    • Grumpy Cat

      Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, need I go on?

  • L_Dave

    Leftists don’t want freedom and diversity, they want control.

  • SoCalOne

    This absolutely meets the criteria for felony robbery or at the very least felony grand theft from person. The Santa Barbara DA is not doing their job!

  • Scot

    ” If I had another daughter, she would look like MIREILLE “

  • EnabledVet

    I’m actually glad these actions are taking place. If you allow a dictator to behave like a dictator, people start to understand what’s going on. This PoS is showing the Nation exactly what the self-designated Elite think of the rest of the Nation. We are simple cattle that don’t know enough to have our own opinions, freedom of speech ihas to be monitored to ensure it matches THEIR values and violence is perfectly acceptable if it furthers THEIR ends.
    Now, I’d like to offer advice to the young woman who was assaulted. You have to be smarter than your attacker. After seeing the professor, I believe the correct response to her attack would have been to throw a hotdog and some chili cheese fries on the ground. She would have broken off the assault to get at the delicacies and forgotten about her “values”.

  • Lindakl

    This woman(professor?) is nuts, she should be institutionalized….not teaching our young people.

  • NoMoBongo

    Emboldened by the lawlessness of the Obama regime’s legal puppet Eric Holder, these violent negroids feel confident in attacking those with whom they disagree.


    I bet she gets to keep her job…hey, shes black, we cant fire her, even though she assaulted a student…she was “triggered” and “morally justified”. Hope this POS rots in hell and looses everything she has. What a worthless piece of trash. A horrible example for any young person she has ever been in contact with. SCUM OF THE EARTH. Liberal Feminist Psycho. Go kill yourself, do us all a solid. Theres a few million more just like this that need to go!

    • Just Me

      As soon as the gal that was attacked gets her own attorney, they’ll be rethinking their decisions, one big ugly long lawsuit, with the school administrators under the microscope for years…plus the media attention, OMG, would not want to be in THEIR shoes. I feel for them (not her). A good attorney will put so much heat on this school and their hiring/termination policies, it’ll be unreal. If they keep her on, well, that gal probably WILL get free tuition, and a whole lot more in the end. Don’t think more students won’t come forward with the list of dirty deeds committed throughout the years, oh yes they will.

  • Anonymous

    Mireille Miller-Young sounds awfully bossy.

    • Anonymous

      Let me clarify my comment. The professor’s alleged actions, as reported in this story, seem characteristic of behavior typically described with terms such as bullying, aggressive, intimidating, intolerant–and yes, bossy–in the personal opinion of this poster. Hopefully the report is exaggerated, as behavior like this ought never to occur, particularly when the individual in question holds a position of such authority and traditional prestige as a professorship.

  • Chip Payne

    Is everybody nuts?

  • schwaggles

    Attacking a minor in defense of your cause puts you on the wrong side of anything. This lady is a pig.


    Fruits and nuts…anyone surprised that she taught stuff related to black studies, pornography, and sex…women studies…really? And these kids can’t figure out why they can’t find a job after college!

  • Jason

    You can count on the media to sweep this one under the rug.

  • Gerry

    Love it!

  • ancientemplar

    California goofball. She deserves her punishment. That’s the way all liberals are, “in your face.” Well this one got a little too close.

  • richard_head

    They should charge her with child abuse and make her register as a career offender. It is only fair.

  • L_Dave

    PhD. New York University (American History and History of the African Dispora

    M.A. New York University (American History and History of the African Dispora)

    B.A. Emory University (History)

    I copied this information from the “professor’s” bio on the university website. She’s such an expert in this topic that she doesn’t even know how to spell “Diaspora”.

    • aasdfadad23sdfasdf

      Actually I think Dispora is a legit spelling. It’s probably research jargon.

      Look up “African Dispora” and you will find a lot of hits with the spelling that way.

      • H. G.

        LOL, spelling is close enough right? Well, you are wrong, unless she has a PhD. in African algae, which is highly doubtful because people who study algae are not history majors.

      • L_Dave

        No, that’s not the correct spelling. When I google “African Dispora” google converts the search to African Diaspora.

  • mike smith

    Time to recognize the leftists for what they have become. I see no difference in these robots than Hitler’s brown shirt mob.

  • JCJ Bike

    It’s always the feminists who have little or no chance of actually GETTING pregnant who have such vocal views in favor of abortion.

    I went to the site where students grade teachers. A common thread is if someone disagrees with her in class, she doesn’t do well with that. So much for the “tolerant left.”

  • Evidently Santa Barbara is scraping the bottom of the barrel in instructors. Not a very good advertisement for them. But then again, maybe they are over the top and need to be brought down a notch?

  • jayjay

    I’m glad to see that sow will be procecuted. Maybe she can use this as a teachable moment. Doubtful

  • Slappyhappy

    Think twice about sending your daughters to UC Santa Barbara. The young woman can be forced to engage in gay sex interracial sex to gain favor with professors.

  • TroyGale

    Fire her stupid butt!
    Investigate the College for allowing this type of person to teach, who’s salary is probably funded by the public at some level.
    Throw the book at this witch!

  • Mike

    Hard to find a more definitive example of a liberal mind.

    They demand you believe what they believe (tolerance/diversity) and if you are so bold as to show a picture of the result of a leftist death policy they feel they are morally justified in committing assault.

    Liberal logic in outline form:
    1) A right to privacy requires the right to kill the unborn.
    2) We on the left demand tolerance and diversity of opinion.
    3) However, if you display a picture of the end result of #1 then we have the moral right to beat you up.

  • jrf1009

    So when Mireille Miller-Young does something to offend me, I may physically assault her correct? Just like a true democrat, I’m for free speech, unless I don’t agree with what you’re saying. Then I have the right to bully you in any way that I want. Just wait until the lame stream media gets a hold of this, Miss Short will be vilified and labeled as a religious extremist.

  • RedWatt

    The professor is a pig. Her gestapo assistants are piglets.

  • Corpseman57

    Leftists painfully and violently butcher the unborn.

    It stands to reason that they will continue to use violence upon minors whenever it suits their means.

  • Helfyre

    Teachers should set good example or as in this case be made an example of.

  • Mike

    Just one more mental defective pushing her community’s bell curve farther and farther to the left.

  • beanbag

    These actions are just as expected form a worthless n i g g e r.
    All that n i g g e rs know is violence. It’s in their blood.

  • Kevin

    Typical leftist. Only believes in the freedom to express leftist ideas. This is not anything new.

  • Rick Irwin -Foolish Pleasure

    After prosecution she needs to be fired..

  • Mike Gilmer

    I am sure that Obama, Holder, Pelosi, and all the other usual liberal suspects will race to her defense. After all a liberal only believes in free speech if you are saying something they approve of and agree with.

  • YEP

    She is the product of interracial fornication. As most mixed race children, she has embraced the African side of her genetics and is whole-heartedly anti-establishment by default.
    I don’t understand how studying porn is going to prepare a student for the real world, oh that’s right IT DOESN’T.

  • funkybro

    These liberal vermin need to be shown the back of someone’s hand. Lock and load. There’s a major storm coming.

    • Grumpy Cat

      I hope sooner than later. Civilization needs a good correction.

  • iamstopper

    The Libs have proven time and time again that they are truly the ones who are most intolerant. Time to overthrow the universities in this country, nowhere on Earth is the Left more alive than on a college campus.

  • BluMeany

    Hilarious. All because it would blow their minds to accept the truth about how abortion is the termination of a life vs. what they call ‘women’s reproductive rights’. So much easier to just think of themselves vs. thinking of anyone else – including the fetus.

  • tracterpull

    She’s so feminist she keeps the names of TWO men – her father and her husband.

    • Sodapants

      That’s an excellent point… I’m going to use that on every hyphonated scud I encounter from here on out!
      *BOOM* goes the tiny brain of the militant feminist….

  • Kimbell

    This is just ONE EXAMPLE of the quality of Teachers and “Professor’s” in our Education System……most came from Minnesota or Hell like Miller-Young!!!! And the Dip Stick Mayor of New York, (I almost said Chicago)….same thing, wants to Close the Private Contract Schools that give all under achievers a leg up to succeed in todays World. The liberals are trying to Dumb Down our kids to the point they will believe the BS and Vote Democrat!!!

  • NorthWestBolt

    “Feminist Studies Professor’? Really?
    No wonder new college grads can’t find jobs coming out of school. What could you possibly learn from getting a BS degree like that?

    • L_Dave

      It’d probably get you a job as a community organizer.

  • Corpseman57

    A white male Conservative professor who attacked a black teen under the same circumstances would be fired and banned forever from teaching.

    • L_Dave

      I almost agreed with you, until I realized they’ve already banned white male conservatives from teaching.

  • Ron Mexico

    She’s your typical fat, lazy, violent union member. What’s new?

  • rjm2238

    Man o man, did you ever notice, these liberal hags are as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside. Their hideous looks is an exact replication of their vile personas and their bigoted, condescending personalities, if in fact, whatever is inside of people such as this woman, and soon, unfortunately, many of her students, could be called a human personality.
    It is a tremendous shame that this woman is allowed to even be near young people. Exposure to this broad should be considered child abuse.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • sniffles09

    And if the school does nothing, sue them for violating the students civil rights
    MONEY TALKS. That is how you get their attention.

  • sniffles09

    so much for the tolerance and diversity crowd.
    in their arrogance of power
    well video of an assault goes a long way in a LAWSUIT

  • sniffles09

    hey toss in the fact the professor grabbed the underage girl in a sexual manner.
    so you can toss in sex offender, that will get her teaching credentials pulled.

  • tham

    She probably won’t get jail, but it would be amusing seeing her in an orange jumpsuit picking up trash on the freeway. She definitely needs some exercise.

  • rjm2238

    Hey, Eric Holder, here we have a slam dunk case of denial of civil rights, a federal, felony. Eric, where are you? The world wonders, you corrupt hypocrite. If there were any justice in this world you and your boss would be sharing a cell with this so-called professor.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • WI Native

    “Nevertheless, authorities warned that her actions constituted vandalism, battery, and robbery.”

    Assault too? It should be aggravated assault due to the identity of the victim a minor student. Had the teacher been assaulted it would have been aggravated assault. This teacher should be slapped with a felony. One could argue this was even a hate crime committed by the teacher.

    • Otis

      Assault with intent to do great bodily harm, I believe is a felony?

  • Mike Seigle

    Democrats will run her for Congress.

  • Seldom Seen Kid

    Their own guilt causes them to lash out

  • Steven Gianni

    In any society, intimidating, bullying scum like the professor should be beaten to death by free people, or thrown in a UK hospital incinerator.

  • poorhardworker

    “Miller-Young defended her actions and told police she felt morally justified. “!!!!! So typical of liberals… bend or break the law because the law does not suit your “morals”! Moral justification is NOT a defense because if it was I would be free and clear shooting her because I am morally offended that she actually gets paid for teaching CRAP and polluting minds!!!

  • L_Dave

    When is her department going to announce that she’s on leave, with full pay and benefits? That’ll show her.

  • Canadian_Mike

    In case anyone is wondering why university tuition is out of control while graduates cannot find jobs, I present to you:
    Exhibit A
    Mireille Miller-Young
    “Professor” Feminist Studies

  • dirtydave777

    Your only empowered and liberated if you blindly obey the rules dictated by liberals

  • L_Dave

    Notice the professor’s two student accomplices, dutifully helping her steal other people’s property. What good little leftists, obeying authority.

  • shadow

    Can’t anyone take a simple decent video? You can’t see anything of what actually happened.

  • Harold Tic

    Miller-Young the liberal bully, your mental disorder is showing.

  • Fire her immediately and get her wife to hire a lawyer.

  • Kerry

    This is typical, these individuals claim they are pro choice, until someones choice is not their choice

  • Antonious

    Why would anyone be surprised. She is a feminist. Feminist are known to hate about everyone who disagrees with them. Not sure why women are now hitting each other over politics. Hopefully she will spend a couple days in jail to reflect on her hate and for assaulting a child.

  • dirtydave777

    Ever notice those pro choicers who should have been aborted never are

  • Wulf

    Even if she was fired, I suspect she’d still receive her salary. Then probably sign a book deal, maybe get a talk show, etc… we live in the Bizarro world

  • catman57022 .

    Saw the video…Where’s one of those knockout punch guys when you need one.

    When the Investigator saw the young lady I would’ve worn a neck brace and screaming in pain. It would’ve been a performance worth an academy award.

  • rtc_MA

    “professor” Mireille Miller-Young …. your precious planned parenthood was founded to rid the world of people like YOU!

  • Rafael J Godinez

    Good. Teach these idiots a lesson. However, since she is black and works at a university, nothing will happen. (I’m being generous saying she is a teacher.) She is a moron, ghetto trash pos.

  • 1stAfterburner

    “…serve as a lesson for those who seek to halt free speech on campus”?
    No, the progressive socialist often established on most universities is double standard will make her a campus martyr.

    • Paul

      My thoughts exactly. Whatever little punishment Miller – Young receives, it will not deter the modern day Brown Shirts from assaulting people that they dislike.

  • Eric Ross

    Another “Re-education Camp”. UC Santa Barbara is a joke of an Academic Institution. Liberal Propaganda Education System. Good luck to those at this ‘Academic’ institution. I feel for the “good students” who attend this university. But hey, job creation in minimum wage industries are and will continue to increase. So, I’m sure the student body of UC will have job opportunities out there in Cali.

    • einstein

      Liberal logic: Borrow $100,000 to get a degree in feminist studies so that you can land a minimum wage job at Starbucks.

  • D Smitty

    That fat cun+ is lucky she didn’t try this with me. I would crush her skull into dust

  • dkn1234

    Typical for a liberal……hope she ends up in jail for attacking that child.

    • Grumpy Cat

      or working for the IRS.

  • Retired military

    “She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did, and that she felt she had set a good example for her students by physically confronting the teenage demonstrator.”
    Gee if a man said that the sight of a woman made him rape her than he would be excoriated and rightly so.
    “But your honor the image of that woman in shorts made me rape her and it set a good example for my students by physically confronting someone 1/3rd of my size and half my age

  • BonitaElaine

    Fire her. Zero tolerance for assault of minor children!

  • Otis

    Off with her head.

  • Sally Smith

    Mireille Miller-Young and other Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 608 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc. http://danfromsquirrelhill.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/obama-252/

  • Diane H

    fire the professor

  • Climp Jones

    who cares. Another bull frog of a wench feminist slithers out from the sewer to spew their ‘Gospel’ and assault the sensibilities of others

  • umusbkiding2

    good ..haul a.. off to jail.
    She can teach from there.

    • Grumpy Cat

      Which subject, black studies, pornograhpy or sex work?

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    A PhD in “Black studies, pornography, and sex work.”

    I want to know how many tax dollars went for that “Education.”

    • Grumpy Cat

      That sounds like a PhD program everyone in the city limits of Detroit graduates from.

  • Cismaworld

    Just another fat ugly disgusting liberal woman. You would have to charge me with a felony to get me listen to that fat pig talk about sex.

  • NotKennedy

    That hysterical feminist terrorist should be either euthanized or deported to Egypt. The muslims could use a morally upright lady, as she.

  • Spartacus

    The kid she battered is under 18, the prosecutors should also charge the good professor with child abuse. A child abuse conviction should be enough to end her teaching career.

  • einstein

    We should have picked our own cotton.

  • Rolando Ramos

    I hope they hit her with a federal civil rights violation as well, but knowing Holder it will be swept under the rug

  • Mark Jessup

    Give it time and Al Sharpton will be showing up to embrace this abortionist sack o’ sh!t and utter some wisdom like “resist we much”.

  • Frankly

    Ah, once again the liberal “moral imperative” and Marxist “ends justify the means” mentaility. “I was right to physically abuse and steal from a young girl because the FACTS that she was displaying make me feel uneasy, so I had to shut her down by any means necessary”, that’s the mentality of this “dept of feminism” “professor”.

  • Bobo

    The liberal press will glorify her. She’ll make the rounds on talk shows. Right a book. Run for office.

    • Dr_Albert_Gortenbull

      And be feted at the White House by Barack Obama and Valarie Jarrett. Albert

  • john_freeman0130

    Research emphasizes “pornography and sex.” Can I get a government grant for that?

  • Zombee

    Liberalism is a mental disorder and thinking problem. Democrat progressives are a pathetic,hateful, sleazy clan.

  • ForTehNguyen

    she will probably still have her job afterwards

  • zzx375

    “…and told police she felt morally justified…” I am will to bet the farm that her morality is the post-modern “whatever I think” brand.
    Cut in front of her in the line to the movie theater, traffic, etc because your morality dictates that is acceptable and I bet she won’t agree.

  • Actually this “professor” will really hurt when the tort trial is done. She will have to pay for the 16 year old student’s college. My guess it will cost the professor $50,000 plus lawyer fees.

    Too bad, don’t you think? 🙂

  • joe

    Hopefully she will receive some “street justice” & someone will murder the liberal trash.

  • ZombieReady

    Repuplicans favorite day, July 4, 1776, Democrats favorite day, April 15th.

  • ZombieReady

    In her case I would be for abortion.

  • I_already_know

    The victim was 16 years old. Why is this overbearing, bossy professor not being charged with child related offenses like abuse? Seriously we need to realize there are two criminal codes in this country: 1) for liberals who’s hearts are in the right place and 2) one for the rest of us

  • Ibulena

    I truly believe those who claim to be liberal are actually very unhappy, angry people and lacking some love and peace in their lives.

  • Ironman

    For a Liberal these charges are a resume’ enhancement.

  • Bethesdabrat

    Let’s see. She’s Black, female, and a “feminist.” The prosecution will have to have 4 Aces in his hand to beat her 3. Sorry, but this is the kind of crap we’re forced to tolerate every day in the name of “diversity.”

  • Heretic2011

    Really, people think someone who glories in the killing of the unborn wouldn’t murder anyone they disagreed with?

  • Wally Wanks

    When did colleges get so trashy and morally bankrupt?. Its like their hidden job is to corrupt our kids morally and get them hooked on bad loans. My kids will not be.going into major debt for bs.like that! That woman is what is WRONG with our country

  • Forrest_Higgs

    It will be interesting to see if UCSB fires her sorry arse.

