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UCSB Student: Campus Prolife Protestors ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Prolifers who display graphic images of aborted fetuses to tout their message are like “domestic terrorists” who invade communities and make women feel unsafe, said a UCSB student and active supporter of a feminist studies professor recently charged with battery after an altercation with prolife demonstrators at the university.

“They are domestic terrorists, because the definition of a terrorist is someone who terrorizes,” said UCSB sophomore Katherine Wehler, a theater and feminist studies major, in an interview with The College Fix.

“That’s exactly what those girls were doing,” she said of young prolife demonstrators on campus who are at the center of the controversy. “They were making us feel very unsafe on our campus outside one of the busiest places during the busiest week of the quarter.”

Wehler is among a large contingent of students who have come out in support of the professor, while other students have condemned the educator’s actions.

Early last month, feminist studies Professor Mireille Miller-Young led a small mob of students against pro-life demonstrators holding graphic signs. The mob chanted “take down the sign,” then Miller-Young and two students grabbed one of the signs and ran off with it, eventually engaging in a physical altercation with one of the 16-year-old demonstrators who tried to retrieve the stolen sign.

Miller-Young has been charged with misdemeanor theft, vandalism, and battery, and recently pleaded not guilty.

The incident has made national headlines and divided the UCSB community, with dueling petitions launched in support and against Miller-Young. But the petition in support of the feminist studies professor has gained significantly more signatures – nearly 2,000 compared to about 150 signatures.

Wehler, who has taken a class taught by Miller-Young, said she feels strongly the educator did the right thing because the pro-life activists made the campus uncomfortable for students.

“The last thing we need are these people invading our community,” she said.

Students stand in solidarity with Miller-Young because they feel there should have been “trigger warnings” for the images the pro-life activists presented in the free-speech zone.

“I have a lot of feminist friends that went to them [pro-life protesters] with an educated academic response, because they were extremely triggered by these images, and the activists were saying this is for ‘women’s rights,’” Wehler said. “As feminist scholars and activists, we were insulted to hear that their cause is for women’s rights, because we felt personally attacked as women. Then, we were repeatedly called murderers. That is not okay.”

“In my opinion,” she added, “Professor Miller-Young would never attack anyone as the media suggests unless feeling an invasion of her own personal space like anyone else would in a fight or flight situation. … If the university did decide to revoke her employment, there would be a large uproar because she is so celebrated.”

However, not everyone feels that way.

The petition calling for Miller-Young’s termination says: “This is about someone who violated the law in several ways, disregarded the idea of freedom of speech, and tarnished the image of the UCSB.”

“Please know that this is not to show support for Pro-Life. This is to show support for our freedom of speech, our laws, and justice.”

Katie Devlin, a student at UCSB who does not support Miller-Young’s behavior, said she sees hypocrisy involved in the petition supporting Miller-Young. 

“They talk about prioritizing the safety of our campus involving activists, yet it’s our professor that attacks somebody,” Devlin said in an interview with The College Fix. “I think it’s just the contrast that she is a feminist professor and stands for protecting women, yet she attacks a young girl.”

College Fix contributor Austin Yack is a student at UCSB.

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Austin Yack - University of California, Santa Barbara.

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  • Jeff

    Classic case of blame the victim. Its amazing to me that the left always cling to free speech except when its not what they believe in and then its hate speech and domestic terrorism.

    • thisisfutile

      It’s a tactic that they know works. It’s crooked and shameful but that doesn’t seem to bother them.

    • Ohso

      MISANDRY – the Separatist / Neo-Exterminationist Hatred of Men & Boys, Masculinity & Normal Heterosexuality is The Tenure Track in the pathetic farce of Academentia – and if done right it pays well too.

      The Twysted Systers of UC-BS Gaystapo have been at it for years, both on and off campus in the community at large – where their ‘victim status’ exempts them from the normal rules of Due Process & Fair Hearings that this ‘professor’ now wants applied – selectively.

