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Officials Deny Legalized Pot Played Role In Colo. College Applications Surge

Several Colorado college officials have denied the widely spread claim that the reason college applications in the state have been on the rise is because its residents can legally smoke marijuana – allegedly prompting kids to want to flock to the Centennial State.

In reality, campus officials said, the surge can be traced to a new streamlined college application program, and also they’ve been experiencing a growth in applications for a few years now. What’s more, they point out, the new law is only applicable to those over 21.

The University of Colorado system’s director of admissions Kevin MacLennan told High Times a spike in applications can be traced to the implementation of a standardized statewide application system used by prospective students to apply to several schools at one time. Nearly 500 schools now accept the Common Application.

High Times, a Colorado-based pro-pot publication, has made the claim that out-of-state applications for Colorado universities surged due to the legalization of marijuana.

And make no mistake, Colorado appears to be a popular place to go to college.

The national trend shows college application numbers are down, yet Colorado remains an outlier. For example, the University of Colorado-Boulder, often in the media for its massive annual 4/20 pot celebration, has had a 30 percent increase in applications since the passage of Amendment 64.

For 2013, MacLennan told the Boulder Daily Camera that out-of-state applications were up 33 percent, while in state applications went up roughly 5 percent.

Meanwhile, a Colorado Springs-based liberal arts college, Colorado College, is also experiencing a boom in applications. But Vice President of Enrollment Mark Hatch told The College Fix that this year is actually part of a larger trend for the school. It has had an increasing rate of applications for the past several years.

“This year is no different, and there is no evidence that our increase (is tied) to Amendment 64,” Hatch said.

Leslie Weddell, news director for Colorado College, added that a majority of the student population at the school is under the age of 21, and Colorado law only removes criminal penalties for those using marijuana over the age of 21.

“Regardless, Colorado College’s policy on marijuana remains unchanged despite the passing of Amendment 64: The college does not allow the use of marijuana, whether on campus or off campus,” she said in an email. “Colorado College is dedicated to providing the finest liberal arts education in the country and we believe that marijuana use conflicts with this mission.”

Additionally, recreational shops are not permitted in Colorado Springs. Users would have to commute to Pueblo, some 35 miles south of the city, or Denver, to get their fix. Weddell said the strict regulation of the drug and limited access is another factor in the claim being false.

But High Times writer Russ Belville is still unconvinced.

“I don’t doubt those university officials saying they’ve had increases for a while – sure, because since 2009, you can get medmj (medical marijuana) at a dispensary in Colorado,” he told The College Fix in an email.

In the end, the picture is a muddled one.

CU-Boulder only accepted 5,472 of 18,172 applicants in fall 2012. And for the third consecutive year, the CU Boulder campus will also be closed on 4-20, a day in the past in which students have converged for a campus-wide pot-smoking festival.

But for Colorado State University-Pueblo the enrollment story is different, even though it’s located in a county that permits recreational pot shops. The university has eliminated 22 filled positions and is trying to balance a budget with a deficit of $3.3 million due to low enrollment.

College Fix contributor Kara Mason is a student at Colorado State University – Pueblo.

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  • Brambles

    You’re in college, and pot will be smoked. Better to be in a state that doesn’t have the authority to arrest you for it. Maybe this will be yet another wake up call to the clowns who still believe, after 50 some-odd years of data to the contrary, that marijuana should still be considered a schedule 1 narcotic with the likes of meth., PCP, and heroin.

    • 02144pomroy

      Judge to probationer: I sentence you to 3 years prison for your 5th violation for smoking pot.

      Inmate: But yo honnuh, I’m addicted!

      Judge: I’m told marijuana is not addictive. Even better than alcohol.

      Inmate: Judge, they be ly’n!

      • RacistTracker

        Hi 02144pomoy…You are a certified RACIST.

        • Palerider1957

          So RacistTracker, what makes 02144pomroy a racist?
          I do not see any mention of race in his comment.
          Maybe you need to check YOUR racism!

        • Orville_J_Clutchpopper

          Ha ha!! You picked that up as the result of a few “misspelled” words. Who’s the racist?

        • goodnessgranny08

          I hate to say it but I agree with the other posters. I couldn’t read the inmates Dialogue I thought it was supposed to be someone stoned, drunk, or mentally handicapped myself. That claim is like when Jesse JAckson claimed Jar Jar Binks was modeled after black people.. because he was a stupid clutz that spoke like your stereotypical slave… yet he pracitcially won a war in Star Wars and became politician. Arguements like that only hurt the racism cause more. Are you saying we all can’t spell?I take offense to that.

    • invisible man

      Did you know cannabis was put into Schedule 1 temporarily? The 1970 Shafer Commissions recommendations were to determine it’s outcome. Two reports were released – both recommending re-legalization.