  • rczeranko

    According to the UCSB website: http://www.hr.ucsb.edu/employment/background-checks/criminal-convictions

    “In accepting a critical position, it is understood that appointment to, or continued employment in, a critical position is contingent upon a satisfactory DOJ/FBI background check. A satisfactory DOJ/FBI background check is defined as the absence of a criminal history record which bears a demonstrable relationship to the applicant’s or employee’s suitability to perform the required duties and responsibilities of the position.”
    I would imagine that attacking a 16 year old falls into this category. It would then depend on if the attacker was convicted to see if she loses her job.

  • SaneSage

    And some hard working parent is struggling to pay tuition so this useless moronic b*tch can teach her useless sh*t.

  • aquaroyale

    If the aborted fetuses caused her to act that way, how does she think God should act at the sight of aborted fetuses. I guess it is okay to burn aborted fetuses for heat. Just recycling according to the libs and the left.

  • matt

    Out-of-state tuition cost of over 22,000 per semester, just to have that fat, morally abysmal, semi-retarded witch indoctrinate your kids. UCSB should be humiliated, but I’m sure they’ll run to her defense, being she’s black, bisexual and obviously liberal.

  • WildBill0283

    It’s hard to imagine how revolting it must be to discuss pornography with that professor.

  • Connie

    She needs to FIRED

  • stronmness

    that is one ugle bull dike…

  • sumday

    Images triggered her anger? Those are real images- that is EXACTLY what the process of abortion is. All I got from this mess up teacher is that show and telling the medical TRUETH propellers her to anger, and she feels morally justified to physical assault someone in order to hide the truth. This teacher promotes the intimidation, and suppression of medical facts bc she doesn’t like or want to deal with the truth. This teacher doesn’t mind if females go and get abortions she just doesn’t want to see, hear, or let others know about the medical truth of the procedure. Personally I wish this teacher mother had believed in abortions.

  • alan o

    Q. Why would a REAL university have a designated “free speech area”?

    A. Because universities hate REAL free speech and seek to control it by SERIOUSLY limiting where you will be “allowed” to express your opinion.

    Actually, the problem is with the apathetic/pathetic student body – which mindlessly accepts this sorry state of affairs

  • Amerika_Lost

    Can someone in their right mind who is not a Naral Nag or femi-nazi tell me:

    1. Why do we need a “department of feminist studies”?

    2. What job one who studies in this field is qualified for other than killing babies in an abortion mill or enjoying fish sandwiches with Hilderbeast?

    • Grumpy Cat

      Tuna fish sandwiches on a “muffin” roll, with a side of pork lard?

  • T_Edward

    Can the young lady sue the college for a civil rights violation? The professor is a representative, may I even say and agent, of the college and she suppressed the freedom of speech of a citizen. Not only that, she restrained the young lady against her will (kidnapping?).
    Take these domestic terrorists to the cleaners. Sue the professor and the college. At the very minimum, she should get free tuition at the university of her choice.

  • Dr_Albert_Gortenbull

    Another example of diversity as practiced by liberal fascists. Albert

  • Defiant

    Nothing makes my day like a TRUE, dyed-in-the-wool (no pun intended) Liberal, just totally going off the rails like this. Let’s everyone know what lunatics they really are…and more than that, what absolute hypocrites they are. Just keep wigging out, Young!

  • Loosgravel

    Black Studies, pornography and sex work are the subjects this so called professor teaches? i guess the liberal arts department has in truth become the liberal arts. why would any parent with half a brain pat to send their child to a university where they take classes like the above? The trustees who tolerate this intellectual garbage stand for nothing.

  • Imagine if they called her bossy! A picture triggered something. She is an educated professional tasked with opening minds. And she is not in control of her emotions. Victim mentality.

  • Testicules

    We have seen this story a thousands of times.

    Mindless left wing freaks who… er… (for lack of a better term) “think” that somehow the First Amendment gives them some sort of “right” to silence others, disrupt speaking events, and yes, like in this case, resort to violence to prevent others from exercising their Right to Free Speech.

  • Scotty G.

    I love the fact that liberals create only specific areas of campus where free-speech is allowed… the free-speech zone… where you get assaulted for daring to speak freely.

  • Grumpy Cat

    I demand an investigation by the Gender and Social Justice Division of the Department of Justice.

    Oh yeah, we know how that will end.

  • Nita Shafer

    Fire her

  • HLH

    typical libratards of nabama. they are not tolerant of other views but demand we accept theirs, just like the gays.

  • David Zion

    the students carrying the sign with the professor after they stole it should be charged with theft as well.

  • Grumpy Cat

    A PhD in “Black studies, pornography, and sex work.”


  • Testicules

    Funny, has she started shrieking “racism” or “sexism” yet?


    I certainly hope she is no longer employeed

  • flanneryoconnor

    You can not educate, nor, civilize a, NI66ER.

  • Pocho Basura

    ..IF convicted, her jail time will have the added benefit of a captive audience for her hate speech

  • shb

    Here’s the “kicker”: the professor is pregnant!

  • Damon

    “She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did, and that she felt she had set a good example for her students by physically confronting the teenage demonstrator.”
    …because it’s always setting a good example to confront a free speech protest with violence just because you don’t agree with the speech. Just ask Bull Connor. And yes, I am being sarcastic. I am pointing out the irony and the hypocrisy. Her attitude to the pro-life student is no different than the reaction of the Birmingham police to the civil rights marches in the ’60’s (though to a lesser degree). It is confronting dissenting views with violence and suppression. She should be charged with a civil rights violation in addition to the other charges for violating the student’s free speech rights, especially since the student was in a “free speech zone” that was specifically designated by her employer. It’s a shame that this won’t be on any major news network. She’ll be let off with a slap on the wrist and probably given tenure if she isn’t tenured already.

  • doug121886

    Thrin Short should remind the black studies prof of Martin Luther King’s 1961 St. Louis speech where he said that Negroes make up 10% of St. Louis , but commit 58% of the crime.

  • happygranny

    What exactly will a class of Women’s Studies do for a student beside cost money. Isn’t it time to cut all the crap classes out, fire 2/3rd of the so called professors and go back to degree programs that will actually secure a job for a graduate?

    • ADLoggy

      Not to mention cut the costs of tuition for serious students going for those degrees you allude to.

  • telman

    In a violent revolution these types are the first to lined up against a wall and shot. That Black woman should be grateful for living in the United States. She claims she is African American. I bet she has no idea what part of Africa she is from. Just another street ape.

  • ABQThom

    The ends justifies the means. I hope you remember this. Got ammo?

  • katon51

    Only a liberal could say they were ‘morally justified’ to interfere with a group against the murder of an unborn baby. In what world is abortion an act of morality?

    • ADLoggy

      That world you speak of is…wait for it…Academia. I mean seriously, look at what her professorship is in and her research.

  • PatrioticUSGlory

    If UCSB students — whatever their abortion positions — don’t demand her firing, they’re weak.

    • Gaucho

      I graduated from UCSB with a degree in Nuclear Engineering in 1989.
      I wrote to the Department of Public Affairs and demanded she be terminated.

      We shall see.

  • jbspry

    The confrontation took place in the university’s designated “free speech area.”

    Is a university “free speech area” kinda like a smoker’s area in otherwise non-smoking places of employment? A place to isolate and marginalize those who are not “in good odor” with the prevailing habits?

    • Godot

      It’s a place you go to get assaulted by water buffalo.

  • gmbith

    That “professor” teaches useless subjects, and has to beat on a teenager to make herself feel good. And she’s pregnant? Some dude must have been truly desperate to knock that ugly wench up.

    • ADLoggy

      We can only hope that it was artificial insemination. That or the guy was both extremely drunk and really desperate.

    • Lola Guin

      “Ugly wench” is a compliment. I’d call her a “she-beast”.

  • just another Templar, waiting

    ‘feminist studies professor Mireille Miller-Young, whose research emphasis is black studies, pornography, and sex work’… LMFAO! What a scam! That’s a bunch of made up bullshyte and our taxes pay for it. You can tell they pay her well too because she sure as heIl is eating good. No wonder the whole country is going down the toilet, especially the economy. I wonder how many so-called “professors” like that work in China and India.

    • ADLoggy

      “I wonder how many so-called “professors” like that work in China and India.”

      There aren’t any. They are too busy teaching advanced mathematics, sciences and other professional degree plans that allow students to gain employment upon graduation and contribute to the advancement of society.

    • Godot

      cut the defense budget to pay a lickspittle like THAT?

  • Ghostrider127

    Remember the days when college professors were looked upon as beacons of knowlegde and held in intellectual awe among the rest of the populous? Even the TV show “Gilligan’s Island” professor character was held in such high regard. Well my friends, those days are long gone! Most of professors now are just tools for the left!
    I’d go as far as to say this woman here became a professor because she couldn’t cut it at nothing else in life….even as a $2 prostitute!

  • vertical2010

    So I assume the University of California-Santa Barbara has already fired this “professor,” right?

    • Jim1937

      Don’t hold your breath, you don’t look so good in blue.

  • jbspry

    “Late last week, Santa Barbara officials announced that Miller-Young is
    being prosecuted for misdemeanor theft, battery, and vandalism in
    connection with her assault on Ms. Short.”

    What? This woman physically assaulted a child…

    • Bob in VA

      Apparently, robbing and assaulting a child in CA is a misdameanor. Hopefully, they’ll throw the book at her for each charge individually and not some cockamamie blanket judgment.

  • robert gould

    I wonder if The University of California has learned that free speech zones have been ruled unconstitutional.
    It doesn’t surprise me that a liberal would resort to violence. They are so intolerant.

    • Bob in VA

      Isn’t it ironic that the Left fails to practice what they preach? I guess that’s why we have a president and first lady who live by the mantra Do As We Say, Not As We Do.

  • wiseryet

    There should be picket until the students involved to steal it are expelled.

  • toocoldinwa

    Morally justified attacking someone for wanting to stop something as immoral as murdering a baby. My God.

    • Bob in VA

      That is precisely what we are up against in America today.

  • DoneWDems

    This exemplifies the total BeeSss of the left. Their “tolerance” is nothing other than thuggery.

  • Bullgod

    Professor, my butt. This dark one is an out and out ni–er. She owns the title and she earned it.

  • shb

    “Mireille Miller-Young is an Associate Professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She teaches in the Department of Feminist Studies (“an interdisciplinary discipline that produces cutting-edge research,” offers an undergraduate major and minor, and houses “the minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer studies”). According to her university web page, Dr. Miller-Young’s “areas of emphasis” are “black cultural studies, pornography and sex work.” She appears to teach four courses: “Women of Color,” “Sexual Cultures Special Topics,” “Feminist Research and Practice,” and “Sexualities.” She holds a Ph.D. in “American History and History of the African Diaspora” from New York University. The title of her dissertation, a book version of which is forthcoming from Duke University Press, is “A Taste for Brown Sugar: The History of Black Women in American Pornography.” She has contributed to such organs as $pread, “a quarterly magazine by and for sex workers and those who support their rights,” Colorlines, a magazine with “articles concerning race, culture, and organizing,” and the New York Times, a paper that — well, you know. Dr. Miller-Young, again according to her web page, “has won several highly regarded grants and awards,” possibly for her contributions to C’Lick Me: A Netporn Studies Reader and The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure.”
    Roger Kimball, P J Media

    • Bob in VA

      So, she’s into porn… apparently REALLY into porn. (Wishful thinking, maybe?) Good job digging up all this info on her! It certainly paints a clearer picture of her. It’s funny how they all want to celebrate diversity as long as your opinion doesn’t diverge from their own…

    • Godot

      In short, a taxpayer funded waste of Oxygen. Gets DNC downloads from a USB port in her head..

  • Edgar

    Niggers acting like niggers AGAIN!

    • Bridget

      Stop it your diminishing yourself, you don’t have to play the progressives game unless your a troll and want to stir the pot.

      • Bob in VA

        It’s a troll. It’s always a troll making these comments so they can point their fingers and yell, “Oooo, ooo, ooo! You racist conservatives!”
        Their messiah Saul Alinsky tells them to accuse their enemies of the very things they themselves are doing. That way, we spend all of our time on defense and unable to forward our agenda.

        • Edgar

          Actually, I’m the racist conservative. Blacks are stupid filthy creatures. If it wasn’t for the white man they’d all still be in Africa living in dung huts.

  • doubleducks

    Give them an inch and they will take a foot. Liberals have been the media darlings for forty years. They now feel invincible. The laws don’t apply to them. They can do anything and justify it because they think they are morally superior. They are the moral equivalent of radical Islam.

    • Godot

      When the Senate turns, the party will be over.

  • dogger

    Fire her, throw away the key to her cell and fine her every penny she has. Then arrest her students. She should have been charged with inciting a riot. I’m sure if it had been a pro life person who did this, it would be grounds for an execution by the commie left.

  • rawiron1

    Ever notice how it’s the left always resorting to violence to get their way?

  • Metric-Buttload

    “Miller-Young defended her actions and told police she felt morally justified” – Gotta love it, the liberals use the same logic to justify their actions as some of the religious and conservative folk they ridicule.

  • Johnson7976

    Hmmm, she taught “sex work, and pornography” yet, she was anti-pro-life? O’ the irony!

  • OG Mally Bieber

    And she will be “celebrated” by the far-left. Getting arrested is like earning a merit badge.

  • just another Templar, waiting

    She is typical of academia, all book learning and studying with no practical knowledge or experience in the subject matter because you know by the looks, shape and size of her that she got that degree in Sex through academic research and not through hands-on, practical experience.

  • 1mikejanz1

    And another tolerant liberal bites the dust!
    She’s just another fat assed slob bully who thinks she can intimidate children into believing what she believes, and as usual, she’s A liberal who can’t answer an argument with facts so she has to bully someone!
    Two words that will never apply to the murdering of unborn babies for the sake of convenience are moral and justified!

  • Tjwag

    So people are taking classes and getting degrees in pornography?
    And we wonder why college graduates can’t get jobs….

  • williampenn

    Using the logic of this despicable, so-called “professor,” killing abortion docs is “morally justified,” as well.

  • doug121886

    Thrin Short should ask the black studies prof if she knows about Martin Luther King’s 1961 St. Louis speech where he said that Negroes make up 10% of the population of St. Louis, but commit 58% of the crime.

  • Ruckweiler

    Just a “professor” in pseudo-studies showing the effects of her vast “education”. What a joke! Hope she enjoys jail.

  • dltaylor51

    Democrats only believe in free speech if they are the ones doing the speaking,all others have to ask their approval first.

  • Mike

    I bet if the tables were turned a law suit would ensue.

    You can take the thug out of the ghetto but…

  • disqus_05Onb848Hn

    Too many of these liberals see free speech as a one way exercise. They can say and do what they want, but your not entitled to do the same. Hope they hang this professor for her actions. She is supposed to be a role model for students and not pushing confrontational, violence backed actions. She should also be fired, but we all know that won’t be politically correct.

  • SharpTooth_BackInAction

    Why do feminist always hyphenate their last names? Miller-Young is nothing but a stupid, violent bully.

    • dave

      Because one of those names might be her daddy’s. She just can’t be sure.

  • St Joe Blues

    I believe the video shows it’s not an alleged assault.

  • Wyomingdude

    My guess is she is either still on campus or suspended with pay and benefits.

  • jbszeus

    Isn’t the real question here: why is she still employed?

    Imagine if a pro-life professor had done exactly the same thing to a pro-choice sign holder. Is there any question that a) he/she would have been fired immediately and b) it would have made national news for days?

    • Fat Bastard

      Pro-life professor….that’s a good one.

      • Lola Guin

        I had many. Catholic schools, they’re great places for avoiding liberal indoctrination.

  • Godot

    I think turnabout for these bullies should be fair play. If this heffer gets off, retaliation in kind will be justified.

  • yo mama

    These types are EVERYWHERE on college campuses. Colleges are ruining this country. Stop sending your kids to college to be brainwashed by fat, disgusting, radical feminists like this beeyotch. You know what’s cheaper than college… the Internet. Anything you learn in college can be learned on the Internet. Secession is sounding really nice right about now. I’m willing to fight for it. It’s coming people.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    She’s a f-ing rabid dog….shoot her !

    Boycott Guinness, Heineken and Sam Adams beers….
    for pulling their sponsorship of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in New York… because the Catholic Church won’t celebrate perverted gay organizations !

    • freedom_is_good

      Why would anybody ever drink a Heineken on purpose?

  • kanilammit

    This will deter nothing. These delusional fanatics will likely claim Young is a “political prisoner” of a “fascist” system of authority who was “coerced into silence” in some attempt to justify their intolerance. Those with victim mentalities will always be oppressed, even when they are attacking, or even killing, those who disagree with them. This is proven by Young’s claim she was “morally justified” in attacking Short. These are very sick people.

  • ManOnPoint

    Is she going to lose her job when she is convicted??? Probably not…A grown woman has assaulted a minor child and will still be employed by the college!!! A$$clowns!!!

  • frank cannon

    nasty blood thirsty liberals

  • Wild Bill

    Her new position in the Obama Administration is just a few weeks off now.

  • The left has a long history of violence and intolerance. As despicable as this crime was, it was no surprise.

  • JimMT

    What else would you expect from UCSB’s EMPLOYED leftist fascists? The piece of dreck should be fired and never again hired by any public agency. Racism you cry? No. Anyone who does this should be fired – she was doing it while “on the job”! Last I looked, there is no “assault and battery” requirement for a teacher ANYWHERE.

  • MediaShills

    The University of California Santa Barbara has really gone down hill, not only from the new senseless classes offered but the people they have teaching them.

  • top secret

    Ah, yes. Libotard tolerance on display. No view but their view!

  • Bridget

    Angry,feminist, academic attacking someone because they don’t believe what she does.And who is the hater? And of course the professor would feel morally justified in attacking the student, so typical of progressives. I’m morally right to kill a baby but you are morally wrong to oppose it. Enter the twilight zone.

  • ahorvath

    I anyone surprised? This is a “feminist” professor, whose area of “education” is in the fields of “lack studies, pornography and sex work”? I hope they throw the book at this idiot.

  • Gimpy

    cameras are cool

  • Johnny

    this rabid skunk will soon be a California congressRat

    • Godot

      Asking if the “astronauts” took photos of the Mars Rover.

  • EchoLiberty

    It’s really disgusting how passionate some people can be about murdering defensely innocent babies.