      BTW – The back story to the ‘Victim Industry’ was briefly exposed, and then heavily censored with the Beeman Non-Story:

      Jail For UC Davis Embezzler
      By K. LLOYD BILLINGSLEY CalWatch 6/6/11

      Former UC Davis official Jennifer Beeman was sentenced on Thursday to 180 days in jail and five years probation

      Beeman Pled no contest to two felony counts of embezzlement and falsifying accounts. Neither charge involved her falsification of campus sexual assault statistics

      Beeman “significantly over-reported the number of forcible sex offenses” For 16 years Beeman headed the UC Davis Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP)

      UC Davis officials would not tell CalWatchdog whether the university had disciplined or censured Beeman over the falsified statistics. She remained in her job


      SEE ALSO – Former CASA Director Pleads Guilty to Four Felony Charges, Receives Three Years

  • Dr. Timothy J. Williams

    Liberals claim to be highly supportive and tolerant of the expression of differing opinions. But in fact, they are deeply offended that anyone should have a differing opinion.

  • Chris

    “The last thing we need are these people invading our community,” said UCSB sophomore Katherine Wehler. …….I would think that a public university would belong to ….the public. If Ms. Wehler does not want anyone with a dissenting opinion near her, I suggest she join a commune.

    • sledge77

      Seems the college no longer requires or desires PUBLIC funding, as in all state and federal funding.

    • Malaprop

      She reminds me of the idiots who revolted after JoPa was fired.

      • Dimocrats=NewNazis

        She reminds me of a Nazi. Know your history.

        • Joseph Moore

          She reminds more of someone you would find in the KGB during the times of Stalin

    • Dimocrats=NewNazis

      You would think this train of thought, would exclude her from being a “professor” anyway.

      • rangerider

        These people have been getting special favors from the educational system for years. Where do commie people go after being caught or doing jail=college professor:-)

    • Joseph Moore

      by the 1st amendment all viewpoints are to have equal access to public resources, Censoring a viewpoint because one does not agree with it is a suppression of free speech

    • Jonathan

      Sounds to me a lot like the words whites used in the 60s when blacks wanted to attend white colleges. It was wrong then, and it is wrong now.

  • Dapandico

    Feminist studies major and minoring in unicorn breeding.

    • Cornelius Vanderbilt

      At least she has hopes for a job with her minor

    • Christian

      capturing the rainbow 101.. lol

  • Jonathan Wong

    “One sign seemed to key in on the fact that the supply of PhDs in majors like sociology and history far outstrips the number of jobs that demand such training: “Because you pay a professional fee with no promise of a profession.””

    No one forced you to study the liberal arts. If you choose to study it and find difficulty getting a job with that degree, it’s all on you.

  • Philip

    Miller-Young is a worthless professor with a worthless degree teaching a single worthless class. Katherine Wehler is a moronic know-nothing student in another worthless major who doesn’t know the meaning of the word terrorist or understand the concept of free speech. I have no doubt she was an enthusiastic participant of the student riot up there over the weekend and will utilize that defense in her upcoming arraignment.

    • Brandi Gurdak

      We can only assume that what she teaches in her class is just as discusting as the images the girls had on their signs, just a different form. And lets be clear, the images on their posters may have been graphic, but they are the truth of what it looks like when one chooses to abort a fetus they no longer want. They werent revealing anything new here. Im assuming, women want to abort but do not want to feel guilty about seeing what they are really doing to a human life! Ignorance is bliss in their eyes. Liberals are the least tolerant people I have ever met in my life!

      • rangerider

        Assume? I would bet on it being factually correct. i mean why else would they have hired her 🙂

  • Jonathan Wong

    · Equal access for all undocumented workers
    Come in legally and you’ll get access to plenty of nice things that citizens are entitled to. Come in illegally and you ought not get a thing.

    · All-gender bathrooms
    Perverts will be happy.

