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Students Tell Campus Police to Arrest ‘Dangerous’ Condi Rice During Visit

A self-proclaimed “radical” student activist group at the University of Minnesota has called on campus police to arrest and question former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Thursday when she visits the campus to give a speech.

The group, called Students for a Democratic Society, oppose her presence on campus and said she is guilty of “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity,” such as “an illegal invasion of Iraq,” “supporting torture in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay” and “declaring the U.S. exempt from the Geneva Conventions.”protestcondi2

The group sent a letter to the chief of the university’s police department and the University’s Office of General Counsel alerting officials that there is “probable cause to believe Dr. Rice has been involved in massive criminal activity” and that she is a “truly dangerous” person to allow onto campus.

The letter goes on to offer a physical description of Rice as “a 59-year-old African American woman, 5’8″ tall, and will be present on Northrop Auditorium’s main stage” so officers can recognize and locate the former Secretary of State and bring her in for questioning.

“We hope, however, that you do not employ the interrogation techniques she so willingly approved,” the letter concludes.

The students have also scheduled a protest to take place on Thursday. However, out of more than 1,500 people invited to the demonstration on Facebook, so far only 156 have indicated they will participate.

In addition to the student group, math Professor William Messing in resolution condemned the university for allowing Rice to speak on campus, saying her speech “violates the university’s core educational mission” in that “it serves to obscure the historical record by honoring rather than critically addressing her actions and legacy.”

Messing submitted the resolution to the university Senate toward the end of March, urging administrators to rescind Rice’s invitation to speak due to objections over her “moral authority.” But, before that resolution could be put to a vote, Messing revised the resolution, instead changing the language to ask the university Senate to condemn the college for hosting Rice’s speech.

The revised resolution was rejected by a 122 – 22 vote, with 3 abstentions, according to assistant director of communications for the Humphrey School of Public Affairs Andrea Cournoyer in an email to The College Fix. protestcondi

Professor Messing declined to comment to the Fix.

More recently, nearly 200 university educators signed a letter saying Rice is not a good fit for the lecture series’ topic this year on civil rights.

Campus officials have defended Rice’s upcoming visit.

“The Humphrey School of Public Affairs firmly believes in the value of public dialogue and the presentation of varying perspectives,” Cournoyer said. “Dr. Rice played a major role in critical issues impacting the United States and we welcome the chance to host events like this that support public discussion.”

“The Humphrey School hosts speakers of widely varying perspectives – including many who have views that differ markedly from those of Dr. Rice – and that is our role and obligation.”

Cournoyer also addressed criticisms over Rice’s speaking fee of $150,000, which has been labeled by some an outrageous sum.

She said “the selection committee believes that her fee is consistent with fees commanded by other speakers of similar stature,” factoring in “time and inflation.”

In 2006, Retired Gen. Colin Powell received $100,000 as payment for delivering the annual speech in the lecture series that Rice is delivering this year. In 2010, the selection committee had booked former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev for an agreed sum of $100,000 before the speech was cancelled for an unknown reason.

College Fix contributor Julianne Stanford is a student at the University of Arizona.

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  • jumper297

    The lack of critical thinking skills on today’s universities is, frankly, terrifying. But, they come by it naturally. When a math professor decides to throw in on this sort of nonsense it’s no wonder these kids come out and get blindsided by the real world.

  • JJHollywood

    College kids are DOPIER than ever, thanks to the sh#t liberal media and their loser, never-had-a-real-job-in-their-life- professors

    • Vault101

      That’s strange…I thought being a college professor WAS a real job. I guess having a Master’s or doctorate in your respective field of study means nothing. Those useless teachers!

      • chapmac

        I used to BE one myself. Getting along with the weenie leftist authoritarians was the hardest part of the job.

      • Michael Becker

        You’re absolutely right, having a master’s or doctorate in your respective field means not just nothing, but absolutely nothing. Especially when your “field” contains the word “studies” or “science” and doesn’t require the study of differential equations.

        And yes, those “teachers” are worthless.