  • chronovisor

    how this country has gotten to the point where you can become a “professor” in “black studies/pornography/sex studies” is beyond human COMPREHENSION!! and what an arrogant [email protected] [email protected] this thing is!

  • Jim1937

    Just another typical butt ugly libaturd pseudo intellectual.

  • JD081

    If you’re a parent, and you see these people at these colleges doing this crazy stuff, are you really going to pay out good money for your kids to go there?

  • Steven

    I just shake my head at the lunacy of the Left. Why do we need a class on “pornography”? I hope this freedom hating Leftist gets a lot of jail time!

  • momof2bru

    She should be charged with child abuse, the girl she assaulted was only 16.

  • Johnny

    Ghettopotamus West Coast version

  • Karen

    Clearly a diminishing of the University’s reputation on the national scene. Regents used to be alert to faculty misconduct. California should be alert to the negative effects of disturbed teachers on the school’s reputation and take strong action immediately.

  • BruthaV

    The Left constantly parrot the mantras of “tolerance” and “diversity”. Ironically, they are the most intolerant group of people in our country. They do not want anyone to challenge their dogmas, and diversity does not include Caucasian heterosexual Christians.

    The “Professor” should be prosecuted in criminal court to the fullest extent of the law; lose her position with the University of California; and also sued by the victim in civil court.

    • ttiwkram

      She should also receive a surprise blanket party.

  • xerakis

    The profound arrogant ignorance of liberals, on display daily, a nobama voter who acts like a typical Marxist by denying free speech to anyone who does not agree with them…..and that was rich when one of the socialists shouted “You don’t pay to go here” , Well neither do you, its the American producer who pays your way through having their production confiscated and given to the non producing liberal garbage so they can take their African or women studies classes … utterly pathetic!

  • Superpower

    Great to see people standing up to these liberal academic bullies and filing charges against them.

  • aliswell

    Godless, soulless, depraved. THIS is what teaches your children when they head off to places of “higher learning,” (concentrated indoctrination).

  • yo mama

    gross. I bet she smells terrible.

  • JimMT

    Miller-Young is likely one of those who wish her grandmother had had legal abortion available to her… like Chelsea Clinton’s ignorant comment – if so, perhaps NEITHER of these two paragons of liberalism would have ever been birthed due to not having had the idiots that conceived them!

  • Fat Bastard

    The real question is, why do we need college courses in “black studies, pornography and sex work”? I thought porn and sex work were careers one got into after dropping out of school, not ones taught in school. Enough is enough, it’s time to stop subsidizing these useless courses and send “educators” like Miller-Young into the careers the so passionately teach.

    • MinistryofFear

      Of course we do. She tried the Post Office but all the jobs were taken. Any wonder why the rest of the world is running rings around us in math and science?

  • Jim1937

    She looks like the result of a botched abortion.

    • MinistryofFear

      Irony is is that this tool is pregnant. I pity that poor future democrat

  • Ray

    This incident is very much like what is portrayed in the new movie, “God’s not dead.”
    It shows an intolerant leftist professor harassing a Christian student, and is based on many lawsuits filed against universities, which are listed @ the end of the movie. While not perfect, the movie does a very good job of bringing out truth. I highly recommend it.

  • Ludlow Porch

    Miller-Young is black, only charged with a misdemeanor. Had she been white she would have been charged with attempted murder, grand theft, assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and of course a Racist Hate Crime.

  • terfull

    Ha ha!

  • 7thFleetVet

    Lock up that black skank. She lacks impulse control.

  • Bruce Boelter

    What is a “free speech zone”? Isn’t that called the United States of America?

  • jackmeyhoffer

    What do you expect from a fat, angry, (n)egress who is a “professor” of black studies? Another worthless, made up, major to try to appease all of the belligerant blacks out there. How, exactly, does a black studies dept. better society? This obese witch should be fired and put in jail.

  • kenneth faught

    Assault is a criminal act even if it is a “Feminist Professor”. Slap the fines and jail time on her first. Then engage in a discussion of whether she is on the right side or wrong side of the issue. Also, it would be a good idea to send her to sensitivity training regarding other people’s right to free speech.

  • Godot

    Little more than an AA street punk despite her so called education. I’m sure she thinks that Egyptians used to fly.

  • Rick

    So, what exactly is her employer, the school, doing about it?

  • WhiteDevil

    Just like all democrats she is tolerant of everyone except people with religion or anyone that disagrees with her.

  • fbpdplt

    Liberals only support “free speech” as long as the speech in question agrees with their dogma….

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Has the wind changed? I haven’t noticed. Hope she gets her just due.

  • Wilbar Hosana

    I can just imagine what she would do and say if they got her order wrong at Mickey D’s…I can already hear the 911 call…

  • Godot

    Why doesn’t it say “FAT” feminist “professor”?

    • The Masked Avatar

      That would be redundant.

    • Camera3

      It’s implied …

  • Superpower

    I hope orange is her color.

  • Dave Livingston

    Can you imagine the outrage by libtards if this had been a conservative professor and mob attacking a female teen at a Pro-Abortion rally?

  • staff office

    GOOD! Stupid liberal pig. Enjoy court,fines, and possible jail you human garbage disposal.

  • Mike

    The “Beelzebub of Benghazi” © will probably make her part of the Administration should the low/no information voters once again prove their limitless ignorance.

  • Yazzito

    She deserves to be fired for her actions.

    Why do democrats, especially entitled blacks, feel they are the only ones with freedoms and rights? Why is it always about THEIR rights and no one else gets a point of view?

    You are allowed to have a point view of, only if it agrees with the democrat/black/feminist mindset, anything else and you’re not allowed to have a point of view.

  • joe_bob_gonzales

    this so called professor should be fired. immediately.

  • jburr36

    In libtard’s mind it’s free speech if it’s their speech. Don’t you just love how these liberal thugs justify their own violence. “morally justified” ROTFL. Just goes to show that the left does not respect anyone else but themselves. Selfish people they are.

  • guest

    [email protected] the stupid student who says she has a right to do that because she is a teacher…man our universities “educate” some dumbass people…

  • jnsesq

    Is it too late for Eric Himmler to intercede on behalf of the assailant? Perhaps it’s time for an IRS audit of the victim…

  • L K

    This is what you get with all the “Free” money for education and enrollment if one can fog a mirror: inferior, intellectually challenged students graduating with made-up degrees in made-up majors taught by phony professors in subjects like Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies, and Hyphenated-Amerika studies. This woman, so called professor, seems to have a moral aptitude on par with her challenged intellect. Some people should just clean toilets or wash dishes…not everyone is college material!

    • joe_bob_gonzales

      dont forget Porno and SexWorker studies.

    • Camera3

      … professors in subjects like Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies, and Hyphenated-Amerika studies … Jobs that Americans just won’t do …

  • BilB

    I guess she is a libral hero now. People actually get student loans to study her courses?!

  • FL_Stingray

    black studies, pornography, and sex work???
    Is this the higher learning Obama is always carrying on about?

    No wonder we lag most of the civilized world in education

  • Lillith70

    Liberal, black, feminist like Sheila Jackson Lee.and the other Congresswoman who attacked a security guard. Under the obama and Holder’s inJustice Department there is reason for this woman to find herself to be above the law–boring old England and Roman based law?

    In obama’s fundamentally changed America will the trial even go forth?

  • Brutus974

    Is this a hate crime?

  • Neils Clausen

    Lets see how far the prosecution goes! Hopefully, to a stiff sentence and some sort of loss of employment in the field of teaching! She is not fit to teach, in an unbias manner. That is a fundamental quality that should be required of a teacher. Not yhe sort of behavior and example she has demonstrated.

  • ipragmatist

    An interesting twist in all this is how the left displays immense hypocrisy at every turn. When Gabby Giffords was shot, the whole left wing instantly massed and called for a complete halt on ANYTHING that resembled violence. That included removing pictures of targets from web sites, using words like ‘political BATTLE’, or ‘we will FIGHT to get Congress back’ and such nonsense (does anyone ELSE remember this, or am I the only one with a memory these days?). Now THEY, those same liberals, engage in violence every time they can. Listen to any of the big mainstream media outlets, especially MSNBC…they character assassinate everyone who doesn’t ‘conform’ to their interests, they use violent language all the time, and they assault people who don’t agree with them (look at how violent the Occupy Movement was at times). Liberals have proven themselves to be complete hypocrites who can’t be trusted to run governments, schools, or any other entity that requires even a modicum of sensibility, restraint, collaboration or integrity. This is so typical. VOTE OUT THE INCUMBENTS!

    By the way, I’m NOT Republican, so you can spare me the attacks.

  • Thomas Fendley

    she gone

  • irby13

    AIPAC/ADL funds this to destroy the goyim

    • Camera3

      What a pile …

  • Mac ND

    The self proclaimed persecuted have now become the persecutors!

  • Jamal

    Vile ni66ers have no place in education.

  • TimX


  • mnman

    Black, female, professor at U of CA, liberal, feminist, hyphenated last name, teaching porn, black studies and sex work.
    She will get off with a short probation – no fine. In a year or so she will be honored for her “great” achievements by her peers and awarded tenure (if she doesn’t have it already). Should be a book deal looming.
    Mooch will invite her to the crib for some disgusting event and the media will cover.

  • LiberalsNotHUMAN

    Good that filthy suhman piece of obama voting sh!t belongs in prison with the rest of the democrat party, its voters and its president.

  • AuldGuy

    she’s black so she’ll end up with a pay raise.

  • Moronbusters

    Too bad the child didn’t defend herself by beating the [email protected] out of the perp.

    • Glen3

      I would lay handsomely to see that.

  • guest

    [email protected] student who said “you don’t pay to go here.” Ummm PUBLIC PROPERTY YOU FOOLS!

  • sirgareth

    What brain dead parents would allow their kids to attend this fraudulent institution and pay for the privilege of letting an ugly ignorant jungle bunny “educate” them in how black hookers do it for cash ?

    Inquiring minds want to know?

  • westside_resident

    Every boy on campus is studying porn and none of them need this whackadoodle to educate them.

  • guest

    Everyone email the school…I did.

    [email protected]

    • RonBonner

      You think a liberal school ran by liberal people will do anything?

      • guest

        Nope, but it should annoy a few people. It’s a start. I’m only one man, with a limited influence. All I can do is email, call, write, and post.

  • fewiz

    when does she get fired?

  • pat_riot_1

    It is so refreshing that she felt “morally justified” to conduct herself in that manner. Wonder how justified she will feel when convicted.

  • TheEquilizer2U

    More proof that liberalism is a disease of the mind!

  • Smitty

    If Al Sharpton had a daughter, she’d be just like this pathetic (anti-)life form.

  • DownTheLine

    The professor claimed that the images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did. This is the typical radical left-wing position. Mis-behave and blame somebody else for your actions. This “grown woman” with a PHD just couldn’t handle this young woman showing offensive pictures. Get a life and grow up. This is the mentality that sensible people have to tolerate these days. These are the people in charge of teaching our children at many schools across the country.

  • Robert M. McAdam

    This act will put her on the fast track to tenure.

  • Hypocrisyzapoppin’

    There are none so intolerant as the liberal left. If they didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

  • FlyntLoc

    “Miller-Young defended her actions and told police she felt morally justified…….”

    Wouldn’t showing pictures of aborted fetuses also be considered “morally justified”? It appears the 16 year old was “morally justified” while the professor (?) was simply looking for a defense.

  • M75462

    Best news I have read since Chavez’ ass ate him from within

  • JB

    What does one expect from the flaming libtards? Her “rights” and “sensitivities” are the ONLY points to consider……and this comes from a college professor. Excuse me, make that a libtard leech spewing drool to our youngsters.

  • mam646

    I can’t believe people major in this kind of tripe.

  • Paul Fries

    She should sue the college as it was a faculty member that commited the assault and theft. Put a big dollar amount on it, because anything small will just be settled because the college doesn’t want to deal with firing a minority member, so only a big number will suffice to consider doing what is right and removing this criminal from their campus.

  • Mogumbo Gono


    FIRE HER!!


  • American_Proddy

    I don’t know, after seeing the full video, I think if I was on a jury I would feel some sympathy for the professor. I think abortion is evil, and that she represents all the worthless academics on campuses these days BUT the two ladies carrying the sign were impeding her movement, were in her face and attempted to keep the elevator door from closing- shoe on other foot, if they were abortion supporters, and I was in the same situation, I probably would have punched them.

    • Dustoff

      They were in a free speech area. The Prof came to her.

    • American_Proddy

      Oops, my bad. I didn’t realize she took one of their signs and that is why they were pursuing her. I’d vote to convict.

    • ImJustAGuy

      Keeping an elevator door from closing is not a crime.

    • Observer_wi

      Don’t take somebody’s sign if you don’t want them to follow you, I’d say.

      When people put up fliers of two dudes kissing, it makes me want to puke. But I don’t rip down the fliers.

    • Dwayne Keith

      In your face protest is only allowed by the left.

  • She probably has tenure and teaches nothing but rubbish and propaganda. Our college students are so abused these days, paying insane amounts of money for faux higher education.

    • ckirmser


    • Jim Rall

      Tenure won’t save her from an assault charge.

    • Jim Rall

      Money is laundered through students using “Student Loans” as the instrument. Progressive pigs line their college and university pockets… the end result is a student being subjected to financial involuntary servitude for God knows how long.

  • RonBonner

    Should have been felonies/

  • Lazybum

    Classic liberal – 1st amendment only applies if you Agee with them. Miss Short is far braver confronting liberals on campus than any liberal can hope to be.

  • caligula

    i wonder if this beastly woman reacts similarly to the graphic anti-smoking signs that show cancer-stricken lungs?

  • Jim Rall

    It’s about time…

  • Burzghash

    Well this is just about the saddest little pisshole echo chamber for conservatives on the internet, isn’t it? :V

  • jack griffith

    This woman should lose her position at a tax-payer funded university. She should be tried and hopefully convicted as a “common thug,” and serve at least a few days in jail to pay for her actions. Fat chance!

  • Doc Tuba

    This situation is awful enough without all of the comments demonizing the professor based on her race. Stick to the facts! There are plenty of other ways to demonize her.
    She should go to jail, there is no moral or other justification for what she did, and this is a great example of liberal ideology being above any other type of debate. The studies in which she is engaged are likewise liberal claptrap, and the insulated lifestyle of the ivory tower with her sycophant students praising her for whatever garbage comes out of her mouth leads to this kind of ridiculous behavior. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic, and sad. If the roles were reversed you would see a ton more coverage of this outrage. As it is I just happened to run across it.
    But, please leave off of the disgusting racist commentary. Those comments diminish the legitimate points being made, in my opinion.

    • sailordude

      I have not read any referring to her race.

      • Doc Tuba

        There is more than one referring to her by the N word, with others suggesting that she and her “kind” go back to Africa.

    • doug121886

      Let us stick to the facts. She is black. Martin Luther King said in his 1961 St. Louis speech that Negroes make up 10% of the population of St. Louis, but commit 58% of the crime. The facts, madam, just the facts.

      • Doc Tuba

        So? That does not justify the racist rhetoric here.
        What is the relevance of her race? If she was Caucasian, or Asian, or Hispanic or Samarian I would be just as outraged by the behavior.

        • doug121886

          Assume that I’m a member of the Lions Club, and our Lions Club has a reputation as drunks, I would try not to be a drunk. MLK knew this and preached about it. He wanted African Americans to advance their culture. The prof didn’t help things.

  • Jim Rall

    She is just another purveyor of the “Progressive Holocaust” (Abortion).

  • NSSA3Way

    She’s a hater and undoubtedly has plenty of supporters…liberals are scary enough as it is, liberals who hate with a sense of impunity are scarier.

  • Vasco DeGama

    I’m pretty sure Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc. ALSO felt “morally justified” for their actions.

  • DBCooper

    Next time one of these liberal thugs tries to silence someone using force, a “stand your ground” defense should be used. I encourage all conservative demonstrators to get your conceal carry permit and use lethal force against liberal thugs.

  • DBCooper

    whose research emphasis is black studies, pornography, and sex work”….yeah I think that’s all I need to know about the current state of “higher education”

  • mnman

    The only thing missing from this pig’s resume is “transgender”.

  • sailordude

    Good! Hopefully it ruins her life, she is spreading filth and making our country weaker every day she teaches.

  • Clif

    Liberals are all about the rights of those holding the minority view, so long as it is they who hold that view. Then, when no longer in the minority, like Muslim clerics, they seek absolute autocracy.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    Liberals are all cold blooded baby killers and are afraid of guns ?! It doesn’t make sense that liberals kill babies so easily and wantonly and yet, are afraid of weapons that protect thousands daily from harm ?! In-congruent morons are the worst !!! THINK-OBOZO-the drug addicted pimp from Chimpago.

  • Lyle Andrews

    “Sir, I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire

  • dabba

    Why does a university have a “department of feminist studies” anyway? IMHO, that type of liberal garbage has no place in a public university. Talk about a waste of time and money.

    • Jared Small

      I enjoy the thought of someone going 150K into debt to get one of those degrees and no job. So there is that. : – )

  • SurfaceUnits

    I support feminist efforts to abort as many unviable democrat voters in the womb as possible

  • BusProf

    The University of California Board of Regents must be so proud!

  • Pistol_Pablo

    That woman went savage after being confronted by the truth of those signs.

  • Legal Citizen

    I hope she becomes a meme. She’s certainly got the face for it with that arrogant smirk and those vacant eyes.

  • detroitsteve

    Where does this creep get off? Morally justified? Isn’t that how the Nazis felt when they exterminated the Jews. Poles, Gays, & Gypsies? This idiot should be fired!

  • Alexander T. Syriac

    I hope she gets a year in prison, and the students involved are expelled.

  • Pastor Theo Kawimbe

    This is weird. These days a black lesbian pro-abortion feminist always trumps a white pro-life teen. I’m predicting this is either some sort of paperwork error or an indicator of the “end times”.

  • sek123

    What a lowlife professor. They think they are “morally justified” to deny free speech.

  • sheinLV

    Next, sue her personally in civil court

    • Jeff Taylor

      Her and the school who employes her.

  • Ronaldus_Maximus

    I sent her an email, inviting her to a pro-life gathering. She hasn’t responded. Maybe some of you good folks could see if she’s available? [email protected]

    • Jared Small

      I think if she wanted the poster bad enough we should send her some posters. then she will have no need to steal one.