    · Living wages and smaller class sizes

    You’re a student. You don’t need living wages. If you find yourself with difficulty paying for college, work hard and get a scholarship. Work over the summer rather than go partying or what not.

    Though I agree class sizes should be smaller. However, if class sizes decrease, that means professors and TAs either teach more separate sections or the university hires more people which drives expenses up resulting in higher tuition.

  • LordElrond09

    Feminist Studies Major – Someone who goes steady with their vibrator

    • sledge77

      SHHHHH, they are keeping steely dan and battery makers in business.

  • jane

    Where is Ms. Short’s petition to fire the fat, obnoxious cow? I’ll sign it, and I get every damn person I know to sign too!!

  • infresno

    I feel that the professor should be held accountable by the law. Being on a university campus should have no bearing on the consequences of her actions. None of the business about being mad to feel uncomfortable, or invading personal space is in the least bit relevant. They took something that did not belong to them, and got physical with the person who was attempting to retrieve her property. That is the sum total of the relevant facts. If there is an issue as to the nature of the signs, that would have been properly handles in court. This is an example of someone who is supposed to set an example, setting the wrong kind of example. Her faculty status should have absolutely no bearing on the consequences of her actions. This is not to say that schools should not be able to set standards for behavior on their campuses, just that she did not have the authority to do what she did, in that situation.

  • sledge77

    It appears to me that the students at UCSB do not uphold the US Constitution and therefore ALL FEDERAL funding to this joke of a college should be suspended immediately. The fact that so many young people are displaying this much ignorance suggests the ‘university’ is little more than an indoctrination center for future fascists.

  • z–man

    “Katherine Wehler, theater and feminist studies major”…….. Repeat after me: “Would you like fries with that?”

    • jongaucho

      Michael Douglas got a Theater degree from UCSB…I think he’s doing alright 😉

      • z–man

        True. But getting a Theater degree from USCB is no guarentee that you’re going to have a career like Michael Douglas. His case is very rare.

  • ata777

    Nothing scares progressives more than the truth. And the student mentioned above, replete with her impeccable progressive credentials–a theater and feminist studies major who uses code words like “domestic terrorists” and having her feelings “triggered”– epitomizes the utter joke that a so-called college education has become.

  • Christian

    Freedom of speech has been declared domestic terrorism by Ms. Wehler, let’s help her out.

    Ms.Wehler you are a moron. You have been sheltered all your life and have the gall to call freedom of speech terrorism. You Miss have no idea what a terrorist is or does.

    Your caviliar use of this term is insulting to me and my brothers and sisters who put our butts on the line so you can spout off BS like this. You Ms. Wehler are a disgrace.

    How about I send a nice little email to the FBI and report you as a domestic terrorist for speaking about domestic terrorism?

    Let me suggest that you take the time while you are at college to get a degree that will lead to a career. I imagine that is not your concern as you spout BS like a liberal and are in a very liberal area of study. Honestly, my tax dollars do not want to support your terrorists butt. Get a real degree and take a Constitutional class!

  • Uproar

    The only terriosm was on the part of the teacher that jumped her.

  • ron

    STOP the name calling and character assassination people; and God bless Thrin Short and young people like her.

  • Jerry Lab

    wehler, your community??????? your nuts its not yours its all of our dumb ass!!!!! the prof was wrong and the photo was graphic? your prof teaches porn and shows it! ca is a lib state and this just shows how much. your thinking is wrong! we have freedom of speach in America, did they not teach you that? your teacher used force and that is assalt bottom line. thank GOD my kids dont go to this forsaken school!

  • Zack Y.

    I’m waiting for a university to finally declare war & move to abolish large #s of these ‘studies’ departments as a body. Much like the Persian army conquered everything in its path until Thermopylae & Salamis, one major university handing this entire movement a stinging defeat could set the pattern for an entire generation of reform. We need a major university president (with a supportive board) to take the chance and play the role of the defiant Hellene- ironic in institutions that originated WITH Greeks.

