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Adventures in Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

When you really have to pee at Columbia University, there is one question that must be answered before you can go: What is my gender today?

If you are biologically male, for instance, but feel like a female, you may feel the need to use the ladies restroom. And why shouldn’t you? If the girl in the stall next to you doesn’t like to take her pants down next to a man she doesn’t know, that’s just evidence of her hetero-normative bigotry. That’s why the Obama administration ruled in 2012 that dudes who feel like ladies have a right to use the women’s bathrooms on campus, no matter how unsafe that makes the women on campus feel.

There are other bathroom problems to be solved in the social engineering laboratories that are our esteemed universities. If, for instance, you feel neither male nor female, or in the lingo of the times, if you are “gender non-conforming,” “transsexual,” or “gender questioning,” then you may feel the need to have a bathroom specially designated as gender-neutral. That way you do not feel oppressed by the gender labels that society tends to force upon people.

This is more than simply making a bathroom unisex–as in the common case of a single-stall facility designated for use by either a man or a woman. On the contrary, new gender-neutral bathrooms specifically omit the famous Man/Woman stick figure signs and are designated as “gender inclusive.” Meaning, I guess, that you can walk in and not be oppressed by the ethereal presence of the sexual identity you were born with.

What sort of person actually needs (or thinks he needs) such elaborate accommodations wherever he goes? Take, for instance, Ignacio Rivera, a recent guest speaker at the University of Wisconsin who describes himself as “a ‘Two-Spirit, Black-Boricua Taíno, queer performance artist, activist, filmmaker, lecturer and sex educator who prefers the gender neutral pronoun ‘they.’”

If you are the kind of person who insists that others must use the awkward pronoun “they” to refer to you, as a single individual, or if you demand that others refer to you by a made-up words such as “ze”, “sie”, or “ve”, then you also probably believe that others should build special bathrooms wherever you happen to go just so you don’t have to define yourself in terms of the socially-constructed gender binary system, which, of course, you believe has nothing to do at all with the anatomy between your legs.

So, tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars later, a university can provide you with the holy grail of progressive identity politics– a “gender-neutral bathroom.” That’s what the good folks at Columbia University are now doing.

And if you think these kinds of accommodations and expenses are unnecessary, then you will probably be accused of “transphobia and transmisogyny” before long.

This is all an exercise in futility. By the time you are done worrying about where in the heck you are allowed to go to the bathroom, and what pronoun best fits your particular self that day, you probably will have wet your pants anyway.

Nathan Harden is editor of The College Fix and author of the book SEX & GOD AT YALE: Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad.

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  • I think we need to fight back on this, big time. I suggest inventing new phobias/mental conditions to do so. Some possibilities: 1) Germophobia – fear of encountering germs from any other human, 2) Genderphobia – fear of all other genders, 3) Fear of Males (for self-identified females) or Fear of Females (for self-identified males). The potty solution for any of the preceding phobic gender conditions is the use of a private bathroom with one toilet and a lock on the full length door (or a licensed security guard posted at the door), and the toilet must be sanitized after each use with enviro-friendly cleaning agents. Further, any public building must provide said private bathrooms in every single location where multiple-use bathrooms exist, so that Gender and Germophobes, etc. do not have to walk any add’l distance or be in any discriminated against. I am dead serious. Someone should be working with lawyers and shrinks right now to establish these “gender conditions” and strike the terms and demands.

    • rmj142

      Americans are gifted entrepreneurs and these rent seekers are just another form of same. Another example, poverty pimps like Sharpton and Jackson are really just victim culture entrepreneurs. We live in a society in which a majority is engaged in in being aggrieved about something even if they need to invent a new category. If you are white (of European descent), straight, able bodied, Christian, and a male you have it made, and everyone else is the target of your hate and discrimination.

      • smokeyjack

        Of course in our new normative society, If you are white (of European descent), straight, able bodied, Christian, and a male you are of a sufficiently small group that you can be vilified, marginalized, maligned, excluded and attacked by every other self proclaimed ‘they’ individual-groupist person-thing.

        • Scoot

          Not to mention while still having it better than most others.

      • William Stewart

        Au Contrare, “If you are white (of European descent), straight, able bodied, Christian, and a male” you are the ONLY Remaining “Safe Butt of Jokes”. All other groups are “Off-Limits” for Humor in any form by ordr of the PC Police.