  • DBCooper

    Was the teenage victim white? If so, we need to demand hate crime charges and turn this into a felony instead of a misdemeanor

    • Ronaldus_Maximus


      • DBCooper

        Do you disagree?

        • Ronaldus_Maximus

          Nope. Just the idea that law enforcement would dare charge a (probable) lez, black, professor with a hate crime, is unlikely. Charging her with child abuse is more likely, but not much mores so.

    • Papa_oo_mao_mao

      Felonious abuse of a minor.

  • Hektor Smith

    Is her father so naive as to think this “Tsk, tsk” approach will teach any lesson other than it’s open season on conservatives, and don’t worry about consequences? This kind of charge makes someone like Prof Young a local hero…it’s not punishment.

    The prof leads a pack of her clones in stealing someone’s property, then physically assaults a female minor, resulting in injuries, and “… Santa Barbara officials announced that Miller-Young is being prosecuted for misdemeanor theft, battery, and vandalism…”

    How does one get a “misdemeanor” charge under these circumstances? If the professor had been a white male, similarly assaulting a black sixteen-year old male, would we be discussing a slap on the wrist?

  • Bill Clinton

    what type of job can you get with black studies?

    • Alexander T. Syriac

      You can be a specialist at repeating the phrase “would you like fries with that”, or you can be a child abusing professor just like this dips**t.

  • NickGranite

    Tough call. Would love to see her azz thrown in jail on the one hand, on the other, the left is going to make a hero out of her.

  • MadAirUT

    “Miller-Young defended her actions and told police she felt morally justified. She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did, and that she felt she had set a good example for her students by physically confronting the teenage demonstrator.”

    And you should have seen how she was dressed! In that neighborhood, carrying that sign, dressed like that, the bitch was totally asking for it. If Miller-Young hadn’t assaulted her, someone else would have. The so-called victim is totally to blame.

    [satire alert, in case it’s not obvious]

  • JBar595

    Just execute her, she’s not worth the tax payers money for a trail. Marxist Socialists are not Americans, they are the enemy of the state.

    • LiberalsNotHUMAN

      Not enemies of the state anymore my friend, they inhabit every level of the state including the presidency. They are however enemies of the American people.

  • Tom Doe

    Nigs gunna nig.

  • Bill Elder

    Ah, “p’fessor,” you are just a pig being a pig, showing the world what liberalism is about. Liberals: the most unliberal people you will ever meet.

  • Papa_oo_mao_mao

    If a parent left marks like that on their 16 year old child in calleefornia they would be jailed.

  • mrhuehls

    As a member of the faculty Miller-Young is a representative of the university thus setting up the university as also being liable for damages. One California university was just taught a civil rights lesson when they lost a suit over being too restrictive with their public demonstration area. Now we need to establish faculty malfeasance opens them up for liable and civil rights suits. Doing so would send the progressive liberals a message they too are subject to their over, overt, intrusive, and restrictive laws. That would be a beginning of bringing the overbearing socialists back into the realm of reality.

  • Tom Doe

    Affirmative Action

  • james urban

    Looks like it is now going to be handled properly. That professor should have some semblance of class. She should have had the self control to just walk away. I hope she spends a little jail time to think over what she did.

  • nNeufeld

    “She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did…”

    This prof is the Internet personified.

  • disqus_v8NEyvCfgt

    Typical leftist professor can’t win an argument on the merits has to make an attack to bad she couldn’t have left well enough alone at name calling!

  • Papa_oo_mao_mao

    Sue her in civil court for abuse of a minor.

  • Constitutionalist

    UC Santa Barbara should fire this individual. She asulted a minor and infringed on her right to free speech. This is something Universities should be teaching. The right to free speech doesn’t stop when the opinions of others don’t agree with this “so called” professor’s own. And these are the people teaching at these institutions? This is a sad state of affairs.

  • Penny Dog

    Mireille Miller-Young, Never trust a fat, fugly, hair-hatted skank with a hyphenated name.

  • Monty

    How in the world do the colleges drum up such low life professors in the first place? In the real world, such as person could never be employed anywhere. And what did the sign show?? The very thing such a low-information professor was pushing in her agenda, so she should have been applauding it rather than trying to suppress information. One thing you’ll notice about liberal agendas, they are compelled to silence all opposition rather than being able to debate it with reason.

  • JimFogleman

    I smell promotion & a guest of honor at the next National Democrat Convention.

  • Soppy

    Filthy soulless byyytch couldn’t deal with the reality of what she supports. I spit on your fat black slave face.

  • usamomof3

    Militarized feminists are the most vile creatures on earth.

    • AB

      They’re BOSSY! (but they demand we not call them that)

  • Name

    Any teacher at a university who engaged in the kind of behavior shown in that video should be fired immediately.

    The students who assisted her should be suspended for one semester.

  • Ann R ally

    Another Affirmative Action Professor. You know, the ones who got ahead to fill a quota?

  • Mike Morgan

    Frankly, I think the Prof and the students who assisted her ought to be charged with her in a conspiracy to deprive a someone of their Civil Rights… That’s a Felony… Those who carried the sign are accomplices in the theft and the bully with the spiked shirt/coat engaged in bullying or intimidation. As an official of the State of California, the Prof might even be charged with crimes “under color of authority” (http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/displaycode?section=pen&group=00001-01000&file=142-181)…

  • AB

    Why would anyone paying outrageous fees to go to college then spend their time studying black feminist prostitutes and pornography?
    If it were my child and I found out my money was being wasted on such tripe I would pull their financial support. They can find out about prostitutes and pornography on their own dime.

  • Mark

    I wonder if Bill Maher and the Young Turks will speak out about the bullying that comes from the left…just joking. No way in hell they’ll do that.

  • Usfus Dufus


    • Doc Tuba

      Race need not enter this discussion. It is not relevant to the issues.

      • Usfus Dufus


    • RufusFirefly

      Lol, you are proof positive even morons can be taught to use the internet.

      • Usfus Dufus

        SO SAYS a NI^^ER FAGGOT—–

        • RufusFirefly

          Please allow me to reply in terms you can understand. Ugggh oooouh uga uga eeeeh eeeeh ooogh ooogh.. I think that will finally reach your level of understanding.

  • Paul Little

    Typical affirmative action slug.

  • Liam Connaughton

    Ha-ha, beeeeeach!

  • Marsha

    So seeing abortion for what it is was her excuse for assaulting someone… So violently killing babies inside the womb is “upsetting” to her… How insane our world is today!!!

  • j4433hs

    No fret. She will probably get a job in the administration and live in a luxury condo in DC

  • Name

    The assault is outrageous and obviously, grounds for immediate dismissal.

    But the video shows what appears to be two students who assisted and were the ones carrying the stolen sign. Everyone has a bad day and might throw a punch if provoked, but a professor encouraging and allowing students to engage in activity to squash someone else’s opinion on a college campus calls for the firing of the teacher and the suspension of the students.

  • Guy Fleegman1

    nothing will happen to her in the liberal courts of california..a once great state

  • beanbag2020

    There are none so intolerant as the left, who yet, demand tolerance from everyone else. The description for such a one is hypocrite!

  • Paul Little

    She is probably so stuipd and ignorant all she can do is watch
    porn and talk about prostitutes and get paid for it.

  • Mya View

    My first thought was, why would a feminist abortion supporting professor be “triggered” by a picture of an aborted fetus? Then I read another report stating that Miller-Young is several months pregnant. Maybe pregnancy put things in a little bit different perspective for her and she didn’t like it. Unfortunately, she’ll probably use hormone fluctuations as some kind of defense.

  • Paul Little

    The problem is tax dollars are paying for this garbage

  • realistgym

    I’d bet my last nickel that if the races were reversed, this would be prosecuted as a hate crime. The races/job/ages should be immaterial, and the crime should be the deciding factor in prosecution. And this was a series of crimes. Try, prosecute and if guilty punish and fire her, professor or not.

  • Jesse Simons

    She mocks my condition with her stupid fucking lies. Anyone that has real triggers know that you don’t take the thing “triggering” you with you. You don’t walk around with a fucking smile on your face. I fucking hate people like her. I live with a loaded gun to my head every day and people that act like beacons of intelligence and moral higher being in modern day society use my fucking condition as an out. Just fucking own up to your actions and say that you got pissed instead of trying to play the part of the victim.

  • Chrislongski

    “Free speech area”. As far as I know the ENTIRE COUNTRY is a free speech area….

    Hey, the radical Lefties don’t just want their enemies defeated politically — they want the opposition DEAD.

  • ramoncramon

    Attacking a minor, conspiracy, strong armed theft, slander, hate crime. Please put this trial on TV.

  • RufusFirefly

    Areas of Study:

    Pornography; Sex Work; Black Film, Popular Culture and Art; Feminist & Queer Theory; African American & African Diaspora Studies; Visual Archives; New Media; Ethnography; Oral History


    PhD. New York University (American History and History of the African Dispora
    M.A. New York University (American History and History of the African Dispora)
    B.A. Emory University (History)

    Dissertation: “A Taste for Brown Sugar: The History of Black Women in American Pornography.”


    Mireille Miller-Young, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Feminist Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her research explores race, gender and sexuality in visual culture and sex industries in the United States. Her manuscript, A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women, Sex Work and Pornography (forthcoming from Duke University Press in 2014) examines African American women’s representation and labor in pornographic media.

    Earning her Ph.D. in History from New York University, Dr. Miller-Young has won several highly regarded grants and awards, including the University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship. She is Co-Convener of the Black Sexual Economies Working Group, sponsored by the Center for Work and Social Capital at Washington University School of Law, and Co-Founder and Co-Convener of New Sexualities, a research initiative sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center at UC Santa Barbara.

    Dr. Miller-Young has published research in Meridians: Feminism, Race, and Transnationalism and Sexualities, and in book collections such as Pornification: Sex and Sexuality in Media Culture, Blackness and Sexualities, and C’Lick Me: A Netporn Studies Reader. She is an editor of The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure (The Feminist Press, 2013), with Constance Penley, Celine Parreñas Shimizu, and Tristan Taormino.

    In addition, she has written essays for The New York Times, Feminist Theory, Colorlines, Re-Public.com, Cut-Up.com,and $pread, a sex worker magazine. Miller-Young is also working on a documentary film on black women in the porn industry, and a visual archive project called The Black Erotic Archive. Miller-Young has been interviewed for numerous books, articles, radio programs, and documentaries, including NPR’s “News and Notes” with Farai Chideya.

    • AB

      Sounds like they are glorifying bilge water.

    • just asking

      “Black Sexual Economies Working Group”
      – would that be Ho’s ?
      She was probably doing all this stuff before she got her BA
      – so why did she waste time getting a PhD ?
      Did she do a centerfold on “$pread, a sex worker magazine?”
      This is so Obama.

  • disqus_eSOiQGribS

    even though I dispise that fat black woman, this isn’t a real assault either. It’s only assault by liberal BS standards, so we are playing into their hands.

    • RufusFirefly

      You really should look up the definition of the term “assault”. She did assault the student.

      • disqus_eSOiQGribS

        Maybe our laws are written by liberal BS standards? I mean, wouldnt it all be better if she was allowed to do what she did, but we were allowed to grab her by the neck and be like: you fat ugly btch this kind of behaviour is unnaceptable here, are we clear? And then the law would say: Mam, you fcked around, you give attitude, you get attitude, go home and shut up. At least that way those annoying libbies wouldnt feel so fing empowered.

  • What am I missing? I’m pro-life, but it appears by the video that the protesters were taunting and antagonizing the woman. If I am seeing correctly, the prof did not go after them; they went after her. Yes?

    • Mya View

      The girls following her with the sign were her students who took the sign away from the pro-lifers. She had her students drag the sign to her office so she could destroy it.

    • Doc Tuba

      They were trying to retrieve the sign she forcibly took from them. Legitimate.

  • WTH

    Let’s see she can play the Race, Lebo, Fat, Dumb, card
    plus the Joker she’s holding a pretty good hand in PC poker.

  • Allan Daniel

    That big fat teacher hit those nice people? Jail is too good for her.

  • wldtrv

    Typical liberal. If you can not defend it, then attack and destroy. Yes, that is a very good example she set for her students. I hope she gets fired!!!!

    • RufusFirefly

      No she will get a raise and they will name a building after her on campus.

  • Paul Little

    Sounds like she has a hangup about sex with all that studying. It does
    not look like she ever did anything useful

  • John

    About time…

  • neverfooled

    Even though she injured the teenager, Miller-Young defended her actions and told police she felt morally justified. She told police that images of aborted fetuses
    “triggered” her to act the way she did, and that she felt she had set a good
    example for her students by physically confronting the teenage demonstrator.

    This above statement certainly calls into question whether this “teacher” is capable of making the right decisions as it concerns the students, the college, or even her own self. If she believes she’s allowed to assault folks for any reason other than
    self-defense then she certainly shouldn’t be in a position of authority.

    To be sure images of aborted fetuses are among the most disturbing available, but it sounds like it’s the images themselves, not the horror of the abortion act that had her all upset – I’m guessing images of such a barbaric act, horrid evidence of an act she holds dear and probably promotes, yet desperately wants to distance herself from the results of her probably long-championed issue.

    And if she actually believes committing assault, using her position of authority to teach and influence her students that somehow its acceptable to harm others, to somehow limit their free-speech simply because she disagrees, then she cannot be trusted to teach students right from wrong and should be terminated to protect the college from such callous disregard for the rule of law. Not only did she not set a good example, she demonstrated the exact opposite.

    I’m guessing she felt personally responsible, a tremendous guilt for the tragic results of her past promotion of abortion and simply couldn’t come to grips with the images of the carnage she supports.

    • Christopher

      The images should have “triggered” her to run to the nearest abortion clinic and scream “STOP!” A few loose wires in that circuit.

  • Mark

    Imagine if a pro-lifer even grabbed the sign of a baby-killer, and didn’t lay a finger on them. That would be headlines news for a week, and this is the first I’m even hearing about this case and I read Drudge daily. It’s disgusting. They pretend to have this moral high ground, which I suspect will disappear soon.

    I used to be uber-liberal up until a few years ago. I think I went conservative when I started seeing how full of B.S. my former fav’s were like: Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Cenk Uygur, etc. That and I started my career, and didn’t really like the thought of being shaken-down for money by government thugs, everyday of my life.

    • RufusFirefly

      “If you’re not a liberal when you are young you probably haven’t a heart; if you’re still a liberal when you are old, you probably have no brain.” Winston Churchill.

  • stevenskane

    This brutal, uncivilized woman is paid by the taxpayers of California to teach young people! What could society possibly gain from the presence of this common street thug on a public university campus as a teacher? She led a mob to attack peaceful individuals legally exercising their right to free speech in an area of the campus specifically designated for that purpose. She followed up her violation of constitutional rights by assaulting a minor. She has no respect for the rights of others and she represents the worst aspect of academia today. Sadly, there are many like her on most campuses. Parents, please do not send your kids to colleges and universities to be indoctrinated by militant leftists like her. This incident shows how leftists are deadly enemies of freedom in our country.

  • Dan Flathers

    Never heard of this recent story? Selective reporting is why.

    Consider this: Had the positions been reversed, say, a Georgetown conservative professor had assaulted Sandra Fluke, we’d never hear the end of it…

    • Ken Valley

      Never heard? Maybe because you’d spend your day watching left-wing, biased media like MSDNC? Do you really think biased media is going to air this story, when it goes against their left-wing and progressive agenda? You can’t be that ignorant, can you?

      • Dan Flathers

        I’m pretty sure you managed to entirely miss my point…

        • Ken Valley

          My apology. Most people who comment here are pretty much liberals.

          • Dan Flathers

            Understood…Have done it myself: So much garbage to wade through in so little time.

            Pax, Brother!

  • Vote GOP

    These people have a diseased mind; these people run all over us because we let them. This is our vault, wake the f_ck up America before you find yourself caged behind barbed wire with a number tattooed on your wrist, asking one another how this is so.

  • Pete

    Another ugly person who acts ugly because she hates the world.
    And herself.

    • neverfooled

      Must be tough going thru life with such self-hatred.

  • Violence against women…..by women!

    • RufusFirefly

      The war on women continues!

  • Jaime espano

    “Even though she injured the teenager, Miller-Young defended her actions and told police she felt morally justified. She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did, and that she felt she had set a good example for her students by physically confronting the teenage demonstrator.”

    There is so much in this one paragraph to describe the liberal mindset. First, they believe their morality is above all others and that enforcing their moral beliefs are their rights but other simply expressing their moral beliefs is not tolerable. Second, even after facing criminal charges the liberal mindset still believe they are right and the law are wrong when the law opposes their views. Third, when shown evidence of their wrongs the liberal will turn violent because they do not want to see the truth but to continue to live in their fantasy world where all is great in the world as long as you live in their minds.

  • Ken Valley

    It’s great to see, when justice works! This POS sub-human is nothing but a fat, self-absorbed, liberal pig! She uses the word Feminist to hide her hate and as an excuse to bully others. Let me guess, her typical day could be summed up to eating TV dinners, watching (gay) porn and wear out her vibrator or a rubber dild-o? Then, repeat the next day. How predictable is this loser, really?

  • schwaggles


    • truthseeker_2001

      RIP Chris Farley…

  • Curmudgeon10

    Ah, the latest variation on the twinkie defense: the “disturbing images of a violent, life ending procedure that I wholeheartedly approve of triggered in me a morally justifiable assault and battery.”
    Good luck with that, “Professor,” even in wacky California.

    • Ken Valley

      All the while, Planned Parenthood spent 85% of their time every year aborting babies. Then, we have Kermit Gosnel, who murdered babies out of the womb, by cutting their spinal cords and watched them squirmed to death.

      • Dan Flathers

        To my point about MSM selective reporting earlier:

        The WaPo claimed Gosnell (correct spelling) to be a “local story” as justification for not sending a reported to Philly. Yet this same paper covered Harvard Professor Skip Gates’s idiotic behavior with the Cambridge, MA police — and followed the more idiotic ‘Beer Summit’ to calm the mess that Obama created — as national stories.

  • Bill Baggins

    Typical Lib trash.


    one certainly hopes the pornography does NOT have her in it. You would feel sorry for the camera and the film, not to mention whatever hapless audience being exposed to it as well.

    She may do some time- but one suspects she will NOT lose her ‘job’- whatever that might be…

    • Ken Valley

      Maybe she only does pornography with farm animals? Poor animals.