    • goodnessgranny08

      Because if your at a college in which isn’t cheap it is so logical to smoke either way and get kicked out and loose that money. Even if you have a scolarship you have to pay it back.. Now tell me about this new scientific research that proves its not unhealthy to smoke? Medicinal cannabis doesn’t count. for it to actually be healthy it actually has to be injested not smoked and even then there’s no true evidence that it does all that much.

  • TheUnLeader

    WOW this state just keeps turning more and more to shyt………….stop coming here all you transplants…stay where you are.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Long before Colorado legalized pot I’d been sending my kids out of state to college. CU Boulder is the wackiest liberal looney bin you can find anywhere. I wouldn’t send my dog there. Home of Ward Churchill and assorted liberal frauds and fruits.

    • Toyin

      Just to think my friend that went there turned out conservative. All your false liberal accusations are getting old – and btw, whats wrong with been liberal? You people act as if it’s a disease yet look in the mirror, people like you have the mind-set of Hitler, kill the socialists, kill the minorities – we’ve it all figured out.

      • HoosierDave

        Yep, yet another LibTard confusing Conservatism with Facism.

      • Skyhawk

        Liberalism IS a disease. It is a disease of the mind and of the soul. You people delude yourself into thinking that liberalism means means more freedom and acceptance. In your myopia, you dont see that it leads to enslavement and control.

      • mentalmidgets

        Um. Nazi’s were socialists. You said you had this figured out… Doesn’t appear to be that way.

      • Unreal Uknow

        Nothing wrong with being a liberal and having compassion for the poor, and fight against discrimination. It is the ridiculous ideas that liberals try to push on society that are so harmful. Today’s conservatives are no better. The big government mentality is harmful to the nation and anyone that supports it, is supporting the destruction of our country.

        • mentalmidgets

          Nothing wrong with having compassion.

          However, the entire liberal agenda is to expand government and control/own everything to achieve said compassion. Its either fascism in the former or socialism/communism for the latter. Either way its bad.

          Isn’t it interesting that our citizens liberal “compassion” conveniently expands government power and corruption. They go hand in hand. Politicians are using our friend Toyin and one day they won’t need him anymore because they have supreme power. Liberal citizens may be compassionate but liberal politicians only care for power, and one day they won’t need you anymore to achieve it. That is why the socialist Hitler is widely considered a fascist once he achieved power. Same thing will happen here.

        • ozlanthos

          Funny you should say that. What makes me laugh (and cry) is when I hear ardent 2nd Amendment supporters whine about the fed getting stupid ideas about taking our guns away, but don’t seem to have any issue with pre-employment UAs….


      • Nathan Bedford Forrest

        Don’t forget, according to a past female CU president, calling a lady a c*nt is a term of endearment. (BTW, Hitler was a socialist.)

    • Unreal Uknow

      Funny they are trying to spin this as a new enhanced admission process. Sorry but the kids applying don’t know that. “Oh hey lets go to CU because the process to get in is streamlined!” Right.

  • 02144pomroy

    I remember when the drinking age was 18. Of course no one under 18 could find a drop to drink. I suppose it’s the same way with pot……….

  • Guest

    Ya, you go with that one…application process…as a parent, my kids chose SDSU (San Diego State University) for a very specific reason, it is/was known as a party school…Thankfully both graduated with honors….Parents are not stooopid..well some may be….

    • goodnessgranny08

      Was about to say… the model parent lets toddler’s run around unattended when they’re outside.lmao

  • NickGranite

    Contradictory. Go the pot state to get educated and then puff away the memory of what you learned.

    • dont_bring_me_down

      or otherwise develop a resolute will to stay away from it.

    • ImJustAGuy

      Well said, Nick! This just may be the Best Post Of The Day!!!!!!

  • Warren Banta

    I bet their basketball team will be getting better soon. Over 65% of NBA players admit to using. It is part of the hip hop culture.

    • goodnessgranny08

      HAHAAAAAAAAA!. Yet Hip Hop talks about a lot heavier drugs and almost never weed. The frauds lol. I gotta admit that jab at the NBA was better than most standup. You’re a regular George Carlin.

      • Warren Banta

        Listening to the local hip hop station in Austin, TX, it seems like every other song is talking about weed especially is Snoop Lion/Dog is in it.

  • uglysquid

    The pot is available there, even if the legal age is 21. You also have to be 21 to drink. No one under 21 drinks at colleges, though, right?

    • goodnessgranny08

      Oh perish the thought. I thought we were living in a perfect world where these things didn’t happen when it was completely illegal. No one breaks the law good fellow. The smart people that run an educational system say so. *tries not to laugh*

  • DRS

    …applications so simple, even a pothead could fill them out.

  • J. C. Smith

    Yeah right, Colorado!

  • TheLibertine

    CO lawmakers knew there would be an economic upside to legalization, and they were right.