    • William Stewart

      “Enviro-Friendly” Sanitizing agents? I think that is an Oxymoron as if it kills Germs it is by definition not ‘friendly’ to the ‘environment’.

  • Oh, and due to the claustrophobia which often accompanies these gender/germphobic conditions, the private bathrooms must be a minimum of 100 s.f., have natural daylight, calming music piped in, and panic buttons in case of emergency of any sort.

    • hurricane567

      “Oh, noes, i’m out of TP!” [hits the panic button]

    • omgwtfbbq

      They must also be 100% powered by green energy (the feces will be burnt to steam a cauldron of urine), and staffed by a technician who is given a fair wage and access to health benefits/housing.

  • Hangtown Bob

    Just whip it out (if you have one) and piss in the hallway.

    • rmj142

      You just made me realize how I’m being discriminated against! I’m from the country and my prefered way to relieve myself is on a tree. So I think all public restrooms should have a tree available for the use of me and others of my orientation. It is barbaric to force us to use porcelain. Justice for Tree Pee’ers NOW!

  • hurricane567

    Where’s bluto blutarsky when we really need him?

  • Ghenghis john

    The cool thing about gender neutral bathrooms is the chicks keep things clean.

    Guys are pigs and they leave boogers and pubes everywhere and always smells like an unflushed deuce.

    The Ladies Room smells like flowers and Lysol.

    I will have no problem “being a lady” for a minute or two…..

    • Brian in MI

      I remember back in high school (early 70’s), I worked in some gas stations. The lady’s room was always the worst to clean up – seem that they don’t sit – they squat in a public restroom. And frequently miss…

    • rmj142

      Experiences vary. My wife who used to clean restrooms in her youth swears that women are bigger pigs then men when it comes to public restrooms. I’ve always assumed that its because they know they don’t have to clean it up, whereas men who are used to getting scolded at home continue on more or less out of habit.

      • Orleans

        Genghis is right. Far too many women won’t sit down on a public toilet and they “miss” all over the seat and floor. It’s disgusting.

        • terricita

          Agreed. As much as women complain about men peeing all over toilet seats, you would think that if they insisted on “hovering” to pee they would be so courteous as to lift the seat, but no.

    • Jon

      Dude…women are pigs. You’ve never cleaned public toilets before, obviously.

  • blankho

    Here comes the glory hole ladies

  • GimmeMyFreeStoff

    After a night of drink and Chinese food I think I could put an end to the gender neutral bathrooms rather quickly. Girls….trust me on this…..you don’t want anything to do with this idea.

    • Eddie Munster

      The are genderless bathrooms all over the world with out issue.. and is some one is has chromosomes XX of a women but born a male because of birth defect.. *not having any Y chromosome what is the big deal???

      Stop being so backwards with CISGender stereotypes!..

      • Pro_bono_publico

        Eddie, I have traveled in many foreign countries, and I have encountered very few “gender-neutral” toilets in modern First World nations.

        • Eddie Munster

          I served in the United states Navy and all over the Far East I can tell you there is a lot of “gender-neutral” toilets in modern First World nations.

          • bm124

            I have been to 45 countries, including all the Far Eastern countries except North Korea, and for anything other than small one-user bathrooms, Eddie, what you are talking about is extremely rare.

            It reminds me of the Progressive fantasy that somewhere in Europe there is a country with a much more progressive tax system than America. There isn’t. It’s actually the reverse.

          • Eddie Munster

            No it is not.. Sure they have “gender” ones in tourist areas…. once you go local they are all over the places.. Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines , Malaysia just to name a few..

          • rulierose

            and they speak different languages in those countries too. so should we stop speaking English here, Eddie?

            that’s a stupid argument but it was meant to be: it is utterly beside the point what other countries do. we’re talking about us.

          • Eddie Munster

            Why does it bother you so?

          • Wcharnock

            it doesn’t bother me…people that believe what you believe wll die out…I find that sad that you are so confused

          • Eddie Munster

            Well if the founding fathers of The United States of America wanted you to speak English they would have made english the national language.

          • Bladerunner_1954

            I retired from the United States Navy, been all over the world more than once, and can guarantee that you, “Eddie,” are full of gender-specific crap.

          • Wcharnock

            Eddie…Male and Female God created them…these are the words of Jesus on Easter….deal with the creator…without male and female..you wouldn’t be here…spewing out your nonsense…what I’m saying makes sense and keeps the species alive…what you are saying is bull crap and destroys the species

          • Eddie Munster

            So you would have no problem wedding a “Female” that is born with Female parts but is genetically a man?