      • DON CASE

        what a terrible thought. Any poor animal would have begged to be eaten for dinner instead…

  • Quid Pro Quo

    I don’t understand why she’s being prosecuted. Violence is a part of her culture and of dealing with things. One look at her anyone knows that. This is cultural insensitivity.

  • juantolduso2

    This “professor” just bought herself some “liberal sainthood cred” just for being the typical liberal thugh,no real defense for the murder of the innocent,so not just attack….,but physically hurt those who oppose your radical leftist views.OHHHHH The TOLERANCE of the radicals,sooooo much tolerance,I can’t stand so much of it!! NOT! She will be promoted to justified thug of the year, as soon as MSNBC finds out about it

  • Jamestk

    So very bossy of her!

  • akabillybob

    What action has the University of California-Santa Barbara taken against her?
    Do they support her assault of a minor?
    Is this the indoctrination you want your children to be a part of?

  • Moe Zilla

    Stone her.

  • PDC in Vegas

    Just another example of an obama voter!

  • AMSilver

    Now there should be a civil suit for violatibg the girl’s civil rights.

  • neyney

    Time to send a signal that just because you are black doesn’t make you teflon. This beyotch needs to feel the hurt and I hope she does.

  • Paul

    Will the school have the courage to fire the professor? It is painful to use that term.

  • Christopher

    All of you adolescent girls out there, be on notice, pro-abortion people are violent. Don’t go to their clinics, don’t take their classes, stay away from them in all places, public and private.

  • Blunderbuss

    Its remarkable how often in life that form follows function. One look at that sawed-off, squalid hog beast and you know what she is all about. You will never see an attractive Alpha female as a “professor” of victim studies/pornography. What else would this warthog do for a living? Clean toilets?

    • robertmacmd

      Don’t slander housekeepers.

  • Micu5

    How did I know her name would be hyphenated…?

    • Seagrape

      Because she is liberal and gay?

  • SaveUsGod

    I’m glad the girls documented the injuries. This woman should not only be prosecuted, she should be fired. That should wipe that smug smile off her face.

    I am not the kind that would sue someone, but I hope the girls sue her too. She needs to learn a hard lesson about her actions. The girls could then donate the money to a pro-life cause. That would irk this liberal even more!

  • Carolyn

    So, since she was offended (by what she promotes as as a “women’s right”) made her assault this girl? Liberals just can’t see the forest for the trees. More black babies are aborted than any other race. But they can’t figure it out. so sad. I hope this woman is convicted and loses her job.

  • Allen Sirken

    My friends and I love UCSB and actively support it. It is NOT acceptable for a professor to rob and assault a teenage protestor. I am counting on the Regents to do the right thing in this unpleasant matter.

  • Bernie Blasnalus

    Pro-death people are typically bullies and thugs.

  • Captain Reynault

    … and there was great rejoicing!

  • Bartley Burnside

    Im A Bi G Fat Disgusting Lesbian I Put Burgers Before Me Kids I was always in to **** because i liked the cheese then me mum said your putting on weight sucking all them ***** . She said get down on your knees i pulled her knickers down and from that day to this my life has always been ****** up./ lesbians are filth.

  • milly

    I am stunned they are prosecuting her! i figured law enforcement would have said the 16yo had it coming to her.

    • Beedogs

      You would have said that eh? Kunt.

  • Blunderbuss

    The headline should read: “COPS FINGER LESBIAN IN CAMPUS ASSAULT CASE.”

  • MikeyDe

    If it was my child she assaulted she wouldn’t have to fear prosecution.

  • Ronaldus_Maximus

    Wonder why she isn’t charged with assaulting a minor?

  • Seagrape

    UCSB shows what an intellectual garbage dump it really is with the likes of this course and this woman. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the kind of crap being taught at All levels of ‘education’ in this country.

  • Jeff

    “Free speech zones”? What country are they in?

  • adm454

    Fat, fugly POS.

  • Christopher

    She will step down from the university and become the new White House Director of Inter-racial Pornographic Studies.

  • Dbom

    The “professor” says (laughing) “try and stop us” to the girl she stole the sign from.

    Talk about a freakin bully!

    Too bad there weren’t a few MEN on the campus to help out.

    Too busy wearing skinning jean and boarding to be much help I’d imagine.

  • Osamas Pajamas

    I’m an atheist and I favor the right of abortion. Having said that, I’d have to side with the anti-abortion demonstrators against the thugs who attacked them. And the pig-in-chief who attacked Short ACTUALLY HAS A JOB IN A SCHOOL TEACHING ABOUT BLACK RACIST STUDIES, PORNOGRAPHY, AND “SEX WORK?” Not only should she be FIRED — but so should anyone who signed-off on her hiring and her curriculum. This is absolutely NUTS!

  • jim kay

    she’s a professor? the college administration tolerates that sort of behavior? shouldn’t she be removed as a college prof? i think ms. short should get a lawyer and sue the university for tolerating this sort of behavior.

  • Beedogs

    “Mireille Miller-Young, whose research emphasis is black studies, pornography, and sex work”
    Enough said. She is a filthy immoral piece of human dung.

  • galocke

    “Department of Feminist Studies”? “[R]esearch emphasis [in] black studies, pornography, and sex work”? Any wonder why today’s colleges churn out good little liberals like a fire hydrant spurts out water?

  • sabo

    Prosecution for this narrow minded bigot, thats passing
    Herself off as an open minded professor. Pricless.
    Loving it.
    Our institutions for higher learning have been taken over
    By the radical left, and by the time our kids get out of
    These houses of progressive indoctrination, why then it takes
    Till they’re older to realize what crock of crap and a bill of goods
    They’ve been sold

  • SweetAzSummer

    Based on her profile at UCSB (http://www.femst.ucsb.edu/people/academic/mireille-miller-young) her thesis was titled “A Taste for Brown Sugar: The History of Black Women in American Pornography.” Pornography turns women into sex slaves and subjects of all sorts of abuse. There is nothing “feminist” or “empowering in porn for women, visit Shelley Lubben’s website if you need more evidence. How can this professor claim she has any sort of moral authority at all?

    • Seagrape

      Does she reference any of her action features in the thesis??

  • david hume

    She’s 16. It should be a felony. She got off easy. They’ll probably offer a plea deal, but she’s too arrogant. She’ll go to trial, and the feminists of the world will descend on the courtroom, intimidating, harassing, and assaulting. They’ll beat the victim up, maybe treat her like they treat the unborn fetus and some born children. They’ll say it’s in the name of women’s rights. Then liberal thugs will send death threats. Obama will speak up on behalf of the unfairly charged feminist, saying if he had a daughter it would be just like her. Malia and Sasha will kick Barack and say “remember us?” Barack will ask security to escort Malia and Sasha from the room, saying “What’s the matter, didn’t enjoy your vacation in China? Next time I’ll send you to North Korea.” Women’s rights groups will scream “kill the bitch,” as the victim is led from the courtroom past angry liberals and “feminists.” The news media will report that the victim lied and provoked the innocent peaceful feminists.

  • thatdigiguy

    Liberal feminism – ugly women’s access card to the political arena… If you are too ugly and don’t have any original ideas, just play the feminism card – it’ll let get access you can’t get elsewhere…

  • Jim Sweet

    I’d suggest a five figure lawsuit for infliction of emotional distress, destruction of property, oppression under color of authority. The civil judgement would be much more effective than a criminal prosecution that’s like to bring nothing but community service as a punishment.
    By all rights, she should be fired, but even in the zero tolerance world of academia I don’t expect THAT much consistency or backbone.

    • Christopher

      You must be her attorney. I’d suggest a 7 figure lawsuit including the university as a plaintiff.

      • Jim Sweet

        Heh, nice catch …..*writing note*

  • takethatloser

    HAHAHA good stuff, free speech until you disagree with it and then no we can’t have that!!

  • TMAC

    Liberal feminist free speech = Any speech that agrees with the radical liberal feminist viewpoint.

  • bobo45

    That’s very unusual behavior for a Romney voter. I wonder what got into her?


  • Realitychecker

    I don’t see any mention in here of what the University did to reprimand her. She committed battery on a student along with other crimes. She doesn’t belong on campus and should be fired.

  • PJ Talker

    Kind of ironic that she is so disturbed by the photos, but the actual abortion act is ok with her.

  • gadsdenamn

    There’s someone you want teaching our young adults, what useless studies she teaches. Another POS liberal demo rat. You will get a good job learning that [email protected]

  • “She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did..”
    This deluded [email protected] will never make the intellectual leap of examining the deeper meaning of why those images triggered her to react violently.
    You cannot reason with these sacks of waste. They think they are champions of “freedom of choice”, but they are enemies of real freedom – the freedom to choose life and liberty.
    “Liberal: Someone who doesn’t care what you do, as long as it’s mandatory.”

  • CCBanks


    “She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did”

    SATAN’S CHILD is reluctant to see the FRUIT of her LABOR.

  • DaveC

    If Prof. Miller-Young is black, which I infer from other comments that she is, stand by for Eric Holder and the DOJ to charge Ms. Short with a hate crime for refusing to peacefully give up her sign and preferring charges against Prof. Miller-Young.

  • jjca

    Soon the hate crime enhancements will be added after the right pressure is applied…

  • Christopher

    I hope Miss Short quickly used a good antiseptic, no telling what was living up under the Professor’s fingernails.

  • Raigger

    It’s a woman’s right to choose, unless they choose life. Then it’s another woman’s right to assault that woman and get her mind right.

  • If Obama had a sister…

  • donniea

    These people who stole this sign, assaulted the teenager and infringed on their rights of speech are simply typical liberals. There’s nothing unusual about this incident. If liberals truly had their wishes, all Christians, Conservatives and Republicans would be rounded up and executed.

    • Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

      You are correct.

  • indejavulandyoueatleftovers

    The real criminals rate the schools administrators who are doing nothing, because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

    She violated a “free speech zone” set up for differing views.

  • StubbornlyRational

    So why hasn’t this professor been fired? If a conservative attacked a liberal display in the free speech area, you can bet there would be a firing.

  • Nicolas Edwards

    Not that big of an issue. Strong image was meant to provoke reactions. This reaction is on the level of what the image would provoke. Does not make it right but if your going to use powerful imagery you need to be more prepared for the consequences no matter what society, culture, or region you are doing it in.

    • John Clancy

      Free speech is legal, assault and theft are not.

      • Nicolas Edwards

        Was not looking at the situation from a legality stand point. More of a sociological point of view. Just because you have free speech does not mean you don’t have to worry about the actions of others due to your speech. You may be in the right but if you create an atmosphere that causes your death do you really win.

        I am not talking about this situation but situation like it in general.

        Same thing could be said of the “you might beat the rap but not the ride” when it comes to police oppression.

    • truth on a toothpick

      Yes, Truth is powerful imagery.
      Too bad it brings out the best in the other side.

      • Nicolas Edwards

        Don’t really have that much of a negative view of either side. The issue is a powerful one and illicit powerful responses. Laws will not sway those responses.

        It is human nature..

  • Me

    This, dare I say Professor, promotes gang violence by insinuating herself and her students into a fight. I see ZERO tolerance to this kind of behavior. Can the witch!

    • Pro_bono_publico

      A physical altercation on a university campus would get most students expelled these days.

      • therefore

        Isolated “free speech zones” are designed to prevent physical altercations; therefore they are prevented.
        As long as free speech is isolated, there will always be order.

  • Pro_bono_publico

    Good. That one will be one less idiot liberal who gets faculty tenure. The women’s studies, critical race studies, sociology, political science and other arts and sciences faculties are already full of such self-righteous idiots who feel empowered to attack those with whom they disagree.

    So much for freedom of thought.

  • Merry Lou Masonry

    LOL…I hope they fire her!!! And take away her retirement!!!!

  • ohreallynow66

    if Obama had a sister, she would look like Mireille Miller-Young.

    • Pro_bono_publico

      Probably not. Whatever else you may think President Jugears, he’s a lot better looking Professor Miller-Young.

  • middlechamber

    I hope she sues the school and the prof in a civil suit as well the criminal action.

    • Christopher

      If her family sets up a legal fund, please post the link here.

    • Pro_bono_publico

      It’s a virtual certainty, and the university will settle out of court. The lawyers know a losing case when they see one.

  • Thomas Peace

    What are the odds she’s an Obama supporter?

    • Pro_bono_publico

      About 100%, give or take. Republican professors usually don’t physically assault their students.

  • david5300

    I do hope she and her accomplices go to jail and she looses her job. She has no place anywhere near a campus! Not only did she commit theft she is smug and condescending about it.
    She is a academic terrorist.

  • Kozmo

    These asshat liberals lack any morals to justify. And if they pull that crap on me, they won’t have any teeth left either!

  • therefore

    Mireille Miller-Young has earned her place on the rabid liberal feminist honor roll.
    Her “research” in “sex work” will no doubt earn the University of California-Santa Barbara one more condom on the banana award.
    Feeling that her violent and narrow-minded action “set a good example” and “was morally justified,” this pornography researcher is destined for a position of influence and authority in the Obama administration.

    • DrColostomy

      Does she eat the banana before or after she puts it on a condom?

  • Sonora Sniper

    They should fire the fat black ape.

    • Pro_bono_publico

      MODERATOR: please delete the racial slur above. Thanks.

      • DrColostomy

        If it looks like an ape, walks like an ape, smells like an ape…IT’S AN APE!

      • Mr. Thatcher

        But keep those abortions coming, right hypocrite? Strain a gnat but swallow a camel.

        • Pro_bono_publico

          Your assumption that I am pro-abortion rights is mistaken. And most pro-life Christians I know have a very little tolerance for racism.

      • Sonora Sniper

        They should publish her address so she can be hunted down. Pro bono..your’s as well.

        • Pro_bono_publico

          Good God, I hope you’re not a Republican or a conservative. If so, we really do need to purge the party. Good Americans do not threaten other Americans with violence and murder.

        • therefore

          Hunt me down as well. Pro bono and everyone else on this board (including you, if you have not noticed) is entitled to freedom of expression – exactly what this pseudo-Professor of Intolerance from Cal-Santa Barbara would strip from you.
          If someone says your comment is offensive, you don’t divest yourself of your decency and choose to follow in the ignorance of an institutional misfit who is living the liberal lie in academia.

      • Sonora Sniper

        The nigger is a fat black ape. Just telling the truth.

  • DrColostomy

    Fugly khunt needs her head caved in!

  • Malik Nidal

    And, a MAJOR civil $uit against the Marxist teacher and the University of Caleeefornia which sanctioned her criminal conduct.

  • SpendusMaximus

    Wow, a fat sow and her clinging click of nit wits!

  • BikerBen

    At the University of California-Santa Barbara, professor Mireille Miller-Young (whose research emphasis is black studies, pornography, and sex work?) will probably be treated like a martyr. The amazing thing is that parents pay to send their kids to zoos like this.

    • DrColostomy

      Too many monkeys in this zoo.

  • Greg Miller

    But but but…she is a negro…how can this happen???

  • JuanP

    What is the University doing about this? She should be fired at once.

  • svfoxhotmail

    >> and that she felt she had set a good example for her students by physically confronting the teenage demonstrator.
    Really, really you fat bitch. If I was there I would have knocked your teeth out and then told the police to arrest me and kiss my ass. Nobody should take this shit. Glad the police did arrest her. Morally justified self defense is what is called for.

    • DrColostomy

      Good case for SYG. Put a 9mm between the gorilla’s eyes.

      • Jeff Chang

        Moderator, please remove racist comments. The commenter and his is a collectivist ideal, one of the lowest may I add. We do not judge by the flesh of man but the moral charecter within.

        • DrColostomy

          Pass 3rd grade, shitforbrains?

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    communist cakepig.

  • ATW

    Its time we stop hiding behind our Christian values and take a stand. We must fight back against these degenerate progressives. If not now… When?

  • Jeff Mellott

    My spellcheck is broken– is Feminazi a real word?

    • Secretsquid

      Dare I say it? Limbaugh’ s term.

  • neverfooled

    Interesting they have a class teaching college folks what most teenagers already know by the age of 14 and is readily available on the internet.

  • Jeff Chang

    If this “professor” is arguing that her moral agency is too low to counteract his basic instinct than she needs to be:
    -Ball or Hannibal Lector gagged
    -On a leash
    -and restrained by a shock collar or pinches (similar to dogs)
    After all, if she is that moved by “microggressions” she is not better than a wild animal. Thus she should be treated as such.

  • merrimack1

    Hyphenated name.Dead giveaway folks.Nail her t*ts to the wall.

  • Amichai

    Hmmm….”She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did” – so aborting fetuses doesn’t “trigger” her, just seeing images of aborted fetuses. If a fetus isn’t a human, as the left LOVES to repeat, then why would it bother her either way? Could it be that this woman reacted out of FEAR from the emotions the images evoked in her own mind? Did she suddenly come face-to-face that what she promotes IS murder and she couldn’t accept or deal with it?

  • Answers2011

    Feminism = fascism

  • nondescript

    “Miller-Young defended her actions and told police she felt morally justified”

    I am constantly amazed at how many liberals feel that violence is acceptable when it is in defense of their argument. Now I realize that most liberals don’t feel this way but just drawing on personal experience i see more on the left advocating violence then I see on the right.

    • Jeff Chang

      Oh most liberals do, especially when led by charasmatic “liberal” leader . Look at Marx, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao. Very good liberals and very good at manipulating people. Pretty soon they had entire villiages rading and killing the “other”.

  • Country_Dog

    Maybe that pornography knowledge can be put to use behind (chuckling to myself) the bars.

  • Mark Demos

    Can’t touch her, prosecute her, convict her. She is a black lesbian with a limp. Sharpton, Jackson and the other scum race mongers will be there to riot and extort and file counter claims.

  • seanpatriot

    Well…….. BYE

  • AnointedKinship83 .

    This behaviour isn’t surprising coming from a ‘professor’ whose research emphasis is black studies, pornography, and sex work… This is the new wave of Marxism, corrupting your children’s minds. And if they can’t do it by brainwashing and propaganda they’ll force it down your throats physically. Most of todays teachings come straight from the Frankfurt School, and this is what American children are taught day in, and day out. It’s not only limited to schools and education, but also Hollywood and the mass-media. Welcome to the NEW America. Where traditional Western & Christian values are completely alien to this new globalist Marxist social experiment. Enjoy your downfall, Babylon.