    • ImJustAGuy

      That’s a not well researched-out conclusion.
      The law of unintended consequences WILL make itself known. In fact, it already has!
      ….enjoying the show!

    • Michael_M_Mulligan

      This was not done by the legislature. It was a vote of the people.

  • dstuff

    Guess we’ll see how legal pot affects graduation rates in a few years.

    • ImJustAGuy

      LOL!!!! how right you are…..how right you are!
      ….enjoying the show!

    • ozlanthos

      They’ll probably go up. Either that or they will go down because kids figured out that they were wasting time and money while in school….


  • Sobriety Addict

    If my daughter insists on going there she can pay her own way.

  • Scabbeus

    There are no jobs…guess I’ll just hang out on campus. Dude.

    • tbone1

      That is the very sad truth of it all. And when the bill comes due for those college loans in four years, you’ll be bankrupt before you’re twenty-five.

      • goodnessgranny08

        And so will the government. It’s another recession waiting to happen. Remember all those unpaid loans for houses?

  • HankReardon77

    fantastic. more open seats at schools that will get you a job. CO should charge a lot more for their education if there is demand for it. You can call it the entrance fee for being able to smoke pot. it’s much like the entrance fee for the alcohol bar that we have been accustomed to for so long. Harvard and Yale eat your heart out!

  • Godot

    Sooooooooo DOPE is “OK” according to the leftys but a large COKE isn’t permitted in NYC.

    • goodnessgranny08

      Yeah it is. Go to MacDonalds. Hahaha! Don’t kill me for the joke.

  • ImJustAGuy

    That’s like denying gravity has anything to do with life on Earth.

    On the surface, it looks like this is a positive for Colorado’s universities…..on the surface, that is!

    ….more unintended consequences. ….enjoying the show.

  • rubagreta

    What an idiot stating that it’s not a factor because you have to be 21 to get it. So the 21-year-old collects money from his underage friends and goes to the pot stores and buys a bunch of brownies. And unlike joints, you can eat your pot brownies and cookies and candies anywhere. CU will be a total stoner haven.

    • Michael_M_Mulligan

      Will be?

      • rubagreta

        You got me, Michael.

    • goodnessgranny08

      LOL if they smoked it when it was illegal before what’s to stop them from going through the same channels now? Do most people wait till they’re 18 to smoke cigarettes or drink?

  • Eileen_For_Freedom_Liberty
    • goodnessgranny08

      Woah Woah Woah… Don’t get me wrong I am against pot. I quit it or 12 years. But Denver Man killing someone after eating a pot cookie would not happen because of consuming pot….. in which by the way its actually a lot better to eat it than smoke it. There’s a reason its a type 1 drug and thats because not only “can” it be a gateway drug but it is also addictive emotionally. Which leads to people being very moody when they do not have it. mood swings with emotional dependency on a drug llead to those mood swings. Now lets just say she was a bitch. While I might not agree with killing her withdrawal could very well have caused him to kill his wife. Taking away from the fact it might’ve happened because by our opinions on pot he would have been doing he right thing by quitting takes away from the whole arguement not that the site you cited is a very reliable site since i sure haven’t seen this on nbc fox or cnn.

      • Eileen_For_Freedom_Liberty

        I don’t know when you last smoked ‘pot’…but from what I have read today…it’s potency is far more dangerous today than it was in the 60’s!

        Couple that potency with those who have never, ever consumed it ever…and now they do…it appears it is having major affects on their psyche…and who knows…someone might even make it even more potent for the fun of it…and an innocent gets hold of it…and causes this reaction.

        I am glad, however, you have come to your senses…before you lost them all!

        • goodnessgranny08

          What Pot does and why people like it is it mellows you out. What you’re refering to is when pot is laced with another drug by another dealer.If you’re experiencing headache’s moodswings and the like when high the likelihood of it is your pots laced with coke. Now according to this articleto better tell you what may have happened. At most unlaced pott makes people incompetant lazy and uncaring having been around the block like I said I can only tell if I know whether the guy grew his own or not because if cooked it actually should have cooked out anything harmful in the cookie.

          • Eileen_For_Freedom_Liberty

            Well it appears I was wrong…you have not come to your senses…still defending the use of this drug…that destroys the minds of those who use it!

            It is the dumming down of America and nothing more…look at those who attend all those ‘pot’ rallies…’pot’ heads…without a brain left!

            Tell that to the young kids who came there on Spring break to get some…and ended up dead (link I also included)!

            Those are just (2) instances…there will be many, many more…because this drug should be regulated and kept illegal…except by virtue of a Dr recommending it for very, very ill patients to help them alleviate their pain.