          • Jon

            (rolls eyes) Eddie dear…we’re not dirt poor villagers from the Asian outback who may (or may not) just got electricity this generation. Quite a few of those places the toilet is a unisex hole in the ground, and they’re wiping their butts with their left hand.

            I’m a little puzzled as to why we should do something, just because someone else does it differently.

          • Eddie Munster

            Deuteronomy 23:13 (New King James Version)
            13 and you shall have an implement among your equipment, and when you sit down outside, you shall dig with it and turn and cover your refuse

            But us sinners in the USA have moved the “out house” from out side to inside… We did it Durning WW1.. Not that long ago..

            We have not been doing this for thousands of years only the last hundred…

            White people always had a problem with this… “Europeans struggled with sanitation for centuries to come before they realized that something needed to be done. By 1189, the city of London was an absolute mess The population had grown rapidly, and many of its inhabitants lived in squalor. London did have public and private facilities called garderobes. A garderobe was a toilet, or bank of toilets, either in a private castle or public hall. It was connected to a pipe through the side of the building that housed it. The waste emptied directly into a pit, moat, or river directly outside the building. A huge public garderobe emptied directly into the Thames river, causing stench and disease for the entire population of London. The Thames river was squalid and ripe with the smell of rotting sewage. A public law, written in 1189 by the London Health Board, stated that garderobes must be walled in, or at least 5 1/2 feet from the nearest neighbor. The law did little to improve sanitary conditions.”

            “Crapper also teamed up with Thomas Twyford, the pottery maker. Twyford changed his pottery assembly lines from turning out tableware to turning out toilets, with Crapper supplying the inner-workings. Twyford also made toilets into art pieces, by molding them into many shapes including dolphins. The fine porcelain makers Wedgewood and Royal Doulton soon followed suit. None of the porcelain manufacturers were opposed to the free advertising, as the names of their firms were emblazoned on the toilet, in a conspicuous place. Across the Atlantic, Americans were still using chamber pots, but only in the event of an emergency such as illness or bad weather. Other than that, people used the outhouse, a small building constructed over an open pit with a bench inside into which several holes were fashioned. The user would sit over the hole and relieve himself. The flush toilet did not gain popularity in the United States until after World War I, when American troops came home from England full of talk about a “mighty slick invention called the crapper.” The American slang term for the toilet, “the john,” is said to be derived from the flushing water closets at Harvard university installed in 1735, and emblazoned with the manufacturer’s name, Rev. Edward Johns. ” http://www.plumbingsupply.com/flushingtoilethistory.html

          • Jon

            So we should start using chamber pots again, cuz that’s the way great great grandpappy did it? Or we should start communal crapping, because some Asians do it?

            I was born poor BTW, I’ve froze my ‘nads off using an outhouse. I thoroughly approve of in-door plumbing. We changed because it was “convenient” and made sense. Not because we broke our genders down into a plethora of different assorted flavors, each depending on how we feel on any given morning…which inconveniences the vast majority, and makes zero sense.

          • UsedtobeaDemocrat

            The author is writing about “gender-neutral” bathrooms, which are not the same as “unisex” bathrooms. Read the fourth paragraph.

          • Eddie Munster

            I was not talking about single stall bathrooms. You have not lived until you use a urinal and a couple of women are fixing hair at the sink at same time.. and no one made a big deal out of it… It was like the Women did not care that I was using the Urinal… Maybe that is what some of the guys fear.. that it is no big deal at all…

          • Jon

            I haven’t seen one in years, IIRC it was mostly in large public toilets like train/bus stations etc. Complete with attendants who’d offer you a selection of hot towels (of dubious provenance) and greasy combs with hair stuck in the teeth…yup, we really need to copy that model here in the US.

          • screendummie

            I have never seen a gender neutral bathroom in Korea, where I live now, in China, where my wife and in-laws are from, or in Japan, where I have visited. Thanks for spewing lies. I don’t really see many third world countries in Asia spending big bucks on gender neutral bathrooms either. Go troll some where else.

          • Eddie Munster

            Hey you can read about south korean bathrooms http://blogs.koreanclass101.com/blog/2009/10/27/fear-and-bathrooms-in-korea/

            Or story from 2007 about the Unisex bathrooms..