  • mardypantz

    This half-bakes skank, Miller-Young, needs to be sued civilly by Ms. Short as well as a multi-million dollar suit against the university. That is the only thing that will make a big difference to this fascist clowns!! Throw everything you have at them!!!

  • NormanRockwellAmerican

    If there weren’t self-loathing, modern-liberal colleges, people like this woman would be working at McDonalds.

  • smash44

    Typical ignorant, racist, bigoted intolerant female black beast of the species. Hopefully she cannot spawn.

  • Guy Caley

    Has she been fired yet? Also isn’t this a public university supported with taxpayer funds? What difference does it make if someone is a student if they are a citizen? The saddest part of the whole video is the student saying she has a right to steal the sign because she is a professor. Sickening evidence of the indoctrination going on.

  • vb_guy

    “whose research emphasis is black studies, pornography, and sex work,”

    … says it all .. this filth no doubt is pulling her paycheck directly from your pocket as she works to destroy civilization

  • vampiredog

    Did I miss the part in the story where the University had fired this obnoxious idiot of a so-called professor….”…setting a good example of my students…” Exactly. React with violence to speech you don’t like.

  • Mrs Wallpaper

    Do not be surprised if she gets a better paying job AFTER her conviction.

    • Pendy1

      WH Feminist studies czar.

  • seanpatriot


  • Blandly Urbane

    I think for the safety of all that there should be no “free” speech on campus, except of course for the “professors” and “administrative” personnel.

  • gerry d welder

    ‘Common Core’ will probably disappear from MSM until after the Nov. elections.

    “Dice has now successfully managed to persuade Americans in his area to agree to repeal the First, Second, Third, Fourth , Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Amendments, as well as the entire Bill Of Rights.”

    “What’s a FEMA Camp?”

    Students Sign Petition To Have Gun Owners Executed In Concentration Camps. You can read it on : http://www.infowars.com/students-sign-petition-to-have-gun-owners-executed-in-concentration-camps/

    ““They was like…’ university student???

    …and you wonder why the US is in fast track decline?

    ‘Common Core’ is a strategy for eliminating critical thinking and dumbing down our next generation to facilitate compliance.

    Our ignorant elected local officials are allowing it.

    So students are learning that Christianity is bad, our bad founding fathers, sex toys, deviation, global warming lies, Saul Alinsky, math is consensus, Muslim tolerance, Multi-culturalism, Political Correctness, taught to think like a powerless victim but encouraged to leave school to protest with OWS Marxist, anarchist idiots?

    No time for personal finance or the Federalist Papers? Of course not, the globalists forbid such information, it would expose the whole thing and that would lead to student riots.

    “What’s the federalist papers?”

    Lord knows the Americans couldn’t keep it, as Ben Franklin obviously had concern.

    Can you name a country that starts with the letter ‘U’?
    Some answers: Europe (Urope) and Utopia:
    youtube: Lunch Scholars

    …you’ll understand how our liberal left progressive public school system had everything to do with the fall of the USA. That’s what we get for having under achievers and low information voters charged with teaching our next generation.

  • wiselatina2theright

    I hope she is fired.

    • Jeff Chang

      Not really. The left has enought pull to have her attend diversity training; making this situation WORSE.

      • Really?Really!Really.

        Go out to the UCSB “contact us”. Write them an email. I did. Be civil but clear…this woman has got to go.

        • Jeff Chang

          Ha. You are thinking they don’t just filter to emails.

          • Really?Really!Really.

            OK – and sitting on your arse assuming they do does what exactly? Thought so. I posted my e-mail and name. It will not come across as spam. Besides – I checked off that I was inquiry regarding their programs.

  • Humperdinck

    Don’t they know that laws only apply to Republicans and conservatives and liberals have free reign to do what they want.

  • LexTerrae

    She should lose her job and drummed out of all phases of education and politics.

  • oilcanp

    The libs will fight to hide the truth,. They fear it.

    • John 3:20

      The light is hated by everyone whose acts are evil and he does not come to the light for fear that his acts will be seen.

  • Tea Party Anarchist

    Up vote this if you would have snapped that monster’s arm at the elbow for laying hands on that girl.

  • Looking4Sanity

    I should have known…that the perp was a feral jigro.

  • x32792

    She obviously deserves a full presidential pardon and two week vacation, at taxpayer expense, in a five star Chinese hotel costing $8400 a night.

  • Steve Cee

    Never trust a woman with two last names.

  • bonecrusher

    what a fat arrogant bitch.

  • mewp12

    Dear God thank you for not having me live in California.

  • VioletLoganGirl

    I think she should also be charged with damaging my eyes when I looked at her photo.

  • tim carey

    Spot the democrat. Take your time and welcome to Mexico.


    Liberals are moral less pigs that are bent on wrecking any sense of stability of America. They are truly the stupidest people I’ve ever read about and encountered. You need to get rid of democracy and put in a benevolent dictator that would beat these people with sticks and take away their food stamps and make them get a job.

  • WillVMI68

    “Truth” was in the pictures of the aborted fetuses. For the liberal porno instructor, That Truth had to be silenced, lest it spread.

  • socal1200r

    Well, let’s hope UCSB does the right thing and fire that crazy btch. Just makes me wonder if the roles were reversed, and this crazy btch was pro-life and the protestor was pro-choice, if the outcome would’ve been the same. I think not, in that if the teacher was pro-life and assaulted a pro-choice student, she’d probably be fired already and waiting for her trial to start. But UCSB and local law enforcement have a golden opportunity to do the right thing, and let’s hope they don’t cave in to the PC police and prosecute her fully.

  • drakesfortune

    Liberals hate free speech. They attack it with violence in all parts of the world. Venezuela, China, Bolivia, and America. Liberals are the same everywhere. They can’t handle differing points of view, because their arguments just don’t stand up to logic, reason and facts. So their only recourse is violence and shutting down speech. Even in a free speech zone, they just can’t tolerate a different point of view. This is modern liberalism in America, and this is truly how it operates all over the world.

  • drattastic

    Dept of feminist studies, emphasis in Black Studies, pornography and sex work. I think that pretty much says it all doesn’t it .

  • Domin8er

    Death penalty.

  • Really?Really!Really.

    I e-mailed UCSB the day this happened and told them to FIRE her. If they don’t – I hope that kid ends up owning that school. The Prof can then work for her!

  • DinkumThinkum

    Hold on, so you can be a professor for studying porn and prostitutes? College is sure worth the thousands upon thousands in debt….

  • VillageViking

    “The College Fix reported on March 12 that department of
    feminist studies professor Mireille Miller-Young, whose research
    emphasis is black studies, pornography, and sex work”

    First of all, it’s amazing that students at UCSB need someone to teach these subjects to them; Secondly, if convicted, Miller-Young should be terminated as a professor at UCSB and NEVER be allowed to teach again. We will be watching!

    • vutsrq

      Those who can’t, teach.

  • davidr2007

    give her a post birth abortion!

    • davidr2007

      No, don’t do that. I was wrong to joke like that. The left does need to look up the word tolerant before claiming to be tolerant.

      • Don B Reedekulous

        Delete your comment if you aren’t comfortable with it.

  • PenelopeAnne

    Good! She should be. You really shouldn’t be allowed to behave in this manner without repercussions. I don’t care what side you’re on or what the issues are. Free speech protests should be allowed.

  • yerbullshit

    And liberals call Republicans “Intolerant”.

  • ocean

    The Supreme Court of the United States
    ruled a constitutional right to abortion.
    A constitutional right to kill a baby.
    Choice means to ‘Kill’ or ‘Not to Kill’ a baby.
    Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion
    provider in America. Its on your conscience.
    God help you.

  • Doddy West

    LMAO – and if this were a pro abortion group, and a pro life professor ripped the sign down, it would be on national news 24-7, comedy channel, and a Saturday Night live skit, but because it is what it is this is all you’ll hear of it!

  • Jon Coffey

    Quite a profile she has… NOT! ~~ She’ll be in the office tomorrow:


  • infidel.six

    Miller Young needs to do jail time. She is a thug.

  • truth is best

    Fortunately prosecution is a local decision not Eric Holders.

  • infidel.six

    If a husband assaulted his wife to this extent, it would be a


  • There is justice. That feminist should be sacked for the abuse she undertook to stop free speech and the denial of people having a differing opinion. What an absolute disgrace. Feminists know they are losing their infanticide argument as humane people decide that aborion is basically ‘murder’. Nothing else and nothing less.

  • infidel.six

    Please post Miller Young’s


    • MacDaddio

      Please, don’t!! UUGGHH!!!

  • dixiesuzan


  • infidel.six

    Mireille Miller-Young

    Associate Professor


    [email protected]

    Office: 4712 South Hall

    Office Hours:

    Tuesdays 12:15- 1:45pm

    Area of Emphasis:

    black cultural studies

    pornography and sex work



    Course Info

    Areas of Study:

    Pornography; Sex Work; Black Film, Popular Culture and Art; Feminist & Queer Theory; African American & African Diaspora Studies; Visual Archives; New Media; Ethnography; Oral History


    PhD. New York University (American History and History of the African Dispora
    M.A. New York University (American History and History of the African Dispora)
    B.A. Emory University (History)

    Dissertation: “A Taste for Brown Sugar: The History of Black Women in American Pornography.”


    Mireille Miller-Young, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Feminist Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her research explores race, gender and sexuality in visual culture and sex industries in the United States. Her manuscript, A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women, Sex Work and Pornography (forthcoming from Duke University Press in 2014) examines African American women’s representation and labor in pornographic media.

    Earning her Ph.D. in History from New York University, Dr. Miller-Young has won several highly regarded grants and awards, including the University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship. She is Co-Convener of the Black Sexual Economies Working Group, sponsored by theCenter for Work and Social Capital at Washington University School of Law, and Co-Founder and Co-Convener of New Sexualities, a research initiative sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center at UC Santa Barbara.

    Dr. Miller-Young has published research in Meridians: Feminism, Race, and Transnationalism andSexualities, and in book collections such as Pornification: Sex and Sexuality in Media Culture,Blackness and Sexualities, and C’Lick Me: A Netporn Studies Reader. She is an editor of The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure (The Feminist Press, 2013), with Constance Penley, Celine Parreñas Shimizu, and Tristan Taormino.

    In addition, she has written essays for The New York Times, Feminist Theory, Colorlines, Re-Public.com, Cut-Up.com,and $pread, a sex worker magazine. Miller-Young is also working on a documentary film on black women in the porn industry, and a visual archive project called The Black Erotic Archive. Miller-Young has been interviewed for numerous books, articles, radio programs, and documentaries, including NPR’s “News and Notes” with Farai Chideya.

  • Eric Sansoni

    Satan couldn’t ask for a more loyal and dedicated soldier than Mireille Miller-Young.

  • Leon Davis

    Black feminism; pornography; prostitution. They actually have professors who teach this stuff? What could a person do with a degree in prostitution and pornography that they couldn’t do with a grade school education rolling a condom over a banana and shoving wieners into fudge sundaes? I just don’t get it.

    • Secretsquid

      I took some philosophy courses that helped me in reading comprehension and helped my ability to express myself, but a degree in philosophy would leave me unemployed unless I wanted to be a professor.

      • Leon Davis

        I disagree. A lot of corporations will hire people with degrees in the humanities if you’ve also taken a few business courses. If you have a philosophy degree and speak Japanese, Mandarin, or Korean, you can pretty much write your own ticket. Especially Mandarin. Heck, you can move to China and live a very comfortable and rewarding life as an expat. Besides, a degree only gets you your first job. After that, it’s all about ability and performance.

    • MacDaddio

      Any wonder how so many countries have leap-frogged in front of us over the past 25 years? I wonder how many of them teach this kind of garbage .. they likely concentrate on math, science, reading / comprehension skills, etc .. you know the boring stuff that the lib educators, legislators, and teachers unions want nothing to do with.

  • fantum

    Homosexual = “gay”
    Atheists = “brights”
    Abortion = “choice”
    Child Molesters = “minor attracted adults”

    Next Democrats will push for post-birth abortion as soon as they can figure out a new, misleading name… How about “freedom?”

  • dixiesuzan

    Quote — Even though she injured the teenager, Miller-Young defended her actions and told police she felt morally justified. She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did, and that she felt she had set a good example for her students by physically confronting the teenage demonstrator. —

    UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY definition – Henry C. Black 1910 – Law
    dictionary; Page 1187 — “At common law, the meeting together of 3 or more persons,
    to the disturbance of the public peace, and with the intention of co-operating
    in the forceful and violent execution of some unlawful enterprise. If they take steps towards the performance of their purpose, it becomes a “rout”; and if they put their design into actual execution, it is a “riot”.—–

    This woman fomented a riot. As she herself states ” … she felt she had set a good example for her students by physically confronting the teenage demonstrator.”
    She forgot to tell them to bring their billy-clubs when rioting and injuring folks as a good example for others.

  • thisnamealreadyexists

    THAT is a college professor ? What is her pHd in ? Sloth studies ?

  • CmonMann

    good! about time these nuts were held liable for their behavior

  • WilliamWallace

    Lets see how long she serves. So r()s will probably get her a get out of jail card.

  • LukeJohn

    In addition to the charges of theft, battery, etc. the “professor” should face charges of infringing Ms Short’s Civil Rights.

    Sue her for every penny, then go after the campus for harboring and not controlling such a person.

  • vutsrq

    Now watch as the waste of a human body, moonbat professor becomes awash in grant money from grateful, leftist foundations and the Communist Obama administration.

  • CommonSenseIsNot

    It is okay that she assaulted a child (according to the feds you are a child until 25), she stole property, and she destroyed property. However everything is okay as she is a minority who “felt morally justified”. You just gotta shake your head when you hear something like that. She is content with breaking any laws that she feels morally justified to break, suppose the child is lucky she was not killed.

  • Grumpy Old Objectivist

    Those liittle red marks are all she managed to inflict? She hits like a girl. Stick that in your feminist studies and smoke it.

  • CommonSenseIsNot

    Used to be when a patient stated that they felt morally justified in breaking laws (especially when the actions resulted in violence) they were NOT allowed back on the street. However that was decades ago when we still thought it was safer to keep the dangerous people locked up instead of allowing them to attack innocent people.

  • Cotten_Fields

    “She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did,”

    That’s just garden variety TNB. Hahaha, I guess being a college professuh isn’t such an accomplishment after all.

    • Bearbait

      I never thought it was…

  • Hannah Abbott

    this is all for show. . .she will be pled down to simple “Attempted Assualt” and given 6 months probation. . . she should be charged with a hate crime, felony assault and jailed for a year . . . and then FIRED. But she won’t be, she won’t miss a day of pay or day of using the classroom to peddle her hate and smut . . .

  • Itiswhatitis

    In NYS the charge would be 6 counts for Robbery 2 Degree Felony,( 2 counts each person. 1 count for forcibly stealing property/ acting in concert. 2nd count for forcibly stealing property and causing a physical injury ) 3 counts ( 1 each ) of Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 5 Degree Misd. 1 count of Assault 3 Degree for the “professor” . I will show you how Petit Larceny becomes Robbery ( force ) in this case.
    When the “professor” STEALS the sign and the other girls carry it , it is Petit Larceny and CPSP5 for all 3 involved. When the young girl , who has the legal right to retain her own property, is forcibly restrained from doing so by the professor while the other continue to possess the property due to the force of the professor , and did not voluntarily release the property, each person gets 2 counts of Robbery 2 Degree ( subdivision, acting in concert.. subdivision , causing a physical injury. My Online Booking Sheet would have read : A/T/P/O ( at time, place of occurrence ) Deft forcibly stole property from complainant, while acting in concert with two others , and caused a physical injury to complainant.. This is no different than 3 street punks stealing a smaller kid’s bike and when the kid follows them and tries to retain his bike , he is assaulted by one perp while the other two continue to possess the bike by the benefit of the assault.. Petit Larceny turning into straight up and down Robbery 2nd Degree.. IT READ EXACTLY THE SAME

  • Ver

    the only thing a person can do with a degree in feminist studies is to pour coffee at starbucks..this entire country is run by liberals..is a complete joke

  • Ver

    we live in a society of victims unless u are a white non jewish male

  • orlandorays

    There’s no legal precedent for “morally justified”. If you’re going to say that, you might as well plead guilty.

  • red_fez

    She’ll only get a slap on the wrist.

  • Tootrue4you

    A typical black liberal misfit.

  • patriotds1

    Good, throw her in jail.

  • Chris .

    How fast would a White conservative male professor be fired for assaulting a pro abortion student?

  • Megan

    Fire her.

  • Bearbait

    Her face IS aglow with hatred and simple minded arrogance. FIRE THIS WOMAN…no matter what her degree says, she’s no professor; she’s an ignorant BULLY!

    • Omar

      Where are the child abuse charges? She assaulted a child. She should be charged with that, too!

  • jabusse

    I see a department Chairwomanship in the near future for this fine example of UC professorship.” This snot of a person is exactly what the UC hires and I bet they (we taxpayers) pay for her defense.

  • Firehim

    Black studies with emphasis on pornography and sex work??…incredible and we wonder why our students are not excelling and competing successfully when compared to other students around the world.

  • commie disgusted

    Liberals, everywhere you look act like this, while repubs, and tea partieries, and liberatarians act civil everywhere they go, as they just want to discuss facts, and statistics to decide what works best. Libs can’t handle the truth so they always resort to violence.

    • Carolynn Conner

      Same reasons 99% of union members always choose violence in negotiations. Same reason community organizers choose, and encourage violence everywhere for their selfish cause. It is never a negotiation with them. It is their way, or violence. Thanks O-bama, Sharpton, Gore, Hillery, Jackson, Bill. Oh heck the list is too long, but we know who all you cheaters of democracy are. All you leftists have the same m.o. Don’t get your selfish way…… GET VIOLENT, and teach it to your ignorant followers. Who cares about our constitution? RIGHT democRATS? No normal person is equal to you selfish pigs.

  • AbeLincoln

    FYI – We should all commend this professor for her tolerance 😉


    [email protected]

    Office: 4712 South Hall
    Office Hours:
    Tuesdays 12:15- 1:45pm

  • Richard Helm

    The University should dismiss the lady for violation of College Free Speech. She sets a poor example for the students of that institution. Further, if federal funds are involved, they should be withdrawn forthwith.