        • Vault101

          It is a given that there are useless people in every profession, from ditch digging all the way to rocket science, so that is more an observation about life in general. I can personally attest to the incompetence of some of my college professors, but to denounce teachers as a whole isn’t a valid opinion. Attributing that to being a liberal or a conservative is equally counterproductive, because again…uselessness on both side of that line as well.

          Not saying that I agree with that these idiot college kids are doing, either. I guess the moral of the story here is that lots of people are stupid. Some of them just hide it better than others.

        • Vault101

          There are useless people in every profession, from ditch digging all the way to rocket science, so this is more of an observation about life in general. I can personally attest to the incompetence of some of my college professors, but denouncing teachers as a whole isn’t a valid opinion. Attributing this to being liberal or conservative is also counterproductive, because as I’m sure we are all aware, there is uselessness on both sides of that line as well.

          I’m not saying that I agree with that these idiot college students are doing. I guess the moral of the story here is that there are stupid people everywhere. Some of them are just better at hiding it than others.

          • Michael Becker

            Not much on deductive reasoning are you.

            The faculty lounges at universities are held captive by ultra-liberal members of academia. The quality of education has been dropping like a rock – and the price has been skyrocketing since the late 70s when they rose to prominence.

            The moral of the story is that when the left takes over prices go up, quality goes down, and accountability is non-existent.

            It has everything to do with being liberal, and being money (as in other peoples’) grubbing scum.

          • Vault101

            Oh, so you are a zealot. Thanks for clearing that up. Pretty typical, immediately going for the insult and then forgoing any rational thought or discussion. I think we are done here.

          • Michael Becker

            And thanks for clearing up the fact that you’re an ignorant fool.

          • Vault101

            Very eloquent. You must be proud.

          • Isaac Clark

            Well said Vault. I’ll bet each side wishes they could get rid of the silly fools. On the other hand, having them around does make life fun doesn’t it? I know what you meant by your original comment. You took issue with the idea that all individuals with higher degrees are useless fools. I have higher degrees and certainly do not want to think of myself as a useless fool. But I think that just because someone has an advanced degree, it does not make them an authority on every specific issue known (I’m not saying you feel that way, it’s just how I feel). Despite my advanced degrees, I know enough to know that I would be a fool to comment on theoretical physics as if I was an authority in the subject (I am not).

  • Because when you are 20 you know everything.

  • haggrr

    Seems todays higher education is leaning toward higher indoctrination.

    • Michael Becker

      Today’s? Think the last 40 years.

  • boondoggle9945

    How about listing the names of the professors or instructors so we can avoid their classes.

  • DebRN

    Maybe this activist group should rethink their name. Anyone else see the irony of the Students For a “Democratic” Society opposing free speech and pushing viewpoint discrimination? A better name might be Students For a Totalitarian Society. It’s just a better fit.

  • alnga

    as students with apparently nothing better to do than to ridicule the protection of freedom these folks show little class and certainly no respect for the perspective of some one who has applied her education and is more successful than they will most likely ever be. When they grow up to actually get a job perhaps their opinions of whether the defense of our country is important to them. In the mean time perhaps these future burger flippers will just pay attention to a conservative educator, College Provost and former Secretary of State who just might have some thing important to say.

  • tramky

    What an embarrassment for Minnesota. The racism inherent in these students must be weeded out. As for Messing, he must be FIRED with prejudice. No pension. Ever!

  • tforeman88

    SDS? That was the big radical organization in the Chicago Seven/Tom Hayden/Vietnam protest years. Is it the same group, come back to life?

  • Right

    Arrest political opponents? Sounds like textbook leftism. Next, they’ll ask that Fox News be seized by federal troops, and its executives tried for “counter-revolutionary activities”, and “crimes against the people”.

  • Isaac Clark

    That’s a pretty serious accusation leveled at the former Secretary Rice. Are these students prepared to offer a legal brief outlining the legal basis for their claims, the facts that enables them to conclude that Sec. Rice committed the crimes they so easily accuse her of committing? So let us see if they can make good on their claims that Sec. Rice is a war criminal, a crime that carries a life sentence.