            You need to get out and experience the local culture more in South Korea. But maybe your speaking of North Korea and china… I do not know about them…

          • screendummie

            Dude they are not gender neutral bathrooms! They are unisex bathrooms because many restaurants and other small businesses in South Korea only have one toilet! Only one person at a time can use them. So they are not gender neutral bathrooms. You didn’t even read the blogs or you wouldn’t have bothered posting them. I have had to use them because, again, many small businesses only have a single toilet and only person at a time could use it!

            You can’t honestly be openly gay, transexual or gender neutral beyond the Itaewon in Seoul. Korea is a neo-Confucist culture that doesn’t really tolerate gays and lesbians very well.

            When I was in college, I worked at a gas station with a single bathroom and toilet. It wasn’t unisex. It was an old building. Many small businesses in America have them too! It doesn’t make them gender neutral.

            Geez you’re a dense troll! Yeah, I’ve been to the DMZ several times for my job, Seoul, Suwon and as far south as Daegu. I don’t think you’re actually been to Korea. If you had, you probably didn’t see much beyond Incheon airport and Seoul.

      • terricita

        Learn to spell, learn proper English grammar, learn to tell the truth. There! I’ve made it as simple as I can for you. There is no more anyone can do for you at this point.

        • Eddie Munster


      • Glenn Beaton

        It’s impossible for a person with XX chromosomes to have the anatomy of a man. Can’t happen.

        • Eddie Munster

          ITs called de la Chapelle syndrome or XX male syndrome

      • Jon

        If I want to travel all over the world peeing with women and individuals of dubious gender, I’ll buy a plane ticket. When did America need to be just like every other country out there?

        In fact, it’s really pretty depressing how homogenous the world has become, and the drive to make “all of these things just like the other”. Liberals talk a good fight about diversity, then do their utmost to stamp it out in the name of conformity.

    • xyeke


  • Walter Adams

    I think I’m having an attack of Phob-a-phobia

  • sailorman100

    These people must have had an interesting childhood

  • joseph2004

    Just put lesbians in with lesbians, and gay guys in with gay guys. This isn’t really any different from putting straight men and women in the same bathrooms and showers, complete with all the sexual situations (consensual or otherwise) this conjures up, but it might shine a quick light on the absurdity of this issue.

  • GemStone

    Just one more step in the evolution to genderless, uniformed, hive mind grays.

  • Skep41

    Ah…these are the academies where our current leaders have been trained…and what a crop of fantastic leaders they are, especially Our Dear Leader! Fifty years ago Progressive Ideas like the ones so fervently believed and ruthlessly enforced these days would have qualified you for admission to an insane asylum…now they qualify you for a top slot in the federal government, a tenured professorship at a ‘major’ university or an executive position with a multinational corporation. The Left’s dominance of the media, academia and the internet has destroyed our democracy, is ruining our economy and is turning us into a nation of delusional, ignorant, parasitic slobs. Every time you vote for ANY Democrat for ANY office, no matter how fervently they lie and pretend to be a ‘moderate’, you are saying YES to this Orwellian nonsense and yes to the destruction of our country.

  • Chip

    Growing up during the Cold War, I feared attacks on our cities by an enemy with nuclear weapons.

    Now I pray for them.

    • Jon

      Well, look at the upside of Obama and his merry band of incompetent’s total mismanagement of foreign policy.

      Soon, we’ll be able to go to bed at night, with some expectation of waking up and finding out Putin turned D.C. into a glass-topped parking lot overnight. I’d call that a win…

    • mr. *dunn

      funny comment! in that I kinda agree sometimes… what a bunch of [email protected]#ho%^ we’ve become.

  • Dan Wafford

    No end to liberal stupidity.

  • cecil91

    This is obviously part of a wider conspiracy by the academic Left, those cultural engineers and Grand Marshals of all matters PC, to one day morph humanity into hermaphrodites who look alike and think alike. When that happens there will at long last be peace in the world accompanied by mass suicides from boredom.

  • mkd65


  • Guest


  • GimmeMyFreeStoff

    I have enough difficulty using a public toilet as it is.

  • shazam iam

    They need to make this law apply to everyone. I have always wanted to take a dump in the ladies room at Nordstroms.

    • cja7740

      Okay. Best comment of the day !!!

    • Jon

      Just channel your inner woman, and keep repeating; “I feel pretty, oh so pretty”…and indulge yourself.