  • Bootlip

    What do you expect from Obunglers voter base? Wild zoo animals teaching terrorism to the dark masses. Hey Holder where’s the outrage? Imagine this sub-human particulate teaching humans.

  • Chinese fan club

    [Areas of Study: Pornography; Sex Work; Black Film, Popular Culture and Art; Feminist & Queer Theory; African American & African Diaspora Studies; Visual Archives; New Media; Ethnography; Oral History]
    That “academic” is clearly a key member of the faculty at UC Santa Barbara.

    How can it be, that her students are unable to find gainful employment.

  • rogetwo

    Nathan Harden did a good job writing this.

  • Lisa

    I hate morons who can’t hold the camera steady…

    • SixBanger

      Surely you jest

  • commie disgusted

    Thank you Cardinal Raymond Burke for your guts to speak the truth. Watch your back because it is not just Obama. It is a world movement that he is just the figure head of for now. They want to wipe out ALL religion. Then the state can be the source of all law for humamity which always causes death and starvation and disease. They love death. We love life.

  • Tang

    Next time bring a club to the demonstration and bash her head in when she tries to steal your sign. Then ask her students – who is next?

  • Max Watts

    slowly we slide to 3d world status because the annointed only believe in THEIR free speech. This “professor” is more like lenin or trotsky than an advocate of free speech.

  • Jim DeBurg

    The libs believe the only free speech allowed has to be what they believe in. Other than that, it must be silenced. And yes, if she was a white male, she would be fired. Because she is a black female lib, she will not be fired.

  • Itiswhatitis

    In NYS the charge would be 6 counts for Robbery 2 Degree Felony,( 2 counts each person. 1 count for forcibly stealing property/ acting in concert. 2nd count for forcibly stealing property and causing a physical injury ) 3 counts ( 1 each ) of Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 5 Degree Misd. 1 count of Assault 3 Degree for the “professor” . I will show you how Petit Larceny becomes Robbery ( force ) in this case.
    When the “professor” STEALS the sign and the other girls carry it , it is Petit Larceny and CPSP5 for all 3 involved. When the young girl , who has the legal right to retain her own property, is forcibly restrained from doing so by the professor while the other continue to possess the property due to the force of the professor , and did not voluntarily release the property, each person gets 2 counts of Robbery 2 Degree ( subdivision, acting in concert.. subdivision , causing a physical injury. My Online Booking Sheet would have read : A/T/P/O ( at time, place of occurrence ) Deft forcibly stole property from complainant, while acting in concert with two others , and caused a physical injury to complainant.. This is no different than 3 street punks stealing a smaller kid’s bike and when the kid follows them and tries to retain his bike , he is assaulted by one perp while the other two continue to possess the bike by the benefit of the assault.. Petit Larceny turning into straight up and down Robbery 2nd Degree.. IT READ EXACTLY THE SAME

  • DJH78745

    This is the type of ignorance that is being past off as ‘academic’ freedom in US universities. This ignorant pig justified a physical confrontation because she disagreed with the TEENAGER, and felt morally justified! AMAZING!
    Who wants to guess the taxpayers foot the bill for this ignorant, unAmerican piece of trash?

    • Dave

      The taxpayers will foot the bill and chances are Holder will find a way to embed himself in the controversy and defend this sowrilla. As the President would say the teenager was merely acting stupidly and should not have antagonized the beast which led to the chimpout.
      But…why am I not surprised

  • craig

    Did anyone else have to read the second paragraph 5 times to make sure you read it correctly?:

    professor Mireille Miller-Young, whose research emphasis is black studies, pornography, and sex work

    • sbozich

      Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.

  • karl

    The progressives, BOTH white and black Democrat and Republican, HAVE THE TRUTH and thus the RIGHT to CRUSH or BEAT OR send to CAMPS ALL evil sinners who, in their view, disagree.
    It is time and past time one was sent to court and I hope the slammer.


    “Feminist Professor” = Worthless Va*&na

  • Andrew Arnold

    Democrats- the party of tolerance…

  • I am amazed the fat sow didn’t drop dead of exertion during the assault…Amazed and saddened…

  • Mike in Atlanta

    Something tells me if it had been a 30 year-old, 6-foot-5 man holding that sign instead of a 16 year-old girl, this nitwit professor would have been able to control her “trigger”.

    • Dave

      Mike…how are things in Apelanta? Yes perhaps that might have been the case but obviously the sowrilla has a problem…..maybe the outcome would have just been different

  • Barry Darko

    Nevermind the fact that this “professor” can’t handle those who disagree with her views and acts out by assaulting an innocent student, she’ll go to jail as he deserves. But, professor of pornography? Really liberals? Is it that difficult to conceal the fact that you desire to represent a degenerate society?

  • Maybe the KKK were not so bad after all. They handled things like this.

  • RecoveringLiberal

    I remember the hardcore feminists that took over Iowa State University in the mid-70s. They listened to every word a man said and pointed fingers, yelling, “That’s sexist!” They drooled over our girlfriends, trying to get them to have girl-girl sex. They browbeat the male professors, who caved in to affirmative action demands. They established a “women’s health care center” approved by the local city council and went out of business because no decent women would go there. It seems the feminists who ran the place were more interested in seeing their patients naked than helping them. They held secret meetings where they did nothing but bash boyfriends and husbands behind their backs. They encouraged wives to leave their husbands. They took over committees, running off the men. Many of them are still at Iowa State. I remember their dangly earrings, cellulite legs and braless breasts that hung down to their knees. I remember the trouble they caused day in, day out.

    • SixBanger

      All men must be e m a s c u l a t e d and humiliated.

  • Genghis Khan

    That white girl should never have messed with a sistah. Sistahs can beat the sh!t out of scrawny @ss white girls any day of the week. That white girl is luck she didn’t get stomped by the sistah and her Asian bodyguards. That white girl is lucky she didn’t get shot. If a sistah takes your sh!t just let go and roll with it. Don’t be disrespecting a sistah.

    • Dave

      Right….if a sowrilla beast is charging best to get out of the way. I agree. Also since recently it has been declared open season on whites (backed by our President and Mr. Holder) your advice is well taken.

    • Even black men do not want a black woman…ask them..they freely admit it when they hit on me.

  • Quintrell

    we’d better stand by to standby folks…the left has been emboldened and will stop at nothing to continue the Long March even after Obie and company are dismissed from the white House.

  • boxelder

    Yeah, goin’ after da sistah is obviously racist.

  • Scott Cunningham

    Liberals… The only group against capital punishment for murderers, but for the massacre of the unborn under the justification of “choice”. Memo to the pro-choice advocates out there. You do have a choice. Its to become pregnant or not. Once you are, then its a human baby.

  • obozo1

    Why should we expect some feral moron who has no value for human life value someones free speech.

  • Mr Rut

    Hold the phone, How did this turn into a race issue again? Im a Marine Veteran too but how is this a racist subject? Is the professor, white or black, and why does that matter?

  • Major Beatdown

    Hopefully the civil suit will be a far greater punishment for those intolerant LIBS.

  • The Oracle

    What sort of job does black studies, pornography and sex work qualify you to do?

    • Bluto Blutarski

      Blackmailed campuses. Jessie and Al goes to the schools and threatens some type of boycott. Overnight you got back studies or racial studies or anything about whitey has to die. Jobs created for people who “gots a position not a job”

    • Apparently, in the obama admin, it qualifies you for first lady or attorney general

  • Bluto Blutarski

    “images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did, and that she felt she had set a good example for her students by physically confronting the teenage demonstrator”
    I feel like I should set a good example and wipe that pig off the O2 list. Typical of a race that one can only stomach about 25% of them

  • bonzo3244

    Free speech for me, but not for thee.

  • Ken

    If a dead baby gets you so riled up why are you ok with people killing babies? #idontgetit

  • Bring back Jim Jones! He knew how to handle sistahs..down in Guyana, he got over 500 of them to finally shut the F up.

  • Liberty2Day

    Leftists are wild violent demonic animals.

  • SilverKait

    ~~”FEMINIST PROFESSOR WHO ATTACKED PRO-LIFE STUDENT CHARGED WITH CRIMINAL BATTERY”~~Amazing! She was actually charged…? i did not think it would happen. Someone was doing his/her job! Must read to see details.

  • Jason Joseph

    Another useless person with a useless degree teaching a useless class. Try getting a job in the private sector with your skills. All she is doing is contributing to furture unemployment by convincing students to take her useless class.

  • mustangtjw

    I am not fan of shock photos, the “pro-choice”, or “pro-life” polar arguments as truth is seldom black and white but some form of gray. However, what the Professor did was immature. Oddly, the teens appeared to have responded better even though they could have avoided the altercation as well. The Professor should have been aware of her responsibilty as a role model with or without video documentation.

    I agree with many the previous comments that free speech in the Professor’s view is only applicable when it aligns with her personal views. Otherwise she would have addressed this issue in a more mature manner. Maturity would have led to looking into whether the protesters were following or not following school regulations.

    One good outcome is to highlight an apparent bias that is at least tolerated on that campus, if not promoted. The Professor’s behavior illustrated how modern liberals have high jacked the original meaning of liberal. Originally, the term was associated with a broad education. Now, it seems to only represent a myopic polarized view of the world. Many who self identify as liberals are just as closed minded as those whose ideas they reject. ..and like the rather unprofessional Professor, will work diligently to suppress differing view points vice encouraging open discourse.

    • knoxsouthy

      It wasn’t immature it was assault and theft of private property management

      • mustangtjw

        I seriously doubt mature people commit assault and theft.

      • Itiswhatitis

        Theft + force or threat of force = Robbery.. I understand your mistake. I worked 8 years out of my career in the hardest plain clothes Robbery Unit in the NYPD. . I know exactly what this is . So does the Santa Barbara D.A. for that matter

    • BunE22

      The Leftists are all emotion, no maturity required.

  • Janez10

    She should be fired and given jail time, school should be sued, and student helpers should get work crew or community service.

  • minutemanIII

    Good. I hope this will b a lesson to all those raticalized liberals.
    Your tactics may work in third world places but not here in america.
    This woman should and likely will have the book thrown at her.
    If she was so upset about killing babies than maby she should not support their death.

    The liberals are killin in the name of….

  • richard bergman

    This must result in a massive civil suit that will bankrupt the communist professor.
    Put the liberal in a state of abject fear!

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Her minions are more disgusting than she is.

  • FireMillerYoung

    Her email address is: [email protected]

  • Itiswhatitis

    In NYS the charge would be 6 counts for Robbery 2 Degree Felony,( 2 counts each person. 1 count for forcibly stealing property/ acting in concert. 2nd count for forcibly stealing property and causing a physical injury ) 3 counts ( 1 each ) of Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 5 Degree Misd. 1 count of Assault 3 Degree for the “professor” . I will show you how Petit Larceny becomes Robbery ( force ) in this case.
    When the “professor” STEALS the sign and the other girls carry it , it is Petit Larceny and CPSP5 for all 3 involved. When the young girl , who has the legal right to retain her own property, is forcibly restrained from doing so by the professor while the other continue to possess the property due to the force of the professor , and did not voluntarily release the property, each person gets 2 counts of Robbery 2 Degree ( subdivision, acting in concert.. subdivision , causing a physical injury. My Online Booking Sheet would have read : A/T/P/O ( at time, place of occurrence ) Deft forcibly stole property from complainant, while acting in concert with two others , and caused a physical injury to complainant.. This is no different than 3 street punks stealing a smaller kid’s bike and when the kid follows them and tries to retain his bike , he is assaulted by one perp while the other two continue to possess the bike by the benefit of the assault.. Petit Larceny turning into straight up and down Robbery 2nd Degree.. IT READ EXACTLY THE SAME

  • Generally-Disguted

    Why is she not being charged with the federal crime of violating the girl’s First Amendment rights? Oh, wait. The Attorney General wouldn’t do that, would he? Our government only upholds the laws it approves of, and only when it feels it is in its best interests. Cafeteria Law… pick the ones you like and ignore the ones you don’t.

    • Itiswhatitis

      Good question… Citizens are protected from having your rights violated by an agent of the government.. The “professor” in question is a civilian, paid by taxpayers , but an agent of the government. What she is , is a street robbery girl

  • Guest

    Will the punishment be more severe if she turns out to be guilty since the victim is a minor?

  • Jai Dayal

    Another entitlement-marinated progressive professor that will walk away without any consequences for her actions.

  • Nevadavoter1

    Californians must be proud as hell to see their tax $ going to fund there alternative lifestyle wierdos… hope she does some time!

    • Guest

      We are fairly conservative, almost village like, in the central coast. Don’t generalize us all because of occasional extremist.

      • Jai Dayal

        Tis true.

        Cally is a BIG state. How is the breaking-up-California-into-six-separate-states project going?

  • BigDonOne

    It will plea bargain down to Jaywalking4….

  • Xanadu2

    I’m guessing women prison would be sex vacation for her…

  • Tony5000

    Never trust an adult with a hyphenated name.

  • Cormac46

    With King obammy as President they think they have the go ahead to Knock Out whites, intimidate people at poll booths and stomp on there free specch rights

  • David C. Morrow

    A useless, evil person who expected being a leftist, female, and black gave her a pass to do anything she wanted.


    I wonder if Miller-Young realizes how many of those aborted babies are black………

  • Lock her up and have her wife bail her out.

  • Elbee

    “Feminist Studies” professor specializing in Black (not ‘African-American”?), Pornography and “Sex Work” (whores and pimps). EGAD! The star of higher education in the U.S. Socially divisive to say the least.

  • sledge77

    The liberal college will back this thug. Federal tax dollars should stop going to indoctrination centers like this so called college.

  • Raja Dat

    “told police she felt morally justified”… Really?! What the hell does a skanky liberal douchebag know about morals? Probably laden with std’s to boot! So, if I felt morally justified, I could walk up to you and slap the stupid off your face?

    • lndependent

      Naw, you can’t fix stupid .

  • Dan Jackson

    I would have gotten in that elevator and ripped my sign right out of the hands of that horrid, scowling, student’s face.

  • Dave

    I’m soooooo sick of these radical feminists! They are a destructive force in society.
    They hate men, marriage and are bereft of common sense. Hey if want an abortion you can get one… go kill your baby and STFU.

  • kenpuck

    Yo, yo, how you be doin’ praxis in “sex studies”? I jes’ be wonderin’, thass all…

  • Jamie Schoenian

    Did you see the ass on that fat cow bitch! Holy smokes….can’t believe she could get it in the elevator with two other people already in there!

  • kogk1943

    Just your typical d o u c h e-o-crat, intolerant, hate-mongering neo-liberal. More of the same. From the same. No surprise here.

  • BunE22

    “Allegedly” assaulted?

    LOL it’s on video. The two students should be charged with theft also. I hope the fat cow professor goes to jail.

  • Jeff

    The battle cry of those that show intolerance ” I’m OK with what you do as long as it’s OK with me”… The charge against the professor was the correct one..

  • EEDDGGY1776

    The Left are nothing but Haters. I realize most of us have known this forever.

  • MilesMonroe

    Your tax dollars at work folks. Noone to blame but ourselves.

  • EEDDGGY1776

    The nonsense labeled “Feminism” destroyed the American Family. Great job.


    Lock her up and throw away the key

  • transparent president

    who was it that said hate is not family value? that would be the illogical ignorant liberals.

  • TruthDetector

    It’s all about tolerance, unless you disagree.

    Evil preaches tolerance until it becomes dominant, then it seeks to silence the good.

  • goodone2

    How about child abuse?

  • GeorgiaJim

    If this intellectual giant loses her job, she has an outstanding resume to join the Obama administration.

  • 1POdCitizen

    The minute this fat, ugly, fascist, so-called “professor” was arraigned, she/it should have been fired by UC… but of course, the system is now ruled over by the likes of Janet Napolitano.

    After it’s conviction, I hope the victim’s family sues this “progressive” moron for every dime they can… she/it deserves to be publicly hounded to her grave.

  • LysolMotorola

    What the hell is up with these black women and their hyphenated names. When did that become all the rage?

  • SonofLiberty7

    History repeats itself.
    During the 1920s and 1930s in Germany and Italy, those students ( and few professors) who warned about the growing abuses by members of the National Socialist German Workers Party, were increasingly intimidated, bullied, and eventually assaulted by those who had already joined The Party.
    Will you just go along to get along?
    Or will you stand up, speak out, and help put an end to all this before we go any further down this road.
    Don’t care?
    Sooner or later, they will make you care.
    There is no middle road.

  • tarheel

    I think a beat down on this bi–h would be morally justified. Where does she get off thinking nobody else has a right to there opinions or free speech, and this happening on a college campus where debating opposing opinions should be exalted. She should have her picture posted with a little hitler mustache all over campus. That is what she is a NAZI.

  • Go Blue

    I would have punched that snotty kid too

  • My Glasses Won’t Stay On

    So many majors to choose from….feminist studies, Chicano studies, A.A. Studies. Year, those degrees will pay HUGE dividends!

  • MarkBatin

    The girls were totally within their rights. This professor should be fired and should do jail time. This is America why does any College have to have a designated free speach area. The whole campus should be a free speach area. The whole Country should be a free speach area. This just shows us how close to tyranny we have gotten.

  • Chief Elwood Crowpecker

    Academia is infested to the hilt with intolerant left wing skunks like this.

  • Helen Wheels

    The professor was just increasing her street cred with the other lesb1an sociopaths who rule UCSB.

  • Thomas J. Zaleski

    Typical peace loving Lefties using VIOLENCE against the innocent. Wish I was there..

    • Matt Langdon

      Why do you wish you were there? Would you use violence against someone using violence? Doesn’t make sense.

  • TransplantedTexan

    Business as usual in the American, so-called, Education System. The biggest question that I have is why are taxpayers funding crap courses like that in what are supposed to be institutions of higher education.

  • surfdog

    You will be seeing many more of these incidents as the left starts to unravel . Diversity of opinion ; can’t be allowed . Young women and minorities with conservative opinions ; can’t be allowed . Questioning professors and pointing to studies that refute their closely held beliefs ; never .

  • LCMB

    The University will probably give her a raise and tenure.

  • JBS was right!

    I would stand just outside the “free speech area” and protest. They can’t confine where you protest.

  • governmentslave

    Why hasn’t the university disciplined the professor?