          • goodnessgranny08

            Ummm alright miss you’re done I won’t be tacked on to anything I have not said. Instead of sending links you idiot try using SCIENCE pick up an actually read it. COPY AND PASTE where I actually said eating a weed cookie is a good thing. That in itself is simply the power of suggestion. And as far as a doctor recommending it they should have their liscences taken away. For even in pill form the side effects FAR OUTWEIGH the benefits of it being helpful. So what it APPEARS like you wish to have spread the same misinformation as any user information on the internet and media agenda rather than looking at REAL facts within a book. The internet is part of the dumbing down of society. So while you want to get nasty? I’m done with you. I agree pot is harmful and you talk about smoking it more than you do consuming it so you have actually done very little REAL research into it. Now I have in no way gotten nasty with you however I WILL NOT and I repeat for someone who has been dumbed down by the internet world WILL NOT tolerate nor socialize with someone as disrespectful and ignorant to the TRUE PROBLEM this substance causes. You want to get internet loud? Try getting loud and disrespectful on another bandwagoner who has no idea what they fight for. HOWEVER I use science and facts from books I actually paid a lot for given my college education and the fields I studied. I gave you respect and got disrespectful. And last I checked society might be falling apart partially due to the drug mentallity but respect is earned therefore you do not get any respect. This conversation is over. I will not be accused by some inane assumption that I promote any drug. So check yourself and pick up a book.

          • goodnessgranny08

            P.S. Get the last word in if you want which I know by the standards that if someone does not hang on to everyword and follow it the way you say it you’ll need the last word like a disrespectful child but I am done. Grow up.

  • Palmer is a low life Prog

    ‘What difference-at this point does it make” you won’t be able to find a job anyway. So enjoy your new found school loan debt and living with your parents till your 30+.

  • ImJustAGuy

    The elephant in the corner of the room that everyone is ignoring is the presence of the Mexican Drug Cartels in Colorado. The Cartels make 70% of their drug profits from marijuana.

    We’ve already seen the stories that Colorado has noticed that illegal marijuana sales are still taking place, but since pot is legal, that makes it easier for the Cartels.

    There will be blood flowing in Colorado’s streets. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

    • goodnessgranny08

      Will Kenny of South Park Colorodo die again? 😛

  • looking for justice

    Good. Let all of the stoner losers flock to Colorado. Everybody in the other states will be better off.

  • Martin

    Stoned AND in student loan debt, with a useless degree, in a marxist economy. What parenting!

  • Palerider1957

    Well, this article is only about half true.
    The REAL reason for the 30% increase is that CO has given an almost free ride to ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!!!

  • Fred863

    The pot head kids figure it this way.
    It is legal so they’ll leave me alone even though I’m underage. I’ll get it the old fashion way, but who’s looking for me smoking it in this environment?
    To think somemone will drive further than campus for it is funny.
    Smoking pot makes people stupid… so if the 30% rise in applications are from teenage pot heads, “dopes”, then they might really think is is ok.

  • Fred Mertz

    Yeah! Now tell us the one about the three bears!

  • luis martinez

    party on Wayne!

  • Azi Smythe

    There is nothing wrong with being liberal, classic liberal, that is, in the American sense: Madison, Jefferson, Lincoln, ML King were all classic liberals–freedom seekers. It is modern liberalism–a mendacity and a better-sounding euphemism for socialism–that is no longer taught in American public schools; how could anyone, therefore, know its failures, its fraud or the destitution that lies in its wake if it’s not taught?

    • goodnessgranny08

      Education isn’t what it used to be. I’m with someone that has a seven year gap younger than myself. They don’t teach world history anymore. You actually have to sign up for it while in my day it was a necessary part of learning. The schools didn’t want people repeating the mistakes of man. Even Republicans and concervatives were totally different back then lord knows the tea party was. What I’m noticing though is all sides seem to be greedy, crazy, and low in morals. After robbing our youth of education what will ensure that there is little resistence to the bs going on in Washington? Get them on Weed. I’ve smoked it before it made me stupid.

  • BadaBing Crosby

    The dumbing down of America continues. …..

  • EEDDGGY1776

    Once again…….. lack of strong parenting.

    • goodnessgranny08

      You can have strong parenting but you can’t point fingers at the parents once the kids are legally able to do what they want whether it be breaking the law or otherwise. You act as if kids don’t have free will or minds of their own when they grow up. Do you listen to every last thing your mother taught you and live it strictly? If not I would urge you to think about what you’re saying.

  • HawaiiRules

    The primary reason for the increase was that many students forgot who they had applied to and sent the same application in twice.

    • goodnessgranny08

      Good one.

  • Orville_J_Clutchpopper

    Wow. Reading some of the comments here (and other places) one would think that cannabis was the spawn of the Antichrist. What’s up with you blowhards, anyway?

  • Glenn Beaton

    The article is erroneous in asserting that in Colorado Springs one would have to drive to Denver or Pueblo to get legal pot. It’s available in an adjacent town, Manitou Springs, just a few miles from the Colorado College campus.