    The fact is that these majors & departments are the perfect thing to ax in an era of decreasing state funding and rising college tuition. The key will be to do it with overwhelming force & quickly: sack all the professors, sack all the ‘diversity’ and similar administrators, and tell the students to transfer or change majors within 1 semester. Yes, you’ll face lawsuits but a good legal team can drag that out for years while you draw blood now. To borrow a line from Huxley instead of Orwell, the initial reform for this kind of academia is “End it, don’t mend it”.

  • Jerry Lab

    fat piece of black shit prof!!!

  • Marvin Blowers

    Amazing that people who support choice of a mother to murder her baby would turn around and call a person a terrorist who is opposed to such murder. What type of reverse thinking is it that would try to label the person who is rescuing a person from murder as a terrorist—while calling the person in favor of it the victim of a terrorist act?????

  • Scott

    Well, we will be withdrawing any consideration of my daughter attending UCSB in the fall. Not only is freedom of speech at risk there, personal safety is in question.

  • Jon

    “The last thing we need are these people invading our community,” she said.
    Is it just me, or does that sound like the rhetoric used by racists for the past fifty years?
    Heaven forbid we should allow differing opinions on a college campus. It is where liberals live, after all.

  • MikeyParks

    Like most people on the Left, the supporters of this professor are only in favor of free speech when it’s their own speech. Anyone who dares to disagree forfeits his or her freedom. Wise up people. Coexist means everyone.

  • Malaprop

    Forget the petition. Its about the college acting like adults and professionals.
    This ‘professor’ should have been terminated immediately.

    • Avery

      How can you even hope for that when a sixteen-year-old girl shows more maturity in this article than the college students who were “extremely triggered” by her presence

  • Blue Star mom

    “They are domestic terrorists, because the definition of a terrorist is someone who terrorizes,” said UCSB sophomore Katherine Wehler, a theater and feminist studies major, in an interview with The College Fix.

    “That’s exactly what those girls were doing,” she said of young prolife demonstrators on campus who are at the center of the controversy. “They were making us feel very unsafe on our campus outside one of the busiest places during the busiest week of the quarter.”

    The real terrorist are the 2000 people who signed the petition supporting the bigoted professor. They don’t want “those people” on their campus. They are terrorized by the pictures of aborted babies. Just think of the terror those babies must feel as they are savagely killed.

  • Mary Norton

    How is showing pictures of actual abortions Domestic Terrorism? That’s what happens when you have an abortion; The teacher is a Moron! We protect Turtle eggs, declare bacteria on mars is life and cherish it yet won’t face the fact of what ABORTION is; selfishness and murder.

  • txfooz

    Is there an online petition for Thrin Short? How can we support her?

  • Dimocrats=NewNazis

    So, if you’re against killing little babies, you’re a domestic terrorist now?
    This is SO Naziesque. Remember, to get their operation of putting the Jewish population into camps and “other things”, they had to start a program of demonization.
    Just like the dimocrats have with conservatives here and now.
    We’ve been called everything in the book. Terrorists, criminals, murderers, anti-American (which if you call THEM that, they scream until the cows come home), and more, LOTS more. They have even called us terrorists, which they won’t even call the REAL terrorists that!!
    The dimocrat party in America, is following the Nazi plan to a tee……

  • Gabe Jones

    So, my question is, why is there no link to the petition in the article?!?

  • Zack Y.

    Some of these might even be good things, but who PAYS for them? Only those who are willing to personally chip in to cover the increased costs of these things (higher wages, more professors, etc.) should get a say. Otherwise, they should have no right to set terms or make demands as 3rd parties contributing nothing of their own.

  • Jax Hammer
  • Troy

    love the comments guys, good to see that most people still believe in free speech and see the hypocrisy in the left!