  • Pro_bono_publico

    Evidence, once again, that the inmates are now in charge of the asylum at many major American universities.

  • shelliedog

    That is one funny article. The only thing I don’t understand is what he says will be built at Columbia – a gender neutral bathroom. As I understand it, that is basically a unisex bathroom, but without the stick figures identifying any particular gender. Because those stick figures also happen to be the identifying marks of a bathroom, what new marks will they use so people know it’s a bathroom? It can’t be a figure using a bathroom – that would identify a specific gender. It can’t be a picture of a toilet, because that might not be inclusive enough of people who don’t sit to pee (whether or not they identify themselves as a specific gender). It’s a good thing we have such esteemed institutions of higher learning so we can figure all of this out!

  • Oak Ridge Curmudgeon

    Removing all mirrors on Campus is needed to prevent your own reflection from oppressing you. Do it!


    Wait, what?

  • GardenGrl

    I have to admit, I keep thinking of the Bob River’s song “the restroom door said gentlemen” 😉

  • Megamimi

    Stupidest thing to come out of liberal, inclusive, tolerant-everything minds in a long time. Years ago when we were visiting France I had the occasion to need to use a restroom…found one that had Femme on one door and Homme on the other leading into the same bathroom. Sort of surprising, but once you got over it, we all pressed on. Peeing should not require a philosophy degree. BUT, there needs to be a bit of reality check when it comes to the very young, and for school settings from high school down else we put kids at risk.

  • oldtoady

    Like the bathrooms at McGuire’s Irish pub in Pensacola, Fl. Its expected your not going to get “it”.

  • jack latona

    the bathrooms at our house are gender neutral, what about yours?

    • iRAN

      Are they labeled as such, dopey?

    • danbfas

      Really…do you use them at the same time? I’m not talking about when someone’s in the shower and you sneak into pee. I’m talking about you and your sister sitting in there at the same time, doing your business. Do you have multiple toilets? Or maybe your mom? Aunt? Niece? Total stranger? Gross.

  • birdfish

    This article is USELESS HATESPEAK.
    Yes, to the homophobic sexist HATERS out there it seems odd, just like it seemed odd to allow inter-racial marriage or the BLACK man the right to vote.
    Yes, the TIME HAS COME to end ALL discrimination.

    • shazam iam

      Based on your tirade, gay people scare me. I’m going to fire the gay people that work for me now.

      • Jon

        Actually, I think we’re being trolled. Or I hope so. If not, it IS scary.

    • cja7740

      Oh you poor dumb rock.

    • Jon

      Yup, yelling is really an effective tool for communication.

    • iRAN

      Hey, birdbrain. You’re old fashioned, plain ole an idiot.

  • George Fleming

    Gender neutral bathrooms means anyone can use it. What’s wrong with that? All universities that have created GNBs also have gendered options if you feel uncomfortable using a bathroom with people who do not identify with your gender. Also, your article comes off as very bigotted.

    • smokeyjack

      The average male enters, uses and exits a public bathroom in slightly less than 1 minute – the average female, 1 minute 45 seconds. Sharing a john with a herd of squatting, tucking, toliet paper sharing space hogs is not equal. It simply affirms God’s genius in allowing me to whip it out and piss on a tree.

      • Jon

        To me, it just confirms the concepts of both Intelligent Design, and the innate superiority of men. Screw the “Watchmaker” argument…God is a male plumber.

    • iRAN

      You’re an idiot.

  • It’s hard to know where to begin building a reply to an article that is so perfectly steeped in cisnormative ignorance. Mr Hardin (I assume he prefers male pronouns and honorifics) jumps right in with both feet in his first sentence, the old (to anyone who has been dealing with this kinda stuff for awhile) right wing fantasy of a person whose gender is a whim. He goes on to regurgitate conservatism’s worst excuses and justifications for anti-transgender discrimination.

    The main error made here, one that I see over and over again, is that Hardin considers trans people, trans women in particular, to “really” be the sex/gender they were assigned at birth. He doesn’t mention trans men at all, most people who think like him never do. He adds to his one sided prejudice by giving credence to the idea that anyone who possesses a penis is inherently dangerous and the discomfort of anyone in a ladies’ room is perfectly justified. He ignores the fact that women can and do behave inappropriately in restrooms.

    The kind of person, apparently a writer, that condemns, “made up words” makes me suspect it’s not new words he abhors but the fact that he doesn’t like that they force a departure from a cozy, never mind it’s wrong, idea of a rigid gender binary. It’s an attempt to poo poo new things and deprecate change simply because it’s uncomfortable.