  • Haaywood Jablomie

    Feminist studies professor? No wonder your population is feeble. What’s your career path with a degree in that? OIL? (Obese Insolent Lesbian)

  • JiveAssNiggerBoy

    Fvck this cvnt. Lock her up and throw away the key.

    One less L I B E R A L W H O R E.

  • LibertyinUS

    Scum of the earth time we cleanse the land.

  • Slayer

    You people are fucking idiots, you are assuming that this fat broad speaks for all Liberals. She is a Feminist you idiots, most Liberals don’t even like Feminazis!

  • albundy57

    Story should read ex-teacher! She should be barred from teaching anywhere in the United States, shipped to Russia, and forced to pay the student she accosted millions of dollars from her retirement/pension fund.

  • Alex

    Free speech? Nah, that’s not the feminist way. We need some bullying up in here.

  • canuseeit

    No wonder this country is in a mess. This maniacal individual is getting what she deserves for her reprehensible conduct. I’m surprised the authorities are pushing forward with prosecution. This professor’s excuse for attacking Ms. Short, claiming that the pictures of aborted babies made her do it, is just an ‘in your face’ excuse to get off the hook. She also owes Ms. Short an apology. But being the jerk she has shown herself to be, I doubt it.


    Child Abuse………………. She should be barred from working with youth! or anywhere where she might come in contact with them.

  • monkeyman

    Oooga!!!!!! Boooga!!!!!!!!!

  • TruckinMack

    Why not child abuse? The girl she assaulted was a minor, or does California not care about hurting children?

  • TruckinMack

    She led a mob to assault the 16 year old child? Sounds like organized crime or conspiracy to commit a crime. Why are the police not throwing the whole book at this wanton child abuser?

  • The_Purple_Finger

    This is how the Roman civilization began to crumble with maniacs like this idolized as “teachers” and “professors”.

    Sick, twisted, racist, murdering, drug abusing, sex addicted perverts!

  • HonestBroker

    If liberals can’t face the reality of what their love of abortion really means, they should keep quiet. Fantasyland is STILL in California.

  • Shep Schultz

    In a later quote, the president local chapter of Liberal Feminists Against Decency said, “We’ve gone to great lengths to feed the minds of our young women a fact free diet of drivel. No 16 year old kid is going to come on to our campus and spoil 41 years of our conditioning women to be the inconsequential sexual playthings of men.”

  • sleeperd

    What do you think this monstrously liberal professors’ opinion would be regarding the story today in Britain where they are burning aborted fetuses in furnaces to provide heat?
    These people are animals.

  • TruckinMack

    I wonder how much the university is going to have to pay for damages?… Not to mention how much sensitivity training is going to cost to teach the Leftist professors to respect the rights and opinions of Christians and Pro-Lifers.

  • armoredsaint

    I hope she gets the living crap kicked out of her in jail everyday.

  • lazybumranch

    Wow..Rush was right regarding feminists and eye appeal…just sayin’…

    • Varsitybleau


  • CapulcuMinAnon

    whenever a demonstration group begins to become aggressive either verbally or by explicit signs, which means that they trigger people who pass by which gives then NO CHANCE to discuss (aggression is a bad beginning for talk!), they have to expect an answer that has with anything to do but discussion.

    am i right?

    my compliments to the professor. it was a very natural reaction because she was threatened and being provoked and triggered. she really is a lady with a big heart. please, guys, stop being so aggressive, when u believe too much (in the bible etc.). start seing with your heart. hatred is okay. but whenever people get together in a crowd they lose a piece of their heart and the pain they felt when joing the cause. if you do not transform the pain and join a group that is also “untransformed” you become doctrinaire.

    • TruckinMack

      CMAnon – You are saying the next mob of angry Liberals in an invitation for us to go kick the sh– out of them because it makes us angry, and of course we have really big hearts too, doing our best to protect our community.

      Thanks for the invitation to stand up for our beliefs.

      • CapulcuMinAnon

        i am speaking about talking to each other. this was not given in the situation with thrin short. what a name. why did she use a camera instead of talking to her, she kind of hunted her. if you took my sign off i would never follow you and attack you by putting my foot in an elevator (which is like somebody who breaks in my house by putting his foot between the door). i would not hunt anybody. aggression is okay, but not against people with another opinion about how the world is and about how to SHOW your opinion… well, think about it, dude…

        • Sicilian Papa

          The aggression was taking the sign. If someone mugs you and punch them in mouth, it is your fault because they mugged you.

          • CapulcuMinAnon

            did you watch the film?

          • Sicilian Papa

            Who is being charged with a crime?

          • Varsitybleau

            Exactly. The police obviously watched the film and their professional opinion warranted charges being pressed against the professor.

      • CapulcuMinAnon

        reading your comment reassures me that we do have a communication problem. what language do you understand? maybe i should have asked you before i touched the keyboard. you mean just “shut off”?

        • TruckinMack

          I speak English, but in complete sentences. I have yet to master the half thought.

    • 10″Dick

      the only thing big about that spook is her ass. Idiots like you need their asses kicked daily.

    • Sicilian Papa

      Ridiculous nonsense.

    • Varsitybleau

      Your philosophy is a condonation of violence as a means to ending a verbal disagreement. That’s unacceptable. This professor abused her position and acted in an aggressive, bullying manner. She should be punished for such boorish behavior not “complimented”.

  • Garry Preston

    department of feminist studies

    ???? What is a department of feminist studies? What valuable knowledge does one get from it? What a waste of time and money!

    • 10″Dick

      laundry, ironing, dishwashing, mopping, etc

    • Anonamous Guy

      Mentioned in the article, “black studies, pornography, sex”.

      She’s more proof, another mentally ill “progressive”.

  • TruckinMack

    ‘Child Endangerment’. There’s another charge for the professor.

  • CapulcuMinAnon

    this platform is very aggressive. i better leave now. never saw such monoculture. am i in the us? is this all there is? very sorry for you.

    • Sicilian Papa

      Right and wrong, that’s all

    • Varsitybleau

      You should practice a coping mechanism for dealing with people who disagree with your opinion. Running away just sends the message that you had no conviction in your beliefs. Yes you are in the U.S. People are free to voice their opinions without the threat of violence. The professor would do well to remember that. Goodbye.

  • Disqusisarealballbuster

    Blacks feel “morally justified ” in every terrible thing they do, and whites do nothing to suggest otherwise.

  • Sicilian Papa

    I don’t know why the pictures of Abo#ted babies bother the pro-ab#rt crowd so much. They approve of the practice. They should be comfortable with the results.

  • CapulcuMinAnon

    if i were not here you all would repeat yourselves all the time. i can imagine that. sounds very monotone. eeek!

    • Siddhartha

      you mean, ook! eek!

  • CapulcuMinAnon

    well, good night. sweet dreams… love happens.

  • The Dog

    Let’s see, the University restricts “Free Speech” to a designated (and small) area. While doing “Free Speech”, the Free Speaker was attacked by a Representative of the State Government and a Representative of the University. The professor illegally attacked the teenager to limit and further “Free Speech”.

    Even with great limitations and restrictions on “Free Speech”, the Government hates “Free Speech” and Free Speakers. Who has a problem with identifying the “enemy” of “Free Speech” and, by extension, The USA Constitution, and “We, the People”?

    • Varsitybleau

      It goes without saying that any American university should be an area of free speech in its entirety.

      • Anonamous Guy

        All public property also. PERIOD.

        • Varsitybleau


  • Varsitybleau

    I’m actually shocked that charges are being pressed. It gives me hope that the cultural atmosphere of the last six years might be changing for the better.

    • Anonamous Guy

      Good for America.

      • Varsitybleau

        Lol and smh at the same time. Maybe you’re right.

  • CapulcuMinAnon

    well, your country makes war everywhere. even in your own land. i feel sorry and it is hard for me to reply to such sad posts that also feel very threatening to me. hard to try to speak your language that sounds like you want to hurt. you overtook the discussion. scroll, scroll… monotone.

    • Siddhartha

      With all due respect, can you please just STFU

    • Varsitybleau

      You should probably go. As a culture, Americans don’t mind “mixing it up” a little. Generally we can have our heated discussions but walk away without our feelings hurt. If you are not up to it then it is probably better that you go chat elsewhere.

      • CapulcuMinAnon

        go where? what if we were in one room. just a question. same old story that has to change.

        • Varsitybleau

          If we were in a room you would have the choice to leave as well. If your fear of differing opinions is so great that it causes you emotional distress then message boards and political and cultural discussions are not the right medium for you to take part in. I have no such fear nor does it seem does anyone else posting her. I would venture to guess that you are the sole commenter with a problem in regards to the atmosphere on this board.

    • Jennifer Hart

      This isn’t your country? This isn’t in your language? Then stop commenting. This is not your issue.

  • Jennifer Hart

    As a liberal and a feminist, I am offended that Ms. Miller-Young would claim feminism as an excuse to beat a child, regardless of what the pictures were. Liberals who would try to trample on anyone’s constitutional right to Freedom of Speech does a disservice to not only themselves, but all Americans. She is not a liberal, she is a lunatic.
    Furthermore, any teacher who would beat a child should immediately lose their employment. I hope Ms. Short’s parents not only pursue this criminally, but civally as well, as her civil rights were clearly being oppressed by Ms. Miller-Young.

    • Varsitybleau

      Right on.

    • CapulcuMinAnon

      i would like to know what kind of parent or religion or government would allow a political and agressive infiltration of 16-year-old children that is ready to hunt somebody. i have been in such a situation once. i made a kind of joke and everybody started to hunt me, question me like i was at a police station. i tried to talk but then i had to turn on my camera when it became worse. that young girl followed me into the train i had to take home because wanted to force me to delete the film. when somebody hunts you, you have to run away. i do not want know, how i would have reacted when being forced to stay in that small elevator together with these aggressive girls and my own emotions. this discussion is very hard for me. i want you to know that i will never put my foot on american ground. i am ashamed for you.

      • Jennifer Hart

        Totally different situation. The article states the attack occurs within a designated free speech area. I’m not sure why you refer to this as “political and aggressive infiltration”, a 16 year old has the same right to carry a sign and protest as any other citizen. Sure, she may be parroting opinions of her parents, but that’s part of growing up. I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but the teacher is wrong here, not the child.

    • The_Purple_Finger

      Good for you for standing up! I applaud you for that, and it was well stated! You are a rare individual and in the years to come, like myself, you’ll find you will be calling yourself anything but a “liberal”.

      “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

  • JohnCalvinJones

    This episode supports the findings of Aldous Huxley and George Carlin. If the crowd were chanting “get that sign” some people would be motivated to FOLLOW – upwards of 60% are easily influenced. See his Berkeley lecture from 1962 on you t-u-b-e. As well, Carlin said that he despised and hated GROUPS. Thug mind rules the day. I saw it at the Republican convention in 2004. I see it with the police every day. Cheers.

    • The_Purple_Finger

      You saw no such thing. Here we watch your liberal pals acting like the violent thugs they truly are inside, without any inciting from any crowd.

      It’s what you and your party does.

  • JohnCalvinJones

    See Medea Benjamin assaulted at the Republican convention of 2004. Some kids were kicking her.

  • peekayou

    Have some compassion people! Women who’ve been conned into believing that abortion is ‘ok’, SUFFER tremendous GUILT @ being conned. WOMEN WHO’VE HAD AN ABORTION NEED LOVE, because they realize they are NOT OK after an abortion, and usually at a very young age, have been conned into by race-lowering eugenics policies. Planned Parenthood was created as an anti-black, eugenics cult of cold-blooded, murderous, elite, inbred satanists who want YOU and any offspring exterminated or used as sex slaves.
    Keep up the good work at exposing this travesty.

    • Jennifer Hart

      This article is about Freedom of Speech. Not abortion. Please read the article.

      • The_Purple_Finger

        The article says – “Miller-Young led a small mob that approached a group of pro-life demonstrators who were holding signs”.

        It’s about her wanting protest throwing fetuses into the furnace and using them to heat a hospital, and then a liberal professor trying to stop her from protesting, shunting her freedom of speech to protest slaughtering babies.

        • Jennifer Hart

          That’s what I’m saying, without the graphic words. Ms. Miller-Young is a BULLY.

  • Joe Chicago

    Typical of what I would expect from a teacher, much less teacher from CA. They demand respect for their views and opinions and violently attack anyone who does not agree. How typically hypocritical.

  • peekayou

    TO ANYONE WHO’S SUFFERED AN ABORTION: God will forgive you, as he forgave King David for murder. Yes, David was forgiven, and is in heaven now.
    You, however, WILL have an extremely difficult time ever forgiving yourself.
    Seriously, the anti-abortion protestors need to have grief counselors to refer these women to. Abortion is traumatic. Showing images of abortions is traumatic. Shock & guilt doesn’t help women who’ve been the victims of Racist Abortionists.

    • Jennifer Hart

      You are very confused. This has nothing to do with Abortion. This article has to do with Freedom of Speech.

      • The_Purple_Finger

        It has to do with both.

        • Jennifer Hart

          No. A woman assaulted a 16 year old child. Her reason is bogus. I support a woman’s right to her own body, but not the right to someone else’s child. You don’t get to use Liberalism to excuse assault, just as you do not get to use Religion as an excuse to assault.

  • jack lehr

    Hopefully these people will find their arrogance and their smirks will not protect them as they finally get on decent people’s last nerve.

  • University education should be for humans only, not feral, fecal-colored brillo-heads. Before this animal goes to trial, we should pound its fat face into some dough, and make gorilla cookies for posterity.

  • E. Newton

    This professor Mireille Miller-Young is a frightening example of the current state of American education. If you’re one of those fathers outside the U.S., considering sending your children here for an education, Miller-Young is what you will be paying dearly for.

    • Glen3

      Instead we should be enthusiastically killing Marxists.

  • fr0thing

    What a childish fool this “professor” is. Perfect liberal.

  • Don’t Touch Me!

    This is the face of Black America today…privileged, intolerant, smug.

  • TrayvonMartin69

    Give them a degree, a career teaching something of zero importance, a salary, and they still can’t help but steal shit. Black people, not even once.

  • I would bet she thinks capital punishment is just fine.

    • Glen3

      Capital punishment is a wonderful thing. No society can be truly civilized without a rationally thought out capital punishment mechanism.

  • Pumbah

    Now that’s great news. I also wish to read later how much that student is suing the school for.

  • JenFern

    Mireille Miller-Young is certainly willing to set back feminism for her own purposes. “She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did” This implies women are not capable of controlling their emotions and themselves. Didn’t we fight long and hard to get the respect to be viewed as equal? If we aren’t responsible for how we act because we can’t control ourselves due to something we see we are either lessor beings then men or we have to accept that men also can’t control themselves when they see certain things, which makes arguably makes rape victims who dress provocatively responsible for how the rapist acts. This is complete crap Miller-Young acted like a idiot because she is one end of story.

  • LifeTalkTv

    You can see an interview with the teen who was assaulted, Thrin Short, on the April Episode of Life Talk. http://www.LifeTalkTv.com

  • Me

    Ms. Short, a minor, has a father that must be livid and with good reason. Mireille Miller-Young called his daughter a terrorist; she must have assumed she was Conservative because that is what the Administration calls Conservatives which is continuing to cause attacks on innocent people. Where is the outrage President Obama; you say you believe in the rights of all women, or is it only Democratic women?

  • William Bauers

    Man, I live here in SB, that lady needs to be fired PERIOD!!! What a total douchenozzle!!

  • Thissitesucks

    Ugh. “Assault” Those bitches were just looking to rustle people up and when it happens they complain. “ZOMG SHE WORKS HERE” shut the fuck up and go away. Still that professor is an idiot.

    • Glen3

      They should rustle them up. Those leftist trash dominate campuses. It’s time to put them back where they belong. On a blacklist of undesirable subversives.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    How is “triggering” different from “gay panic”? If one is a non-defense, the other is, too.

    • Glen3

      These Leftists need to be subjected to ‘gorilla panic’. And I would pay to watch.

  • Louis von Metzger-Hohenfelsen

    This horrendous woman should be judged and send to jail, hate is not any kind of excuse to impose opinions and less when your opinions are against human life, which there are très à la mode in Europe and in the USA quite special in California, where for many is “normal” to murder unborn childs.

  • marcuspiggus

    A large fine, some jail time, and a termination letter from the school are what she deserves. And the school should be sued!

  • Rosa Parks

    Why do white people act like that?

    • Stuart Buncher

      I don’t know Rosa, why are 80% of all Blacks murdered by Blacks? This according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report. Why is it that 73% of all Black children have no fathers?

  • A J MacDonald Jr

    Battery on a minor no less.

  • demoncratWarOnWomen


  • Jenny Turner

    If there’s nothing wrong with abortion, if it’s not a human being, then how on earth can the pictures on the signs be offensive? The courses she teaches help her students learn how to be a screeching lefty activist…so I guess she’s way too valuable to fire.

  • Dan Defoe

    Next time hide at least $950 in the sign. In California, that would make it Grand Theft instead of misdemeanor theft. Bait these libtards.

  • Justin Shepherd

    good, down with the black feminists!!!

  • Shep Schultz

    Enough “social” justice. Let’s have some “real” justice.

  • molasses jones

    Well this is obviously one view point… that conservative racist media is hoping to share… but there are others: http://www.facebook.com/SWEETEntertainmentTelevision

  • robbie555

    The universities are full a professors that only allow their ideology to be shown. The liberal professors are the most close minded and destructive to our educational system. This is why are society is so jacked up. Professors like this are trying to mold young minds into violent unethical human beings.

  • Danman

    I am down at the jc level and unfortunately for transfer to a 4-year, or for an AA/AS degree have to take what I call the “liberal bs” classes, disguised by area names like: “Social Sciences”, “Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development”, “Humanities”, and “Cultural Diversity”. At least at this point there are some class options within those areas that are not leftist provided you get the right teachers.

  • Canadian_Farmer

    Silly feminist. If the baby is just a pile of goo and not a human being, then why was she so offended by the “graphic sign” depicting the aborted fetus? Could it be that her conscious was hurting her because she feels it really is a human being and doesn’t want others to find out?
    In Toronto a group of Atheists violently destroyed my 2ft x 2ft sign that said “God loves everyone”. I was standing in a corner holding it up and saying nothing, just smiling. If they didn’t believe in God, then the sign shouldn’t have offended them…