  • Ohso

    Dear College Fix:
    In response to your recent articles about Radical Gender Feminist Violence against Minors engaging in protected free speech at UCSB, I forward to you a copy (With PDF attached) of my recent letter to R Moll at the SB Co. District Attorney’s office.

    I would appreciate it if you forwarded it to the Parents / Guardians / Attorneys for these Minors, as I believe that the contents (and particularly the Daily Nexus Copy of the ‘Pig Man’ along with the grotesquely violent headline) – Published and Supported by the University and its Womyn’s Center – is highly relevant to the situation.

    If pictures of babies aborted in the name of ‘tolerance’ are too much for the Campus Thought Police, then fair is fair and they should explain their actions (including stalking critics in the off campus community) in regard to the “Cut, Drag & Butcher” policy towards those they depict as Pig Men.

    Michael J McDermott

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Michael Mcdermott
    To: Rmoll ; mjm1usa
    Sent: Mon, Mar 31, 2014 3:08 pm
    Subject: Re: UCSB Attack on Minors engaged in protected 1st Amendment exercise & misdemeanor charges against Mireille Miller-Young

    R Moll
    District Attorney’s Office
    County of Santa Barbara
    [email protected]

    Re: UCSB Attack on Minors engaged in protected 1st Amendment acts & misdemeanor charges against Mireille Miller-Young

    Per our phone conversation today I contact you in order to offer information about similar past practices of the University of California at Santa Barbara – Intentionally Violating the 1st Amendment Rights of Citizens, including stalking and secret political vendettas reaching out in to the community at large.

    These USCB Practices include retaliation by the University for lawful participation in CEQA Certified Environmental Impact Reports related to Campus Activity / Expansion, and are probably found in the Archives of the University unless deliberately expunged.

    I would also seek contact with the Guardians / Attorney’s representing the Minors who were attacked by this campus radical, that I may offer the same type information to them.

    Although I have no direct or legal connection to the case, I am a licensed attorney in California (BAR # 235984) and wish to make sure that the proper procedures are followed, particularly as the reported attacks were against Minors engaged in protected free speech activity.

    As per our conversation I also attach a PDF file copy of a violently misandrist picture and essay published in the UCSB Student Newspaper (the Daily Nexus) at the time, showing a Caucasian male with a pig growing out of his head and a caption reading: ” I am a lying sexist, cut open my head, drag out the pig and butcher it”.

    I would like to have this PDF passed along to the representatives of the Minors targeted by the attack, as I believe it quite relevant to the case. I also have other copies of related information, including an article saved from the era of FOX News commentator Sean Hannity (an alum) and his retaliatory purging from the Campus News / Radio system, should such background be of any use.

    I also have both recordings as well as written transcripts thereof from sworn testimony by representatives of UCSB and the so called ‘Womyns Center’ – detailing their ‘secret’ retaliatory political vendettas against those doing nothing more than protest via letters in the local newspaper the graphically violent images and misandrist pronouncements made by and on behalf of the UCSB Administration and their radical activist enforcers.

    I believe that this information shows a past pattern & practice of such 1st Amendment Violations by UCSB & its activists that will be of relevance to any cases, either criminal or civil – and will provide all that I have free of charge to the SB County DA & any Attorneys / Representatives of the Minors subjected to this apparently vicious attack.

    Please pass this information along as appropriate, and feel free to contact me for further details or copies of the transcripts or recordings of the sworn testimony of UCSB representatives engaged in similar actions over the years.

    Michael J. McDermott
    [email protected]
    (925) 548-3446
    SBN # 235984

  • David

    Jeff pointed out correctly that this is victim blaming. This is what American society has come to. We now teach our kids to say, “Well, if you wouldn’t have left your car unlocked, I wouldn’t have stolen your stereo” instead of teaching them that stealing is wrong.