    This kind of rigidity and self righteous clinging to the past is one of the things that hinder social progress in our world. If a trans person happens to be in a public restroom, behaving appropriately by doing their business and leaving, then where is the harm? Who’s being hurt? If a business or other public institution wish to make their spaces more inviting and safe, then what is the harm in building single stall bathrooms? Let’s not forget that single stall facilities don’t just benefit trans people. They make things easier for handicapped people with an opposite sex caregiver and parents of one sex with children of another, to name two examples.

    This article gives me the impression of a petulant tantrum against things that are too modern for its author to accommodate. Me Hardin is wrong in his facts and thus compounds the error with every false conclusion he bases on these beliefs. Get with the 21st century, Nathan!

    • Uncle Fester

      God, I hope this is a spoof. Please!

  • OnPointComments

    The people in charge have truly fallen through the looking glass, or they were idiots all along and have simply made it to a position of power. Why is it that some people, or groups of people, believe they have earned the right to have their every whim catered to, without any restrictions of any kind? IT’S A BATHROOM, not a social gathering or an affirmation of who you think you are today. Go in, relieve yourself, and get out — 4 minutes tops. If you’re uncomfortable, get over it.

    • birdfish

      Wrong Caveman.

      • cja7740

        keep repeating those garbage mantras of false and silly notions that run a marathon everyday in your inner-world

      • Jon

        Eh, how is discriminating against me, by forcing me to use the bathroom with the gender of the month club ENDING DISCRIMINATION OF ALL SORTS?

        All you’re doing is transferring the discrimination/discomfort. Frankly, the thought of sitting on the toilet with a woman next door, and cranking one off is really pretty dismaying, and quite possibly damaging to my delicate psyche. The only woman who gets to experience my farts is my wife…usually after I pull the covers over her head.

      • iRAN

        Oh gibberish, birdface.

  • Thomasinwonderland

    This will boost the sales of Depends.

  • cja7740

    Good article on the acute silliness of going to infinite measures to – essentially, avoid even micro-offending anybody.

    • iRAN

      What do you mean? This is offensive to normal people.

  • mabramso

    If restrooms are going to be like this, what happens when men pull out their camera-ready cell phones in the stall? Are the people who build the bathroom stalls then going to have to construct each stall so that there is no way a camera can fit between the spaces that separate the stall? This is pretty sick stuff.

    • Jon

      Think fiber optics. This is going to be a bonanza for lawyers, coming and going. The end result, will be the end of public bathrooms because of liability issues, because they’re going to be screwed no matter what they do.

      Mantra for the 21st century; “Never pass the porcelain”. Because they’re going to be few and far between.

  • Jon

    Wait…if I hang out in women’s bathrooms now, I’m no longer a disgusting pervert, but a “gender non-conformist”? Woooohoooo! All that wasted jail time…

    Can I get some tips for using the “bathroom of dubious gender”? Do women insist of peeing in macho silence, or is talking allowed? When is it acceptable to fart? Should I sit, or stand?

  • William Stewart

    Perhaps the ‘bathroom’ facility I was provided as a renter in Japan would serve as the ‘Gender Neutral’ Facility model? It was a roughly round Ceramic liner to a hole in the raised floor that Everyone had to Squat over to relieve them selves. Very ‘unisex’ as no one could stand or sit to use the facility, squatting was the Only viable choice.

    • iRAN

      Very stupid.

      • William Stewart

        How So?

  • iRAN

    Liberal stupidity on parade on our college campii.

  • William Stewart

    Another small point: The Human Gender is by multiple observers, a full Spectrum of possible arrangements although most examples are located at the extremes rather than the middle, something like an inverted Bell curve, where the “peaks are at the Ends and the minimum i sin the middle. Some ‘varieties’ of Gender are rare, around 1 in 100,000, while others are more prevalent; They are all members of the Human Race.

  • morstar150

    This writer cannot even hear how stupid his remarks sound. And that goes for you Eddie Munster! Welcome to the Columbia indoctrination, nation!

  • Joe

    I, for one, will NOT play along with the lie of calling some sexually confused male a ‘she’ or ‘her’ or by some female name.

    The best it will get is an ‘IT.’

    You can twist your self in knots in a futile effort at self-deception, DON’T ask me to play along.