  • JAY

    To all the Femi-twits…. A home invasion is DOMESTIC TERRORISM. When a child is in the womb, that is it’s HOME (hopefully for 9 months) and someone breaks into it and kills them, that is also DOMESTIC TERRORISM, and oh yea, numb nut liberal pigs, they are ALSO KILLING WOMEN!!!!!!! Where are the WOMEN babies rights you claim to give a crap about. LIBERALS ARE ALL HYPOCRITES – with ZERO TOLERANCE. Keep it up…. there won’t be any Feminists in the future. Just men… you know, the people you HATE!

  • Robert

    Putting aside all the discussion of free speech and pro life, UCSB is in the wrong for keeping a Professor on the payroll that’s been charged with battery! The professor is obviously unstable and not suitable to be around kids.

  • Adam Vant

    This demented Liberal supports the absolute right of a woman to kill her fetus, but won’t let that same woman carry home her groceries in a plastic bag. This is how demented Liberals think.

  • Diablo4965

    Find Miss Shorts’ petition and sign it!

  • usc1801

    And people wonder why a college degree is worthless? It’s because you have coddled spoiled socialists that have gotten their way all their lives and then they go to Socialist Brainwash U and expect that even if it’s a public tax payer supported institution they shouldn’t be exposed to anything they don’t like, freedom of speech, association, and protesting only applies if you agree with these nitwits. It’s quite OK for a adult professor to attack, cuss out, and steal the sign of a 14 year old girl because this girl doesn’t have a right to free speech since she didn’t hold the same left-wing beliefs as these whack-jobs do. So, you’re majoring in theater and feminist studies? I guess you expect to get food stamps and welfare when you can’t get a job with that POS worthless degree?

  • Joseph Moore

    And this is what we are producing out of our education system. This scares me. Regardless of what views a person supports. We might disagree on some things but advocating physical violence against someone because you don’t agree with them is not cool anyway you like it. If this is what liberals are now then i am happy to be a republican. This teacher should be terminated and charged with assault on a minor for assaulting this girl. There are ways to voice disagreement this is not one of them.

    and to Katherine Wehler, you are a uneducated moron for supporting such a trampling of free speech, Please educate yourself on the Constitution of the United States and learn what it means before spouting such ignorant crap

  • Tish Dollendorf

    Where do we go to sign Short’s petition?

  • Where is the Petition for Thrin Short I will sign it.

  • mkshill

    “Katherine Wehler” Remenber that name because she’s obviously a moron lemming, and she’ll likely go far.

    • tsalguod

      i’m sure obama has a place for her in his administration. maybe as under secretary to sandra fluke

  • PouponMarks

    The takeaway from this is that students come out this institution stupider then
    when they entered. It is a virtual lobotomy.

  • Zoe

    I think the “Nutty Professor” should be behind bars. Hard to believe students would support an abortion loving so-called professor. Hard to believe they would support murdering an innocent child. Any professor, president or law maker who supports abortion, in my opinion, is nothing but a murderer, no reason to sugarcoat. It is what it is no matter what the democrats tell you!

  • TheProfessorIsAHypocrite

    I’d like to see what would happen if it was a professor stealing the sign of a pro-abortion 16 year old. Typical liberal bias at our universities, in the media, and by our judges. She is a scoop and so are supporters! Someone has scooped out their brains and their consciences.

  • Curt

    UCSB = immoral, educated idiots!

  • Curt

    UCSB Students that support this “Professor” (of porn)” = Educated Idiots!

  • La Jacks

    Her WORTHLESS 4SS needs to be FIRED. And the students at that school are INGNORANT AND UNEDUCATED.

  • Brandi Gurdak

    So you have a professional woman, who advocates for equality among women and Im sure freedom of expression and values, but then attacks a young woman who doesnt have the same as her. Can we say double standard here! The young woman was in the appropriate zone for her free speech on the campus and was following all rules, only to be attacked by someone who didnt agree with her. Hmmm and who is at fault here? I will never understand why young people cannot wrap their heads around the fact that everyone has a right to believe what they like, even if it doesnt agree with yours. And honestly I dont know why noone is screaming about a grown woman bullying a yound woman for the sheer fact that she was older than her and therefore knew what was “right”!

  • Drew

    The ideology of the Left continues to be, “the ends justifies the means”. It always has been, and will, out of necessity, remain so…because there simply is no way to apply the standards that they hold those who oppose their views, to themselves.
    But then, I guess a “Double-Standard” is still a “Standard”…
    God save us all…

  • EdmundBurke

    “Black women in Porn”, majors in “Feminist” studies, seriously? Seriously??!! And they’re worried about tarnishing the image of UCSB? We’ve have a generation of morons teaching another generation to be morons. I wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near that sorry excuse for a university. Black women in porn? That certainly will prepare to you to compete with the Chinese and Indian kids who are studying their asses off in real subjects. What a joke.

  • Me

    The fake teacher of porn classes is a real joke.

  • Joe Joe

    The sad thing is that Grad Assistants are underpaid and abused. Professors treat many of them like unpaid personal assistants, having them grab books they forgot at the library or pick up dry cleaning. I knew one case in which the Professor had the GA teach his classes all quarter (10 weeks) because he was going to be across the country. The GA got no extra pay for this, even though his stipend only covered his running the department’s lab. I also know many cases where grad students had to compute and enter all final grades (for classes of 400 students) even though this is strictly against UC policy. Professors are, by and large, lazy and entitled and the grad students pay the price.

    This being said, the other issues are problematic and not worth the strikers’ time. Many of us are against unisex bathrooms, illegal immigration being rewarded, and, of course, communism.

    It’s a shame the strikers can’t stick to the real issues: they are underpaid grunts for an entitled class of asshats.

  • mortimer zilch

    “invading our community”…segregationist group-thought on the part of a closed minded clique. duh. they are part of the community because the University community is a nexus of interests…and intersection…and intersections are open non-segregated environments. Yes, I am accusing you (this professor’s supporters) of being “Segregationists” – and if you have ANY understanding of the history of CIVIL RIGHTS in this country you should realize what a grave accusation I am making against you (pl.) and everyone “in your community” that shares your irrational “group-think”. It’s NOT “your community”. It’s OURS! get it?

  • Right Wired

    ““The last thing we need are these people invading our community,” she said.”

    Translation: The last thing we need is free speech.

  • Michael Becker

    “This is about someone who violated the law in several ways, disregarded
    the idea of freedom of speech, and tarnished the image of the UCSB.”
    Heh. Tarnishing the image of a barely second rate school takes a lot of doing.

  • Mack

    Yes, but did any of you vote in 2012? Will you vote in November?

  • deebee

    The writer says the professor is protecting women. Encouraging women to kill their babies is not protection. It’s mass murder.

  • garyfouse

    If showing pictures of aborted fetuses is terrorism, what does this student call people who actually carry out the abortions? Wow. What a sense of reasoning.

  • Ohso

    UC Santa Barbara professor agrees to theft, vandalism, battery charges

    The following comes from a July 24 release from Life Legal Defense Foundation. http://cal-catholic.com/?p=15014#comments

    Thursday morning, July 24, Mireille Miller-Young, an associate professor of feminist studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara, entered a plea of nolo contendere (no contest) to the criminal charges against her, which include grand theft, vandalism, and battery…

    The plea means that she will be convicted on the three misdemeanor charges…

    When interviewed by the police after the incident, Miller-Young said she believed that her theft and destruction of the sign had “set a good example for her students.”

    “Today’s plea bring us one step closer to seeing justice done in this case,” comments Ms. Short. “Pro-life advocates should not be subjected to intimidation and violence for lawfully exercising their right to free speech, and we are happy to see that Ms. Miller-Young is being held accountable for her actions.”

    To date, it is not known whether UCSB has imposed any disciplinary sanctions on Ms. Miller-Young. The university has not made any public statement much less issued an apology for the criminal actions of its employee and students…